02x07 - Season 2, Episode 7

'Herbie went to a very lonely place. I read his note. He did it to make you stop.'


You killed my daughter!

'The scores are in. It's Roland Berry, no question.'

'This man's DNA has been marinated.'

'Ma'am, Kim Garvey's talked.'

You won't believe what he has to say.

Do exactly what my boy tells you, understand?

I know where Nora draws the line, but you...?

We needed a lead.

I can't do this any more. We finish this, I'm done.

Hiya. Do you use this route every day?

That blue car over there, any idea how long that's been there?

What the hell have they done to her?

Where are you, Donna?

I need you, for a couple of minutes.

I have nothing to say.

I'm not asking.

This only needs ears.

'The day of Herbie Attah's funeral, I was told I had to go and make a phone call.

'By who?

'By Mani Attah.

'Where did you make that call from?

'The Irish Club.'

OK, clever fella.

But Mani never left the funeral.

What? He wanted to go down with the ship?

No. No, that prick wouldn't have had the guts.

Yeah, and what if you're right?

If you were planning to go off like a firework with the rest of them, then why set out to blame the Irish?

I'm off out shopping on your tab.


How does this fit in?

We know that Mani put the bomb in Herbie's body.

We know he wanted to kill his mum.

And we know that he wanted to frame the Irish.

Yeah, but he'd need a funeral to pull all this off.

Ma'am? Tegan's had a sighting of Nora on the move.


Tegan picked her up on the south side of Salisbury Road.

She knows the cameras round there like the back of her hand.

I don't think she cares we can see her.

She'll f*cking care when I see her.

Er, Dinah, don't you go near her.

If she's desperate, presume she's armed.

What's she wearing?

She's wearing a trilby, she's got a bag that looks like a dog's been sick on it.

This just reeks of ambush to me.

And Stuart's nodding here.

Await armed backup.


Is she driving?

Are you driving?

Request armed response, Salisbury Road.

Officer in trouble.

(Go for the back.)

Nora Attah, I'm arresting you for perverting the course of justice.

Whoa, whoa! - Back away! You'll have to hurt me to let her go.

I want her. Back away!

Perverting the course of justice, for the deliberately false accusation of racism against a senior officer.

For what? Is that the best you can do?

It carries 15 years.

Anything you say may be used in evidence... Ugh!

DC Kowalska, come in?

No firearms. Suspect's apprehended and where she should be.

You all right?

Being taken care of.

You've lost your army, Nora.

OK, folks, nothing else to see but the back of her.

She's only here to collect a passport, ma'am.

And you don't move from here without at least one of us, do you understand?

I'm sorry about dragging you into my life again.

I don't even know what Donna's done wrong.

You should have seen his face, Viv.

Oh, I will.

A friend of yours in custody.


Do us a favour, Spike.

Pipe this down.

Ey, why are you taking that little prick upstairs?

Ey? He hit me, I hit him. Why's he going upstairs?

Cos you whacked him first.

Permission to speak privately at the prisoner's request.

I didn't send for him.

No, Aidan, you're expecting Viv to come down and mop up your sh1t, again.

I'm all you're getting, pal. Let's go.

And you twat your boss, for what?

For what?

Making you eat in the staff area? Aren't you staff?

It was the way he said it.

But you know if he doesn't accept your apology, you could be looking at two years?

He ain't getting an apology from me, mate. - That's fine.

Don't drop the soap.

Do you know what? Bring it on.

Because I am fed up of dealing with dickheads.

Do you know he's charging £18.50 for a Sunday buffet that cost him three f*cking quid?

We've cooked better scran on the bonnets of Land Rovers.

18 f*cking 50, Spike.

Give me a minute.

You look at that every day, right?

Your Lauren? So do we.

We don't even know her.

Not like you do.

But we've stared at Lauren's face every day since the investigation started.

Not just hers, dozens.

We can't and won't stop staring until we get results.

Then you get your picture back to yourself.

I never noticed who fell.

I swear to you, Spike.

It falls out, in the kid's meal.

He picks it up and sticks it back in like some tramp.

Serves the kid the meal.

You'd have smacked him.

She didn't just help you because she can.

She helped you so you could look fit enough to stand up in court when our time comes.

Because, when it does, we're going to need everybody.

Shut his door.

Where's Donna Calvert?

How would I know?

Can we go through that in a few seconds?

What is this?

I want my lawyers.

Now, for the purpose of this exercise, Professor, that tin bath is?

Er, your late son's coffin.

And these mannequins?

The mourners seated exactly as they were on the day of your son's funeral.


All stand still.

What the f*ck!

We took a confession from a witness saying that Mani planted a bomb at his brother's funeral.

Where's your son?

Instant death for the two front rows, Nora.

Including you and me.

You have shown me nothing.

Oh, it was a proper old tear-down, believe me, sweetheart.

You don't get to talk to me like that!

Mani was placed in exactly the spot that you're standing now.

It's the only place in this whole room that could withstand the blast.

Protected by that wall, which is why you have no dust on you now, Nora.

You are showing me nothing.

Dinah? Check the lady in.

Well done for bringing Nora in.

We would have lost her.

Yeah, but what for?

Your son abducted Donna Calvert from her own home.

And we found Donna's car abandoned with forensic evidence of violence.

And we find you, now, with false papers, obviously intending to flee the country.

Stick to the questions on the subject, Inspector.

You thought you were just pulling a right fast one when you asked, er, Miranda Godwin to falsely accuse me of racism.

Well, that has significantly backfired because the Home Office is now insisting on the full 15 years for perverting the course of justice.

No deals and no exceptions.

You've pissed right on your own chips with this one, missus.

The Home Office has no authority to impose terms before a hearing.

Yeah, this came to our commanding officer in writing.

Address your administrative matters to us.

Oh, f*ck off!

Now, face it, Nora. Mani wanted you out of the way a long time ago.

He stuck a bomb in his own brother's body.

That was desecration.

What the hell could he have against Herbie?

You have got nothing to thank him for.

And you're definitely, definitely not going to get bail.

Welcome to my world for 15 years.

Now, I need Donna Calvert and your son, in that order.

If she is where he is, then you get them both.

Now we start talking deals.

Wait outside.


Can we clear the observation room, please?

If you tell me where Donna Calvert is right now, then you've earned open prison.

I won't serve five minutes in jail.

I find him, you get her.

If you let me walk away, take my chances.

No, no, no!

You've no way of controlling her movements.

What choice have we got, Joy? We've no other credible link to Donna.

Now is not the time for your Bronte Sisters-saurus act.

You two were pointedly requested not to be witness to that conversation.

So, for the sake of the dregs of our friendship, for my reputation, and because it's the only chance we've got...

.. move away. Move away, as far away from me as possible.

So, what's Nora given us?

Oh, she appears to be in the dark, ma'am.

But it's the lawyers who are the obstacle.

Dinah has arrested the mule who provided Nora with a false passport.

That was given by the Needimans, so we'll lift them immediately.

Her lawyers?


Um... - Yes ma'am? - Can you put that on my desk?

Suspected involvement in the kidnapping of Donna Calvert contrary to common law. We can hold them indefinitely.

No phone calls.

This is an illegal arrest.

Your careers won't survive what we'll get for this.

Cuff him.

He hasn't been read his rights yet.

Well, if he's nothing useful to say, he won't be needing them, will he?

If anything happens to Donna Calvert...

.. I'll cut your f*cking tendons myself!

Sign this for me.

When Molly tried to take you out...


If there were ifs you wouldn't be turning him over.

You will be handing him over in one piece, won't you?

I forget, you don't have children.

Don't knock it.

So you can only imagine.

I would never hurt my own child.

He must have done something to your son for him to come after your arse with Semtex.

Next left.

We think that Nora might have been right when she thought that Herbie's suicide was murder.

You were screaming for the opposite opinion a fortnight back.

I'm not a menu. Foul play's been ruled out twice.

Which is ironic for a corpse with a bomb in its ribs, but all the toxic reports for Herbie Attah could have been forecast by a weatherman.

There's no trace of psychiatric meds.

Despite the fact he had been prescribed them.

It's the ones who avoid them with the gravestones, Hermione.

Listen to this.

Hello, this is the Riverdale clinic calling for Herbie Attah.

Could you call us back?

We're concerned about the sessions you've missed.

Thank you.

And we can't get anything from Herbie's shrink without a warrant.

And we haven't got time!

Which shrink?

Doctor Sadiq.

She did Herbie's report for the coroner.

You mention my name?

Yeah. Once I did I got even less.

Just the name of another counsellor and the fact that he'd missed his Thursday sessions, which we already knew.

Which counsellor?


Dr Boletti.

And she definitely said Thursday?

Yeah, why?

Boletti's a rape counsellor.

Thursday's for survivors' group.


Where's Donna?

She's here.

Where is Donna?


Ma'am. Knowing what we know, read Herbie Attah's suicide note again.

Herbie says, I can no longer be in your world.

So we've always thought it was directed at Nora but I'm pretty sure it's Manni.



Oh, my God, Donna.

Don't touch me!

Oh, my God!

Nobody come near me.

Everybody turn your phones off.

Now! Mobiles off.

Landlines only.

Take Amy away, Cathy.


What have they done to her?


This is for you.

Donna is in your hands.



Spotters outside your building.

Could be anyone.

It will blend into the surroundings.

Any one of them can detonate that bomb.

Anyone in or out, and the building blows up.

Have no doubts.

When we're out of reach, the spotters will vanish.

If the spotters are followed, the rules are off.

Ring the station for confirmation.

On the landline.


Donna's here.

They've got her wired to a device.

Tell whoever is following you to come inside.

I'm alone. As agreed.

I won my first ten goes at poker.

Spike. Side stairs, third floor.

Don't use comms.

Good as your word.

He tried to take you out.

He tried to take church.

Where we are going he will need God.

You're going nowhere but hell with this kiddie fiddler.

Whatever he promises.

Go outside!

Make sure he was not followed.

You'll never get out the country.


Your assets are all frozen.

You are welcome to what is left.

No-one in their right mind leaves the money here.

The phone and the keys.

f*ck off.

He shouldn't be on the streets and you're putting yourself in his hands!

We are in each other's.


Something you would not understand.

Move, move, open the door, move, move!

Watch out, watch out.

Has Viv checked in?

Spike's phone hasn't moved.

And we're just going to go in nice and easy.

That's great.

Well done. Thank you, matey.

Thank you, man.

Donna, Donna, you're doing really well, OK?

When you're ready, we'll move you somewhere safer.

For who? - We need to get the cells cleared, now.

That safe.

Kev, we need to get everybody out.

It's a code red security alert, I need the cells.

What do we do about Felix in number five?

He's been w*nk*ng since breakfast.

I mean, red raw -- he should see a doctor by rights.

Right, just finish him off. Just get them out, get them all out!


What's going on? - It says here you worked in ordnance disposal.

You're sh1tting me, this security alert's for explosives?

Look, are you another complete fantasist or do you actually know about bomb vests?

Where is it?

This way.


Can someone take over here?

And let's get Nora Attah up from the cells.

Where's Nora Attah?

She's not on the premises, Ma'am.

You're f*cking kidding me.

With respect, they've made the decision on Donna Calvert's behalf.

The first time we've had Nora Attah behind bars in five years.

She did what she could to get Donna back in one piece.

That's not advisable English for the situation.

You only know bad people.

Why did you have to use Donna?

Cathy... - You came round weeks ago pretending to give Donna a break.

That wasn't a lie, listen.

Donna was deeply involved with the Attahs.

Oh, come on!

We had no choice, Cathy.

Lives were in danger.

Yeah, well, they are now, Dinah!

I'm going to stay with Donna so you don't have to.

Does that square things up?

Just f*cking do one.

Go on.

Go on!

You all right?

Just keep her out of this.

Find her some earphones.

Oi! Help!

Try and grab that. OK.

Got it.

Right, let's smash this window.

All right?


Has he moved?

Has he f*ck.



If you can't hit the f*cking skip, you'll get deported.

You bastards, I'm calling somebody!

Call the police!

You call the police, I'm fetching the health and safety.


Clear the stairs, please!

Thank you.


It's black and white. No toner.

There's no f*cking...

Miller, this is Aidan Magee.

Yeah, chuffed for you, mate, sounds like an anagram, but I couldn't care less. There's no f*cking colour toner again.

No, he's worked in bomb disposal, his CV's online.

I've checked. He's got medals for, for ordnance.

What regiment?




Base, where?


Wrong. Catterick.

Wrong. Catterick for 17 weeks only while Paderborn barracks got rekitted.


If you can tell red from green from this piece of sh1t, you'll be a grand help, son.

Let's sort this out.



It's Aidan.

Come on.

DS Freers.

That chair nearly bloody hit me.

Oh, thank God we're all still here.


We're safe. Spike's with me.

We got ambushed and then Nora showed us her arse.

Ma'am, we are on lockdown.

This bomb's as real as their first and we've nothing to bargain with.

Where are the lawyers? Nora walked away far too confident to be going nowhere. You need to pin those fuckers down.

Well, the Attahs' numbers aren't coming up with any checklists.

Nora will have formed an exit strategy for years and you need to tell those lawyers to help or they will never play shadow puppets again.

Yes, Ma'am.


Let's see the last picture.

See, that's it.

I just can't work out where the copper wire's junctioned.

OK, Donna, I'm going to need Dinah to lift your tits out of the way.

Is that OK?


I'd even rather him do it.


You'll be asking me to move in next.

Only as a doorstop.

What was that?

First wire.

Right, listen up, listen up!

Now I'm not at liberty to discuss this matter at present but we do have a temporary security breach.

Everyone stay calm. Not you.

Right, you need to come with us.

I'm going nowhere without a lawyer.

Well, that's lucky, because he's coming too.

OK, ladies and gentlemen, there is a bomb in the building.

You're lying.

She's not.

And we believe that these two know a lot more than they are letting on.

Do you want to stay in here?


How are you doing, Donna?

Can I take a leak?

You'll be the only one who hasn't on this floor, Rosebud.

Come on.

Dinah, can you stay?

You know, when you took our Cathy in, everybody in the family had it nailed on that you're a lezzer.

I'm told it's my loss.

I know.

I'm not.

So why did you take her in?

She had nowhere to go.

Where was I?

Off your head with most of your family.

That's not a snide remark, Donna, it's a documented fact.

I just couldn't turn my back on her.

It made me feel really like...

.. left out.

She won't forgive either of us for this, you know?

You can come back in.

Where we're standing, yeah, is directly above the bomb, yeah?


You're going nowhere till you tell us where Nora's gone.

We want immunity.

Well, there won't be any if she's in charge of the detonator, you f*cking idiots!

As far as Nora's concerned, this girl's life is not worth a sh1t.

But my best friend's down there because she believes it is.

She's heading for Northwich.

Ivan's house.

What's at Ivan's house?

A garden big enough for a helicopter.

Nora Attah did this to you.


Ever meet a girl called Lauren?

Aidan, no.

14 years old.

She had a heart-shaped locket.

I beg you, that conversation's not for now.

That was my daughter.

The Attahs, they finished her off.

Andy, no.

Right, when you've lifted that wire, there's something moved this side.

Yeah, I'm seeing a one tenth mill copper feeder wire, assume connected.


That little fucker was meant to take us all out.

Lift that jacket up for us.


Just keep hold of her.

Call somebody else in.

Don't, don't move!

Well I grabbed on her shoulder earlier, so this is fair do's, I suppose.

This is the time to milk your roots, just be really Polish.

Donna, Donna!

We are all still here, I just need ten more seconds.

Control your breathing.

No, better than that.

That's it.

You're safe.

Get her up.

Oh, God. Are you OK?

No. I feel really fat.

No, but you had me there. I thought, f*cking hell, Andy's made this all about him.

He's turned it into a suicide gig.

I've unpicked more of those evil fuckers than anyone should have to.

I know. But look at the state of your legs, though.

Right, you are free to f*ck off without charge.

But can we do this with bourbon sometime soon?

Absolutely. And it's Aidan.

Ladies and gentlemen, communication masts are back on.

Let's get back to work.

They've chartered a private chopper.

Intelligence suggests they're heading to the Isle of Man to make international connections.

OK, copy that.

Apologies, ma'am, but she's not getting away from me.

You walked her out of the building is my memory.

Don't do that, we've got in-car video surveillance!


It's a joke, sorry!

Seriously, today?

Yeah, well, you need to have a laugh.


You all OK?

Thank you.

Ma'am, where exactly are you?

I never like to say it like this, but I can feel the chopper down the back of my neck.

It's a red and white twin-engine, looks like a Swiss Army knife.

Stay back until armed support are on their way.

No, no, I need to get visual confirmation that Nora is at that postcode before she's not.

Negative, you can't visually confirm Nora without risking her seeing you.

If you decide to get yourself shot, it would save me having to fire you.

I'll have to get back to you.

Open the gates!


Right, they're heading to Douglas Airport.

Now, the only international from there is to Geneva.

This has got to be one of the few times they're not tooled up.

What do you think, Spike?

Well I'd say no, but does it matter what I think?



(All right.)

Hey, Nora!

Nora Attah, I'm arresting you for the kidnap of Donna Calvert and offences under the explosive substances act.

Emmanuel Attah, I'm arresting you for the exploitation of minors, the rape of Kim Garvey and for the rape and murder of Roland Berry.

Tell him to put that down, it's pointless.

When you back the f*ck away.

Happy to.


Get in the chopper.

Spike, do what she says.

Stay back, stay back.

Yeah, I'm not going.


Do you really know your son, Mrs Attah?

Tell her how Herbie died.

Tell her why.

"I've begged you to stop.

"I cannot live after what you've done to me."

Herbie's suicide note, it wasn't written to you, Nora.

It was written to you, wasn't it, Manni?

Herbie was being counselled for rape, Nora.

And not a one-off.

They've got him on the clinic's tapes cancelling Herbie's appointment.

He groomed him for suicide.

Nora, look at me.

All units, the second Nora's gun comes off Spike, take her out.

You can take that shot, but that'll be the end of you, and do you think you deserve to die for him?

I think she would.

Because we're not going to prison.



Shoot him. Let's die together.

If you haven't the guts, give me the gun.

Don't take that decision, Nora.

Just drop the gun. Drop the gun!

It wasn't rape!

It was a relationship.

He understood his place.

Because he was better than you?

No, because you thought that!

Think that.

If you want to know how you know about rape, Manni...

From your daddy.

I had to force myself to treat you with respect.

Just respect?

Love didn't come into it?

You, f*ck off!

Get out of here!

Thank Christ!

Shoot the fucker!

Let's end it all now.

Do it, Mum.

Do it, Mum!


f*cking do it!

Clean shot.

Take it.

Nora, Nora, they can't hurt you.

They can't hurt you if I am standing here.

Give me the gun.

DS Freers, stand down.

All units stand down, the threat's neutralised.

I repeat, the threat is neutralised.

You're going to be safe in my world.

You need to get cleaned up and into this.

No, no, just f*ck off, please.

Fine, go home with brains in your hair, cheer the kids up.

Jesus, have I? Really?

Get it.

Hey, I found you some peppermint.


Dinah, I'm sorry.

You've every right to feel disappointed in me.

What you did, you did as a pair.

Behind my back.

That's what chokes me.

You two, guess how much this place is on for?

Go on.

2.3 million.

If it wasn't for the pigs, the view and this bird bath, it'd be worth sh1t.

I had a VHS that started like this once.

Aga's working, bread's in date.

I'm, I'm going to get some toast.

Yeah, me too. Me too.

Thank you, not for, not for the toast.

For your intelligence.

Whether you trust me or not, you're still the two friends that I would come to first, with anything.

And that's not a threat, it's a compliment.

It's the kind of compliment that I desperately want to earn back from you two.

Truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.

That's William Blake.

God love him.

I didn't forget you.

I was testing.

Did she just lie to a pig?

But she just gave us fair warning.

I'm claiming full whack for these shoes, ma'am.

I've witnesses.