07x09 - Under Siege (1)

The board's ordered me to stop Liz's medication.

How soon will my symptoms return?

A couple of days, maybe a week.

- One day, I might need your help.

- Yeah, to do what?

I don't I don't wanna suffer.

I might be getting me parole real soon so, um, you know Just giving your son the VIP treatment.

Why did you want to see me now, after all this time?

I was very selfish.

So selfish, I didn't know what it meant to be a mum, Artie.

I didn't I didn't know.


What the f*ck are you doing?

Get off me!

It seems that nurse was part of a planned attack on Winter.

I reckon there's something going on between her and Mr Jackson, too.

How do you mean?

He kept coming to see her in the slot, in the middle of the night.

Your plan failed, arsehole.

I'm still here.

If you don't get me out of here in the next 48 hours, the whole country's going to find out how you like to spend your holidays.

- I need you to get out for a bit.

- Why?

What are you doing?

If you keep quiet, that 20K debt of yours, gone, by the end of the day.

Your lawyer.

He won't be much use to you, I'm afraid.

He's not the only person with a copy of those photos.

- You're bluffing.

- Try me.

Michael wasn't able to pull the strings he'd hoped.

So we're busting you out of here instead.

You don't know me when I don't know you You don't know me when I don't know you You're calling me in You're catching me out You're calling me in

- You're catching me out

- When I don't know you

- You're calling me in

- You don't know me

- You're catching me out

- When I don't know you

- You don't know me

- You're calling me in

- When I don't know you.

- You're catching me out






I don't have it.

I don't f*cking have it!


f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!


Oh, sh1t.


Whatever's going on, I know it's got something to do with Sean.

What's he done?

You can tell me.

Is it gear?


Has he got you peddling drugs around the prison?

I'm not a bloody drug dealer, Jake, for f*ck's sake.

It's his bookie.

I owe him and Sean a stack of dough.

How much?

- 20.

- Thousand?

No, 20 bucks.

Yes, $20,000.

I made a deal with Sean to wipe the debt.

The prick's backed out.

What kind of deal?

I can't tell you.

I'm f*cked.

I am so, so f*cked.

Hey, it's OK.

It's all right.

Oh, f*ck.


- Come in.


- What's this?

- Transfer papers.

For Marie Winter.

- I want you to sign them.

- Why would I do that?

I know, Will.

What do you know?

That you have become totally compromised.

You want to talk about professional conduct, Vera?

Oh, don't you dare try and make this about Rita

- Now, what I did is personal.

- No.

Any consequence is mine.

- Will, wait Don't.

- You taking Connors out of this prison

- jeopardised all of our careers

- Will!

At least I didn't bury a f*cking prisoner alive.


- You OK?

- No, I'm fine.

- Do you want me to get help?

- Don't change the subject.

Just sign it.

- f*ck!

- Yep.

Yeah, no, I'm all set.

Yeah, I know.

I won't let you down.

Hey, uh, I need a favour.

You are sh1tting me.


I need you to roster me on the Visitors' Entry.


Roster's locked.

So unlock it.


'Cause I want a cushy shift.

- I want you to do what you promised.

- Hey, don't worry, I'm gonna sort it.

- When?

- When you change the roster.

- I could f*ck you up, Sean.

- Oh, yeah, and f*ck yourself up, too, Linda.

Look, you do this and in just one day, it can all be over.

We're on for tomorrow.




- Hey.

- I've just been in with my lawyer.

Committal's set for tomorrow.


- Yeah.

- Well, that's deadly, eh?

Guess so.


Oh, she's probably making a cup of tea.

Yes, she is!

All right, Lizzie, it's time!

- What?

- The mystery visit.

Oh, yeah, yeah, the mystery visit.

- Yeah, don't tell me you forgot.

- No, no, course not.

- I I just wish I knew who I was I seeing.

- Nah!

It's a big bucket-list surprise, isn't it?

Like I need any more surprises.

- Let's go, Liz.

- Is it Bea?

Oh, good one!

'Cause that'd be a bloody miracle visit, wouldn't it, Mr Stewart?


You see what I done there?

- Yeah.

- Go on!

Just sit down here, Liz.

I'll just be a sec.

Thanks, Mr Stewart.



- Surprise!

- Hey.

Give your favourite ex-jailbird a hug, eh?

- You didn't know I was comin', did ya?

- Nuh.

Booms said she was keeping it under wraps, the cheeky minx.

- So, how are ya?

- Oh, yeah, I'm I'm good.

- You look good.

- Yeah.

How how are you?

Flat chat.

- Need to come back in here for a holiday.

- Oh, right.

I really missed ya.

I I missed you, too.

And how are my girls?

Oh, g good.

Yeah, they're fine, fine.


- Ms Bennett's pregnant.

- I heard.


Who'd have thought Miss B'd have it in her, eh?

I heard you got a new Top Dog.

She good to ya?

- Don't have much to do with Marie.

- Mmm.

Gidge sends her love.

Think I preferred the last one we had.


- Poor Kaz, eh?

- Do you know Kaz?

Well, I heard she was keeping an eye on you for me.

Kaz is dead.

Liz, are you OK?


I'm I'm good.

How are you?

Do you know who I am?


It's OK.

- It's OK.

- I know I should know.

- It's OK.

- No, it's not OK.

It's not OK.

It's fine, eh.

It's not fine.

No, it's not.

I've gotta I mean, I've gotta go.

I need to go.

Lizzie Five minutes.

- Hey!

- Hey.


- You said she was doing good.

- Yeah.

- She is.

- She didn't know who I was.

- What?

- She had no idea.

But I thought I thought she was she was better, and I thought everything was gonna be OK.

Oh, sh1t, I'm getting out of here soon.

- Hey

- I can't just leave her like this.

You've just gotta focus on your parole, hey?

- No.


- Focus on what's important.

she's family, Franky.

She's our family, all right?

She's she's Like, she's our mum.


I can't just leave me mum.

Sometimes you've got to.

- Mm-mm.

- It's hard, but you gotta do what's best for you.

You deserve that.

What about what what Lizzie deserves, but?

You know, I'm 'Cos I'm all she's got.

I'm it.


You've got a shitload of love in ya.

I want you to go out there and you give it to Lizzie, while you can.

- OK?

- While I can.


For both of us.

Yeah, I'll do that.

I'll do that.


- Come in.

You asked to see me.

Look, she helped me, all right?

When things got bad with

- Ferguson, with everything.

- She helped you?


She was the only one who understood.

- And what'd she understand?

- What I was going through.

Oh, Will, she's a prisoner.

- She took advantage of you.

- No.

- She manipulated you.

- No, she didn't.

Well, that is the only thing that makes sense here.

Oh, God.

Don't tell me you're in love with her.

Tomorrow's my last day before maternity leave.

You have until then to sign it.

What if I can't?

Uh, what is it, Liz?

Are you sure it can't wait until tomorrow?

No, I can't wait.

This has to be now.

Yeah, OK, then.

What's bothering you?

A good friend came to see me today, and, uh oh, sh1t I didn't know who she was.

I couldn't remember her.


Well look, it's possible that you're building up a resistance to the Psuldrycin.

Which is why I need to go back on the original dose, not half.

Liz, that dosage might have caused

- your psychotic reaction

- Might have,

- but you don't know that for certain.

- I don't know anything for certain when it comes to this drug and your condition.

- That's why I need to monitor every

- I can't be like that in front of Artie.

I can't.

He's my son.

I have to tell him about the dementia.

That I am dying.

I owe him the truth, and I need to be clear-headed.

I need to go back on the full dose.



You haven't told anyone

- that you're still on it?

- No.


Thought you were better.

Oh, so so did I, love.

I knew her face.

- It's Franky.

- Yeah.

- I just I couldn't place her.

- Mmm.

I was thinking, it it could It could just be a one-off, eh?

Love, do you do you remember what I asked you?

- What I might need you to do for me?

- Nuh.

Hey, when things get so bad

- that I can't

- No.

No, we're not gonna talk about this now.

Hey, Jesus.

I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna get the cards and we're gonna play Strip Jack Naked.


I've been on me feet all day, Suze.

Would you mind giving your mum

- a little foot rub here, eh?


- Just get your pissy f*ckin' breath away from me!

God, this stuff's rough on ya guts, eh?


No, no, no, this is my cell.

Oh, my god!

- Boomer!

- Oh, f*ck's sake!

I'm sorry.

- f*ckin' why'd ya have to


- Go away!

I don't want your help!

- Oh.

Move your hair!

- You don't want that sh1t danglin' in your face!

- Go away!

Leave me alone.

Go away.

I don't want your help.

No, I'm not gettin' away from ya.

I don't wanna f*ckin' help ya, do I?

Get off me.

Leave me alone.

Go away!

So, the doctor said that I might have some temporary issues.

- Mobility and strength.

- Yeah, 'course.

My coordination might be a little wonky for a while.

You'll be right.

I'll never be able to box again.

Course you will.

I'm too weak.

I'll make you strong again.

I'm scared, Reets.

You don't need to be scared of anything or anybody.



Attention compound, attention compound.

All women to report to assigned work duties.

Oh, Ms Bennett.

- I'm going to be late for work unit.

- No, I'll write you a note.

You know, when you first arrived here, I felt sorry for you.

I thought here was a woman, a mother, who has suffered the worst thing imaginable.

And I tried to put myself in your shoes.

- But we are such different people.

- Well, not so different.

The grief, the loss, the injustice you must have felt.

Where does someone like you direct a rage like that?

I will not let you destroy him.

Now, if I told you that I loved Will, would you believe me?

Well, maybe that's the difference between us.

I've known real love.

Ahh, sorry, Ms Bennett.

I'm here for Winter.

She has a visitor.

Whatever we had, it's over.

Your committal hearing's at 3:30.

The brawler's on its way.

Just sit tight.

- We'll have you out within the hour.

- How?

Brawler meant for Connors, then a private jet.

But it is not taking off until we are satisfied you have erased that file.

Daddy would be proud.

Oh, Artie.

How're you doin'?

Ahh, yeah.

- You OK?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm OK.

I was talking to Maddy about you.

- Maddy.

- My girlfriend.

I told you about her.

- Mmm.

- I'm thinking I'll bring her in next week.

It won't freak her out.

No, no, Maddy's cool like that.

Um, but she wants to meet you.

Artie, I'm so grateful to you for coming in to see me, after everything.

But there's something I have to tell you, and it's not gonna be easy.


Um, what?

I've got dementia, love.

- And it's the disease of the brain where

- Yeah, I I know what dementia is, Mum.

Yeah, well, it's bad, and it's moving pretty fast.

And one day soon, I'm I'm not gonna know who you are.

So I want you to remember me like I am now, not dribbling and, um, forgetting everything.

What are what are you saying?

I'm asking you not to visit me again.

But you you you wanted me to come back.

I know, love, I Yeah, I did.

'Cause I needed to see if you've turned out all right, and you have, my beautiful boy.

Oh, you're not a boy.

You're a fine young man.

I mean, look at you.

Handsome and smart, and you're considerate.

You're kind.

And I could not be more proud of you.

But, Artie, love, you need to get on with your life.

- Mum.

Mum, you

- Listen, listen.

I'm gonna get up from the table, I'm going to hug you, I'm gonna walk out that door, and I don't want you coming back.

Please, Artie.

Come on.

My boy.

My boy.

I love you, and I want you to be proud of yourself.


You hear me?

Good boy.

It's OK, love.


Come on, love.

Come on.


Come through.


What do you want?

I know what's going on.

- Linda told me.

- Oh, yeah?

- And what'd she tell you?

- About the money she owes.

Well, it's not my fault she loves a punt.

Well, she can't pay it.

Yeah, well, can we do this later, Jake?

'Cause I'm on the clock here.

So I'll pay the f*ckin' debt.

Since when did you grow a heart?

I just hate you that much.



You be a hero.



Just wait here.

You ready?

You fellas my ride?

You know the protocol.

These come off the second I'm in that brawler.


I f*ckin' knew it!

- Piss off!

- What's going on, Jenkins?

- I just need a hair of the dog, Suze.

- Jenkins.



Nothin', Ms Miles.

It's all good.


You're not up for this.

- No, I'm OK.

- No, it's too soon.

Ms Miles?

Ruby's not feeling crash-hot.

- Tell someone who cares, Novak.

- Hey, it's her first work unit since she got back from hospital.

Have a heart.

- Peta, take her to Medical.

Get her checked out.

- All right, come on.

Right, let's do this.

We're out of here.

Hey, Mitchell's not feeling well.

Just gonna take her to main Medical.

Unlock the cuffs.

- What?

- There's something I need to do back in General.

I just need five minutes.

- Are you serious?

- Unlock the cuffs.

- No, I'm - Unlock the f*ckin' cuffs now.

- Hey, Mr Brody!

Where's my transport?

- Yeah, it's coming, Connors.

Both of you.

Wait in there.

- You're f*ckin' kidding me.

- Wait in there.

I don't f*ckin' believe this.

We are supposed to be in that f*ckin' brawler already.

Oh, sh1t.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Just hold up, yeah?

What's Winter doing here?

Oh, she just had a strip search.

Birdsworth just had a visitor.

Who's he?

He's here to take Connors to her committal.

Right, well, you're running a bit late.

- She's meant to have left 15 minutes ago.

- Yeah.

Well, I don't recognise either of you.

Oh, well, the agency sent them.

Where are your IDs?

Show me your IDs.

- Wes, you've got 'em

- Sorry, we just forgot to put 'em on.

They're just in the bag here.

Marie, what the f*ck is going on?


What are you waiting for, Birdsworth?

Clothes won't strip themselves.

Hey, we need to go now.

What do you want to do with her?

Brody, why don't you end this now?

Whatever is going on,

- it is not worth a stretch at Walford.

- Shut up.

As a prison officer, how long do you think you'll last?

- I said shut up.

- You seen a lynching?

I have.

Tape up her mouth too.

What are you waiting for?

I told you to strip.

You're going to the Psych Unit, Birdsworth.



I'm not goin' to the f*ckin' Psych Unit.

f*ckin' I don't need the f*ckin' Psych Unit!

- Come here!

- Get off!

Get off me!

- Calm down!

- Get off me!

- Calm down!

- Hey!

Shut her up.


Call in a lockdown!

Call in a lockdown!

- f*ckin' get her in there!

- This is Sierra 7.

We need a lockdown in the Admissions Corridor!

I repeat, we need a lockdown in the Admissions Corridor Where's Anton?

We're going now!

What have you done?

Why isn't it opening, Sean?

- f*ck.


- Oh, my god!

Sierra 3 to Sierra 4.

What's going on in the Admissions Corridor?

Uh, a a prisoner, Birdsworth, went crazy in the strip search room.

Attacked an officer.

- I was - Hey!

Can you shut the f*ck up?

Look, it's all under control now.

I just I need the lockdown released so I can get the officer into Medical, over.

What's Winter doing down there?

We have a medical emergency here, Governor.

I need you to open the airlock.

- Get off me!

- Ms Bennett!

Officer Brody, put Ms Bennett on the radio.

Uh Officer Brody, I asked you to put Ms Bennett on.

That's an order.

Put her on now!


Attention compound.

We are in lockdown.

Repeat, this is a lockdown.

Hey, what's going on?

It's fine.

Just go and sit back down.

Sierra 5 to Sierra 9, over.

Hey, why are we in lockdown?

There's something going on with Brody in the Admissions Corridor.

If there are any officers near the Admissions Corridor, I want eyes on.

There's an officer hurt.

- Vera's down there.

- What?

Along with Winter and Birdsworth.

I don't know who else.

What the hell is he doing?

- What have you done?

- Put her back in the strip search room

- and shut her the f*ck up.

- Shut your mouth.

- Get in there Get in there!

- No, no, no, no No!


- Don't move!

- Drag her in there.

Cuff her to the table.


Now, we have gotta leave.

- Now.

- Oh, yeah?

What do you think I'm trying to do?

Five f*ckin' minutes.

It might have something to do with Linda.

Sean's got his hooks into her for 20 grand.

What's going on, Officer Brody?

I need you to open the airlock, Will.

Not till you tell me what this is about.

Right, right now it's about you openin' this door.

Who are the other officers with you?

- Open the f*ckin' airlock, Will.

- sh1t.

Open it.

Vera's in there.

Sean, OK.

Look, I'll release the airlock, but only for you and the other two officers.

- You leave Vera and Winter behind.

- Nah, can't do that, Gov.

They're both coming with me now.


- f*cking prick.

Give me the radio.

- Look, Brody, you won't get far.

I'm informing the police.


You bring the cops into this, you bring 'em into this, I shoot Vera.

Now open the airlock.


Get in there!

- Just let 'em go.

- OK.

- Give them Winter.

- Yes, Governor?

Call the police.

Tell them we've got a Code Red in progress.

What are you doing?

You heard him.

He's gonna shoot Vera.

What the hell are they trying to do?

Work unit.

Is that still on?


Oh, thank f*ckin' Christ for that!


- Thank you.


- Linda, it's Will.

- What was with the alarm?

We're in lockdown.

Brody's taken control of the Admissions Corridor.

- He's what?

- Listen, do you have any idea what this is about?


No, why?

But you owe him money.

It's not that.

It could have something to do with Winter.

- What?

- Sean and Winter have something going on.

That's all I know.

- He's armed with a gun.

- You're f*cking kidding me.

Right now, they're holed up in Small Medical.

He's got two guys dressed as officers.

I don't think he knows you guys are in there.

Listen, do you think you can get the women through the east airlock?

I don't know.

- We can try.

- OK.

I'll distract him and when you're all at the airlock, I'll release it.


I'm running out of patience here.

If you hurt Vera, I will f*cking kill you.

Oh, Jakey!

Hey, if you want to see her or your baby alive, you get the boss to release this door.

- You're a dead man, Brody.

- Yeah.

- I'm going down there.

- Like hell you are.

You stay put.

Last thing we need is another hostage.

What's happening?

- What?

- Shut up and listen.

You go one by one to the airlock.

When we're all there, the Governor will unlock it.


Stop f*cking with me, Will.

I'm not, Sean.

I'm just trying to figure out why this is happening.


Well, you figure it out when we're gone.

- You know I can't let you take anyone with you.

- Hey!



I'm the one with the gun here.

And I'm gonna f*ckin' use it.

Now, you don't want anyone's blood on your hands, do you?

Well, do ya?

- No, no.

- No.

- So you open this door, or someone's gonna die.

- sh1t.


- Get in the f*ckin' laundry.

Get in there.

- Move!

- Get in there!

Get up, get in there.

- Move!


Stay where you are!

Oh, Jesus Christ!

- What are you doing, Sean?

- Shut up, you whiny bitch.

Give me that belt.

Hurry up!

Cover the cameras.

Do it.

Do it!

f*ckin' hell.

She needs a doctor.

This has turned to sh1t.

This is Rita Connors.

I'm in the Admissions Holding Cell.

Is anyone hearing this?


Is there anyone there?

I want everyone together over here.

Let's go.

Let's f*cking go!

Get on the floor.

You, too, Smiles.

Officer Brody, holding up a prison.

Really f*ckin' smart.

- Shut up!

- If that bitch gets mouthy again, shoot her in the face.



How close are the police?

Ten minutes.

The SOG's been notified.

- If he hurts Vera because of the cops

- Will, are you there?

Yeah, I'm here.

Are you all right?

Is Vera OK?

Yeah, but we don't really know what's going on.

I'm scared, Will.

He's he's got a gun on me.

We need you to open the airlock.

I can't let him take you and Vera.

Will, I'll go with them as a hostage.

And I'll take care of Ms Bennett, I promise.

I can't take that chance.

Please, Will, he's gonna start hurting the women.

You gotta convince Sean to just take Winter.

Let Vera go.

Right, you heard her, Gov.

Now, are you gonna open this door?

- Can't do that, Sean.

- f*ck!

Get her in the laundry.


This is Rita Connors.

I'm in the Admissions Holding Cell.

Please, someone, come in.

Holy sh1t.

- What are you doing there?

- Sit down.

- Oh, sh1t!

- Bloody hell!

- Yep, is everyone here OK?

- Ms Bennett, what's going on?

Winter is trying to escape.

Officer Brody is working for her.

- No f*ckin' way!

- I never liked that bitch.

What the f*ck!

- Marie, what the f*ck are you doing?

- Shut her up!

Don't you touch her!

I'm gonna do more than touch her if we don't get out of here, Marie.

I'll shoot her in the f*ckin' head.

Is there anybody there?

For God's sakes!

It's Rita Connors.

I'm in the Admissions Holding Cell.

Somebody answer this bloody intercom!

Who's this?

- Hello?




Yeah, yeah, patch her through.

Connors, where are ya?

I'm stuck in the bloody holding cell while all sh1t's goin' down.

We're in lockdown.

You'll just have to sit it out.

Listen, I don't know what's goin' on, but Marie Winter is running things.


What what are you saying?

Whatever it is with Officer Brody and those other two fellas, Marie's behind it.

What is it?

Brody, put Winter on.


- I said, put Winter on.

- Come on.


What's going on?

It's Officer Brody.

He's gone gone crazy or something.

Are you behind this?


I don't What are you talking about?

Are you trying to escape?

Just tell me the truth, Marie.

Whatever's going on between you and Brody, are you behind it?

Just open the gate, Will.

Time is up, Governor.

You release the f*ckin' lockdown now!



No, no, please!

Oh, god!


Release the lockdown, or I shoot Vera.

It's over, Sean.

Open the doors, Will.

- There's no way out of this.

- Open the doors!

Just drop the gun and end this before someone gets hurt.

Open the f*ckin' airlock!

Don't make this worse for yourself, Sean.



Open the doors.




Next Tuesday, 8.

30pm on FOX Showcase This is your fault.

This is on you!

Who is that?

Who is it?

the season final.

I want a chopper on the roof or I'm gonna get trigger-happy.



- Yeah?

- We're ready.

Give me the gun.