03x05 - End of the Road

Previously on "Colony"...

A Marine buddy I ran with thought he knew a guy here.

Had to be the only jarhead in the world with a Bugs Bunny tattoo.

You know him?

I'm sorry, I don't.

We lost him. How?

A raid.

It went bad.

We can claim a true victory for the resistance by destroying it.

What's happening right now, you know it's wrong.

Lower your weapon unless you're willing to die for a couple of strangers.

Take them to the brig.

What happened?

Everyone's dead.


It seems like things were going according to plan from my team.

We got into position.

Hit the detonator at the right moment.

I don't know how they responded that fast.

You made it.


But just me.

Is that...

Holy sh1t.

Is it still working?

How the hell would I know?

We did it.

We? Yeah.

You abandoned us.

You're a coward.

I ran into a patrol.

There was no patrol.

You got scared.

Are you calling me a liar?

Yeah, I'm calling you a liar!

Soon the whole camp's gonna know.

My plan worked. I'm sorry about the men.

But the mission was successful.

This is a great day in the struggle.



Hey, you can't sit on the fence anymore.

You have to make a choice.

You can follow that guy and win a couple of battles.

Or you can follow me and win the war.

This is good.

Want a drink?

I just wanted to talk to the Click.

There's no such thing as a small betrayal.

I thought it was a mistake not to interrogate that thing now that we could finally talk to it.

So you sided with a bunch of strangers.

That's not fair.

I've always taken your side.

I need to expose the truth.

And I value your skills as an interrogator.

I think the Bowmans trust you, too.

Do you really think the Bowmans are double agents?

They're the tip of the spear.

The first piece in an insidious plot to destroy the last remaining human Resistance from the inside.

Katie Bowman was a hero in the Los Angeles bloc.

Benedict Arnold was one of George Washington's most trusted lieutenants until he flipped sides.

Andrew, if they're double agents, why would they bring us the gauntlet?

To buy their way inside.

Okay, but I don't understand.

Why would the Occupation take that risk?

They could have sent us a fake gauntlet... one that didn't interface with the Click...

And we never would have known the difference.

Why are you defending a pack of traitors?

Because if I'm gonna interrogate them, I need to understand their logic.

So I know what thread to follow with the questions.

It's because they're playing the long game.

Other Resistance groups, they look to us for guidance and support.

If the Occupation destroy us, well, we're just martyrs.

But what if we start telling people that, well, we don't need to be fighting the Clicks because there is something much worse coming?

It's a misinformation campaign.

And it's a brilliant one.

They don't wanna just stamp out this little piece of Rebellion.

They want to demoralize our whole species.

So what do we do?

We turn the tables on them.

You're gonna prove your loyalty to me by breaking this family.

The wife is the kind to push back against authority, so, uh, you should start with her.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna have a little chat with the children.

It's been an eventful few days.

And I know that some of you are feeling anxious.

But we are on the cusp of achieving great things.

So keep the faith.

Trust in the process.

Leave us.

I thought you might be dead.

Not yet.

He forgave you?

He never forgives.

But we have a history.

How are you?

How do you think I am?

I had no choice.

We all would have died in that tent.


You also lost faith in us.

Because your story didn't add up.

I wanna help you.

But I need to know the truth.

You wanna know if I was a collaborator?

I wanna know how you survived.

Your husband was law enforcement.

Those people were culled after the Arrival.

We took another name.

The Sullivans.

Will worked in a garage. I ran a bar.

We kept our heads down.

Joining the Resistance isn't exactly keeping your head down.

I felt like I didn't have a choice.

Most people couldn't see it.

Everything was so weirdly normal.

But I knew something terrible was right around the corner.

And your husband?

He was more cautious.

We fought a lot.

And he was right.

We were risking everything.

How did you get out of Los Angeles?

When Total Rendition began, it was chaos.

Broussard knew we had to get the gauntlet out.

So we staged a diversion.

I assume he's dead, along with the rest of his people.

Believe me when I say this.

I really hope your story holds up.

Where are my children?

Being questioned.

By MacGregor.

Is that what the Resistance does now?

And who is Uncle Alan?

Well, he married our aunt.

He's kind of sad.

Mom says that she took him in like a stray cat.

Where did he live?

In our house.

No, I mean, which bedroom?

Well, he stayed... No, not you.


He stayed in Charlie's room.

Before he got back.

Got back?

From where?

The Green Zone.

They made me work up there.

Doing what?

Assistant proxy's son.

He wanted a friend and so they made me live up in his house.


You're lying.

I'm not.

Do you know what happens to little boys who lie?


Are you being smart with me?


Leave him alone!

Tell me where your brother came back from, and then I'll stop.

Tell me, and then I'll stop.

Santa Monica.

You were a cop in Los Angeles before the Arrival?

That's right.

They eliminated all the cops.

How'd you stay off their list?

Another family, the Sullivans, were on vacation during the Arrival.

We took over the house, their identities.

And that worked?

Once the initial chaos ended, the Occupation didn't care.

They just needed bodies.

You, uh, got a job as a mechanic?

That's right.

And you and your whole family lived together in the same house?


Your whole family were living together in Los Angeles?

Except for Charlie.

He was in Santa Monica.

How did your son end up in Santa Monica?

He was trapped over there when the walls came down.

Charlie admitted that he hadn't been living with you, but he said that he was up in the Green Zone.

I told him to lie.


I paid a guy to smuggle me through the gateway into Santa Monica.

Then we climbed over the wall to get back.

If the Occupation found out, we all would have gone to the Factory.

You never climbed the wall with a 12-year-old kid.

We were caught on the ascent by a drone.

Vaporized an old friend of mine.

That was a big risk to take.

You must not have kids.

I would have done anything to get him back.

That's what worries me.

What do you mean when you said you would have done anything?

I think the Occupation promised to bring your kid back if you worked for them.

Make up whatever story you want.

That's not what happened.

I told you not to interrupt.

I know.

But it's important.

What do you mean, the blast caps disappeared?

We were doing a final check before the operation.

They're gone.

Well, they didn't just walk off on their own.

Somebody must have taken them.

Maybe it was the missing Bowman kid.

We need those blast caps.

Or it won't only be the Bowmans who are held accountable.

Interrogation is an iterative process, and we're making headway.

It's too slow.

Look, I can crack them.

But you gotta give me space to operate.

You tipped off Will about Santa Monica.

That's how he wiggled off the hook.

They don't know what we know.

Or what the others might have given up.

I can take advantage of that.

We'll try it your way.

But I'm running out of patience.

What did Will do in Los Angeles?

He was a mechanic. That's interesting.

Because he just told us that he worked for the Occupation.

I know why you tried to cover it up.

But now you need to help me understand so I can help you.

We had no choice.

I get it.

You were under pressure.

Charlie was in Santa Monica.

N... No, Will didn't take that job just to get Charlie back.

He was working on the inside.

For me and for Broussard.

I could smell it the moment I met you and your husband.

You were collaborators.

We would never have gotten the gauntlet without Will's information and connections.

We needed a source on the inside.

That's how this work is done.

I know how this work is done.

But if you were who you said you were, why would you need to lie?

Because we didn't feel safe here.

Well, that's odd.

Why would a genuine member of the Resistance not feel safe among the Resistance?

Because he warned us that this camp was political.

You don't know what it's like to live in the blocs.

Always under the nose of the Occupation.

Why is it so difficult to pick up a gun and fight?

Against a thousand Redhats?

When your children are on the line?

So you admit it. That's how they got to you.

Through your children. They never got to me!

Well, they got to your husband.

He sold himself to bring your son back from Santa Monica.

Now, tell me exactly how many innocent people did he send to the Factory?

What the hell is that?


Look who I found.

You stole my detonators.


Where are they?

If you kill me, you'll never find them.


We just wanna get out of the camp.

This isn't a negotiation.

Just tell him, Bram.

And then we'll have no leverage.

Wait, let me talk to him.

Let me talk to him! Please, please.

Talk. Let me talk to him.

Don't let him do this. Vincent!

I can talk to him.


Son of a bitch!

Wait, wait!

I've got something to trade.

Information. A gold mine.

We'll give you that and the detonators for safe passage out of here.

What kind of information?

High level. Straight from the IGA.

Don't do it, Dad.

Stop, stop!


I need your word.

Well, you're not getting it.

Not until you tell me exactly what you have to trade.


What, you think we're gonna stop with this?

Once we're done with your son, we're gonna start on your little girl.

The man traveling with us.

His real name is Alan Snyder.


Which one of them gave me up?


The husband.

Ah, of course.

Knife to the throat of his kids, I assume.

And now you're here to hang me.

We're here to hold you accountable for your crimes.

And what would those crimes be?

Genocide, treachery.

That's not very specific.

You ran the Los Angeles bloc.

Yes, where I saved countless lives.

You'll note that when I was removed from power, every man, woman, and child was shipped off to the Factory.

By the goddamn Clicks.

Your masters.

The ones who are systematically exterminating mankind.

They're not exterminating mankind.

That would imply intent.

They're simply using humans as a labor force, and a lot of us are dying in the process.

And that doesn't bother you? Of course it does.

I wish they had never come here.

But they did, so I worked to save as many people as possible.

Then why did you leave the bloc?

Because of the other humans.

Occupation hierarchy's a snake pit.

Make one mistake, and you're dead.

So I figured that I'd get out while I could.

How heroic.

Well, I'm not a brave man.

But I am a smart man.

And if you were smart, you'd bunker down and try to survive the coming war.

What war?

The war between our hosts and something much, much worse.

This nonsense again. It's not nonsense.

We mean nothing to either side, but we're still in the line of fire.

So what are we supposed to do?

Stay alive.

Which is why you need to give back that Host.

I'll do what I want with my Click.

Of course. I'm just suggesting that you should weigh the consequences.

If you destroy that thing, they're going to retaliate.

Like Dallas?

Oh, so you've heard about what happened to Dallas?

Another Click war crime.

Call it whatever you want.

But the fact is that two of our Hosts were destroyed after a human Resistance group set off a massive EMP, so they fired a weapon from space.

I'm told that the sand literally turned to glass for hundreds of miles in every direction.

Not even the cockroaches survived.

I don't care what choices you make.

Resist, collaborate, fight, or hide.

But before you lecture me on the importance of human life, ask yourself why you're going to make the choice to kill millions of people.

Nothing will change. Nobody will be inspired.

They'll just be dead.

Where are you going?

I greatly appreciated the symbolism of sending the Click with the bomb to Seattle.

But we have to destroy it, now.

Didn't you hear what he just said?

About Dallas?

I didn't believe a word of that.

It's all part of their mind games.

But what if it's...

Just listen to yourself.

We set out to liberate ourselves from the Clicks, and you are too afraid to kill even a single one of them.

That thing is making us question ourselves.

Hell, it even got you to pick up a gun against me.

It's time to cross the Rubicon.

Take a leap of faith.

Unless, of course, you don't believe in what we're doing.


Arrange the demolition.

I'm gonna prepare my remarks for the camp.

The commander has ordered us to destroy the Click.

Go to the arsenal and get four Claymore mines.

We'll rig them to blow simultaneously.

We're gonna kill you. Do you understand?

What happened in Dallas?

We shouldn't have killed him.

Bugs was a good man.

And I shot him in the back.

Like a coward.

What does it matter how you killed him?

This isn't the wild west. It's war.

Aren't you worried that we're eating ourselves?

First Bugs, now the Bowman family?

We're supposed to be on the same side.

Study history.

Revolutions only succeed by remaining pure.

Because the human brain is utterly incapable of being both nuanced and passionate at the same time.

Either we pull together in the same direction, or we fall apart.

You know why I followed you and not Bugs?

Because you never second-guess yourself.

That's the price of leadership.

I know you're a different kind of man.

I respect your ability to see the gray areas.

But this is not the war for that.

And when the war is over?

What if we've forgotten who we are?

If we survive the war?

The future generations will judge us for what we have done.

But at least they'll be alive to judge.


I have indulged your questions so far because I value your support.

But that is done.

From now on, you need to be a soldier.

Our Click can't communicate with the Occupation, otherwise they would have stormed the camp.


Then how are they gonna know if we blow it up?

Does your commander seem like the kind of man to keep that secret?

It's a machine, right?

Also correct.

Then why do they care so much if it's destroyed?

Can't they just make another one?

That glowing ball thing in the suit's helmet, it's a kind of consciousness.


What does that mean?

I don't know exactly.

Maybe they used to have actual bodies and uploaded themselves into the sphere.

Maybe they were created by another species.

The important thing is, there are only a few hundred of those glowing balls.

Everything else, the drones, the walkers, the ships...

Automated. Pieces of a hive mind.

They get irritated when you destroy a drone.

It's a resource that they have to replace.

But when you go after one of those cores...

I can tell that you're a good man.

Trying to make the right decision.

Are you a good man?

No. Why should I listen to you?

Because I'm a pragmatist.

Sometimes pragmatists do terrible things.

So do good men. But that's not the point.

In this case, my pragmatism and your morality are on the same side.

Would a moral man betray his friends?

His commander?

To stop an unspeakable tragedy?

Of course.

You can save every man, woman, and child in the Pacific Northwest.

It's in your hands.

MacGreggor won't listen to me.

And I don't have enough support in the camp to stop him from destroying the Click.

Then you need reinforcements.

The Occupation?


You call a certain radio frequency and say a code word.

The moment I do that, I'll give us away.

They'll trace the signal right back to the camp.

Not if you keep the transmission under six seconds.

And then?

Wait for a response.

They'll call you back on the same frequency and offer terms.

If the terms are acceptable, you respond.

What kind of terms?

It depends what you want.

Maybe you ask for amnesty for everyone in this camp.

Maybe you demand a spectacular chalet in the Swiss Alps.

It's up to you.

I've been in your position, when it feels like there are no good options.

But sometimes you just have to be the man who stands in front of the train.

What are you doing in here?

Get him out.


What did you do?

I remembered who I was.

You are a double agent. That is not true.

You are a double agent traveling with a known collaborator.

Your presence in this camp has caused nothing but unrest, and this must stop.

I thereby sentence you and your husband to death.

What about my children?

Your eldest son is old enough to be accountable for his actions, and he will share your fate.

The two younger ones will stay here until they're old enough to survive on their own.

Take her, the husband, and the eldest son to the rifle range. What about the collaborator?

I'm not done with him yet.


Do you have another one?

What are you doing?

You breathe too loud. It's distracting.


Did you know that...

Get up.

Get up. Move.

No, get off me! No!


Let us out!

Get to the woods. Out the back.

Go! This way!

Hey, you're okay.

You're okay. It hurts.

Will, the kids.

Will. Let's go.

Let's move.

Where are the kids?

The woods. They'd go to the woods.

Come on, come on.

Go, go.


Charlie! Gracie!


Come on. Come on.

Hey, we gotta go that way. Okay?

Run. As fast as you can.

Cover me!

There she is.


Come here, baby!

I got you.


Charlie! Bram, she's hurt!

Charlie, run!




No! No!

No, no! Charlie!

No! No! Charlie!

Gracie's hurt! We have to go!

No, no! We have to go!

No, my baby! We have to go!

Now! Now!

Come on! Now Now!

Come on, Gracie.

Mr. Snyder.

Lieutenant Garland.

You gonna hit me in the face again?

Well, it did seem like it worked.

You bought your way inside.

Although that, uh, that didn't sound like your voice on the radio.

It wasn't.

So, how'd you get them to give up their position?

I kept hammering at the weak link until it finally broke.

You know, I've never met a man who could have anything he wants before.

Trust me, I've never been that man.

So, where are you gonna go?

To the center of the action. Switzerland?

I've always wanted to see the Alps.

Maybe reconnect with some old friends.

You know, I didn't think you'd actually get it done.

You surprised me. I get that a lot.

Next chopper leaves in 20 minutes.

You couldn't get me out of this hell hole fast enough.

I'm sure, but I need you to do something for me first.

Do you see the leader?

Control wants to confirm that he's dead.

That one.

Did you kill everyone?

Most of them.

And the survivors?

Are you gonna chase them?

No, we got what we needed.

Just let them starve out there.

Let's go.