11x09 - It Takes You Away


GRAHAM: Oh, nice fjord.

That is a fjord, innit?

Got your bearings yet, Doc?

Norway. Definitely Norway.

- One of the frilly bits on the top.

Stay back!



It's fine. It's only .

I thought we'd leapt into the Woolly Rebellion.

- Sorry, what?
- The Woolly Rebellion.

In years, there's a total renegotiation of the sheep-human relationship.

Utter bloodbath!

I've always fancied the idea of Norway.

- What bit's this?
- Don't know.

But miles away, there's an alpaca farm...

...and gift shop, with a very low TripAdvisor rating.

- Soil?
- I'll give it a miss. Ta.

There's a nice little house up there.

Oh, yeah.

A cottage in Norway, in winter, with a chimney but no smoke.

Could be a holiday let.

Maybe. Shall we take a walk?

Me and your nan used to talk about coming to Norway.

And what stopped you?

Well, just never got round to it, you know?

Hoo! Look at that.

Someone got a bit over-excited with the DIY.

YAZ: Those panels look more like barricades than repairs.

Looks like it's been abandoned.

Hey, did you see that?
Someone's in there.


Anyone in?

Quick look? Set our minds at rest?



Three locks on a deserted house in the middle of nowhere.


Maybe we shouldn't be in here.

There's a child in this house.

Or some maniac that collects kids' shoes.

You two, go check upstairs.

Come on.

Ryan, sweet wrappers.




It's OK, it's OK. I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to scare you.

Hi. We want to help.

What's your name?

GRAHAM: Not hungry, are ya?

'Cause these days, I always carry a cheese and pickle sarnie.

You know, just for emergencies.

You carry sandwiches with you every time we leave the TARDIS?

Yeah, well, I've learnt the hard way, haven't I?

I mean, we can go a long time without eating and I get a bit cranky with the old low blood sugar level.

Now... always come prepared.

Who are you people and how did you get into our house?

I'm the Doctor. This is Yaz, Ryan and Graham.

We were out walking but we got a bit worried something was wrong here.

When you say 'our' house, who lives here with you?

If you don't mind me asking, what's got you so scared?

The thing.

What thing, sweetheart?

The thing my dad was defending the house from.

It got in and took him.

What did this thing look like?


What's your name?


Are you blind, Hanne?

Please... help me find my dad.

I heard the thing out here before I went to sleep and in the morning, my dad was gone.

RYAN: You don't know it actually got in?

How do you know your dad didn't just pack up and go?

My dad would never just leave me, OK?!

- Ryan.
- What?

- How long's he been gone?
- Four days.


Love your top.

I'm from Sheffield, same as the Arctic Monkeys.

My cousin saw their first-ever gig.

My mum saw their first gig in Norway.

This T-shirt was hers.

Where is your mum, Hanne?

She died.

I'm sorry to hear that.
You must miss her.

All the time.

So does my dad.


And I think what Ryan meant to say was obviously your dad would never want to leave you, but what if he went out to work or something and... got lost or hurt?

He quit work when we left Oslo and our boat's still here.

I walked down and checked.


We need to get inside.

It always comes out round now.

The same time every day?

That's when it hunts.

- Poor kid.
- You're not buying that.

Her dad did a runner and she's making this monster stuff up.

Let's not make any assumptions.

You two, have a look in the shed.

- Graham, let's check out the house.
- Right.

Don't be out here too long.

Do you miss the city?

HANNE: Sometimes.

But my dad wanted a change after my mum died.

So, what, he came here to get away from all the memories?

Ja. And it had been empty for ages so it was cheap.

Was it your dad who put these bars and locks everywhere?

The day before he disappeared.

I told him he was mad.

There's nobody for miles.

But he just said, "There are worse things out there than people."

Eugh. What's that smell?

I don't think I wanna know.




- Did you just yell?
- A row of dead birds ain't normal.

Normal for Norway, maybe.

You were great with her back there.

I'm rubbish with kids.

Yeah, I've had training.

You have to reinforce whatever it is that makes them feel safe.


What are they? Animal traps?


It's coming!

- Go, go!

Go, go!

- Did you see it?
- YAZ: No!

But Hanne's dad did.

He's got a shed load of them in a... shed.

And that's not normal, even for Norway.


What is that thing?

I dunno but it sounds like it's coming from the woods.



We need to secure the house.

Yaz, Ryan, block the back door.

Graham, take lookout from the upstairs window.

On it.


It takes you away. It takes you away.

It takes you away.

Hanne, listen to me.

Whatever is out there, we will keep you safe.

But it takes you away.


See anything?

Nothing yet!


- RYAN: Whoa.
- Ahhh! Don't do that!

Why are we not in the mirror?

I don't know.

We'd know if we were vampires, right?



Ooh. Oh, what's that noise?

Get away from the mirror! Both of you!

Keep back.

Hey! We're there!

What just happened?

Not entirely sure but I really don't like it.

Did you see a change?
What happened here?

Just heard this noise, come over to the mirror and I wasn't reflected in it.


There it is again!

- And that noise!
- Nobody move.


- (THUMP!)
- Locked it, mid whatever it was doing.

Can I just say, I love me sonic.


...when is a mirror not a mirror?




Ah, ah, ah!


Oh! I'm OK.

Mostly. Bit of a head wonk.

Otherwise I'm totally fine.

Solid out of .

. at a push.

What was the noise? The whole house started to vibrate.

Hi, Yaz. Hi, Hanne. Lots going on.

- Was it that thing outside?
- No.

This mirror in your dad's bedroom seems to be a portal.

When you say a portal...

A doorway to another world, or dimension, or who knows what?

But let me tell you, it really messes you up.

- What are you talking about?
- I know, big thing to find out.

I should have broken it to you a bit more gently.

But like I said, head wonk.

Whatever's in the woods, could it have come through this portal?

Possibly. Don't know. Didn't see much.

I need to take a proper look.

Hey, Doc, do you think it's safe?

I doubt it.

It's a juddering dimensional portal in a mirror in a Norwegian bedroom.

I'm coming with you.

- Me too.
- So am I.

And me. Whatever's happening, I'm staying with you.

I can't let you do that, Hanne.

I don't know what's through there.

You're safe here. Your dad made sure of that.

Also, I need you to keep protecting this house from whatever's outside.

- Ryan will stay here with you.
- Oh, what?

- Not him.
- Hey, what's that for?

Both of you, stay clear of the mirror.

It's already tried to lure in Graham.

- Yeah.
- Hey? I wasn't lured.

It's not like I gave it my credit card details.


This is a map of the house with its most vulnerable points.

Make sure you take care of them.


What's your dad's name, Hanne?


You will find him, won't you?

I'll do everything I can.


- I'm not sure this is a good idea.
- Ah!

(GROANS) Oh! Here we go.

GRAHAM: I can barely see a thing!

Some sort of space/time portal that's latched onto that mirror but it shouldn't look like that!

All these weird shards of light.

It's like the portal's been pulled in half.

By rights, we should have stepped into another world.

- YAZ: This is another world.
- Not according to my readings.

- Are we still in Norway or not?
- How Nordic does this look to you?

- Not very.
- Let's look around. Carefully.

Hey, Doc, there's some lights around that rock.

Nice spot, Graham. Both of you, stay close.

Let's make sure we can find our ways back.

Is that string? Very high-tech.

Break you...


Break you, stroke your flesh.

Pluck you out, every little piece...

Hi. Sorry to bother you.


Have you seen either a very loud creature heading that way or a Norwegian human, possibly heading the other way?

Name of Erik, the human.

His daughter's missing him.

Such tragedy.

Makes me hungry.


Fine. If you can't help us, can we have your lantern?

'Cause you seem to have a monopoly on light here.

No charity, only trade.


Lantern not yours.

Alright, I was only looking.

Take it easy.

Bird is lunch,

maybe codger is tea.

Who are you calling a codger?

It's you stinks of your own wee.

That's not my wee.

Let him go, 'cause you do not want those words to be your last ones.

Ooh, m-m-m... madam!

My name is Ribbons of the Seven Stomachs.


I so want your tubular.

Such a shiny tubular.

Because Ribbons did see the man you seek...

...uh, trade is now possible.

With this tubular, you can buy this tasty information.

Plus one lantern.

What did he look like? This man?

Oh, no horns, one mouth, so ugly.

Like you but such nice big boots.

So he's alive.

Was anyone with him? Or anything?

You'll find when I take you

but only with payment.

Tubular, please. Now.

Payment on delivery. And leave the knife here.

Hey, Doc, you're not gonna give him the sonic, are ya?

Look... he's got a belt full of massive dead rats with six legs.

Graham's right.

For all we know, he took Erik and now you want us to follow that nutter into the dark!

No, I want you to follow this nutter into the dark.

There's three of us and only one of him.

Not counting the rats.

Important to stay quiet, friends.

Here, light, in good faith.

Follow Ribbons to missing daddy.

RYAN: Have you always been blind?


I can see light if it's super close.

Must be hard.

I don't need you to feel sorry for me!

Why don't you like me?

You thought my dad would leave me.

OK. I'm sorry. I was wrong.

Which bit of the house is the weakest on the map?


...the conservatory.

I mean... I mean, the porch.

That's not a map, is it?

It sounded like she was writing something.

- It's totally a map.
- What are you hiding from me?!

I want to go with them.

- Doctor told us to stay here.
- I want my dad!

Let go of me!

Hey, give me that key!

You can't just grab me and drag me around.

- I could call the police.
- What?

And tell them about the monster?

Or the portal in the mirror?
How's that gonna help?

(SIGHS) It's not cool you lying to me about what she wrote on the wall.

- That was closer.

How about we stop arguing and recheck our defences?

DOCTOR: Where exactly are you taking us, Ribbons?

Relax! Enjoy Ribbons.

Oh, we are.

So tell us about these lanterns you're so proud of.

My design.

The only light here.

Where is here?

Information is sadly so expensive.

Uh, you don't have such credit.

But you live here, presumably.

I mean, given there's a portal right where we found you and you've chosen not to use it.


You ask the clever questions.

I bet your brain tastes so delicious.


- What's that?
- Flesh moth.

Your fault.

Keep still.



That is one vicious moth.

Won't hurt clothes but, uh, they strip the meat off your bones.

Luckily, anything can be distracted with a little bit of food.

Onwards, friends.

Ribbons will clear and follow.




RYAN: Oh, you gotta be kidding me.



Why would you do that?



You don't need to be scared.
There's no creature out there.

YAZ: I've totally lost my bearings.

It's like some kind of maze, this.

DOCTOR: Is this where you saw Erik?

RIBBONS: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Ribbons presents your weakest negotiating position.

What are you talking about?

Sadly, you have no umbilical.


No Erik, no sonic. Oh.


Two knives. Of course you've got two knives!

All we have here is a renegotiation.

You have no way home.

I can show you, but such delicious showing costs more.

My God, how can you smell worse than last time?


Flesh moth is following!

We must get rid of it or more will come.


Final rat.

Not biting.

- Can't we ditch the lantern?
- No! Dark is worse!

What is this place, Ribbons?


- Oh, no!
- Shh, shh.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

An antizone is a thing the universe makes wherever the fabric of space/time is threatened, like...

...a protective buffer zone to keep threats at bay, and we're in the middle of it!

How did you even get here, Ribbons?

Always been here.

- Argh!

What's happening?


Flesh moth summoning its swarm.
Signal kills my lantern.

Too many will come now!

You should run.

- My tubular now!
- No, you don't, sunshine!


How's that for an old
codger, hey, Two Knives?


They are here.

Yaz, Graham...

...do not move a muscle.

He wanted us to run so stay completely still.



No, Ribbons, don't!

No! Not me!

Attack the others, not me! (SCREAMS)

Nice and quiet, now run!

Keep going! There's a light ahead!

There's the portal!

What was that?

I dunno but I think we're safe for now.

Hey... have they moved things around in here?

Everything looks different. (SONIC SCREWDRIVER BUZZES)

I don't think that was the same portal we came in through.

But if that wasn't the same portal, how are we back in this bedroom?

Looks to me like we've ended up on the other side of the mirror.





Not interrupting, are we?

- Argh!

- What are you doing in my house?!
- What are you doing in your house?!

And how is this your house, Erik? It can't be, can it?

Who are you and how do you know my name?

Put that down.

We just came through an antizone, sent by your abandoned daughter, and it wasn't much fun.

- Hanne's not abandoned.
- Oh, yes, she is, mate.

She's scared and hungry and thinks you've been abducted.

She's a teenager. There's food in the freezer. She's fine without me.

There's a monster on the loose in the woods outside your house!

- No, there isn't.
- You seem very sure about that.

It's just recordings so she doesn't go out up into the hills.

You turned your house into a fortress to keep your daughter scared?

To keep her safe, while I'm gone.

That is a shocking bit of parenting.

You knew you were coming here.

So why did you make the bear traps?

Because there are bears.

No monster, but the occasional bear.

Look, thanks for coming. I'll go back soon but you can go now.

I'm gonna hit him.

No, you're not. I am.

Nobody's gonna hit anyone.


Long day. Flesh moths and antizones.

Now, who else is here, Erik?

Who don't you want us to see?

I don't know what you mean.

Yes, you do.

Two plates.


I'm Trine.

Erik's wife.


You got mirror-married?!

No, Trine's Hanne's mum.

Hanne's mum's dead.

- In your world I am, but not here.

What are you doing?

Is this some kind of alternate reality where Trine doesn't die?

- I don't know what this is.
- Neither do I. I mean...

...I died. I remember it.

But... here I am.

She can't leave.

We've tried but she can't go through the mirror.

I know I stayed away from Hanne for too long but I kept thinking,

"What if I go and I can't come back?"

I can't lose Trine again.

GRAHAM: You gotta get your priorities straight, mate.

Your daughter needs you. Come on.

Don't you want to see your friend?

What are you talking about?

She got here when you did.



(WHISPERS) Yeah, I... I know that sound.

Graham O'Brien.

You better tell me right now what's going on.

Don't do this to me.


RYAN: Don't move. Stand really still.

It's me, Ryan.

Alright, er...

...I'm just gonna sort something.

Then we're gonna move, together.

There's a light stashed here.

Alright, just hold me sleeve.

- Where are we?
- No idea. Stay close.


Tell me what you can see.

Well, there's kind of a cave. Nice cave, though.

You ever been to the Peak District? Bit like that.

Ryan, you're lying to me.

I'm sorry for slamming the door on you.

I had to get in here to find my dad.

Fine. You want the truth?

The monsters in the woods were just recordings.

I reckon your dad did that to keep you inside.

Should have just got wi-fi.

He lied to me?


And now you're lying to me, about how bad it is in here.

I'm trying to look after you.

I know this sounds daft but...

...am I real?

That creature and crane, it killed me.

But now... I'm here with you.

I-I don't understand.

No, neither do I.

Why you being so off with me?

Because this isn't possible.

I know.

But I'm here, love.

I'm real.

If you're Grace...

...tell me everything about this necklace.

It's mine.

You gave it to me two Christmases ago.

Same year Ryan got me a different frog necklace.

'Cause I like frogs.

You two didn't check with each other before you went shopping.

And you're wearing it... as a way of keeping me close.

This is unfair.

This has to be a trick.

You... you can't be her.

I feel like me.

That can't be Grace. Can it?


And you can't be Erik's wife.

I know.

But we are. Aren't we?

Alright, no need to panic.

- I wasn't panicking.
- I know. I was talking to myself.

'Cause all this... is very wrong.

Right, what do we know?

This mirror is a direct portal between two worlds.

We went into it in the real world, we came out of it in this world.

But that antizone sprung up in the middle, splitting the portal in two.

The buffer zone between the two worlds.


'Cause antizones only exist where the fabric of the universe is under huge, terrible threat.


So that means...

...that one must be to stop this world

and your world from ever touching.

Wait, but that means that this world is dangerous.

But how can it be dangerous?

Also, what even has the power to create a copy world like this?


(GASPS) Oh, no actual way!

No actual way what?

I've told you about the Solitract, right?

Literally never heard the word before.


Solitract, it's a theory, a myth,

a bedtime story my gran used to tell me.

You had a grandmother?

I had seven, but Granny Five, my favourite,

used to tell me about the Solitract.

'Cause in the beginning, pre time, pre everything,

all the laws and elements and nuts and bolts of the universe were there,

light, matter, maths and so on, but they couldn't fit together properly because the Solitract was there.

So what is the Solitract?

A consciousness. An energy.

Our reality cannot work with Solitract energy present.

The most basic ideas of the universe just get ruined.

Think of it like a kid with chickenpox, nuclear chickenpox, who wants to join in but always ends up infecting everyone else.

Our universe cannot work with the Solitract in it.

Your gran told you this as a bedtime story?

Only when I had trouble sleeping.

So, what did our universe do?

It managed to exile the Solitract to a separate,

unreachable existence,

the Solitract Plane.

And suddenly, everything makes sense!

The universe could finally work

because the Solitract had been removed.

Hang on, are you saying we're now on the Solitract Plane?

I wish I wasn't but I think I am.

I'm scared. Are you scared?

I'm genuinely terrified.

This is a separate exiled universe that is also a consciousness?

That's what Granny Five said.

A conscious universe.

She also said that Granny Two was a secret agent for the Zygons

but she seems bang on with this one.

But why?

Why has the Solitract copied your world,

including Grace and Trine,

and built a doorway...

...to our universe?

When you put it like that, it sounds like... a trap.

What are you doing in Norway?

It's the Doc's ship.

Oh, you'd love it, Grace.

It's this old police box,

only inside it's like a massive spaceship.

It goes everywhere and anywhere!

So you were telling the truth that night?

- You remember everything, right?
- Course I remember everything.


I've been to an alien planet, Grace. Me.

And... and I've met Rosa Parks!

- Rosa Parks?
- I know!

Sounds like you're doing fine without me.

I'm lost, Grace.

I miss you.

All my life I was looking for you, then I found you.

And... I was so happy.

That makes two of us.

Then I lost you.

I'm here.

Oh, I miss you so much.

I miss you so much, Grace.

Graham! We're off. Now.

Fine. Yeah. Come on, Grace.

Yeah, sorry to be blunt. Hi, Grace.

That's not Grace. No offence, Grace.

None taken, love.

She can't come, Graham. She's not real.

- Oh, I think you're wrong.
- I'm not wrong.

- She remembers everything.
- I know this is difficult.

I mean, all the crazy things you've seen, Doc,

I mean, you can't tell me that you know it's not her.

This whole thing is a con. I don't think even Grace knows it.

I think this whole world is a trap and she's part of it.

Listen to me. It's her or the real world. You can't have both.

Please get inside. We're going.


I need to get this open and get Graham and Erik out of here.

Oh, it won't budge! It must be controlled by the Solitract.

Oh, and I can't force it with the sonic like before

because it's clever and it's adapting.

What if you do something it hasn't dealt with before,

like reverse the polarity or something?

Yasmin Khan! You speak my language.

RYAN: Keep running, Hanne!

In here! In here.

Keep down, keep down.

- I think we're good to go.
- Nice work, Doctor.

Thank you. I do my best.

Graham, Erik, time to go.

- Come on.
- Graham.

You heard what the Doctor said.

- Grace, come on.
- I'm not sure.

I can't hold it open much longer.

Graham, Yaz, Erik, now, please!


There's a pool straight ahead. I'll distract them.

What are you doing here?! Hanne, it's me.

- I heard my dad!
- It's OK, it's OK. I'm here.

Where are we? What's happening?

The portal's adapted again. I can't open it!

I've got a surprise for you.

It's your mum, Hanne.

- She's alive.
- What?


Oh, my gorgeous girl.

I don't know who you are
but you are not my mum.

- Ryan?

- Ryan?!
- Ryan's not here.

- Wait.
- Was he in the antizone with you?

He's still out there with those things.

The portal's shut and Ryan's still in there.

Well, get it open. We've got to help him.

- ERIK: No!
- What do you mean, no?


This world is falling apart because of us still being here.

You and us are still totally incompatible.

Erik being here may have been manageable, but five of us?

That's a lot more incompatible stuff.

You've gone over capacity.

You need to let us go, now!

Is it me or is this woman completely mad?

Grace and Trine aren't doing this.

Of course they are.

They're made of Solitract energy.

Hanne can sense it. Why can't you?


What did you build this all for?

Oh! I'm dumb. Of course.

You want the same thing you've always wanted, to be with us.

So you built a world you thought we'd like,

and taken forms we won't reject.

Don't listen to her, love.

Don't take advantage of him. You're not Grace.

The real Grace was a beautiful, smiling superstar.

And you know what she was above all else? She was brave.

And she'd be leading the charge through that mirror!



Ryan! Ryan!

Did I do that?

Oh, I think you know.

I want to go home.

Hanne, don't be scared.

Erik, tell her it's OK.

Hanne, we're in a place and it's close enough to home.

We can stay. I wouldn't ask you to stay if it wasn't safe.

You would, Dad.

You're not well.

You haven't been since Mum died.

You're not my mum.

Whatever you are, I hate you!

Now let me out!

- Graham.

Yaz and Hanne have shown
us how to do this.

Ryan is out there in danger, and this place is collapsing in.

Doc, I know what you're asking me to do, I just...

I just can't do it.


She's not your wife. She's furniture with a pulse.

She doesn't know. She can't know.

Graham, please.

I know how hard this is for you,

but let her go or we're all going to die.


I know deep down you still blame yourself for what happened to Grace.

It was not your fault.

Please reject her, because you know that is not Grace.

Don't leave me, love.

Not again.

What about Ryan?

He's in trouble out there, love.

He'll be fine. He's a smart lad.

- (BOOM!)
- Ah!

This reality's collapsing, Graham.

So close.

You were so close.


...Grace would never let me leave Ryan in danger.


You're a fake.

I wish you weren't, but you are.


Oh, Grace.

What happened to her?!

Surplus to requirements. Now do you believe me?


This woman is clearly an alien force collapsing two realities

and impersonating your dead wife.

- Time to move on, mate!
- But I can't.


No. Of course you can't.


(SIGHS) Congratulations.

Erik wants you.

Just one thing. This world is falling apart.

I reckon you can only keep one of us.

You sure he's your best option?

'Cause the Solitract doesn't want a husband.

You want a whole universe.

Someone who has seen it all, and that's me.

I've lived longer, seen more, loved more and lost more.

I can share it all with you.

Anything you want to know about what you've never had.


'Cause he's an idiot with a daughter who needs him, so let him go...

...and I will give you everything.

You're not Trine.

Finally, Erik.

You can stop being Trine now, 'cause this universe is going critical.

If it blows, it'll take out the antizone and my universe too!

Uh... why is there a frog in here?

(IN GRACE'S VOICE) You said I could stop being Trine.

The Solitract is a frog...

...who talks like Grace?

My own form is endless,

but this frog is a form that delights me,

as it once delighted Grace.

(SIGHS) There's me thinking the day had no more surprises left.

Now, please, tell me of your universe.

You think words can do it justice?

It's really big...

...and incredibly beautiful.

And apparently I've just said goodbye to it.

But the thing I'm gonna miss the most is the people.

- My friends.
- I will be there. We will be there.

- Friends!
- Right.

Me and a conscious universe masquerading as a frog. BFFs.

Whoa! Did you just see that?

'Cause I wouldn't be much of a friend to you

if I didn't point out you're not in control of this.

You're wrong. This is my plane. I control everything here.

So you can see that it's still destabilising.

Me being here is gonna kill us both.

You may want us to be together but it's not working.

It can never work.

You're lying to me because you want to leave.

No. I'm your friend.

But friends help each other face up to their problems,

not avoid them.

This is...

You are... the maddest,

most beautiful thing I've ever experienced,

and I haven't even scratched the surface.

I wish I could stay.

But if either of us are gonna survive,

you're gonna have to let me go,

and keep on being brilliant by yourself.

I miss you.

I miss it all. So much.

I know.

But if you do this, I promise,

you and I will be friends forever.

You have to let me go.

I will dream of you,

out there, without me.

(GENTLY) Goodbye.


(GASPS) Thrown by a frog. Brilliant.



Flaming rocks. I'm never coming here again!

Graham! Graham!

You're safe! I got you.


The whole place is disintegrating!

Keep going! There's the portal!

What about the Doctor? Where's the Doctor?

Pull me through!



Are we safe?

From the Solitract, yes.

Don't know if it survived...

...but it won't be coming back here.


Made a new friend.

A whole conscious universe.

And I had to say goodbye.

- What do you think you'll do?
- It's time we went home.

It's not good for either one of us to be here now.

To Oslo?

Oslo, yes.

To our flat and some wi-fi and friends.

Thank you.

Any time.


Bye, Hanne.

Come on, Graham.

It is a very nice fjord.

I see the sheep have moved on.

Probably off plotting. Come on!



Yaz said you saw Nan in there.

Yeah. I thought... maybe...

But it wasn't her. Not really.

Was her.


I miss her too. All the time.

But at least we've got each other, eh?


What did you just call me?

Why? You going deaf in your old age?

Come on. TARDIS.

Nine distress signals all coming from the same planet.

- I should have left.
- And why haven't you?

The battle.

You gave me my destiny.