06x02 - A Few Good Women

Previously on Supergirl...

I don't want to kill any more.

Be my partner.

In return, I promise I'll protect you.

How could I not love you?

You sad, silly woman.

I told you your obsession with the Kryptonians

- would end like this.

- [LENA] The program I was developing

was supposed to expand the human mind.

But I think Lex reworked it.



Kara, no!

Without the coordinates of where he sent her, she could be anywhere in the Phantom Zone.

Kara is not dead.

We are bringing her home.






Thank you.



This is going to suck for you.

No pun intended.




Keep dreaming, Dracula.




Got you.

- Please!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

I wasn't going to hurt anyone.

I'm not really a vampire.

We know.

Your name is Silas.

- You're an alien.

- From Transilvane, to be exact.

Which is apparently a real planet.

You're where vampire stories come from.


Glad to see you've done your research.

But you're under-emphasizing one tiny, important detail.

They're just stories.

I rob blood banks so I don't have to hurt people.

We're not interested in the robbery.

- We'll let you go...


...if you help us.

Help you with what?

We want you to help us break into the Phantom Zone.

Why in the hell would you want to do that?



No, no, no, not again!


My husband was falsely accused of theft, and sentenced to six months in the Phantom Zone.

They took Owen from me.

It was so unfair.

I had to get him back.

But they caught you attempting to break him out.

How do you guys know all this?

My brother was in the Phantom Zone.

He'd heard about you.

We cross-referenced what he told us

- with your Fort Rozz file.

- You're the only person to ever break into the Phantom Zone.

- We need you to teach us how.

- You must understand, I failed.

And you will fail, too.

I'm certain I can replicate your technology.

The tech is the easy part.

It's the Phantoms you have to face.

People talk about the Zone as a place where time does not pass, but that isn't what makes it terrible.

It's the creatures that give it its name.

They feed on your fear by making you live it.

They're like shadow spores that creep inside you and infect everything good and right and then turn it against the host.

Eventually, you forget that the Phantoms are doing it to you at all.

Your nightmare becomes your reality.

That's when you go insane.

Just like my husband did.


I'm sorry that happened to you.

But right now you have the chance to help us save someone that we love.

Supergirl is there.

We're trusting you with this information because you're the only one who can help.

And we think you're the kind of guy who would.

Prove us right.

Help us.


Okay, I need a pen.

Good man.



from Andrea.

I have to get back to CatCo.

Silas will keep us from being stuck in the Phantom Zone, but we're still nowhere on Supergirl's location.

Once we're inside, you'll need to divine where she is and then lead us there.

And that will be no easy feat with Phantoms circling.

So, you'll need to train.

I'll be back as soon as I can.


I want to talk to you about power.

Specifically, the power of the press.

It's the trial of the century and CatCo needs to be the culture's one-stop shop for all things Lex Luthor.

The trial hasn't even begun yet.

Well, we pre-write obituaries for heads of state, don't we?

This should be no different.

We all know he's getting convicted.

We might as well just get a jump on it.

Well, nice of you to join us, Ms.


I'm sorry.

I was donating blood.

Oh, how heroic of you.

Obsidian North died for Lex Luthor's sins.

Now I want our smart, splashy coverage to bury him six feet under.

So, assignments.

Nia, with Kara still out of town with Cat Grant, I'm going to need you down at the courthouse.

The judge, the jurors, the witnesses, do literally whatever it takes to get interviews.

I will pay your bail if it comes to that.

- I'm sorry.


- Yes.

And William, of course.

But we won't be able to get in.

The courthouse is on lockdown due to threats against Luthor.

I mean, they're even keeping a jury off-site to protect them.

Well, the two of you are sharks.

You'll find a way to get in.

Plus, if you run into trouble, I'm sure Supergirl will swoop in to protect you.

She always does.



I thought visitors were forbidden in this wing.

The Luthor name still commands respect...

and the occasional favor.

Ah, favors.

Is that how you secured me that plea deal?

Admit to conspiracy and manslaughter, and go away for...

Ah, ah.

Go away for years.

I'm sure your lawyer advised you to accept it.

He did.

Which is why I fired him.

The case against you is ironclad.

The Tessmacher girl's testimony will be damning.

And every day you spend fruitlessly shaking your fist at the sky is another day the Luthor name gets dragged through the mud.

Mother, it almost feels as if you care more about the family name than freeing your son from bondage.

I do.

Our family has always achieved selfish aims by appearing selfless.

If you take the stand and make a mockery of yourself in the face of insurmountable evidence, the world will see us for what we really are.

Do you really have so little faith in me that you think I should agree to rot in prison?

I will remind you, I have been in prison before.

I have been shot and killed and risen from the dead before, and I will not be subjugated again.

You should know, I always have a plan.

Yeah, boss.


A legal plan, you imbecile.


Well, let's hope this plan is better than the last.






Calm down.

There are no Phantoms here.

Who are you?

As if you don't know.

You bear the glyph of my house.

So you must be some sort of mirage, another figment of my own tortured mind.

Your house?

This is the glyph of the House of El.



My daughter alive, my wife alive...

it's more than I ever dared hope for.

Argo survived, because of your sacrifice.

All this time I thought I'd lost you forever.

When I chose to stay on Krypton to activate Argo's shields, I knew there was no way I'd get off the planet in time.

Sending myself here was a last-ditch attempt to save my life.

A terrible mistake.

There are things worse than death.

And to think you were here, too, languishing, your pod trapped.

Oh, this place is nothing like I remember.

- It's worse.

- Indeed.

From the safety of your pod, you never faced the Phantoms.

They got to you, didn't they?

What did you see?

I was in a cavern, a fortress of one of my enemies.

She was dead...

but so was everyone I ever loved, cut down while they were trying to save the world, and I just stood there among their bodies...


I couldn't save them.

I couldn't wake up.

I wanted to die there with them.

But I couldn't do that, either.

A terrible vision.

Not a vision.

A memory.

One that I thought had finally stopped haunting me.

But it was crystal clear.

It felt like it would never end.

That's exactly what will happen, if you resist the Phantoms.

You were a hero...

and you didn't deserve this.

But it's gonna be okay now.

We're going to get out.

"Get out"?

Yeah, Mother once told me that Fort Rozz was rooted in space above the rocks by an anchor.

The guards come and go through a portal at the base.

If we can find the anchor...

To try would only invite the Phantoms' wrath!

But if we do not provoke them, they will leave us be.

We are trapped here forever.

We will never die, but we may yet survive.

You must accept that, Kara, or you will go mad, and remain so for eternity.

So, will you be watching the trial?

Of course.

You don't think I'd miss an opportunity for the world to see my brother as he really is?


Well, what about who you are?

What do you mean?

You were there with Lex through everything.

But you haven't spoken on the record and you haven't been asked to testify.

Think of the good it could do if you aired your firsthand experience and asked for forgiveness publicly.

I thought I was coming here to catch up with a friend, but you're lobbying for an interview.


Please, Lena, I...


I screwed up with Obsidian, and CatCo barely survived.

It's all I have left, and it's in bad shape.

If you go on the record, maybe we can help each other.

I'm sorry for your troubles, I really am, but what happened by Lex's side, I will never speak of publicly.

I thought maybe we could talk about it, especially after everything we've been through.

But I see now that I was mistaken because, as ever, you're always putting yourself first.

Keep the Scotch.


Figured you guys could use some lunch.

So how are things going here?

I mean, with Silas' help and the nanobots to rebuild it, he can have Supergirl back by sundown.


By sundown?

We should order in Dim Sum Delite's entire stock of potstickers because she's gonna be starving when she gets back.

You're not listening to me.

Sundown isn't possible.

Next week might not be possible.

The last time I built this portal, it took six months of testing to make sure I didn't burn to death when I stepped through it.

It's just wonderful that you are all big, powerful superheroes, but I can't guarantee you won't burn to death, either.

I already have not saving my husband on my conscience.

I don't need your deaths, too.

Hey, hey, I, um...

I got it.


I, um...

I know what it's like to lose someone.

Someone you love more than anything in the world.

But Owen being in the Phantom Zone is not your fault.

You need to forgive yourself for what happened to him.

I can't.

The guilt is overwhelming.

Of course you feel guilt.

Of course you feel shame.

But those feelings are there to remind you that your love was real.

And that is something that no Phantom can take from you.

Look, I know you're scared, but you can do this.

You can build that portal.

You can make it work.

And when you do, we will save Supergirl.

And every life she saves from then on will be thanks to you.

And thanks to Owen.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, for perhaps the first time in history, "crimes against humanity" carries literal weight.

Lex Luthor stands accused of attempting to brainwash half of humanity into loving him and to murder the rest.

And this, in addition to the actual murder and conspiracy charges.

Any one of these should put him away for life.

Through evidence provided by Eve Tessmacher, who was present for every terrible moment, we'll prove him guilty of every charge.


No, she won't.


Look, I'm sorry.


You know this isn't...

You know this isn't easy for me.


Silas, I do not have time.

Fix it.

Fix it right now.

J'onn, can I talk to you outside?

Get it done, and don't immolate anyone.


I know you think of Kara as a daughter...

when you've already lost two.

I think of K'hym and T'ania every day.

But with Kara gone, enduring all that alone...

my memories take a different shape.

I'm worried about Kara, too.

But I'm also worried about you and Alex.

You're running yourselves ragged trying to get her back and speed up the process.

We've taken risks before.

It's not risk I object to.

This mission calls for methodical planning, without ego or emotion.

But instead you're just charging ahead without getting the lay of the land.

You're not acting like a soldier, you're acting like a father.

I'd rather die trying to get her back than live with the guilt that I didn't do everything that I could.

I hear your wisdom, M'gann.

I do.

But we need to do this our way.

You've been incredibly strong today, Miss Tessmacher.

And I know it can't be easy speaking truth to power like this.

But I have to ask you one more question, and I implore you to answer honestly and clearly.

Is the murderer of Dr.

Jarrod in this courtroom today?


Lex Luthor.


No further questions, Your Honor.

Your witness, Mr. Luthor.

- Eve...

- Miss Tessmacher.

Miss Tessmacher, then.

When I returned home after saving those kidnapped VR users, who was waiting for me?

I was.

That's right.

You surprised me with a lavish candlelit dinner.

Do you recall the entree?


It was...

beef Wellington.


The meal was delicious, I might add.

Succulent, tender.


- It's his opinion.

- I was just as surprised at the quality as you, Ms. District Attorney.

Which is why I asked Eve...

Miss Tessmacher, "What's the occasion?" And do you remember what you said?


Have you not sworn to tell the truth today, Miss Tessmacher?

- I have.

- Objection.

Then why did you cook me dinner?


Because I was in love with you!


And when I did not reciprocate...

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,

I ask you, what is more reasonable?

Lex Luthor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and hero committing these terrible crimes...

or Eve Tessmacher, jilted lover hell-bent on revenge, setting up the man who would not have her, all to avoid punishment for her own crimes.

She had the means, she had the motive and she had an image inducer.

You made me hack Obsidian.

You made me impersonate people.

You made me kill.

You made me do all of it...

[LEX] I demand Miss Tessmacher's testimony be stricken from the record and her plea deal revoked.

Oh, uh, and if you feel like throwing in a charge of perjury, that'd be cool, too, Your Honor.

Let me guess.

Now that the trial has turned in Lex's favor, you want me to relinquish my shares and step down from the company, so Mama's number-one boy can retain his rightful throne.

On the contrary.

I'd like to sell you my shares.


Because Luthor Corp in your brother's hands is nothing more than a weapon.

We both know it.

My shares, coupled with yours, would form a majority Lex couldn't outvote no matter how hard he schemed.

Think of what you could do with all that power.

You're trying to bribe me.

Why in the world would I need to bribe my own daughter?

Because you know I'm gonna testify against Lex.

An idiotic and childish notion.


Eve's testimony was the backbone of this case.

Now that Lex has completely damaged her credibility, all her evidence is tainted.

It's "fruit of the poisonous tree." If I don't speak to the brainwashing charges, then he might go free.

So let him.

Your brother nearly threw everything away and revealed his true colors to the world, but through cleverness and sheer force of will, he has convinced the jury that he's a good man framed by an evil woman.

That perception is good for the entire family.

The truth is good for the family.

The truth is you did nothing to stop Lex until it was nearly too late.

If you take that stand, you'll have to accept your guilt for every single thing you did by his side.

And then the world will not only think Lex is evil, but they'll think you are, too, and the Luthor name will be as good as worthless.

It's time for Luthor to do some actual good instead of just pretending to.

If I have to risk my name to make sure my brother stays behind bars forever, then I will.

It's not a risk.

It's a certainty.

Lex won't hesitant to take you down with him.

And he knows better than anyone how to get under your skin.

Oh, I'm counting on it.




I know, it was impossible to get away from William.

He just could not understand what was more important than staking out the courthouse.

Now is not the time to worry about William.

Or Lex's trial, for that matter.

Now is the time to train.

The Phantom Zone is an environment unlike one you've ever experienced.

It will require the highest levels of your concentration to dream Supergirl's location in there.

Accordingly, I give you my Phantom Zone simulation, meticulously crafted from all known data about the Zone.

Sensors placed around the room will record your dream energy.

Any fluctuations, distractions emotional incongruences will trigger the Phantoms I've populated this training exercise with to attack you, just as they will do in the Phantom Zone.

I got it.

Just like the holodeck on Next Gen.

Now, hidden somewhere in this simulation is my simulated Supergirl.

Please close your eyes...


...and try to divine her location.



Kara, wait up!

Kara, just slow down.



Kara and Alex in high school.

- What a surprising divination.

- It's not a divination.

It's a distraction, Brainy.

Well, try again.

I could barely find you when you were dying on the Leviathan ship.

I thought maybe our relationship was what was clouding my powers.

But maybe I just don't know what I'm doing.

Without my mom or my sister, I don't have anyone to actually teach me how to interpret my dreams.

And until I learn, I'm never going to be the hero I want to be.

I'm from the Legion of Superheroes, where everything we did was through the lens of Supergirl.

Her virtue, her accomplishments, her drive.

But you and I have had the opportunity to actually know her.

And so we know she's more than just Supergirl.

She's Kara.

She is our beacon through the darkness.

She's the example we all aspire to emulate.

So, yes, you may fear that you will fail to live up to Kara's example.

But I am here to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you are not a liability to this mission.

You are the reason it's going to succeed.

Let's try again.

I'm so sorry you were lost here.

I'm so sorry you've endured what you've endured.

I'm going to help you find your way again.

I'm going to get us out of here.

I promise.







Get away from her!




I take it you learned your lesson.

I have to try again.

Kara, I can't lose you again.

Please, we can live safely here.

And do what?

Stare at cave walls day in and day out until time loses all meaning?

The father I knew never would have accepted that.

The father you knew was hollowed out and devoured slowly by the Phantoms.

I'm trying to spare you that.

You may think you're stronger than I, but strength doesn't matter here.

The Phantom Zone isn't something you can fight.

You're right.

I can't beat it.

But I am going to do everything I can to escape it.

Even if it means I just get an inch further every day.

And I'm sorry for everything you went through.

But I would rather live through torture and do something than just exist for the sake of it.

The House of El is meant for more than that.

Well, I won't let my daughter go into the rocks alone.

So if you're going to insist on trying...

I'm going with you.

Miss Tessmacher's testimony has been thrown out and the murder charges have been dropped, so perhaps we should be getting to closing arguments.

If there's no objection.

Actually, Your Honor, the people would like to call one more witness.

What could one more witness possibly testify to?


Everything else.

Non nocere. It's "to do no harm."

I mean, that was always my intention.

To make the world a better place, to inhibit our desires to hurt each other emotionally and physically.

But Lex corrupted my technology to turn every Obsidian user into his own mindless followers, essentially brainwashing them.


To what end?

To get away with murder.


No further questions, Your Honor.

Defense, your witness.


Something funny, Mr. Luthor?



Not funny.


My sister can couch her project in flowery language, "make the world a better place," but put plainly, she created a tool to brainwash the masses.

- Isn't that right, sis?

- Yes, I did.

But I wasn't the one with the motive to use it that way.

Well, it's your word against mine on that.


Well, pretty much all of it, for that matter.

Now, by your own admission, you yourself would have had both the means and the opportunity to commit the brainwashing of which I stand accused, Would you not?


Because in the trial phase, it became clear that Non nocere was irreparably flawed.

I abandoned it.

But then how could I have possibly used your creation to brainwash anybody if it didn't really work?

I said it was flawed.

Not that it didn't work.

I was filing patents when you were in diapers.

Why would I waste my time workshopping your faulty science fair project?

Because your little sister had created something that you needed.

Something that you could never have come up with on your own.

You've never done anything on your own.

- You've always needed me.

- Objection.

You can't stand that I don't need you anymore.


Without me, your precious non nocere would've never gotten off the ground.

And so you think you can just take credit for my work?

You're damn right, I can.



I have always taken the big swings that you never would.

But I supported you, because you're a Luthor.

I kept you by my side when you were too timid and weak to do what was necessary.

It takes guts to wield power.

And I wield my power to make the world better.

So did I help develop non nocere?


And yes, non nocere failed.

Boo-hoo, it happens.

But instead of accepting that humbly, my sister blames me for it.

It's no surprise that this entire case has fallen apart when every single charge hinges on the unsubstantiated hearsay of bitter women like my sister and Eve.

Women who, mind you, could have committed these crimes themselves, as could any number of other suspects

that the prosecutor has overlooked

in her obsession with targeting me, and why?

Because I am powerful!

So let that be a lesson to you all.

If you try to build a good life for yourself, there is always somebody waiting to tear you down and punish you for your greatness.

But I accept who I am.

I like power, and I have the guts to do something with it.

I did not commit the crimes of which I stand accused.

But if I had, who could blame me?

If push came to shove, you'd have done it.

The defense rests.


Come on.

You sure this thing won't blow up?

It won't blow up, but I can't guarantee it won't implode.

Let's bring Supergirl home.



It doesn't look like the simulations, Brainy.


This isn't right.

The Phantom Zone has been fractured somehow.

Of course.


When all the timelines converged into one, the opposite must have happened here.

It's no longer one pocket dimension, but many.

An interdimensional archipelago.

Well, Dreamer should still be able to find her in there.

Every dimension has its own vibrational frequency.

We would have to go to each one before Dreamer could even try.

And it's moving in a randomized pattern.

It would take years for us to make it to each of them.

Supergirl is in there, okay?

We are not not going to go get her.

Alex, wait.

I won't give up on Kara.

I'm not gonna lose you, too.





The Phantoms disrupted the portal.

We need to get it back online.

On it.

Not again.

Silas, we have to send the Phantoms back.

I need you to help me.

Please, don't let them take me.

These creepy bastards aren't going to take any more of us.


Do it for Owen.

I'll cover you.








This isn't gonna hold them forever.

Your dream power helped me in the past.

Allow me to repay the favor.

Both of us.

Oh, that is much better!

- Anytime you're ready, Silas.

- I'm trying.

Come on, you stupid thing.





All rise.


In the case of the People of the United States of America v. Lex Luthor...

You found them?

Everything all set?


- Jury?

- Executioner.


...to which the defendant stands accused of conspiracy

- and murder in the first degree...

- Kablooey!

...Mr. Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

In the matter of National City v.

Alexander Joseph Luthor, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty on all counts.




Wait, you actually won?


Mr. Luthor is now cleared of all charges...

Not that I'm surprised, boss.

Well, I am.

Clearly I underestimated the value of just...


...jury for their service.

- ...being myself.

You performed your civic duty admirably.


No kablooey.


This court now stands adjourned.

Of course not, you idiot.

I'm sorry things were different than you expected and you couldn't save your friend.

But just because you couldn't save her this time doesn't mean you won't.

I think we all need to at least take a beat.

It's been a rough day, but we will figure this out.


Breaking news.

Lex Luthor has been exonerated.

Guys, it's about to get a lot worse.

I would like to congratulate the jury

on coming to the right decision in spite of the clear prejudice in the media coverage of my trial.

CatCo published a glorified hit piece painting me as guilty and then allowed the same biased journalist to single-handedly cover my trial.

Oh, gods.

I've got to get back to CatCo.

It all comes down to a lack of hard

evidence and a lot of reasonable doubt.

It's the system, you see.

They pick a powerful guy and they try to tear him down.

No one deserves a life sentence for that.

Okay, enough of this farce.


The trial may be over, but we are not.

William, get out there and find me my next Lexposé.

Back to work.


William, I am so sorry I didn't make it back to the courthouse.

It wouldn't have made a difference.

I'm not sure any of this does anymore, really.

Of course it does.

Look, Lex got acquitted, and there is nothing that we could have done about that.

But when he tries something again tomorrow, that is something we can do something about.

We can still make a difference.

We just can't stop trying.


Come on, you guys have been at it for hours.


How are you guys doing?

Brainy's still running analytics on the projector.

It's slow going, but we're making progress on mapping the Phantom Zone.

I wasn't talking about the job, I was talking about you.




I was just thinking how right you were, about methodical planning, without ego or emotion.

If I hadn't been so reactive, rushing us into a risky plan.

Well, your plan would have worked if the Phantom Zone weren't fractured.

Yeah, but if I had been more thorough, have Brainy map it before, we would've been prepared for that.

Well, now, we will be next time.

But I know you're going through a lot.

You can talk to me.

But I almost lost you today...

and Alex, everyone.

I need to do what I must to get Kara back.

Until then, I need to follow your advice.

Stop thinking in terms of family and just be a soldier.


Mr. Luthor, now that you're free, what's next?

I'm just glad that I can return to making a difference as a free man.

These st-century keyboards suck.






I couldn't...

I couldn't get her back.


I couldn't save her.

Hey, that's more than anyone could have pulled off in a day.

No, it's not just today.

I mean, what if we never...


What if she's really gone?

I mean, how am I supposed to accept a world without Kara in it?

The only thing that you have to accept is that this could take a while.

But you are going to keep fighting, and so is she.

Yeah, but that's the thing, I don't know if I can.

This isn't just a hard path.

I don't see any path at all.

We're nowhere, Kelly.

We are nowhere, and she is alone and I might not ever see her again.


Another surprising turn of events.

Lex Luthor

has called for the District Attorney

to instead consider charges against his sister, Lena,

who in the process of testifying today...


- ...may have implicated herself in criminal activity.

So much for not speaking about Lex publicly, huh?

I owe you an apology.

I was behaving selfishly earlier.

You saved my life.

I shouldn't have tried to use you.

And I shouldn't have jumped down your throat.

It was hypocritical.

I'm intimately aware of how difficult it is to make amends.

Well, you did it in style, coming forward despite the difficulty.


Honestly, I wish I was brave enough to confront my father like that.


By giving him a platform to grandstand that backfires so disastrously that the DA ends up investigating you instead?

By using his own strategies against him.

You pushed Lex right where you wanted him.

No one could have expected the jury to sympathize.

We'll keep going after Lex with everything CatCo's got.

I will, too.

And if the justice system doesn't stop him, then I will.

Well, I'll drink to that.


I admit I didn't expect your little performance be so effective.

You underestimated me even more than I did, Mother.


No one should have been able to Houdini themselves out of a situation like that.


Houdini was all about tricks, whereas I am now seeing the value of unvarnished truth.

Two words I never thought I'd hear applied to a Luthor.


And how does my narrative suit our beloved family name now?

Far better than your sister's.


From mass murderer to vindicated martyr in one fell swoop, and all I needed was me.


I wasted so much time trying to buy, threaten or brainwash people into doing what I wanted.

But apparently, people love a guy who tells it like it is.

The key is, if you can get them to buy it long enough, they stop being able to discern whether you're telling it like it really is, or how you want them to believe it is.

Ah, damn it.

Which one of you thieving idiots drank my O negative?





J'onn, I think the Phantom did something to me.

Please come.

I think I need help.



Where did they just go?

I have no idea.

I've never seen a Phantom do anything like that.

Well, if they use portals to get around, maybe we can use one to get out.

It looks like the portals only open and close long enough for a Phantom to get through it.

Then I guess we're gonna have to catch a Phantom.