08x18 - Getaway

♪ ♪

(urgent chatter)

Let's drink to...

TREVOR: Ah... you've already made two toasts.

My turn.

To watching the best chef this side of the country make our capellini.


Dude, it's like watching Mark Zuckerberg code.



That's sipping tequila.

Hey, I'm paying for it. I decide how to drink it.

To not letting other people tell you how to drink.

Hear, hear.

(cell phone ringing)


What did you find out?

I told you I wanted it next weekend.

Hold on.

Hey, I got to finish this call outside, all right, bud?

Yeah, do your thing. I'll just, uh, I'll-I'll order an Uber.


♪ NCIS: LA 8x18 ♪
Original Air Date on March 19, 2017

Clippers on Saturday?

Can't. Saturday's body day.

Body day?

All right, I know arm day, I know leg day. Y-Your workout terms are very confusing.

Body day is the day that I officially start doing body work on Jennifer.

Why do I know that name?

It's the one you suggested. For the car. That you gave me.

Jennifer. Of course.

Yeah, well, uh, she needs a new paint job and new upholstery.

But I'm gonna replace all the wire, transmission and suspension, rebuild the engine.

Nothing sounds like the growl of a '70s Challenger.


That only took five years. Well, four. I think you mourned Charlene for a whole year while Jennifer sat
in the garage.

Yeah, well, a gut punch like that takes it out of you.

Got to move on and get over it.

We're still talking about a car, right?


Then I hope Jennifer enjoys her new body.

Me, too.

What are you guys talk--

Your Challenger.

For a minute, I thought you guys were-- You know what?

It's way too weird for so early in the morning.

We have a case up in Ops.

(Sam chuckles)

Yesterday, there was a cyber attack on the U.S. Treasury Department system.

The hacker was able to download several terabytes of data.

Okay, so what's our connection?

Uh, stolen information contained lists of undercover IRS agents and their counterterrorism investigations.

That's a good reason. What else do we know?

ERIC: NSA pinpointed the source of the breach to a two-mile radius in Sherman Oaks.

Now, they've been able to narrow it down to two potential suspects.

Here's the strange part. One of the suspects,Logan Gorman, was found dead last night in a private dining room at Delucia's in Beverly Hills.

His body was found in a state of paralysis. M.E. found what appears to be a needle mark on his neck.

Delucia's? You sure it wasn't after seeing the check?

But was he with anyone?

Uh, the man he was with hasn't been I.D.'d yet, but an artist is working with the restaurant staff to create a composite sketch.

What about security footage? Anything?

Nothing yet.

You said there was a second suspect.

NELL: Yes.

Actually, the NSA flagged two additional people, and they happened to be a married couple. Tara and Paul Nelson. They live two blocks from Logan.

ERIC: They're clean. No criminal record.

And NSA Agent Michael Donaldson is running point on this. Apparently he has a personal relationship with Deeks.

Oh, he's a friend of Deeks. I don't trust him.

(Eric and Nell chuckle)

Kensi and Deeks are on their way to the boatshed to talk to him now.

SAM: Me and G will go to the crime scene, see what we can find.


All right, we're off to Beverly Hills.

Mr. Callen, I've got something else for you.

Sending you an address and instructions now.

(phone vibrates)

Mr. Hanna, Ms. Kolcheck has been briefed.

She'll meet you in Beverly Hills to investigate Logan Gorman's murder.

Well, the restaurant's on my way. I'll drop you off.


NELL: Yeah.

(door opens, closes)

DEEKS: There he is! Mikey Donaldson.

Marty Deeks!

Been a while, huh?

Doctors in the house.


(chuckles) Doctor.


Okay, I just got it. Yeah, your initials, M.D. You're doctors. That's funny.

Righto. You must be Kensi. I'm glad somebody appreciates that joke.

Well, it's a pretty good joke.

Well, um, how do you guys know each other?

Surfing buddies.

Without the surfing part of that sentence.

Fine. I tried surfing once.

I got sunburned after about 20 minutes, and then I passed out and hit my head on the surfboard, and Deeks here
saved the day.

We've been friends ever since.

Well, I'm glad you made it.

Uh, what do you have for us?




So, a cunning Sherman Oaks resident got into the systems of the Treasury Department, looked around and nabbed about eight terabytes of data, all of it having to do with ongoing counterterrorism operations.

Treasury wants to locate the perpetrators as soon as possible, and we'd love your help.

Who else is the NSA looking into?

Tara and Paul Nelson.

Tara is a cyber-security analyst and she's an expert in IDS, open source intrusion detection systems.

And Paul used to be a systems administrator for a health care company, and now he does some private consulting.

Together they have over 20 years of high-tech experience, no criminal backgrounds.

So, why are we targeting them?

We pulled Logan's cell phone records, and we found that he'd been in contact with Tara and Paul for the last couple of weeks.

Given his past and their tech experience, we might be looking at a hacking ring.

So, Paul and Tara, where are they?

We're looking for them.

Any information we have we'll pass along.

I'd appreciate it if you'd reach out if you find anything.

Will do. All right.

As always. Thanks, bro.

And you should probably, uh, get the-the top checked out.

It's looking a little, little red right there.

I prefer sun-kissed. Remind me to call my, uh, dermatologist. Hang loose, bro.


Kensi, it's been a pleasure.

It's a pleasure.


- Thanks so much for your help.
- Thank you.

You're missing someone.

I wouldn't say I'm missing him.

G's on a special assignment for Hetty.

I don't know anything about it.

Did you learn anything from the waiter?

He said that Logan still had his wallet and was wearing what looked like a pricey watch when his body was found.

That means it wasn't a robbery.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I checked our reservation records, and Logan had only dined here once before.

This time, he requested to sit at what we refer to as the Captain's Table.

Close-up view of the chef, impeccable service.

Logan was trying to impress someone.

Logan's only other request was privacy. He insisted his client enter and exit undetected through the kitchen.

Towards the end of the meal, I drew the curtains closed.

That's when Logan was murdered.

Whoever did this slipped out the back.

No cameras, no other diners to I.D. him.

STEFFEN: I-I pride myself on giving excellent service. I had no idea being so accommodating would lead to such
terrible consequences.

Of course you didn't. Thank you.

It's a bold move, murdering someone a few feet away from a whole staff.

This guy's got nerve.

Hey, where's Hetty?

Kids, today is the day that Hetty is actually beta testing her hologram.


Her image is gonna appear right here. Just wait for it.

Yeah, right.


DEEKS: Here it comes.

HETTY: Hello, everyone. I've brought reinforcements.

Here's the welcoming committee.

Dave Flynn, welcome back.

Kensi, Deeks.

Hey, guys.


Oh, you must be Nell.


And Eric. Wow. You-You guys are basically legends down at the NCIS Cyber office in San Diego.

Come on.

Mr. Flynn now works as a digital forensics specialist.

He'll get you up to speed.

Okay, we just learned from NSA that Tara and Paul Nelson were out of town last night during Logan's murder.

They are now on their way to a two-day couples retreat in the Angeles Forest.

Undercover overnight operation. What, what!

Kensi and I are all over that. Do we keep marshmallows in the Audi?

We always keep marshmallows in the Audi.

Mr. Deeks, slow your roll.

You and Ms. Blye will be forgoing your undercover for your Overwatch duties.


DAVE: Woodland Couples Connect is a two-day retreat for Silicon Beach couples to get away from their screens
for awhile, reconnect in nature.

That sounds pretty perfect. Who's going undercover?


(Deeks chuckles)


Me and Eric undercover as a couple?

Super cool.

DAVE: The NSA wants us to stay really close to the Nelsons at this retreat. We could bring them in at any time, but if we keep them in play, we might have a shot at catching a buyer.
Under no circumstances can that data change hands.

I just finished teching out your Overwatch vehicle.

It's waiting in the driveway.

All right.

Chop, chop.

Um, I'll see you two on the flip side.


Have fun.

Um, wait.

So, I'm leaving Ops, and you will be up there, talking in my ear?

It's all just happening so fast.

I know.
Eric, buddy.

It's gonna be okay. Okay? I've done my homework.

I know the system. I'm ready.

I've had my coffee, a lot of coffee, actually.

Oh! By the way, the only way to get to the lodge and your cabins is to hike in and out from a designated trailhead.

So, I would wear hiking boots and pants.


Yep. Good luck out there.

Eric Beale in pants? This is gonna be great!

No! Oh, come on!

I thought we were gonna get, like, a super awesome Airstream. We got to take this thing back.

This is super awesome.

Okay, the only type of people that use this type of RV are serial killers and hippies at Burning Man.

Not really sure which one is scarier.

Uh, the hippies at Burning Man, hands down, smelling of patchouli, rocking out to Ani DiFranco. Can we please
just take the Audi?

No. How many times have you been on a stakeout and had a western omelet at the same time?

I don't usually crave eggs while fighting crime, thank you.

All right. Get in.

I'm driving, and this is not up for debate.



Literally never even crossed my mind.

This place looks rather rustic.

(chuckles softly)

(door creaks)

Do you want the side closest to the nightstand?

Yeah, whatever is fine.


Glad we worked that out.


What's up?

You seem kind of stressed.

No, just running through my backstory.

First two-day undercover.

Me, too.

But we're ready for this, Eric Sherwood of Reseda, malware specialist.

Yes, we are, Nell Quinn from Culver City, cyber-security consultant.

Mm. Deep breath.

(both inhale deeply)

Let's go.

Kind of musty. (coughs)

(engine stops)

All right.

Hold on, let me just plug this in.

Sorry. (grunts)


Okay. I think we could-- you could just ask me to move.

That'd probably be easier than...

Got it. Move over.

All right. Signal's up, you guys.

DEEKS (over earpieces): We are alive and live. Tracking you both.

Now you should have eyes on the lodge.

DEEKS: We do. We also have eyes on two Bear Grylls wannabes.

You guys are looking pretty cute right now, not gonna lie.


(soothing music playing)


You must be Eric and Nell.


I'm Genevive, the guide to your Woodland Couples Connect journey.

We're just about to break into groups.

Oh. Perfect timing.

Here's your welcome packet.

Oh, aren't you two the cutest. Enjoy yourselves. And don't be afraid to mingle.

All righty.


MAN: Hi!


NELL: Let's say hi.

MAN: How are you?

- Hi. - Hi.
- Hi.

Um, my boyfriend and I were a little late to the party.

But, uh, that wouldn't fit on our name tags.

I'm Eric, and, uh, this is Nell.

I'm, uh, Paul.

Yeah, and I'm Tara.

(phones vibrate, chime)

I'm so silly. I forgot to confiscate your devices.


Don't forget, this is an unplugged retreat.

We keep your phones charging in the supply closet, and you'll have 15 minutes with them at dinner.


I'm terribly sorry.

No, no. That's the point.

Them's the rules, right?

Thank you for cooperating so fully.

Wow. Genevive is so sincere.


And she has supersonic hearing.

The text wasn't even that loud.

ERIC: I know, right? She's like Batman or something.

Or, uh, Catwoman, 'cause she stole all our phones.

NELL: If we want to get technical, she would be, uh, Selina Kyle, Catwoman's alter ego, because she's a thief, right?

Well played.


Um, well, I think we're breaking out into groups of two couples.

Do you want to pair up?

Or, uh... I guess,

if two pairs pair up, then it's quad up.

Quad up, yeah.

NELL: Quad up.


Yeah. Whatever it is, we're there.

Uh, should we catch up with you?

Awesome. Bye, guys.


(clears throat)

I'm, uh, getting some static in my ear.

(staticky): Uh, can you hear me?
Yeah, the comms weaken the further you go from your phones.

Yeah, I was afraid of that.

Um... I'll just try to, uh...

Pair the Bluetooth with a range extender to enhance the signal radius.

I was about to say that.


(indistinct police radio chatter)

Yeah, go ahead.

Hey, Sam.

Excuse my Russian bluntness, but, um, is Callen okay?

Been going through a rough patch.

I mean, we all have. You tell me.

Well, he shut down on me for awhile, which was understandable.

Then he purged all the furniture from his house.

Then things were great. And now, I'm not sure.

Furniture thing's pretty typical.

How about using a dining room table as firewood? Is that typical?

Maybe not, but I get it. You know, you got to find a way to cope with the demands of the job.

Even if it means literally burning up your past.

How do you cope?

I talk to Michelle. She hears it all.

Nothing beats having someone to listen to you who gets it.

You know?

How you doing?


(camera clicks)

Dave, I'm sending you a pic of our victim Logan's computer setup.

Wow, exceptionally rare for a home computer setup.

Okay. Those three black boxes with the lights are called RAID arrays.

Just extra data backup for the extra paranoid.

The two side-by-side cords on the back, fiber optic cables.

Good for getting into restricted places and collecting information.

ANNA: Look at this. Tara and Paul... with Logan.

So not only do they know each other, but they double dated.

Take turns telling your partner the moment you knew you were in love with them.

Look into their eyes.

One person in each group go,

(whispering): then switch.

Eric. Why don't you go first?

ERIC: Me? Well, um, o-okay. Um...

We should turn off the comms.

No, we should not turn off...
No, Deeks.

Just stop. It's amazing.

Just listen for a second.
This is so awkward.

I don't...
We're doing our jobs.

ERIC: Nell. (chuckles)

When you subbed in... on my bar trivia night.

We were friends before, but, um...

...that's when everything changed.

And that's when I knew. That's when I knew I was in love with you.

Not only because your unfathomable knowledge of pirate diseases helped break our losing streak, but because of
how amazing you were with my friends.

And... how amazing you are with me.

(chuckles softly)

I can't top that.


Can you go first, hon?


I knew that I was in love with you when you came to my home and you met my family.

And, um, my sister Chelsey had just found a robin in the backyard, uh, with a broken wing.

And she loved animals. And she was so upset, and...


(quietly): It's okay.

What are you doing?

I just, I seem to have misplaced my tiny violin.

Oh, my gosh, you are such a jerk.

(imitates violin)

Ah! Ow.

Come on, bud.

(speaks indistinctly)


Honey, why don't you go inside and get yourself a snack?

Then take a little nap?

I don't know.
I'll talk to him.

Got to go.

You can't be here.

Well, I am.

You okay, Beth?

Guy bothering you?

No, babe.

It's just someone from work who happened to be in the neighborhood.

How you doing, man?

(quietly): I'll meet you. Send me an address.

Just go.

So funny, running into you.

I'll see you at work on Monday.

Take care, pal.
You, too.

Oh, ginger peach.

That's a good one.

Uh, I'm pretty sure I took the last one.

Um, sorry.

But, um, I'll trade you for Earl Grey.

You sure?

Oh, yeah. It's one of my faves.

I drink it with my boss all the time.


Hey, I noticed you were kind of upset before.

Is everything okay?

Oh, yeah.

(chuckles): I don't know what came over me. Maybe it's because, um, you and Eric are so simpatico.

Oh. (chuckles)

Um, you know, my sister loved animals, too. We lost her... about 12 years ago now. How is that possible?

We used to play this game down at the, um, city pool. It was this dolphin game, and she was way too old to be playing it.

But I was in this gift shop in Santa Monica last week with Eric and, uh, we passed this display of glass figurines.

And there were... all these animals. I couldn't stop staring at the dolphin. And then I burst into tears.

So, I'm just... um, I'm gonna find a restroom.

Oh, hey, don't worry.

I am right there with you.

(chuckles) I, uh, wiped the data off an old phone, turned that one in.

You've done this before.

Uh, actually, no. It's our first retreat.

Um, Nell's, uh, company is on this big wellness kick.

They offered us all these incentives if we came.

But, uh, it's kind of nice to be here.

Yeah. Be, uh, nicer if your lead developer wasn't at a conference in London.

I've got to keep eyes on my e-mail all day.

Tara, too. Um...

Well, just watch out for Catwoman, right?

Yeah. Um, excuse me.

I just, uh-- nature's calling.

Hey. So, Tara seems upset again.

She just abruptly ended our conversation and excused herself to the restroom.

Yeah, and Paul just cut off his conversation with me.

Something is definitely up with these two.

DEEKS: Well, maybe somebody contacted them, like the buyer.

ERIC: Or maybe they just texted each other “meet in the restroom.”


I didn't really get a rendezvous vibe.

Okay, whenever Tara and Paul come back, just keep your eyes on them.

Do not let them out of your sight, okay?

NELL: Will do.

Copy that.

KENSI: Man, this is an amazing Overwatch setup.

What? Are you bummed that they got to go undercover and we didn't?

No, I think they're perfect for this.

I'm just a little sad that we're not doing it in a coastal community where I can do some surfing at the same time.

Oh, come on. Woods are about losing yourself in the majestic pine trees, reveling in bird calls and watching squirrels chase each other. It's awesome.

I'm sorry, are you reading off a brochure someplace? Because the woods will always be terrifying.

You know how many horror movies they shoot out here? A bunch.

Okay, city boy.

(clears throat)

You know what the best part about being in the woods is?

The drive home? Wait, no. Some-mores?

Mm. First of all, it's not “some-mores,” it's “s'mores.”


And second of all, just being with the people you care about.

Wow. I did not see that coming. That was very charming.

But also the s'mores.


Speaking of which, we need a fire.

You need a fire. Yeah, no, I'll make you a fire. As long as I can do it in the warmth and safety of this nice motor home.

I'll tell you what.
(clears throat)

You go build me a fire outside so that I can roast my marshmallows... maybe later, we can have a little... couples' retreat of our own.

Oh, wow, making fire outside.

So easy.

(door opens, closes)

Any questions about the scavenger hunt?

ERIC: Uh, yeah.

Can we have our phones back to take pictures?


Take mental pictures.

Reconnect with nature and with each other.

Okay. We're gonna hike up toward the hills, then split up. Listen for my whistle. We'll reconvene before moving on.

Now, let's get going.

We want to get back before dark. Okay.

We're headed southeast from the back of the lodge.

Tara and Paul are moving fast. Come on.


DAVE: Hey, guys.

Found out Logan used his credit card in a Beverly Hills parking garage one week prior to his murder. I'm sending you a freeze frame from the video taken in the garage.

It's a good match with the composite sketch from the restaurant staff.

That's our guy. What's his name?

Trevor Young.

Oh. Trevor's been on the Feds' radar for quite awhile. He's a freelance broker, suspected hit man. He seems to work with a lot of people.

If the Nelsons and Logan had data, this would be the guy to move it.

Logan was the link between the Nelsons and Trevor.


Then why did Trevor kill Logan?

Well, once Logan introduced Trevor to the Nelsons, he made himself expendable.

And Trevor probably doubled his fee.

It's also a good way to make sure the Nelsons didn't back out of the deal.

All right, let's pick him up and bring him in.

Okay, I just found his address.

Sending it to you now.

(engine starts) Hey, hey.

And easy. Easy!


ERIC: The Nelsons are still booking it. They could have gone any direction.

So you guys should have and uphill trail right in front of you.

NELL: Got it. Time for some cardio, Eric.

Scoot. (clears throat)

By the way, your NSA agent friend, Michael...


...is really, really sweet.

I love your ability to just make friends.

Well, I have lots of friends, 'cause I have a super-secret method of making them.

Picking up people's bar tabs is not what I would call a super-secret method.

How'd you know that?

Because you did it to me, goofball.

Well, picking up somebody's bar tab is foolproof, but when you're breaking the ice, never underestimate
a strategically placed celebrity impression from a nice '80s movie.

Like what?

I mean, the next time you're hanging out with somebody new, just try dropping in a nice quote from Pretty in Pink.

See what happens.

Okay. I'll try that.

(as Arnold Schwarzenegger): “Get to the chopper!”

(laughs): Predator. I love that movie.

“Come on, we have to save California!”


It's charming and endearing, it's sense memory. You cannot resist my Arnold.

♪ ♪

Federal agents! Stop!

(camera clicks)

(camera clicks)

I'm sending a couple of photos to you, Dave.

The shooter at Trevor's house has a bracelet with the Arabic word “Almawt.” It means death.

If I had to guess, this guy works for the buyer.

Let me know if you find anything.


Sam, you got to see this.
It's Trevor.

Looks like the buyer wanted to eliminate the middleman.

(camera clicks)

(indistinct police radio chatter)

Checked the body of the shooter.

No hard drive, no thumb drive.

Yeah, I checked Trevor's body, too. Nothing.

The exchange probably hasn't gone down yet.

Could be why the Nelsons are at the retreat-- to make the exchange.

We searched all over. Nothing in there.

Okay, thanks.

DAVE: Hey, Sam. Check your phone.

(phone vibrates)


The name on that bracelet you sent me a photo of earlier: Almawt.

Yeah, they portray themselves on their website as a religious brotherhood. But it appears that they're a fledgling organization suspected of funding terrorist activities in the U.S.

And they wear matching bracelets. How cute.

Oh, and here's the real smoking gun. They were recently denied tax exempt status as a religious organization.

So Almawt may think there are undercover IRS agents in their organization.

So they paid Trevor to get somebody to hack into the IRS to get the names of the agents.

Oh, I just got a hit on facial rec. Look who Trevor was meeting at a park in West Hollywood, two days before
Logan was murdered and the day they left L.A.

SAM: Paul and Tara Nelson. Thanks, Dave.

Nell, Eric? Bring in Tara and Paul Nelson immediately.

ERIC: Hetty, that might be a problem.

NELL: Our group leader, Genevive, stopped to check our progress on the scavenger hunt.

It was only a minute, but it was just enough time for Tara and Paul to slip away.

Now we've been looking for them for the past five minutes or so. Kensi and Deeks don't have eyes on them, either.

What we're trying to say is... the Nelsons are gone.

HETTY: Well, find them.

(door closes)

You changed.

Going for a run on the Strand after this.

There's nothing in here to be afraid of.

How do I know some old geezer isn't hiding somewhere, ready to give me another concussion?

Memories. Well, maybe not in your case.

You're expecting an apology.

Is there a reason why we're not having this conversation at the Lompoc Women's Prison?

I was doing my job.

W-We've gone over this multiple times.

It's almost like you're the one who got hit in the head.


And, uh, Mr. GQ-- I take it that's your next mark?

It's my husband.

You could have really ruined things for me.

Showing up like that.

That's your real family?

How old is your kid?


So when we were... together...

you had a three-year-old son at home?

Anything else I can help you with, Callen?


No, I'm good.

There is one more thing.

You can give me Sabatino's location.

You two are the last agents alive of that whole circus.

Now he's in the wind.

No one's heard from Sabatino.

I haven't heard anything from anyone.

You need to contact me, call this number.

Don't show up at my house again.

Looks desperate.

(door opens, closes)

Looking, looking, looking, looking.

Bingo. Yeah, we got a ranger station

a quarter mile ahead of you.

Good place for an exchange.

KENSI: All right, head west and see if you can spot any tracking signs along the way.

Disturbed rocks and grass.

Yeah, we got boot prints.

Let's hope we're on the right path, huh?

You got this, guys, come on.


Huh. The man you shot drove all over L.A., but kept going back to this one address.

SAM: There's a lot of office buildings around there.

How many times did he go there?

At least three times in the past four days.

If he was a member of Almawt, I bet that's their spot.

Take a picture.

Dave, I'm sending you a photo of an address where we think Almawt was meeting.

DAVE: Copy that.

Tara, stop! We're federal agents.

Nell? (sighs) You'll make it a lot easier if you don't run.

ERIC: We know about you and Paul selling the information-- it's over.

It's not over. We didn't sell anything. They kidnapped my sister Chelsey and they forced us to do this.

Oh, God, honey, you should sit. You shouldn't be moving.

(groans) Okay.

A man, uh, with dark hair and a baseball cap met us here to get the solid-state drive that had the information on it.

TARA: He pulled a gun on us, but Paul fought him off.

He just left, and he has the drive.

Which way did he go?

That way.

Please, I don't know if my sister is still alive.

Please, please hurry.

All right, stay here with Paul.

Eric and I will go find some help.

ERIC: Only way out of here is to hike.

NELL: Let's move. Kensi, Deeks?

Yeah, we're on our way. Damn it!

Come on.
I got it!

Let's go. What are you doing?

Just lift it up.
I'm going as fast as I can....

We got to go. Aw, son of a...

There you go.

Guys, we're heading to the trailhead to see if we can cut them off.

Looks abandoned from the outside.

What do you have on this building, Dave?

DAVE: The cameras are closed-circuit.

I'm pretty much blind.

There's a bullpen in the middle with offices around the side, but...

Wait, wait.

Okay, it looks like there's an exit door on the north side that opens to a back hallway.

North side.

NELL: Sam? Eric and I are trying to stop the guy with the drive.

Tara's sister may be in there, but we never got a description.

SAM: They have Tara's sister. I recognize her from a photo at Logan's.

That's him, that's him, that's him!

Let's go.

SAM: Careful. He's heading your way.

He may have heard you.

SAM: On my one.

Three, two, one.

Guys, we're doing the best we can with this old rig...

Hold on! Hold on!

(both grunting)

Come on, baby.

Come on, baby!

No. No! Watch out! Tree!




Hey. Are you Chelsey?


I'm Anna, and that's Sam.

We're federal agents.

I was sure I was gonna die.

You're alive, Chelsey. Let's get you out of here.


DEEKS: We lost him. It's all you guys.

♪ ♪

Nice one, Beale.

(camera clicks)


Spot of tea?

ERIC: Oh, thank you kindly. (chuckles)

Lot of truth out there in the woods today.

Like that story you told about me?


Hey, you're back!

And in one piece.

Oh, I interrupted something.

Uh, no, nothing that can't be postponed.

Mm-hmm. Um... we didn't expect to see you here so late.

Yeah, I'm just heading back to San Diego.

Hetty told me to stop in here before the hundred miles of freeway.

Oh, you're driving tonight?

My-my girlfriend had a bad day at work, so I want to go cheer her up.

Oh, that's a bummer. Where does she work?

The NCIS Cyber office.

With me.

We kind of work together.

Wow, that's an awesome setup.


Well, thanks for being us today.

Hey, to pinch hit for you guys? I should be thanking you.

ERIC: You could not have done it better.

All right, so, tea?

Or coffee, maybe, for the road?

As long as you share a few stories about life in a traveling shipping container.

ERIC: Ooh, and what the Cyber office is like.

And what your thoughts are on holograms in the workplace.

Oh, yes, that.

Cream, no sugar?


Mr. Callen.

I wasn't expecting to see you back here.

I like to look at something familiar from a new perspective.

The view from my office is different than the view from your office.

You wanted me to see her that way.

I wanted you to see the whole picture.

It wasn't strictly personal.

Did you ask her about Sabatino?

You know I did, but that's not the point.

Facing one's pain... head-on, and cauterizing the wounds-- it's true bravery.

Ignoring, denying, deluding ourselves just, um... leads to more heartbreak.

I wonder if that really is her family.

Does it matter, Mr. Callen?

Lately, I see sunshine coming from the cracks in that wall you've been rebuilding and rebuilding around yourself.

Yeah, I'm gonna have that looked at.


I hated her just as much as you did for hurting you.

Sam said everyone did a good job today.

Yeah, you should be, um, proud of your team.


I am.