04x12 - Seeing Red

Looks like a seahorse.

Hey, did you know that seahorses like to swim in pairs?

They link tails so they don't lose each other.

f*ck it, I'll do it.

We take Bea down, I'll take on top dog.

Come on, it's just an old school eccy.



Thank you.

It's all there, ten large.

Huh... I want the other 90 grand in my account by 4:00 PM this afternoon.

I'll do it.

Jackson: Governor.

Slot Mercado.

Stewart: Argh!

I want that money in my bank account, by midday tomorrow afternoon, or next time, this'll be f*cking loaded!

They're gonna kill me.

Well, if it's just about money... that's something I've got plenty of.

What do I have to do for it?

It was me. I lagged.

Well, you can't be top dog and a lagger. It's one or the other.

I'm done.

[Bea exhales contentedly]


[Muffled screaming]

[Muffled gasping]

[Footsteps echoing]

♪ [Theme music] ♪

♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪
♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You're calling me in. You're catching me out ♪
♪ You don't know me, when I don't know you ♪

Announcement: Attention, compound. Attention, compound. Count will commence in 10 minutes.

[Doors clanging]


[Sighs deeply]


You look like a teenager.

[Both chuckle]

Allie here?

Liz: She's gone to the showers.

If you're gonna follow her, love, you watch your back, yeah?

I'll be all right.

Liz: Mmm.

♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪


♪ [Sinister flourish] ♪

[Bea gasps]

Allie? Allie?!

Wake up. Please wake up!

Bea (sobbing): sh1t!

[Siren blaring]

♪ [Urgent music plays] ♪

Allie, you're gonna be okay. You just hang in there.

Nurse Radcliffe: Out of the way!

Jackson: Get out of the way. Out of the way, out of the way.

Bea: Okay? Hey.

Bea (breathing heavily): No-no.

No. Come on, let us handle it, okay.

No, no, no. I-I-I'm not leaving her.

What happened?

It's an overdose.

What? No, she didn't OD. No-no...

Vera: Sierra 1 this is she... she's not using anymore.

Vera: Sierra 2. Call an ambulance...

Vera: we've got a Code Black.

She's not breathing. We need to resus.


Get Smith back to the unit.

Come on.

No, no, no.

You're not listening to me.

Jackson: She's okay.

You're not listening to me. She wouldn't have done this. She's clean now.

She's clean!

Bea: This is my fault. I said this...

Liz: No. would happen. I f*cking knew it.

No, Bea, you've got to calm down, love.

No, I warned her.

I said that we shouldn't get involved.

Bea. Bea. Bea...

But why would someone hotshot her?

To get back at me?

See, it could've been Tina, you know, 'cause you lagged on her.

But... but, no, it weren't her, 'cause I seen her in the Visitors Centre so...

Then it... then it's Kaz. It's gotta be Kaz.

I can't lose her. [Crying]

Liz: Oh, Bea.

Vera: There's six minutes of footage missing.

Probably a hard drive crash.

That's too convenient.

Nup. Someone's wiped it.

Which means an officer's involved.

You think an officer hurt Novak?

No, but they might have sold her the drugs.

[Knock at door]

Excuse me, Governor. Mr Jackson's gone with Novak in the ambulance.

How is she?


Is everything all right?

Yeah. Keep me informed.

[Door closes]

Call in the CSDS.

I want every officer searched and drug tested.

Liz: Did you hear what happened with Allie?

Love, what's wrong?


Hey, Sonia... what's happened?

The police came to interview me. They've [Sniffs] found Helen's body.

[Quietly] Oh, Jesus.

[Inhales and sniffs]


Uh, somewhere in the hills.

I still thought she was out there somewhere.

She was okay. I can't believe it. [Sniffs]

And the cops still think you did it.

I thought she'd just come back and they'd realise it was a terrible mistake.

Well, don't worry about the cops, 'cause if they haven't got any evidence, their case will just fall apart, love.

No, you don't know them.

They'll do anything to get conviction.


Those poor children.


Oh, they'll be devastated.

[Sighs deeply]

[Sobbing] I just can't stop picturing her, lying there all alone, just rotting.

No, no, no. Now, listen. Listen.

You can't think of her like that. Okay?

You have to try and remember her how she was. Yeah?

She was such a beautiful person.


She didn't deserve this.

I'm so sorry.



Announcement: Attention, compound.

Oh, darling.

Attention, compound. All women...

Let it out, love. It's all right. Let it out.

f*cking lagger.


Kaz's Crew #2: Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!

Mr Jackson!

How's Allie?

She's, uh, critical, but stable.

I-I-I... I need to see the Governor. I...

I... I want to go to the hospital.

Bea, you know that's not gonna happen.

[Quietly] Yeah.


So, it's true. You guys together?

I swear to you, she wouldn't do this to herself.

Can you check the CCTV and get the governor to check the CCTV?

We have.



W-what... Really? What does that mean?

Look, look. Just stay calm, okay? We'll figure it out.

[Sighs exasperatedly]


♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪

That's all I can tell you.

[Indistinct radio chatter]

Your clothes... for the trial tomorrow.

Well, clearly you have something else to say, or you wouldn't have delivered them yourself.

I'm just looking forward to seeing justice prevail.


How's Novak?

Saw that little commotion in the corridor earlier.

Very, very messy.

She's in hospital.

Once an addict, always an addict.

Still, doesn't look very good for your statistics, does it?

I'll whip things into shape, once I'm back in the governor's chair.

That is never going to happen.

You're right about one thing, Vera.

Justice will prevail.

[Bea grunts with effort]

Kaz: Argh! Oh! Argh!

Bea (screaming): Uh!

Kaz: Oh! f*ck!

Kaz: Oh!

Bea: Argh!

Get the f*ck off! Get the f*ck off!

[Both yelling]

Bea: f*ck!

f*ck you! Get the f*ck off me!

Argh! Argh!

[Bea panting heavily]

Bea (screaming): No! Oh!


[Panting] Oh, what the f*ck?

[Bea gasping]

[Both panting]

[Kaz coughs]

[Kaz sighs]

[Bea gasping]

What the f*ck?!

You got a screw to help you, yeah?


I saw you talking to Smiles.

Kaz (breathlessly): I was f*cking asking about Allie.

[Sobbing] You tried to kill Allie!

You don't want us to be together.

You couldn't handle us being happy.

You are f*cking insane. I never touched her.

[Sniffles and exhales]


[Bea sobbing]

[Emotionally] I love her, too.

[Both sobbing]

♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

[Lights flick on]

[Footsteps approaching]

[Door opens]

Bea: How's Allie?

I'll let you know as soon as we've got news. What happened to you?

It was Proctor. I just treated her. She's gone back to her unit.

Was this about Novak?

Did you find out who did that to Allie?

We're investigating the overdose.

She was given a hotshot. She didn't do that to herself.

How do you know that?

She promised me and... and I believe her.

Nurse Radcliffe: She'll need to stay in Medical overnight.

There's a possible concussion.

Oh, f*ck! She didn't OD.

Someone did this to her.

I'm doing everything I can and so are the doctors.

♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪

[Monitor beeps]








Male TV News Reporter: And today, the trial of former Wentworth Correctional Centre Governor begins.

Joan Ferguson stands accused of a host of serious charges.

Her trial is expected to last several weeks and will be an embarrassment to the correctional department.

Thanks. You can just wait out there.

[Indistinct radio chatter]

What's happened?

I think whoever wiped that CCTV was protecting a drug deal with Novak.

We're testing and searching all the staff.

Once you've submitted your test, you can take over.

But... [Scoffs] I'm Deputy.

Mm, I'm Governor, and I'm doing it.

They found anything?

Ms Miles' locker's clean.

Oh, all right. Keep me informed. Mr Jackson'll be in charge.

They're doing urine tests.

What about the other night? That sh1t will still be in our systems.

We'll be fine by now.

[Whispers] Well, if it's not, we're f*cked!

I'll sweet talk Radcliffe. Get her to lose our samples.

She's desperate for a piece of me.

See? Don't worry about it.

You're up.

[Door opens]

Hey. Um, I need a favour.

I've had a couple of big nights lately and, uh, just wanna keep it on the DL.

Was hoping you could maybe lose my sample.

[Scoffs] Why would I do that?

Because I'd be very grateful.

♪ [Pulsating music plays] ♪

♪ [Rhythmic clanging added to music] ♪

[Door beeps unlocked]

♪ [Drum beat added to music] ♪

I have a good feeling about today.

♪ [Slashing flourish] ♪

♪ [Sinister music plays] ♪

My condolences about Allie.

♪ [Dark pulsing flourish] ♪

Let's call her collateral damage, hmm?

[Door beeps unlocked]

♪ [Sinister music plays] ♪


You freak! You freak!

No. No!

Guard: That'll do, Smith. Back in...

No! No!

No. You don't understand. It was her!

Come on.

She did it!

Guard: That'll do!

I'll see you in court, you f*cking psycho!


♪ [Whooshing flourish] ♪

Can't you just try the hospital? There might be an update.

Oi. Anyone home?

I've told you. There's no news.

I asked to see Mr Jackson, where is he?

I don't know. I'm not his PA.

Can you find out?

I've got a job to do.

Oh, for f*ck sake. I don't need a shrink.

Heard you're in the wars.

Yeah, I need to see Mr Jackson.

He's on his way.


Is there any news about Allie?

She's still in a critical condition.

She's going to be okay, yeah?

Yeah. Soon as I hear anything, Bea, I'll let you know.

Right, but in the meantime, if you need me, yeah, call out, okay?


You wanted see me?

[Tearily] Yeah.

[Handcuffs clinking]

Is this necessary?


I thought it was Kaz who gave Allie that hotshot, but it wasn't. It was Ferguson.

Ferguson was locked in Medical.


She told me she did it.

Why would she do that?

Why do you think?

Because I'm testifying against her.

What proof do you have?

She told me to my face.

Do you see what this means?

She's not planning on coming back.

She's got something planned for the outside.

Look, I know this sounds crazy, but... but I think that I can stop her.


I just need to make one phone call.

You're confined to Medical.

I can't let you out of here.


It's just one call. Please.

[Panting] Mr Jackson?

Mr Jackson, please!

[Door beeps unlocked]

[Keys jangling]

[Knock at door]

Come in!


Hi, Liz.

Sonia told me they found Helen's body.

It should have been the breakthrough we needed.

But according to Forensics, there's no corroborating evidence linking it back to Sonia.

What if she didn't do it?

Can I show you something?


Now, it's quite confronting, Mm. but I just want you to understand what we're dealing with. Okay?

Oh, God.


Helen was struck on the head and then strangled.

According to Forensics, her head was shaved, she was taken to the middle of nowhere and dumped like a bag of rubbish.

[Quietly] Oh, God.

Why did they shave her head?

But why would Sonia do any of this? Cause she's sick.

We're dealing with a cold, calculating killer.

Now, I've got evidence linking Helen's body to the boot of her car.

I've got her blood at Sonia's house.

All I need is one more piece of evidence and I can clinch this.

I can put her away for life, Liz.

But I need your help.


[Inhales] Well... if you make a statement and testify that Sonia privately confessed to the murder of her best friend and her husband, we can get a conviction.

You want me to lie for you?

Nuh, I don't want you to lie. Nuh, You want me to lie. if we don't do something, she's gonna get away with murder.

Liz, I wouldn't ask you to do this unless I was 100% certain she's pure evil.

Now, if you do this... you'll be free. She'll be locked away for life, and that's it, it's over.

When you're on parole, we could go somewhere.

Somewhere nice.


♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪


[Snorts] You've been... you've been playing me this whole friggin' time.

Oh, no.

Was this all part of the plan, was it?

A little bit of flirting and a couple of free friggin' cupcakes and coffee, and she'll do whatever I want.

Well, mate, you can think again.


Yeah, I thought we were a team.

No, no, no. Sonia is devastated, and you are persecuting an innocent woman.

So, from now on, mate, you can count me out.

Liz, please...


♪ ♪

We're done. [Knocks] Guard.





[Music ends]

[Bea sniffs]

[Door opens]

Kate, give us a minute, please.

Kate: Yeah.

Jackson: Thanks.


Jackson: That's a contraband.

Make sure you get rid of that when you get sent back to your unit, please.

One call, right?

Thank you.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

♪ [Urgent music plays] ♪

[Phone ringing]


Franky, it's Bea.

Ferguson's left for court, but there's something going down.

You sure?

She tried to kill Allie.

She admitted to it.

She thinks she's not coming back.

Oh, sh1t. Shayne didn't turn up at community service today.

I've been trying to get a hold of him.

What if he's taking the fall for Ferguson?

No, he's not on the witness list. I checked that.

Who is?

Uh, quite a load of people.

Uh, you, Vera, Nils Jesper, Fletch.

It's Jesper.

They were using Shayne to get to him.


Is he called today?

Yeah, he's first up.

Bea: Without him, they don't have a case.

You need to find Shayne.

He's our only link to Ferguson.

All right, I'm on it.

♪ ♪

[Brawler door closes]

[Bangs on door]


[Door opens]

Where's Shayne?

I dunno.

Is he here?

f*ckin' hell, man.

I told him to ask before he borrows my wheels.

Was your red Commodore, yeah?


[Phone ringing]

[Phone continues ringing]

[Phone clicks]

Shayne: Stop hassling me.

Hey, it's okay. you're not in trouble. I just want to talk to you, okay?

Where are you? I'll buy you a coffee.

I'm busy.

Busy where?

Mate, you're not at the courthouse, are ya?

I'm turning my phone off.

Shayne, I just...


[Phone ringing]

He's not in Ferguson's house, and I reckon he's at the court.


Franky, you've got to go to the police. You gotta tell them everything.

No, if I get the cops involved, they'll arrest him.

You can't protect him anymore.

If I can find him, I can stop him.

Please go to the police!

No, trust me, I'll find him.

♪ [Loud distortion added to music ] ♪

[Tyres skid off]

[Music ends]

Doreen: I don't know what to do, Liz.

Liz: What are you worried about, love?

Doreen: I hate just... Josh being far away.

Liz: Oh, Dor.

Why don't go and have a talk to Ms Bennett?

Put in for a transfer.

What, to Perth?


You don't have long till parole and you got a pretty good case.

[Quietly] Yep.


I'll think about it. Thanks, Liz.


Liz: Hey, you okay?

The screw said you might have concussion.

No, I'm fine.

Is there any news from the hospital?


Smiles is escorting me for an appointment later.

I'll see if I can visit. Okay.

Oh, thanks.

Hey, look, I-I'm sorry, everyone. I-I... I'm gonna lie down. Doctor's orders.

Ah, that's all right, love.

Um, I need to ask a favour.

Liz: Yeah?

My hair has started to fall out...

Oh, Max. and I think it might be time to shave it off.

Liz: Wow.

Doreen: Yeah, well, we'll help you with that, eh?

Boomer: Yeah.

Yeah, I can knit you a new tea cosy to wear till it grows back, love.

Great. [All laughing]

All right, well, who wants to do the honours?

Ah, me... me? I'll... me?

Doreen: Aww.

Good on ya, Booms. Okay.

Go, Booms.

Boomer: All right.

Ah, so I'll just chuck this on you?


Boomer: Right...

That's it.


Both: Ooh.

Don't take my ear off.

No. Um... how... how do I do it?

I'll show you.


Boomer: Oh, what really?

Okay. Tilt. Just slightly.



♪ [Quirky music plays] ♪


Some religions believe hair is pure adornment.

Stripping someone of their hair...

♪ [Echoed whooshing flourishes] ♪

.. is a sign of surrender... and humility.

♪ [Drums added to music] ♪

But it can also be... a rebirth.

Boomer: You've done this before, eh?

[Music ends]

I've already told the other lady I'm not a relative, I'm just a friend.

Yeah, I'm just calling to find out how she is.

Why the f*ck should that matter?!

I'm still her friend.

[Phone disconnects]



[Door opens]

[Door closes]

You were right.

What did Sonia say?


She's been playing me this whole time and I can see that now.

[Liz sighs]

Poor Helen and her kids.

It's bloody awful.

They deserve justice.


So you'll make a statement?

Just tell me what to say.

[Exhales slowly]

Thank you.

[Liz sighs]

You're doing the right thing.

♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪

[Monitor beeps]

[Life support machine pumps air]



Male Reporter: Thanks, Helen. We are outside court awaiting the imminent arrival of former Wentworth Governor, Joan Ferguson.

Today the prosecution's star witness...

♪ [Tense music begins] ♪

.. is expected to claim that Miss Ferguson paid him to facilitate the murder of Harry Smith, husband of notorious Wentworth inmate, Bea Smith, as well as the attempted murder of former prison officer, Matthew Fletcher.

[Reporters clamouring]

Female Reporter: How do you feel about today, Ms Ferguson?

Man: Joan?! Joan!

Female Reporter: Can we get a quote, please, Ms Ferguson?

Man: Joan!

Female Reporter: Joan, are you feeling up today. Are you feeling confident?

[Reporters and photographers clamouring]

Female Reporter: Joan, can we get a comment, please?

♪ [Sinister flourish] ♪

Male Reporter: Have you anything to say at all, Ms Ferguson?

Male Reporter: Taking into consideration you are ex-Governor of the prison, how do you feel today?

[Reporters clamouring becomes indistinct]

Male Reporter: Look, we're gonna run into some cut backs.

How long do you think this is gonna be?

[Reporters chatting indistinctly]

Get off me!

f*cking let go!

You wanna push off, be my guest!

There are cops around the corner and they'll come runnin'.

And what the f*ck are you doin' here?

I wanted to see Aunty Joan.

Well, it's too late. She's inside, so get outta here.

You can't tell me what to do, Franky.

All right, I'll take ya home myself. Come on.

[Shayne grunts]


[Both breathing heavily]

I've got a message, Shayne.

Just put it away before someone sees ya.

I'm gonna use it. I swear.

I believe ya.

But just put it away so we can talk.

You f*cking used me, Franky.

Well, what's Ferguson doin' right now, huh?

What's she makin' you do? Commit murder? For what?

She doesn't deserve to be in jail.

What's she tellin' you?

That this is for some noble f*ckin' cause?

She manipulated you. That's what she does.

She f*ckin' got in your head and she f*cked you up.

That's crap. You're just like the cops, makin' sh1t up.

She doesn't care about you.

What the f*ck would you know?!

She doesn't care about anyone.

Shut up!

[Crying] You don't know sh1t. f*ckin' lawyer bitch!

[Sniffles] You people killed my mum.

You put me in ten different foster homes.

I know all about foster homes.

We're not the same, Franky.

No, we're not because you haven't crossed that line yet.

I did and I went to prison for a long time.

Now, trust me, you don't want that 'cause it nearly killed me.

Shut up.

You use that gun today and we are the same.

Shut the f*ck up, Franky!

You reckon your mum would want to see you like this?

You reckon your mum would let you kill someone?

You don't know sh1t.

She'd be doing everything she could to stop you because you're not a killer, Shayne.

But you pull that trigger and everythin' changes.

This is where you decide who you are.

Just put it down.

Just put it down, Shayne, please!

Just put it down, mate.

Come on.



[Both crying]

I got ya. It's okay.

It's okay.


I want you to get in your car and get out of here.

I'll take the gun and I'll meet you back at the house, okay?

I'm going to be in trouble.

No, you're not.

I'm gonna clear it with community services, don't you worry.

I'm proud of ya.

You're good.

Now go, go on.



[Exhaling repeatedly]

[Applies gun safety]

[Breathing rapidly]

[Clears throat]


[Phone buzzing]

♪ [Pulsating music plays] ♪

[Approaching vehicle accelerates]

[Skidding, breaks squealing]

Man: Get the f*ck out of the car!

♪ [Brooding music plays] ♪

[Doors open]

[Doors close]

Hey, what the f*ck's goin' on out there?


Hey, what's happening?

[Engine starts]

[Tyres squeal]

[Engine revs]

Radio: VKC to City 610. The Walford prisoners' transfer is unresponsive. I repeat, they are unresponsive.


[Hangs up phone]

Nils Jesper's brawler has gone missing.

What do you mean, gone missing?

It left Walford and never turned up at the courthouse.

Jesus Christ!

If Jesper's not found, they don't have a case.

The others are just corroborating witnesses.

Okay, let's see what the police turn up.

[Jackson exhales]

Thanks for letting me know.

That's not why I called you here.

Your medical test returned positive for class A drugs.

Did you supply Allie Novak?

You really think I'd do that?

I had to ask. You were the only officer to return a positive test.

[Sighs] Okay. Ah, yes...

I did take something, but it was a while ago.

Okay, it's a one-off.

Mm. Right. But it was there.

And it registered.

So, now I have no choice but to suspend you pending an investigation.


I'm sorry, Will.

You can finish your shift and then I have to notify the department.

♪ [Tense music plays] ♪

[Rustling papers]

[Tyres squealing]

[Quietly] f*ck!

[Door opens]

[Music ends]

[Doors open]

Who the f*ck are you?

[Gun loads]

[Thundering shot]

[Thundering shot]

[Handcuffs rattle]

[Thundering shot]

♪ [Ominous music with drums plays] ♪

[Fuel ignites with a whoosh]

[Music stops]

[Huge explosion]

[Second huge explosion]

[Third huge explosion, glass shattering]

♪ [Ominous music recommences] ♪

♪ [Heavy rock line added to music] ♪

♪ ♪

[Door closes with echo]

[Music ends]

Prisoner: How are you feeling?

Max: Yeah...

Prisoner: Are you feeling all right?

Max: I'm fine. I'm okay.

Prisoner: Fantastic!


Booms, you okay?


Yep. [Clears throat]

Just onions or some... [Sniffs] somethin', eh?

Maxine's going to be fine, you know?

You don't know that.

Oh, she's got a lot to live for.

Specially now, eh? With a bub.

Darl, what's the matter?

Nuh. [Crying]


Ah, I'm not pregnant.

Oh frig, Booms, I'm so sorry.

Just act normal, all right?

Just act normal 'cause I don't want Yep.

Maxie to be upset. Yeah.

All right then.

Blow your nose, wipe your eyes.


Off we go.

Yeah. [Sniffles]

Hey, what's the hold up?

Piss off, Tina.

Are you gonna take Bea's place or what? We had a deal, remember?

Just leave me alone.

Step up before someone else does.

She's right. You should do this.

[Emotionally] I don't wanna do this. Let somebody step up if they want to.

[Quietly] The women need a leader, and they want you.

Bea: Ah, yes, I-I... I want an update on a patient by the name of Allie Novak.

Yes, I-I... I'm her sister.

Thank you.

[Phone beeps and disconnects]

Oh, f*ck!

♪ [Piercing tone plays] ♪

[Water running]

[Breathing heavily]


♪ [Urgent beat added to music] ♪

[People clamouring]

Male Reporter: Are you happy with what happened? What about the outcome?

Female Reporter: How are you feeling today?

Vera: Nils Jesper has been found dead.

Jesus Christ!

Without him, they don't have a case.

Vera: Ferguson's charges will have to be dropped.

Jackson: So, Bea was right. Ferguson was up to something.

This was her plan all along. Getting into general, finding someone who could help her, she made this happen.

She's gonna come after your job, Vera.

[Quietly] I know.

Oh, well... looks like you did me a favour.

Thanks for nothing.

[Phones ringing in background]

What's up with Jackson?

He returned a positive drug test.

He's been suspended, and you'll be acting Deputy Governor.

Come with me.

♪ [Ominous tone plays] ♪

♪ [Grating flourish] ♪

♪ [Grating flourish] ♪

Please complete the paperwork as quickly as possible.

I have things to do.

♪ [Ominous tone continues] ♪

♪ [Grating flourish] ♪

Shayne was a backup plan. The real hit was someone else.

It was too risky trustin' a kid, even for Ferguson.

And every one of us who's crossed her, we're all in danger.

[Whispers] That's... f*ck.

[Breathes heavily]


[Sighs] She's already started.

From what you told me, Allie sounds like a real fighter.

Yeah, she is.

You'd like her.

Don't give up on her, okay?


[Sighs] No.

[Tsks] No, she's, ah...

[Exhales] she's...


I've never felt like this before.


It's nice.

Jackson: Bea... uh, I need you to come with me.


♪ [Gentle bell music plays] ♪

We should talk somewhere else.

Just tell me.

Um, there's... there's news from the hospital.

I've arranged a, uh... a phone call with Miss Miles.

[Door beeps unlocked]

[Door opens with an echo]

It's Jackson, put it through.

Maxine's with her.


They've let us in to see her.

Can she hear me?


[Monitor beeps]


Allie, it's me.


Beautiful, you can wake up now, okay?

You're stronger than this. You know that.

I want you to stop messing around and wake up, okay?

Just wake up.


Please wake up.

She's developed this thing called acute respiratory syndrome.

She can't breathe on her own.

[Whimpering] Uh... w-what are you... what are you saying?

I'm so sorry, Bea. The doctor said there's nothing they can do.


[Inhales whilst sobbing]

[Quiet whimpering] Oh, f*ck.



[Through sobs] It's so unfair.



[Monitor beeps]

It's gonna be okay.


You just fly.

You be free.


[Inhales] You go and find Debbie and you look after her.


And you wait for me.

[Whispers] You wait.

[Crying quietly]

I love you, beautiful girl.

[Phone clatters on table]

[Slaps thighs and sniffs]


I need to speak to you.

If you wanna trap Ferguson, we've got one last chance.

Now, I don't know how she got out of that holding cell, but it was Ferguson who gave Allie that hotshot.

There is no way.

She did it to get to me.

She told me herself.

But Allie's not gonna wake up, so that makes it murder.

Do you have any evidence?

[Inhales] But I could get it.


All I need from you is access to her.

Then I can provoke her, get details and record her with this.

You know I can't do that. Give me the phone.

And you know that once Ferguson is released, we're all in the sh1t.

This is our only chance.

She'll be surrounded by officers until she leaves, she'll make sure of it.

Just get me to her.

Just the two of us.

♪ [Slip The Leash by Jess Ribeiro playing] ♪

[Inmates cheering]

Prisoner: You beauty!

♪ Let us forget a while ♪
♪ All our petty woes, oh ♪
♪ Did you know that you and I ♪
♪ We create the night, those... ♪

How's Allie?

Yeah, everything's gonna be okay.


So you took the job?


Um... got drafted.

Don't let 'em down.

I won't.

♪ All you have to do ♪
♪ Is take a risk and slip the leash ♪
♪ Slip the leash, slip the leash ♪
♪ Take yourself away ♪
♪ It's all running through their eyes ♪
♪ It's a state of mind ♪
♪ Standing here in the dark ♪


♪ Silver glitter golden ♪
♪ Will you come outside tonight? ♪
♪ I dare you ♪
♪ Slip the leash, slip the leash ♪
♪ Slip the leash ♪
♪ Take yourself away ♪

[Door opens]

[Music ends]

You ready?


Got the phone?

[Indistinct background chatter]


[Door beeps unlocked, door opens]

[Door closes, door opens]

Joan Ferguson's ready for release, Governor.

Would you give us a moment, Mr Stewart?

[Indistinct P.A. announcement]

Thank you.

Ferguson: Hmm.

You can't intimidate me.

All the things you've done don't make you powerful.

They make you sick.

I'll let you keep the badge.... as a memento.

[Door opens]

[Door beeps unlocked]

See you all soon.

[Door creaks and slams shut]

♪ [Tense music builds gradually] ♪

♪ [Whooshing grating flourish] ♪

[Bea breathing heavily]

Out of my way.


Are you scared?

[Scoffs quietly]

What's it like?

Hmm? Knowing you're gonna die.

You're being very stupid.

Is your chest tight?

Heart pumping in your ears?

Fight or flight?

This is it, Freak.

This is for every life you've taken or f*cked over.

Yeah, what was that girl's name at Blackmore? Jianna? Mm.

[Tsks] Simmo, Jodie...


[Bea exhales]

I'm gonna finish this.

♪ [Drum beat] ♪

Bea: Oh!

[Bea strains and grunts] Oh!

♪ [Drum beats] ♪


[Echoed breathing slows]

♪ [Gentle heroic music plays] ♪

[Echoed thud]

♪ [Tinkling bells play] ♪



Ferguson: No. No.


[Blood trickling]

[Bea panting]

[Ferguson breathing heavily]

You want it.

[Squelch and thud]


[Repeated thuds]

[Bea groaning]


[Bea gasping]

[Bea gasping and laughing]

[Weakly] I win.

♪ [Bells tinkling with music] ♪

[Door opens]

Jackson: Bea?!

[Music ends]


Drop the knife!



Drop the f*cking knife! We need help here!

Oh, Bea? f*ck!

[Screw driver clatters on the ground]

Jackson: Oh, f... oh, f*ck, Bea.

Vera: Oh!

Christ, what have you done, Bea?

Bea, listen to me. Bea, listen to me.

[Bea gasps]

Stay awake. Bea? Stay awake.

Bea? Bea...

Bea, we've got an ambulance coming. Can you... can you hear me?

♪ [Gentle music plays] ♪


[Monitor beeping]

Jackson: Bea?

[Rapid beeping then flatline]

It's gonna be okay.

[Long continuous beep]

Need the defib now.

Get me a milligram of adrenalin, now!

Jackson (muffled): Please, listen to me. Bea, listen to me, please.

Stay awake, okay? Can you hear me? Stay awake. Bea, stay with me.

[Muffled] Where's that f*cking ambulance?

[Indistinct muffled voices]

Vera (muffled): Bea, Bea, we've got an ambulance coming.

[Defibrillator charging]

[Defibrillator discharges]

♪ ♪

Vera (muffled): Put pressure on the stomach.

[Muffled voices]

Vera (muffled): Call an ambulance. We've got a code black.

Jackson (muffled): Oh! Bea?

Bea, listen to me. Bea, listen to me. Stay awake. Bea?

[Defibrillator charging]

[Defibrillator discharges]

♪ ♪

[Defibrillator charging, discharging]

[Flatline beep]

[Monitor beeps]

[Echoed defibrillator discharges]

[Short intermittent beeps]

[Beeping continues]

[Beeping continues]

[Beeping stops]