06x09 - Convicted

CAMPBELL: Your Honor, let's face facts.

It has been several weeks of pretrial motions and diversions from the AUSA without her producing one single shred of additional evidence that ties my client to Special Agent Lasalle's death.

Murder, Counselor.

Agent Lasalle's murder.

And as you well know, we are not obligated to prove our case until trial, which is what we're here to schedule.

A trial based on what, Counselor?

A bit of highly questionable DNA found on the finger of the victim?

Defense moves that that evidence be suppressed, Your Honor.

On what basis?

How about on the basis that the evidence was collected by the victim's friend?

On the basis that it was not found on the victim until hours after he was in the hospital.

The same hospital where my client was, which is how the DNA was transferred to the victim.

And on the basis of an absolutely unreliable investigation conducted by an obsessed federal agent who is hell-bent on steamrolling an innocent man.

Your Honor, may I suggest that unless AUSA Izzo is hiding a smoking gun, that we cannot and should not continue to squander the government's time and resources.

That's for a jury to decide.

JUDGE: Actually, at the moment, that's for me to decide.

Your Honor, defense would like to introduce a new witness, Brad Collins.

Who the hell is Brad Collins?

Ms. Izzo.

He is my client's alibi for the night of Agent Lasalle's death, Your Honor.

IZZO: It's been six weeks, Your Honor.

I'd like to know what rock this witness crawled out from under.

Ms. Izzo.

That's your last warning.

Sorry, Your Honor.

I just can't understand why the defense is just now bringing this witness before us.

JUDGE: Your investigators can ask when they interview him.

Meanwhile, I'll review your motions.

Your Honor, in light of this alibi witness, I would ask the court to reconsider bail.

JUDGE: This is the murder of a federal agent, Counselor.

We'll talk about bail when we talk about everything else.

We're adjourned.

PRIDE: Hey, just let me know.

All right?

Why is this the first I'm hearing about an alibi witness?

Because it's not a real alibi.

Eddie bought it, pure and simple.

Okay, Dwayne, but can you prove that?

Because if you can't, then we lose the DNA and the case is dead.

Eddie Barrett killed Christopher.

I'm certain of it.

Well, your certainty doesn't earn us our day in court.

Find more evidence or Eddie Barrett walks, guilty or not.

Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.

COLLINS: I don't know what to tell you.

I never met Eddie Barrett before the afternoon he chartered my boat.

And he just showed up?

Wanted to go fishing?

Well, he called first, made sure I was available.

- What time did he arrive?

- A little after noon.

It's all on the paperwork.

- He was alone?

- Yes.

On a cabin cruiser that accommodates ten.

Man wanted to go solo.

Said he'd had a hard few weeks and wanted to forget the world for a couple days.

Where'd you go?

Redfish were the only things biting, so not too far out.

I just headed west to a place I know.

Mr. Barrett talk about anything in particular?


Well, it-it's not like that.

You know how fishing goes.

There are folks who talk and fish and then there are folks who fish and talk.

He was the second kind.

Why are you telling him?


I fish, too.


It's-it's 'cause I'm old.

So are my ideas.

But you're 100% right.

- Women fish, too.

- You said that Barrett wanted to go out for a couple of days.

Why'd you turn around after a few hours?

Mr. Barrett got a call about 9:00 p. m.

Friend of his had been shot.

I headed back to shore, but the currents were against us.

Took at least two hours.

So you docked around 11:00.

It's on the paperwork.

I gave a copy of my invoice to the lawyer.

- You need a copy as well?

- No, no, no.

- I-I got it right here.

- You said Mr.

Barrett paid in cash, hmm?

How much?

Also on the invoice.


I told him he didn't have to pay the full two days, but he insisted.

Gave me a nice tip, too.

PRIDE: I got to say, it's convenient, you offering this alibi at the last moment.


Why'd you wait so long to come forward, Mr.


I didn't know anyone was looking for me.

I had a couple charters booked, headed down to Mexico, messed around there for a while.

Come on, your cell phone didn't work in Mexico?

Not where I go.

When I got back home, I saw the messages from Mr.

Barrett's lawyer.

I feel bad he spent time in jail because of me not checking my voice mails.

Better late than never, I guess.

He's a good witness.

He's likable, no attitude.

If we can't break his story, Barrett's gonna go free.

I'm trying to get a warrant for his entire invoice pad.

If he fudged the paperwork, we'll figure it out.

SEBASTIAN: Patton and I have been digging, trying to find something that ties him to Barrett before booking the charter.

- Nothing so far.

- PRIDE: Yeah, well, we need to get a warrant for his house, his office, his boat, his bank accounts.

He got paid in cash.

There's got to be a bag of money sitting somewhere.

No judge is gonna give us a warrant that broad.

Brad Collins is connected to Barrett's operation.

We just need to find out how.

DNA evidence is likely gonna be thrown out.

Where are we on Christopher's crime scene?

Went over every inch of it again.

Nothing new turned up.

How about, uh, Sue-Ann Hughes?

I mean, she got shot along with Christopher.

Pulled a gun on me.

She knows more than she's saying.

She's not, she's not saying anything.

She's just sitting in a cell, waiting for her trial.


We had Patton dig into her past.

She has no criminal history, she has no connection to Barrett.

We don't have a way to prove that she set Lasalle up.

Well, that's just not possible.

She took a bullet for Eddie.


There's got to be something.

Brad Collins said that Eddie got a, a call letting him know that Sue-Ann had been shot.

Where are we on Barrett's cell phone?

It's a prepaid burner phone.

Claims he lost it somewhere in the hospital.

There's no way to track it.

Barrett's not smarter than we are.

Come on!

SEBASTIAN: Pride, I don't want to ask this, but I-I feel like I have to, okay?

And it's not because I-I think that Barrett's a good guy, 'cause obviously he's a-a drug dealing jerk, but, uh, is it possible that he didn't kill Lasalle?




There it is.

He's more than just a drug dealer.

People who work for him, they act differently than your typical gang members.

People are willing to die for him.

There's something else going on here.

If we don't figure out what it is, he might get away with this.


- Hey.

- You didn't come down to the kitchen tonight.

- I did not.


Eh, based on what's going on, I thought - you might forget to eat.

- Well, I'd lie to you, except I'm too tired.

- Going that well, huh?

- Not so great.

I got the best investigators in the Southeast, and despite weeks of work, we've found nothing.

Absolutely nothing that ties Eddie Barrett to Christopher's murder.

Well, he's smart.

- So it seems.

- One of the things I admire most about you, big brother, is that you're not afraid to zag if zigging isn't working.

You'll figure something out.

Now, my mama always said that black beans were the answer to everything.

Why don't you try some, see if it's true.

Thank you, Jimmy.

You're welcome.

- I will see you in the morning.

- Yeah.


Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Thank you.

- Yeah.


What's up?

We came as fast as we could.

PATTON: Everything okay?


I got quiche in the Bywater.

- All right.

- Yeah.

It's early, and I knew you guys would come in hungry.

HANNAH: Well, okay, now that we're all here, what happened?

I was up most of the night working on catching Eddie, and in the shower this morning, I realized that we're on a losing path.

Hey, don't say that.

We're gonna find a break in the case soon.

- HANNAH: Yeah.

- We're not giving up, Pride.

No, no, I'm not giving up either, but if you four haven't found anything, there's nothing to be found.

You got another idea, don't you?

We've been so focused on putting Barrett into prison for Christopher's murder Truth is, we can't.

Not now.

So So we bring him in on something else.

- Yes.

- Hmm.

Cade's murder went cold when the guy who confessed to it committed suicide.


But everything sources back to the drug operation that Eddie was clearly running in Mobile.


All right.

So, what, we-we go after him for dealing drugs?

No, not just for dealing.

We need to prove he was the boss.

Because if we can, then any crime associated with the drug ring, we can tie to Eddie.

We RICO his ass.

- Exactly.

- Barrett has been spending a lot of time and energy covering up these murders.

Hopefully he hasn't been focused on much else.

SEBASTIAN: Eddie's got access to funds.

That's for sure, right?

I mean, he's got a thousand-dollar-an-hour lawyer and he's been paying off false witnesses.

Patton, you need to find the money.

Start with the lawyer, see how he's getting paid, who his other clients are.

Okay, I'm on it.

Gregorio and Hannah, Barrett didn't just become a kingpin overnight.

He had to start somewhere.

See if you can figure out where and with who.

Well, when I was looking into Barrett's background, I ran across the name of his cellmate at Hollier Penitentiary.

Racked with the guy for two years.

The guy's still inside.

- Go see him.

- Okay, okay.

I am also here.


You and I, we are gonna watch Eddie.


How hard can that be?

The dude's still in prison, right?

You can explain on the way.

Love it.

IZZO: The judge is about to reconvene.

It's not looking good for us.

Please tell me you've undermined Barrett's alibi.


It's rock-solid.

I'm not gonna be able to hold Eddie, much less convict him.

We don't want you to hold him.

We want you to let him go.

- You want me to drop the charges?

- Yeah.

Eddie's proven that we can't get anything on him while he's locked up, so send him into the world.

Let him think he's won.

Yeah, 'cause then he'll make a mistake.

And we'll be there to see it.

It's been about ten years since I had visitors, but, uh, it is traditional to bring a gift.


We just need you to answer some questions - about Eddie Barrett.

- Uh, pastries?

Candy bar?

Maybe a deposit in my commissary account?

He was your cellmate for two years.

But you brought nothing.


Which is inconsiderate.

Sid, focus.

Eddie Barrett.

What's in it for me?

Mm, would make you feel good.

You did the right thing.


- Warden says you got bad knees.

He's willing to switch your work detail from laundry to library.

Well, now, that's a start.

It's a one-time offer with a time limit.

So, you need to tell us how Eddie Barrett spent his time - when he was inside.

- Oh, that's easy.

He started a prison glee club.

Almost made the state finals.

- Okay, we're out of here.

- Good one.

Ah, hold on, hold on.

Geez, I'm just playing.

Sid, get serious.

What was he into?


When Eddie first got here, he was into hiding in the shadows.

Keeping away from the predators.

Feeling sorry for himself about getting sent away.

And then?

He's smart.


He watched.

He listened.

He figured out how the place worked.

Then he took it over.

Took over, how?

Well, he knew how to help the right people so they'd help him.

When they graduated, there was a vacuum.

Eddie would fill it.

Became the man to go to.

For drugs?

Well, lots of inmates can hook you up with drugs, but Eddie had a special connection for the good stuff.

- What's the good stuff?

- Opioids.


Now, I don't partake personally, but it is popular amongst the younger crowd.

- How did he get the opioids in?

- He didn't have to.

They were already here.

Physician's assistant in the infirmary.

He provided Eddie with anything he wanted.

Codeine, hydrocodone.

- Fentanyl?

- Oh, yeah.

That was big business until Eddie got released.


Whole thing dried up.

No one took it over?

When Eddie left P.


left, too.

PRIDE: You got a name for the physician's assistant?

GREGORIO: Yeah, Lewis Franklin.

Personnel director's pulling his file for us.

This might be the break we need.

HANNAH: Yeah, we'll let you know when we track him down.

Right now we're headed to Orleans Parish Prison to talk to Sue-Ann.

We keep you posted, all right?

- GREGORIO: Bye, guys.

- Bye-bye.

All right, license plate KNX R47.

And that is the fourth car to arrive in the last three hours to a house we didn't even know Barrett had in the city.

How is that possible?

He's been running a major drug ring.

He's paranoid.

He's smart.

Nothing's gonna be under his name.



Physician's assistant seems like it's a solid lead.

Yeah, hope so.

You know, before, I I didn't really mean that Barrett might be innocent.

- I know.

- I just felt like uh You should ask the hard questions.

Make sure we cover all the possibilities.

- Yeah, something like that.

- Like any good investigator.

Even if they were worried a little bit it might piss their boss off.

Exactly like that.


- Okay.

Car belongs to an accountant with a major firm downtown.


So far, then, we have two lawyers, a banker and an accountant.

Barrett just making sure the books are in order?

It doesn't need to make sense.

We just have to be able to follow the bread crumbs.

Until they lead us to the oven in the forest.


Hopefully not.

Hopefully, this all just helps us put Barrett away for good.

I miss him.

Lasalle, I mean.

Yeah, me, too.


Okay, just let me do all the talking, all right?


CAMPBELL: I'm gonna save you both a lot of time.

My client has nothing to say about Eddie Barrett.

Since when is she your client?

Since two days ago.

She felt that the public defender did not have her best interests at heart.

- And you do?

- Well, I know she doesn't want to be railroaded by overzealous federal agents gunning for Eddie Barrett.

Well, that sounds like what's best for Eddie, but what's best for you, Sue-Ann?

Please don't talk to my client.

Because we don't think that it makes sense for Sue-Ann to spend ten years in a federal prison when Eddie just got released.

- Really?

Oh, that's great.

- HANNAH: Sue-Ann, you pulled a gun on a federal agent.

That's gonna mean at least some years in a federal lockup.

CAMPBELL: Sue-Ann felt threatened by Agent Pride when he showed up to arrest Eddie Barrett on false charges.

She was under the influence of medication given to her at the hospital.

She is innocent.

And I like our chances of getting her off - free and clear.

- HANNAH: Maybe.

But maybe not.

It's at least a six-month wait before a trial.

And you, Mr.

Campbell, you get to go home after this.

GREGORIO: If you cooperate with us, Sue-Ann, the AUSA will commute your sentence, and you'll get out of here with time served.

I don't know what that means.

HANNAH: That means that you get to go home, Sue-Ann, for good.

It means that they want you to change your story.

It means that they want you - to lie to hurt Eddie.

- I could never GREGORIO: Listen, we know Eddie Barrett set Christopher Lasalle up to get killed, and he used you to do it.

All we need is the truth from you.

CAMPBELL: Stop talking directly to my client.

You're confusing her.

I'm not confused.


Would you like to speak privately?

I can have them wait outside.


Look, I'm sorry.

I can't help you.

I didn't see anything.

I don't know anything.

I just got shot.

Sue-Ann, did you hear what we said?

Eddie is free.

Why would you stick to this story and lie for him?

And we are done here.

And you are done harassing my client.

And the next time I get a call from the prison saying you want to talk to her, guess what.

I'll get an injunction.

We understand?



Yeah, we'll see you when you get back.

Pride and Sebastian have turned the stakeout over to the surveillance team.

Pride must have been disappointed - Sue-Ann didn't bite.

- Yeah, well, it's not much of a surprise, given that Campbell's her lawyer.

He's got her believing that everything's gonna be fine.

So where does this leave us?

In the capable hands of Triple P.

I dug into Lewis Franklin, the physician's assistant who supplied Barrett with the drugs inside.

He must've left his job right after Barrett's release.

And under suspicious circumstances.

Prison investigators were all over him.

Even arrested him.

- And no charges?

- Nope.

And he was released.

And guess who his lawyer was.


I'm really starting to dislike this guy.


We need to pick Franklin up.

Where is he?

Monroe, but he's not gonna talk.

- Why not?

- He was murdered this morning.

Shot in the head outside his house.

Call Monroe PD.

- We need to get the body to Wade.

- I'm on it.

I'm gonna call Pride.

I'll let him know.

GREGORIO: Hello there.

It's, uh four hours old, probably disgusting.

Thank you.

You look terrible.

I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Thank you again.


I'm not gonna lie.

Eddie Barrett makes me feel like I'm two steps behind.

Yeah, well We're still trying to figure out what this guy is capable of, you know.

Biggest case of my life.

Feel like I'm failing.

Like I'm failing Chris.


You're not failing.

You just haven't succeeded yet.


I tried to lift the mood.

How'd I do?

- I appreciate the effort.

- All right.

My money's on you, Pride.




This is Pride.

He's where?

No, no.


Stay outside, keep eyes on him.

I'm on my way.

What is it?

Barrett just showed up at my bar.


My guess is the hours must be painful.


Ah, you get used to it after a while.

Start telling yourself that missing mornings - isn't a problem?

- Yeah.

- Exactly.

- It's got to be worth it, though.

Because your work is profound.

You see people at their most real.

You mean drunk?


I mean, stripped of any pretense.

- Their happiest, their saddest - Hmm.

whatever they're going through.

And they want to talk to you.

- Like a priest.

- Never thought of it that way.


My work's kind of similar.

Oh, yeah?

What do you do?

PRIDE: He's a murderer, Jimmy.


EDDIE: Special Agent Pride.

Nice to see you again.

Buy you a drink?

- Who is this?

- Oh, I'm sorry, Jimmy.

My name's Eddie Barrett.

Dwayne, I'm sorry, I didn't know.

What the hell are you doing in my bar?

I wanted a little exercise.

Plus, those cops who were watching me seemed a little antsy.

- You need to leave now.

- Keep cool.

You don't want to lay hands on me.

It's a bad look.

Must be nice to work with family.

You do not want to mess with me or any of my people.

Understand, Barrett?

'Cause I can go outside the lines just as easy as you.

But what would that prove?

Violence begets violence.

You're already a man down.

- Why risk anyone else?

- That a threat?

Go upstairs.

Get some rest.

Nothing good comes from the path you're on.


MAN: Yeah.

He just left.


He made you.

Get another team on him.

- I'll follow him for now.


- Dwayne, um, I - I know.

I know.

Just stay put.

Be careful.

I got to go.

He's heading into the Quarter now.

Toward the river.

Gonna need a four-man surveillance team.

No, I-I'm good on my own right now.

Yeah, just tell the guys to get here here soon.



Damn it.

I lost him.

HANNAH: How does a guy just disappear in front of your eyes?

I don't know.

We searched the area top to bottom, got nothing.

Patton set up cameras, but it seems like Eddie picked this spot because it's a dead zone.

I'm not surprised.

NOPD set up roadblocks.

They-they put out BOLOs, but there's no sign of Barrett.

He knew he was being watched the whole time.

He wanted to show me that he could come and go as he pleases.

But why?

I mean, the charges were dropped.

Disappearing like this, it makes him seem guilty.

He's got a plan here.

We just got to figure out what.

Most people we're chasing, they don't want to get caught.

But Barrett, it's not like he doesn't want to get caught, it's like he thinks he can't.

Like he's all-knowing, all-powerful.

He's not afraid of us at all.

And so far, we haven't given him much reason to be.

Try to get some rest.

You're gonna need it.



Loretta's got something.

I'll go see her.



What is all this?

Uh, transcripts from the trial that sent Eddie to prison.

Tammy thought it might give us some insight, - pattern of behavior.

- He went away for manslaughter?

Yeah, he pled down from murder.

There was evidence that the victim harbored a grudge.

I know that I put kebabs in here somewhere.

- What was he mad about?

- Huh?

Oh, the, uh, the victim was, uh, Eddie's neighbor.

Bought a used truck from him that then broke down, so the victim tried to get his money back, and a few days later, they got into some argument about a barking dog and hilarity ensued.


I talked to a psychologist who ran group when Eddie was inside.

He said that Eddie had trust issues and couldn't - deal with people who challenged him.

- Yo.

That's my food.

Yeah, we had it for dinner last night.

Yeah, and then I brought it in this morning.

Thank you.

It's delicious.

HANNAH: Did you learn anything else out about Eddie?


His juvie records were sealed, but I found a social worker who told me Eddie's parents had abandoned him.

Trust issues, check.

He ended up in a group home, stayed out of trouble, but was the target of bullying by the older boys.

Doesn't like challenges, check.

That's up until the group home caught fire, two boys died.

Eddie was burned badly, spent several months in the hospital.

Did anybody suspect him of starting the fire?

I know I sure do.

That's gross, you know that, right?


It's my food.

- That's my fork.

- HANNAH: Barrett is not gonna like that Pride won't give up on arresting him.

He's gonna like it even less when Pride finally does.


Lewis Franklin, physician assistant who was supplying Eddie with drugs in prison.

Find something in the autopsy?

Other than cause of death?


Gunshot wound to the head from close range.

All that without medical school.

It's not why I reached out.

This fellow came in today.

Brad Collins.

Eddie's alibi witness.

What happened to him?

The coast guard found his boat adrift.

He was inside, dead.

Suspected carbon monoxide poisoning.

I'm not buying that story.

We interviewed him, so now his alibi can be entered into evidence.

Without a chance of him recanting.

Time of death?

Yesterday, sometime between noon and 3:00.

Barrett was under surveillance.

So he didn't kill him himself.

What can you tell me about how he died?


Thing is, the blood of people who die of carbon monoxide poisoning is cherry red; - his wasn't.

- Okay.

There's also signs of blunt force trauma to the back of the head.

Carefully designed blow to knock him out without breaking the skin, and there's no bruising.

Which means he died quickly after being hit.

Two to five minutes.

- He was smothered.

- More than likely.

With what?

I don't know yet.

The evidence is on its way from the boat.

All right.

Thank you, Loretta.

I could use Sebastian's help with the analysis on a potential murder weapon.

Yeah, I-I'll send him over soon as he does one thing for me.

Eddie Barrett escapes a murder charge, but he doesn't skip town, he ties up loose ends.

Brad Collins, his alibi witness, and Lewis Franklin, the one that can tie him to the drug operation.

He wants to avoid going back to prison, even if it means murdering somebody that could put him away.

But there's one obvious threat left.

GREGORIO: Sue-Ann Hughes.

HANNAH: She's been pretty loyal so far, including letting Eddie shoot her to create plausible deniability in Chris's murder.

I'm not so sure she let him.

What does that mean?

Means that Pride thinks Sue-Ann was never meant to survive.

It-It's just a theory.

But since Eddie's so good at getting rid of the people that he doesn't need anymore Why let Sue-Ann survive?

We assumed that she set Christopher up and took a bullet to sell herself as a victim.

Right, but I created a simulation of the shooting based on forensic evidence to look at it in a different way.

It's not, uh, it's not easy to watch.

So we know that one bullet hit both Lasalle and Sue-Ann, left a non-lethal wound in his shoulder and her arm before it got lodged in the floor.

PRIDE: The assumption was that they were stacked with Sue-Ann in front when Eddie fired.

Right, but if Eddie was trying to kill her and aimed for center mass PRIDE: And Christopher pushed her out of the way, causing the bullet to hit her in her arm instead.

Lasalle saved her life.

Yeah, he did.


HANNAH: It was all a setup.

Eddie used Sue-Ann to lure Chris into the woods so he could kill them both.

They were both loose ends to him.

SEBASTIAN: And he would've succeeded, too, if Pride and I hadn't arrived when we did.

If we can convince Sue-Ann that this is true, maybe she'll finally talk to us.

We'd better do that before Eddie finishes what he started.



I talked to the warden at, uh, OPP.

He's gonna try to have Sue-Ann moved to a secure cell.

He's gonna try?

He said space is limited.

There's not enough manpower.

What do you think about getting her transferred to the facility at Belle Chasse?

There is just no way that Eddie's lawyer is gonna let us do that.

Yeah, you're right.

All right, well, maybe I put in a call to Judge Halper, see if I can get a warrant fast, get her into our custody.

You really think that Eddie can reach into that women's prison and get to Sue-Ann?

In the short time that we've dealt with Barrett, a man confessed to a murder he didn't commit and jumped off a bridge when the charges didn't stick.

He's killed four other people that we know of, probably more that we don't.

He's a psychopath.

Yeah, he's something else, too.

He's charismatic and he's good-looking, and people seem drawn to his orbit.

Willing to do whatever he says.

In other words, he's probably already got somebody inside that prison gunning for Sue-Ann.

Well, let's hope we can stop that from happening.

SEBASTIAN: You realize that our suspect could have taken whatever he used to kill Brad Collins and just thrown it into the ocean.

Anything's possible, Sebastian.

Yeah, I know.

I guess I'm just wondering if this is, uh, the best use of our time.


You're wondering if it's the best use of your time.

You used to love working in the lab.

I did.

I do.

I-I also love working in the field.

And you also want to take down Christopher's killer.

I understand.

I want that, too, but what's the best way to do it?

I know, I know.

We got to work the evidence.

- Good old shoe leather, Sebastian.

- Yeah.

Hold on.

Got a positive amylase response on this pillow.

In the center there, about the size of someone's mouth.

Give me a swab, I'll confirm the saliva belongs to Brad Collins.

Okay, so, if I wanted to just go ahead and suffocate someone with a pillow I guess I would hold it both ends and press down, right?

Thank goodness you use your powers for good.

I know, right?

If I really wanted to kill you, no one would ever catch me.

I don't mean you "you".

I mean, the generic "you".

I mean, there's some people I'd probably want to kill.

I don't know if I could really kill any - (DEVICE BEEPS)

- Oh.

SEBASTIAN: Saved by the bell, thank God.

Saliva belongs to Brad Collins.

All right.

I don't have any hair on here, but I am getting some dirt and other biological material.


- What is that?

Some sort of small sacs with insects inside?


I will take "Things you don't bring up in mixed company for 200".


These are small carnivorous plants.

Most of the eating is done underground, but they produce beautiful flowers.

So our suspect is a gardener?

I can't say that, but what I can say is that these plants are reasonably rare in the U. S.


They might not lead us to a person.

Might lead us to a place.

Yeah, well, we'll take what we can get.


Judge Halper approved the warrant - for us to take Sue-Ann into custody.

- Oh.

But her lawyer's putting up a fight.

He ask why we're moving her?

There was a lot of yelling.

Words like, uh, harassment and federal overreach were used.


And he he'll be personally suing me in the morning.


How are you holding up, Dwayne?

Well, I'm like the rest of the team.

Anxious to take Eddie down.

Yeah, well, you can't do that without some sleep.

I know.

I tried.

But I can't.

It's a preexisting condition.


Hurry up, Hughes.

Grab your crap and get moving.

Just making sure I didn't forget anything.

Can you tell me again why they're moving me?


Hey, Hughes.

I got something for you.




ALL: Fight!






Come on!

You want to dance?!

Let's dance!


Get up!

Get up.

- Get up.

- What's going on?

Eddie sent these women to kill you.

I just saved your life.

You made this up.

It's not real.

Need to take the blinders off.

This fits the facts.

Eddie tried to kill you and Christopher Lasalle saved your life.

Eddie wouldn't do that.

He just tried again, Sue-Ann.

If I hadn't been there, you'd be bleeding out on the concrete floor with a carved toothbrush in your ribs.

What, you want a thank you?


- I wouldn't be here at all - if it wasn't for you.

- You wouldn't be here if you hadn't pulled a gun on me.

- Also because of Eddie.

- I know it's hard to think that someone you care about is willing to hurt you.

Eddie's not just some guy.

He's special.

Well, on that we agree.

He's a psychopath willing to do whatever it takes for whatever he needs.

- No.

- Yes.

- He's pure love.

- Oh, yeah.

Eddie killed Cade Lasalle.

He killed Christopher Lasalle.

He killed Lewis Franklin, he killed Brad Collins.

GREGORIO: And you were supposed to die, too.

Weeks ago, but you didn't.

So he came to the hospital and snuck you out.

If we hadn't arrested you in the diner, Eddie was gonna kill you that night.

We're the only reason you're still breathing.


Look at me.

Look at me.


I want you to think about that hunting cabin.

Really think about it.

Not what he told you would happen.

But what actually happened.

I I didn't know.

Didn't know what?

That he was gonna kill that man.

Eddie said he was just gonna scare him.

And at-at the hospital, Eddie told me he had to kill him.

That he, he did it to protect us.

I I had to believe him.

He took care of me.

He kept you safe from that boyfriend.

The one who beat you.

Eddie helped me start over.

H-He was a blessing.

To all of us.

Who's "all", Sue-Ann?


Well his Lost Children.


HANNAH: Eddie Barrett is a cult leader?

Yeah, well, he "collects troubled souls and gives them hope again".

At least that's how Sue-Ann put it.

Calls his followers the Lost Children.

Offers salvation.

How, by selling drugs and committing murder?

She laid it all out for us.

Only problem is she has no idea where Eddie's hiding.

She thinks he stays at a lot of places, but she doesn't know where they are.

He'd disappear - for weeks at a time.

- And then show up again and gets angry when she asks where he was.

Look, we didn't know he had a house on the east side until yesterday.

He probably has others.

Well, Patton's been trying to follow his financial trail.

Guy has no bank accounts, nothing under his name.

So how does he pay for the house and the lawyer?

He's not.

Someone else is.

Tried to get a list of other Lost Children from Sue-Ann.

She says she only knows first names.

You know, she did mention a place, though.

She said Eddie was supposed to take her to a place called Jeanerette after they got out of the hospital.

What's in Jeanerette?

Honestly, no idea.

Bunch of old plantation houses, sugar cane fields Maybe some bladderworts.

What the hell is a bladderwort?

Well, it's a rare carnivorous plant that we found traces of on the pillow used to smother Brad Collins.

And you think they're grown in Jeanerette?

Oh, I know that they are.

It's just about narrowing down the area where they can be found.

Can you narrow it down any more?

Based on what we know, unfortunately not.

But there are a series of plantation houses that run up and down the levee.

Okay, well, pull addresses on everything in those target areas.

We'll split up and hit 'em all.

- HANNAH: Okay.



I want y'all to be extra careful.

Eddie killed Christopher.

Now, I'm not losing anyone else today.

All right?



GREGORIO: It's like a weird family reunion.

On a Tuesday.

At a plantation.

- Any sign of Barrett?

- No.

Just a lot of romping.



What you got, Hannah?

Nothing on Charleston.

We're moving to Maple.

Hold a beat.

Did you find him?

Not sure what we're looking at yet, but we've got a gathering, for lack of a better word.

There he is.

Try to get me, try to catch me.


He's at this plantation on River Road.

Come around the back.

Gregorio and I will wait for you here.

Saw about 25 people outside, half of 'em women and children.

Nothing good comes from starting a firefight that gets them hurt.

I would argue nothing good comes from a firefight that gets any of us hurt.

GREGORIO: We have a valid warrant.

Hopefully, Eddie's smart enough to know resisting won't get him anywhere.


So far, I'm not sure I would call his thinking strictly linear.

Is it me, or are you also hearing the music from the "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" right now?

Oh, no, it's just you.

But for the record, Pride's good, Hannah and I we're bad.

All right.

No, I get it.




I walked into that.

That's fine.


PRIDE: Federal agents!

We have a lawful warrant for the arrest of Edward Barrett.

You all need to stay where you are and remain calm.

Pride, the balcony.

CHILD: It's gonna be okay.


You need to come out.

No one needs to get hurt today.

EDDIE: Dwayne.

That's not for either one of us to decide.

Our path's already been chosen.

Just need to see how it plays out.


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