03x06 - Episode 6

As your father, I thought you might already know the answer.

He said he'd seen Eliot climbing into the house through a first-floor window.

Tell me the truth, Eliot, or I can't continue to protect you.

I was driving.

I hit something and I went out to look for it and I couldn't find anything.

That's it.

I'm losing the plot.

You're tired.

It just makes everything seem worse.

Any sensitive stuff inside?

Jesus, there's one site here that's found a photo of him.

If you need to take me off the case, I'll understand completely.

For the record, I very much want to stay.


Peter Carr's died.

And I am sorry you're going through whatever it is you're going through.

I love you, sweetheart.

I swear, I didn't hurt Hayley Reid.

I never even met her.

When might the police know that you're not a suspect any more?

I don't know.

If she encountered anyone, the more likely it would be Tim Finch.

The ticket was issued at : am, six miles outside of Middenham.

Timothy Finch, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Hayley Reid.

We have authority to search your premises under Section of the Police And Criminal Evidence Act.

In his cellar we found a necklace with hair still attached to the clasp, a scrunchie and a pair of knickers.

♪ All you do is hide away

♪ All you do is All you do is hide away

♪ All you do is lie and wait

♪ All you do is All you do is lie and wait

♪ I've been upside down

♪ I don't wanna be The right way round

♪ Can't find paradise On the ground. ♪

That's a lot of manpower.

And really, what are you even hoping to find years on?

I don't know.

But this has to be the most likely location of her murder.

And Middenham Woods, near the Spinney, have never been searched.

This can't end like the Walker case.

It won't.

I'll see what Hampshire will give us.

Thank you, sir.

You don't have to make every call.

I am here, you know.

Thank you, it's just...



Is that Jess?


Jess, it's Cass Stuart.

There's been a development and we wondered how you and, or your mum...

..would feel about coming up to London this afternoon.

Can we just cut to the chase here?

What are you saying?

That you think Dad is some sort of psychopath and the police have got the right man?

I don't know.

I just...

I saw something in Mum's eyes that I've never seen before.

Oh, please And I believed her, Claire.

I'm sorry, but I did.

It happens, you know?

I've read stories in the paper, where people turn out to have completely hidden other lives.

It happens.

It does.

But just because your ex turned out to be a lying, cheating, evil b*st*rd, it doesn't mean that all men are, Emma.

Carol, is there anything in what I'm saying that sets off any alarm bells?

Is there any reason you can think of that the police would be so interested in our father?


I think you're lying.

I think you know something.

I think you should go.

Carol, we need to know.


We should be pulling together, not exorcising personal demons.

So, just go.

Em, please, just go.

Hi, it's Eliot.

Leave a message.

Hi, this is Amy.

Please leave a...

Do you remember our theatre trips to London?

We used to love those.

Mama Mia, Miss Saigon...

That brilliant thing at the Royal Court.

Oh, my God, with all the swearing!

Yeah, that's why we loved it.

Did we go for milkshakes afterwards?

Hales did that frothy lip thing she used to do.

We were all in hysterics.

I'm so sorry, Jessie...

..for your loss.

Well, the box is mine.

And I've had it decades.

Since I was a kid, I think.

It's more what was inside that we're interested in.

Well, I think I bought the necklace and the scrunchy at a fete we went to in Middenham, as presents for the girls.

A fete at New Year?

Oh, sorry, no.

I don't mean the millennium holiday.

We went back down there several times over the years, just me and the girls, after Derran and I separated.


And do you remember which holiday you think you might have bought them?

Not really.

But it was a fete, so it's most likely the summer one, which was, erm...

a year and half after the millennium holiday, so...

.. .

And what, you bought the...

..necklace and the scrunchy together?

I don't remember.

Why do you think these where all in this box, then, in your cellar, with the knickers?

I mean, I can offer you an explanation.

But given why I'm here, I suspect you'll find it rather far-fetched.

Try me.

Well, the girls often used old knickers to tie their hair back, if they didn't have a band or a scrunchy.

It was a sort of family joke.

But it also meant that they often got, erm...

..just grouped together in various places around the house.


..I'm guessing, that I...

.forgot to give the presents to the girls and then, at some point, all this stuff just got put in this box and then tidied away downstairs.

I'm sorry, that's all I can offer you.

Do you understand why these objects might concern us?

I think so, yes.

Because they...

..they look like trophies to us.

I understand your thinking.

But, please...

..let me assure you, these can't be Hayley Reid's...

..for the very simple reason that I never met Hayley Reid.



It's me!

Where is West End Central Police Station?

Yeah, just down there on the right.

Thank you.

If, at any point, you want to stop, just say the word.

I think it's very unlikely this was Hayley's.


I know she had long hair in the missing posters...

..but that was just the most recent photo we had of her.

Cos, actually, about three weeks before she disappeared, she had her hair cut in to a bob, so she wouldn't have been wearing a scrunchy.



No problem.


I don't think so.


No, I don't think they were hers.


Hayley was all about colour and fun.

She would have never worn knickers like these..


And lastly...

I'm sorry.

I don't recognise that, either.

Aside from neither of us recognising it, Hayley was a pretty devout atheist.

I never saw her wearing a cross.

I'm sorry, it's...

No, it's nothing to be sorry about, nothing at all.

So, is there other stuff with this man?

Like, are you near, do you think?

I don't want to give you false hope, Jess, but I do feel we're near, yes.


we just need to find that concrete link.


Hard evidence.

Well, we have faith in you.

You know that, don't you?

And I appreciate it very much.

I'll call you.


Thank you.

I wore a crucifix when I was cos Axl Rose wore one.

I'd never been inside a church in my life.


We test the lot.


Please leave a message at the tone.

Hey, do you want to give your mum a f*cking ring sometime?

Mrs Faruk?


All the officers from the Landmark case have left for the day.

But I can leave a message for them to call you.

Will they be in tomorrow?

I don't know their movements, I'm afraid.

But if I take your...

I'll come back tomorrow.

I need to see them face to face.

Thank you.

The results of the tests have come through.


They're not Hayley Reid's.

Oh, for...

But they have found a match.

What do you mean, they've found a match?

What match?

To the DNA of a -year-old girl called Alison Baldwin, who went missing in June .

Her body was found two days later, in woodland, minus underwear.

She'd been raped and strangled.

So, like Hayley, Alison disappeared on a walk through woods flanking a small village six miles from Cambridge.

She was found in undergrowth...

..by a police search two days later.

Her father's dead now.

But her mum, who I just spoke to on the phone, is going to come up to have a look at the items we found in Finch's house.

So my guess, if he's smart, he'll still say that he bought these items at a Middenham summer fete.

And he's just the innocent victim of a coincidence.

Which is, obviously, very hard to believe, but which a defence could certainly argue was possible.

So, what we need, what I need, from you...

..is to find other connections between him and Alison Baldwin.

I believe they exist, because I believe, in my gut, that Finch killed them both The files that we collated when we were trying to identify Hayley, have they gone back yet?

All still here.


And can we get a message out to all forces for information on all murders with a similar MO of females between the ages of ...

..and ...

..from ...

..to the present day.

We want to know about every unsolved case, whether there's any remaining forensic evidence.



You've all seen Hayley's family.

And we'll meet Alison's later today.


So you'll know what their lives been reduced to.

Let's find this evidence for them.

OK, guys, heads down.

Let's get cracking.


I've found something!

What does the name Alison Baldwin mean to you?



What should it mean?

Well, I'd have thought something.

The items we recovered from your cellar belonged to her.

Oh, OK.


Well, before she gave them to whoever sold them at the fete, you mean.

Well, let's discuss that, shall we?

Because we don't believe you did buy them at a fete.

Except, I did.

It's just that that would be a fairly astonishing coincidence, wouldn't it, that we're interviewing you in connection with one murder and then we find items in your possession that connect you to another?

Alison Baldwin was raped and murdered, also in woodland, about two and a half years before Hayley died.

And the one common thread, between these two tragic deaths, is you.

Except, you don't have a connection between me and Hayley.

Listen, I bought those objects in Middenham at a fete.

If Hayley's killer lived in Middenham, then...

..maybe he killed this other girl, too, and then donated these objects to the fete at some point.

OK, well, let's leave that there for now.

One other thing we wanted to run past you...

Your Audi A , the one that you drove to Middenham in on rd January.

Why do you think that we've found a spare wheel for an A , and corresponding boot casing, in woodland, near the National Trust car park behind The Spinney?

No idea.

They weren't from your car?



We think they where.

We think you dumped them there years ago, in order to make the space in the boot to conceal Hayley's body.

I've told you why I went down there.

Yeah, you have, Tim, and we think that's a lie.

And here's the thing...

We've tracked down that car.

Your A .

And it has a spare wheel and it has the boot casing.

But my guess is they're both replacements.

And if they are, what do you think we're going to find underneath them, when we remove them later on in our lab?

Cos I don't think you ever considered the possibility that that car would be found, let alone searched.

And I doubt very much you cleaned it methodically.

And if it's remained sealed since then and Hayley's body was kept in there, there might still be some forensic evidence.

Hair, carpet fibres from her house, maybe dried blood.

Stuff we can check.

Anything to say to that?


Apart from the fact that it's rubbish.

So, check away.

OK, let's go back to Alison Baldwin.

You say you've never heard of her.

I haven't, I'm afraid.

Where were you working in ?




A long way from Earlridge.

What's Earlridge?

Well, I'll tell you.

So, I'm showing the suspect item .

That's a black desk diary.

It's dated .

Do you recognise this diary, Tim?


It looks like the sort I've used in the past.

Well, it looks like it because it is, in fact, yours.

We found it in a storage room in your surgery.

Read out to me the entry dated...

..Wednesday, June th, .


"Pain management protocols for chronic conditions." So this was a conference, run by a pharmaceutical company, that you attended.

And there's an arrow in your diary, indicating that you were there for two nights.

If you say so.

Can you remember where it was?


Well, it was in Cambridgeshire.

It was in a hotel, which you also stayed at...

..about five miles outside of Cambridge itself, in a small village called Earlridge.

Now, you were there on the nights of the th and the th.

And it was on the night of the th that a young girl called Alison Baldwin went missing in woods, yards from the hotel, on her way to choir practice.

So, I spoke to the CPS earlier today...

..to discuss the evidence available.

And it's my belief now, despite the answers you've given us, that we have reached the threshold test to charge you with both murders.

So don't you think it's time you gave Hayley and Alison's family some... comfort and let them know what happened to their children?

Can't you just do that for them now?

I'd like a cup of tea, please.

And then maybe...

..I'll go through it all with you.

These girls.

Go through what?

What you just asked for, what happened to them.

How they died.

Just to be clear, Tim, are you admitting you did kill them?

Both of them?

I am.

And if we can do this properly...

..if we can do this with respect...

..if we can avoid turning it all into some sort of sordid circus...

..I'll tell you where the others are buried, too.

He was always such a vulnerable boy.

Since way before that holiday.

And who knows why things go awry in the end?

It could have been because of what happened that night.

Also, equally, it could have been a thousand other slings and arrows.

Self-inflicted or just... life.

But you did what you did...

..because you loved him.

Love... him.

As do I.


And you wanted to protect him.

God knows, being a parent makes you do stupid things sometimes.

I just want to say...

..please don't destroy yourself over this.

He's .

It's time he tried to start to own his own life now.

His own mistakes.

And we have to let him.

So I'm not going to call him for a bit.

Maybe you want to do the same.

I mean, obviously, it's up to you.

Is Amy coming back?

I don't know.

I'd have to change.


Well, you might want to consider that.

I think she's a good 'un.

Look after yourself.


Thank you.

I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel right now.

And the only...

..consolation I can offer you is that I promise you, I promise we will make sure that he is never again allowed...

..to hurt anyone...

..the way he hurt Hayley and you.

Having consulted with the Crown Prosecution Service earlier today, and following a devoted and superbly focused investigation, led by DCI Cassie Stuart, I can now confirm that a -year-old man has been charged with the murder of Hayley Louise Reid on December st, .

Timothy Colin Finch, of Baynham Road, Hamhurst, Sussex, has also been charged with the murder of Alison Bethany Baldwin on th June, , and he will appear at Marylebone Magistrates' Court tomorrow morning.

Tonight, he remains in custody at Bishop Street Station, where he will continue to be questioned in connection with further possible offences.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again offer our most sincere condolences to the families of the victims of these despicable crimes and assure them that we will now work tirelessly to ensure that justice is done.

No, that's not what I said.

Obviously, I killed them to protect myself.

I'd raped them and, unless I killed them, they were going to report me and I was going to go to prison.

No, what I'm baffled by...

..is how I'm able to perform such appalling acts in the first place.

Do you feel any guilt for what you've done?

Do I feel any?


On an intellectual level, I understand the pain I've caused.

But on an emotional level, no, I feel nothing.

Do you think you're capable of feelings?

For my children, yes, there's definitely something there.

And I feel anger on occasion.

But apart from that, probably not.

So no feelings for your patients or your friends.

If I never saw any of my friends again it wouldn't bother me in the slightest.

That's not exhausting, all that pretence?

No, I've done it my whole life.

So, to me, pretending is just second nature.

All of which, as I'm sure you'll know, suggests I'm pretty much a... textbook psychopath.

Above average intelligence, superficially charming, zero empathy.

But how did that happen?

Well, then, we're down to the old nature-versus-nurture debate.

I think the consensus now is that it's a bit of both, genetic tendency, in conjunction with some life experience, particularly in childhood.

And, yes, my father was cold and unloving, sometimes violent.

Yes, my mother compensated with a suffocating love.

Except, if it was that, then how come my sister isn't a serial killer?

As I say, it's baffling.

And would you say s*x was the primary driver for your crimes?

It was the only driver.

Specifically, my unnatural obsession with adolescent girls between the ages of and .



Ephebophilia is a very specific perversion.

And when did this start?

The obsession started young.

Early s, I'd say.

And what started it, do you think?

Again, I have no idea, I'm afraid.

These things are often the result of...

..some significant event at the pertinent age.

The idea being that said event then arrests psycho-sexual development.

And so I'd love to be able to tell you that I witnessed my father, I don't know, erm...

..raping my sister when she was or something.

But it didn't happen.

So again, baffled.


And Hayley...

Can you tell us what happened the night she died?

Well, wrong time, wrong place, I guess, would be the way I'd put it.

I was out looking for Chris.

I'd been out for about ten minutes or so.

It was raining and...

..I was in a bad mood.

And then she just...

..appeared out of the dark.

I recognised her from the house.

In fact, I'd masturbated about her several times already.

So, basically, the opportunity seemed just...

..too good to miss.

And so, how did it happen, the actual assault?

Well, I said hello.

And she said hello back.

And then she passed by me quite speedily, as I remember.

I think she was probably a little scared.

And then, after she'd passed, I...

..swung round and just...

..grabbed her from behind, round the neck.

And she let out a little yelp, but I put my hand over her mouth and told her that, if she didn't struggle, I wouldn't hurt her.


And then...

..you what, you er...

..you led her away from the path?


yards or so into the woods.

It was quite near the car park, I later discovered, which was..

..just good fortune.

I hadn't planned it.

And then?

And then I made her lay down in the undergrowth...

..and we had s*x.

You raped her.


Apologies, I raped her.

Just once?


And then?

Then I strangled her.

And for what it's worth...

though death from strangulation can take up to two to three minutes, unconsciousness comes in as little as ten seconds, certainly no more than , so there was very little pain.

Same with Alison.

Please do reassure their families about that.

Was she your first, Alison Baldwin?


..I intend to treat you with respect.

I hope you'll afford me the same consideration.

But, really, the most important people here are the victims.


..if I agree to take you somewhere, as I said yesterday, no press, no cameras...

no circus.

No circus.


There's somewhere...

..less than an hour from here, I think you'll be interested in.

Tomorrow, then.

First thing.

Are you OK?


I don't know if he's playing a game...

..if there are more.

But, Jesus, whatever he's doing, I think that's the closest thing to evil I've ever witnessed.

We leave early tomorrow, before seven, beat the traffic.


Night, boss.

But what about Sal?

I just have to deal with that.

But like I said...

..it's whatever you guys want that is the only thing that matters to me.

We love Mum, Dad.

Of course we do.

And we were, like, so sad when you two split.


..you've been happier in the last nine months than we've seen you in years.

You're with Sal now.

And that's the Dad we like best.

What she said?

Come here.

You two...

I meant to ask...

Why did you bury her where you did, Hayley, in the middle of a motorway?

To see if I could get away with it.

Childish, really.

Tempting fate.

But it just appealed.

Do you know what, there were workmen less than yards away.

Not one of them batted an eyelid.


Up there.




Her name was Natasha.

I took her six years ago.

And, no, Alison wasn't my first.


No more.

There you are.


Jesus, Mila, I've been waiting to hear from you for days.

I've not known what to think.

And then you greet me with a smile, like, "Yeah, it's all fine." I had to know who you were, Chris, and I only found that out for sure yesterday.

No, I told you about the murder, about the credit card stuff.

I told you.

And do you think I should have just believed you?

I think you should have had a bit of faith, yeah.

I used to have faith.

Faith that life would be good for me and my family.

That my son would grow up with a mother and father in our beautiful home, in our beautiful country...

..and become a doctor or a lawyer or a professor.

And then, one day, a barrel bomb exploded and...

..pieces of my husband's head landed in our garden.

So now I don't have faith.

I believe in facts.

Which is why I went and spoke to the officers who investigated you about the credit card...

..and asked them to tell me if what you'd said was true.

Which they did.

And then I saw the news about Hayley's killer.

And so now, like you...

..I think we could be very happy together.

But I understand I've hurt you.

I can't apologise for what I did because I feel I had no choice But I am sorry if you're in pain.

And I hope we can repair that damage together.

Can I sleep with you tonight?

It's so cold in the van.

You'll never have to sleep there again.

And I know you only stayed because of me, because I felt a connection to her here.

But I don't any more, Jessie.

So you want to leave?

You, me and Hayley.

And we bury her somewhere beautiful, Mum.

So we can see her every day and remember her and smile and be grateful for the time that she had...

..and the time that we had with her.

And Dad will visit and we'll visit him.

And we'll be happy, Jessie.

I insist on it.

We'll be happy.

Oh, there you are.

We've been so worried about you.

I went for a walk.

Let's get the jacket off.

There we are.

Go into the kitchen, I'll get you a towel.

Here we are.

Let's get this around you.

Go and sit down, I'll get you a cup of tea.

I'm sorry, Dad.

Sorry for what?

You were right.

I was lonely.

And scared.

And I didn't...

..I didn't want you to leave.

Maybe you...

..you weren't so wrong, after all.

Maybe I am getting a bit...


But that's not what's important right now.

What's important is getting you well.

So I thought...

..maybe you might need to...

..to take some time off.

Maybe you might need a bit of rest, eh?

I think I'd like that.

I think I'd like that very much.

I'm cold.

It doesn't work like that.

You know that, Tim.

We can look into getting you some new books...

..if you give us some useful information.

The information has to come first.

And what do you think the papers will make of your unwillingness...

..to help the grieving families?

I'm not entirely sure they'd see it like that.

And how is DCI Stuart?

Do we think she'll ever return to work?

Are we wasting our time here today?

You must have been very pretty when you were younger.

OK, we're done We'll see you in a month, Tim.

And do us a favour, next time, spare us the Silence Of The Lambs shtick, OK?

Tewkam Wold.

It's a village south of Lincoln.

Her name was Victoria.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.


And we got your invite.

Yeah, can you come?

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

I'm just...

I'm so happy for you, Chris.

Well, you wait till you meet her, because I've been incredibly lucky.

I think we both have.

Well, I've got to go.

We're having our first scan this afternoon.



Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment.

Oh, Chris!

Congratulations, mate!

Mind you, you're completely nuts.

I don't think anything has ever felt so right.

Brilliant news.




You look after yourself.

I love you, mate.

I love you, too.

Are you OK?


I'm fine.

Here we are.

Won't be long.

Hello, stranger.

Hello, boss.

I've missed you.

I've missed you, too.

Are you well?


How are the girls?

Oh, they're fine, thanks.

And Sal?


Yeah, it's a journey.

Getting there, I think.

And you?

Yeah, getting there, too.


Still just...

very tired.


It's a long time.

It is.

And maybe long enough.

So, I see stuff all in the papers.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ongoing.

And are you OK?

I leave it at the office.

He's a nothing.

Not worthy of my energy anywhere but work.

They're beautiful.

They were her favourites.

They symbolise fresh starts, apparently.

Seems about right.

Shall we go and see her, then?