05x06 - Fire & Brimstone


Cream team!


I suggest you not shoot us.

These little babies on our wrists, they read our biorhythms.

They don't like what they read, they pin your location to every law enforcement agency in Europe.

Where are the Gardner paintings that I was promised?

And why haven't they been delivered yet?

Because I don't have them.

Well, then I'm guessing you're going to have to go find them, yeah?


Absolutely not.

Excuse me?



Kurt's just kidding around.

You know, he's a bit of a joke maker.

It's opposite day is what it is.

Remember summer camp?

Tomorrow we're having a whole pajama jamma-jam thing...


Drop your weapons now.

We had a deal.


Yeah, we sure dead.

In exchange for the paintings, you promised us protection, including untraceable burner phones.

Thanks to your very traceable phones we were located, droned...

And we lost one of our best.

So we don't owe you anything.

Hey, guys, I'm totally on board with this whole line of thinking, but they still have their guns and I don't know, you haven't seen Ice Cream in one of his moods.




This is not a mood.

Hey, Annie Oakley, enough with the gun show.

We live here.

It wasn't like this in Iceland.

I wasn't in debt in Iceland.

Who'd you promise the paintings to?

Ilya Mikhaylov.

Oh, boy.

You know him?

Yeah, he's a Russian mob enforcer.

Basically it's like if Andre the Giant and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had a baby, and that baby was fed nothing but a steady diet of Muscle Milk and Slim Jims.

If I don't deliver the Gardner paintings to Ilya, he'll cut my eyes out.

We're not helping you.

Then I burn you!

I burn your little bunker.

Go for it.

I'll give Madeline Burke your exact location.

Then we move.

Pull up stakes.

Done it before.

How about we make a little trade?

What do you say, Cream Boat?



How about this for a carrot?

I have intel...

on Madeline.

Like hell you do.

How would you like ears on her daily communication?

Anyone ever heard of Beaconer?


The app?

It's like iMessage for spies and journalists.

Totally encrypted, super secure.

Is this the part where you tell us that you know how to hack a completely unhackable app?

No, no, no, this is the part where I tell you that I created Beaconer.

And I left myself a back door that only I have access to.

Beaconer is yours?

Before you get his autograph, make him prove it.

What coding language did you use?

How did said language allow you to maximize Beaconer's security?

I'm not giving you my security secrets.

Then how do we know that Madeline uses Beaconer?

How else would I know that she's in almost daily communication with one Ivy Sands?

Regular communication between Madeline and a Dabbur Zann terrorist would be a total game changer.

Great, so you go get me my Gardner paintings, and I give you a smoking gun.



Are we really doing this?

Apparently we are.

That's why they got these GPS monitors on us like we're migrating whales...

Wolves, migrating wolves.

He thinks we're gonna bail.

It makes sense.

This is the only thing that makes sense.

The rest of this stuff's crazy.

Oh, yeah, which part?

Actually believing Fro-Yo has ears on Madeline's chatter?

Going out in public again as wanted fugitives?

Or attempting to find and steal priceless works of art at the behest of an Icelandic maniac?

Me, I pick "D." All of the above.

You got a better option?

Tell him to go to hell.


And then what?

We need this intel on Madeline.

Do we, though?

I mean, thanks to that recording we have of Weller's bondage "sesh" with Ivy, we have that phone number that we're tracking.


Well, we assume that Ivy was calling a phone number.

But it makes more sense that she was inputting the 11-digit passcode for her Beaconer account.

Look, I hate to admit it, but we need Ice Cream's help.

And this could be the thing, the thing that takes Madeline down for good.


Cream team!

Let's do this!

♪♪ You rang?

Matthew, what a pleasure.

It's Director Weitz.

Were you just, um, sitting there facing the wall waiting for me to come in so you could spin around like that?

I like to maintain the element of surprise.

Where is Madeline?


Burke had some business to attend to in D.C.

And since I've been appointed to her review board, I thought I'd check in, make sure you're keeping your promises.

I never promised you anything.

Susan Shah...

You might not be aware of it.

There was an incident.

That name ring a bell?

You promised you'd handle our do-gooder national security advisor.

Or maybe you'd like to pay a visit to Briana?


No, no, no!


Yeah, oh, that promise.

I didn't know we were talking about, um, specific...

You have 24 hours to have Shah removed from the short list for the vice presidency, or...

Oh, Studebaker!


Listen to me, I-I can do what I can, but you know that there is nothing on her.

She is spotless.

Dirty her up then.

Wait, wait, wait, just lie?

24 hours...


All right, so we know who doesn't have the paintings.

"Buy Buy Baby"?

No, I'm looking up stuff for Zapata.

You know that kid's about the size of a raspberry right now, right?

I mean, it's gonna be a long time before they need...

Toilet seat locks, those are a thing?

We don't need to install them right away.

Anyway, as I was saying, Ilya obviously doesn't have the paintings.

You're going to find them by process of elimination?


No, no, I...

I'm reviewing the facts.

Okay, fact one...

The paintings were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

March 18, 1990.

Okay, take it easy.

We don't need to start from the very beginning.

Fact number two...

Or just ignore me.

That's totally fine, too...

this very FBI team tracked the paintings to a Columbia professor's house, and stole them back.

Hey, there was a great Zabar's in that neighborhood, remember that?

Rich, focus!

I mean, I would kill for a knish.

Excuse me, I think you're just a little testy because, fact number three, a certain Turkish dumpling and his salty little sidekick that he occasionally sleeps with duped the FBI and stole them back.

Oh, my God, that was exhilarating!

You got 'em?

Oh, no, the paintings.

Yes, I have them.


Not their finest hour.

Okay, so that's great, Rich.

What did you do with them?

Boston sold them and then stole them right back.

Well, that's genius.

Why sell once what you can sell twice?

Okay, so who has the paintings now?

Moe Lewis.

The casino magnate.

Boston figured out a mathematical flaw in one of his keno lounges, and as a gift, he gave the paintings to Moe in exchange for not having his kneecaps broken.


Moe Lewis has them.

Gonna say Moe had 'em.

Moe got robbed about three months ago.

Oh, my God.


By Boston?

No, no, Boston doesn't have them, I'm sure of that.

Great, so we know absolutely nothing.

I got a theory.

Moe assumed that his ex ripped him off.

They were going through a hellish divorce.

Prenup, people.

So his ex has them?

No, Moe was blinded by rage and legal fees.

I think his art restorer nabbed 'em.

Guy would've had access to his galleries right around the same time that the paintings went missing.

His name was Irving...



Irving Sutton!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How'd you know that?

He was a middling hit man for hire who burnt out after killing quite a few people.

Then he refocused his rather serious OCD on becoming the underworld's greatest art restorer.

Actually, come to think of it, he used to bug Boston all the time for private viewings of the Gardner paintings.

Well, that can't be a coincidence.


All right, so looks like Irving is living in...

Lucca, Italy.


We'll send the tough ones.

Wow, I'm more brilliant than tough, but...

By that, I would mean Jane and Weller.

They can take my jet.

I can't believe we're doing this...

Breaking and entering to steal.

Look, Rich thinks there's about a 0% chance the paintings are in here.

All we gotta do is get Irving to talk.


Well sounds like he's home.


Remember, this guy is a contract killer.




Irving Sutton?

We just want to talk.

Keep your hands where we can see them, sir.

Who are you?



We're not here to arrest you.

Then what do you want?

Hands now!


Where are the Gardner paintings?

How did you know it was me?

How did you...?

How are we gonna find the paintings now?



The Gardner paintings aren't here.

Just get out of there, okay?


Nah, nah-nah-nah-nah.

Check under the bed or something.

No Irving and no paintings.

No paintings, yes.

Take it easy, Patty Panic.

Yeah, try and keep your eyes on Madeline.

So how are we gonna figure out where he stashed these things?

Unfortunately, Irving didn't leave any leads or anyone to talk to.

He's your typical artsy recluse...

Unmarried, childless, zero online presence.

Zero public online presence.

He's got a site on the dark web.

Well, that would have been really nice to know.


oh, my God.

Well, I doubt it'll be much help.


Oh, Irving just posted.


If you're watching this recording, I've sadly passed away.

Those are the Gardner paintings.

And rest in peace.

I know that many of you thought of me as an art restorer.

A footnote to the masters.

Well, I was much more than that.

Insecure much?

I was a brilliant thief.

And none of you ever suspected it.

I've left the treasure in a safe place.

Review this video diligently.

To my words should you mind.


No, no, no, no, no.

This thing's going viral.

It's spreading to the whole dark web.

What if Ilya sees this?

Oh, he's for sure seen this.

No, because I...

I have to deliver the paintings to him, otherwise my debt will not be repaid.


every two-bit con out there now is going to be going after these.

We'll just have to get there first.


I need a favor from you pronto.


It's for our friends on the outside.

You heard from the team?

Look, I need you to, uh, do an untraceable wire transfer from my account, that's the first number, into the second account, okay?

Okay, okay, okay.


We can't do this.

Well, not like this.

There's no such thing as an untraceable wire transfer.

Maybe in the movies, but in the real world...

Yes, I know that, Afreen.

You don't think I know that?

I know that.

Then you want the deposit from your account to be traced to the offshore account?


Yes, I do.

It's complicated.

It's part of a big plan.

Just trust me.

Can you trust me, please, and do the thing I'm asking, please?


Yeah, of course.


Okay, what if we translate it into Italian?


I already did.

I ran every variant of a translation-based solve and just got a whole bunch of nothing.

This is very, very, very not good.

Well, it sounds like somebody's a little hungry.


I'm not hungry.

Thank you very much.


What's wrong?

You keep kosher?

You can't have any deli meat.

There's a listeria risk.

You're preggers?

Well, come on!

Why didn't you say something?

Oh, my God, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have said anything.

I just...

Everyone, uh, avoids the obvious foods, but they forget about...

Oh, the lethal deli meat?


Wait a second.

What if we're doing that with Irving's video, too?

We're spending so much time trying to solve Irving's riddle, the obvious, we're not paying attention to the music underscoring at all.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, he's right.

We've been neglecting the music.



I know that many of you thought of me as an art restorer.

It's Webern's opus 27, variations for the piano.

Uh, it's a 12-tone piece, meaning every pitch corresponds with a number zero through 11.

Oh, my God, uh, uh, in the video, Irving, you know, crosses his arms, his legs, I thought he was just fidgeting.

But what if he's highlighting certain tones?

What is she talking about?

Just let her run with it.

This is fantastic, by the way.


Has she been drinking?




They're GPS coordinates.

He's pointing us to a spot in Zagreb.

Yeah, us, and a dozen other crooks.

Let's hope they didn't take music theory.



Hey, perfect timing.

Are you on the plane?

Just took off.


Well, turn around.

You're going to Croatia.




This is the spot.

Ah, I think we're getting warm.


"Left the treasure in a safe place." You think you can crack that?

Yeah, I can crack it.



You okay?

We killed a man this morning.

A former hit man and a criminal that was shooting at us.

After we broke into hishome.

I just keep thinking about what you asked me yesterday...

Are you the man you think you are?

Maybe I'm not the best person to answer that.

You know me better than anyone.

Yeah, but what if that's the problem?

What if we're too close?

What if we can't see clearly?

Maybe we have changed.

Maybe we're just...

fooling ourselves.



A geode and a Bible.

That could be the next clue.

Let's get out of here before another hunter shows up.


Don't move.

We'll be taking those, thank you.


Patterson, we got a problem.

How stupid can they be?!

Tied up?

How do these two get tied up?

Hey, hey, hey, the more you rant, the less I'm able to focus on fixing this.

What is...

what's the...


the brand on the security system?

Uh, I can't really see, but it...

it looks like there might be a blue "S," maybe.

No, looks like a "Z" to me.

Uh, okay, so let's go with "Z" for Zastita.

It's Croatia's biggest security company.


Guys, when was the last time you updated your wills?

Fix this!

Or I burn you right now.

Okay, then give us a chance.

We want to get these paintings and get this over with as much as you do.

This does not make it over with.

In Iceland, I was promised two things...

One, paintings, but also my TBD, yeah?

You still owe me my TBD.

Oh, we owe you?

If it wasn't for you, my best friend would still be alive.


But I still get my TBD.

And I haven't decided exactly what it is that I want yet, but I'm thinking I would like to own Tesla, not a Tesla, but the company Tesla.

Or what about the cover of "Time," you know?


Oh, hi.

I moved money overseas thinking it was coming from your account.


Why did you have me steal from the national security advisor?

Okay, shh, shh, shh.



Nobody stole anything, okay?

It just...

This is actually good news.

Shah wants to help fund the resistance.

You lied to me once.

Don't do it again.

Okay, fine.

This is a favor for Madeline.

She wants me to get Shah off the short list for the vice presidency.

You used me to blackmail her?


Nobody is blackmailing anybody.

Moving large sums of money to an offshore account, I know how that looks.

And what was your plan, huh?

Tell Shah you have evidence of some heinous secret?

Claim you have the financials to prove that she was paying out hush money?

That is actually...

You're smarter than you look.

I don't care what Madeline is threatening you with.

If you have a soul, don't do this.

And if Madeline gets rid of us, then no one can help the team.

I'm up against the wall here, Afreen.

I was able to hack into Zastita's mainframe and turn off the alarm remotely.


We noticed, thank you.

Yeah, the security company needs a verbal "okay" or they come and check on the place.

Yeah, how did you know that?

Because the phone's been ringing off the hook.

Yeah, and we're not exactly in a position to answer it.

Okay, so the best defense is a good offense.

I will call the security company from a spoofed Croatian cell number and claim that the landline is busted.

Hey, you speak Croatian?

No, you do.

Why would you think I speak Croatian?

Did you lie on your FBI core competencies survey?

No, I would not lie on...

Are you...

Yes, I did.

I lied on that.

Do you speak any Croatian?


Okay, Plan B.

I can see if I can get back into the mainframe and overwhelm their system and set off all their customers' alarms at once.

Oh, Matthew Weitz.

Such a pleasure to see you again.

Thank you for coming in, Ms.


No, no, no, call me Susan.

Now, I don't wanna embarrass myself, but I have had my eye on you ever since your filibuster in Helsinki.

You are a good egg.

You do inspiring work for The Rosera Foundation for Social Progress.


How did you...


Not a lot of people ask me about my work outside the office.

Oh, probably because they're jealous.

You've climbed very far very fast.

No one wants to hear you're also a great guy.

Ah, I'm not...

I wouldn't say a great guy.

Ha-ha, humble too, hm?

Just the kind of guy I'd like on my team.

In fact, I was hoping I could twist your arm into co-hosting a benefit for a charity of my choice...

The Adolescent Welfare Group.

They help abused children navigate the court process.

Of course they do.


Nope, nothing, that's...

I have heard of them.

So think about it.

I'm sorry, you must have questions for me.

I do?

Well, the Bureau is vetting the short list.

I figured that's what this was about.


The sh...

Yeah, um...



You passed...




You don't have any questions for me?

You know, I just...

This is just a formality.

Just forms to sign.

These are not them.

But I would love to do that hosting with the children.



I'm gonna...



Jane there's something written here.

It's etched into the lid.

We said the items in the safe were red herrings.


Can you...?

I need more leverage.

Can you lean back?

Okay, sorry.






Patterson, I think we just found the real clue.

All right, it's some kind of a list.

"A vibrant thread "blue, gold, red.

A tapestry.

And a viola da gamba." A viola da gamba and what?


That's all it says.

Guys, I hate to be a noodge, but you guys gotta skedaddle, like now.



Decode that list.

We're flying back.

It'd be great to have the next location by the time we land.

Oh, yeah, that's a great idea, Kurt.

Let me just, uh, put that into my magic beep-boop machine and find us an answer.

Whoa, hey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hold on a second.

It's okay to be upset.

No, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Are you?


I mean, you've been pretty different since the news of little baby Zapata.

Searching for toilet seat locks online, uh, panicking about listeria.

Listeria is a serious disease.

I'm just...

I'm being attentive.

A little obsessively attentive.

I'm gonna put this out there.

You are trying to be protective of the baby-to-be because you haven't been able to be protective of your own family.

Wow, that's...

That's ridiculous.

Look what happened to your father in Helsinki.

You weren't able to keep him out of harm's way.

My dad is fine.

He's brilliant.

He's resourceful.


not a fetus.


So, if you could stop playing Freud for a minute, I would really like to focus on this clue.

Okay, sorry.

Just trying to...

Never mind.

Okay, right, the clue.

Right, it's the tapestry and the...


Viola da Gaga?

Da gamba, it's...


It's an old-school cello.


I'm noticing a pattern here.


For Irving's video, we were meant to focus on...

the music, not the words.

With the safe, it was about the inscription and not its contents.

What if we're not meant to focus on a literal tapestry and viola?

What if it's about a depiction of those things?

You mean like a still life?

I mean, he was an art guy.


Vermeer, Vermeer, Vermeer!

He's pointing us to "The Concert" by Vermeer, the most valuable item in the Gardner collection.

Okay, does it feature a...

a tapestry and a viola da gamba?

Uh, well...

you tell me.

Always looked like a weirdly drawn guitar.

Hey, look.

The tapestry.

Red, gold, blue.

This is it.

Wait a second.

We're looking for the Gardner paintings.

Why would the next clue be the Gardner paintings?

Maybe the fact that we're searching is part of the clue.

Okay, so I saw a search bar on Irving's website.


So, if we type in the name of the painting...

An FTP site.



"Congratulations, you have won "a thirty-minute head start.

"The world will know who I was.

"The next clue will be posted on the dark web in half an hour." Half an hour from when?

What is the next clue?

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

This is...

hours, maybe days of advanced trigonometric and hyperbolic functions.

I mean, we need every second of this head start.

Or we're gonna lose our smoking gun against Madeline.

Okay, because this problem is massive and we're under a significant time crunch, I'm crowdsourcing Irving's latest clue.

What happened to "in my head, where math is done"?


Please use pencil and show your work so I can check it.

Give one to Sven.

He has a PhD in physics.

This pays better than academia.

Oh, that's depressing.

You're right.


isn't us.

We're stealing from criminals, for criminals.

Then why are we doing it?

Because we don't have a choice.

If we want to stop Madeline...

No, we can't keep telling ourselves that it's I want nothing more than for us to be at home with Bethany.

You know that.

I wish...

we were building pillow forts, making pancakes right now, not on some scavenger hunt around Europe.

But I refuse to let my daughter grow up in a world controlled by Madeline Burke.


This isn't about us anymore.

It's about everyone else.

The future.


♪♪ ♪♪ Rich, pencils down.

All right.

So I inputted all of our answers into my graphing program, and [SIGHS]

I got a whole lot of nothing.

Why couldn't this guy just left a map like every other maniac who devises a posthumous treasure hunt?


Did you just call me a cad?

What's next, are you gonna slap me with your riding glove?

No, no, no, no, no.

Computer-Aided Design...


Oh, that's a very good idea.

Irving restored art for a living.

And CAD is exactly the type of program an artsy guy like him would use.

Okay, so if I input all of our data into a CAD 3-D modeling program, I get a totally clear answer.

Holy hell.

No, holy monastery.

As in Saint Florence Monastery in County Limerick in...


We can't wait for Ink and Mumbles.

He's right.

Jane and Weller are too far east.

Somebody could beat us there.

So what, we hijack a plane?

None of us can board a commercial flight right now, so...

Get us a plane.

I already got you one.

So get us another one.

What am I, made of planes?

No, no, no, if anything, you are the Ice Cream of the Americas, or you were.

So prove it.

Get us a second plane.

Give me 40 minutes.


Less than an hour ago, National Security Advisor Susan Shah was found dead in her D.C.


Police responded to an anonymous...

You killed her?

Excuse me?

I didn't kill anybody.

Authorities believe Shah's husband of 15 years took her life after news broke about her alleged affair with a former intern and the substantial pay...

Hey, it was just gettin' good.

I told you I was handling it.

And you did.

Hmph, moving money from her account to the intern's making it look like a bribe?

Hmm, inspired work, Matthew.

All I did was release the info to the press.

The media hullabaloo would've been more than enough to make her step down.

Who knew her hubby was such a hothead?

You and Madeline, you're ruining lives.

Shah's husband killed Shah.

Not Madeline, not me.


All this could've been avoided if you just talked some sense into Shah like you said you would.

There are consequences to reneging on a promise, Matthew.


This monastery is massive.

It's not just a church, there's a cloister and a bell tower, a school, like 60 other buildings.

How the hell are we supposed to find these paintings?


Okay, can we focus, please?

If we don't find those paintings, we don't get the back door into Beaconer, which means we can't tie Madeline to Ivy and the Dabbur Zann, which means we can't stop her before she executes a cataclysmic chemical weapons attack against millions.

Okay, okay, where do you wanna start?

I don't know.

Morning, Father.

All right, now look alive.

We might not be the first ones here.


Ilya, there are priests everywhere.


♪♪ Found it!

I know exactly where you should be.

The monastery's great room.

Yeah, Irving did a ten-month restoration on a painting display there.

We'll send you the details now.



Of all the paintings that Irving could have restored, this has to be the one?

"Father and Daughter," seriously?

Oh, does that have some sort of resonance for you?


Okay, you know what?

Yes, you're right.

I feel terrible about not protecting my dad.

He never should've gone to Helsinki.

I should've put my foot down and I didn't.

And now you're compensating by being overly protective of Zapata.


My dad is on the run because of me.

He helped you because he loves you.

And he's tough.

You said so yourself.




Forgiveness, especially of one's self, is a cornerstone of our faith.

Yeah, okay.

Hey, look at this placard.

Some of the letters are capitalized.


And some of them aren't.

It's encoded.

Okay, what if we convert the uppercase letters to their numeric equivalent?


It's a Dewey Decimal number.

He's pointing us to a book.

It's gotta be in the monastery's library.

Well, then let's go.

Yeah, okay.


Ah, hey, hey.

I found it.

Whoo, some light summer reading.

Here, bring it here.

Hey, look, there's a bookmark.


It's marking the spot where there is a page missing.

Hey, how they doing?

Eh, mezzo-mezzo.

Hold on, hold on.

I think I found something.

That page looks like it contains negative feedback on one of Irving's early restorations.

So he tore it out of the book because he's a megalomaniac who can't stand criticism?

Wait, maybe it's not what's on the page that matters.

Maybe the fact that the page is missing is the clue.

I like where your head's at.

All right, uh, maybe we're supposed to be looking for something, um missing or...

or incomplete or...


Right there!


We are in a library.

Also, that is extremely insensitive.

It's a painting of...


I can see that.

Well, you said look for a clue where something's missing.

Those people...

are missing limbs.

Guys, we'll get back to you in a bit.

"The Beggars." Hey, look at this frame.

There's a piece missing.

Wait a second, it looked just like...



This is some Temple of Doom-ish.

Jesus, Mary and Jessica Biel.

The Gardner paintings.


Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Okay, let's divide and conquer.

Um, I'll take the paintings out of the frames.

You stand guard.

Okay, yeah.




Okay, okay.

Hey, wait a minute.



Hands up...


Oh, I don't think so.

We've come too far to Patterson, what are you doing?

Trying not to die.

Goonies never say die!





Put them in there.


Drop your gun.

People don't steal from me.

I steal from people.

Rich, these are not worth dying for.


Listen to your friend.

I don't want to make a scene.

But I will if I have to.




You wanna...


Just like a little bit awkward.



Do not...



You know you're robbing a priest and a nun.

That's not gonna sit well with God.

And He sees the whole thing, right?

So, you know...



I can't believe you gave away the Gardner paintings.

I'm not letting that ogre get away with our meal ticket.

Rich, Rich, stop!

Come here.


I need you to take a deep breath.

You need me to take a deep breath?

He just got away with our one chance at freedom and you're running a freakin' Lamaze class?

No, those were not the real Gardner paintings.

What are you talking about?


Oh, so satisfying.

These are.

Would Irving, a man who put decoy clues in a safe really put the grand prize just right out in the open?

No way.

That's not his style.

He always wants us to dig a little deeper.

That's what he's done with every single clue!


Oh, sweet.


Oh, my God.

I'm so glad you also figured that out.



Well, look what's behind door number two!

It's the Gardner paintings!


All right, all right, all right.

It's Brennivin.

Icelandic schnapps.



Okay, so...

here's to Patterson and Rich for bringing us one step closer to taking down Madeline.

So, hopefully, one step closer to going home.

I will drink to that.

And to the death of Ilya.

Ilya and his goon were in a standoff with the Irish police, during which they refused to back down.


It's in bad taste to toast to someone's death, even if it's an enemy's.

You do you.

I've got some black-market paintings to sell.

Or you could do the right thing and give 'em back to the museum.


Have you met this man?

I mean, you think he's gonna take a $5 million finder's fee when he can sell them for upwards of $200 million?

I mean, he's an animal.

He's a cold, calculating...



Right now, you're a nobody.

You wanna be on the cover of "Time" magazine.

This may be your only shot.

I'm listening.

Imagine being the guy known for finding and returning the Gardner paintings.

You'd be on the cover of "Time" magazine, probably a book deal.

Oh, yeah, for sure a book deal.

Which would then probably get made into a movie.

Paul Rudd is Ice Cream.

"Time," book, movie.

Yeah, okay.

I think I'm going to do the right thing.

I'll return the paintings, and if I get famous, I get famous.

Then our debt's officially...



Oh, but you still owe us access to Beaconer.

Oh, yeah.


The key to Beaconer's back door.

I hope Madeline says something really good.



Hey, hey, can I talk to you?

Can I talk to you for a second?

Listen, it wasn't me, I swear.

I didn't release anything to the press.

It was Shirley.

But we were complicit.

Listen, if we didn't wire-transfer that money Susan Shah will still be alive.

But I wouldn't be and neither would you.

I get that you're scared, Matthew, but we need to do something for Susan.

Yeah, look, I like your sentiment, I really do.

But we are trapped here.

We can't go to the authorities.

Madeline is the authorities, all of them.

Our best move is just to lay low and hope that the team is making progress.

We have to be ready to help when they call on us.

I got work to do.

I came across an academic article posted today.

And it referenced Madeline's dispersal device.

The article was nonsensical, but it was written by a Brian Mudkeele.

That's an anagram for Madeline Burke.

So someone wanted us to find that article.

Oh, yeah.

We think that it was written by whoever's been sending us the tattoo clues.

What does it say?

Not much.

At least not till we decoded it.



what is it?

Uh, the article decodes to the chemical formula for ZIP.

We think they're trying to tell us that Madeline is weaponizing it.

If that's true, thousands, maybe millions of people could have their minds just wiped clean.

Their lives, their histories would be...


Whole cities would collapse.

They're not trying to kill people.

They're trying to erase them.

♪♪ [MAN]

Greg, move your head.