05x09 - If Tomorrow Never Comes

Daphne: Previously on "Nashville"...

That just about blew my mind.

I think you should come down to my office at Highway 65, let's have a conversation.

I can't be in a committed relationship, right now.

So you are gonna sleep with him.



No, no, no, no, no.

Don't be scared. I just wanna talk to you.

Drop the weapon! Let her go now! Drop it!

Are you okay, did he hurt you?

We're gonna get you out of here, okay?

Something terrible happened.

Come home, baby.

We got a 47-year-old female.

Status: post high-speed motor vehicle collision.

Blood pressure 90 over 45.

Heart rate of 118.

Patient was found unconscious with a crush injury to her pelvis and proximal femur.

Okay, let's send out for a trauma panel.

And type and cross for four.

Oh, my God.

Is there a problem, Dickenson?

That's Rayna James.


Okay, one, two, three, lift!

There's no time for autographs, people.

Let's move!

Man, that was so cool of your mom to show up like that.

Yeah, you should totally take her up on the offer.

I don't know.

I just don't wanna trade in on whatever's going on with you and me right now.



Nothing. You're just awesome, that's all.

(cell phone rings)

(sighs) Hey, Dad.

(horn honking)

Are you with Clay?

Yeah, but don't worry. We got, um...


Yeah, Officer Martinez with us.

Sweetie, I need you to meet me at the hospital, okay?

What? What's wrong?

How am I still here?

Last I recall, you were looking for a sock.

(laughs) Oh, my God.

It was fun looking.

Oh, it's always fun when someone gets an eye poked out.

(cell phone rings)

Oh, no.

What's wrong?

I was supposed to meet Gunnar and Will for dinner.


Where are you? I've been texting and calling!

My phone was off. Sorry.

Yeah, well, Deacon needs you to pick up Daphne from school, and bring her to the hospital.

What? What happened?

(choir singing)

How's she doing?

She's pretty banged up.

Her CT shows a shattered pelvis and hip.

The good news is that she doesn't appear to have any blood in her brain.

We've got our top ortho coming in.

We're having to get her into surgery as soon as possible.

Is she in pain?

No. We've got her on a morphine drip.

So she's resting comfortably now.

Thank you.



Can you believe this?



Police car?


You don't remember being in it when the police officer drove you? She's okay. She hardly got a scratch.

The lady officer? Bless her heart.

I just remember the, um...

Carl... Wayne person.

He was waving a knife at me for an eternity.

I'm so sorry about that guy.

At me.

Where are the girls?

They're coming, honey. They're on their way.

Well, look who is all up and talking.

Have you ever seen anybody as handsome as this person right here?


Well, I'd say he's a cutie pie.

Plays a mean guitar too.


Honey, guess what?

What, baby?

We are not done yet.

We're not?

'Cause you know now with our record?

We gotta write another song.

We do?

Yeah, because, you know... it hasn't all just been pain.

We gotta write that beautiful story.


Oh, my God, you do not have a MRSA infection.

It says right here that it can spread to your bones.

Babe, the doctor said bone infections are extremely rare after surgery.

What if it's something worse?

Like what?

Like that.


You know, my college roommate got something like that after a trip to Amsterdam.

Only it wasn't on his foot.

I'm serious.

I'm serious too.

Honestly, Julia, I love you, but you're crazy.

I'm in pain, okay? It feels like my leg is rotting ...from the inside out!

Okay, okay... Okay.

I will schedule an appointment with the doctor on Monday.

No. I don't want to wait until Monday.

I want to see her tomorrow.

Of course you do. (sighs)

(cell phone rings)


Hey, man, what's up?

What? Is she okay?

Hey, I'll wait for you.

No, you don't have to do that.

No, no, no. Just in case you need anything.

Thank you.


Guys. Back up, back up...

How is your mom doing, Maddie? Any word on her condition?

How about those assault rumors? Any truth to those?

Maddie, when's the last time you spoke to your mother?

Does it hurt?

It hurts a little.

You know, honey, I'll be honest.

I don't really feel much of anything right now.

Are you gonna be here for as long as you were the last time?

Oh, I don't think so.

Good heavens, what is it with me and the car accidents?


There she is.

Hey, my darling.

I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner.

We're glad you're here, sweetheart. Mom's about to go into surgery.

So what happened?

Someone outside said something about an assault?

We don't have to talk about it right now. Let's get your mom off...

Hate to break this up, but it's show time.

I didn't get a chance to warm up.


Well, I guess you're just going to have to wing it.

The surgeon requested some vintage Rayna James in the OR for inspiration.

Well, make sure they get a good one.

There are a couple of clunkers back in the 90s.

All right. (laughs)

You ready?

I got it.

Okay, Ms. James.

Here we go. Right.


That's good.

Babe? Maddie?

It's okay.

It's all right.

Nurse: Yep.

Goodbye babe.

I love you.

(coughing, crying)


Maddie? Are you okay?

I just need a minute.

You wanna tell me what's going on?

I can't right now.

Come on, don't make me crawl under there. You know I will.


This is all my fault, I know.

What are you talking about?

It's like a punishment.

I just know it.

For what?

For all the trouble I've caused.

No, this has nothing to do with you.

This was an accident.


If she didn't come to see Clay perform, none of this would have happened.

That is a load of crap, and you know it!

You haven't put your mom through any worse than any other kid your age. It's called being a teenager.


When you were a teenager, you were perfect, so...


It was a little bit different with the mother I had.

There wasn't room enough for both of us to be bad, so...

Your mama's not like that.

And she knows you would never wish for anything bad to happen to her.

No matter how much you two lock horns.

There ain't anything you can do to make her feel any different.

How do you know that?

I just know.

She got four hours of surgery ahead of her.

So you could get some air.

Ain't nothing gonna happen for a while.

Four hours?

Give or take.

This is gonna be the longest four hours ever.

Yeah. Tell me about it.

Sweetie, I think I'm gonna have Scarlett take you home, okay?


Baby, you got a concert tomorrow. I want you to get some sleep.

I wanna be here when she wakes up.

Honey, your mom won't even remember waking up.

I promise I'll get you back here in the morning, I will.

I'm not going home!


(sirens wailing)

Hey. Is everything okay?


What's wrong?

She's gonna be in surgery for four hours.

So can we just drive?


(engines start)

(dramatic music)


(door opens)

How'd it go?

Very well.

She's coming out of anesthesia.

So it shouldn't be long before she's in her room, and ready to see people.

Oh, thank God!

Now what happens next?

Well, assuming everything goes well, she can go home in a few days.

She will need a lot of rehab, of course.

But it looks like she's gonna be okay.

Thank you. (laughs)

I'm sorry.

Aw, thank you, guys.

That's great.

Is it crazy that what I really want right now is a cheeseburger?

All you been through, you deserve a damn cheeseburger.

I'm starting to remember what happened, the accident and the attack and all that.

I think that's the most afraid I've ever been in my whole life.

And that's saying a lot.

Because I've been through some pretty scary stuff.

But what's different now is that you're right here next to me.

That's just the sweetest feeling in the whole world.

Found a vase.

Thank you, honey.

Those are beautiful.

Is that Bucky out there?

Yeah. We got a couple of people out there.

But they said they only wanted immediate family in here.

The nurse wants you to rest.

Oh, they could come in and say hi.

All right.

You look good, Mom.

Oh, honey, when'd you get to be such a good liar?

Oh, hey, y'all.

Bucky, you didn't have to come sit over here all night.

Of course I did.

Of course you did.

How you feeling?

Like I was hit by a truck.


Looks like the CMT Awards are not gonna happen.

Hey, don't worry about that. I already took care of it.

And everybody at CMT wants me to tell you they want you to get better soon.

And they send you their love.


Okay, let's wrap it up.

This young lady needs to get some rest.

I'll check on you first thing in the morning.

Thank you for coming.

Hey, did Deacon tell you about the song we're gonna write?

The song?

I'll tell you about it later.

You gotta get your guitar, honey.

I'm not leaving you to go get some guitar.

I'll get it, don't worry.

Thank you.

Y'all the best family a woman could ever want.

Where's Maddie, y'all?

She'll be here soon.

It's like the room just started getting smaller all of a sudden.

I literally couldn't breathe.

It was like, you know, those dreams when you're trying to scream, but nothing comes out?

It sounds like you were having a panic attack.

Oh, God, it was scary, whatever it was.

Hey, you're okay now.

Does your dad know that you're here with me?

Yeah. He said he's gonna text me whenever she gets out of surgery.



My Dad proposed to my Mom up here.

It's like one of her favorite places.

Well, I can see why.

I remember this one time I was up here with her when I was little.

Just the two of us.

No talking, just sort of... being with each other.

And I looked over at her. And she...

...had tears, like, streaming down her face.

And I don't know why, but it was like the first time I ever saw her as a person, you know, instead of a mom.

I guess I'm feeling a little bit better.


Walking and talking.

It's the best thing for a panic attack.

Oh, how do you know so much about them?

Well, my mom used to have them.

You must miss her.

It's complicated.


It was always a roller coaster with her.

I mean, one minute she would be the best mom ever.

And then she'd start tweaking again, and disappear on me.

It must have been so hard.

I mean, the disappearing wasn't so bad.

It was showing up again that really sucked.

Because you knew she wouldn't stay.

It was funny...

It got to where I started hoping she wouldn't come around anymore.

And then eventually she didn't.

That is so sad.

(text message rings)

It's my dad.

Mom's out of surgery.

Well, how did it go?

Good, I guess.

He and Daphne are gonna spend the night there.

Well, I can take you back.

But he's saying that the nurse just wants her to get some rest.

And for me to just go home, and come back in the morning.

I can take you home if you want.

Can we just walk some more?

Of course, we can.

He would want his Sunburst, I'll bet.

So are we just gonna pretend like nothing happened?

You see a capo lying around here anywhere?

The least you could have done was called.

You know, I sat there for two hours waiting for you.

Well, I did tell you that I might not make it.

All right, just answer me this, okay?

Is he so good in bed you had to spend the whole frickin' day with him?

I'm gonna go get Daphne's toothbrush.

And I'll meet you in the car.

Well, that's it?

That's all you got to say?

Juliette, how's your leg doing?

Come on.

Any idea when you'll be up and running again?

I'm up right now.

(indisticnt chatter)

I'm not sure about the running part.

Come on, guys, give her some room.

Any word about Rayna's condition.

Juliette, was Rayna James assaulted?

Can you tell us anything...

(phone ringing)

Looking for Room 208.

They said it was at the end of the hall.

I can't let you go in there right now. I'm under strict orders.


Well, if you happen to know who I am, then you know I don't take orders very well.

Miss Barnes!

She doesn't follow my orders either.

Someone needs to tell Nurse Ratched to relax.


Is this a bad time?

Brought you something.


You didn't have to do that.

Eye mask. Saved my life when I was laying where you are right now.

Nurses coming in every five minutes. The lights flickering.

Yeah, I'm not getting a lot of sleep around here.

Yeah. How are you feeling?

Oh, you know.

Yeah, I do know.

Thought you were gonna be off those by now.

Oh, you and me both, girl.

What's the holdup?

You know, I don't want to talk about me right now.

But you're so much better at it than I am.

(laughs) I know.

That's not why I'm here.


You've changed.

I have?


It's like when you fell out of the sky, something shook out of you.

About time, right?

Now you've got me wondering after this whole nightmare, I wonder what's gonna shake out of me?

Something good.

So I was thinking about what you were saying about how your mom was in and out of your life.

And my mom was the complete opposite.

You're lucky.

Yeah, and I have done nothing but give her a hard time.


Are you kidding? Yes.

I've done terrible things like... lied, I've run away.

I even took her to court last year.


Yeah. It's like no matter what I did, she was always there for me.

I think the reason I was able to do all this is because I knew deep down that we would never be separated.

And that sounds so selfish.

No. That sounds like you really love her.

(sighs) I do.

I honestly don't know what I'd do if anything ever happened to her.

What do you mean an epilogue?

No, it's not an epilogue, it's a...

Oh, that's not the right word.

My brain's Jell-0 and I can't think of the freaking...

Why are so hell-bent on another song, baby? We got like 16.

Because we've been dredging up the past, and it's been...

I don't want that to be the whole story we're telling.

You know what I mean?

You sure it's not the morphine talking?

No. (chuckles)

No, it's like an after-thought, you know, like the, um...

It's like a promise of something more.

Like a coda?



You're so smart, babe.

It's just that last little thing you hear... suddenly makes everything make sense.

That's what the song should be.

What's the matter?


You scared the hell outta me, that's all.

You're not getting rid of me that easy.

Sing me to sleep.

(plays guitar)



That breakfast didn't look too good.

So I got you girls a couple of Smoothies and...

You're so sweet. cheeseburgers.


Oh, it hurts when I laugh.

Oh, my goodness.

Well, I should probably do the Smoothie.

All right. Smoothie, it is.

Give me the burger.

(both laugh)

Where's Daph?

Oh, she was having a bit of a moment.

I sent Scarlett off to go talk to her.

What happened?

Well, you know, they've got that concert at school tonight.

And, bless her heart, Oh, yeah. she didn't want to leave my side. She don't want to go.

Yeah, that's hard.



No concert tonight?


What about your solo?

Louisa can sing it.

Oh. Not like you can.

Don't worry. Me and Deacon got this.

You don't have to hang around.

What's the point if my mom can't come.

It's not like my dad can either.

Maddie's gonna go, isn't she?

No, she's with Clay.

She doesn't care anymore.

(voice breaking) It's just my mom.

My mom's the only one who cares.

Baby, baby, come here.

It's okay.



You're gonna be all right.


I'm gonna have to set up shop, and start charging around here.

(phone chimes)

Daphne is having a meltdown. I should have just gone back before.

Come on.

There is an irregularity here.

An irregularity?

Where the fixator was attached to your bone.

You see that spot there?

It's cancer!


I knew it.

It's most likely nothing.


But lets get an MRI just to make sure.

How could it be nothing if I'm in this much pain?

Oh, there's all sorts of unexplained pain after a major surgery like yours.

Sometimes it's just the nerve endings repairing themselves.

Sometimes it's psychological.

Oh, you think I'm crazy too?

All I'm saying is we may not be able to pinpoint it at the end of the day.

So you might just have to push through it.

(whispering) Hey.

Hey. What are you doing here?

Just brought you some coffee.

I wanted to see how everybody's doing.


Daphne had a pretty rough spell earlier. But I think she's okay now.

You realize I'm kind of screwed here.

How so?

If I put foot down and tell you not to see him, you'll just resent me.

And if I turn my cheek and look the other way, you might just be fool enough to run off with the guy.

I really can't talk about this right now.

I mean, I couldn't blame you.

He's completely charming (phone buzzing) in a blowhard kind of way.

I mean, I'd date him if I wasn't already in love with somebody.

Please keep your voice down.

What am I supposed to do, Scarlett, to win your trust back?

Do I follow you around like a puppy?

Do I challenge the guy to a duel?

Because I'll do it, Scarlett, if that's what you want!

I'll do anything!

Just tell me what you want me to do.

I don't know.

I like what we have.

I just think it might need... a tag or something.

What is a tag?

What are you doing here?

Just watching you.

I have been all along.

You have?

A magnificent woman you've become.

This gives me such a thrill.

I've really missed you.

I know.

I've missed you too.

But I don't want to interrupt.

You were looking for something.

A tag.

It's my least favorite thing to write.

Maybe you don't need one.

What do you mean?

Maybe this song is finished.

Who you talking to, baby?

Oh... she was just here.

Who was, sweetie?

My mom.

She was helping me with our song.

Her mom was helping her with...

Yes! Yes, Scarlett.

I'm telling you, it was spooky.

The way she said it, it was like... freaked me out.

I checked her out pretty thoroughly. And everything appears to be normal.

Listen, you're sure?

She's on a lot of pain meds. And I can dial those down a bit.

But cognitive stuff like this is not unusual.

These are opioids we're talking about.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I just...

You hear stories about white light.

And people calling from beyond and all that. I just... got a little nervous, that's all.

I get it, but she's doing great.

I'll check back later, okay?

Thank you. Sorry.





Can I get you anything?

Oh, you're so sweet.

Deacon and I were just talking about how sweet you are.

Oh, dear.

Especially with the girls. Thank you.

Well, they're easy to be sweet to.

Did you finish your song?

Do you ever really finish a song?

(laughs) Good point.

Well, I wish Gunnar and I could churn them out like you and Deacon do.

All we seem to do lately is tick each other off, so...

What about, um... what's that fella's name?

Oh, Damien?

Damien. Is he still in the picture?

We do not have to talk about that right now.

I got nothing better to do.

(both laugh)


I'm intrigued by him.

I really am.

I'd like to get to know him better.


But then Gunnar looks so miserable.

And says things like he's going to fight for me.

And I'm lost all over again.

Just 'cause he's miserable and he says he's gonna fight for you doesn't mean he's the one for you.

What do you mean?

I was talking about this with Maddie the other day.

I think sometimes these women, you know, in relationships, we let ourselves be the object or something.

You know, man says that he loves you.

Well, and that's it. That's love.

Like he gets to choose.

But we get to choose too.

We get to choose to be happy 'cause we deserve it.


This is how I used to get you to nap on tour buses when you were a baby.

It was the only way I could you to sleep.



Although, who am I kidding?

It was the only way I could get me to sleep.

What about Dad?

Your father got carsick on buses.

That's why he never traveled with us.

I learned that the hard way on our honeymoon.


That was not pretty.

You sure you don't want to go to this thing tonight?

Yes. It's a stupid concert.

Don't say that.

Don't ever say that, okay?

You have a gift, honey.

It's your privilege, it's your responsibility to share that with people.

And as your mom, there's nothing that gives me greater joy than... watching you do that.

Okay, geez.

Okay, geez. Sorry, I love you.

I love you too.

You know who else loves you?



I know you haven't always believed that.

But I hope you believe it now, D.

'Cause not just for you, but for him too.

Y'all need to know... that you can rely on each other.


All right.

Fine... I will shut up.


all: Daphne!

What are you guys doing here?

We decided if y'all couldn't come to the concert, we'd bring the concert to you.

No way.

I wish I could take the credit. But it was Flynn's idea.

(choir singing)

♪ When the rain is blowing in your face ♪
♪ And the whole world is on your case ♪
♪ I could offer you a warm embrace ♪
♪ To make you feel my love ♪
♪ When the evening shadows and the stars appear ♪
♪ And there is no one there to dry your tears ♪
♪ I could hold you for a million years ♪
♪ To make you feel my love ♪

(monitor beeps)

♪ To make you feel my lo... ♪

Get a doctor! Deacon, get a doctor now!

Come on. Can I get a doctor, please? Get a doctor in here!

(overlapping chatter)

Come on, get them...

I'm coming, I'm coming.

You get her. You get her.

We got you... We got you.

Nurse: BP's dropping.

Come on. Come on.

We need a crash cart in here!

(car horns honking)

This is a nightmare!

(groans) I can't believe there's a game today.

Can we just get off the street?

I don't see how.

(text message rings)

Oh, no.


They're taking my mom into ICU.

My dad says come now. Oh, my God!

Why didn't I just stay there last night?

What was I thinking?

Wait. Where you going?

Sorry. I got to go.

Why don't you take this jacket?

I don't understand. What is going on right now?

Her kidneys are shutting down.

And her potassium is sky high.

We're giving her medication.

But we may have to put her on dialysis.

No, that doesn't make any sense!

She has a broken pelvis! That's...

That can happen with the type of fracture that your wife sustained.

Fat tissue from the bone marrow can leak into the blood system.

And just start wreaking havoc through the body.

You can do something, right? You'll fix that?

Not a lot, unfortunately. We just try to stabilize her.

And wait for the circulation to clear on its own.

And if it doesn't?

Let's not go there right now. We're gonna do everything we can to make sure she pulls through this.

I'm sorry. I can't let you back here.

(breathes heavily)



I'll be right back.


You'll have to stop scaring me like that.

What's happening?

I don't know, sweetie.

If something happens, you gotta stay strong for the girls.

Promise me.

I can't promise that 'cause you ain't going nowhere.

Just promise me.


Sir, you cannot be in here.

I promise. I promise, okay?

I promise, baby.


All right, okay.

I love you, Deacon.

I love you, Rayna.

Don't leave me.

I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry, sir.

Your leg looks like it's healed nicely.

You should be able to put weight on it, no problem.

Well, what about the irregularity?

Well, that was just some calcification at the site of the pin. But nothing to worry about.

(door opens)

I'm sorry to interrupt you, Dr. Reynolds.

But you're wanted in the ICU.

I'm just finishing up here. Can it wait?

Um, your trauma patient from last night?

That was in the car accident?


She's crashing in the ICU.

I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to cut this short.

I hope you understand.

Of course.

She's talking about Rayna.

She has had multiple emboli that have affected her organs.

The system usually clears on its own.

But, unfortunately, your wife's just not responding.

What does that mean?

We are artificially supporting her blood pressure at this point.

And her organs are failing.

I'm sorry. I wish we had better news.

Is Mom dying?


We are doing everything that we can.

I usually tell folks to pray for the best.

And prepare for the worst.

But I promise we will do everything we can to help her pull through.

No! Please, no!

Come here, Daphne. Come here.

Juliette! Slow down!

What's wrong?

Any word from Maddie?

She's almost here.


It's not good.

All I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me.

Mom? Mom.

I'm here, Mom. Mom, I'm here. I'm so sorry.

Hush, baby. She knows, baby.

She's always known, sweetie. She knows that.

Is there anything else you can do here, please?

We're doing everything we can.


Yes, sweet girl?

Do you think she knows we're here?

Yeah. I do.

Is there something you want to say to her?

I don't know what to say.

That's okay, honey.

That's all right.

It's hard to know what to say.

♪ Sitting here tonight ♪

(together) ♪ By the firelight ♪
♪ It reminds me I already have ♪
♪ More than I should ♪
♪ I don't need fame ♪
♪ No one to know my name ♪
♪ At the end of the day ♪
♪ Lord, I pray ♪
♪ I have a life that's good ♪
♪ Two arms around me ♪
♪ Heaven to ground me ♪
♪ And family that always calls me home ♪

(monitor beep flatlines)

No! No! No!