14x08 - Ashley

Man: ♪ I'm tellin' you ♪

♪ boy, you're bringin' home
another girl in distress ♪

♪ you're goin' on about it the worst way ♪

♪ and don't your mama know you best? ♪

♪ Don't your mama know you be... ♪

[Turns off engine]

[Key turns in lock]

[Door creaks; Closes]

[Drops jacket on couch]

[Stairs creaking]

[Door opens]



[Footsteps approaching]

[Door opens; Girl gasps]

[Whimpering softly]

[Footsteps fade; Door opens]

Hey, that's a lot of reading, even for you, Spence.

Class starts the beginning of next week, and Prentiss is making it so I can take a sabbatical.

Nice. What are you teaching?

A symposium on medieval violence and criminology.

So one might say that I am stoked.

So, how much overlap is there between, uh...

Mmm, no, you don't wanna...

For starters, the spectacle element in medieval violence can help us decode the motivelessness in today's crimes.

Can I ask you guys a serious question?

Do you guys think maybe I should be providing more visual aids in terms of weapons?

Like a katana, plumbata, "The war cart of Conrad Keyser."

Mmm, you know, I need to get some coffee.

Oh, you working? Get comfy.

Essentially, "The war cart of Conrad Keyser" is a wicker basket.

You put someone's foot inside...

You wanted to see me?

I did. Even though you have been on supervisory probation for the past month, I wrote in my report on our last case that you performed well in the field.

You followed orders and you played an integral role in closing that case.

So I'm out of the dog house?

I've put in the formal request to have you reinstated to full SSA status, but the process takes time.

So you're gonna work our next case with Garcia.

I understand. Do we have our next case?

I'm waiting for details now.

Garcia: Oh, my God, where is he?

Speak of the devil.

So, I hear you and I are gonna be lab partners.

Ugh! Blerg! Fleh! Whatever.
If I must. Where is he?

Where is who?


It was nice, spending the morning with you.

I should lock myself out of your house more often.

You know, you don't have to go.

You're welcome to stay, hang out, help us catch some bad guys.

Bad guys. That's your thing.

I've got a full day.

Garcia: You got a ring?

You bought a ring, and I had to hear it from Portia and not you?


Look, I know I'm not your daughter and Portia's gonna be your daughter thanks to your pending nuptials.

- But I'm kind of like your daughter, so...
- Penelope, um...

K-Krystall's behind that door right now, which means she knows that you got her...

An engagement ring.

Hi, Penelope. It's good to see you.


There's no way I can un-ruin this?

Oh, that cat is so far out of the bag.

Uh, I don't like cats being in bags usually, but right now, I'm very sorry, sir.

I'm sorry, Krystall.

I'm gonna go.

Oh, David. I already told you, I don't need a ring.

I... I don't need anything.

You do need a ring. I want this...

I want us to be perfect and special.

It is perfect and special.

Besides, the last time that you proposed to me

and married me, it was in front of an Elvis impersonator.

Come on. Sliding scale.

[Knock on door]

Sorry to interrupt. We have a case.

[Door closes]

Go catch some bad guys.

Oh, and see if that jewelry store has a return policy.

Prentiss: The police chief in Plymouth, New Hampshire has asked for our assistance.

Grace and Kellan Butler were shot and killed in their home last night.

What's the working theory?

Robbery, homicide, home invasion.

Except there's a wrinkle to that.

The Butlers had a little girl... Ruby.

Looks as though she's been abducted.

Has the child abduction rapid deployment team been activated yet?

They'll meet us on the ground in New Hampshire.

Reid: Statistically, most child abductions are perpetrated by someone close to the family.

It's most likely a friend or a relative.

Plymouth PD are collecting those names as we speak.

Jareau: An -year-old is a lot of work.

She'd fight back, she'd cry.

If he has some fantasy about Ruby and she doesn't live up to it...

Ruby would be in grave danger.

Rossi: When it comes to missing kids, the first hours are the only hours.

Prentiss: This unsub is organized, methodical.

He got into the house, killed two people and walked out with a little girl without detection.

If he does kill Ruby, he's gonna make sure we don't find her, and we can't let that happen.

Wheels up. Not in . Now.

Rossi: "When you have a child, the world has a hostage."

Ernest Hemingway.

Where are we on friends-and-family interviews?

Prentiss: Butlers had no family in the area, and everyone who knew them volunteered to come in.

We've asked the local police to administer a polygraph to all interviewees.

Standard operating procedure in all child abduction cases.

Anyone who says "no" stands out. Who said no?

Prentiss: Nobody. We'll vet the interviewees when we land, but for now, let's consider other theories.

Well, no sign of a break-in. Nothing was taken.

So... We can take robbery-homicide off the table.

As well as ransom. If he took Ruby for money,

he would have left one of her parents alive to pay for it.

Could be revenge. The dad was a public defender.

Could have pissed off the wrong client.

He would have no reason to take a little girl, though.

We should check the s*x offender registry, rule out any pedophiles in the area.

Someone in the neighborhood could have been watching her.

Reid: You know, we absolutely can and should.

But it doesn't really fit the profile of a pedophile.

They tend to be introverted cowards that wouldn't have the gumption to break into a house and kill parents.

They pick kids off when they're alone.

Tara, JJ, you'll take the interviews.

Dave, Reid, go to the ME's office.

Matt and I will walk the crime scene.

For now, let's focus on everyone who knew the Butlers.

Woman: Kellan Butler. Single gunshot wound to the forehead.

Fired at close range, based on the entry wound.

Take out the father first, eliminate the greatest threat.

Shooting the father would wake the whole house.

How much control did he lose killing the mother?

Dr. Brentwood?

Can we see Grace Butler, please?

Uh... Grace was shot times on the right side of her body.

Rossi: Well, let's walk through this.

Mom wakes up, tries to get away from the unsub, takes shots.



This guy's even colder than we thought.

Colder? This isn't cold?

Reid: It is, but if our unsub is familiar with the family, which is our current theory, then it would be difficult for him to pull the trigger.

Perhaps his aim is wider. He covers the bodies as a sign of remorse.

But he had no problem. He watched them sleep and then pulled the trigger without hesitating.

He knew exactly what he wanted, and that was Ruby.

[Ruby screaming]

Hey, Prentiss? Take a look at this?

So I looked at the rest of the house.

Something wasn't right.

Tara told me that Grace had some issues...

Money issues, specifically.

She couldn't stop hitting the "place order now" button.

Oniomania... compulsive shopping disorder.

This dress alone is worth half my salary.

Well, we considered that the dad might have had enemies.

Maybe we're looking at the wrong parent.

Maybe this played a role in the unsub taking Ruby.

Yeah, but we're still hitting the same wall.

Why take Ruby over this?

Well, it depends on how bad their debt was.

So how bad did it get?

Ok, guys, so it looks like...


Like Garcia has some things she wants to tell you.

Mm-hmm. I'm about to say the same thing as Luke was going to, but with far more chutzpah, wit, and eloquence.

So, Grace Butler certainly did have a problem.

I don't know when she had time to eat, let alone need money to eat.

These Valentino Garavani shoes she bought...

Holy cannoli! Not cheap.

They were on their third mortgage, and they cleaned out Kellan's (k).

Well, maybe the Butlers borrowed money from the wrong people and that got them killed.

Alvez: We double-checked that.

The loans they took out were all above-board.

The banks might have shredded the Butlers' credit rating, but that's it.

And JJ and I double-checked the interviews of every person in this town.

No one had the means, motive, or opportunity for this.

Prentiss: Ok, then, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Let's rethink this case through the profile of a stranger.

First principle... How does he do it?

No forced entry, so he didn't break in.

Maybe he had a key, or he knew which window was vulnerable.

But he knew exactly where Kellan, Grace, and Ruby were in the house.

Rossi: His agenda was precise.

That's right. So, what does this unsub do?

Before he kills, before he abducts, what does he do?

He watches.

Prentiss: That's right. He watches, he studies, he waits.

Next principle... while he's watching, what does he see?

Simmons: Boxes... Coming to the house.

Probably the husband and wife fighting over them.

Yeah, so maybe that's why he took Ruby.

He thinks he's saving her.

Lewis: But then he wouldn't just watch from outside the house.

I mean, he would surveil their entire lives.

He would build a case to justify going to this extreme.

Prentiss: And he did. We need to do the same thing.

I want a full breakdown of this family's habits and routines, because everywhere they went, this unsub went, too.

Can I help you?

Agents Prentiss and Rossi with the FBI. Are you the manager?

I am. Is this about the Butlers?

Yes, it is. We've been going through their credit card history, and it looks as though they came here a lot?

They did. Well, Grace did.

She'd come here about times a week.

She'd get a cup of coffee and sometimes a gingerbread man to take for her daughter.

Were there other customers who would come in at the same time?

I mean, I'd have to go through my receipts, but maybe.

Girl, crying: Excuse me?


He says you're my mommy now.

Prentiss: Ruby. Ohh!

Dave, outside! Can you take her?

Prentiss: We just recovered Ruby Butler.

I need a lockdown for a -mile radius. He just dropped her off.

Nothing. No one out of the ordinary. He's gone.

Of course he is.

He made sure she was safe, and then he just took off

because he planned for this, too.

Lewis is meeting the ambulance at the hospital.

She'll let us know if Ruby wakes up.

Poor kid doesn't even have her parents to sit by her bed.

At least she's got Tara.

No physical or sexual trauma.

It's what she survived that overwhelmed her.

And you were right about the unsub.

He thinks he's saving her.

W-what did he make her say?

You're my mommy now.

He deemed the Butlers as unworthy, and then put Ruby with someone

he thinks deserves her, like her.

She's looking to see if any of her customers might be the unsub, but...

Oh, we won't be that lucky.

He paid with cash.

We're in trouble.

Yeah, I know.

He's on a mission.

He's not driven by urges or compulsions, and the profile tells us that men like this...

They don't have a cooling-off period.

He might stop with Ruby.

He might, except he did everything he wanted and got away clean.

My gut says he's watching other families.

And God help them if he thinks they're failing their kids.

[Screaming] [Gunshot]

[Man gasping]

Naomi... Run!


[Girl breathing nervously]

[Rattling doorknob]


He killed another couple?

Prentiss: Last night. Carter and Julie Shaw.

Were any kids taken?

Their daughter Naomi. Same age as Ruby.

Well, if he sticks to pattern, he's probably gonna try to rehome her, like he did with Jayne.

But why Jayne? I mean, how does he make that decision?

He likes to watch. He watched Jayne take care of people at her café.

To our unsub, she's a more deserving mom.

Speaking of which, Jayne wanted to come down and check on Ruby, and I had kind of an unusual idea about how she might be able to help.

Ok, keep me posted, but we need to reset the clock on Naomi.

She has to be our focus now.

Yeah. Will do.

[Monitor beeping]

[Woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.]

Why would somebody do this?

To a little girl?

You guys said this man came into my shop, and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out who it is, but I don't know.

All my regulars... They're nice.

This is a nice town, and we are nice people.

We don't do things like this here.

Did you bring what I asked?

I did.

I don't get it, but...

I know it sounds strange, but of all of the senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful, especially when it comes to memories.

It can awaken the subconscious and, in certain rare cases, even awaken the unconscious.

Let's give it a shot.


Oh! That's still warm.

They were her favorite, her mom said.

[Sighs] So, what happens now?

We wait.


Lewis: Hey, Ruby, you smell that?


You're safe.

Where's mommy?

Reid: We've been looking so hard at the families,

that we missed the most obvious connection... genetics.

But the families aren't related.

You've no idea how right you are.

Take Kellan and Grace Butler.

Both of Ruby's parents have green eyes.

Ruby also has green eyes, but one of her eyes has some shadings to it.

It's a result of a condition called heterochromia.

It's genetic, and neither parent shares it.

So I kept digging, and the Shaw family tells a similar story.

Specifically, the daughter's blood type matches neither parent.

But that's impossible. The blood types would have to be shared unless...

Unless they're not related.

The most likely explanation is that both the girls are adopted.

Rossi: Why didn't Garcia find this?

She didn't know to look for it. It's a small town.

Perhaps the parents don't want the daughters to feel like outsiders.

But somehow this unsub knew this.

That's the compulsion that's driving him.

He's saving adopted -year-old girls.

We need to deliver the profile.

We're looking for a male in his late s to early s.

He's intelligent, physically fit, and meticulous,

bordering on obsessive-compulsive.

We believe this unsub is abducting -year-old adopted girls

in an effort to rehome them.

Now, an agenda this specific tells us some things about him.

First, we believe the unsub was closely and negatively affected

by the adoption system.

It's possible he himself was adopted.

At last count, % of all serial killers interviewed by the BAU were adopted.

But considering the compassion he showed Ruby,

we think it's more likely he put a child up for adoption himself.

Rossi: His daughter was subject to real or perceived harm

at the hands of her adoptive parents.

In order to target Ruby and Naomi,

we think the unsub is working inside the adoption system,

so this is the first suspect pool we need to rule out.

Reid: If our unsub sticks to his mission-oriented plan,

he will attempt to rehome Naomi,

most likely with someone that's familiar to the Shaw family.

If we can identify this friend, family, or stranger he chooses for Naomi,

we can get ahead of him.

Prentiss: We would like to keep the media strategy

as tightly controlled as possible.

Reid: Unfortunately, when information was released

about the Green River Killer's dump sites,

the killer saw the news coverage, changed his M.O.,

and it set the investigation back weeks.

Our best bet to save Naomi and capture the unsub

is to make sure he sticks to plan.

- Thank you, everyone.
- [Phone beeps]

[Officers murmuring]

Everything good?

Better than that. Ruby's talking.

So you don't recognize the man who took you, but...

You said he was kind of tall?

All right.

Do you remember what he said to you?

He said I had to wear the dress.

I couldn't get it dirty or take it off.

And I had to say that thing.

"You're my mommy now"? That thing?

Ok. Well, the police have the dress now.

And, Ruby, everything you told me...

Is really helpful.

Is it my fault?

Oh. Oh, sweetie, no.

No. Listen...

None of this is your fault.

You're a little girl, and you're perfect.

You did everything right.

The man who did this... It's his fault.

All of it.

So now, your only job is to get better

and not to worry, because it's my job to protect you.

And I promise I won't let anything happen to you

till your grammy and grandpa arrive from Florida.



Will you stay with me until they come?

Of course.

I don't understand how this could have happened.

Yeah. Neither do we, Mr. Kranum.

That's why we asked you to come down here.

You examined the Shaws, is that right?

Yes. I mean, that's my job as a social worker.

I make sure everything is safe

and appropriate for a child,

and then I make a recommendation for adoption placement,

and the Shaws checked every box.

They were wonderful prospective parents.

The man who's killing these families,

he knows the kind of intimate details

you would uncover as part of your job.

Can you think of anyone in your field

who would take advantage of that?

No. Absolutely not.

We're the first and last line of defense.

These kids depend on us.

Well, thank you for your time.

All right. So the first time

that we walked this, we thought Dad fell asleep on the couch,

watching "Sports Center" or something,

and Mom went to bed.

Yeah, which is off pattern for our unsub.

He should have waited till they were together in bed asleep.

He'd have more control.

Well, I thinking that he didn't wait because he couldn't.

Take a look at this.

Change of clothes, suit and tie.

There's a toothbrush and toothpaste

in the guest bathroom.

Now I've had friends who have been kicked out of bed enough times

to know what that looks like.

I think that Carter Shaw was riding the couch.

Ok. So the Shaws were having marital problems.

That's why he had to rescue Naomi.

Right, and that's why this makes our profile even more complicated,

and the guy... the home inspector you just talked to...

He wouldn't know this or shopping addiction.

So maybe the unsub's job in the adoption system is just

his way in,

but when he picks a family,

he doesn't stop until he feels justified

in killing them.

Hey. We've gone through all the social workers.

They're clean. What other leads do we have

inside the adoption system?

Garcia: It's kind of a slog. There is a lot

of stuff to consider.

Like, for instance, did you know that

there is a home decorator for potential parents?

That is a thing. It's not a thing

we need to look into right now, I don't think,

but it's a thing.

I know you've got a full plate,

but there's one other search we need.

Oh, no. Put all the things on the plate.

I do way better when
I'm overwhelmed. Hit me.

The Shaws and the Butlers might not have been

his first victims.

The unsub might have killed the parents

who adopted his own daughter first.

Sir, I think our minds may have melded

because I already looked into that,

and there's no violence in any of the adoption files

that I pulled in state.

Well, it was worth a shot.

It still could be. Maybe he did it in a way

that didn't look like the other murders.

You mean, like an accident?

You think of all the things, Emily Prentiss.

This is why. You're a boss lady.

I will hit you right ba...

[Computer beeps]

Prentiss: Garcia?

Sitting outside of Kaldi Coffee...

Garcia: Turn on the TV.

Uh, Plymouth local news.

Reporter: A Ms. Jayne Archer.

We'll see if she's available today...

Man: There she is!

Jayne Archer, why did the killer leave

Ruby Butler with you?

Reporter two: We heard Ruby's still in the hospital and that the FBI's involved in the case.

Are you gonna visit her?

Ms. archer, do you know the second girl

who's been taken... Naomi Shaw?

Jayne: No. Please just...

They just revealed that Jayne doesn't have Ruby

like he planned.

If the unsub sees this, he'll devolve.

They might have just gotten Naomi killed.

All right. So there you have it.

Jayne Archer is not budging...

No, no, no!

- Hey.
- Oh. Hey.

I've seen that thousand-yard stare before.

Well, all this work, it all goes down the toilet once we're on the : news.

Yeah. I heard someone had their wedding proposal shot to hell.

Yeah. That didn't go quite according to plan.


I'm just trying to cheer you up.

Go ahead. I know you want to say it.

Oh. So if you marry your third wife for the second time, what color is the dress for that?

Heh. I admit I've been wondering that myself.

Heh heh. So how are you gonna propose?

I don't know.

I just want it to be perfect.

Well, don't wait too long.

You know that old saying...

Man plans, serial killers laugh.

Hey, guys. We got something.

Garcia got a hit on a Robert and Alice Carson

murdered / weeks ago,

shot in their car and across state lines.

Different M.O., different jurisdiction.

How do we know they're tied to this case.

Because there's a social media photo

of their adopted daughter

wearing the exact dress that Ruby wore.

This is Ashley Carson, years old.

Ruby and Naomi must be surrogates for this little girl.

What happened to Ashley?

Ashley died last year. Congenital heart defect.

She collapsed at home.

There was no way anyone could have known.

But that wouldn't matter to our unsub.

He'd hold the parents accountable anyway.

We need that birth father's name.

Garcia's searching for that right now,

but there was nothing in the adoption record.

Well, there must be a reason for that.

Who facilitated the adoption?

Uh, friends and families adoption center.

Their owner Scott Truman, he's on his way here now.

Where are we going?

Home. We're going home, Ashley.

Can you give me something to eat, Daddy?

I'm hungry.

Naomi: Please, mister. I'm really hungry.


Unsub: You want peanuts or almonds?

Naomi: I'm allergic.

- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.

You're hurting me.

Unsub: Ahem. Hey.

Hey. Did the Celtics win today?

Yeah. We missed the game.

Uh, yeah, by, uh, points, I think.

Celtics didn't play today.

Ashley, go wait in the car.

- My name's not...
- Get in the car, Ashley!

Hey, man.


I told you to get in the car.

Robert and Alice Carson?

They were shot in their car two weeks ago.

So you remember them?

Of course.

I helped place Ashley with them.

Then when Ashley died, I went to her funeral.

They had one of those videos of her life, you know?

They still have the web site up

so nobody would forget her. Ahem.

Who were Ashley's birth parents?

The father's a suspect in a series of murders.

Ashley was voluntarily surrendered to the hospital

by her mother.

She claimed the father was dead

and specifically asked that all details be kept confidential.

You can check with the hospital, but...

All right. I'm on it.

There's another theory that we're pursuing.

Is there anyone in your company that could access

the adoption records, specifically the lives

of the families who adopt?

Well, no, but... When you called

about the Carsons, I brought their adoption application.

I don't know if it helps, but...

What is this?

It's called a look book.

It's, for lack of a better word, a sales tool

so prospective parents can look appealing to birth moms.

The Carsons put their whole house on here,

their front yard, their backyard,

doors, windows, everything.

Is that important?

The unsub stalks his victims.

I think he uses this as the roadmap to do it.

Ok. So the Butlers and the Shaws each used

different adoption companies,

but those companies freelanced out the look books.

Yeah, and wouldn't you know it?

The same independent contractor Jordan Halloran

made both look books.

Prentiss: We need his home and work address.

Oh, oh. Hold up. He's not gonna be at either place.

He's on the move.

Just got a report of a murder at a convenience store

outside of Campton.

The gunman has that little girl with him.

Reid: That's definitely Naomi.

He changed her hair and put her in the dress.

He's not trying to rehome her anymore.

He's trying to remake her into Ashley.

His devolution could be a dissociative break.

And Campton isn't near him.

Where's he headed?

Ok. Let's go back to the beginning

through his point of view.

Ashley was a surrender at the hospital against his will,

so he got into the adoption system.

Jareau: Made the look books in order to hunt

for his own daughter.

The look books led him to the Carsons,

the Butlers, and the Shaws.

They all had little girls that could be his daughter.

Simmons: When Ashley dies, that sets him off.

He has to rescue the others.

That plan's not working anymore thanks to the media.

Now he sees Naomi as Ashley.

He wants his daughter back, but it's more than that.

He wants his old life back,

the life he wasn't able to lead when she was born.

The white picket fence, the loving wife, the family unit.

The birth mother. That's the missing piece.

Jareau: I just got that information from the hospital.

Prentiss: That's where he's heading next.

He's either gonna idealize her

and make her the mother he wants, or he's gonna kill her.

Ok. Becky Hughes. She's the mom.

Ok. We need to get to her before he does.


Hi, Mommy.

What? Who are you?

That's what he told me to say.

Who? Who told you to say?

Hi, Becky.


What are you...

What are you doing here?

What do you mean what am I doing here?

This is our home now.


You, me, and Ashley.

We're gonna be one happy family.

[Cell phone ringing]

Prentiss: Go ahead, Garcia.

Garcia: Ok. I have pinged Jordan Halloran

and Becky Hughes's phone, and they are on top of each other.

They are both at her house.

What do we know about their prior communication?

Did they stay in touch?

Garcia: No, no. She cut off communication

years ago following the voluntary surrender.

There's been no cell, no social media contact, none.

Rossi: He's in full flight from reality, but she's not.

That's not gonna be good if she doesn't play along.

Maybe we can use that to our advantage.

Garcia, does Becky Hughes have a smart TV?

TV? Uh, ok. I don't know.

I'll get back to you on that.

Rossi: What are you thinking, Emily?

He wants Ashley back. Let's give her to him.

I'm gonna need you to stay on with me, Garcia.

Now you sit here.

Ok. Where'd you say the cards were?

Does Old Maid sound good?

I love Old Maid.

Hey. I've been waiting for you to be old enough

to teach you this, Ashley.

Jordan, that's not Ashley.

I... I'm sorry, but she's not.

We weren't working, you and me.

You were getting meaner.

I know I hurt you not telling you about Ashley, but that doesn't mean you can...




Parents fight. That's why kids need to see that they also forgive each other.

[Becky sobbing]

I forgive you.

Here's how you play.

I'm gonna deal the cards out.

, , .

Becky: Aah! Aah!

Get down!

[Becky whimpering]

Simmons: Put the gun down, Jordan.

Jordan: No! No one's gonna take my family!

Prentiss: You don't want to do this, Jordan.

This isn't gonna end the way you want, I promise.

Just shut up! Can you please get out of here?

Rossi: Hey, Jordan.

Eyes here.

Let's just talk for a second.

No, I'm not talking about anything.

No one's gonna take Ashley away from me again.

Do me a favor, Jordan.

Look at the TV.

This is a trick.

It's no trick.

Just take a look.

Prentiss: Go, Garcia.

[Acoustic guitar playing on TV]

Oh, my God.

She's beautiful.

Lily Kershaw: ♪ we were in the sun ♪

♪ we were alive then ♪


♪ The last light was... ♪

Look how happy Ashley was, Jordan.

♪ Had I a month then? ♪

♪ We were just dreaming ♪

Rossi: She lived a wonderful life,

but she had a heart defect,

so now you have to let her go.

She's gone.

She's gone! Ohh!

Ashley's gone.

I thought I was saving her.

Outside. Ok.

Oh, God!

I thought I was saving all of them!

[Becky crying]


Kershaw: ♪ it'd only take a few minutes ♪

I'm sorry!

♪ Can change our lives ♪

Oh, God!

[Handcuffs latch]

Oh, no.

What have I done?

Kershaw: ♪ my mind ♪

♪ do you remember ♪

♪ all the things ♪

♪ that you thought you could be? ♪


♪ Do you remember ♪

♪ how you used to dream of me? ♪


Come on. Here we go.

♪ Here were are now ♪

♪ we've got no time ♪

It can't ever be perfect, can it?

No. That's why good enough is good enough.

♪ In a twilight sleep ♪

♪ I am still your girl ♪

I need to do something back at Quantico.

It... it... it may not quite follow protocol.

♪ In the darkest night ♪

♪ all we witnessed ♪

♪ a last light ♪


Do you want to know what I think?


I think we wrecked house on this case together.

I mean, I think we're the dynamic duo.

Come on. Hit me.

Oh, puh-lease. We will never be a "duo."


Well, come on. Admit it. I helped.

Oh! Heh! You'd have to torture me.

You'd have to force me to wear beige, deny me of all things unicorn for me to ever admit

that you helped.

[Cell phone chimes]

Excuse me.

I helped.

I hate hubris.

I need your help.


Oh, you didn't have to come down to meet me.

Yes, I did.

[Elevator stops]


Hmm. What are you doing?

Do you remember what Elvis said

when he married us?


He said, um...

[As Elvis impersonator] "Do you take this woman

"in sickness and health

"for richer or poorer

as long as you both shall live?"

Ha ha ha!

And then for some reason, you started giggling.

Yeah, because after you said, "I do," he said...

[As Elvis impersonator] "Thank you. Thank you very much."

Ha ha ha!

I love that it was funny for us then.

It's funny for me now.

But I want to have a second chance,

and this time, no Blackjack, no booze,

no Elvis.

I want to say those vows and mean them.

It doesn't matter where or how

as long as I can spend the rest of my life

living them with you.

Will you give me that chance, Krystall?

Will you marry me?


Yes, I'll marry you.


Rossi: She said yes!


[Indistinct chatter]

Rossi, voice-over: "The ache for home lives in all of us",

"the safe place we can go as we are

and not be questioned."

Dr. Maya Angelou.