05x03 - Humbug's Gulch

- Get in!
- Who are you?

That's our sister.

There's a story here. I...

And we'll all do whatever it takes to find Al.

You should come back with us.

You can't help us. We're going. Come on.

Max? Dylan?

They didn't want to be found yesterday.

They want to be found.

Somebody knows we're here.

This, the roadblocks, means we're getting close to something.

Ranch Road .

By the turnaround.

County Road.

About three miles north of the last one.

Nothing new here, but we got our eyes peeled.

We're getting closer.

The road blocks... they're starting to form a perimeter.

Well, the sooner we can tie a bow around this, the sooner we can figure out where to head in.

Then we find Al and get the...

... you got to...


John, do you copy?

- Yes.
- John?

No, I think we're getting out of range.

Be careful.

If you run into trouble, there is a gas station off Pioneer Road.

Clayton may have left some boxes there.


Luci, you copy?


These kinda warnings...

There's some serious people on the other side of these.

We're serious people.

I know how these things work.

The longer we go without finding Al, our chances of finding her get less and less.

And that was before.

I'll take this one.

Whoa! John?

- You hit?
- No.


We don't want any trouble!

In the car.

Aah! John, go!


What the hell was that?

Serious people.

We can outrun them.

They took our weapons.

We're not gonna get far with what we got.

We need more firepower.



Our luck just turned again.

What is this place?

My old stompin' ground.

Welcome to the Gulch.

Windpump's screaming like a banshee.

Might be a dust storm coming.

That's only going to bring more of the passed.

- You used to work here?
- No.

Mine was in Nacogdoches.

There was more than one?

Yeah, it was a statewide affair.

They were even gonna build one in Macau.

There was a brothel?

They served soup. That's all.


This is where we'll find the weapons.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

These places were all built off the same set of plans.

Even when we get shot at, the wind blows us right where we need to be.

Prefer it blow us somewhere else?


It's up there.

All right. My last round.

- Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
- Plug your ears.

Let's hope this particular Gulch is wellstocked.

I think we're good.

All right. Let's keep moving.


You okay?


Can you move it?

Not yet.

I'm sorry for what happened, Luci.

I'm not.

I wouldn't change it.

I don't regret getting on that plane.

There's words, and there's action.

We took action.

If we can crash a plane for someone, if we can almost die for someone, whatever comes next... how bad can it be?

Morgan, we're coming back. I repeat... we're coming back.


... ylan... get back to... now...

Alicia, wait... go back.

... I repeat, Dylan, get back to van, now...

I found some canned corn in a car by the fireworks stand.

Dylan, don't say where you are.

They'll hear you.

Annie? Dylan? It's Alicia.

We want to help you.

Alicia? What's wrong with you?

We told you to leave us alone.

It isn't safe to talk out here.

Where are you?

We say... they find us.


Dylan... hide.

I can see them...

We can't wait. We need to find them.

Morgan? Luciana? Can you hear us?

Morgan? Luci? I repeat... can you hear us?


How long do these things usually last?

Well... each one's a little different.

But I think we can make it to the car if we hurry.

What's it like if we wind up getting stuck in it?

We won't.

We can make it.

But what's it like if we don't?

Sort of a moonless midnight.

No treat to breathe.


We'll wait it out.

We can load them in the meantime.

And we'll take these blanks with us 'cause we can use this powder.

This will come in handy.


Were you a good guy or a bad guy?

I never really got involved in the theatrics.

My talents more favored the trick shooting exhibition.


What's "fanning"?

Cowboy fiction.

How about a "San Antonio Split"?


A "Fitchburg Flim Flam"?

A "Southern Pinkie Pull"?

A "St. Louis Barn Raiser"?

I can keep making these up.

We have lots of time.

We can't just wait here.

We can make it to the car.

Moonless midnight, John.

We can't help anybody if we don't make it back.

But we can make it.

We can make it.

Come on. Come on!


Hold your fire!

You're gonna draw the passed!

Where is she?

I don't know who you mean.

Tell me, or I'll put a bullet in your head.

Take it easy, buddy.

Answer me!

Answer me!

Thank you, June bug.

Don't thank me yet.

We'd better get him inside.

Whoever he's looking for... he's been at it for some time.

That's a hell of a burn.

You think he had that before?


He's all worn down.

Lookin' for this woman.

Maybe he just cracked.

You almost got yourself killed, John.



He was sprayin' and prayin'.

No confidence behind the trigger, shaky as all get out.

If he's a killer, he's in no shape to hurt anybody.

But now we got somebody who genuinely needs our help.

Which is what we came out here for in the first place, yeah?

At least the wind's died down.

Even if we were able to pick them off as they came in, we'd only attract more until we ran out of ammo.



Easy. Easy.

It's okay. It's okay.

- Don't touch that.
- Uh, take it easy.

We don't mean you any harm.

- No, I said don't touch that.
- All right.

Hey, who you looking for, anyway?


- I'm fine, all right?
- No, you won't be if I don't treat this, okay?

Come on. Who are you looking for?

Seems only polite.

It was awfully important when you were pointing a gun at my head.

We were polite.

We brought you in.

We could have left you out there.

We're looking for somebody, too.

We should be comparing notes, not trading shots with each other.

You know who's responsible for those bowel blockades on the road?

You know what's on the other side of 'em?

You going to answer any of my questions?

Whoever it is you're looking for, she seemed like she was trying to get away from some bad people.

Maybe you just mistook us for them?

You may not believe it, but we just want to help.

You can't help me.

No one can. This whole place is screwed.

Dylan said he was near a fireworks stand.

Alicia, be smart about this.

They can't be far.

We can't raise John or June.

And we don't know what we're driving into.

Morgan, this isn't about me killing.

It isn't about me rushing in without thinking.

It's about what I should have said to those kids back at the...

What the hell was that?!


Luciana, where are you? Are you okay?

Someone doesn't want us here.

We're okay.

We're getting closer.

We've got to be.

You stay where you are.

I'm coming.

Dylan? Max? Annie?

Dylan. Max. Annie. Do you copy?

Let's go.

Morgan will catch up.

I don't want to wait till it's too late again.


This is only gonna hold for so long.

There another way out of here?

Well... maybe we can get out to the roof.

That still leaves the little matter of hoofing it outta town.

I got a car parked at the end of the street.

The keys... they're in there.

You can take it, get out of here.

No. You're coming with us.

I came at both of you.
I put a gun to your head.

That's true.

And maybe I'm being presumptuous, but... it seems to me like you been separated from someone as dear to you as this woman is to me.

We haven't always had the good fortune of being together.

When I couldn't find June, I went to a dark place, just like you.

Hell, I shot a man's finger off just 'cause I thought he knew what had happened to her.

It was just his little finger.

And n-not... not to shine it out, but he was a disagreeable asshole.

But my point is, if I hadn't have found June,

I might have done something worse than what you had tried to do to us.

So I'm gonna put what you did behind us, we're all gonna help each other get the hell out of here, and then we're gonna help you find whoever it is you're looking for.


My wife.

I'm looking for my wife.

What's her name?


What's your name?


All right, Dwight.

I'm John.

John Dorie.

Like the fish?

"I, e", no "y".

And this is June.

Like the month.

Spelled like it, too.

If I give you your gun back, you gonna point it at something other than us?



'Cause we're gonna need it.



This isn't going to hold us all.

We don't have long till that roll runs out.


Get to the car!

I got you.

I wasn't gonna let us all die on my account.

Well, neither are we.

Can you make it there?

More walkers?

- What'd you call 'em?
- Walkers... the dead.

We gotta move.


You good?

Aah. You shot me, remember?

Here. There's a Navy Colt in there.

Packs a wallop.


Start the car!

We're clear. Let's go.

We can make it.

Where is he?

What the hell is he doing?

Come on, honey.

Where'd you put it?

Come on.

Dwight, Dwight, you copy?

Pick up the walkie.

Does that car have something to do with your wife?

Is that why you came at us so hard before?

Dwight, do you copy?

Dwight? Dwight, you hear me?

You should go.

You know, I already got you in enough trouble.

It's all right, my friend.
Don't worry about it.

Stay calm, all right?


Every time Sherry moves to a new place, she leaves a message for me.

The last one I found was written on the registration for this car.

This is what she was driving.

And I... I thought I'd find another note, and there's nothing in here.

You know, I've been looking for Sherry for... I don't know... at least a year.

There's been a lot of dead ends.

And this is the last message I got.

I've been looking for the car for months.

So... please tell me where you found it.

It was at a campground.


Where did you find the car? Tell me.

Dwight, there wasn't anybody... anybody there.

Anybody alive, that is.

But that doesn't mean that she's not out there, 'cause I was somewhere else, and so was John.

Dwight, do you copy?

Dwight, talk to me.

Uh, you should go, you know, before they draw more.

No, we're not leaving you like this.

Leave me.

I'll get through. Just go.

Dwight, listen, we're gonna find her.

I found June.

Everybody told me she was dead, and I found her.

No, I've been chasing these notes halfway across the country.

And... And I've always been two or three steps behind.

And I've been asking myself why for the longest time.

And I thought it was 'cause, you know, maybe she... she had... she had gotten a head start on me... or... or... I missed a message or two... or, uh, yeah, I don't... I don't know... just bad luck.

But... But now... I'm finally starting to see it.

You don't think you deserve to find her, huh?

I'm not like you.


I did, um, things.

Things you can't even imagine.

We all have.

We all have.

Well, I'm still doing things.

You know, I tried to kill you just 'cause I thought you had maybe done something to her.

You know, but you didn't, and there wasn't even anything for me in here to find from her.

I would have killed you for nothing.

It doesn't matter if... if she's alive or dead, because I'm never going to find her.

I'm never gonna make it right.

That's who I am now.

Then just don't be that person.

'Cause what you're thinking of doing right now... giving up like this... is just as bad.

Take it easy.

No. He needs to hear this.


you've got another chance right now.

But you're giving up 'cause you don't think you deserve it.

I did the exact same thing, okay?

I ran when I met John because I didn't think I deserved what we had.

This is different.

It's no different.

Because John found me, but he almost got killed doing it.

Listen, if Sherry's still out there...and I'm choosing to believe that she is... you can't tell if she's given up, Dwight.

It looks like she hasn't.

And if she hasn't, how can you?

You're right. The only problem is, I'm not gonna be able to get back to you.

You leave that to us, buddy.

Dylan? Max? Annie?

Do you copy?

Dylan? Max? Annie?

Do you copy?


Keep trying.

Either they don't want to answer or they can't.

Well, they could still be listening, though, right?

They could be.

Talk to them, Alicia.

Dylan... Annie... Max...

I... I want to tell you something, something I should have told you when I was with you.

I lost my mom.

And my brother.

And I know how much you're hurting.

And I know how scared you are, and it's not because I've been there... it's because I am there.

And I want you to know you just don't have to do it alone.

So, if you are listening... tell us where you are, and we can help you.

I know you may not believe that right now, but I promise you, if you give us the chance...

I think you will.

Let's go.

As soon as the path is clear, go.

Come to me.

It's jammed!


I'm out!

I got 'em!


I got one left.

That's enough.

Dwight! Raise the Axe.

Blade toward me!

Raise the Axe.


Hold it.

- Dwight?
- Yeah.

You okay?


That's a San Antonio split.

Let's stand up.

Come on, friend.

I don't know.

That was only the second time I ever pulled that off.


It wasn't her car.

I, uh, I checked the VIN

against what's on the registration.

It doesn't match.

So... she could still be out there.

Or maybe she left a-another message in the car she actually drove.

Are you sure?

I used to be a cop.

Law and order's a thing of the past, but my training serves a purpose every once in a while.

Yeah. Thanks.

Yes, sir.

Six-gun Sam.

That's what I went by when I occasionally... took part in the theatrics.

And thank you, June.

For what?

What you said to Dwight.

He needed to hear it.

I did, too.

I've been questioning what I have and, uh, why I deserve it when I can't share it with anyone.

But by doubting it, I'm taking it away from you and from me.

Neither one of us wants that.


How you feeling?


What is this place?

I used to work in a place like this, but I never thought it would pay dividends like it has.

Do these still work?

Yeah, there's about three dozen dead passed laying in the dirt who can bear witness.



You two know each other?

We come from the same place.

You take ?

And then .


I was following my old... my wife Sherry's trail.

Once she hit Georgia, everything seemed to... drive her this way.

Look, you've gotta understand something about me,

- what happened back there...
- You don't have to say it.

Not now.

I know how it ended for you.

But we're all trying to start over so...

How long you been stuck here?

Longer than I'd hoped.

Do you know who's been leaving the dead along the road... what they're keeping us from?

I've only been able to go so far.

Can you show us?

I've tried to make my way around.

But they're strung up everywhere.

As far as you can walk.

Not for long.


Max... we're here.

We came for you. It's going to be okay.

No, no. Uh, we got your message.

- We're... on our way to you.
- To us?

To where you took us before.

The truck stop.

We're right behind you.

It's starting to feel like we're on the right track.

It's starting to feel like we can make this place better.


I believe we are.

What's that?

That's the van the kids were driving.



Hey. Hey, hey.

It's gonna be okay.


Where's Max and Annie?

Dylan, what happened?

Think they bought it?


Dylan might crack.

He won't.

He knows exactly what he needs to say.

He's gonna figure out why they're really here, who took their friend, and then we're gonna make sure they never... never bother us ever again.

Dylan's gonna be okay.

You don't have to be scared.

I'm not scared.