02x02 - P911

His name's Jack.

He's a soldier, and he protects me.

I didn't mean to get you mad.


I'll be a good boy.

Please let me out.



I think Peter's back.

Peter? Are you sure?

I just got a new image.

The screen name of the sender is Hugz. He just uploaded this to me.

We're sure it's a new image?

New image, same boy.

Time and date stamped an hour ago.

Are communicating directly with this Hugz?

No. I'm in a chat room.

I was just fishing.

Put him up.

Carl, I need to know where this chat room originated.

People, listen up.

We have a boy we named Peter a year ago.

At the time, he was listed between 5 and 6 years old.

Insert Message Hugz VN and HO Very nice. How old.


Go to the site.

That clock is counting down.

It's an auction clock.

He's gonna sell Peter.

Give me Aaron Hotchner at the B. A. U.

40,000 images of child p0rn are posted every week on the internet, along with the appearance of 20 new children.

The appetite for babies as young as 4 months old has soared.

Many of these children have been kidnapped and sold into pedophile rings.

One year ago, the same boy appeared on several web sites used by pedophiles.

He was a new face then.

After a massive hunt led by our crimes against children unit, the boy disappeared.

Until tonight when S. S. A. Cole telephoned us.

Katie Cole?

She was in the B. A. U., right?

One of the first profilers, clinical psychologist, brilliant.

She runs the Crimes Against Children Unit in Maryland.

I always wanted to meet her.

Really? I heard she's a bitch.

Nobody ever called you that, Katie.

Well, not to my face.

The first time I ever saw him, he appeared in a series of photos.

I named him Peter.

Now he's being auctioned off when that clock runs to zero.


His face isn't pixilated.

'Cause the unsub is confident that we're not going to be able to identify him in time.

What about the site itself?

Can't we just track its origin?

It's routed through a proxy server in Belarus. Even if that government was friendly, Peter'd be gone before we finished the paperwork.

We don't need to worry about the paperwork.

We have Garcia.

Better get on that, will you?

Yes, sir.

So, what happened a year ago, Katie?

We cross-referenced the images of the boy.

We talked to known offenders nationwide.

We narrowed the location down to the eastern United States.

We had some suspects in, but the trail went cold.

Until today.

With all due respect, miss Cole, how is this time going to be any different?

We have a starting point.

The location where the image was first discovered.

A chat room.

Hosted by an independent web company in Cleveland, Ohio.

And this time, I am bringing you all in with me.

Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer said : "the test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children. "

Well, if it isn't dr. Reid.


Nice haircut.


I like your haircut, too.

Is that a boys' regular?

Yeah, it is.

Do you not like it?

It's totally you.



I didn't think you were back till next week.

I got a text message, so...

Then it was a mistake.

Is there a case?

Not until you're healthy.

Yesterday I found myself looking forward to watching a soap opera.

Which one?

Please, can you put me back to work, Hotch?

Doctor hasn't cleared you for the field.

Please, Hotch.

You need more time.

I've been out for 4 months.

What I need is to go back to work.

We're going to Cleveland. Reid's going to the Crimes Against Children division.

Go with him... or go home.

But I can...

I'm all yours, dr. Reid.

The image was uploaded to one of our C. A. C. Undercovers fishing in a chat room.

We try to monitor as many of them as we can, pretending to be children, pedophiles, whatever works on that site.

Did you run forensic linguistics on the chat log?

There might be something to Hugz' speech patterns.

It doesn't really work that way with internet talk.

Fear of flying?

Lengthy, deep-rooted issues of control?

I... think better on my feet.

Most of the talk is abbreviated text.

L. O. L., Laughing out loud. I. M. H. O., In my humble opinion. F. T. F.

Face to face.


Pedophiles can be divided into two categories...

Situational and preferential.

Situational offenders rarely seek out children, but they'll take advantage of a situation when presented with it, w hereas preferential offenders actively target children by age group, hair color...

They'll seek out jobs which give them as much access to children as possible.

They often trawl around residential neighborhoods, hijacking home wireless systems and communicating with children often outside the very house the child is in.

Or they'll simply use a coffee shop with wireless access to find, locate, and arrange a meeting.

And it's growing.

It's growing as fast as the internet.

They're getting smarter and smarter, and all the security in the world can't stop them from coming through our doors.

Hell, the monsters are already in our homes.

If he's had this kid for a year, it makes him preferential.


So, then why is he selling him?

Maybe... maybe he's losing interest.

Peter's maybe getting too old, too tall.

Preferential offenders are very specific about their preferences.

And if he can't sell him?

He isn't going to just let him go.



I was thinking, shouldn't we release Peter's picture to the media?

No. No, no.

If this unsub thinks that we're on to him, he may make a run for it and dispose of the boy.

Shouldn't we assume he does know?

As I said, we intercepted this image as part of an undercover operation.

These predators have a fairly closed society.

The way they run these sites gives them the expectation of anonymity.


Have Reid and Elle check the live feed.

Not just the boy, but everything around him. The room.

See if we missed anything.

- Okay.


Amanda Gilroy. You're the B. A. U.?

I'm Spencer Reid and this is agent Greenaway.

You're the agent who had contact with the image of Peter.

This time. A year ago, it was Katie who first identified him.

You call her Katie?

Everyone does.

She hates to be called agent Cole.

Make yourselves at home. We just got your warrants approved.

Katie and your team are about to pay a visit to the chat room vendor.


We've been having problems of it.

That's fine.


Yeah, one of our main online listing sites is down, but we should be back online...


We have a warrant to search these premises.

Stop what you're doing right now.

I'm sorry. I gotta go.

Can somebody tell me who owns this place?

That'd be me.

I want access to your chat room databases.

It looks like the walls are padded.

And the dimensions are strange.


It looks like a hall, but smaller.

A basement?

I don't think so.

Katie just got us access to the original chat room's database.

It's coming through now.

Must be thousands of screen names there.

All encrypted.

Yeah, but we're only concerned about one.


This is so typical.

You feds just can't help yourselves.

You gotta pollute the truest form of free expression ever invented.

Agent Morgan, find a chatroom of your choice.

Your name is Suzy. You're 12 years old.

What are you doing?


You know, I've got rights, and so do my clients.

That's the sound of pedophiles looking to hook up with a 12 year old girl named Suzy.

You let them run everything through SSL connections from proxy servers in offshore countries.

So they can't be identified?

Not in 121/2 hours.

Hey, I'm just a middleman here, ok?

What can I do?

There's a little boy for sale on one of your sites.

"What can I do" just isn't good enough.

Cole was right. Hugz routed through an offshore proxy.

So we have no way of tracking him?

Not if you only track him with his address.

What else do we have?

He used a basic encryption program to hide his payment method.

And as you know, I'm anything but basic.

Ah, gotta love the money trail a credit card leaves.

Well, well, well. Graham Rose, 15 Hauser Lane, Richmond, Virginia.

Check this out, JJ.

He used the same card to pay for a web domain.

Oh, my god.

Gideon, we just found another child being held.


You're a bad boy.

You needed to be tied up, didn't you?

Let me see you struggle.


Push through!



Can I now see your thong?


What are you doing?

Where is he?

Where is who?

It's clear.

It's okay. You're safe now.


What's your name?


The man who did this to you. Is he still here?

It's my house.

Graham Rose is the owner of this house. Where is he?

No, no! Don't touch that.

Back up.

Where is he?

He's gone.

What do you mean, gone?

He's just gone, okay?

Graham Rose is your father?

Yeah, sure.

You can call him that.

I just call him a b*st*rd.

You scared?

Do you think he's mad at us?

The father's been in jail for the last 8 months.

In that time, Kevin's been selling the only thing he's got, which is himself.

Just like a street hustler.

Only now the street is the internet.

And his client base spans the globe.

This kid definitely uploaded Peter's video to the chat room, 'cause it's still on his computer.

But not the live feed.

He say how he got hold of the video?

He said it came from one of his clients.

It was a shared file. They'd gone around these chat groups.

It's possible.

Buyers and sellers routine. They trade files because the act in itself is an illegal act, which proves they're not the police.

Let's go see what else we can find out.

Kid, the boy whose video you've been sending around to all the chat rooms, he's gonna be sold from one pedophile to another.

Boo... hoo.

These are dummy logs.

What's the password to get me into the real transcripts of your sessions?

You're the FBI. You figure it out.

I know you don't think so, Kevin, but we are trying to help you here.

Help me? What I do is consensual. No one's getting hurt.

Come on, Kevin, what's the password? Your birthday?

Your favorite band?

Kevin, this is prostitution.

But I'm a minor.

I don't even really know what I'm doing.

Plus I never leave this room, so no one, no one ever touches me.


Your father's been beating you since you can remember.

First it was when he was drunk on the weekend, then he was always drunk.

You never knew why he was hurting you...

Why he was so angry.

At night you'd cry yourself to sleep, hoping someone would come and save you.

No one ever came.

You have the chance to be the one who saves someone, Kevin.

You can be the one who answers him, the one who stops his pain.

You can't get to your father, but you can get to the guy who's hurting this boy.


This backs up all my transcripts.

The screen name for the guy who sent me the file is Mehtevas.

Can you hear me?

Can I get out anytime soon?


He's got food and water, a toilet and some toys.

He never has to leave the room.

That's it! It's not a room.

A room has a door. Even a prison cell has a door.

There are no windows, so he can't be seen, and the walls are padded so he can't be heard.

The unsub's anticipating becoming a suspect.

So he's hidden the boy.

If there are no doors, how did he get the boy in the room?

It's like a ship in a bottle.

He's built the room around the boy.

How long has Mehtevas been a client of yours?

Like, 6 months.

Where is he located?

He's a local.

He's always asking to meet with me, but I don't do that.

Does he know where you are?

Just the city.

How do you contact him?

He contacts me.

Come on, Kevin.

You don't just sit around here waiting for these guys to look you up.

That's no way to run a business.

Right now you're the only person who can help us find Peter.

What do you want me to do?

Ask him for a face to face.

No. No way. I don't do that.

I've never been out of this room.

It'll be fine.

He won't lay a finger on you.

We'll right there, Kevin, the whole time.

I promise you.

Won't he be suspicious if I suddenly want to meet with him?

He's a need driven offender, Kevin.

What does that mean?

If you offer to meet with him, he won't be able to resist.

He can't help himself.

You said that he first appeared a year ago, right?

But he was in a normal room. The pictures didn't look like that.


So, something changed. A stressor for him to lock him away.

Hey, guys.

What is it?

I'm not quite sure.

Wait, do you see how he's looking off camera?

Someone's telling him to do what he's doing.

A bidder who must want to see him wearing...

Wait a minute.

That's a tadpole shirt.

That's a tadpole shirt.

It's a wilderness group.

Knot tying. Compass wielding. Boy stuff.

Are you sure?

I have 4 brothers, JJ.

They all had that shirt.

Is that numbers... on his sleeve?

Wait, wait, enhance it.

Capture that image when he turns.

See the badge is torn.

It's like, 4 numbers.

What is that? 3...

Something, something, is that a 6?

That's a unit number.

4 digits ending with a 6.

999 possible combinations.

But a unit number would be registered, right?

Already on it, kitten.

Of course you are.

That's how I rule.

They're heading to Alexandria.

They want us to look up this address and tell them what's there.



That location, it's right outside of an elementary school.

Where are you going?

We can be there in 30 minutes.

You're not allowed to go anywhere.

Don't even try it, Reid.

Don't you love that sound?

Excuse me?



You seem nervous.

You are Mehtevas, right?

My friends call me Hayden.

You're taller in person.

What's the matter? Did I say something wrong?



FBI! Turn around!

Agent Morgan.

I didn't do anything.

Agent Morgan, take it easy. Take it easy.

We need his cooperation. We just want to ask him a few questions.

Here's a question. What's the principal of a school doing hooking up with a 14 year old boy?

Let's go. Put him in here.

Katie, Yeah?

Social services is picking up Kevin at the Alexandria field office.

I'm going to go with him.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I...



You already got him?

I told you to stay out of the field.

Yeah, I know. But Reid said that you wanted us here.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.

I'm sure you didn't, Reid.


The school district has given us permission to search Rawlings' office.

I'm on it.

Nice one Principal of a school.

As much access to children as possible.

Growing up guide for parents.

He's got a library of child psychology.

He's got a doctorate in it.

Well prepared pedophile.

Elle, you notice anything missing?


Family man, so, if he does have Peter, he's not keeping him at home.

Elle, this one's locked.

Can you move?

Did they teach you that in FBI school?

No, they taught me that in Brooklyn.

I wish you would inform me what exactly I'm being charged with.

Anything I can possibly stick to you.

I haven't done anything.

You're an educated man, Mr. Rawlings.

You know you're in trouble here.

I believe I just walked outside my school. Is that a crime now?

You know where he is?

How could anyone hurt something so...


You sent this image to Kevin.

Well, that was wrong of me, I know, but I was so shocked.

I wanted to try to save this poor boy.

I thought Hugz...

Kevin... might know him.

That's why I sent him the link to the website, see if he knew.

Please. You were trying to save him?

Help search his office.

I got this.

How were you going to save Peter?


Is that his name? Peter?

I wanted to save them both.

Kevin, too.

Sit down.

Tell me we got something we can nail this son of a bitch on.

Not unless we can break the password on this guy's computer.

Call Garcia.

Take too long.

Come on, genius.

Do something genius-like.

If this guy does have child pornography on his computer and we type in the wrong password, it could trigger a virus that wipes the entire hard drive.

What's he saying out there?

He's a preferential pedophile who claims he's trying to save them.

Save them. Save them!


Can you get any closer?

I can, but it'll distort the image even more.

There, see, the edgeof his badge, it looks like it says "mount" something.


There are four...

Unit designations, all starting with mount.

Mount Clements, Minnesota, 2346.

Mount Vernon, New York, 2436.

Mount Pleasant, Virginia, 3446. That's it, right?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, good one.

Mr. Rawlings, have a seat.

Your laptop.

Yeah, it's Morgan.

Okay, hold on, Garcia. Hold on.

This is a...

Research. I'm writing a book.

Sit down.

I swear to you this is all just research.

No, It's not research. It's a 100 years in a federal penitentiary.

I'd like to make a deal.

No deals.

All you have is a very, very small amount of good will.

Tell me about Peter.

I was contacted by the man who's holding him.

I didn't search out this boy.

I didn't go looking for this.

Give me a name.

Well, I only know the screen name.

It's manchild.

Did you bid on Peter?

How much?

8,000 dollars.

But it was only in order to save him.

You the high bidder?

I... I think so, yes.

I was, anyway. I'm supposed to go back online and contact him on his web site and...

Get the address.

So you can inspect the merchandise?

Look, this child is being auctioned off, and I am trying to save him.

Trying to save him!

He'd have given you a code. What is it?

Come on.

I have a family. I have children of my own.

I love children. I would never harm them.

In your pursuit to save them, you think you could have avoided having s*x with them?

Mr. Rawlings.

The code.


Hey? When can I come out?

I'm being a good boy.

The FBI's Crimes Against Children unit and local authorities have arrested Mark Twain elementary school principal Howard Rawlings today in what sources say is a sting operation targeting what may be one of the largest pedophile rings this country has ever seen.

Both the agencies have declined to comment on the arrest at this time, or give any details of the case, but it is rumored to be connected to the investigation of a child pornography ring.

Experts in law enforcement tell that the explosion of social networking sites on the internet...

Hello, agent Cole.

What happened?

I don't know.

He broke off contact.


What happened?

The entire feed just went dark.

Get Hotch on the phone.

We got reporters outside of the school. This thing is all over the news.

My god, that's why the site went down. He knows.

She's sure about this, right?

If Garcia says that tadpole shirt came from a unit in Mount Pleasant, then I gotta believe her.

She better be. Mount Pleasant is 60 miles away and there's only two hours left on the auction clock.


If the unsub knows we're on to him, he may move that clock up.

Think this guy's gonna panic?

I don't know. Depends on his comfort level.

Maybe getting close to auction time, he can wait it out.

I know one thing : I can't lose Peter again.

Well, let's just hope JJ bought us some time.

Mary, I need a favor.

It's absolutely all right that you broadcast this.

We have to bluff this kid's captor into believing that we're in another locale. It will buy us time.

This kid's life depends on it. Okay, this is the lie.

Say the Crimes Against Children unit is searching for...

A boy being held captive in Virginia.

He's approximately 4 feet tall, he has brown hair.

We need you to get this on the air immediately.

Thank you.

The FBI has informed us that they are looking for a missing 7 year old child.

This child is believed to be somewhere within the Alexandria area right now.

A door to door search is being coordinated by the members of the Crimes Against Children unit.

The boy is described as approximately 3 feet tall with sandy brown hair.

JJ, it's back.

We got it back up, Hotch.

We got an hour till the auction closes.

The site went dark for a few minutes and then came back online.

So he believes the story JJ fed to the media.

But we've only got an hour left.


Tadpoles are affiliated with a church.

When we get to Mount Pleasant, Elle and Morgan should go to the church.

We'll take the school.

Peter may be registered there.

That sounds good.

I gave up on him.

A year ago, I gave upon looking for him. There were so many other kids.

Katie, I'm sure you did what you could.

You ever ask yourself how you make a decision like that?

How we come to the conclusion that it's time to move on to the next kid.

How do you give yourself that kind of permission?

What's happened to that boy in the year I stopped looking for him?

Do you recognize him?

I can't say that I do.

But you're certain that the shirt came from this unit of the Tadpoles, right?

It disbanded 6 months ago, before I took over the congregation.


I was told there wasn't enough interest.

Only a few boys participated.

Do you have the records of those who did participate?

How could anyone do this to a child?

We need to find this boy.

The records.

I'm sorry.

I don't think so.


There may be a photo of the Tadpoles.

This boy's in a terrible state.

But do you recognize him?

Please look carefully.

You said his appearance may have been altered?

First or second grade student.

Let me check my records.

This may be what you're looking for.

Yeah, that's him right there.

Is there a name, address, anything?

As I said, there are no records left.

The church was run pretty sloppily until I took over.

Let me see that.

His name's Charlie.

This is everyone who registered for the second grade.

That's a lot of names.

What about the kids who didn't register?

Excuse me?

Were there any first graders who didn't register for second grade?

I imagine there were some transfers.

Yes. Yes, there were two transfers.

Ashley Waters and Charlie Sparks.

Charlie Sparks.

Does it say where Charlie's records went?

His father picked them up himself.

Can you describe the father?

Oh, dear, no. I'd have no idea.

Thank you.

The end of the school year here is so very hectic. We have children from-

The name the school has is Charlie Sparks.

No Sparks in any of the phone directories.

Garcia can't even find a Sparks within 100 miles for the last 10 years.

Probably not his real name anyway.

The school said he may have moved away.

Then we start over again.

We don't have a lot of time left.

Guys, maybe we're looking at this the wrong way.

What do you mean?

The behavior, it's odd, right?

The unsub apparently listed this kid in school and the Tadpoles until about a year ago.

At that point he had pictures of him online in a regular looking room.

But now he's in a prison like room with no windows, no doors, completely hidden.

Preferential pedophiles don't change overnight.

So, what happened a year ago to make him change his behavior so much?


Katie almost caught him.

You probably talked to him.

The unsub's in your records.

Guys, we just ran out of time.




I never really had a good suspect.

I only did some general interviews with child offenders on the East Coast.

One of them was the right guy.

Amanda, hey, I need you to pull all of the original files on Peter's case.

Somewhere in my office. Try my desk.

I need the names of everyone I interviewed.

Have her call Penelope Garcia at the B. A. U.

She'll be able to tell us if we can cross any off.

You got it? Thanks.

You still there?


Oh, oh, oh, Got it, got it, got it.

Okay... Frank Portwell, DOB 11 april 1962.

Doing 12 years in Westover prison.

Martin Devries, DOB 20 november '70.

Got a death certificate for him.

Shot on the street last january.

All right.

Michael Earlson, DOB 16 january '64

Garcia, you're sure?

Okay, no. No, no. I got it all. I got it all.

All right, thanks, baby. You're the best.

All right, guys. Listen up. We might have something.

12 men were interviewed.

8 are back in prison, one is dead. One lives in california, and two have last known addresses within 10 minutes of us.

A Patrick Forest and a Michael Earlson.

Patrick Forest isn't smart enough to put this all together.

What about Michael Earlson?


Where are you going?

Don't move!


It's okay, it's okay.


You're safe now. I got you. I got you.

Where's daddy?

I know.

Peter's real name is Dustin Powers.

He abducted him in Newark, New Jersey when he was one.

Sometimes it seems there's no punishment enough.

JJ chases his mother.

She's on her way.


You know Katie, no one's ever done the job you're doing as long as you've been doing it.

I know.

Maybe it's time to get out.

I don't know if I can anymore.

I just can't thank you all enough.

Remember what I told you.

He doesn't know who you are, you can say hello but, don't say anything about being his mother that'll just scare and confuse him.

All right.

It's gonna be a long process.

I understand.

He's this way.

What's his name?

His name's Jack.

He's a soldier. He protects me.

It's nice to meet you, Jack.

My name is Jackie.



Can I see Jack?

Be careful.