12x03 - Orphan 55


DOCTOR: Great work, guys.

- And sorry again.


I did not know it was their mating season.

- Yes, Graham, my son!

I've got it!

- Got what?

The sixth coupon from the Bandohzi Herald.

Keeps getting delivered by the coffee machine upstairs.

Or is it downstairs?

Anyway, don't matter.

I noticed they had an offer on.

Collect six coupons, get a free holiday.

I'm up for a free holiday.

- Where is it?

- A place called Tranquillity.

Me too.

So long as there's plenty of sun and absolutely no deep-space squid.

Might get you out of your mardy mood.

My mood's fine.

- That's you told.


Hang on, Graham.

They're not six perfect squares, are they?

No, don't put them together yet!

- Bit late for that.

- What's happening?

I hope you've packed.

They're not just coupons.

That's a teleport cube, just activated.

- We've got about four seconds.

- No, no, no, no.

I've got to go and fetch my Speedos.

Only joking.

Already got 'em on.


COMPUTER: Welcome to Tranquillity Spa.

Oh, guys!

This is a bit of all right, innit?


O'Brien party of four?

Bandohzi Herald coupons?

I'm Hyph3n with a 3, your customer host here at Tranquillity Spa.

And relax!

Hi, Hyph3n with a 3.

Nice tail.

I'm a bit worried about being separated from my ship.

Our system has saved exactly where you came from.

You can return any time, but you're booked in for two weeks, all-inclusive.

Get in!

Your rooms are just being prepared.

Take a moment to explore and I'll come and find you once they're ready.

I'm going to find the pool!

I'm seeing what they've got inside the building.

And I am going to sit over there for three hours, then I'm going to get up and sit somewhere else, and then cocktails.

All-inclusive, Doc.

Got to get your coupons' worth.

Get in!

Come on, Graham, son!

I'll have a look round, then.

By myself.


Our staff are being informed.


- Another system virus.

- Vorm, I don't care.

We've got a physical breach.

One of them's got in.

Find it, contain it, and radio in.

Do not engage without me.

Look at that, Vilma.

Can you believe it?

Oh, it's perfect, Benni.

Thank you.

BENNI: I saw some newlyweds up at reception.

Nice place to come for a honeymoon.

We've had 46 years.

We never needed to be married.

You say that but Wow!

- BENNI: Oh, hello.

- VILMA: Not bad, is it?

It's absolutely gorgeous.

- Um - YAZ: This place has got everything.

COMPUTER: Welcome to Tranquillity's bar and refreshment zone.

We serve all your favourites, all-inclusive.

Oh, free stuff!


- Ooh - [FIZZING]

- Ow!


Fighting with the vending machine?

No, it just gave me an electric shock.

That's not a shock.

It's a hopper virus.

This machine's sick, and it just passed its virus on to you.

How did I get a virus the same as a vending machine?

I'm not a machine!

Hoppers are multi-platform.

They'll go for anything.

- Don't pick at it!

- Did it just go through me?

It's moving deeper inside you to mutate into your nervous system.

- What?

- Important not to panic.

Humans always have the same reaction to a hopper virus.

First you get the wiggly fingers, which is a warning the legs are about to go.

Luckily, this is where my hopper first-aid training kicks in.

Need to get rid of these.

Then pinch your ear.

- Then you're going to sneeze.

- Atchoo!


Now suck your thumb until the hallucinations stop.

And remember, they're not real bats.


He's fine.

He's fine.

Make the bats go away!

COMPUTER: Hotel perimeter breach.

Initiating guest protection measures.

It's on the move again, Vorm.

Be careful.

I'm Vilma.

Nice to meet you.

This is Benni.


Just arrived.

Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

- Oh, you're all right - You were a bit COMPUTER: All guests, please assemble at your nearest muster station.


This is a routine Tranquillity drill.

All guests, please assemble at your nearest muster station.

If this is anything to do with you, Doc Relax.

This is a routine Tranquillity drill Stay here.

I'll investigate.

It's probably nothing.

Usually nothing.

I say "usually" All guests, please assemble at your nearest muster station.

The nearest muster station to this zone is the teleport pad.

Hopper virus got you, too?

I'm not sure about this place.

So you here with family?

Hotel critic.



Oh, I'm here with my mates, yeah.

I'm a pilot surgeon pilot surgeon I'm a surgeon for pilots.

So, do you come across many hopper viruses?

- Does this usually work?

- What?

Pretending to be stupid so girls have to answer your questions?

Hey, look, I'm not trying to chat you up.


I'm Bella.

Oh VORM: Heading to the east zone.

I'll isolate it there.

If this is a drill, what's he doing with a gun?

Do you want to find out?


This is a routine Tranquillity drill.

Coming up to linen cupboard now.

Hyph3n with a 3!

I just pulled this out of a friend of mine.

Well, we do not make any judgments on our guests and fully support any way you choose to enjoy yourself here at Tranquillity Spa.

It wasn't recreational.

This is a weapon.

I'd say someone is targeting you.

Now, why would they do that?

Also, why is that alarm going off?

And why do you look so concerned?

Also, where does the 3 come in "Hyphen"?

Never mind.

That one can wait.

Also Also, what's behind that door?

Cos no linen cupboard needs a key with that many security gradings.

I want to take a look.

Guests aren't permitted in the linen cupboard.

How about Pan-galactic Standards and Practices Officer?

Health and Safety?

Security and Hygiene?

Resort Inspector?

Now, are you and your excellent tail going to let me have a look, or am I going to have to bark at you?

Cos I will.


It's after the second H and before the final N.

- The 3?

- Oh, yeah!


Deadlocked room with its own armoury.

Don't tell me.

Honeymoon suite?

Hyph3n, what the hell are you doing?

Who's this?

I'm the Doctor, and you, madam, are far too handsy.

- Resort Inspector.

- We've only just been inspected.

Well, we like to surprise.

Just like this hopper virus I found in your vending machine.

This will mutate any system it hops into and wreck it.

This is part of a family set, so there are other replications out there, which might explain why your ionic membrane's failed.

Why would you need to defend a holiday spa with an ionic membrane?


COMPUTER: Power systems in this zone of Tranquillity are currently experiencing challenges.



Help me!

- Relax, and leave immediately.

- Please!

- Please!

- Confirmed sighting.

It's on the loose inside.


It's attacking the guests.

What did he say?

What's attacking the guests?

Why do you need all this?

Tell me.

Do not engage.

I'm en route.

We have to implement teleport evacuation procedures.

Don't tell me about the procedures, Hyph3n.

I wrote them.

You can forget about evacuation.

The hopper virus is in your teleport system.

Everything's down.

I need you here to help me understand this place, not out there shooting at things.

This zone of Tranquillity is compromised.

If you can hear this message, you shouldn't be here.

Leave immediately.


Stay back!


Kane, there's more than one.

I have to retreat!


- RYAN: Something's down there.

- BELLA: In here.

Good, here we go.

You're maintenance, right?

You're just the fella.

You are needed outside.

Some of the guests reckon that the teleport on the terrace ain't working.

Yeah, nothing's working, mate, sorry.

Where's my snap hammer?


Snap hammer won't fix that.

You want a crash wrench.

Oi, you're not a mechanic.

You're a child.

Now pass me the snap hammer.

- I'm Nevi.

This is my boy Sylas.

- All right, Sylas?

Yeah, he likes to show up without warning.

This place is way better than Mum's house.

How many people have you got staying here?


This shows all their positions.

- COMPUTER: Guest offline.

- No, 21 now.

Guest online.

Guest off - [SNARLING]


- 19!

- offline.

Guest offline.

Guest offline.

Our friends are out there.

All guests within the hotel building, to the linen cupboard in the north corridor immediately.

It's just a drill.

Not a drill.

Repeat, not a drill.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.



We should probably head to the linen cupboard.

Guest offline.

DOCTOR: Where's your security team?

KANE: No team.

Just me and Vorm.


This zone of Tranquillity is compromised.

Please do not enter the Tranquillity steam room during this routine drill.

MAN: Help!

Please, it's coming!

- RYAN: Hey, what's out there?

- It's seen me!

- What?

- BELLA: Shut up!

Welcome to the Tranquillity steam room.

Please leave immediately.



- I'm not a surgeon for pilots.


I work in a warehouse.

I'm not a hotel critic.

I just I didn't want to say "unemployed nobody".



An unauthorised life form has entered the steam room.

This debug script should neutralise the hopper viruses, but they'll need time to work.

More urgently, I need to build a new ionic membrane to banish whatever is killing your guests.

You can't build an ionic membrane from scratch.

If I had crayons and half a can of Spam, I could build YOU from scratch.

Now, out of my way.

HYPH3N: They'll take the bodies, won't they?

There you are.

We heard the Doctor's voice over the Tannoy.

Also gunfire.

And people screaming.

Yeah, I know.

I've been on better holidays.

All of you, in here.

That's a funny kind of linen cupboard.

Hi, can't talk.


Always the hat, Vilma.


KANE: I'm losing visuals across the compound.

I don't know how many of those creatures have got in.

Kane, I'm sorry.

I couldn't stop it.

It's your job to stop it, Vorm.

VORM: Those things are heading for the guest teleport.

Benni, I dropped my hat.

Where's Benni?

And where's Ryan?


WHISPERS: Don't run.





DOCTOR: I got it.

Ionic membrane.

Reinstated DNA filter.

It'll exile any life form not pre-approved.

If I've built this right.







It worked!

Seal is secure.

Internal O2 level restored to 20.


The ionic membrane's forced those things out.

Now open the door.

Our friend's out there.

- What are those red dots?

- VORM: Casualties of the Dregs.

NEVI: Don't look, Sylas.

BELLA: Has it gone?

What just happened?

If I had to guess The Doctor.

GRAHAM: Can you show me Ryan?

Where's Ryan on there?

I'm so sorry.

VILMA: Yaz, I can't see Benni on there either.

Where's Benni?





- Graham.

- Oh!

What's happening?

Oh, Ryan!

It ain't the aliens that are going to kill me, it's worrying about you.

DOCTOR: What is it that got in here?

KANE: A couple of the locals.


They're always trying to attack.

That's why we have shields.

But the virus that brought the shields down, the Dregs couldn't have done that.

Somebody hacked the system.

RYAN: Who'd sabotage a hotel?

KANE: Vorm, void panel SE9-13.

RYAN: What is happening right now?

- [THUD!]

- RYAN: Ooh.

Cor blimey!

Right on me nut!

Am I having a stroke or something?

It's a fake-cation.

- A what?

- A really good one.

- What?

- So none of this is real?

The hotel is, and the pool.

But you reach a certain point [SHE KNOCKS]

These are usually built in cities so no-one has to travel.

Our guests now get off-world holiday - for a fraction of the price.

- If they survive.

You built this somewhere you shouldn't, thinking no-one'd notice if you could only get in and out by teleport.

I heard your little chat about O2 levels.

That's a completely different environment out there.

The native species want you and your guests dead.

Doctor, you need to see this!

They've built a wall all around this hotel.

Vilma said it's the first off-world fake-cation.

Done that bit.

Feel the lump on my bonce.

Do that.

- What?

- But my Benni is missing.

According to this, he's outside the shields.

You can't just walk outside.

There's not enough oxygen.

- He'd be dead before we reach him.

- He has an oxygen tank.

We have to find him.

He came here because of you.

If there's even the slightest chance of finding him, you need to do it.

We'll help.

Get transport.

I'll gather everyone in the bar.

Now, Kane!

You get one O2 canister each.

Conserve it.

Green is good, orange is bad, red's dead.

Oh The good news, these are smart.

In an O2-rich environment, they refill themselves.

Outside this dome, the only O2-rich environment on the planet will be inside the truck.

Do not exit without my permission.

Keep an eye on your readings.

They'll change colour if you are running low on oxygen.

Nevi, cockle, my nose thingy and this breathing apparatus, - is it on right?

- Yeah, it's fine.

Dad, it-it's not right.


We'd better go and fire up the truck.

- SYLAS: Yeah.

- I built it myself.


- Tell me you helped him build it.

- KANE: We're moving out!

You owe me some answers.

This is my operation.

Well, it's clearly going well.

What planet is this?

Orphan 55.

You built a fake-cation on an orphan planet?

- Are you mad?

- The radiation's dropped.

It's safe in short spells.

Get in the truck.

COMPUTER: Always remain inside the vehicle.

This vehicle is the property of Tranquillity Spa, your home from home.

RYAN: Was we inside that?

YAZ: This whole planet looks dead.

It is.

It's an orphan planet.

It's a grading that means it's become too toxic for life.

We're not safe out here.

GRAHAM: Well, we weren't exactly safe in there.

Come on, Doc, explain.

Why is it called an orphan planet?

DOCTOR: Because it's uninhabitable.

In societies that let this happen, there's nearly always a ruling elite that gets to evacuate, and then signs off all responsibility for whatever they've left behind.

- That's messed up.

- Happens more than you think.

This is Orphan 55.

And if you can't evacuate?

You die.

All sentient life dies.

That's how it gets the grading.

Except on Orphan 55, something clearly survived.

RYAN: The Dregs.

Why here, Kane?

Why build this hotel?

It doesn't make any sense.

The air's unbreathable, but a few years with the right terraforming, we can reduce the CO2 and make the whole planet habitable.

Terraforming bankrolled by fake-cation.


Today hotelier, tomorrow the proud owner of Orphan 55, the best real estate in the galaxy.

If you can sort out your Dreg problem, you'll be rich.


Hey, Doc.

Benni's changed direction.

VILMA: Why would he do that?

Maybe he's heading back to the dome.

Abort the mission.


He's alive!

We know where he is!

He's moving at 37 clicks an hour.

That doesn't sound like my Benni.

The Dregs got him.

We abort.

If those things have got Benni, we're getting him back!

You want money, Kane?

That's worth a fortune!

BELLA: That would buy a lot of terraforming.

Or don't you want to be Queen of Orphan 55 any more, Kane?

DOCTOR: Never mind the money, there's a man's life at stake.

Vorm, follow the tracker.


- Oh COMPUTER: External oxygen levels, 2%.

Current internal oxygen levels, 21%.

Always remain in So what do you actually know about the Dregs?

How many are there?

is the property of Tranquillity Spa.

Don't want to talk to me?


I don't need a second person for a conversation.

A lot of the time they just get in the way.

So A Dreg is a native species that somehow lived through the fallout.

That's generations.

There must be a few of them.

Hyph3n with a 3, your face tells me I'm right.

But how did they survive?

And why is your gun fitted with an exciplex modulator?

They randomise laser output.

You'd only need that against a thing that could adapt to your attack.

Hang on.

That's what they do?


To guns and to nuclear winter?!

Apex predators!

And we We are driving straight into their territory!




So, er how long have you been unemployed?

Is that the worst chat-up line ever?


You just witnessed history.

I've been unemployed for a month.

I was my dad's carer, but he died.



I lost my mum eight years back.

Have you got anyone else?

Is your mum around?

She died when I was about Sylas's age.

She made Nevi look like Parent of the Year.

So guys what's going on?

Just talking.

- Having a conversation.

- Great.

Where are we up to?

Yeah, Ryan.

What are you talking about?

Er, er, we both have dead parents?


This vehicle is experiencing momentary difficulties.

This vehicle is experiencing momentary difficulties.

GARBLED: This vehicle is compromised.

What the hell was that?

This vehicle is compromised.

Please stay inside the vehicle and wait for assistance.

DOCTOR: This is a trap, presumably set by the Dregs.

This mist is highly toxic, and when it clears, direct sunlight is worse.

We get ten minutes of solar blistering and then death.

Solar blistering?

What a lovely phrase.

Here's another one.

Completely knackered vehicle.

We're stranded.

KANE: I need to check where we are.


KANE: There's a service tunnel close by.

If we can make it to that, we might live.


Bad news is, we have to leave the truck and head out on foot.

Not ideal, but basically our only option.

We can't leave!

I paid you.

We came here for Benni!

Stay quiet, move fast.

VILMA: Kane!


- RYAN: All right, let's go.

- We'll find him, Vilma, I promise.

KANE: Tunnel entrance is just past this ridge.



Where are you?

- Shh, shh!

- You'll bring the Dregs.

They're massing in the hills all around us.


GRAHAM: Doc, we don't stand a chance.


Everyone, back to the truck!


Go, go!


- NEVI: So what's the plan now?

- KANE: Shut up.


What are we going to do?

KANE: Vorm, we're going to deal with the Dregs.

Doctor, get them out, head east, look for a hatch.

We'll keep them busy.

- BENNI: Vilma!



BENNI: Are you in there?


- Benni!

- Shh!

- Benni!

- Shh-shh.

GRAHAM: The Dregs have got him.


- YAZ: Shh-shh-shh.

BENNI: Vilma!

I can't believe you came!

I'm not alone, and I don't have long - [GROWLING]

- but I-I have two questions.

I'm sorry to ask them together.

Will you marry me?

Oh, of course I will!


What was the other one?

If anyone can, will they please shoot me?


Oh, Benni!

What has it done to you?


We've got to get out of here.

We shouldn't have left the dome.



This is it!

- This is the job!

- GRAHAM: Come on!

- RYAN: Let's go!

- DOCTOR: Sylas, now!

Head to the ridge.

Don't look back!

Come on.


Hyph3n, hurry!




Come on, come on.

DOCTOR: Kane, what happened?

It threw me.

- Are you OK?

- They've got Vorm!


- Get me back up there!

You can't fight any more.

Vorm needs me.

We need you.

You know this planet.

Get us to the tunnels.


GRAHAM: How can it be even hotter down here?

DOCTOR: Oxygen check.

Dad, we're doing oxygen checks.

As green as the hair on our heads, Sylas.

KANE: We're safe.

There's a short-range maintenance teleport here, which should just get us back to base.

Stay close.

There's only enough power for one use.

Kane, when you were fighting the Dreg, did you see Benni?


Don't worry.

I killed him.


GRAHAM: What did you just say?


He asked me to.



How could you?!

Come on.

Come on, Vilma.

I got you.

What is wrong with you?

Why didn't the Dreg kill him?

He was having fun.

There's a room down there where I stashed a medipack.

Fetch it and we can get out of here.

- You're not getting out of anywhere.

- Bella!

- What are you doing?

- Shut up!

I will shoot you.

Where's the maintenance teleport, Kane?

I'd rather die than tell you.

Oh, you're going to die.

It's just whether I shoot and kill you now or wound you and leave you to the Dregs.

What is it you want?

To burn everything you've built to the ground.

Who are you?


Now I'm no-one.

I was my dad's carer.

Bella Why are you doing this?

My mum didn't really die.

She just never came to any of my birthdays.

She didn't come to his funeral.

And she doesn't even recognise me now.

Trixabelle Oh!

And she gave me the name Trixabelle.

The teleport's behind you.


Come on!

This is not the way to resolve a family dispute.

How about good old-fashioned passive-aggressive discussion?



COMPUTER: Tranquillity Spa is experiencing - I didn't ask you to do that!

- You're welcome.

We need to find a way to help the others get back.


They can sort themselves out.

Hey, hey, hey.

These people are my family.

We're finding a way.

Too late.

I'm here to burn this place down, and if you're not with me, you'll die here, too.

Our staff are aware.

Relax - Hang on, where's Ryan?

- With Bella.

Hopefully, the maintenance teleport has got them back to the hotel.

OK, listen up.

There's stairs just beyond here that will take us down and back.

Just one catch, the route goes through a Dreg nest.

That's madness!

We'll never make it through!


COMPUTER: Oxygen supply falling.

You talk too much.

Using up all your oxygen.

Consider urgently refilling this canister.


Consider urgently refilling this canister.

That daughter of yours, Kane, real chip off the old block.

I didn't know she was here.

So you left her and her dad and never got back in contact?

You don't get to judge me.

This project, Tranquillity Spa, I was only doing it to give to her.

YAZ: Maybe you should have mentioned that before you pulled a gun on her.

RYAN: OK, we're not really going to burn this place down, are we?


We're blowing it up.


You built a bomb?


Oh, I've built more than one.


Please locate breathable air in order to recharge supply.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm slowing you down.

No, don't worry, don't worry.


We're using too much oxygen.


KANE: That's more of them.

They know where we are.

They'll be too fast for us.

Take cover.

I'll try and get a shot.

- YAZ: What is it?

- DOCTOR: Nothing.

Keep moving.

GRAHAM: Hey, what are you doing?

- I said it's nothing!

- No, let us see!

That looks like Russian.


It's a Siberian underground station.

This is Earth.

No, no, no.

It can't be Earth.

This is nothing like Earth.


- DOCTOR: Hide.


- GRAHAM: Come on!

- KANE: Get down.

I've got a shot.

- DOCTOR: There's too many of them!

You don't have enough ammunition!

- We have to run for it.

- Vilma can't run.


Yaz, promise me you'll run.

You can't hide by yourself.


Stay alive.


- Vilma!

- Hey!


- Over here!

Which one of you hurt my Benni?!


Don't tell me that's another hopper virus.


And this time I'll put it somewhere the Doctor won't be able to isolate You said you were with me!

You can't blow this place up!

I've spent my whole life wondering about her, and she's never thought once about me!

I will shoot you.

Go on, then.


There was a smaller bomb in the bar, too.

I wasn't going to use it when anyone was here!


But it just blew up the mainframe.

KANE: This is a nest.

Watch out for dormant Dregs.

They sleep standing up.

The stairs are the other side.

We need to go through.


We should have been able to help her.

She died, bless her, so we can get out of here.

Come on.

- Tell us what you know.


How can this be possible?

How did the Dregs get here?

When did the planet get invaded?

COMPUTER: Oxygen supply level 1%.

You must find breathable air immediately.

Oxygen supply level 1%.

Immediate action required.

Refill oxygen canister.

Find breathable air.

Failure to do so will result in threat to life.

NEVI: These stairs should take us back to Tranquillity.

GRAHAM: Wait, where's the Doc?

Oxygen supply level 1%.

You must find breathable air immediately.

Oxygen supply level 1%.

- Immediate action is required.

- Oh, do shut up.

- Refill oxygen canister.


Find breathable air.

Failure to do so will result in threat to life.




Oxygen supply refilling.

Oxygen supply refilling.

Well, aren't you full of surprises?

I need to understand one more thing now.

Checking what's in here.


That's what I was afraid of.



KANE: Doctor!


Over here!

It's so strong without oxygen because it doesn't need it.

It breathes carbon dioxide in and oxygen out, like a really angry tree!

Thank you, but you should not have come back for me.

I didn't.

But I can buy you some time.


You owe her!

I owe you all.

For starting this.

Tell her I'm sorry.

She deserved better.




This is an emergency announcement GRAHAM: Whoa, what happened in here?

YAZ: I'm guessing Bella.

NEVI: If they think I'm clearing all this up [SHE GASPS FOR BREATH]

This is an emergency announcement.

Come on.

We need to close this up.

Secure the room.

Come on, give us a hand.

One, two, three!


NEVI: We need to block this off.

The vending machine!

Come on.

- NEVI: Good idea.

- SYLAS: Quick!


GRAHAM: Drop it, drop it!

Come on, that's it.


- Let's go, let's go!

- Hey!


- Ryan!

Bella, Sylas, Nevi, to the command centre now.

We'll hold this off for as long as we can, somehow.


"Made in China.

" Hey, how did this get here?

It never left.

Orphan 55, it's Earth.

Your future.


If this is Earth, then what are the Dregs?

They're us.



The few that didn't die.

- Oh, no, they can't be.

- How did Earth end up like this?

You had warnings from every scientist alive.

- Global warming.

- Huh?

The food chain collapses.

Mass migration.

And war.


I can't hold this much longer.

We need to get out of here.

When I say run run.





DOCTOR: Nevi, secure that door!

I'm trying!

The autolocks are playing up.


Wait, where's Kane?

She didn't make it back.

SYLAS: Dad, you're doing it wrong.

It needs a passkey to close it from the inside.

Not now, Sylas, OK?

I'm trying to concentrate.

You never listen to me!

Do it yourself, then!

Doctor, look!

Outside the dome.

DOCTOR: Dregs responding to the call.

They're massing for an attack.

And the ionic membrane's down, so they can all get in.

We need to evacuate.

We are on phantom power and the teleport is dead, but it still knows where each one of us came from.

Nevi, you need to fix the teleport.

No way, no, I'm You're the only one who knows how to fix that thing.

And if it doesn't work, we're all going to be stuck on this planet.

The bounce capacitor is completely blown and the only fuel we've got left is syrillium 3, which isn't enough to get us off-planet.

For that we need syrillium 4.

Which is what Syrillium 3 mutates into when it's attacked by the hopper virus.

- Good luck with that, Dad!

- COMPUTER: Autolocking linen cupboard.



NEVI: Open the door!

Sylas is out there!

I can't get the autolocks open!

- Where is he?!

- DOCTOR: He's not in the corridor.

- He must have run.

- We're all going to die here.

Not if I've got anything to do with it.

I know how we can survive this.

We have one advantage over them.


We love it.

The Dregs hate it.

This whole dome is air-conditioned.

If I can up the oxygen levels, the Dregs will be weakened and we'll get out of here.

Now, Nevi, get on it.

Yaz, Ryan, the Dregs are going to attack the one place where the dome wall meets the hotel.

The steam room.

Keep them at bay and buy us as much time as you can.

Graham, you're with Nevi.

Bella, we're going to find Sylas.

I'll try and boost the oxygen levels.

BELLA: Why should I take orders from you?

You caused this mess.

And now you're going to help fix it.

Everyone regroup at the teleport.

Now, I'm going to blitz these autolocks.


While I do this - Yeah?

you open the drive core and isolate the syrillium 3.

Are you having a laugh, mate?

I'm I'm a bus driver.

YAZ: We need to find something to barricade the breach in the wall, stop the Dregs getting in!

- RYAN: Sun loungers?

- YAZ: Yep, sun loungers!

Last line of defence!

Sylas must be here somewhere.




Found him!

One small problem You've got a plan, right?

Oh, it's brewing.

At least three-eighths of a plan right here.


I'll be honest, all I've got is the letter P, but sometimes that's all I need.



- Hey, that's our oxygen supply!

- It's our only weapon!


Got a plan.

Sylas, stay there.

I'll distract it.

You grab Sylas and I'll meet you at the teleport.



Over here!

Yeah, I see you, Dreg leader, the alpha dog of the apex predators.


Get to the teleport.

It's OK.


You call and your species responds.

But we need to isolate you, and that CO2 has just shown me how.

Right, change of plan.

We need to keep it busy.


This way, Wheezy!

Follow us!

I can't do this!

Where's my boy?

He'd know what to do.

SYLAS: Whoa, that's a mess.

Graham, move over for a real mechanic.

Gentlemen, let's make some syrillium 4.

There's too many of them!

There's nothing we can do!

I've got an idea.

Follow me!


- DOCTOR: Get in the cage!

- BELLA: What are you doing?

Isolating Wheezy.

It's the Dreg leader.

BELLA: Then why are we in the cage?

Playing a hunch.


First we weakened it with oxygen.

Now we deny it the carbon dioxide it needs to breathe.

I know you can hear me.

I've been in your head.


- This room is sealed.

You need carbon dioxide to convert into oxygen so you can breathe.

We need oxygen to make carbon dioxide.

Right now we've got a perfect ecosystem.

Kill us, and you die too.


This was a trap and you walked into it, Wheezy.

- Step back.


And let us out of that door.

It's the only way you're going to live.


The people who used to have this planet could have changed, but they didn't, so they lost everything.

Be smarter than what made you.


Step away.

Good Dreg.

Smart Dreg.



The second you open that door, it's going to kill us.

I'm not going to open the door until it's in the cage.

I'm hoping it understands that.




Run, run, run, run, run!


YAZ: You let Bella set this bomb?

RYAN: She had a lot of bombs and a gun.

I wasn't going to argue.

- Bella's got some serious issues.

- Yeah, lucky for us.


YAZ: This way.

Add one hopper virus, leave to simmer, and we'll have our syrillium 4.

- Well, hopefully.

- Oh, Sylas!

Well played, boys.

COMPUTER: Please wait.

Teleport operations rebooting.


Did you both forget to mention the massive bomb?!

It's going to take about a minute to get to full power.

Nevi, we don't have a minute.

Teleport occupancy exceeded.

There's too many people to transport.


Teleport occupancy exceeded.

- Get out of here.

- No, Bella, come back here!

This teleport is now fully operational.

Nevi, I've set the system.

You and Sylas can go.

Sylas, you've been brilliant.

Bye, Doctor.


- Bella!

- YAZ: Her weapon failed on her!

Get away from her!


Got this.


O'Brien, party of four.

Return teleport profile located.


We made it.

She She'll be OK.

She'll be fine.

She's with Kane.

How are they going to be OK?

No oxygen, no help.

When did you know that it was Earth?

Just before you did.

Look, I know what you're thinking.

But it's one possible future.

It's one timeline.

You want me to tell you that Earth's going to be OK?

Cos I can't.

In your time, humanity is busy arguing over the washing-up while the house burns down.

Unless people face facts and change, catastrophe is coming.

But it's not decided.

You know that.

The future is not fixed.

It depends on billions of decisions, and actions, and people stepping up.


I think you forget how powerful you are.

Lives change worlds.

People can save planets, or wreck them.

That's the choice.

Be the best of humanity.