02x18 - Visitor

Episode #218 - "Visitor"

Original airdate: April 15, 2003

Written by: Philip Levens

Directed by: Rick Rosenthal

Act 1 Teaser

Smallville High School. Day. A science lab where class is being held. Students are seated at various tables in the room, working on science projects. Chloe walks up to the table where Pete and Clark are seated, working on a project with wires hooked up to oranges.

Chloe: Hello, gentlemen.

Pete: Hey, Chloe.

Chloe: What are you doing to those poor citrus?

Clark: Well, apparently there's enough acid in them to act as a battery.

Chloe: How very “Survivor” of you. What are you going to call it? A Clockwork Orange?

Pete: Don't you wish you were the first one to say that?

Another student, CYRUS KRUP, comes to the table and plugs a cord into one of the empty outlets. He is wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and has an intense look in his eyes.

Clark: Sure, you can use our outlet.

Cyrus: Thanks.

He walks back to his own table.

Pete: What's up with that guy?

Chloe: His name is Cyrus Krup. He transferred in a couple of weeks ago. They asked me to give him the new student propaganda tour, but he said he wouldn't be here long enough to need it.

Clark: (Dryly) Maybe that's why he's trying so hard to win friends and influence people.

Chloe smiles and walks away.

Pete: Bye.

Chloe: Bye.

Clark looks over at Cyrus who is working on his own project and wearing headphones. His project is a gold-colored sphere with wires and flashing lights connected to it, resting on a circular base. He gets up from his desk and takes an extension cord from another student's table.

Student: What are you doing, man?

He takes it to the next table where KYLE and two of his friends are working on their experiment. Cyrus unplugs it and plugs in his own cord.

Guy: Hey. What are you doing?

Kyle: Hey, freak, why don't you jack in somewhere else? (Stands up and takes Cyrus's headphones) Gimme those! (Puts them on and hears static) Ooh, check it out, man. The loser's listening to a dial tone.

Cyrus: (Taking the headphones back) You don't have the mental capacity to comprehend that sound.

Kyle: Are you calling me stupid?

Cyrus: Let's just say you're not one of mankind's brightest lights.

Kyle knocks the headphones out of Cyrus's hands onto the ground. The other guys take his experiment away from him and start tossing it back and forth.

Cyrus: Hey, don't damage my transmitter! Don't damage that!

They keep throwing it to each other, making fun of him. Clark walks up.

Clark: Hey, guys. Why don't you just leave him alone?

Kyle: (Walks up to Clark's face threateningly) Stay out of it, Kent.

Cyrus: I don't want to hurt you, Kyle. Just give me my transmitter back.

Guy: Get out of here, freak.

Cyrus: I'm warning you.

Kyle grabs Cyrus by the shirt and throws him against the table. The other guys laugh.

Guy: Yeah!

Clark helps Cyrus up.

Guy: (Still laughing) Oh no, he's crying.

Clark and Cyrus start to walk away.

Guy: That's right. Go home to momma.

Guy #2: Bye.

Kyle: Poor baby!

Guy: (Mocking) Don't hurt the transmitter.

Cyrus turns around and looks at them intensely. The tool rack against the wall behind them bursts into flames.

Guy: Whoa!

Cyrus: Now leave me alone!

Cyrus leaves and Clark stays where he is, staring wide-eyed at the fire.

(Opening credits)

Act 1 Scene 1

Clark is standing in the back of the truck outside the fence of the farm. Day. He is lifting up bales of hay and throwing them over the fence. Lana rides up on a horse.

Clark: Hey. (He gets out of the truck and walks up to Lana)

Lana: Hey.

Clark: (To the horse) Tyson, I haven't seen you in a long time.

Lana: I finally got some time off from the Talon. I thought I'd take him out for a good run. He hasn't been out much since, um, Whitney...

Clark lowers his eyes.

Lana: (Changing the subject) Chloe told me what happened at the electronics lab. Pretty wild.

Clark: It was definitely weird. It's like Cyrus is in his own world. He takes teenage alienation to a whole new level.

Lana: Well, we all have our ways of escaping from our lives. I ride, Chloe writes, and you... (Looks at the truck) ...you do incredibly strenuous farm chores by yourself.

Clark: Well, I guess you know my deepest and darkest secret now. (Reaches out to touch Tyson's face. The horse turns away with a grunt) Whoa, boy.

Lana: He's been doing that a lot lately. I thought some air would do him good.

Clark: Did you call the vet?

Lana: Yeah. Um, he doesn't know what wrong with him. Chalked it up to old age. Whitney's mom wants to sell him. She can't afford to stable him anymore.

Clark: Why don't you board him here?

Lana: Would your parents be okay with it?

Clark: I don't see why not. It is a farm, after all.

Lana: Thanks.

Clark smiles at her.

Act 1 Scene 2

Lex is playing pool in the study. Day. Helen enters and drops a tabloid magazine on the pool table. There is a picture of her with the headline “Gold-Digging Doc”.

Helen: This is yesterday's paper. Why didn't you tell me about it?

Lex: Because I thought I bought up every copy in Smallville. Helen, I've been living with this kind of thing my whole life. I'm sorry they've come after you too. I know it's not fair. I was trying to protect you.

Helen: You can't, Lex. It's not just the paper. I mean, people have been treating me differently ever since I started dating you. I've sacrificed so much to get where I am.

Lex: And now your reputation is being trashed by rumor and innuendo? Is that why you haven't moved in yet?

Helen: I already told you. My lease isn't up yet and I haven't had time to pack.

Lex: Okay. (Starts dialing on his cell phone) I'll pay to break your lease, and, uh, I'll have movers at your place in an hour. What's stopping you now?

Helen: I need to do this on my own schedule.

Lex: (Hangs up the phone) I want you to know that I completely believe in us. But if you want to back out, I'll understand.

Lex touches her arm and walks past her, heading for the door.

Helen: (Without turning around) Can you make it two hours?

They both turn to face each other and Lex smiles slightly.

Act 1 Scene 3

Chloe drives up to the farm where Clark is working outside. Day. She gets out of the car.

Chloe: (Smiling slyly) Hey, Kent. I know your secret. Lana told me you're letting her board Whitney's horse here.

Clark: Oh, yeah, that. Right.

Chloe: You made her year, you know.

Clark: Well, Tyson's really important to her. She didn't want another part of her past just taken away.

Chloe: Mm-hmm. And she'll be here every day. Just like old times.

Clark: Chloe, there's nothing romantic about mucking out horse stalls.

Chloe: (Laughing) Ew, Clark.

Clark: Hey, I see the electronics lab is still closed.

Chloe: Yeah, the fire marshals are investigating Cyrus's pyrotechnics. Did you know that Principal Reynolds suspended him and he confiscated his science project?

Clark: Do you have any idea how he did it?

Chloe: It could've been a trick. Or it could be meteor rock inspired. Or he could be an alien.

Clark: Alien? Why would you say that?

Chloe: Rumors from his old school. He went to junior high in Grandville, and he told some kids there that he was extraterrestrial. Needless to say, they sent him to a distant corner in the social galaxy.

Clark: He didn't do anything... super, did he?

Chloe: Like start fire with his eyes? Mnh-mnh. But he did make it a habit of running away. The last time, the cops found him in the middle of a field butt naked. Cyrus was pointing to the sky saying “They're coming to take me home.” That incident landed him in a mental institution.

Clark: You don't think he's really an alien, do you?

Chloe: No. But wouldn't it be awesome if he was, though?

Clark: Yeah, it'd be the story of the century, wouldn't it.

Chloe: This isn't about Pulitzers, Clark. I mean, can you imagine being from another planet? The experiences you could share?

Clark: It wouldn't freak you out?

Chloe: Compared to most people, I think aliens would be a step up.

Clark raises his eyebrows hopefully.

Act 1 Scene 4

Clark walks to Cyrus's house. Day. He follows a path of wires up the grass. They go into the window of an old barn. He looks in the window and doesn't see anything. He turns around and Cyrus is standing there, wearing his headphones.

Clark: Cyrus.

Cyrus: (Takes the headphones off) What are you doing here, Clark?

Clark: I heard about your suspension today. I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Cyrus: High school is irrelevant. It just gives me more time to concentrate on my work.

Clark: Uh, where's your parents?

Cyrus: Foster parents. They work late. They don't bother me as long as they get their monthly check. Is this interrogation over?

He unlocks the barn and starts to go in.

Clark: (Stopping him) I heard about the rumor from your old school.

Cyrus: That I'm an alien. You've come to see if it's true.

Clark: I have an open mind.

Cyrus: If I showed you any of my other special powers, would that appease you? Go away, Clark. (He starts to close the door and Clark holds it open) You're just like all the others. I won't be ridiculed by your kind anymore.

Clark: I'm not here to make fun of you or to get you in trouble.

Cyrus: Then what do you want?

Clark: The truth. I promise I won't tell anyone.

CUT TO Clark and Cyrus in the barn. The inside is set up like a lab. Cyrus is showing Clark a picture of outer space.

Cyrus: I input these coordinates into my transmitter, send a signal to my planet.

Clark: How do you know the coordinates are correct?

Cyrus: I used to have these weird dreams. That's when they were given to me. Afterwards I'd wake up in these strange places, frighten my old foster parents. And they had me locked away eventually. I can't imagine any other race being as barbaric as humans.

Clark: Why? What'd they do to you?

Cyrus: They tried to make me believe I was crazy, that I was really one of you.

Clark: Cyrus, I want to believe you. What kind of proof do you have?

Cyrus: Whatever proof I had was destroyed the day of the meteor shower. That's when I arrived on earth. An elderly couple found me on the outskirts of town and raised me. After they died, I bounced around between foster parents but... I kept trying to get back here.

Clark: Why?

Cyrus: Smallville's ground zero for the signal. I have to be here so my real parents can take me home.

Act 1 Scene 5

Jonathan enters the storm cellar. Day.

Jonathan: Martha? (He comes down the stairs) Martha, are you down he--

He stops when he sees Martha standing in front of Clark's ship. He walks to her side.

Jonathan: Sweetheart, is anything wrong?

Martha: (Shakes her head) I'm just thinking of Clark traveling millions of miles through space, how the ship protected him. And what it did for me.

Jonathan puts his arms around Martha and kisses her cheek.

Jonathan: The ship has given us two miracles.

Martha: I hope you're right.

Jonathan: Martha, what is it?

Martha: I'm not sure. I'm... I'm scared. I'm having these terrible headaches and mood swings and my sleeping patterns are all upside down.

Jonathan: Martha, Dr. Baker said that you're perfectly healthy and that your pregnancy is absolutely normal.

Martha: Except for the way I was able to conceive. I want Helen Bryce to examine me, just to make sure.

Jonathan: No.

Martha: I trust her. She's seen Clark's blood. She knows that something brought me back, and she hasn't sent anyone knocking at our door, pressing us for answers.

Jonathan: Dr. Helen Bryce is intimately involved with Lex Luthor. If you need a second opinion, you can get it from any other doctor but Helen Bryce.

Martha: (Angry) Why not?

Jonathan: Because I don't want our family's secrets becoming pillow talk.

Martha looks away.

Act 1 Scene 6

Clark is sitting in the Talon. Day. He is reading a book called Identity Crisis & Mental Illness. Lex walks up.

Lex: I never figured you for having an identity crisis, Clark.

Clark: (Looks up, confused. Then he realizes and closes the book) It's for a friend.

Lex: Haven't heard that one before. What's your friend's problem? Napoleon or Messiah complex?

Clark: Actually he thinks he's an alien.

Lex: So that proves he isn't.

Clark looks at him questioningly.

Lex: Come on, Clark, if you were really an alien would you go around telling people about it?

Clark: Probably not.

Lex: Let me guess. Your friend, he's a little odd. Spends a lot of time alone, thinks no one understands him. I just described myself in high school. It's a classic outsider profile. I'd say he's just trying to get attention. (Clark lowers his eyes) You believe there are aliens among us, Clark?

Clark: (Pause) I just want to help him.

Lex: Give me his name. I can talk to some people.

Clark: I promised to keep it private. He's trying to avoid any more doctors.

Clark gets up to go.

Lex: By the way, I have to congratulate you. Offering to board Whitney's horse. That was a masterful stroke.

Clark: I didn't do anything. She needed a place for her horse, and I offered it.

Lex: Mm, so did I. But she turned me down. I told her she can keep him in the mansion stables free of charge. I guess she was holding out for the right offer.

They smile at each other.

Act 1 Scene 7

Clark drives up to the farm. Night. He gets out of the truck and Jonathan is already outside.

Jonathan: Clark.

Clark: Dad, what's going on?

Jonathan: I don't know, son. We got Tyson out of the trailer just fine, and then Lana was walking him in the paddock and he collapsed. She's pretty upset. Why don't you stay with her? I'll call the vet.

Jonathan runs to the house and Clark enters through the gate of the paddock where Tyson is lying on his side with Lana sitting over him. Clark kneels down next to her.

Clark: Not feeling too good?

Lana: I've seen him sick before, but never this bad.

Clark: There's help on the way.

Tyson whinnies softly.

Lana: (Quietly) I can't lose Tyson too.

Clark: He's gonna be fine, Lana. He's a fighter. Just like his owner.

Lana looks into Clark's eyes and then back down at the horse. Cyrus approaches.

Cyrus: (To Clark) How could you betray me? You told that Chloe girl my secret. She wants to interview me.

Clark: Cyrus, what are you talking about?

Cyrus: They'll send me to another shrink. They could lock me away again.

Clark: This is not the time nor place to talk about this.

Cyrus: I never should've trusted you.

Lana: (As Tyson starts to whinny again) Clark.

Cyrus: (Noticing Tyson) What's wrong with him?

Clark: We don't know. The vet's on the way.

Cyrus goes to Lana's side and kneels down next to Tyson's head. He takes off his hat and puts his head on Tyson side. Then he sits back up.

Cyrus: (To Tyson) It's okay. You don't need all these people poking and prodding you, boy. I'll make it better.

He puts his hands on Tyson's side and a light shines out from beneath them. Lana's eyes widen and she looks at Clark. Then she looks at Cyrus who is closing his eyes in concentration. When he opens them, the light fades away and Tyson whinnies loudly and gets to his feet.

Lana: (Affectionately to Tyson) Hey. Hey.

Clark looks at Cyrus and then at Lana and Tyson.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Clark sits down with Jonathan and Martha with in the kitchen. Day.

Clark: Dad, I don't know why you're so skeptical about this.

Jonathan: Because, Clark, it's hard for me to believe that that kid could heal a horse simply by touching it. I mean, it sounds like one of those old revival meeting stories.

Clark: The vet couldn't believe it either, but he gave Tyson a clean bill of health.

Martha: Cyrus wouldn't be the first person in Smallville to have unusual abilities.

Clark: Except I don't think he's from Smallville. (Martha and Jonathan look at him) Look, this is going to sound crazy, and I didn't believe it myself at first, but now I'm starting to. I think there's a very strong possibility that Cyrus is from Krypton.

Jonathan: Why would think that?

Clark: He said he was.

Jonathan: He said he was from Krypton?

Clark: Well, he didn't use the name exactly. But I didn't know what it was called until Dr. Swann told me. But he said he came to earth during the meteor shower. And there's more. Yesterday I saw him start a fire with heat from his eyes.

Martha: What about strength or speed?

Clark: No, but--

Jonathan: Clark... Son, we know you want to believe this but, you don't even have the ability to heal.

Clark: That doesn't prove anything. I didn't get heat vision till last year. Maybe Cyrus and I won't develop the same abilities, or maybe people on Krypton don't have the same abilities at all. We don't know for sure. We've never met anyone else from there.

Martha: Sweetheart, Dr. Swann said you were the last survivor of your planet.

Clark: What if Dr. Swann is wrong? Look, don't you see? If I'm right, this means I'm not alone anymore.

Act 2 Scene 2

Helen is exploring a hallway in Lex's mansion. Day. She opens a door and looks inside. Then she closes it and moves on. She comes to another door and tries to turn the knob, but it's locked. She pulls a key out of her pocket and tries to unlock the door. It won't open for her. When she turns around, one of Lex's servants is standing there, startling her.

Servant: Can I help you, ma'am?

Helen: I was looking for the solarium.

Servant: Ah, well that's in the south wing. I'll escort you.

They start to walk away.

Helen: You know, Lex gave me this master key. It's supposed to open every door in the mansion, but I can't open that one.

Servant: That room is strictly off limits. The only person with a key is Mr. Luthor. Shall we?

Act 2 Scene 3

Clark is walking through the hall at school. Day. Kyle walks up to him.

Kyle: Hey, Kent, where's your little buddy? You tell him payback's gonna suck.

Kyle keeps walking and Clark doesn't answer as he enters the Talon. Chloe is already there.

Chloe: Magic.

Clark: What?

Chloe: That was how Cyrus started the fire. The fire marshals found strips of magnesium powder hidden behind the blackboard. All Cyrus had to do was wait for the right moment, hit the detonator, and before you can say “Presto”...

Chloe holds out her arm, indicating a black board set up on her desk. It bursts into flame.

Chloe: Instant inferno.

Clark: I didn't see him use a detonator.

Chloe: (Holding out her other hand, showing a detonator) Ah, but illusion is the art of misdirection, Clark. Trust me. This kid is more David Blaine than he is Wall of Weird.

Chloe puts out the fire with a squirt bottle.

Clark: All right, well, that still doesn't explain how he cured Tyson.

Chloe: Yeah, I haven't figured that one out yet. But I'd be willing to bet that he faked that one too somehow.

Clark: No, I was there. It was real.

Chloe: Okay, well, I'm not discounting the possibility that he may have some magic healing power. But if he does, it's probably byproduct of meteorite poisoning. He is no more extraterrestrial than you are.

Act 2 Scene 4

Helen and Martha walk together through the hall of the Smallville Medical Center. Day.

Helen: When I saw your name on the chart, I thought there must be some mistake. I haven't had a new patient since the Inquisitor hit the stands.

Martha: People can be small-minded. I hope things work out for you.

Helen: Thank you, Mrs. Kent.

They go into an examining room and Helen closes the door.

Helen: So. According to the charts your O.B. sent over, your pregnancy's been smooth sailing so far.

Martha: I don't know about that. Whatever we talk about is confidential, right?

Helen: Of course.

Martha: You won't tell anyone, not even... significant others?

Helen: You're worried I'll tell Lex?

Martha: Jonathan. He doesn't know I'm here.

Helen: I can assure you, everything in this office stays between you and me. Mrs. Kent, does your being here have anything to do with Clark's unusual blood work or your miraculous recovery? Because I'll be honest with you, I still don't understand what I saw that day. (Martha doesn't answer) Martha, if you really want me to help, you've got to be completely honest with me. For your safety. And the baby's.

Act 2 Scene 5

Clark enters Cyrus's barn. Day. Lex is already inside.

Clark: Lex? What are you doing here?

Lex: I've always wanted to meet an alien. When I heard what happened with Lana's horse, I realized this Cyrus must be the friend you mentioned.

Clark: I thought you said he was just fantasizing.

Lex: After everything we found in the cave, I try and keep an open mind. Take a look at this.

He hands Clark a notebook with a drawing of the meteor shower. The drawing includes Clark's ship falling to the ground.

Lex: See, I've always had a theory that the meteor shower would've been a perfect cover for a spacecraft to land on earth. Anyway, looks like we both wasted a trip. You want a ride?

Clark: No, I think I'll stay and wait.

Lex: Tell your friend I'd like to buy him a latte sometime. See you later, Clark.

Lex leaves. Clark starts flipping through the notebook and sees more drawings. Cyrus enters.

Cyrus: I don't trust your friend.

Clark: I know you faked the fire, Cyrus.

Cyrus: I don't deny it. Kyle and his intelligence-challenged comrades have been harassing me since I got here.

Clark: Why didn't you use your powers?

Cyrus: I only have the power to heal. Not to harm.

Clark: Do you still claim that you cured that horse?

Cyrus: Believe whatever you want.

Clark: Did you draw these?

Cyrus: That's how I got to earth.

Clark: Where's the spaceship?

Cyrus: I don't know.

Clark: But you remember coming here.

Cyrus: Remember those dreams I told you about? I dream about my parents too. And what it'll be like the day I go home.

Clark: I believe you, Cyrus.

Cyrus: (Shocked) You do? (Clark nods) That makes you the first person who doesn't think I'm crazy.

CUT TO Cyrus and Clark walking up to a large tower in the woods. It is made of wires, satellite dishes, and many other objects. There are stairs leading up to the top where there is circular platform.

Clark: Wow. You built this? What is it?

Cyrus: My transmission tower.

Clark: How does it work?

Cyrus: At the appointed time, I'll send a signal and my parents will come. They'll transport me up to their ship and then they'll take me home.

Clark: You know, I can see how all this would be a little difficult to explain to a group of psychiatrists.

Cyrus: I wish that were my only problem. I'm supposed to send a signal at midnight tomorrow, but I don't have my transmitter. After the incident in the electronics lab, Reynolds confiscated it.

Clark: Can't you build another one?

Cyrus: There isn't time. The conditions necessary for my departure only occur once every 200 years. If I don't get that transmitter back, I'll never get home. Please help me.

Clark looks up at the tower.

Act 2 Scene 6

Clark and Cyrus open a closet in the school. Night. The transmitter is there and Cyrus takes it.

Clark: Come on.

Clark closes the door and they leave. As they are walking into the parking lot, Kyle and his friends drive up on either side of Cyrus and Clark in big trucks. They get out and approach.

Kyle: What are you losers doing?

Cyrus: If I were you, I'd get back in my truck and go home. Now!

Clark: Take it easy, Cyrus.

Cyrus: If you guys don't leave us alone you're gonna regret it!

Kyle: Save it, reject. We know how you faked that fire to make us look like morons.

Guy: They're all laughing at us so we're gonna kick your ass.

Guy #2: Yeah, that's right.

Kyle: And this time you didn't have a chance to set up one of your little tricks, did ya?

Cyrus: I'm warning you, Kyle. Leave me alone.

Clark shoots his heat vision at Kyle's truck, setting it on fire.

Kyle: My truck!

Guy: What's going on?

Guy #2: Come on, let's get out of here!

Cyrus: I warned you, now leave!

They all pile into the other truck and speed away.

Clark: Way to go, Cyrus, you did it.

Cyrus: No, I didn't, Clark. You did.

Clark: That's crazy.

Cyrus: Now I know why you've been helping me, why you believe me.

Clark: Cyrus, I don't know what you're talking about.

Cyrus: You're an alien too.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Clark and Pete are sitting in the loft. Day. Clark is looking at a picture of outer space.

Pete: I can't believe Cyrus knows your secret.

Clark: What was I supposed to do, Pete, beat up all those guys? Grab Cyrus and run away at a thousand miles an hour? I didn't have much of a choice.

Pete: Well, have you told your parents yet?

Clark: No. They'd just freak out.

Pete: They'd have a right to. I mean, how long until Cyrus tells somebody. It's not like he's exactly stable.

Clark: No, he's not gonna tell anyone.

Pete: Clark, how do you know that?

Clark: Look at this. (He looks at the picture) The coordinates that Cyrus gave me are for the same solar system as Krypton.

Pete: Clark, dozens of astronomers have written about the meteor showers. He could've just used their research.

Clark: Yeah, but first the drawings of the ships and now this? It's too much of a coincidence. Maybe my parents weren't the only ones who saved their child.

Pete: Well, if you really want to know, I could go up to him with a piece of meteor rock.

Clark: No, it's called Kryptonite.

Pete: Kryptonite. Is that with a C or a K?

Lana enters.

Lana: Clark, you up there?

Clark: K.

Clark and Pete meet her at the stairs.

Lana: Cyrus was at the Talon when Child Protective Services took him away.

Clark: What?

Lana: His foster parents said they couldn't handle him anymore, so they're sending him to the Smallville Medical Center for assessment.

Act 3 Scene 2

Clark enters Cyrus's hospital room. Day. Cyrus is strapped to the bed and wearing a hospital gown.

Cyrus: Clark, I don't want to be locked up again. You don't know what it's like. The doctors, the tests...

Clark: What can I do?

Cyrus: If I'm not on that tower at midnight, I'm gonna be stranded on this world forever.

Clark releases the straps holding Cyrus down.

Clark: We gotta get out of here.

He helps Cyrus to his feet and Cyrus gets his clothes.

Cyrus: Clark, come with me.

Clark: What are you talking about?

Cyrus: You're not meant for this earth any more than I am. I'll take you back to your real home.

Clark: (Pause) This is my real home. Everything I care about is on earth. Good luck, Cyrus.

Cyrus: You give me hope for this world, Clark. I wish there were more people like you here. (Smiling) I'll send you a postcard.

Act 3 Scene 3

Helen enters Lex's study. Day.

Helen: Lex, we need to have a talk.

Lex: Is this a closet space issue? Because I could use the walk-in across the hall.

Helen: When you asked me to move in you gave me a key that opened every door in the house. All except one.

Lex: You've been exploring.

Helen: At first I thought I could deal with it, but then the more I think about it, the more is starts to bother me.

Lex: Helen, there's nothing of consequence in that room.

Helen: Then why is it locked?

Lex: Look, everyone needs a place where they can be alone, hear their own thoughts. That's all that room is for me. You are welcome to make your own space anywhere else in the mansion.

Helen: Lex, I wasn't looking for a roommate. I was looking for someone to share my life with.

Lex: Helen--

Helen: You know, you need to figure out what kind of a relationship you want. Because if this is gonna work, there can't be any locked doors between us.

She leaves the study.

Act 3 Scene 4

Clark enters the loft and finds Chloe and Pete there waiting for him. Night.

Chloe: Hey, Clark, Cyrus escaped from the medical center. The Child Protective Services and the sheriff are searching for him everywhere. Take a look at this.

She hands him a paper that has a picture of a man, woman, and child and says “Missing since Oct. 16, 1989.”

Clark: Who are these people?

Chloe: John and Maggie Burnet and their son William. They disappeared the day of the meteor shower. Rescue workers suspected that they were vaporized when their farmhouse was hit, but no remains were ever found.

Pete: If their son survived, he'd be too young to remember what happened.

Chloe: The older couple that adopted Cyrus lived half a mile away from the Burnet house.

Clark: What are you saying?

Chloe: Clark, what we're saying is Cyrus is not an alien. He's an orphan.

Clark looks back to the picture of Cyrus as a little boy.

Act 3 Scene 5

We see the tower in the woods. Night. It is lit up in certain places that are pulsing softly. Cyrus is standing inside near the bottom adjusting some controls. A truck drives up, shining its headlights on the tower. Cyrus turns around to see who it is and Kyle and his friends get out. Cyrus starts to run up the stairs to the top of the tower.

Kyle: Where you going, firestarter? You'd better get off there ‘cause this thing is coming down! (The other guys laugh and yell) What are you gonna do, fly away? (He runs to the back of the truck) Let's teach this freak a lesson he won't forget. (He pulls a long chain out of the truck and runs back to the front) Come on, space boy!

Guy: Yeah, take him down!

Cyrus reaches the circular platform at the top of the tower. Kyle loops the chain around one of the metal support rods at the bottom as Cyrus plants his transmitter into a socket above him on the platform. It's starts to glow blue and it sends waves of electricity down the tower and then shooting up into the sky. The tower comes to life with flashing lights and humming. Kyle connects the other end of the chain to the front end of the truck.

Cyrus: No! Stop! You can't do this!

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Cyrus on the tower as Kyle looks up at him. Night.

Cyrus: No! Not now! You'll ruin everything!

Kyle: Do it!

Kyle's friend in the truck hits the gas and it starts to move in reverse, pulling on the tower. There is a shower of sparks as the tower starts to tilt.

Kyle: (Laughing hysterically) Whoa! Faster! Come on!

Cyrus: Stop! No!

Clark super speeds up to the tower and holds it up against the pull of the truck. He pushes it back into place, causing one of the links on the chain to start loosening.

Kyle: Go! Go! Go!

The link breaks, sending Kyle toppling backwards onto the ground. The jerk causes Cyrus to lose his balance and fall off the tower.

Cyrus: Aaah!

Clark super speeds to where Cyrus is falling and catches him.

Cyrus: I-I gotta get back up there, Clark! My parents are coming!

Clark: Your parents died. In the meteor shower.

Cyrus: That's ridiculous, Clark. My parents aren't human.

Guy: (Kneeling over Kyle) Hey! I think his neck's broken!

Clark: Cyrus, you can save him.

A bright light shines down from the sky.

Cyrus: They're here! I can't, I'll be stranded on this world forever!

Clark: You have the power to heal.

Cyrus: Why do you care so much about these people?

Clark: Cyrus, don't let him die! We both know you're better than that. Come on!

Cyrus looks up at the light in the sky and then at Clark. Then walks over to Kyle and kneels down, placing his hands Kyle's chest just below his twisted neck. The light starts to glow from underneath his hands and we hear Kyle's neck snap back into place and he inhales sharply. He sits up.

Cyrus: (Dazed) I missed it. I missed it...

Cyrus faints.

Clark: Cyrus! Cyrus!

Clark looks into the sky and sees that the light is coming from a helicopter. He hears a man's voice over a megaphone.

Voice: This is the Kansas State Police! If you require assistance, please stay where you are. Emergency vehicles have been dispatched and will arrive shortly.

Kyle's friend helps him back to the truck and Clark remains with Cyrus as the tower's lights continue to flash.

Act 4 Scene 2

Martha and Jonathan come out the front door of their house. Day.

Martha: Clark? Clark!

They walk out to find Clark standing by the barn. Jonathan puts his hands on Clark's shoulders.

Clark: The doctors say that Cyrus had a complete mental breakdown. His body's there, but his mind is gone. They don't know if he'll recover. They transferred him to a special hospital in Metropolis.

Jonathan: Son, how do you think Cyrus was able to draw your ship?

Clark: His house was near where you guys found me. My guess, he was outside and saw the ship land. The memory stayed with him and over time he thought that past was his own.

Martha: We know how much you wanted to believe that there could be somebody else out there like you.

Clark lowers his eyes and shakes his head.

Jonathan: What is it, Clark?

Clark: Why would Cyrus pass up what he believed was his only opportunity to go home to save Kyle, the school bully?

Jonathan: Because he was a lot more like you than we ever thought.

Clark looks at both of his parents thoughtfully.

Act 4 Scene 3

A dark room in Lex's mansion. Day. Lex and Helen enter and Lex turns on the lights, revealing several large computer screens and a few artifacts on display.

Helen: What is all this?

Lex: Montaigne said obsession was the wellspring of genius and madness. This is my obsession. I'm sure you can understand my reluctance to show you this room. I thought you might decide I was a little... eccentric.

Helen looks at one of the computer screens, and it has a rotating image of Clark's octagonal disk. On another screen we see some of the wall paintings from the underground caves. Helen sees another screen that is repeatedly playing an animated scenario of Lex's car hitting Clark on the bridge. Lex and Helen make eye contact and then she walks past him to another wall. There is a large picture of Clark's face. Next to it is an enlarged copy of Clark's family tree that he filled in with Kryptonian symbols.

Helen: There's a lot here about the Kents.

Lex: Yeah. They're an interesting family. Don't you think?

Helen doesn't answer.

Act 4 Scene 4

Clark looks out the window of the loft. Night. Lana enters.

Lana: Hey. Whatever Cyrus did to Tyson wasn't temporary. It's like he's a colt again.

Clark: I'm glad some good came out of all this.

Lana: Yeah, Cyrus seemed really lonely.

Clark: Lana, what if Cyrus really could've proven he was an alien?

Lana: What do you mean?

Clark: I mean, how would you feel about him if he actually was from another planet?

Lana: Well, um... I guess I'd try and keep an open mind.

Clark: You'd never feel completely comfortable with him, would you?

Lana: I have to admit, I'd be a little freaked out. (Clark nods and looks away) Does that make me a bad person?

Clark: No. Just honest.

Lana: (Looking out the window) Clark, look. (A shooting star flies across the sky) Think it's a spaceship? (She smiles)

Clark: It's just a shooting star.

Lana keeps smiling and looks out the window. Clark looks at her for a long moment and then turns back to the sky.

The shot leaves them and moves slowly across the sky, passing the full moon and the stars. It stops at cluster of stars and closes in on them.

Fade to black.

This Episode of Smallville featured music by:

"The Other Side" by David Gray

"Kiss The Moon" by Hathaway

"Phantasmagoria In Two" by Neil Halstead

"Wartime" by Stephanie Simon

"Diamonds and Guns" by Transplants


Transcribed by: Kerrplop