12x08 - Love Kills

Previously on "NCIS Los Angeles..." (SCREAMS)

ERIC: Pietra Rey from São Paulo. Her father Carlos was gunned down in . - Pietra was .

- KENSI: Get on your knees.

ERIC: She's also been linked with Revolucao Sociedade Livre, a Brazilian militia group. They're deadly fighters.

HETTY: Mr. Deeks, I'm talking about NCIS having accepted you into the Academy.

I'm going to the Academy.

♪ Morning.






Come to the door.




Wake up, Galeano.

You've got ten minutes to get your ass ready and...


I thought I'd be the first one here this morning.

I like to start my day with a breakfast of cold matcha and hot lead.

That was bad, wasn't it?

Uh, it wasn't good.


I'm trying to up my street game.


You know, the verbal body slams when someone gets up in my grill or I'm trying to take down a nasty perp.


Like that, uh, Rachelle Chung girl, huh?

She really got under your skin.


Hardly, okay?

She was a punk.

You haven't been here long, but trust me, the rest of the team are big on the witty repartee and catchphrases.

Dropping a sarcastic one-liner after arresting a suspect is old-school and considered pretty unprofessional.

"You make sounds like you're a mean little ass-kicker, "only I ain't convinced.

You keep talking, and I'm gonna take your head off." What?

I was, I was just saying...

No, I'm-I'm kidding.

It's Mr. Majestyk. You know, Charles Bronson?

My dad loved all the classic tough guy movies.

Uh, y-yeah, I-I get it.

I think.


What's really going on here?

Nothing, I'm just trying to be more sensitive to how the public and how, you know, they perceive those of us in law enforcement.



I took my little sister and some of her roommates out for dinner last night.

I just, you know, figured they could use a half-decent meal.

That's nice.

How's she doing?

She's good.

She loves UCLA.

You know, she's a part of all the social clubs and she's making new friends.

But last night, the conversation turned to racial injustice and police bias, and I found myself on the wrong side of the law.

Well, did you explain that we do what we do to keep them safe?

Yeah, and it got me thinking, you know, that maybe it's not enough to just be good at what we do.

We have to be better.

We have to set an example and a standard that's above and beyond what people expect from us.

We should be seen as a solution, not a problem.

Does that sound stupid?

No, it sounds commendable.

If not a tad ambitious.

You and I are the future of this service and we need to decide what we want that future to look like.

I'm with you.



I, uh, had the main line forwarded.

Better take this.


Oh, and, um, in the future, Rountree, "When I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you." Chuck Norris?

Code of Silence? Really?



exactly what I'm talking about.


Chuck Norris.

I'll show you Chuck Norris.


Yeah, no problem at all.

Okay, we'll check it out, I'll let you know if we find anything.

All right, buddy, you, too.

Stay safe.


Hey, Fatima...

Okay, bye, bye, bye.

All right, that was Lance Hamilton from the DOJ.

They had a star witness show up dead at a safe house this morning.

Miguel Galeano?

I just got off the phone with CIA Officer Sabatino about the same case.

Okay, Lance didn't say that he was involved.

Sabatino didn't mention Lance, either.


I wonder what the CIA's interest is in this?

Sabatino didn't say over the phone.

But Sam and Callen are gonna meet him at the boatshed.

- What about Lance?

- Well, Lance asked us to go to the crime scene and make a quick assessment since he's out of the country and can't do it himself.

Um, but who is this witness?

I don't really know, but I-I can find out.

Hopefully, Sabatino can give Sam and Callen some more info.


Hey, how's, uh, Deeks doing over at FLETC?

Oh, you know, he's fine.

It's Deeks, so...


He's hating it, isn't he?

With every fiber of his body.


DEEKS: What's the hurry here?


I think we should pace ourselves, right?




You got a problem, Deeks?


No, no.

No, I'm good.

I just think there's something there's something wrong with these shoes.

They used to be so much faster.

You're still on the clock.

Let's go.

Oh, yeah, no, I'm definitely...


It's a good trail, though.

This is...

it's so scenic.

I feel like I should do a pastel.


What the hell is that?

Excuse me?

On your head.

Oh, yeah.

I've been working a cover.

As what, a backup dancer?


How long have you two been in quarantine?

'Cause I'm picking up a very weird Bert and Ernie vibe.


Oh, no, make yourself at home.

So what do you need from us besides a haircut?



Is that what I get even after the last time I saved you guys?

- Really?

- You better loosen up that man bun.

I think it's cutting off the blood to your brain.

You're calling that a man bun?

- Yeah.

What would you call it?

- I don't know.

- A midlife crisis, maybe?

- Or a cry for help.

I know it hurts, but really, it's no big deal, no matter how many times I have to pull your sorry asses out of the fire.

At this point, it's the closest thing I have to a hobby.

SAM: Seriously, why are we here, Sabatino?

I don't know.

I'm guessing because you probably didn't apply yourselves in school?


- Do you want to hit him, or should I?

- L.A. makes you so hostile.

Have you two ever considered couple's therapy?

Why did they ever take you out of Afghanistan?

Good question.

They, uh, pulled me out because, you know, aside from our obvious success, the terrorist groups have suddenly become better funded than ever.

And yet, there's been no uptick in kidnappings, oil prices are at an all-time low and the reduction in international travel has made human trafficking even more difficult.

So where are they getting their money?

We raided a compound thought to be hiding a high-value target.

Target wasn't there, but we found pallets of that.

Over six million dollars worth of counterfeit cash.

This is counterfeit?

- You sure?

- SABATINO: Mm-hmm.

We didn't even know until we tried to track the serial numbers.

Man, this is good.

Real good.

It's better than good, it's damn near perfect.

You know, we're talking color-shifting ink, microprinting, portrait watermarks, holograms.

I mean, you'd have to have millions of dollars' worth of equipment and materials, not to mention the skill set to do a superbill like this.

- It's got to be state-sanctioned.

- SABATINO: Yeah, we think so.

The Secret Service tracked it to Brazil, but we couldn't find the source.

Well, most of the superbills are coming out of Peru.

Traditionally, but nobody there is doing anything this good.

We still don't know who's making it, but we do know somebody who was trying to bring it into the U.S.

Guy by the name of Miguel Galeano.

He's an enforcer with the Acosta Cartel.

Yeah, he got pinched when that plane went down in New Mexico full of cocaine.


And that plane also had another $ million of these phony superbills on board, but that wasn't made public.

Okay, so what do you need from us?

Galeano was gonna reveal the source of the superbills as part of a plea deal, until he wound up dead last night, while in the custody of your buddy, uh, the big guy, Lance Hamilton's Department of Justice.

So you want us to help you find who did this?

We think we know who did it.

I want you to help me find her.

She's a Brazilian.

Pietra Rey.


You know her?

SAM: Yeah.

She tried to blow us both up.


Does anyone actually like you guys?

Pietra Rey's a Brazilian national from São Paulo.

Her father Carlos was a teacher turned activist who fought to get drugs out of the favelas until he was gunned down in .

She was still a kid at the time.


After her father's assassination, she joined the Brazilian militia group Revolucao Sociedade Livre, where she was trained as a jungle guerilla.

Very well trained.

Just ask Kens.

SABATINO: I'm sorry, just so I'm clear.

This woman killed three men in cold blood, destroyed a bar, tore up L.A. and almost blew you both up?


And then you let her go?


You guys are awesome.

We didn't let her go.

She was extradited to Brazil for trial.


And now she's here killing people.

How's that work?

You don't know that for sure.

Why would she want this witness dead?

Same reason she came here and trashed your backyard... revenge.

Miguel Galeano's an enforcer with the Acosta Cartel.

Enzo Souza and his Chief of Staff, Luciano Carvalho, - they killed Pietra's father.

- They ordered the hit.

The Acosta Cartel did all the wet work.

According to customs, Pietra Rey arrived in L.A. six days ago.

So you tell me...

is that a coincidence?

There's only one way to find out.

SAM: Oh, geez. What do you got?

Back of Sabatino's head.

- Look, I mean, it's worse from behind.

- Would you stop?

Look at it.

Stop, get out of here.

I know jealousy when I hear it, buddy.

Why don't you concentrate on something more useful?

- I'm sorry, sorry.

- Like finding something.

- It's just so distracting.

- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Unless things were moved, I don't see any sign of a struggle.

They said the body was floating in this pool.

Well, if the marshal was in the driveway, and this was foul play, I got to think the killer came in from one of the neighbor's backyards.

I'm sure the DOJ is canvassing the neighborhood for home surveillance footage.

- Can I help you?

- But we...

NCIS. Agent Callen.

Agent Hanna.

I left my wallet in the car.

Well, you're trespassing on private property and a federal crime scene.

Blake Garcia, Department of Justice.

And you have ten seconds to vacate the premises.

One of your own, Lance Hamilton, - he asked us to take a look around - This isn't Hamilton's case.

Well, clearly he was concerned if he asked us - to come here and take a look.

- GARCIA: Well, you've looked.

And now I'm asking you to leave.

You sure you want us to do that?

I mean, your safe house is not exactly safe.

You have a leak in your organization.

Okay, my next call is to your boss.


Well, good luck finding her.


Oh, yeah, I'm not, I'm not actually with them, with them.

Um, question...

Did pool-toy boy ever tell you who was supplying the Acostas with the superbills?

Get out of here!


Hmm, all this sunshine and yet so angry.

I just don't get it.

I mean, is it the traffic?

It's got to be the traffic or could be the bun.

Could be the bun.

Customs confirmed Pietra Rey entered the country six days ago.

How was she able to enter the country on her own passport after what she did here?

That is a very good question.

Another good question is, why would you use your real ID if you were here to kill somebody?

Well, it clearly didn't matter the first time.

I mean, does she have diplomatic immunity or something?

Not that I'm aware of.

She's staying at the Golden Beaches Motel in the Valley.


They got golden beaches in the Valley?


I haven't found a car rental, so we don't know what she's driving yet.

All right, no worries.

Kensi and I will check out the motel.

Let me know if you find a vehicle.

For sure.

Oh, and, uh, remember, Rountree, (BAD AUSTRIAN ACCENT): "If it bleeds, we can kill it." Schwarzenegger?



Yeah, uh, okay.

Come on, man.

Killing me.

ROUNTREE: So you guys have had a run-in with this Pietra Rey before, huh?

Why, what did they tell you?

Uh, that her dad was assassinated, she became a guerrilla, came here to get revenge.

And that's it, that's all they told you?

They didn't, they didn't tell you that she, um, kicked, kicked my ass?

Uh, what?

They didn't tell you that she kicked my ass?

(LAUGHS): No, uh... did she?

I had cramps that day, okay?

- Oh!

Uh, I'm still the new guy...

- Mm-hmm.

...so you don't have to tell me everything.

Yeah, no, I know, I know, it's just...

I don't feel like you understand what it's like to actually have a fight on your period.

Oh, wow, you're still on this.

- How's Deeks?

- You don't know.

- Uh...

- You have no idea.

- Okay.

- MAN: Deeks! - Deeks!

- Sorry, I tripped on something.

The ground is a little uneven right here.

I think there was probably a mole.

It's fine, he's gone now.

- Need a break, gramps?

- That is just hurtful!

Now you've unleashed the beast.

All right!

- Bring it!

- Next.


What do you mean, "next"?



This guy?


Maybe we could work on some de-escalation training.

I'm not very good at that.

Take him down, Deeks!

With what exactly, a bulldozer?

- Go!

- All right.

Jungle cat!



Ah, that's a strong showing.

What would Sam Hanna do?!


I got him!

This is right where I want him!

You tap or snap!

I'm bringing the funk! Like I said, she checked in and that was it.

Never seen her since.

What about housekeeping?

Well, they haven't touched the room.

She never stayed here.

How long she have the room for?

End of the month, so I ain't complaining.

You think she's dead?

Why would we think she's dead?

Well, you know, same old story.

Pretty girl on her own goes missing.

Next thing you know you're finding pieces of her in a suitcase in Griffith Park.


It happens... more often than people like to admit.

Uh, actually, it doesn't.

Yeah, this girl... she can, she can take care of herself.

Uh, just...

So I've heard.


You ever see anybody come to her room or maybe drop off a message for her?

I don't think you're listening to me.

She came, she checked in.

And then she disappeared.


- "Poof"?

- Poof.

- Poof.


- Poof.

And like I said, she's probably dead.

She's not dead!

All right, let me know if you find anything.

So Pietra is not at the address that she gave Customs and it appears that she never has been.

Well, when you're right, you're right.

Any luck with the neighbors' surveillance cameras?

DOJ seized everything.

You think Garcia is trying to hide something?

You mean besides his embarrassment?



Coming in hot.

Looks like someone called Mommy.

Let's see some credentials, gentlemen.

You need a special invitation?

I'm not, I'm not with...

I'm not with them.

Then who the hell are you?

Uh, Peter DeBartolo.

How you doin'?

I, uh, I live right down the street.

Then go home.

You go home.

I live here.

Get him out of here, and if he resists, arrest him.


All right, all right, I'm leaving, I'm leaving...

to report a civil rights violation.

You two, we'll take it from here.

Special Agent Carlson, DOJ Organized Crimes and Gangs Section.

Lance Hamilton asked us...

I don't care if Lance asked you to adopt him.

This was an OCGS crime scene, and we don't need or want your help.

Don't make me ask you a second time.

Make sure they're gone before I get back.

She always that chipper?


Ah, yeah, excuse me, I got to get in here.

My wife parked the car here, it's mine.

It's my car, yeah, thank you, all righty.


Does your boss dress you alike or did you get, like, a two-for-one deal on those suits?

Take it easy.


FATIMA: Pietra travelled alone from Brazil.

She didn't meet anyone in the airport.

She grabbed an Uber.

You identify the driver?

Desmond Davis.

I sent you the address where he dropped her.

It's at a house in Silver Lake, currently for sale in escrow.

The former owners moved to Atlanta for work and have no apparent connection to Pietra or any other aspect of this case.

If that house is vacant, she could be staying there.

The listing agent sent us the code to the lockbox and will try to meet you there.

All right, what about Bulletproof?


Fatima knows what I'm talking about.

I do?

Beale's new search program.



we can't call it Bulletproof for legal reasons, so we just call it Eric's Kaleidoscope.

Oh, I bet he loves that.

Look, call it whatever you want, can you find Pietra with it?

I can try.

The more data we have on her, the more accurate it becomes.

Hey, what about the marshal who was guarding the safe house last night?

Kensi and Rountree are with him right now.

MARSHAL: I'm really, really sorry. KENSI: I know, I-I know you feel really, really bad.

But I really, really need you to try and remember anything you may have seen or heard, no matter how insignificant.

- I was awake from : until : .

- Mm-hmm.

The sun was already up when I nodded off.

But only for a moment.

I'm really, really, trying to remember, but I didn't hear or see anything.

How's it going?

It's really, really not.

Did you find anything?


Sam and Callen are checking out an address where Pietra was dropped after the airport.

That's more than we've gotten.

The marshal was a bust.

He didn't hear or see anything.

You believe him?

Oh, yeah.

This guy's a Boy Scout.

He's gonna be beating himself up for a while over this one.

Ask Sam and Callen if they want us to join them after we cut this guy loose.

Will do.


You want to take a crack at it?

No, thank you.

Asking that guy any questions at this point just feels like bullying.


Hey, Kensi.

CIA Officer Sabatino, this is Special Agent Rountree.

How's it going?

It's not.

Where's, uh, Laverne and Shirley?

If you're referring to Sam and Callen, they are not here.

Yeah, they're checking out an address in, uh, Silver Lake.

Let me guess, this guy didn't see or hear anything?



Where's Deeks?

He's at FLETC.


What's he doing there?

- He's attending the Academy.

- Come again?

LAPD had all these budget cuts, and they terminated the liaison position, so Hetty got him a class and he's at FLETC.

Well, I hope they're giving him the senior's discount.



Coming fr..

You guys are, like, the same age.

- You remember that, right?

- Deeks?


He's got socks older than me.

I'll have you know that he is crushing it out there, okay?

Oh, I bet.




What are you doing?

Pumpkin spice latte, extra cinnamon.

- What?

- What?


- Yeah, no, exactly.


- Were you sleeping?

No, I was combining the sum total of my forensic findings into a mental image of the crime.

How about you just stick with the assignment?

Well, in all fairness, I already, I already did the whole assignment.


I was just going for the, for the bonus points.

I thought I read about that in the manual.


- Is that not a bylaw?

All right, no, I got it.

We'll just keep it on the low-low.

Just between me and you.

All right.

Good talk.

Damn it, Deeks.

Yeah, all right, I got it.

Well, my people say Garcia and his boss Carlson are squeaky clean.

Yeah, well, somebody still gave up Galeano and the safe house location.

Uh, Acosta family's got deep pockets.

They could afford to pay big money for that information.

Yeah, and especially if they pay for it in superbills.

I just think we're missing something.

Rumor is, you knew her better than anyone.

What's your gut telling you?

I don't know her, okay?

I just, I understand her.


Look, she's driven, she's capable.

I just don't think she came back to kill Galeano.

Why not?

Well, for one, it serves her no purpose.



If-if she wanted revenge from the Acosta Cartel, she's got plenty of them down in Brazil.

She doesn't have to come here and risk everything.

Especially not to kill a guy whose testimony could actually help bring down the cartel.

Well, maybe she didn't want to see him get immunity off of some plea deal.

Yeah, facts are facts: She came here, and a few days later Galeano is dead.

She could have driven straight to Mexico last night, was on a plane back to Bogotá before the body was cold.

Anything to eat around here?

I'm starving.

It's a boatshed, not a restaurant.


Could have fooled me.

Oh, that stinks.

This place always had a tacky crab shack feel to it.

What about, like, a sandwich place nearby?


They got a badass marisco burrito.


- I could eat.

- Fine.


You are paying.

What else is new?

Show me the way, new guy.

It's Rountree.

Rountree, Rectangletree.

If I'm buying, I call you whatever I want.

- This guy's a jerk.

- I told you.


Where you gonna live if Deeks sells his bar?

Probably just move in with you.


Yeah, right.

I'd sink my boat before I let that happen.

Sink your boat?

I've got a laptop...

used coffee cup.

Pietra, don't do this.

What do you want from me?

CALLEN: You can start by putting that gun down.

CALLEN: Any idea what she's saying?

I'm pretty sure she's talking about you.

Tell me something good, Fatima.

The house where you found Pietra is in escrow.

And guess who the buyer is?

Jean-Claude Van Damme.


DOJ attorney Blake Garcia.

- Boom.

- FATIMA: Double boom.

The gun she had?

Also registered to Garcia.

If Garcia gave her a weapon and a place to hide out, she probably knew the location of Galeano's safe house.

She's saying she was helping Garcia prosecute Galeano.

Doesn't explain why she was staying at his house or had his gun.

I met Blake while he was in my country working with my government.

I was helping provide him information on Cartel Acosta.

After Galeano was killed, he gave me a weapon to protect myself.

Are you two in a relationship?

It was never our intention.

It just happened.

We knew it was not something that would look good, especially for Blake.

Not to mention this case.

That's why we were trying to keep it private.

Where were you when Galeano was killed?

I was with Blake.

Ask him.

Garcia isn't taking my call.

He will if we send him this.




- Son of a bitch.


MAN: Have a good day.

You seem like a smart enough kid.

You should consider the CIA.

Nah, I'm pretty happy here.


All right, suit yourself.

Just let me know if you ever outgrow the crab shack.

Where have you been?

Somebody wanted to buy sunglasses.


Two pair, bucks, boardwalk.

Well, thank you for supporting child labor.

Get in.

Not you.

What are you talking about?

I bought lunch.

Keep it.

Don't let Pietra out of your sight.

Let's go.

- Hey.


- Let's go.

This is going in my report.


I can't find any footage of Garcia being attacked.

What's his status?

He didn't make it.

I'm sorry.

But I found cell phone activity in the vicinity of the safe house around the time witness Miguel Galeano was killed.

I can't identify the phone, so maybe it's a burner.

But it made a call to Brazil.

You got a name and number?

A woman by the name of Neves Silva.

, aspiring model, comes from a good family.

Nothing jumps out, but I'm still putting together a profile.

Here's the thing, though.

The phone that called her is still on line in the vicinity of the safe house.



- No.

- I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS, this is Special Agent Devin...

I don't care.

Okay, well, Lance Hamilton asked...

Just stop.

I swear, if one more person mentions Lance Hamilton again today, I'm gonna shoot them.

Then I'm gonna shoot Lance.

In the face.

That's aggressive.

Is that Garcia?

- What do you think?

- I think you've got some serious problems within your agency.


Did you know that Garcia was having an affair with Pietra Rey?

- Who told you that?

- She did.

We grabbed her leaving Garcia's house.

She's been very helpful.

- Where is she?

- She's with us.


In protective custody.

Protective custody?

We're trying to keep her alive, unlike Galeano and Garcia.

But we're willing to work with you.

You give us something, we'll let you talk to Pietra.

What's this?

Dash cam footage from a car that may have witnessed the shooting.

Thank you.



Looks like the DOJ have split.

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking the next time Lance Hamilton calls, we don't answer the damn phone.



You see anything?


Doesn't look like anyone's been here, but there's no way of knowing for sure unless we go inside.

Yeah, and DOJ's not gonna let us get a warrant.

If we even think about going inside, we might as well turn in our badges.

Hey, Fatima?

- Can you try calling that phone number?

- Sure.

One sec.


We got it, Fatima.

It could be Galeano's.

He might have dropped it in the struggle with his killer.

Or it's the killer's, and he dropped it during the struggle with Galeano.


How you doing?

Just, uh, bought lunch for everybody, then they double-crossed me and split.

Between the two of us, they can't be trusted.

But, lucky for you...

I now have extra...

and I thought you might be hungry.

Supposed to be good, but I'm not from here, So if you eat it, it's at your own risk.

Who are you?

I'm just a boy...

sitting in front of a girl, about to eat a burrito.

Hoping she can tell me about the best counterfeit money I've ever seen.

Any idea who's supplying the superbills to the Acostas?


But I can tell it's not coming out of Brazil.

Or anywhere else in South America.

Who's making it?



I mean, those are the usual suspects, but if you know something different...



You don't have a shellfish allergy, do you?


Mine definitely had seafood.


Yeah, I'm not buying it.


Although I gotta admit that was pretty convincing.


All right, I'll play along to get this over with.




You break it, you buy it.



told you she'd try to make a run for it.

But nobody wants to listen to Sabatino.

She's all yours.


And you're welcome for the burrito, by the way.


What's going on?

Do you know Neves Silva?

She's Galeano's girlfriend.


He called her.

Which is probably what gave away his location.

You have to let me go, or I'm calling my embassy.

And when Blake finds out you've been holding me...

Blake is dead.

He was gunned down outside his car minutes ago.

You're lying.

I wish I was.

I'm sorry.


You need to let me go.

You're safer here.

I don't want to be safe.

I want to find those responsible.

And we're working on that.

You need my help...

I know these people better than you do.

Yeah, so give us everything you've got, because if you've been holding anything back, now is the time to talk.

If the Acosta Cartel was looking for Galeano, then they were probably tracking his girlfriend Neves Silva's phone hoping he'd call.

And the minute he did, they were able to trace him back to the safe house.

So there may not have been a leak in the DOJ after all.

Galeano led the killers to himself.

Love kills.

What do you think?

I think I just broke her heart.

She's devastated.

For the moment.

Then she's gonna get angry.

Then she's gonna get dangerous.

I can vouch for that.

Want my advice?

- We have a choice?

- Put a tracker on her and cut her loose... either she finds the Acosta's hit squad, or they find her.

Either way she leads us back to them.

SAM: Last time she went on a rampage, she killed three people.

She's efficient, I'll give her that.

We can't keep her against her will.

We don't have anything to charge her with.

You know what I would do.

Where you going?

I'm gonna go to the Garcia crime scene, check it out for myself.

How long do you think it'll take before she figures out there's a trapdoor in there?

About half as long as it'll take her to pick the lock.

FATIMA: What am I supposed to do with this? Do you have any idea how many cargo vans there are in Los Angeles?

- A lot?

- A hell of a lot.


every business in the Southland.

What if we...

blow it up?

Then we get a blurry image of the most popular work vehicle in the state.

There's no markings, no signage, no damage...

We're not even close to getting a license plate.


No wonder they're willing to hand this over...

It's useless.

I hope you didn't trade them anything good for it.



Please tell me you fitted her with a tracking device.

This isn't our first barbecue.

I hope to hell the thing was waterproof.

It's definitely water-resistant.





What are you doing here?

I guess the same thing you are, right?

Yeah, well, don't waste your time.

There's nothing there.


- Also, DOJ sent us some dash cam footage.

Doesn't show anything.

Hold on a second.

- Yo.

- FATIMA: We got a hit on a van in the vicinity both before and after Garcia was shot.

You got a name for me?

It's part of a fleet registered to the Bang Soo Bang Trading Company, a Hong Kong import/export business.

I sent the address to your phone.

KENSI: Thank you.

Send it to Sabatino as well, alert Callen and Sam, and you two meet us there.

- We're on our way.

- KENSI: Thank you.

Have a possible address on the shooter's van.

All right.

Lead the way.







How's it going?


How are you?

I, uh, crushed it on the range today, which was awesome.

- 'Course you did.

- Yeah, but that's about it.

I'm telling you, these kids are machines.

So what?

You've got all this experience.

That's a good way of putting it, although I don't think it's helping much.

I'm not gonna lie, baby, I'm...

I'm actually struggling.


honestly, I remember those days, and they were really, really long.

I mean, you're probably just tired.

Well, I'm definitely tired, and I'm feeling that for the first time in my life.

It's like this bus that suddenly comes out of nowhere and just slams into you.

It takes away your energy and your youth and your job and your bar, and...


♪ The window left open... ♪ Well, you know there's no crying in FLETC, right?


Actually, I-I saw that in the...

in the bylaws.

Okay, well, then...

suck it up, and you go show those snowflakes how Party Marty bangs it.

Oh, my God, Party Marty.

Baby, Party Marty's been dead for years.

He is so long gone.

You know how much I love you, yeah?

I love you, too, baby.

Hey, I got to go get some bad guys.

Yeah, you do.

Go get 'em, girl.

Hey, will you do me a favor?


Just be careful, right?



♪ Hey.

Fatima and Rountree are on their way.

Callen and Sam have been alerted.

- Cool.

- Yeah.

No sign of the van yet.

Well, if they're smart, it's hidden inside.

I'm gonna do a little recon.


Sabatino, you need a warrant for that.

I don't need a warrant.

I'm not even here.

(QUIETLY): Sabatino.


Damn it.

Fatima, I'm following a suspicious individual inside.


MAN: ...they make trouble.

I don't like trouble.


MAN: Uh-uh.

Don't talk.



SABATINO (WHISPERS): There's our man.


(WHISPERS): Guy in the silk shirt is Jimmy Fang.

SABATINO: I can't see the other guy.


No, nothing.

FATIMA: Kensi, we're five minutes out.

We may not have five minutes.

Those are AR- s.

We got to move.

This cover's no good.


SABATINO: All this debris, bad for the bun.

Fang is moving around to flank us.