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All Credit given to the individual members who posted each of the scripts (next to each episode). All others courtesy of the Crashdown.

Season 1

1x01 - The Pilot

1x02 - Morning After

1x03 - Monsters

1x04 - Leaving Normal

1x05 - Missing

1x06 - 285 South

1x07 - River Dog

1x08 - Blood Brother

1x09 - Heat Wave

1x10 - Balance

1x11 - Toy House

1x12 - Into the Woods

1x13 - The Convention

1x14 - Blind Date

1x15 - Independence Day

1x16 - Sexual Healing

1x17 - Crazy

1x18 - Tess, Lies, and Videotape

1x19 - Four Square

1x20 - Max to the Max

1x21 - The White Room

1x22 - Destiny

Season 2

2x01 - Skin and Bones

2x02 - Ask Not

2x03 - Surprise

2x04 - Summer of '47

2x05 - The End of the World

2x06 - Harvest

2x07 - Wipeout

2x08 - Meet the Dupes

2x09 - Max In The City

2x10 - A Roswell Christmas Carol

2x11 - To Serve and Protect

2x12 - We Are Family

2x13 - Disturbing Behavior

2x14 - How The Other Half Lives

2x15 - Viva Las Vegas

2x16 - Heart of Mine

2x17 - Cry Your Name

2x18 - It's Too Late and It's Too Bad

2x19 - Baby, It's You

2x20 - Off The Menu

2x21 - Departure

Season 3

3x01 - Busted

3x02 - Michael, The Guys, and the Great Snapple Caper

3x03 - Significant Others

3x04 - Secrets and Lies

3x05 - Control

3x06 - To Have and to Hold

3x07 - Interruptus

3x08 - Behind the Music

3x09 - Samuel Rising

3x10 - A Tale of Two Parties

3x11 - I Married An Alien

3x12 - Ch-Ch Changes

3x13 - Panacea

3x14 - Chant Down Babylon

3x15 - Who Died & Made You King

3x16 - Crash

3x17 - Four Aliens and A Baby

3x18 - Graduation

Also, as a bonus here is the never-aired episode from Season One - The Dance

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