01x02 - Monsters

Episode: 3
3rd Episode of Roswell
Season: 1
Production Code: 1ADA02
Written by: Jason Katims, Thania St. John
Original Air Date: Wednesday October 20, 1999

(MARIA is driving down the road in her car singing Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera. ISABELLE'S car has broken down on the side of the road, and is being towed.)

Isabel: Of course.

Maria: Going home? Um, I mean um, do you need a ride? (ISABEL stares at her for a moment and then gets in car)

Isabel: Doesn't this thing have any air conditioning.

Maria: Yeah, it's on all the way. (ISABEL holds her had over the vent and uses her power to make stream of air cooler.)

Oh my God! What are you doing?

Isabel: I'm just making it more comfortable in here!

Maria: Don't do that in my car!

Isabel: Whatever. What year is this thing?

Maria: It's a '92, and it's never been towed either.

Isabel: Well the sound system is pathetic. (ISABEL holds her hand over the radio in the car and makes the radio louder.)

Maria: Oh my God! (Car swerves)

Isabel: I'm just trying to help you out.

Maria: Oh, uh the keychain. My mother makes them. I'll tell her to stop.

Isabel: My mother does stupid things too.

Maria: She does?

Isabel: Don't all mothers?

Maria: Yeah, I guess. Does she know?

Isabel: That she does stupid things?

Maria: No that, uh, you and Max are, like, you know, different.

Isabel: You mean horrible disgusting creatures from outer space who sneak into your room at night and perform excruciating experiments?

(MARIA stares at her in shock, and looks back at the road just in time to hit her breaks before hitting another car)

Maria: (Gasps) Oh my god! Oh my God!

Isabel: Oh my God.

Valenti: Ladies.


(TOPOLSKY is lecturing to the students)

Topolsky: What will the future bring? In ancient times man looked to the heavens to answer this question. Today our methods are a little more scientific, more personal. What will the future bring for you. As the millennium nears all eyes are on you. There are so many opportunities out there for young people today. And I want to help you discover exactly what's right for you. Because the most important ingredient for success is always preparation. You can't become something until you can dream it first. What will the future bring for you?

Maria: Let me just make it easy for her: Tasty Freeze, Denny's, Gas World, Prison.

Voice-Over: Listening to Topolsky I suddenly realized that it wasn't my future I was worried about at all. My future was filled with all kinds of promise, if I could just get through my present.

Topolsky: That's where I come in, getting to know your dreams. So over the next few days you will all be coming in to my office for some interviews. A series of questions which will indicate where your strengths lie. And as you know I'm new here, so most importantly this will give me a chance to find out who you are.

(LIZ and MARIA walking through the halls)

Liz: Okay, so you rear ended Sheriff Valenti, are you okay?

Maria: Yeah it was a love tap, it was nothing, I can handle it.

Liz: Okay, Are you sure?

Maria: Yeah, minor fender bender. Minor damage, and you know what? It probably would have never happened if Miss Isabelle hadn't been messing with my head.

Liz: Wait, why was she playing with your head?

Maria: She was like, deliberately trying to freak me out.

Liz: How?

Maria: Okay, she like, made my air conditioner blow like a hurricane

Liz: Maria. What did you do to make her do that?

Maria: What did I do? Hey look listen, I was there to extend myself. You know, I gave her a lift. Trying to reach out give her that old I come in peace thing. Look, Liz, it like, takes two people to tango. You know? And how can I tango with the girl if she's going around creeping me out.

Liz: Okay Maria, look, I will talk to Max and I will have him talk to Isabelle. But the important thing is for us to stay in control. Okay?

Maria: Hey I am in control. You know, I am like, in control.

(TOPOLSKY is doing interviews)

Topolsky: Why don't you start by telling me what your dream job would be.

Liz's Friend (from geometry): I want to be Brad Pitt's love slave.

Kyle: Uh, Houston Astro's Left field.

Stoner Guy: Lead guitar for Metallica.

Alex: That's an interesting question. Uh, do you always ask it first?

Isabel: Supermodel.

Maria: Like I have any skills.

Liz: Molecular biologist. Or a dream, dream, dream job would be head of molecular biology research at Harvard.

Topolsky: That's fantastic. Now what job do you think you'll actually have in ten years?

Liz's Friend: Cheese factory I guess.

Kyle: Houston Astro's left field

Isabelle: I usually get what I want.

Alex: Excellent follow up question. Very good technique.

Maria: Oh we could all be dead in ten years.

Stoner: Video store. No, wait. Well, Cheese factory.

Liz: Molecular biologist.

Topolsky: All right. Let's play a relationship game. Tell me which character in this picture is most like you, and tell me what they're doing at the park.

Kyle: King of the jungle gym

Isabel: I never really played well with others.

Alex: The kid holding the umbrella for the other kids. Which one are you?

Maria: Can this get any more lame?

Max: Probably the one behind the tree. I was sort of kidding.

Topolsky: No that's interesting. That's a hard place to be. I've been behind the tree myself. In college I barely left my dorm for three years. Then I realized that I had gotten myself into this situation where I wasn't really living. I was just going through the motions, and it was really, really risky to change. To get out there in the world.

Max: But it was worth it.

Topolsky: Yes it was.

Max: Coming out from behind the tree, huh?

Topolsky: Exactly. You start small. You say today I'm going to do one thing to get out there. Nothing big. Just one thing.

Max: What did you do?

Topolsky: Started a conversation with this guy I liked.

(Bell rings. MAX leaves, and you see on TOPOLSKY'S notes about the students, she writes, "has secrets" next to MAX'S name.)

(MAX is hiding around the corner, while LIZ is talking to some friends.)

Liz: Okay sure, so we'll talk about it later. See ya guys later. Bye.

Liz: Hey.

Max: Oh Hey. So how's it going?

Liz: Good it's going good.

Max: Good. That's good. Great

Liz: Okay. Max is everything okay?

Max: Yeah, I just wanted to say hi. Uh. Just, uh, stepping out from behind the tree.

Liz: What tree?

Max: Oh, forget it. Its…

Liz: Uh, Max do you know about the whole Maria/Isabelle thing that's going on?

Max: Yeah, yeah, I heard.

Liz: Well, um I just sorta promised Maria I would mention it. See um, Isabelle kinda makes Maria a little…

Max: Nervous?

Liz: No, no it's not nervous.

Max: Because she sometimes makes people nervous.

Liz: She just said that she did things

Max: Things?

Liz: Yeah, you know, like things to her car. So maybe you could talk to her, so we don't let this situation get out of control?

Max: Right..

Liz: Okay.

Max: Okay.

Liz: You know it kinda seemed like you wanted to say something before.

Max: No

Liz: Okay. Bye Max

(ALIENS are having lunch together.)

Isabel: That girl is just an accident waiting to happen.

Max: Look, Isabelle could you at least t try and make an effort?

Isabel: No.

Max: Think about it. People see movies with aliens. Aliens killing humans. Evil aliens. Green aliens. If you keep acting this way with Maria, she's going to think that's what we are.

Isabel: Exactly. I'm telling you this evil alien thing could work for us in this situation. The way to deal with her is to make her sweat, keep her on her toes. Make her afraid of my shadow, of your shadow, of her shadow, of Michael's shadow. Right Michael?

Michael: Or we could just kill her. Kidding.

Max: Put that key away.

Michael: You want to know, don't you. I mean you got the buck (or something like that). I mean we've got this key, now what does this key open. Admit that you have to know that.

Isabel: Could you stop with the key. The key means nothing.

Michael: If the key means nothing then why did it give me a vision the first time I touched it?

Isabel: Because your brain is warped, just a theory.

Max: What do you think it means? I mean it's a key, where could it possibly lead?

Michael: I'm telling you the government cleaned out the sheriff's station and this is the key he kept from them.. It's got to be something important. Maybe it belongs to the corpse from 1959.

Isabel: Michael you're grasping at straws.

Michael: And I know that, but I say we follow where it takes us. I mean who knows where we'll end up. Maybe home. I mean, Maxwell, we can't let this go. We can't just hide.

Max: I don't know.

(MARIA is talking to people nearby.)

Isabel: One more day before she cracks. Tops.

Max: Just try to find something you have in common with her.

Isabel: Oh please, what could I ever talk to her about?

Max: Try something. Order some fries. Start a conversation.

Isabel: No. It's impossible. She's irrational.

Michael: She's kinda weird.

(TOPOLSKY is continuing her interview with LIZ.)

Topolsky: So you want to be a scientist? Wow. That's exciting.

Liz: Yeah

Topolsky: You seem very sure of yourself.

Liz: Well, you know, the first time I walked into a chemistry lab I just knew. There's this smell. The sulfur smell. I knew I was home.

Topolsky: What makes you think the world of science is right for you? Other than the smell.

Liz: Okay, the world is this incredibly mysterious place, and science is just this way of figuring it out. With science there are answers to everything. Facts. When you're conducting an experiment, you're in control of everything.

Topolsky: So you like to be in control.

Liz: Of course

Topolsky: You make a lot of plans don't you?

Liz: You've got to have a plan.

Topolsky: What about taking life as it comes?

Liz: No.

Topolsky: Sometimes you don't have a choice.

(LIZ is meeting with the Crashdown's employees)

Liz: In response to recent shift confusion I have created this color coated system so that we'll all have a clear plan. Now, like any good plan there is flexibility in it, but the important thing is, is if you need to make a change tell me and I'll make it so that nothing gets out of control. Thank you all for coming in. Any questions?

Employee: Can we go back home now?

Liz: Yeah.

Maria: Nice colors.

Liz: Thanks. Okay.

Maria: You know what? You take the front. I'm going to go do that can inventory that your father talked about.

Liz: Maria!

Maria: She's out there

Liz: Who's out there?

Maria: Queen Amidala!

Liz: Okay, Maria, you've got to calm down here. You've got to control yourself.

Maria: I am in control. I am in control. I'm not in control Liz! Look! Let me just confide here.Okay? I live my life in constant fear of her. Okay! Moment to moment, knowing that each one could by my last. Okay, I'm sorry, it's just…

Liz: No no no no. I get it, but we're just stuck with each other. You know? The five of us. For me, just try and be friendly with Isabelle.

Maria: Okay, sure. Great. All right. Just one big happy family.

Liz: You can do it.

Maria: Hi.

Isabel: Hi.

Maria: So.

Isabel: So. How about some fries

Maria: Fries. That's a great choice. Really.

Isabel: Thanks.

(VALENTI walks in.)

Valenti: Can I get a coke please? You do have coke, don't you?

Maria: Yes, yes, we do. Um.. To go?

Valenti: Sure that would be fine.

Maria: Anything else I can tell you today, Sheriff? Get you today Sheriff?


Valenti: Actually I need your insurance information for that fender bender that we had.

Maria: Right.

Valenti: City regulations. (MARIA is visibly uncomfortable) You all right?

Maria: Yes. Totally all right. Happy as a clam

Valenti: I'm here to protect you. From anything. Do you understand?

Liz: Um, you know it's time for that can inventory Maria. Can I ring this up for you Sheriff?

Valenti: Keep the change.

(MARIA is working in the Crashdown alone. It's very busy. MAX walks in.)

A MOTHER: Corey! Corey! Will you stop it with that thing or we're not going to the museum.

Corey: Blast the Alien! (Corey points gun at Max.)

Maria: Liz isn't here, and if she were here, I would kill her.

A MOTHER: Excuse me, but there isn't anything scary in that UFO center is there? I mean, there's nothing real or anything is there?

Max: I've never really been in there, so…

Maria: Of course not, why would you ever think something like that? There's no such thing as aliens, especially anywhere around here.

Corey: That's not what it said on the menu.

A MOTHER: Knock it off!

Maria: Thank you for dining at the Crashdown.

A MOTHER: Lets go, lets go!

Max: Are you okay?

Maria: Of course I'm okay. Don't I seem okay?

Max: Well you just shortchanged her ten bucks.

Maria: Oh my God! Oh my God! I, I can't leave! I'm the only one here!

Max: Take it easy, I'll take it to her.

Maria: Are you sure?

Max: Why not?

Maria: Thank you so much!

True Believer: And so on July 4th 1947, after all the fireworks had been shot off, after all the pie had been eaten, they came. The evidence suggests that they had been studying us for quite some time. To what end we'll never know, but on that fateful night something went terribly wrong, and one, though some say more than one, of their alien crafts crashed onto our planet starting what was to become one of the most elaborate cover-ups mankind has ever known. Right this way. There are eyewitness accounts from people still living in Roswell today of debris found in the desert made of strange metals and inscribed with purple hieroglyphs. There are those who on their deathbeds spoke of being present at alien autopsies, and of the threats made to their lives and the lives of their families if they ever spoke of what they saw. Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, of living with a secret so terrible that you can't even share with your loved ones for fear of their safety. I don't think anyone today is strong enough for that. Now are there any questions before we enter the video theater?

Tourist: I heard that they found some aliens still alive, and that they were tortured into giving us their technology.

(Tour Guide) TRUE BELIEVER: There are many theories son, many theories.

Tourist 2: Did they ever come back again? You know, to rescue the ones in the crash?

(Tour Guide) TRUE BELIEVER: There have been sightings in this area on a regular basis since that night. You decide. Right this way.

Max: What about 1959?

(Tour Guide) TRUE BELIEVER: Who said that? Lets continue with the, uh, documentary portion of our tour. Right this way.

Corey: Blast the aliens!! (Shoots at Max.)

Mother: Corey! Do I need to get a leash!

Max: This is yours. You left it at the café

Mother: Oh. Thank you! Let's go! We're going home. You exhaust me!

(Tour Guide) TRUE BELIEVER: What do you know about 1959?

Max: Is there something to know?

(Tour Guide) TRUE BELIEVER: Come back tomorrow. We can talk more.

Tourist: Hey you're blocking the screen!

(Tour Guide) TRUE BELIEVER: Tomorrow. I have something you may be interested in.

Documentary: The mysteries of what happened to the creatures inside the spacecraft have yet to be unraveled.

(MAX is sitting in his bedroom staring at the stars.)

Isabel: Looking for something?

Max: What if there is someone out there somewhere waiting for us to come home, you know? Another mom and dad? I know we never really talk about this stuff. Do you? Wonder about it at all?

Isabel: Every day.

Max: Well what if we could find out? What if someone had the answers for us? Would you want to know?

Isabel: I think I'd be really scared. What is this about Max? Is this about the key Michael found, because you know we can't do anything about it?

Max: We're always being so cautious, you know? Always watching behind our backs. Never getting too involved, but we're never looking forward either. We're just kinda stuck Isabelle. I'm not sure I want to be stuck anymore.

Isabel: What's making you think about this? The key, or Liz?

Max: I'm not sure.

Isabel: Max we already took a really big risk just telling them, and I don't like where it's headed.

Max: I trust them Isabelle

Isabel: You want to trust them.

Isabel: You know I wish I had somebody I felt that way about. But we can't Max. We can't expose ourselves. I'm going to find out exactly what we're up against.

Max: What do you mean?

Isabel: I'm going to pay Maria a little visit.

Max: What kind of visit?

Isabel: The usual.

Max: You can't just go around walking into people's dreams. Remember when you did it with mom? She wouldn't go back to sleep for a week.

Isabel: Look, it's just to check things out. You know? Preventive measures.

Max: Isabelle…

Isabel: Max just a short visit. Goodnight.

(ISABEL is lying in her room. She touches a yearbook picture of MARIA and falls asleep. Dream sequence.)

Liz: Some people are just pigs.

Maria: Tell me about it. (Monsters are sitting at the counter.) Welcome to the Crashdown. AHHHH!

Liz: What's the matter Maria?

Maria: Look at them!

Liz: What Maria?

Maria: They're repulsive, I mean…

Liz: They look perfectly normal to me.

(ISABEL appears behind MARIA.)

Maria: What are you doing here?

Isabel: I just thought we should talk, and since we can't seem to do it when we're awake, I thought I'd visit you in your dreams.

Maria: What do you mean visit me?

Isabel: I'm not really a part of your dream. I can't change it or anything. I just wanted to see what you were thinking. Interesting.

(MICHAEL is sitting at a table dressed in a tuxedo.)

Maria: When he's dressed like that it makes me feel much less afraid.

Isabel: Afraid of what?

(MICHAEL turns into a monster.)

Maria: AHHHHHH! Help! Sheriff I have to tell you!

Isabel: Tell him what?

Maria: You guys are horrible disgusting creatures from outer space.

Isabel: Is that what you would really do?

Maria: Sheriff! Sheriff Valenti! Sheriff!

(TOPOLSKY is interviewing MAX.)

Topolsky: Are you having problems with anything in your life right now Max?

Max: No, not at all.

Topolsky: Because some adopted kids go through tough times about this age. You know; Identity issues. Things like that..

Max: What does this have to do with my career path again?

Topolsky: If I'm going to help you figure out what you're going to become, maybe we should talk about who you really are. Now, you're an excellent student. Are you thinking of college?

Max: It's a little soon for that.

Topolsky: Two years. You don't think that far ahead?

Max: Not usually.

Topolsky: What about the past Max? What did you want to be when you were five?

(MAX looks uncomfortable.)

Topolsky: You don't remember anything before you were adopted do you?

Max: What does this have to do with my future?

Topolsky: Sometimes it's hard to move forward with your future until you figure out your past.

(MAX goes to the UFO Center to talk to the TRUE BELIEVER.)

Max: Excuse me?

True Believer: It's closing time.

Max: It's Max Evans, from yesterday?

True Believer: Well, I thought you were playing hard to get.

Max: Well, well I had school.

True Believer: All right, cut to the chase kid. Don't tease me. What do you know about 1959?

Max: I thought you had something to show me.

True Believer: Is that the way you want to play? I'm about to show you unmitigated proof that aliens walked this earth. I was that boy next to that alien shadow. That close. Now, what do you know about 1959?

Max: Only that there was a sighting near this ice cream parlor.

True Believer: Damn. I thought you had something. Look, I know that you're hooked. I can see it in your eyes. And I could use a guy like you around here. Minimum wage. Long hard hours. But think of the rewards when we make the discovery of a lifetime. You a non-smoker?

Max: Yeah.

True Believer: Good. I can't take any chances with my archives so close.

Max: Archives?

True Believer: Just the most complete collection of UFO facts and findings ever compiled. Right up those stairs.

Max: You have information on sightings?

True Believer: I know it's a tourist trap cash cow, but every penny I make goes to my research. Everything you've ever wanted to know about extraterrestrial since 1947 waits for you behind that door.

Max: Your archives, are they open to the public?

True Believer: Oh you're hungrier than I thought, and you remind me of myself as a confused, pained adolescent. Ever since then I've spent my entire life searching for aliens. And I swear on my mother's grave that one day I will stand face to face with one of these creatures, and I will say, "I told you so!" Now what about my offer? What do you think?

(ISABEL is eating in the Crashdown, as MARIA'S working.)

Isabel: Some people are just pigs.

Maria: Sheriff! What are you doing here?

Valenti: I enjoyed the coke so much I thought I'd try breakfast. Anything special you'd like to tell me about?

Maria: No.

Valenti: Well the board says you've got corned beef hash.

Maria: Yeah, right. Sorry. Heavenly hash special.

Valenti: Is that what you'd recommend?

Maria: Oh absolutely.

Valenti: You seem to know a lot about what goes on around here, so I'll trust you.

Maria: Right. Uh, one heavenly hash special. To go?

Valenti: No, I think I'll eat it right here this time.

Maria: Ok.

Valenti: Oh, by the way, the insurance company took care of everything. It's good to have a strong, dependable institution like that on your side. How's your neck doing?

Maria: My neck?

Valenti: Yeah, that was quite a hit you took from that car the night of the festival.

Maria: Oh right! That was nothing.

Valenti: You seem to be getting into a lot of accidents lately though. I'll tell you what? Why don't you stop by my office tomorrow, say, about this time, and you and I can talk.

Maria: Okay.

Valenti: Oh, and I'll take that order to go.

Maria: Okay

(MAX and LIZ are working in biology class.)

Biology Teacher: Outside forces. They're very powerful. Nothing in the universe is immune to them. If no man is an island, than no molecule lives in a vacuum. Heat makes them expand, and cold forces them together. They even effect each other.

Max: I'll help you if you help me.

Liz: Ok.

(MAX knocks some books on the floor, and they bend down under the desk to pick them up.)

Max: I know this is all really strange.

Liz: No, no it's not.

Max: And keeping a secret like this is a lot of pressure.

Liz: No, but Max I would never even say anything.

Max: I know, I know. Never on purpose, and I believe that. But what about Maria?

Liz: Maria, no Max, she's completely trustworthy. She's like, um, she's like a fortress. She's the Fort Knox of friends.

Max: So she'll be okay when she goes to see Valenti tomorrow.

Liz: Oh yeah totally. She'll be fine. I'm gonna talk to her about it.

Max: Right, ok. I guess I am a little worried. It's just she seems to be a little uh, high

Liz: I know, high strung. Well, yeah, you see that's what Maria's like on the outside, but on the inside she's like this really, really, um, like, um…

Max: Calm.

Liz: No she's not calm, it's something else, she's like this, on the inside she's more, um, Max, Maria's my best friend in the whole world, and she's going to be fine tomorrow. I'll make sure of it.

Max: Right. It's just, it's important.

Liz: I know it is. You don't need to worry about it. It'll be fine. I promise.

(TOPOLSKY meets with the students again.)

Topolsky: So I'm sure you're eager to hear the results of your computer profile.

Liz's Friend: Writer. Cool. How hard could that be?

Kyle: Law enforcement? This is a joke right?

Alex: Psychologist. Wow. How did you get started in this field?

Stoner: Video store clerk. My dream.

Topolsky: How well do you think you know yourself?

Isabel: Very well.

Topolsky: Then you might be surprised by your computer profile. Now, you said in our first meeting that you wanted to be a supermodel.

Isabel: You work with what you're given.

Topolsky: That's quite a jet set career for someone who puts family first, craves stability and security, and leans towards care giving fields.

Isabel: Well I never trusted computers.

Topolsky: Think about who you are Isabelle, and what's important in your life, and remember, there's nothing wrong with just wanting to be normal.

(LIZ and MARIA are talking at the Crashdown.)

Liz: Okay, you got tapped by the car and you just blacked out. And you don't remember a thing that happened after that. Okay? Pretend that I'm Valenti. What did you see in the parking lot that night?

Maria: Nothing, just headlights.

Liz: Perfect. And, um, and how did you get that handprint on you?

Maria: I don't know I was unconscious.

Liz: Right.

Maria: Wrong, Liz. This is so ludicrous. Look, the sheriff is smart! He's going to find out the truth. And maybe that wouldn't be so bad. He's Kyle's dad. He said he was here to protect us.

Liz: Do you think we need protection from Max and Michael and Isabelle.

Maria: Yes. Maybe. I don't know. I just wish you would stop trying to control the way I feel. I am not you Liz. Look I just, I have to do what I think is right. I gotta go.

(MARIA is waiting for her car at the mechanic's, ISABELLE pulls up and gets out of her mom's car.)

Mrs. Evans: Have a good day. Call me.

Isabelle: Yes.

Mechanic: Fixed the headlight. Popped out the fender. I fixed the leak in your radiator hose. You can pay at the cashier ladies.

(MICHAEL, LIZ, and MAX are hanging out at school waiting for word from MARIA.)

Michael: So what do you mean she was nervous?

Liz: I don't know. She was just, she was like nervous.

Max: Nervous, like, just overexcited nervous?

Michael: Or she's going to crack nervous.

Liz: I'm not sure what she's going to say. I'm really not sure of anything anymore.

Michael: You're not sure. That's great. That's good.

Liz: Max I'm so sorry. I should have never even told Maria in the first place.

Max: Well you did it 'cause you trusted her, and you needed someone to talk to. It was only natural.

Liz: So why did you tell me?

Max: It was only natural.

Liz: What did you mean the other day about the thing about the tree?

Max: Just somebody's advice. Not to get stuck behind it.

Liz: Oh. Well did you take it? That advice?

Max: I think I just did.

(MARIA is sitting in VALENTI'S office.)

Valenti: What are you afraid of Miss DeLuca?

Maria: A lot of things.

Valenti: You know what I think? I think someone is controlling you, controlling you through fear. Am I right? I'm here to help you. You know that don't you? Then tell me what's frightening you so badly. What you saw the night of the crash festival? You were in that parking lot to meet whom?

Maria: Nothing just headlights.

Valenti: Was there someone waiting for you?

Maria: I don't know I was unconscious.

Valenti: Maria. We both know why we're here, right? So what do you say we stop lying to each other? Okay?

Maria: Okay.

Valenti: Now who is Isabelle Evans?

Maria: Um, she's a girl at school.

Valenti: Why does she make you so nervous?

Maria: I'm not nervous.

Valenti: Isabel and her brother Max. How well do you know them?

Maria: Not well, not well at all.

Valenti: You know I think you and I have something in common. I never got to know my father very well either. He was the sheriff around here about forty years ago. Did you know that?

Maria: No.

Valenti: Strong man. Strong hands. And he had this theory, you know? About aliens? That they were real. Sounds awfully silly doesn't it?

Maria: Yeah.

Valenti: That's what everybody thought. But my father, he was a very stubborn man, and he wouldn't let it go. He believed, and he lost his job over it. And he lost his family over it. Now I would hate to see that happen to any other family in this town, wouldn't you? Now that's one more thing that you and I have in common, isn't it? We've both seen things recently. Things that have made us start to wonder, made us question ourselves, our beliefs, and I think that if we share those things with each other, we're both going to feel a little bit safer. Now Isabelle Evans.

She's just a girl?

Maria: She's a special girl.

Valenti: What makes her special?

Maria: Where she comes from.

Valenti: Where is she from? Maria, where are they from? Where did they come from?

Maria: A very nice family. And like you said sheriff we wouldn't want to destroy any other families in this town, would we?

(MARIA is driving along the road, and runs into ISABELLE, whose car has broken down again.)

Isabel: You're alone?

Maria: Do you see the army behind me?

Isabel: You lied.

Maria: Like a rug.

Isabel: Were you scared?

Maria: Understatement, but that's when I realized what it's like being you.

Isabel: You look awful.

Maria: Thanks for saving our butts Maria, oh no problem. So need a ride?

(MICHAEL, MAX, and LIZ are waiting in front of the school. MARIA and ISABEL walk up together.)

Voice-Over: The future was always so clear to me. A straight path towards my goal. I just never counted on there being any intersections. I guess that's what makes life more interesting. Keeping yourself open, letting new people in, changing your mind.