11x13 - High Society

The intentions we set in this room dictate how we act outside of it.

And back to downward facing dog.

If you learn to smile with your thighs in here, you can smile through your problems out there.

Good work, Brad.

It's a crazy time in America right now, you guys.

You know what I'm talking about, right?

Acai is out of season.

Coachella is sold out.

Your rent is late.

Your gas is shut off.

Your bank account is empty.

All because your parents watched one documentary on Netflix and suddenly think you're a Rajneeshee, so they completely cut you off because they don't understand why you just can't work in PR like your sister Sharon.

Let's just move into corpse pose.

We're all dying anyway.


- Everybody out!

Get Get Move!

Guys, get out of the way.


He won't be making it to the airport.


Tell me about it.

I got to get this to the FBI.

Meet Callen and Deeks at the boatshed.

- I'll stay here and wrap this up.

- Got it.


You know what the FBI gives you when you're pregnant?

Uh, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say desk duty.

Oh, you're funny.

You babysit?

Well, more than you'd think.

Kens, Nell.

This is Agent Rush from the FBI.

- Hey.

- Hey, nice to meet you.

And, uh, congratulations.

Thanks, but save those for when I can see my feet again.

Should I grab you something to drink?

You got any white wine?

Oh, we are fresh out.

Ah, I can't get a break these days.

Well, maybe we can change that.



Lieutenant Commander Daniel Palmer.

He's deceased as of two hours ago.

KENSI: On the surface he is cleaner than a crisp chardonnay.

Oh, you're cruel.

- And I like it.

- Thanks.

Unfortunately, Palmer was hiding - a pretty serious gambling problem.

- NELL: Yeah.

Liked his online craps, but his bank account, unfortunately, did not.

Which is why he hacked into your undercover agent database working a JTF for the FBI.

His plan was to find a buyer then flee the country.

Fortunately, we were able to stop him before he could do either.

Meaning the names and locations of our undercover agents have not been compromised?


Files all encrypted right inside.

There's been no tampering, hacking, cracking or shellacking.

Oh, God, I'm gonna have to start rhyming.

I should go make peace with that.


I owe you guys, big time.

And when I'm less big time, I'll take you out for drinks.

Uh, pass my thanks along to Agent Hanna and Detective Deeks, will you?

- Mm-hmm.

- Yup.


Uh, speaking of my husband, where is he?

He said he had an early morning, so I told him to go home.

Which is exactly what you two should do.

You gonna walk out with us?

No, I'm gonna finish up some things around here.

But, uh, good job today.

- Thanks.

- You too.

Have a good night.

- Yep.

- Yeah.



Hate to see me go.

Love to watch me walk away.

Please save me the therapy bill and tell me you're not talking to me.

No, I'm talking to those two limping Lipitor ads we just walked by.

Great, maybe you should say it a little louder, so they can appreciate the alliteration.

I don't care if they hear me.

This is the new Roberta Deeks.

I think it, I say it.

As opposed to the old Roberta Deeks, who thought it and then put it on Facebook underneath a picture of a fat, grumpy cat?

I can't help it if my followers want to know why this caged bird sings.

Mom, I still don't understand why you're training for a 5K.

You hate competition.

Don't be dramatic.

I don't hate anything.


Rats with wings.

Cargo shorts.

Anything over four pockets is just greedy.

Street performers.

The last time I financially supported a clown, I was married to your father.


Why don't you just tell me what this is really all about?

- Marty.

- Mm-hmm.

I'm daring greatly.

I'm following minimally.

Brené Brown says that we need to be vulnerable in order to truly live.

So I've decided to get rid of shame and embrace fear by putting myself out there more.

Hence the competitive 5K.

I'm also learning German and drinking oat milk.

Hell, I haven't experimented this much since junior college.

Mom, boundaries, please.

You can't (GRUNTS)

- Oh.

Okay, okay, you're young.

I get that.

I was young once, too.

But trust me, you don't want to wake up one day with a pillow full of those golden locks and a heart full of regret.


All right.

Fair enough.

Listen, I-I've always supported you and I'm always gonna support you.

I'm just a little worried that you're taking on too much.

Oh, sweetheart, I'm just getting started.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I got a smoothie date with a sweet little piece of pork - I just met on Hinge.

- Okay.

Might want to consider hanging onto a little bit of that shame, Mom.


- Just a touch of it would be helpful for society.

Oh, God!

You have Shia LaBeouf at 11:00.

More performance art?

This one involves a water wheel and an elderly squirrel named Esther.


Push it to 3:00.

And stock my cabinet with Yamazaki.


I'm gonna need it.

ASSISTANT: Copy that.

I didn't peg you for a Strinati's guy.

Well, you told me this was a good place to get my morning fix.

Wow, a good listener.

Hard quality to find in a man these days.

Not if you know where to look.

Sam Hanna, this is my assistant, Lily Chen.

The pleasure is all mine.

Nice to meet you, too, Lily.

Uh, Lily, why don't you go get a head start on our 9:30 call?

We don't have a 9:30 call.

Then go pull the car around.

We took a Lyft.




Right, course.

Course, course, course.

I keep her around for her good taste.

Yeah, well, haven't seen you around any of my crime scenes lately.

Well, I've been dabbling in international heists these days.

It's always good to get a change of scenery, right?

Speaking of, what are you doing on my side of town?

Just following a hunch.

Oh, I'll leave you to it.

Besides, I need to Oh, yeah, you got that 9:30 thing, right?

- You got to get to it.

- Mm-hmm.

Well played.

Bye, Sam.

All right.


ERIC: P87 is on the loose.


Remind me again.

P87 is that the Parisian spy we took down for smuggling nuclear codes inside of a taxidermied pet chinchilla?

Mountain lion.

That dude had a pet mountain lion?

Man, the French are wild.

P87 is a mountain lion.

He lives in the Santa Monica mountains.

Or he did, until a brush fire broke out this morning.

He took off.

That sounds intense.

Where'd he go?

Do you think I would I be this flustered if I knew that?

It's hard to know.

His trackers aren't working.

My only hope is he's headed up the coast to a safer habitat.

Are you coming?

To what?

Do we have an actual case?


Then, in all fairness, I think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna just I'm gonna stay here.

You know, it's probably for the best.

I don't know if you're tall enough to ride this emotional rollercoaster.


Now picture this: me, you, Mr.

Pickles and a bottle of Moët.

And I hope your sea legs are - stronger than mine, because - One second.


- Thanks for meeting me here.


Still can't shake what we saw last night.

No, I get it.

Bothering me, too.

Much like this guy who's been on the phone for ten minutes.

boat ride!

But no more than two hours, girl, because that's when the rental He Hey.

I was on the phone.

Yeah, trust me, he's doing you and Mr.

Pickles a favor.

Agent Blye and I have a few questions about Daniel Palmer.

He came in last night around 6:00 p.


Guy who fell through the skylight.

Amongst a few other things, yeah.

He was on something.

He got shot in the shoulder, turned around and kept on coming like it was nothing.

Well, early tox report says he wasn't just on something.

He was pretty much full of it.


Black market opiate.

Similar to Tramadol, but more addictive.

In large doses, it takes away a person's ability to register pain.

Hence his super-human moves.

Veridol's also a favorite amongst terrorist groups.

Yeah, it's kind of a double threat.

They sell it to fund their operations while also using it to hook their followers.

There's a chance he could be working with one of those groups.

Send us a copy of his file, so we can see if any of this is connected.


Do you want the others?

I'm sorry, w-what others?

Well, another guy came in dead from a Veridol overdose this week.

Two others the week before, one before that.

This many deaths from the same drug in such a short time period is pretty unusual.

Unless someone suddenly decided to drop an unusually large amount in L. A.

If they did, we need to find out who it is and stop them, before we have an epidemic on our hands.

Do you guys want to say it or do you want me to?

I don't know what it is, but I have a feeling nobody needs to say it.

Fine, twist my arm.

I'll do it.

This feels right.

The investigation?



I'm talking about us.

You, me, the big guy.

We make a good team.

We're not a team.

We could be.

We already have a team.

Maybe you can join another team.

They wouldn't even let me on the hospital softball league this year.

Not surprised.

Tell us what you found out.

ER had one female O.


last week.

She was a lucky one.

They revived and released her on Saturday.

But we can't talk to her because her information's protected.

Interesting, 'cause I don't see a connection between the unlucky ones.

I mean, one's from Hollywood, one's from Pasadena.

What about this guy?

He's a John Doe for now.

No ID, no medical records.

That's not uncommon with these type of deaths.

Personal belongings?


Not many.

Tell us about the autopsy.

It's a pretty cut and dry overdose.

Some scratches behind his legs, but nothing to indicate foul play.

I'd put him somewhere in his mid-20s, with the lungs of a 50-year-old smoker.

Cigarettes have an international stamp.

That means they were bought outside the U. S.

And there's still half a pack left.

So, with his smoking habits, I'm guessing he wasn't in the country long.

Southeast Asia is a huge exporter of illegal opioids.

You think he has something to do with the drugs?

I'm thinking it's a good place to start.

Thanks for your help.

It's just what teammates do.

Still not a team.


Perfect timing.

Sam and Kensi just finished up talking to the coroner.

So, early lab results show that Daniel Palmer had high levels of the drug Veridol in his system last night.

Now, on the surface, criminals and drug addicts go together like bacon and eggs.

Crimson and clover.

German and oat milk.

Sorry, that's Don't ask.

But that's it.

Palmer was a criminal and a drug addict.

We're still trying to trace the origins of the Veridol.

Great, so it's a narcotics case.

We can ship it off to the DEA and give my best to Del Campo.

Nicht so schnell, Herr Deeks.


Illegal Veridol production is a full-fledged global crisis.

Thousands are addicted in the Gaza Strip, it's bankrolling the Italian mob and in Africa, Boko Haram is using it as powdered courage for its suicide bombers.

NELL: Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, we've seen a sudden uptick in Veridol-related deaths over the past three weeks.

Now, we've ID'd all the victims except for one, who we think may have brought the drugs into the U. S.

DEEKS: Do we have any idea who this John Doe was working for?

Uh, no, but Sam and Kensi are headed to Frogtown to check out where his body was found.

You know, we busted this guy that was working for an opioid kingpin a couple years back.

Um, Victor something.

Oh, I know.

- I could, uh - I already did.

- So I should - Callen's waiting for you there.

I'm gonna go to the boatshed, meet Callen and talk to Victor.

- Obviously.


I'm just saying that, you know, an NCIS softball team might be good for office morale.

We spend enough time together at the office.

Yeah, but that's, like, with bullets flying around our heads.

You know?

All right, so why add softballs to the mix?

Studies show that organized recreational activity improves, you know, overall quality of life and reduces stress.

Pretty sure they don't have an Eric Beale in their control group.

You know me, and you know I will not quit until you change your mind.


You're right.


I'm feeling a lot less stressed already.

- But why stop there?

- We shouldn't.

You know what?

Let's start a book club.


I have a lot of questions about Ferrante.

Weekly escape room.

Seems a little redundant, but sure, why not?

Sunday flea market.

I'm talking every Sunday.

Every Sunday?


We could start this weekend.

You know what?


- Hmm?

Um, I just remembered I have a thing.

Oh, you have a thing.

Yeah, it's a tiny thing, - but it's a very real thing nonetheless.

- Right.

- You know?

I'm sorry.

- Yeah.

No, no, no, no.

- You know Yeah.

- You know, w-we'll figure it out.

So this is where Nell said that John Doe's body was found.


Maybe he was homeless.

There's a camp not far from here.

Could have collapsed on his way there.

Or someone wants us to think that.

The coroner said the back of his legs were all cut up.

Well, then, maybe somebody dragged him here.

You know what?

That cafe has cameras.

Want to go see if, uh, they saw anything?

As long as you don't have a thing.


Always a pleasure.

I really can't stay very long.


Let me guess, your, uh, your uncle is sick.

Hand, foot and mouth disease.

And you have to take care of his dogs.

Two difficult whippets.

One is blind and the other just pretends to be.

The dogs aren't blind.

And you don't have an uncle.

What you do have is two minutes to give us your full cooperation.

For you two?


What do you know about a large supply of Veridol circulating throughout the city?

Well, I'm sure I don't know much.

You may not be aware, but when I got out, I decided to follow my truth.


Well, too bad your truth involves stealing catalytic converters from old Toyotas.

I like to live outside the box.

Well, if you don't help us, we're gonna make sure you live back inside the box.

Get that?

That's a prison reference.




But you didn't hear this from me.

We definitely did.

I'm not giving you a name.

You definitely are.

You're worse than the whippets.

There's a guy in Eagle Rock.

Richard Weaver.

Heard his business has been enjoying a recent boom.


Thank you.

Now, who's a good boy?


Okay, I want to be clear on something.

This is not cool with me.

Do tell.

First, you want our security footage, then our sales logs, then, suddenly, you're duplicating my fingerprints and arresting me for a crime I didn't commit.


Told you we should have come in undercover.

Yeah, it's gonna be real hard to scan her retinas now that she knows.



Where should I start?

What time do you guys close?

Last person out is usually around 11:00 p. m.

Well, start there, two nights ago.

KENSI: Can you speed that up a little bit?

Right there.


Is that a dead body?

Sure is.

Did those men do that to him?

Yeah, we think they might be involved.

So, um, what happens now?

We find them and have them arrested.

I mean, if that's cool with you.

So, I've confirmed the cigarettes found on the John Doe were, in fact, Vietnamese.


No news on the big cat yet, I'm guessing?

Mm, it's fine.

I'm fine.

And I'm sure P87 is fine.


unless he's not and he's dead.

Eric, remember when we first moved in together and you kind of freaked out when we ditched your laundry detergent for mine?

Well, yeah.

I'm sensitive to new fragrances.


But that wasn't really about the detergent.

It turned out I was sensitive to new life changes, too.



And this really isn't about that missing animal.



You know, I am great with good news.

And at this point, I could lead a TED Talk on handling bad news.

Ooh, boy.

Do not threaten me with a good time.

But what I'm learning to deal with right now is the unknown.

The in-between.

Well, the new setup we have is just that, right?

It's new, so it's probably gonna take some getting used to.

Yeah, but it's not just us, it's-it's your mom.

It's Hetty.

Life has become this waiting room of suffocating uncertainty.


Do I wish we could just speed up all the in-between times?

You bet your sweet Beale butt I do.

Unfortunately, we can't.


What we can do is trust that we'll be there to help each other along the way.

And hopefully, you can find some comfort in that.


I found it.

Well, that was quick.

I found a lead on our John Doe.

All right.

No ID, but facial rec puts him at the Pollen Steakhouse - Hmm.

- Every day for the three days leading up to his death.

Maybe he was waiting for somebody.

Uh Oh, here's where it gets interesting.


I cross-referenced credit card statements for the time frame he was there - and I came up with one name.

- Uh-huh Dev Jabbar.

Yeah, he's a venture capitalist based in Century City but heavily invested in Bangladesh.

His companies range from tech to fashion.

He even has a sustainable soap company.

Maybe he shouldn't have ventured into so many lanes.

Looks like his businesses are hemorrhaging money.


Maybe he was wants Veridol to be his angel investor.


I will tell Sam and Kensi.

I got a question.

What if you found out this was your last year on Earth?


- Hypotheticals are never fun.

Yeah, but what if?

Which is the textbook start of any hypothetical.

Listen, I just want to know what you, Grisha Callen, would look back on one day with regret.

- Well, there was one day.

- I'm already feeling closer to you.

It was the middle of winter.

The sky was clear, the air was brisk and Sam asked me to swap partners for the day.

- I agreed.

- And I regret that.

Don't push me away.

Look, you obviously have something on your mind.

Why don't you just ask?

Anna Kolcheck.

You're not gonna look back on that with regret?

Well, if I find her and I patch things up, I won't have to.


Well, the last time we saw her was in Cuba with a bum leg and a warrant for her arrest, so that should be easy, right?


Federal agents.

DEEKS: Yeah!

I wouldn't do that.

Talk about regrets.

Dev Jabbar.

Agent Hanna.

This is Agent Blye.

I'd guess EPA, but you're dressed too well to care about the environment.

That's insulting, but thank you?

And you can't be IRS.

And why is that?

Too athletic to be good with numbers.

Well, now you've poked the mathlete.

We're NCIS.

We have a few questions about your business.

Uch, "business" makes it sound so singular.

I have my hands in many, many pots.

So do we.

Murder, drugs, money laundering.

It's been a pleasure meeting you both.

Sorry I won't be able to help you.

You don't even know what we're here for.

Neither do you.

If you did, you would have led with it the second you walked up to me.

- Oh, yeah?

- Oh, okay.

- What do you know about this man?

- Mm.

I don't know that man.

But I'll be happy to introduce you to another.

My lawyer.

He can assist you from this point on.

Now, if you'll excuse me.



Nell traced the van that dumped John Doe's body to a downtown warehouse.

Got a warrant.

The economy's tough right now.

Things are expensive.

We all have to make ends meet.

Yeah, most people start by cutting the cable cord.

Well, this is all temporary.

Until I get my feet back on the ground.

Well, as long as it's only temporary, - I don't see a problem.

- Really?

No, Richard.

Not really.

You know what else is expensive?

Hospital bills.



Because of you, Dick you mind if I call you Dick?

Lot of people are never gonna have a chance to get back on their feet.

What they do with the pills is out of my control.

I don't really think the judge is gonna see it that way.

Well, after she sees the possession and international smuggling charges, I don't think it's gonna matter.

- Smuggling?

- Yeah, of the international variety.

I didn't smuggle anything.

- Those guys found me.

- Who found you?

No idea.

I got a call that said they were selling, and meet them in the parking lot at the Bang for Your Buck in Montecito Heights.

Sorry, Bang for Your Buck?

Please tell me that's a dollar store.

- It's a motel.

- ¿Por qué?


I busted a guy there last year.

How much did they want you to pay?

Uh, not what they were asking.

They wanted money, they took what I had.

I call that a pretty good deal.


I call that desperation.

They must have really needed that cash.

Yeah, they smuggle in a ton of drugs, offload them as fast as they can for whatever they can get.

I mean, that just doesn't make any sense.

What if the drugs were just the beginning?

They were the means to facilitate something bigger.

Well, you correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds a hell of a lot like a hypothetical.

Well, I told you they were never fun.


I said hey, I'm all about it, taking that chance I got my eye on all the prizes Got my threads on, they be styling Can you pick up what I'm vibin' Don't you hold it back, don't fight it I said hey, we just wanna play Don't care what they say We do it our way I'm the real thing - I'm the real thing - (GRUNTS)



On your knees.

Hands above your head.

Get down.


You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Get up, come on.

You good?



You see the weapons back there?

I'm more concerned with what I didn't see.

Just talked to the hospital.

They're currently reconstructing your buddy's arm.

We want you guys to be at your best when we put you away What is it that we're putting them away for?

Oh, he hasn't told us yet.

Be a lot easier if he did, but you know, they like to make us work for it, so.


We know you're responsible for bringing the Veridol to L.


And we know that you sold it to buy the weapons in the warehouse.

Take care, bung.

You're not gonna get rid of us that easy.

You may receive high positions.

What did you need the weapons for?

But you will not feel at ease.

Might be going through withdrawal.

Or maybe he's just playing us.

Remember, bung.

Once free always free.

That's it.

We're done here.

Sam, Sam.

What are you doing?

"Remember bung, once free, always free.

" Wh-What is that, a code?

It's a mantra.

It was plastered on war posters during the Dutch-Indonesian war.

Didn't realize you were an expert on 70-year-old war cries.

Indonesian extremists and organized crime syndicates they use old nationalist propaganda to brainwash their followers.

He's Indonesian.

He's a preman.


He has to be working for someone higher up.

Well, let's hope we have enough to find out who that is.

Thank you, Barbara.

So the manager says that she hasn't seen anybody in that room since this morning.

Oh, found this inside, but it's locked.

Well, that's unfortunate, 'cause that could be our only hope of figuring out what they're planning.

Why don't you call Eric and see what he can do.

Yeah, hopefully he can find a password faster than - an uprooted wildcat.


- ERIC: Deeks.

My tender lover.

I need your help.


Say hello to my little friend, Kadek Wiguna.

He's an Indonesian national who until now seemed to dabble mainly in petty crimes.

I'm guessing all of that changed when he met this man.

Oscar Suhin.

It says here he's wanted in connection to the 2018 garment district attacks in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Oh, yeah.

They targeted Bangladesh's biggest industry.

15 people were killed, countless others wounded in the process.

But get this.

Yesterday Suhin and Kadek fly into Los Angeles via Ho Chi Minh City using fake Vietnamese passports, and then check into the same motel Callen and Deeks are at - as we speak.

- Mm.

Calling Sam.

- Hey, guys.

- Tell us you got something.

Yeah, Sam, you were right.

The man you're interrogating is named Kadek Wiguna.

He is working with known wanted terrorist Oscar Suhin.

They arrived yesterday, but we have no idea how they had time to offload the drugs, find an arms dealer, and buy the weapons.

They didn't.

They sent other men over there earlier, including our John Doe.

He ODs in the process, they dump the body, then continue doing what they need to do before Suhin arrives.

Where's Suhin now?

Well, we're still searching for him.

Uh, does Suhin have a connection to Dev Jabbar?

Not yet.

Jabbar is still hidden behind a shield of shell companies, not to mention the added layer of lawyers.

Oh, and Callen and Deeks found a laptop in Oscar Suhin's motel room, but it's gonna take some time to figure out the password.

We don't have time.


Thanks, guys.

NELL: You got it.


That name's usually saved for the second born.

You got siblings?



What's her name?


Where is she now?

What does it matter?

I'll never see her again.

I will never see any of my family again.

That's what Suhin wants you to think.

You know very little about how Oscar thinks.

You know even less about how I do.

You're right.

But the little I do know scares the hell out of me.

Let me take a guess at how it went down.

He took you away from your home.

He gave you drugs.

Fed you so many lies that you got confused and you actually believed him.

I know what it's like to lose hold of the one you love.

One minute you're holding them in your hands then the next minute, that hand closes into an empty fist.

Filled with rage.

Then sadness.

Then defeat.

It's too late for me.

You still have time.

Time for what?

Time to see your family again, Kadek.

Time to see Sinta again.

But you have to help us first.

We found a laptop in your motel room.

We need the password to get in.

I give you that, and Oscar will kill me and my family.

If you don't he will kill a lot more people.

We'll protect you.

You have my word.

Thank you.

You know, just for future reference, my, uh, surfboard will fit in the back of that trunk.


That's the guy who shut down Sam and Kensi.

CALLEN: Dev Jabbar.

Nell said that John Doe met with him last week.

But according to these photos, he didn't meet with anybody.

He was followed.


Jabbar's not working with Suhin's men.

He's their target.

Eric, where is Dev Jabbar right now?

I've got his phone pinged to a warehouse downtown in the Arts District, some type of charity fashion show.

Looks like it's promoting ethical clothing manufacturing.

You want us to evacuate it?

No, that's too risky.

Might tip off the shooters.

Yeah, call FBI and LAPD, but tell them to hang back.

- Yeah.

- You got it.

So, Suhin's original attack was meant to cripple Bangladesh financially.

Which would open the chance for the mob to bring that business back to Indonesia.

But Jabbar steps up, funnels in a tons of capital to revitalize his country.

So Suhin wants him dead.

And attacking the charity event allows him to send a pretty big message at the same time.

I mean, if we go in there hot, they're just gonna start shooting.

We need to get in there and stop him as quietly as possible.

LILY: Women should support other women.

That's why I'm supporting you with a three-month severance package.

Please don't fire me.

Lily, what is the one thing I always tell you?

Never waste Chanel on a first date?

The other thing.

When your road gets blocked, don't turn around, pave a new one.

Consider this a fallen tree.

Now get out of here.

I'll have your things sent to your apartment.

I had to fire my assistant just to get her to leave.

You should have gone with her.

Uh, let me remind you, I was here first.

You guys came to me for help.

SAM: You were here when we got here and you refused to leave.

But you did say it's been a minute since I showed up at one of your crime scenes.

I have friends in here, Sam.

If you're not gonna let me warn them, let me help protect them.

Just tell me if anyone or anything sticks out or is odd or not normal to you.

In this crowd, that'll be fun.

CALLEN: The good news is it's hard to hide a weapon in all these skinny jeans.

They got to be more comfortable than these shoes.

I thought dad sneakers were supposed to be back in style.

DEEKS: They're too heavy to dance in, darling.

Speaking of (GRUNTS)


I'm dying in there.

Anyone got eyes on Dev Jabbar?

DEEKS: Not yet.

But I may have a guy on your ten, Sam.

The cardigan.


Lars Emmanuel.

Nordic designer.

The only thing criminal about him is his obsession with cowl necks.

Overalls, two rows in front of him.


Cooper something.

Head of Smug magazine.

Appropriately named, if you ask me.

I got Jabbar.

Sam, over your right shoulder.


I see him.

CALLEN: And I've got Suhin.

We need to move.

Deeks, can you create a distraction?

Well, as long as I can make it fashion.

Just do it now.


I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I I want it right now DEEKS: Sam, behind you.


I, I, I, I, I, I I want it right now I won't take no I want it right now I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I My bubblegum I can show you loving in the first degree I can be the poison Federal agents.

Probably should have led with that, huh?

Quick lips and a look to kill I, I, I, I, I I want it right now I won't take no I, I, I, I, I I want it right now I, I, I, I, I, I, I My bubblegum.

So the FBI finished their sweep, and, uh, Suhin and all of his men are all accounted for.

I owe you an apology.

No, that's not necessary.

It's just next time, trust us.

All right?

Suhin may no longer be a threat, but we can't promise you there won't be others.

I can promise you there will be.

You know there's less dangerous ways to invest your money.

I moved away from Bangladesh 20 years ago, but I never abandoned it.

My people deserve safe and ethical ways to make a living.

It may cost me a lot up front, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Thank you again.

Our pleasure.

So you didn't want to have us take a day off, huh?

Only easy day was yesterday.

Well, I think it's safe to say the real winner of the day is the music.

CALLEN: I don't know about that.

Do you guys want to go for a drink?


No, I got a, uh, stack of reports that's about to become late paper, so Okay.

What about you, partner?

You want to do an after-work hang?

Eh, I got a few loose ends I need to tie up myself.


- See you later.

- So, what do you think, baby?

Should I bring this, uh, cat head home and spin the ones and twos in the bedroom?

All right, settle down, Diplo.




Sugar bear?

You sure know how to steal a show.

Oh, yeah?

Was it that obvious?

If you want to be on the cover of Smug magazine, you know you could have just asked.

I don't do it for the fame.

Why do you do it?

Eh, that's a conversation for another time, huh?

Oh, we're having another time?

I like where this is headed.

And where's it headed?

Hopefully to La Cienega.

There's a new wine bar there I know you would love to take me to.


Is that so?

- But not tonight.

- Oh.

I have a very fragile assistant that I need to rehire.


This is my personal cell.


Don't be a stranger.




What's going on, Mama D?

I'm carbo-loading.

I think she's referring to the rogue cross-trainer that just grazed my face.


Keep it.

Please, I haven't felt such a lack of support since you forgot to call me on my birthday.


Again, it was 1999.

I was in Prague and I had mono.

Oh, so I guess that means that the Czech Republic has no phones?

Thank you.

You, not helping.

You, what happened to the 5K?

I'm not going.

If I have to elbow my way through a crowd for a prize, I'm gonna do it at Best Buy on Black Friday.

Or or you realized you were spreading yourself too thin.

Yeah, well, Brené Brown needs to write a book on how to get a little sleep.

Hey, why don't you just be honest with me, Mama, and tell me where this is all coming from.

Well, Marty, I woke up the other morning and, for the first time in my life, I realized that I have more behind me than in front of me.

It scared the hell out of me.

So I guess I'm just trying to squeeze in as much as I can.

Yeah, well, I saw that TED Talk with Brené Brown, and I think that's just it it doesn't matter if it's ten things or one thing.

All that matters is you have the courage to try something new.


You've got so much ahead of you and believe me, you're not going anywhere.

And how do you know that, little miss?

Because you crocheted it on a very cute pillow that you gave us for our wedding.

I found that on Etsy.

- Oh.

- Well, that's fantastic news, 'cause now I don't feel guilty about throwing it away.

So, for now, why don't we just concentrate on one new adventure at a time, shall we?


That sounds good.

How about doubles tennis, you and me?

Wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but I love you.

I love you, too, Marty.

It's too bad you didn't think to call me 20 years ago and tell me that in Czech.


Yeah, that was brutal.

Welcome to my childhood.


NELL: Wow.

Looking good.

Thank you.

You two calling it a night?

Not quite.

We're gonna go celebrate.

Today's win?

And today's losses.

And everything in-between.

But mostly the wins.

Eric helped CDFW locate P87.

So, thanks to this guy, L. A. 's most storied mountain lion is now safe and sound in the hills of Malibu.

What can I say?

Sometimes things just work out - the way you want them.


Sometimes they do.

All right.

Have a good night.

- Good night.

- Night.

My lass, the champagne is nigh.

NELL: Then we must make haste.