03x12 - Ghosts

His name is Conor Devlin.

I killed his son, and now he wants to hurt us the same way that we hurt him.

By the time I'm finished, I'll have taken everyone you love.

This is Maisie, my sister.

She's alive, and that means she has a chance.

But it also means he has plans for her, Ryan.

You'll have to pay in blood.


He's still breathing. Fight.

We've applied for extradition.

The man killed my sister, and you want to put him on a plane back to Ireland?

What I want is Conor Devlin in a concrete box.

If it's here, or at the bottom of the Atlantic, that's just as well.

Your extradition to Ireland has been approved.

VFA 2-0-6 on descent into Dublin.

I'm gonna get an ETA from the pilot.

We've been on this plane for five hours.

And you're the only one who hasn't looked me in the eye.

Ryan Booth.

As soon as we land, an armed convoy will be waiting to take you to an Irish prison.

You tell us where Maisie Doyle is, we'll tell them you cooperated.

It was you who killed my son, wasn't it?

It was me.

I don't think so.

You're right. It was me.

And I'd do it again.

It was each one of us.

Easy for you to say, Miss Parrish.

You haven't lost anyone.


You think you're the first animal I'm up against?

I've been hunted, imprisoned, chased to the end of the world.

I'm still here.

So am I, love.

So am I.



Oh, I'm better. Thanks.

Good. So, we've interrogated every dockworker, we've searched every ship that left New York City the night Maisie disappeared, and she's gone.

They probably offloaded the girls onto smaller ships to evade detection.


Still looking? No, she's gone.

She's probably already in Ireland.


What the hell?


Okay. We're losing cabin pressure.


Get Devlin.

That's good, Shelby. Deep breaths.

You can ditch your mask. We're low enough to breathe.

Bad news is we're about two minutes from crashing.

We got to bail now! Let's go!

Alex was gonna question Devlin again on the flight over.

Maybe she got something. Let's just wait till she checks in.

No, no. I'm done waiting. I'm done following leads.

I'm going to Ireland to find my sister.

Harry. Owen!





Hey! Shelby. You okay?

Yeah. You?

I think so.

Okay. Uh...

Oh, no.

Ryan. Ryan?


Am I dead?

No. You're in Ireland.

Oh, babe. Thank God.

Any of you seen McQuigg?

The last I saw, he was headed to the other side of the lake.

Wind must've caught him.

We should call the Irish authorities, tell them what happened.

No. Don't. Why not?

The best thing we have going for us right now is that Conor Devlin thinks we're dead.

She's right.

This whole county is Devlin-controlled territory.

You saw the cop on the plane. He's got people everywhere.

He's right. No one knows we're coming.

We're ghosts. Let's keep it that way.

That can't be good.

This thing hasn't run since Beatlemania.

Oh, ye of little faith.

Shipping and Receiving.

Jolly Roger, 82741. I need a relay.

This isn't a secure line. I need a relay now.

You need a secure line. Discard your mobile now, dry clean, and find a public landline.


We need to find a payphone.

Ha! German engineering.

Come on. Let's go.

Shipping and Receiving.

Jolly Roger, 82741.

As the crow flies?

Alfa bravo papa 364.

Special Agent Parrish, you're free to speak.

All right. I need an urgent relay to the New York office.

Special Agent Harry Doyle.

They're alive.

They're alive.

Alex called. They parachuted out of the plane.

Ohh. _

They're fine. They got separated from McQuigg.

Look, my flight leaves in an hour, so...

I'll go with you.



What's going on, there, boy-o?

Looks like you're in a spot of trouble.

I'm American. FBI.

And I'm Batman.

D'ja have a smooth flight?

Bit of turbulence. Nothing unexpected.

Radio says you went down in a fiery crash over the Wicklow Mountains.

Congratulations, brother. You're dead.

It's good to see you.

It's good to be home.

Something wrong, boy?

Just good to see you, Conor. That's all.

Little Bobby's never seen a man resurrected from the dead before, is all.

He doesn't know the things that my big brother is capable of.

I've been 10 years gone. Might need a little reminding.

Come on, then.

You the man in charge?

I'm Chief O'Kealy.

My name's Mike McQuigg. Special Agent with the FBI.

I know who you say you are, son.

You want us to believe Conor Devlin hijacked an American military plane with four FBI agents aboard?

Yeah, he had some help.

Ah. Either that or he's a sorcerer.

Now... let's try it again, eh?

Try again?

You should be out there hunting Conor Devlin.

The man murdered my sister.

Ah. So you got an ax to grind.

What the hell are you talking about?

Sounds to me like you've got a good reason to kill Conor Devlin.

Maybe you sabotaged that plane, Special Agent Mike McQuigg.

You've got to be kidding me.

Is there anyone in Ireland who can verify your tale?

Or did you kill them, too?

That's good.

Fiona Quinn. MI-5.

You call her, she'll straighten this out.

We followed protocol. Why didn't McQuigg?

Owen said to rendezvous here, so that's what we're gonna do.

Nice digs.

Hey. Thank God.

Harry, I have never been more glad to see those ears.

Hey. Ohh. Ohh. Easy. Easy.

The doctor okayed your release?


Of course he doesn't.

Okay. We've got no jurisdiction, no backup plan.

No one even knows we're here. If something happens...

There's no safety net.

Is everyone okay with that?



Okay, then.

Let's get started.

Don't touch her!

You're a pretty one, huh?

Please, let me go! Get off of her!

The hell are you doing?

If you ever touch the merchandise again, I'll kill you.

I see you haven't lost your touch.

Get them back in their stalls.

You looking for something?

Just getting the lay of the land.

And how does it look?

Different from when I left.

I supposed crates of drugs and guns were a little less mouthy.

But that cargo don't get you a million per unit.

We got by all right.

On what I built. On what our Da' built.

We didn't need this sordid business.

Sordid business.

Is that why you were willing to sacrifice our New York operation for your freedom?

I did what I had to.

So did I.

Which is why, a week from now, you'll be in a beautiful Spanish villa in Marbella enjoying your retirement.

Got it all arranged.

Have you, now?

Putting me out to pasture, brother?

Like some sick mule?

My place is here.

At the head of this family.

And how is that gonna work, Conor?

You died in that plane, remember?

To what do I owe the pleasure?

Come on. You know what to do.

What's this?

You have a visitor.

Justice is a fickle mistress, isn't she?

Son of a bitch.

You're not wrong.

She was a bit of a bitch, me ma.

But me pa, he was the scary one.

Owned boxing clubs.

He used to say there are two types of boxers.

Brawlers and stallers.

Brawlers, they're aggressive.

Play dirty. Put on a good show.

But then there's stallers.

They're destined to lose, but damn if they don't draw it out.

That's you people.

You just don't know when to stay down.

Now... tell me where the rest of your team is.

They're dead.

That's a shame.


I can't let you kill him.

Says who?

Your brother.

Oh, God. Mike!

You're a sight for sore eyes.

Or eye, I guess I should say.

Who did this to you?

Take a guess.

This is my fault.

The extradition. We played right into Devlin's hands.

You were right.

Is the rest of the team... Are they okay?

Please tell me they're okay.

They jumped same as me. But I don't know.

I'll reach out to Owen. Find out what I can.

And I'll do whatever it takes to get you out of here. I promise.

Okay? Thank you.

I hope you're prepared to explain yourself to the U.S. Ambassador.

This man belongs in a hospital, not in a jail cell!

Conor's little brother runs the family business over here, right?

Maybe the key to finding Maisie lies with Eamon.


I'm so glad you're all safe.


I thought we were supposed to be ghosts.

Not anymore. We should assume Conor knows you're alive.


McQuigg is alive.

And Conor knows it. He's in custody.

A local police chief on the Devlin payroll.

It gets worse.

McQuigg was badly beaten.

By Conor Devlin himself.

Oh, my God.

I had him moved to a local hospital, but...

Well, if Devlin can find him in a prison cell, he can definitely find him in a hospital.

We need to get McQuigg out of there now.

Excuse me. Alex.

We need to save Maisie.

We need to do both.

Okay. Fiona, can you just tell us everything you know about Eamon Devlin, please?

To understand Eamon Devlin, first you have to understand Sheriff Street.

Okay. Who's that?

Not a who. It's a place.

Conor and Eamon grew up there.

Their father built the business there.

The Devlins run the docks, they run the bars, they run the clubs.

And when Conor went off to America, Eamon fancied himself the mayor of Sheriff Street.

All right, boys.

Want to make a little bit of extra cash?

Got a little job for you, working security.


Harry, that's Eamon's lieutenant.

The one they call Little Bobby. Follow him.

Are you seeing this?

Well, that looks like a dead drop.

Owen, that's Titus Walker.

He owns half the television channels in Europe.

What does he have to do with this?

You again. Me again.

Patient's not seeing any visitors.

Well, I'm not here to see him. I'm here to take him.

Orders from your commissioner, transferring care to St Olan's in Dublin.

I didn't hear nothing about this.


Well, it's spelled out right there.

I can help you with the big words.

I'm calling O'Kealy.

Stay here. Keep her out.

Jumping out a plane, getting thrown in jail, nearly beat to death.

Small price to pay to see you in that nurse's outfit.

Ow. What are you doing?

Getting you out of here. Just go with it.


He's coding.

Get these off him now!

I can't do that.

Do you want me to get electrocuted?

Then uncuff him.

Sell it, bro.


He's not responding!

Get O.R. three prepped. Cardiomyoplasty.

Possible atrial fibrillation. Let's move.

Get out of my way. Go, go, go, go, go!

Driver. Unlock this door now.

Let me out!

Who are you people?

What the hell is this?

This is where you... open the envelope.

What envelope?

I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't like liars.

We saw the dead drop in the library.

It's print-protected. Open it.

Open it!

Do it, or we'll take your thumb and do it ourselves.

What is this? Hm?

I'm only gonna ask you one more time!

It's a catalogue.

For what?

For the auction.

This auction. It's today?

At the old power station, down on the docks.

How do we get in? You can't.

It's like that tablet, verified by thumbprint.

And after someone, uh... buys my sister... then what happens?

Whatever they want.


Please. Don't kill me. I can get you money.

As much as you need.

There's only one thing that I need.

Where have you been?

That's no way to greet a man that's hard at work trying to make us whole.

Make us whole?

Burning our New York operation, taking down a jetliner.

Your extradition, this vendetta... doesn't come cheap.

Well, it isn't done yet. They're alive.

Who's alive?

The people who killed my boy.

They're somewhere in Dublin.

I'm taking men, I'm taking guns, and I'm hunting them down.

You and you, with me.

I don't think you understand, brother.

We're set to bring in 10 million. At least.

We're done losing money trying to avenge your son.

What are you gonna do?

Kill me?

'Course not.

I could never kill my own brother.



The auction is highly secretive and completely anonymous.

Eamon's clients value his discretion.

So we can use that to our advantage.

Harry and I will go through the front.

Alex, McQuigg, and Fiona, you go in between the cooling towers... here.

Shelby, Jocelyn, and I will run operational support from the van.

Primary objective is saving Maisie and the girls...

Yeah. But if we can get Conor and Eamon, too, all the better.

Auction's supposed to start at 5:00. Last about an hour.

That's a tight time frame to surveil and raid.

I should loop in MI-5 as backup.

No. We can't rely on outside help.

It would just be a small group. Agents I know and trust.

Over and over again, the Devlins have proven how long their reach is.

Just because you trust MI-5 doesn't mean I do.

We need all the firepower we can get.

I trust Fiona's judgement.

If she's good with them, then so am I.

Loop them in.

I heard our jailbird escaped.

Sounds like he had some help.

That's right.

And after I earned their trust, they took me back to their safehouse.

The whole team's there?

We could take a few men, finish it right now.

Not yet.

I got a new plan for our FBI friends.

Something I can help with?

You've done enough.

You saved my brother and I from the streets.

You gave us a life.

I could never do enough.

I'm just glad someone around here remembers their history.

Please check in.

So, do you have eyes on every point of entry?

Excuse me?

I'm walking a man worth 11 billion into there.

I need to know he's safe.

Believe me. Every contingency has been planned for.

Right this way, sir.

Mouths shut.

Time to go.

Remember. Smile for the clients.

If you don't snag a bidder, you get something much worse.

Come on. Go.

Owen, we're in. Copy.

According to the catalogue, each buyer has two minutes with every girl.

Chance to see what they're bidding on.

Buyers place their bids electronically, completely anonymously.

Inevitably driving up the price.

We're already at 8 million.

In less than 45 minutes.

Do you still think this is a, uh, sordid business?

I'll admit it, little brother.

I'm impressed.

Maybe I was wrong.

About what?

About who should be running the family business.

Don't even think about touching me.

Maisie, it's me.

I knew you'd come for me!

We don't have much time.

We're gonna get you out of here, okay?

Not just me. You have to save all the girls.

Promise me. Yeah, of course. Promise.

Now, listen. The room where they're keeping you and the girls, what does it look like?

It was a-a very large room. Lots of shelves.

Uh, there was a catwalk above us.

What was on the shelves?

Like, uh, parts and stuff.

Owen, are you getting this?

It's the tool room. That has to be it.

Okay. Another 100 feet and make a left.

It's on the other side of the double-wide set of utility doors.

Roger that.

MI-5 backup standing by? All right.

Tell them to post on the west side of the building.

We'll exfil the girls there.

Calling it in.

Okay. We haven't got much time.

Listen to me. They're gonna come back in here in a few moments.

They're gonna take you away. We're gonna have to let them do that.

No. No, no, no. But listen. I'll be right with you.

Every single step of the way.

What is it? Put this inside your ear.

Now you can hear me. Yeah? I can hear you.

Now you just tell us when and where they're moving you, okay?


I won't let anything else happen to you. I promise.

Time's up.

They're taking us back to the tool room now.

Who are you talking to?

Rachel, it's almost over.

Shut it! No more talkin'!

Hey. You're gonna be okay.

We're getting you out of here.

Come on. Come on, come on, come on.

Seems like you got a little problem, brother.

Security to the holding room. Now!

Right, boss.

Keep back!

Get back! Now!

Get back!

Fiona, where's our backup?


This was a trap!

I want every gun we have in the tool room right now!

Do not let those girls leave this building!

We're on it. We go through that door, we get lit up before we can reach the van.

Owen. We're cornered here.

We got 'em! Move in! Move in!

Exit now.

All right. We're good to go. Come on.

Come on, ladies.

McQuigg, take the girls to the van.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna go after Fiona.

Come this way. Come this way. Mind your heads. Mind your heads. In the van.

Please. In the back of the van.

That's it. Harry!


Get in the van. Come on. Go, go, go.

Where are we going?

You're safe now, Maisie.

I'm gonna get you back to Mom and Dad.

Well, they've got the girls.

I told you those agents were still a problem.

Let's get out of here.

What are you doing? Let's go!

Just saying a prayer.

What are you talking about?

For my dear, departed brother.

Murdered at the hands of the FBI.

Don't even think about moving.

Get out of here, Conor!



She just helped Conor escape.

This whole time?

You were working for Devlin this whole time?

Are you willing to die for him?

I was dead when he found me.


Officers found Eamon dead in the control room.

Now, it wasn't our kill.

So then who did it?

The one who stands to inherit the kingdom.


He wanted us to raid that auction.

He needed the cover to kill his brother.

The son of a bitch got away. Again.

We can't leave Ireland till we find him.

We won't.



Right. We'll need a place to stay.

Mm. I think I know somewhere we can crash.


This is where Titus Walker lives?

Yeah. I don't think he'll be needing it for a while. Do you?

Come on. I want dibs on the best room.

No, no, no. Hey!

You... Wait! Shelby!


Hey. You coming?

I can't believe I didn't see it.

I didn't see Fiona for who she really was.



I got to be honest with myself. I almost got us all killed.

I trusted her. I backed her play.

We all trusted her.

Hey. Look.

We're stronger together than we are apart.

Well, we should probably head inside.


There weren't, uh, any blankets in my room.

It's pretty cold, so...

That so?

Yeah. I thought you might have an extra.

Nope. Just the one.

That presents a problem.

Not for me.


Oh, yeah. You... Hm.

I can't. I can't. I can't. You can't what?

I can't. You can't what?

I can't get involved with someone I work with...

Please, sir. W-Why are you doing this?

Because you are very valuable to me, Andrea.

When's this gonna end?

It will end when I have the man who killed my son.

Ryan Booth.