21x01 - I'm Going to Make You a Star

Law & Order SVU - 21x01 - I'm Going to Make You a Star

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered especially heinous.

In New York City, the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

So you really know him, Kitty.

Fair to middling. How about a drink?

No, I don't think so. Not right now.

How's everything going with you?

I see you spared no expense.

It's not like we throw a lot of parties.

Your name's Carisi, and you're pulling an Irish good-bye?

I didn't want anybody to make a fuss or anything, so.

Mission accomplished.

How you feeling?

I'm nervous.

Had to turn in my gun today.

This whole thing is a big leap.

It's risky, but if I don't make this move now, I'm...

Yeah, I hear you.

Hey, before you leave me, one last drink?

Back in the day in Liverpool,

every kid with a guitar thought he had

the next big hit in his back pocket, didn't he?

And a lot of the musicians,

and I was one of them,

were being ripped off, though,

by managers and producers and the like.

Well, it turns out I had a very good...

head for contracts.

And the artists trusted me because I was one of them.

I mean, as head of one of the world's largest studios

in the streaming services,

I mean, that bond still exists

between the artist and me.

Because if it didn't, I'd still be just

another bloody shark in bloody waters, wouldn't I?


Got any questions?

Pilar? Two minutes.

Sir Toby's finishing a call with Hong Kong.

Take no for an answer... [LAUGHS]

Thank you very much, everyone.


♪ ♪


Come in.

Sorry to keep you waiting, darling, eh?

Good night, Cindy.

See you Monday.

- So, Pilar, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, the team said a lot of great things about you.

The one thing they didn't say is how gorgeous you are.


So we're gonna do a little audition, right?

Am I? I-I don't have a script.

There's one on the table.
Have a look through it.

Maybe you can improvise.
See where that takes us, hey?

Is the director coming, Sir Toby?

Just call me Toby like everybody else.

No, Rigo's stuck in editing, but he might join us later on, so why don't you just put your sweater down, have a look through the script, relax.

No rush.


I know I'm a long way from doing a trial, but...

I'm not gonna lie.
It's not like I didn't practice Barba's summations in front of a mirror.


ALL: Surprise!

- Rollins, you...
- Yeah, we got you.


Querido, you're home.

That's all I ever wanted.

No, Pilar...

I'm gonna stop you right there for a minute 'cause you're still a little too... awkward.

A little...a little stiff.

You've got to remember...you're talking to someone who's just come back

- from the war.
- Mm-hmm.

He's a shell of a man.

I've got an idea.


are gonna have a drink.

Might help you relax a bit.

Cin cin.

So listen up, listen up.

So Dodds told me to check the paperwork, but, no, it is not a mistake.

As of midnight tonight, our Sonny Carisi...

Is passing over to the dark side.


Will be bringing his charm and his expertise to the DA's Special Victims Unit under Bureau Chief Hadid.

- Cheers.
- Hear, hear!

He's your problem now.


Thank you, Chief Dodds and Lieutenant Benson.

I'm sure the NYPD's loss will be the DA's gain.

And if it isn't...

I understand there's a -day return policy.


She's kidding.

How can you tell?

Querido, I just want to make you happy.

That's all I want.

I just want to make you happy.

You know, this is getting really good, Pilar.

The only thing that's missing,

'cause you got the vulnerability, is that...what's the word I'm looking for... sexuality.

Vulnerability and sexuality, well, that's an irresistible combination.

- You know that, don't you?
- Yes.

So... why don't you try taking your blouse off, and we'll do it again, hey?

Oh, wh...


I'm not comfortable doing that.

Oh, you're not comfortable with that.

- You want this part, don't you?
- Yes, I do.

So... take your blouse off.



♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Hey... You drove the victim over from the - ?

Pilar Reyes.

Says she was assaulted by some media bigwig, and my sergeant told me after the Weinstein mess not to put his name on the radio.

Thank you. What's his name?

His name's Sir Tobias... Toby...

Sir Tobias Moore?

From Picflix.

He just moved to New York ahead of Brexit.

The girl was crying so hard in the car, I thought I might have to take her to the hospital.

He sent his assistant home.

It was just us.

He said he wanted to tape me.

I'm so stupid. I should have just left.

No, that's not stupid, Pilar.

He's a very powerful man.

He... poured me a few drinks.

He said I needed to relax, and then...he made me take my blouse off.

Made you?

He yelled at me.


So I did what he said.

And right away... his hands... were all over me.

I said no, but he got angry, and he pushed me on the couch.

And he took out his, um... his...his thing and he said, "Come on, you're a... you're a big girl."

And I kicked him.

And he let you go?

He blocked my way.

And he forced me to watch him while he... while he finished.

All over the couch.

The lampshade.


♪ ♪

Sir Tobias Moore?

Mr. Carisi's first day, my first month.

You couldn't bring us a subway groper?

Welcome to the big top, counselors.

This story hasn't leaked yet?

- The longer we wait...
- The girl, she's credible?

Very. Her name is Pilar Reyes.

She's , naive.

She came up from Venezuela.

She disclosed immediately after she was assaulted.

No witnesses?

No, he made sure that the office was empty.

So not his first audition?

Unlikely, but we're doing due diligence.

We need warrants for the screen test, his couch, his whole office.

Hang on, we do that, he's gonna lawyer up, faster than you can say DSK.

Work the case a little more. Vet Pilar.

She's not making this up, Counselor.

I didn't say she was, but he will.

Mr. Carisi will be the riding ADA on this.

Keep him involved every step of the way.

Thanks, Fin, and take Rollins with you.


So... the new bureau chief Hadid, she seem a little... reluctant to you?

More like astute.

This case blows up, it won't touch her.

At least she put Carisi on the case.

- He's one of us.
- Was.

He works here now.


Packing? You going somewhere?

My agent said if I don't want trouble,

I should get out of town.

I already overstayed my visa.

You're an NYPD material witness.

You don't have to worry about any of that.

Nice basket.

It got here right before you did.

"Lovely to meet you.

"Hope we get to work together soon.

All the best, Sir Toby."

He left his number. Did you call him?

No. He makes me sick.


Pilar, this means that he's worried.

Okay, you could call him, you could... you could arrange a meeting.

Listen, we could have eyes on you the entire time.

I don't want to see him again.

Yes, you do.

One white wine...

And tickets to the premiere and the VIP party afterwards.

Who's gonna be there?


Everybody. [LAUGHS]

You... you seem a little nervous.

I am.

After... what happened.

What do you mean? At the audition?

No, don't be so hard on yourself, hey?

- Me?
- Yeah.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

I mean, everybody's nervous the first time.

Could... could give you another shot at it.


Audition, like, in your office?

Well, now you've had time to think about it, and realize what it takes to get the part.

I guess so.

Well, that's brilliant.

I've got a suite upstairs with a camera in it.

- Shall we, hey?
- Mm-hmm.

Where is she going?

I told her to stay in the lounge.

What's going to happen to me this time?

Excuse me?

Will you force yourself on me again?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Force myself on you?

Is this some kind of a shakedown, because if it is, it's not gonna work out too well for you.

One call from me,

and you'll find your provocative little ass

at a detention center in Brooklyn.

You get the idea.

Would've been good to know you were doing a controlled meet.

Things were moving fast, Counselor.

The point is, he put himself in the room with her.

He threatened her.

We've arrested people with a lot less.

Carisi, he has a premiere tonight.

There's gonna be a lot of press.

Come on, Carisi, we gonna go to the party or we gonna stay home?

I have to run this by Ms. Hadid.

I have to, but trust me, she hears this tape, she's gonna do the right thing. Okay?

- Where the hell's Carisi?
- He'll be here.

Well, there's nothing on TMZ.
That's a miracle.

So I'd had enough of all this doom and gloom.

I think everybody had, right?

The world seems such a dystopian place.

So my wife, the Duchess, as I call her here, came up with this brilliant idea.

So for our first production, since we moved to this side of the pond, we are giving you a remake of your fabulous original Broadway production,

"My Fair Lady" with a twist.



Counselor, you're cutting it close here.

Are we doing this or not?

No, not tonight.

- Flag on the play.
- I called it.

Carisi, what the hell is going on?

All I know is word came down from the eighth floor to slow things down.

Son of a bitch.

I don't know what kind of hooks he has.

He's not getting away with this.

Ta-ta for now. Bye-bye.

♪ ♪

So you're new at the job.

What can you tell us about your agenda?

The DA has given my office a mandate to aggressively pursue all predators.

On subways, in bars, even boardrooms, if you're an offender, time's up.

Thank you, Vanessa Hadid,

Manhattan's new Special Victims Bureau Chief.

She can talk the talk.

Sure can.

Ms. Hadid.

I like what I'm hearing.

You're up early on a Sunday morning.

You can't be here to just flatter me.

Nope. We want an arrest warrant.

Have you developed new information?

Aside from the controlled meet tape?

You heard his tone on that.

What I heard was Sir Toby accusing her of extortion.

If Mr. Carisi and I had had the chance to prep your victim...

Oh, here we go.

So this is about turf.

She might have been able to elicit more specific admissions.

She did fine.

She sounded emotional.

Excuse me?

After what she'd been through?

Who she was up against?

The point is, can she stand up to him, his legal team?

You want a stronger case, then get us search warrants for his office.

How about we subpoena her audition tape?

I can sell that upstairs.


♪ ♪

So no arrest warrant.

She wants to take it step by step.

She's covering her ass.

Yeah, maybe not a bad idea

'cause I've been tracking Sir Toby.

MeToo lists, blind items, blogs, all over the internet.

- Any arrests?
- No, that's the thing.

The charges don't get dropped.

They never even get filed.

Or the victims suddenly recant.

He rapes him, then he pays them off.

Probably, which means that he's gonna go right for Pilar.

Listen, you two keep digging.

Call Carisi in.

Where are you going?

Hadid told us she wants us to work the case.

It won't hurt to go right at the target.

Special Investigations.

Elegant woman like you,

I bet you got some stories, hey?

I have a few.

Ever think of turning them into a series, you know where I am.

I can foresee a great second act for you.

I'm quite happy with my first act.

Not quite ready for the second.

Well, sometimes it has a way of finding you.

Like you found me.

Or were you looking?

I was.

I am following up on a tip that you have been targeted in a shakedown.

Occupational hazard.

Where'd this tip come from?

You know I can't reveal my sources.

Come on, love. Give me a hint.

There's lots of heat-seeking missiles around here.

Look, I'll give you this.

It hit here.

Ahh, young actress.

Pilar. Wanted something from me.

When I wouldn't give it to her, she threatened me.

But you know this story.

I'm just trying to get to the truth.

You're the rape police.

What is this young girl claiming?

She's claiming that you assaulted her.

She's lying. You know that.

That was my take.

Look...if you come with me right now, I'm sure we can clear this whole thing up.

I also was not born yesterday.

Seems to me like this young girl is the one you should be checking on.


My people can help you with that.

That won't be necessary.

Very nice meeting you, Olivia.

♪ ♪


His people are checking me out?

What does that mean?

It means that we have to stay ahead of Sir Toby, Pilar.

He's gonna try to dig up any dirt...that he can on you.

There's nothing to find.

I lived with my mother before I came here.


Liv, you have a visitor.

I'll be right back.

- What do you got?
- Just shut up.

Judge Barth.

Everything okay?

A lot of changes.

Can we speak in private?

Absolutely. Step into my office.

So I heard you stepped down.

It was my decision.

Ending my marriage wasn't, but two kids in college, it was either... private practice or public bankruptcy.

- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, no, it's fine.

It's great to be back on the front lines, and to get paid for it.

There we go.

So what brings you here?

One of my clients called to tell me that you interviewed him without informing him he was the focus of an investigation.


You're working for Sir Toby Moore?

I am.

I see.

And now I've informed you that he has counsel.

Is this Ms. Reyes?

Sir Toby is aware of how easy it is these days to target prominent men, so I would be especially skeptical of this one.

She's very credible.

Is she?

There are rumors that she was working as a prostitute in Caracas.

And I can guess who started those.

If it's out there, we'll find it.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Mrs. Hadid told me that she was gonna subpoena the girl's audition tape.

You could've just asked.

And you're just gonna hand this over?

More than that.
It's the last five women that auditioned for Sir Toby, ending in Ms. Reyes, and from the looks of it, she's a much better actress with you than she is on camera.

♪ ♪

Amore... I must have you.

I've gotta stop you there, Monica.

It's still awkward and stiff.

Just-just relax.

Just say it again now.

You're still a man in my eyes.

Let me make you whole again.

That's good. We're getting somewhere now.

If you can combine that with that vulnerability

with a certain sexuality,

I think we've got something here.

Do you want to try it again? Yeah?


I just want to make you happy.

The scenes always end before he makes his move.

He knows how to edit.

Right. So there's five auditions, all with a blurred line between coercion and direction.

Lieutenant, we know how this goes.

So does Sir Toby.

I mean, he's so used to being above the law.

He didn't even remove the footage from his other victims.

'Cause he knows they're not gonna talk.

- He's taunting us.
- And maybe he just overplayed his hand.

Find out if any of these women will come forward.


I met him eight years ago.
Film festival.

He saw my short, and he swooped in on me.

Said he saw a great future for me, major films, awards.

Take your time.

Actually, I can't talk about this.

- You got to me too late.
- Excuse me?

I am literally not allowed to talk.

And who told you to say that, Sir Toby's lawyer?

I can't talk about that either.

What can you talk about?

He got kind of grabby.

- I left, went up to my room.
- Okay.

Turns out his room happened to adjoin mine.

He came in in this silk robe and...

He wouldn't take no for an answer.

Was this in New York?

No, South By Southwest in Austin.


And you still auditioned for him?

I've seen actresses so traumatized by him, they leave the business.

You have friends this happened to?

It's a long time ago.
I was still in school.

Amelia, please, if I could just... if I could just ask you what you do remember,

I'd be so grateful.

He was producing a film in New York.

I took a job babysitting his grandkids.

I thought it'd be a good way to get to know him.


Amelia, please.

I need you to tell me.

♪ ♪

He offered to walk me home.

And when we got to my door...

He groped my breasts.

I burst out into tears.

He left.

And then two days later, he asked me to babysit again.

And when was this?

It feels like it was yesterday.

I must have been at the time.

I dropped out of acting school after that.

I knew I didn't have what it takes.

Amelia... would you be willing to testify?

I could never do that.

I'm sorry.

This one's scared.

This one is out of our jurisdiction.

This woman right here, Nina, she had an audition with him on Tuesday,

and signed her NDA on Saturday.

Yeah, well, Carisi told me that Pilar has got a lawyer now.

Her NDA's in the works.

Well, that's that. I'll tell Liv.

Excuse me?

Is one of you Sergeant Tutuola?

That's me.

My name's Gemma Brooks.

I'm an actress.

You spoke to one of my friends today about Sir Toby.


She can't talk, but I can.

And you said that this happened five years ago?

Uh-huh. We met at a party.

He said he had a script for me in his room.

The hotel, do you remember the name?

No, but...

I remember there was a wall of glass overlooking the highline.

He pushed me against it.

I-I remember people watching while he raped me.

I'm so sorry.

Do you want to take a break?


- You believe her story?
- I do.

We have taken turns interviewing her for the last four hours.

She has specific details, consistent, has never worked with him since.

Now, Gemma did sign a non-disclosure agreement, but she's willing to swear that it was coerced.

And she just walked in?

Well, she heard that we were investigating Sir Toby, from another actress.

This is the dress you wore the night he attacked you?

I know it's crazy, but I saved it.

Does Sir Toby know she's here?

No, but he's been ahead of us so far, so... call Carisi in?

Hold off.

Keep this under wraps until we can get Sir Toby's DNA.

I already have it.

I took his glass from our drink at the bar.

Test the dress.

When it's a match, pick him up.

Then we're good to go?

We're NYPD.

We arrest people all the time without the DA signing off.


Gemma, you need to know that when you do file charges, he will do anything he can to...

I know.

That's how he keeps getting away with this.

I can't let him do to one more woman what he did to me.

We should've picked him up at his office.

Dodds said to keep it quiet.

He doesn't want the press to find out before he can tell Hadid.


Let's do this.

♪ ♪

Tobias Moore.

- Olivia.
- You're under arrest.

Am I? And you brought cuffs, too.

How lovely, hey?

- So where are we going?
- SVU.

I'll call Ms. Barth.

And all the rest.


- You find this amusing?
- I do, actually.

There's nothing as funny as watching a beautiful woman make the biggest mistake of her life.

Oh, thank you.

Sergeant Tutuola, right?

Can't talk to you. You lawyered up.

It's a shame.

Black sergeant working with the old boy network of the NYPD.

I bet you got some stories to tell, hey?

Not to you.

- My client. Now.
- Oh, he's all yours.

- Nice stunt, Lieutenant.
- Thank you.

You know, you knew he had counsel.

Courtesy would've been to arrange his arrest through me.

Good evening, Counselor.

Don't get your knickers in a twist.

These bizzies are only doing their job.

I came as soon as I heard.

They completely disregarded all protocol.

Did they?

Why would you do that?

The DA already dismissed that young girl's casting couch story as fantasy.

Well, it turns out that a number of other women came forward with additional accusations.

Oh, a number.
Sounds like a MeToo witch hunt.

No names, Olivia? No?

Oh, and how's the judge supposed to represent me if we don't know what the charge is?

The charge is rape.

In the first degree.

Standard Hotel.

The woman said that people could see it from the highline.


How the hell did they get to her?


You're telling me your friends at NYPD didn't give you notice?

Tell me why I shouldn't

- fire you right now.
- Mrs. Hadid, I'm between a rock and hard place here.

They know you're my boss.

They kept me in the dark as much as they did you.

The main reason I hired you was because

- you have a history with these people.
- I do, and all due respect, they didn't feel the office was serious about pursuing Sir Toby.

This does not end well.

- For what it's worth, they have a case.
- Do they?

There's a pattern to his assaults.

Late night auditions in his office and hotel rooms.

At least a dozen women that we know of.

A dozen?

Within the statute of limitations?

In our jurisdiction?

How many do they really have?

They have one. For now.

But she's solid.


Tell me her name isn't Gemma Brooks.


Last night, the NYPD falsely arrested

my client Sir Toby Moore,

accusing him of assaulting Ms. Gemma Brooks.

She's here today to tell the truth

about this witch hunt.


My name is Gemma Brooks.

I've been a friend of Sir Toby Moore's

for over five years.

Though we've never worked together,

he's been a mentor to me.

And friend.

Over time, our friendship turned into something more,

a secret but consensual affair.

Oh, God, I can't...

An affair that's lasted over four years.

Sir Toby.

While I am deeply grateful to Gemma for coming forward,

I am at the same time profoundly ashamed.

The emotional distress that I've caused my family,

this will take time to heal,

but it is a private matter

between my loving wife of years and myself.

- I can't believe this.
- Gemma played us.

Oh, not just Gemma. Sir Toby.

That tape that Barth handed us was his Trojan horse.

You told me you vetted her.

I took the disclosure myself.

She's not making this up.

We even confirmed her outcry to friends.

- She's telling the truth.
- Part of it.

So what's she doing now?

She wouldn't be the first vic to start a consensual relationship with her rapist in order to gain some sense of control.

Try explaining that to a jury.

What's up, Carisi?

She fired you already?

- I'm hanging on by a thread.
- Oh, we all are.

And that's the Commissioner. Excuse me.

Dodds here.

Toby is cold.

He taped that statement in the same room he did Pilar.

- Just another way to punk us.

Or maybe he finally screwed up.

Rollins, you got Pilar's audition?

Can you throw it up there, please?

Son of a bitch.

You notice anything?


♪ ♪

- Different couch.
- Pillows. Lamp.

He was afraid that we were gonna get a warrant, so he swapped them out.

When did he have time to do that?

So here's Pilar. Friday evening, : p.m.

She's entering Sir Toby's building.

Now this is Pilar an hour later.

She's in the lobby. She's in tears.

Her clothes are a mess.

And we've all seen this as she's exiting his office, but then we skip ahead to Sunday night, : p.m.

This is his assistant Cindy.

She's supervising three movers as they pull the new couch out of a truck.

Ten minutes later... they're pulling out Sir Toby's old couch and lamp.

Good luck finding those.

This is a specialty cleaning crew at : a.m. on Monday.

At : a.m., Sir Toby and Cindy walk in.

She stays downstairs, and ten minutes later, on the march.

A former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, a former Attorney General.


Cabinet member, Deputy Mayor.

I've heard of power teams, but this...

It gets worse. Fifteen minutes later, look who walks in.

♪ ♪

Vanessa Hadid and half of the eighth floor.

They're going into Toby's office.

Why, to kiss his ring?

To destroy Pilar's credibility.

Like I said, he's got this whole game rigged.

Yeah, he may, but you know what?

We have his assistant on tape destroying evidence.

Bring her in.

He's my boss.

I was just setting up meetings for him.

Come on, Cindy.

You bring these women into his office, his hotel room.

They trust you, then he assaults them.

That makes you accessory to rape.

I don't know what he does with them.

You don't know?

You mind telling me why you were swapping out his furniture Sunday midnight?

That's destroying evidence.

Listen... he will not think twice about throwing you under the bus, and then backing up over you.

He can't know. Please.

That didn't take long.

Guys like this, they rule by fear.

Nobody likes them.

Okay, so maybe now we take a run at Gemma Brooks.

Maybe she'll walk back on her denial.

It's too late.

It turns out after her press conference, she hopped a plane to New Zealand.

She's directing a movie for Picflix.

He has a way to get to everybody.

Maybe we need someone new.


Call Vice.



Katriona Tamin.

Call me Kat. It's faster.

Is it cool to talk here?

I grew up around here.
Everyone knows I'm on the job.


So Vice gave you the rundown?

I watched the tape. Read all the DD s.

Looks like you didn't upload everything.

Should I check the spirals?

Just more of the same.

This guy's a real piece of crap, isn't he?

He is a serial predator and he knows how to pick his vics, and he knows how to manipulate them.

Played you guys pretty bad, too, huh?

He did. Not just us.

You should know that this guy is connected to the DA's office, to City Hall, D.C.

Harder they come, harder they fall.

What's my play?

Aspiring local actress.
La Guardia High.

- Where I went.
- That's why I chose it.

So you are thrilled to meet, maybe even audition for the great man.

Like what he did to the Venezuelan girl?

Isn't that the rap he just beat?

Yeah, it is.

He can't help himself.

Yeah, junkies gotta score.

You wire his office?

So he keeps a hotel room in Midtown.

The good news is that his assistant is cooperating with us.

We'll be across the hall.

Pull you out before it gets too rough.

- Don't do that.
- Excuse me?

You want to get this guy, make sure you got him.

Let him rough me up a little, rip my blouse.

I'll signal for when you can come in.

I can take care of myself.

♪ ♪

When I look at you...

I don't see the wheelchair.

I see the man I love.

You know, I'm gonna stop you right there because...

'cause acting, well, it's...it's not about words, it's about choices.

You're right.
Different day, same script.

At least this time there's a wheelchair.

She's doing a good job.

She studied the tape.
She knows where he's going.

Now you made a very brave choice

auditioning for the lead in this movie, which I think... you're a bit green for.

But... I have an idea.

There's another part in the film.

Smaller role, of course.

It's a woman, very integral to the movie, who's put upon by men.

Humiliated, do anything to get on.

Well, basically she's a whore.

Um... does she have lines in the script?

Well, that would depend on how we improvise together, providing you're willing to do that.

Of course.
You just tell me what you want.

No, it's not what I want.

It's... it's what you want.

Well, actually, it's what you need.

Because you do need to get your first part in a movie, don't you?

Yes. Very much.

He's flipping the script on her.

What's her signal word?

b*st*rd. Her idea.

So why don't you stand up?


Just turn around.


Now, we'll walk towards that door over there.

Okay, stop there.

Now put your hands up against like medium height in the window.

You know, as if he's attacking you from behind.

You smell fantastic.

You know that? You really do.


You know what I'm gonna do to you, don't you?

- I don't want to do this.
- You don't?

Well, I do.

Get your hands off me. Let go.

Ow. You're hurting me.

I'm not hurting you.

In five years' time, believe me, love, it's the only way you're gonna want it.


You will not open your mouth until I tell you to.

You're choking me.

- How long we gonna let this go on?
- Go. Now.

- She didn't say "b*st*rd."
- I know, but I don't care.

We're going in.

♪ ♪

You're choking me.

Am I choking you?

I can't breathe.

You can't breathe?
Really, you can't breathe?

- Please.
- Come here.

- Come here!
- Stop!



Step away from her.

What the hell?

Tobias Moore, you're under arrest.

What, for auditioning?

- You doing all right?
- Yeah, I had it.

- Why'd you guys rush in?
- Okay, you got what we needed.

You little skank.
You set up me up, did you, hey?

Yeah, not so green after all, huh?

You really are a stupid bitch.

Do you really know who you're dealing with?

- Get him out of here.

♪ ♪

This is a farce. Pure entrapment.

- I'll be out in an hour.
- Not a chance.

Who are you really angry at, Olivia, huh?

Your uncle, daddy, or just all men, hey?

- Sir Toby, you do this one?
- Absolutely not.

Toby, they have you on film this time?

Pictures lie. I should know.

It's my business, hey?

You're saying it's a setup?

NYPD's got a vendetta against me.

They'll pay for it.
That's all I intend to say.

Get him out of here.

♪ ♪

Hold up.

What are you guys doing here?

It's your first arraignment.
We wouldn't miss it.

Well, spoiler alert.
Sir Toby's gonna get bail, and then it's gonna be a motion a day for months.

Look, these guys believe that they can't be held accountable, but... you need to take him down.


♪ ♪

Thank you... for believing me.

Of course.

ADA Carisi and I want to thank the NYPD

for helping our office send a message

that it doesn't matter how rich or powerful you are,

sexual assault will not be tolerated in New York City.

Joe, please. Can you turn this down?

She can turn on a dime. Give her that.

Well, she's back on our side for now, and at least Carisi's safe.

It's all good.

You okay?

The powers that be have decided that I can't be trusted to work with the DA's office going forward.

What does that mean?

I'm being send to Coventry.

As of Monday morning,

I'll be riding point for the Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Task Force...

- on Staten Island.
- No, no, no, they can't do that.

Feathers were ruffled, so a head has to roll.

I will call the press.

I will call PP.

I will call whoever I have to.

This is ridiculous.

Liv, let it go.

I've had a good run.

And it's not time for you to stick your neck out.

- I'll be the judge of that.
- No.

You've still got work to do, and gas in the tank.

It'd be a wasted sacrifice...


I made it a condition of my exile.

Don't worry about me.

I'll be back.

♪ ♪

You're a good man, William Dodds.

You are a class act, Olivia Benson.

Long may you run.


♪ ♪