03x14 - Chant down Babylon

Title: "Chant Down Babylon"
Episode: 14
57th Episode of Roswell
Season: 3
Production Code: 3ADA14
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Lawrence Trilling
Original Air Date: February 26, 2002

Opens with Michael and Isabel running through a darkened corridor and an alarm going off.

Isabel: Let's go!

Michael comes up on a moniter.

Michael: We got a fire in section fifty charlie.

Isabel: That must be where they are.

Michael: Let's go this way here. That's it!

They use their powers to blast the door. Fire comes out of the door.

Michael: I can't put it out.

Isabel: Valenti, Max are you in there?

Valenti jumps out the door.

Isabel: Where's Max? Jim, where's my brother!

Jim: He's dead.

Isabel: What! No! No!

Jim: Come on this whole place is going to go up.

Isabel: No I'm not going without him.

Jim: He's dead. I saw his body burn to ash. He's dead.

(He grabs Isable and hauls her outside)

Isabel: No! No!

Jim: Michael go! Come on!

Isabel: Michael, no!

Jim: Let's go!

(Michael stares at the flames and then runs)


Jim: When he hit the floor, flames poured out from his body. It started the fire.

Isabel: No. He can't be dead. He can't be dead.

Jim: When I tried to get to him his body collapsed into dust.

Michael: There they are.

Clayton, his wife and the goons escaping into a black sedan.

Jim: Yeah but they're armed. (They run) Wait damn it!

Mrs. Wheeler: Take care of them.

Michael and Isabel use their powers on the car. The goons shoot and miss Michael but Isabel

Gets shot and Clayton gets away.

Michael: Wha!

Jim: It's bad. Give me your shirt.

Isabel: I think I've been shot. Max. Max.

Jim: You're gonna be alright. Just hang on.

Suddenly Jesse runs up screaming.

Jesse: Isabel!

Isabel: Max.

Jim: Just stay awake.

Jesse: Isabel! Oh my gosh.

Jim: She's been shot. I don't know how bad it is.

Isabel: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Jesse: Oh my gosh. Have you called an ambulance? (he starts dialing on his cellphone)

Michael: (He grabs for Jesse's cell phone) No, no no no!

Jesse: What's wrong with you!

Michael: No Ambulance! No hospital!

Jesse: She'll die you idiot! (He punches Michael in the face)

Michael tackles him.

Michael: Just no.

Jesse: What the hell is wrong with you!

Michael: Hey you can't take her to the hospital. You can't.

Jesse: Why! Tell me why!

Michael: Because your wife isn't human. Ok, understand that! Your wife is not human.

Jesse: Stop the crap! (he knocks Michael off of him and starts to Isabel)

Jim: Remerez! Look!

Isabel starts drawing energy or something from the ground with her hands.

Jim: It's true Jesse. I know you don't want to accept it but it's true. She's not human.

Jesse: Wha?

Michael: She's alien. We both are.

Back at the dorm.

Maria: (on the phone) Michael it's Maria. Please pick up the phone cause Liz has this completely

Wrong idea that something's happened to Max. And I, I just, I really need someone in Roswell

To pick up the phone. (Hangs up) Maybe I should try Isabel and Jesse I mean they might all be

At the movies or something.

Liz: Max is dead, I know it.

Maria: We don't know anything yet ok? I mean, just because you have this feeling and I really

Respect the connection you and Max have or whatever. But we don't know anything yet ok.

Liz: Uh, I need some time.

Maria: Ok but when I get in touch with someone and this turns out to be whatever it turns out to

Be I'm gonna come find you. Ok? (Liz walks away)

Liz: Yeah.

Maria: Oh, Michael, Michael, Michael. Pick up the phone, please.

In the car the phone is ringing. Isabel is getting a lot worse and they are driving like madmen.

Jesse: Hello, This is Jesse, yeah. Can you hear me? Hello.

Jim: Can you turn that thing off!

(Michael hands Jesse his phone)

Jesse: Hello, this is Jesse. Can you hear me I can barely hear you. Can you hear me?

Isabel: Jesse.

Jesse: Just hang on ok. Just hang on. Look yeah, I've got an emergency, yeah my wife's been

Shot. If I could go to a hospital I wouldn't be calling you! L-Look, Hello! ?Danny?

Michael: T-the shirts soaked through, what do I do?

Jim: You keep the pressure on, we can't do anything about it now.

Isabel: No. Max.

Michael: No Max isn't here, we're gonna take care of this. Wake up. Wake up, don't leave us,

Just, are you sure about this doctor?

Jesse: He's not a doctor anymore. He's an old friend from the neighbourhood.

Michael: What the hell does that mean!

Jesse: It means just shut up and let me just… Paul… Yes. One shot through the abdomin uh, a

Handgun probably…

Jim: Sig, nine mil.

Jesse: A nine millemetre. Look, just, just meet me at my apartment ok, the address is 126…

Jim: Go to my house. It's closer.

At Jim's house. They bang in the door.

Michael: Alright get her on the couch.

Jim: Got her, got her.

Kyle comes in from his room.

Kyle: What's going on. Oh my gosh, what happened?

Jim: She's been shot.

Kyle: What?

Jim: Kyle, there's a trama kit in the garage. Get it. Just go!

Jesse: Everything's gonna be ok. Everything's gonna be.

Isabel: I don't wanna die. Please. Please. I don't wanna die.

Jesse: You won't I promise. Ok. Look, just do something!

Jim: I'm doing everything I can.

Michael: Where's that doctor!

Jim: Kyle!

Jesse: He'll be here!

(Kyle comes running in from the garage)

Jim: Kyle!

Kyle: She needs Max, where's Max?

Michael: Max is dead.

Isabel: Max.

Kyle: What?

Michael: Max is dead alright!

Isabel: Max! No.

Someone knocks on the door.

Michael gets up to get it.

Michael: Hold this. (he opens the door) Are you the doctor? Over there.

Doctor: Yeah. Clear out, clear out, give me some room.

Jesse: Oh Thank God.

Doctor: Ok, I got it. Let me take a look here.

Jesse: Doc, is she ok. Is she gonna be ok?

Doctor: I'm gonna have to go in and find the bullet, see what damage we're dealing with.

Clear that table. You in my car there's a tank, a monitor, a ventalator bag and a uh blanket

Tied with a cord ok? Ok, I can't make any promises Jesse she's lost a lot of blood ok.

Jesse: Do everything you can ok, just everything you can. Its ok, it's gonna be ok.

Everything's gonna be alright.

Doctor: Alright let's get her up on the table alright. Brace, brace, brace.

Jim: You got it.

Jesse: Got it.

Doctor: One, two, three, ready lift. Easy, easy does it. Get her middle. Let her down easy.

Let her down easy. Let her down easy Tank right here, monitor there, bag on the counter, give me the blanket over here. Alright, she's gonna need a transfusion. Anyone know her blood type?

Michael: Uh, yeah, I'm her type.

Doctor: Ok, who can tap this kid's vein?

Jim: I can.

Doctor: Alright, let's get to work guys.

At Clayton Wheeler's house. Clayton is laying in his bed under the covers.

Mrs. Wheeler: Clayton. Clayton, can you hear me.

Clayton: Where am I?

Mrs. Wheeler: Clayton?

Clayton: Madiss, Madiss, is that you?

(She pulls back the covers and sees Max at least his face anyway)

Mariss: Oh my gosh.

Clayton: I feel like someone…walked over my grave. What? What!

(she grabs a mirror and he sees his hand) Oh my gosh, look at my hand. Mariss. Look at my


Mariss: Clayton you really should look at this.

Clayton: That's not me. This can't be me. (he jumps out of the bed) I'm not him. I…

Mariss: It's all right. Clayton, it's all right.

(he walks to a mirror on the wall)

Clayton: This is impossible.

Mariss: He was trying to heal you. I saw him. He was, he was trying to reguvinate you to

Oh gosh to make you young again.

Clayton: Why. Why make me look like, like him. Where is he, I want to talk with him.

Mariss: He's a pile of ash. Just like the rest of the Meta-chem plant by now.

Clayton: So this is me? Now. This is my body.

Mariss: You know it's not a bad one.

Clayton: That alien boy must have worked out.

Mariss: Clayton. You know I have always loved you just the way you were but,

This does open up a whole new set of possibilities for, our relationship.

(he turns, kisses her, picks her up and puts her on the bed)

Back at the dorm. Liz walks under a gazebo and sits on a bench.

Maria runs up and stops.

Maria: I-I got in touch with Michael. (she starts crying) I'm so sorry.

She comes and sits by Liz.

Liz: I knew it. How.

Maria: Um. He died um, in a fire trying to save Valenti's life. Michael said that he was

Really heroic. I'm so sorry.

Liz hugs Maria and they both cry.

Back at the Wheeler house. Clayton and Mariss are making out.

Mariss: Oh, please. My gosh, Clayton.

Suddenly Clayton gets all these flashes of Liz and Max together.

Mariss: Don't stop.

Clayton: (in pain) Something. Something's wrong. (he gets more flashes)

Clayton/Max: LIZ!

Mariss: Clayton, what happened?

Clayton: I saw this, this girl.

Mariss: A girl?

Clayton: Yes. Brown hair. Brown eyes. About eighteen years old.

Mariss: Great!

Clayton: This is serious. She's somebody Max Evans knows. Someone from his life.

Mariss: You must've gotten some of his memories. Clayton, come back to bed.

(he walks back over to the mirror)

Clayton: He is in there. He's inside my head.

Mariss: Who?

Clayton: Max Evans. He's still alive. He's in my head. His head. This head.

(Mariss gets up out of bed) I know your in there Max. I know you are. You want something

don't you. What is it you want? (he gets a flash of Liz) Liz.

Mariss: What was that? Clayton are you alright?

Clayton: Is the gulfstream fueled and ready to go?

Mariss: Always. Where are we going?

Clayton: Vermont. We're going to Vermont.

Back at Valenti's house.

Kyle is cleaning up the mess.

Doctor: She's far from ok. I removed her spleen and tried to repair the liver but it's meatball

Surgery at best. The real question is whether infection sets in. If that happens.

Michael: What?

Doctor: Well to have a fighting chance she'll need a lot more than I can do in your dining

Room. She'll need a hospital.

Michael: That's not an option.

Kyle: Neither is letting her die.

Jim: No one's dying yet. We don't have to face that decision right now. Let's just wait and

See what happens. Ok?

Jesse walks in the living room from the bedroom and puts on his coat.

Jesse: She's uh, she's still sleeping. (he looks at Michael) You and me, outside.

Doctor: Do you mind if I smoke?

Jim: No, go ahead.

Kyle: Can't imagine why you lost your license.

Back at the dorm.

Ilene: Are you sure you won't change your mind? I mean, spending spring break in this place?

You'll be the only one here. Even the faculty heads for the hills.

Liz: No, you know the fewer people around here right now the better.

Ilene: Ok.

(Maria comes in the door)

Maria: Hey. (to Liz) hi. I'm Maria. I'm the best friend.

Ilene: I'm Ilene. The roommate.

(they shake hands and Liz makes a face and gets up from her bed and leaves)

Liz: I'm outta here. (they both watch her go) Later.

Ilene: Uh, what's going on with Liz? Did something happen with her ex?

Maria: Yeah, he's um, he's dead.

Up in the attic.

Liz tries to open the bar door and it won't open. So she hits it a couple of times and then

Suddenly it explodes and she is thrown. Her hand starts glowing again and she screams.

Back at Valenti's.

Michael and Jesse are in the backyard talking.

Jesse: Do it again.

Michael: Jesse.

Jesse: Look, just do it again!

(Michael makes the flowers bloom and unbloom using his powers)

Jesse: Son of a. b…

Michael: How many times do I have to do this?

Jesse: I don't know. You know you tell me this crazy story about another planet and

And kings and shapeshifters dup, pod chambers and every time I come close to believing

It I start worrying that I'm strapped down in a room somewhere because I've lost my mind.

Ok, so just keep doing it until I can accept that I am seeing it and that I am really here.

Doctor: Ok. Ok. What the hell's going on here?

Jesse: What are you talking about?

Doctor: Isabel has a temperature of a hundred and twelve.

Jesse: One, twelve?

Doctor: And rising…

Michael: How high can it get before it gets dangerous?

Doctor: Dangerous? Let me tell you something. A hundred and seven is considered

Fatal in most cases. I've never even heard of a temperature of a hundred and eight.

Now obviously I'm not supposed to ask any questions but if there's something about Isabel that I should know? If there's something that can help me, you might want to consider telling me.

Michael: There's nothing we can tell you that would be of any use.

Doctor: Ok.

Back in the house.

Kyle is sitting with Isabel.

Kyle: You know I was a, I was thinking. You see you're supposed to say there's a first time for everything. (he laughs) Anyway I was thinking that um since Liz got some alien powers when Max saved her life that you know maybe I've got some alien juice too. Maybe I've got the power to heal. (he sniffs and Jesse walks in) So let's just give it a, give it a try. (he puts his hand on her and bows his head and starts crying) It was worth a shot. (Jesse leaves) You know me, I'll try anything once.

Back at the dorm, Liz is in the attic with a bottle. Maria walks up.

Maria: Hi.

Liz: How's Isabel?

Maria: Not good. Michael says that her fever's up to a hundred and fifteen now.

Liz: Wow. That's really high.

Maria: Yeah.

Liz: (looks out the window she's sitting on) It's really high. It's a really really long way down.

Maria: Liz, could you not be by the window right now, please.

Liz: Oh don't worry. I'm not gonna jump.

Maria: And now what happened over here? (she points to the power blasted bar)

Liz: Oh that? My powers are back. Psh. (she holds up her hand)

Maria: Powers I though that…

Liz: That they would go away because Max died. Guess not. (she takes another drink)

Maria: Alright enough (she grabs the bottle)

Liz: No, you're right. You're right. (she gets up and grabs another bottle)

Maria: Damn it Liz.

Liz: Damn it Maria!

Maria: Ok look, I understand what you're going through. I really do, but getting drunk is not gonna

Help anything!

Liz: Really you do, you understand what I'm going through? Is Michael dead? Because Max is!

And you know all of those things that I've been dreaming about for the past three years? Well they

Are now gone! So why don't you explain to me how you understand what I am going through.

Maria: You know what. I'm just, I'm not going to talk to you when you're like this.

Liz: Why? Because I'm an angry drunk? Well that's just you know what, that's just, that's too bad.

I'm gonna go get some air.

She walks outside, and steps onto the grass and falls. She starts to laugh. When she looks up Max/

Clayton is standing over her.

Liz: (she starts laughing again) You're not here. You're a dream.

He bends down to her.

Liz: Ok. Ok, this isn't funny any more. I just, I need to wake up, you need to go away. Ok.

Just go away! (she goes to push him away and gets a flash) Oh my gosh, Max! (she hugs him and

Then kisses him, while Mariss watches from behind a wall)

Suddenly her powers come back and she shocks him and he falls back.

Liz: Max? What th…? What's, what's the matter Max? Are you, are you ok? Max? (he starts seeing

Things really blurry) Are you alright? What's the matter Max? Oh my gosh. Oh my, Max?

He stands up.

Max: No! No! (he runs away)

Liz: Max! Max! Come back!

Then Liz passes out.

Back at Valenti's

Michael is sitting with Isabel.

Michael: First day of school, third grade. I'm standing by the lunchline argueing with that

ass Mr Trevors. He tells me that the cafeteria won't take my food stamps. I say they're for

food aren't they? And he looks down on me, and he says with that scraggly mustache and that

stupid comb over. He says uh, I don't take lip from welfare punks. I'm about to kick his balls

up into his throat. But then I feel someone watching me. It feels like a heat lamp turned on in

the back of my neck and I turn around and uh, there you were. Just sitting at a table all by your

self. You're just staring right at me. So I walk over and I sit down. You're still staring at me

with those big eyes. And uh, you pushed your tray of food over to me and you said you can have

my lunch. Right then, I knew you were different. No, but you were different like I was different.

Only people liked you and they wanted you around. I want you around. (he starts crying) I want

You around so please don't go. (he squeezes her hand and it starts to glow)

Isabel suddenly places her hand on his head.

Isabel: You still owe me for that lunch.

Michael: Hey guys! Guys come on get in here quick!

They all come running.

Isabel: Jesse.

Jesse: I'm right here.

Doctor: Vitals are steady. (checks her temperature) Temperatures down to one o' two.

Hell I need a cigarette.

Isabel: I hear Michael. I heard you. I was somewhere else but I followed your voice back.

Back in the school library.

Mariss: Alright Clayton listen. You have got to take control of this.

Max/Clayton: I can't. I have to go to her. I-I have to. She's the love of my life.

Mariss: Look at me. Listen to me. I have spent the last ten years of my life trying to find

A cure for you, Clayton! I have stolen patents for you, God Clayton I've even killed people

for you. Now I didn't come this far to see you just throw it all away on some adolesent crush.

Max/Clayton: Its more than that. It's Max. He wants to take over. I can feel him fighting for

Control. He wants to be with Liz. Be with Liz.

Mariss: Alright here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna get rid of that girl.

Max/Clayton: Liz. No! No I love her!

Mariss: No. Clayton you are not thinking clearly. Look. You don't love her. Max does.

And as long as she's alive he has something to, to hold on to. Something to fight for.

But see if she were dead. He would have to give up then, all those voices inside your head

Would stop.

Max/Clayton: But I, No I love her.

Mariss: Don't say that! Just forget about that! You have to kill her. Clayton.

You have to kill the thing you love to be free. You have to kill the one you love to be free.

Clayton you have to kill her. Do you understand what I am saying? Clayton. Damn it Clayton!

Listen to me. Strap on a pair, and take control here. You have to kill the one you love to be

Free. You have to kill…

He grabs her by the throat and breaks her neck.

Max/Clayton: Liz.

Back at Valenti's.

Jesse hands the Doctor an envelope of money.

Jesse: Here you go. You can count it if you want.

Doctor: You're the last person I'm worried's gonna stiff me Jesse.

Jesse: You're the guy Diagenis was looking for. You know Diagenis, walked around Athens

Looking for…

Jesse: Looking for an honest man.

Doctor: Yeah.

Jesse: I went to collage.

Doctor: (he laughs) So did I. Now look at me. Unlicensed, unwanted and unloved. All because

I wrote a few perscriptions for a few friends.

Jesse: They weren't your friends Paul. Expecially not the one that turned out to be a Fed.

Paul: True. But you know what the truth is? Ultimately I lost my license because, because I'm

Not an honest guy. Now I know your friends in there.

Jesse: Goodbye Paul.

Paul: You're involved in something here. I don't know what it is and I don't want to know.

But its wrapped up in lies within lies and that's not what you're about. You're one of the good

Guys Jesse.

Jesse: So are my friends.

Paul: They're liars. You can't trust them. Not when it counts. Not when it comes time to

Chant down Babylon and destroy the plans of wicked men. Bob Marley.

Jesse: Yeah. I got the referance.

Paul: (he shakes Jesse's hand) Good luck Jesse.

Jesse: Thanks.

Back at the dorm.

Maria brings Liz back into the dorm room and makes her a hangover drink.

Liz: Where am I?

Maria: I brought you back to your room.

Liz: Oh you brought me ow!

Maria: Yes. Ow. (she turns on the light and Liz shields her eyes with a moan)

Here you go, come on. Take this. (she hands her a drink) Its what my mom drinks for

Hangovers. Come on.

Liz: Ah, it's so cold.

Maria: Yes. You're so cold. You were lying out in the frozen tundra for about a half an hour

Before I found you. You're lucky you didn't freeze to death.

Liz: Thanks Maria.

Maria: No problem. That's what I'm here for. Now do me a favor.

Liz: Mmm.

Maria: Repeat after me. I'm sorry Maria.

Liz: I'm sorry Maria.

Maria: (she laughs) Ok. You're forgiven.

Liz: Do I want to know what I did to be sorry for?

Maria: N-Let it go. I have.

Max is on his way up to Liz's Dorm.

He looks up at the light in her room.

Back in Liz's room.

She jumps up.

Liz: Max is here.

Maria: What?

Liz: I saw him.

Maria: What, Wait.

Liz: No Maria. I saw him today. I-I fell down or something. And he was standing over me.

And then he kissed me. I th-I think.

Maria: No Pumpkin. You were dreaming.

Liz: Yeah. I guess I must've been.

Maria: Yeah. You had a lot to drink.

Liz: I should probably go take a shower.

Maria: I'm forced to agree.

Liz: (she laughs) ok. (she grabs her housecoat and turns to Maria) You are like the most special

Person in the world to me.

She hugs Maria

Maria: Right back at you.

Maria puts on some tunes on while Liz goes to get a shower.

While she is listening to the music Max/Clayton comes up behind her and tries to strangle her.

Liz comes back and stops him.

Liz: Max?

He drops her on the bed.

Liz: What's going on Max?

Max/Clayton: Clayton.

She slams the door on him and runs to the attic.

He follows her.

Liz: Stay away from me! Whatever you are! Just stay away!

She starts throwing things at him. Then she picks up a coat rack and tries to hit him with it.

Suddenly he grabs her by the throat and tries to strangle her.

She sends him flying with a bolt of energy and grabs a club.

Max: Liz?

Liz: Max? Max! (she gets down on her hands and knees)

Max: No! No! You're in danger.

Liz: Max. What, what. What happened to you.

Max: I don't know I'm in this body but its not really me.

Liz: Oh my gosh. Ok. Ok. Let me help you.

Max: Shut up! There's no time. I can't hold on much longer I. You have to kill this body.

You have to stop Clayton.

Liz shakes her head.

Liz: No.

Max: Liz you have to! He'll kill you if you don't. Liz. Please. Take the club. Do it.

Liz: Max.

Max: DO IT!

She gets up and picks up the club.

Max: Do it.

Liz: I'm so sorry max. I love you.

But she misses and Clayton comes back and grabs her again.

So she manages to hit him over the head and knocks the both of them out of the window.

Suddenly there are flashes of Max and her together.

Max sees Liz falling and uses his powers to stop her fall as he crashes to the ground.

Max: NOOO!

She falls into a green kindof net and lands safely.

Back at Valenti's.

Jesse and Isabel talk.

Isabel: Are we ok?

Jesse: I don't know. I mean I look at you and I know I love you.

Isabel: But I lied to you. I always knew in my heart that you would never forgive me for that.

Jesse: That's not it. I mean, yeah, I'm hurt that you lied to me but I can get past that.

Isabel: You can?

Jesse: Yeah. Yeah eventually. I mean look, I''m not perfect I've told a lie or two and, and you

I mean Hell, you, you had to grow up lying to everyone around you. Just became second nature to


Isabel: Baby, it was never, never about you. It's just that lying about who I am is a given.

Jesse: And you're really good at it. Isabel, you are really good.

Isabel: That's what the real problem is, isn't it. Not that I lied but that I'm good at it.

Jesse: I believed you completely. I mean, strange things would happen and I never doubted

That I knew you. That I knew who my wife really was. Man I married Isabel Evans, and there

Is no Isabel Evans. Isabel is-is this person you hide behind. I-I just …

Isabel: You're right. You're right about everything. And even though I'm a, a really good

Liar. I want you to know that I'm telling the truth when I say I love you. And I love being

Your wife.

Jesse: Ok.

Isabel: Where do we go from here?

Jesse: I have no idea.

Back at the dorm.

Liz gets up and checks Max for a pulse. She doesn't find one.

She kisses him and something happens. She sees Clayton and then he disappears.

Liz: Max?

Max: Liz. You brought me back.

Liz: (she smiles) I guess that makes us even.

She helps him up and hugs him as Maria comes through the bushes.

Maria: What happened?

Liz: Let's go home.

So they start walking back.