02x06 - The Age of Steel

Recap of 205 "Rise of the Cybermen".



The Doctor points the power cell at the Cybermen, which expells a shoot of golden light which bounds off one of them and onto the others, they are all disintegrated.

RICKY: What the hell was that?

THE DOCTOR: We'll have that instead, run!

And they run. Mrs Moore drives onto the scene in the blue van, hooting her horn.

MRS MOORE: Everybody in!

Pete tries to run back to the house. The Doctor grabs him and tries to restrain him.

PETE: I've gotta go back, my wife's in there.

THE DOCTOR: Anyone inside that house is dead. If you wanna help, then don't let her die for nothing. You've gotta come with us right now.

Pete understands, and hurries back to the van.

MRS MOORE: Come on, get a move on!

Rose is still staring at the house. The Doctor goes to her.

THE DOCTOR (with a quiet urgency): Rose, she's not your mother.

ROSE: I know.

THE DOCTOR: Come on.

He pushes her in the direction of the van. They get in the back.

MRS MOORE: Finished chatting?! Never seen a slower getaway in my life!

They drive off. The Cybermen march ominously forwards.


A door in the basement of the Tyler's house creaks open a crack. Jackie peeks out with wide eyes. A Cyberman is walking away from her, its back turned. Very suddenly another steps out of a doorway about halfway along the corridor. Jackie gasps and hastily withdraws - but too late, it has seen her.


The van is driving along at a steady speed now, relatively calm. Ricky, who is sitting in the front, glares through the grilling at the power cell, which the Doctor is still holding in his hand.

RICKY: What was that thing?

THE DOCTOR: Little bit of technology from my home.

MICKEY: It's stopped glowing. Has it run out?

THE DOCTOR (putting it in his pocket): It's on a revitalising loop. It'll charge back up in about four hours.

RICKY: Right. So, we don't have a weapon anymore.

JAKE: Yeah, we've got weapons. Might not be one of those metal things, but they're good enough for men like him.

He's looking at Pete.

ROSE (voice rising shrilly): Leave him alone! What's he done wrong?

JAKE: Oh, you know, just laid a trap that's wiped out the Government. And left Lumic in charge.

PETE: If I was part of all that, do you think I'd leave my wife inside?

RICKY: Maybe your plan went wrong. Still gives us the right to execute you, though.

THE DOCTOR: Talk about executions, you'll make me your enemy. And take some really good advice, you don't wanna do that.

RICKY: All the same... we have evidence that says Pete Tyler's been working for Lumic since 20.5.

Rose stares at Pete, taken aback.

ROSE: Is that true?

Pete looks uncomfortable.

RICKY: Tell 'em, Mrs M.

MRS MOORE: We've got a government mole who feeds us information. Lumic's private files, his South American operations... the lot. Secret broadcasts twice a week.

PETE: Broadcast from Gemini?

RICKY: And how do you know that?

PETE: I'm Gemini. That's me.

RICKY: Yeah, well you would say that.

PETE: Encrypted wavelength six-five-seven using binary nine.

Ricky and Jake glance at one another.

PETE (CONT'D): That's the only reason I was working for Lumic. To get information. I thought I was broadcasting to the Security Services, and what do I get? Scooby Doo and his gang. They've even got the van!

MICKEY (confused): No, no, no! But the Preachers know what they're doing. Ricky said he's London's Most Wanted!

RICKY: Yeah, that's not exactly...

MICKEY: Not exactly what?

RICKY (sheepishly): I'm London's Most Wanted for... parking tickets.

The Doctor smiles. Rose raises her eyebrows.

PETE: Great.

RICKY (defensively): They were deliberate! I was fighting the system! Park anywhere, that's me.

THE DOCTOR (liking this): Good policy. I do much the same. I'm the Doctor, by the way, if anyone's interested...

ROSE: And I'm Rose. Hello!

PETE: Even better. That's the name of my dog. Still, at least I've got the catering staff on my side.

Rose looks at him.

ROSE (quietly): I knew you weren't a traitor.

PETE: Why's that, then?

Rose glances at the Doctor, who is watching her.

ROSE: I just did.

PETE: They took my wife.

ROSE: She might still be alive.

PETE: That's even worse. 'Cos that's what Lumic does. He takes the living... and he turns them into those machines.

THE DOCTOR: Cybermen. (All eyes on him). They're called Cybermen. And I'd take those ear-pods off, if I were you.

Pete obliges and gives them to the Doctor.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): You never know... Lumic could be listening.

He disables them with his sonic screwdriver.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): But he's overreached himself. He's still just a businessman. He's assassinated the President. All we need to do is get to the City and inform the authorities. Because I promise you, this ends tonight.


Camera focuses on a Cyberman's head. There are several of them in Lumic's office, talking to him.

LUMIC: My everlasting children... tell me... how does it feel?

CYBERMAN: We feel nothing.

LUMIC: But in your mind? What do you think?

CYBERMAN: We think the same. We are uniform.

LUMIC: But you think of... what?

CYBERMAN: We think of the humans. We think of their difference and their pain. They suffer in the skin, they must be upgraded.

LUMIC: Excellent. Then let's begin! Computer, identify John Lumic.

COMPUTER: Voice print acknowledged.

LUMIC: Activate ear-pod primary sequence.

COMPUTER: Please state area of activation.

LUMIC: The City of London. I've just declared Independence. Begin transmission!


On a typical London street, people are going about their usual evening business. An alarm sounds and they all come to a halt, frozen in their tracks. The ear-pods flash.


The door creaks open in the basement. Jackie stands there, her ear-pods also flashing.


As one, the people on the street all turn and walk in the same direction.


Jackie marches up the stairs from the basement.


LUMIC: You will come to me. My dear children. The Immortal Ones.


REPORTER (on TV, chaotic): All of London has been sealed off. There are reports of an army, an army of metal men. All citizens should remove their ear-pods. Repeat: remove all ear-pods. London has been placed under martial law. If you're hearing this, stay in your homes. I repeat: stay in your homes.


Mr Crane winces and clutches his ears. With some effort, he rips them from his ears.

MR CRANE: Oh no you don't.


The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Pete and the Preachers are walking along the street where all the people are marching towards the same destination. They watch them, bemused.

JAKE: What the hell...?

ROSE: What's going on?

THE DOCTOR: It's the ear-pods. Lumic's taking control.

ROSE: Can't we just... I dunno, take them off?

She reaches up to one man to take his ear-pods out, but the Doctor stops her.

THE DOCTOR (warningly): Don't! Cause a brainstorm. Human Race, for such an intelligent lot, you aren't half susceptible. Give anyone a chance to take control and you submit. Sometimes I think you like it. Easy life.

JAKE: Hey.

Jake and Ricky are peering around the corner, crouching.

JAKE: Come and see.

The Doctor, Rose, Mickey and Pete join them in looking around the corner. A row of Cybermen march alongside the people under the control of the ear-pods, still heading in the same direction.

ROSE: Where are they all going?

THE DOCTOR: I don't know. Lumic must have a base of operation.

PETE: Battersea. That's where he was building his prototypes.

ROSE: Why's he doing it?

PETE: He's dying. This all started out as a way of life by keeping the brain alive. At any cost.

ROSE (to the Doctor): The thing is, I've seen Cybermen before, haven't I? That head, those handle shapes in Van Statten's museum.

THE DOCTOR: Ah, there are Cybermen in our universe. They started on an ordinary world just like this, then swarmed across the galaxy. This lot are a parallel version, and they're starting from scratch right here on earth.

PETE: What the hell are you two on about?

RICKY: Never mind that. Come on, we need to get out of the City.

The Cybermen are fast-approaching down the street.

RICKY: Okay, split up, Mrs Moore, you look after that bloke. Jake, distract them, go right, I'll go left, we'll meet back at Bridge Street. Move.

He runs off in one direction, Jake in the other. Mickey turns to Rose.

MICKEY: I'm going with him.

He kisses Rose briefly and follows Ricky.

MRS MOORE: Come on, let's go.

They run. The Cybermen march towards them.


They run down a side alley, with some Cybermen in pursuit.


Ricky and Mickey come to a fork in the road and halt, out of breath and talking over each other.

MICKEY: Which way? I don't know where we are.

RICKY: Did they see us?

MICKEY: Do they know where we are?

RICKY: I think they saw us. I bet they can see in the dark...

MICKEY: I bet they got satellites...

RICKY: I bet they saw us in the dark...

MICKEY / RICKY: They know where we are.

They look at each other.

RICKY: I don't get it. What is it with you? You are exactly like me.

MICKEY: I dunno. I reckon you're braver.

RICKY: Oh yeah. Ten times. Still, your friends aren't bad. I'll give you that.

MICKEY: Oh, that's the Doctor and Rose. I just tag along behind.

RICKY: Well, then you're not that bad.

MICKEY: D'you think?

RICKY: Yeah, I suppose.

They hear the sound of marching feet behind them and spin around. The Cybermen are approaching.

MICKEY: Cybermen.

MICKEY / RICKY: Split up!

They dash off in opposite directions.


The Cybermen march down the street whilst the Doctor, Rose, Pete and Mrs Moore crouch hidden behind a pile of rubbish and dustbins. Rose clutches onto Pete's hand. The Cybermen stop as if they want to investigate the rubbish further, but the Doctor points his sonic screwdriver in their direction. It bleeps and they go on their way. Rose stands and lets go of Pete's hand. They glance at one other, he's clearly slightly bewildered by the way she's behaving towards him. They all stand warily and watch the Cybermen march off into the distance.

THE DOCTOR (whispers): Go.

They creep out from behind the dustbins and run in the opposite direction.


The people under the control of Lumic file out of the back of a lorry, including Jackie.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE: Chamber twelve now closed for sterlisation. All reject stock will be incinerated.


Ricky is running as fast as he can, but the Cybermen are hot on his tail. He is forced to change direction when he is met by another group of them. He runs down a side alley and finds his way blocked by a metal fence, which he rattles on, but the gate is locked. Mickey appears on the other side.

MICKEY: Come on!

Ricky is forced to start climbing the fence.

MICKEY (CONT'D) (growing urgency): Come on! Come on!

But it's too late: one of the Cybermen is close enough to reach out and grab hold of Ricky's foot, and he is electrocuted. He shouts out.


Ricky falls backwards off the fence and lands in a heap on the ground. He is dead. There is a silence in Mickey, dismayed, looks from the body to the Cybermen, who are just standing there on the other side of the fence, watching him. He sniffs, stumbles backwards, and runs.


The Cybermen march Mr Crane to stand before Lumic.

CYBERMAN: This one is unprogrammed.

LUMIC: Mr Crane. I thought you were one of the faithful.

MR CRANE: Oh, that I am, sir. My ear-pod must've malfunctioned. For which I apologise.

Lumic squints at him suspiciously.

MR CRANE (CONT'D): If I er... might...?

Lumic nods his ascent, and Mr Crane takes a few steps closer to Lumic's wheelchair.

MR CRANE (CONT'D): I'd like to request an upgrade, sir. I've seen the future, and it's copyright Cybus Industries. Sign me up.

LUMIC: A willing volunteer.

MR CRANE: You've known me a long time, sir. Quite a team, you and me.

Lumic gives a smile that looks more like a grimace.

MR CRANE (CONT'D): I've been with you all the way. But believe me, sir, knowing you so well... I know exactly what to do.

He suddenly lunches forward and rips the breathing apparatus away from Lumic, ignoring his yells and protests. He smashes the life-support system built into the chair and it explodes.

LUMIC (desperately): Help me!

One of the Cybermen comes to his aid, sending Mr Crane flying across the room with one swipe of its arm.

MR CRANE: Die, you!

The Cybermen grabs hold of his neck and kills him.

LUMIC: Help me!

CYBERMAN: You are in pain. We can remove pain forever.

LUMIC (difficulty breathing): No! Not yet! I'm not ready.

CYBERMAN: We will give you immortality.

LUMIC: I've told you. I will upgrade. Only with my last breath!

The Cyberman stomps round to the back of Lumic's wheelchair.

CYBERMAN: Then breathe no more.

The Cyberman hits the logo on its chest and then they wheel Lumic out, ignoring his shouts.

LUMIC: No! No! I command you, no!


Jake runs back to where the Doctor, Rose and Pete are waiting.

JAKE: I ran past the river. You should've seen it, the whole City's on the watch. Hundreds of Cybermen all down the Thames.

Mickey runs down the street towards them, alone. Jake turns and his face lights up.

JAKE (CONT'D): Here he is!

Mickey does not reply. He comes to a halt. Jake furrows his brow.

JAKE (CONT'D): Which one are you?

The fact that something is wrong is written all over Mickey's face.

MICKEY: I'm sorry. The Cybermen. He couldn't...

JAKE: Are you Ricky? ARE YOU RICKY?

ROSE: Mickey, that's you, isn't it?


Rose runs to him and throws her arms around him. Jake is silent.

MICKEY (CONT'D) (to Jake): He tried. He was running...

Jake turns away.

MICKEY (CONT'D) (going after him): There was too many of them.

JAKE: Shut it.

His face contorts with pain.

MICKEY: There was nothing I could do.

JAKE (spinning around): I said just shut it. Don't even talk about him. You're nothing, you are.

Mickey's eyes are red and shining with tears. As are Jake's.

JAKE (CONT'D): Nothing.

THE DOCTOR (calmly): We can mourn him when London is safe. But now, we move on.

The group nod miserably.


They walk up a slope which overlooks the river - Battersea is on the opposite bank.

THE DOCTOR: The whole of London's been sealed off, and the entire population's been taken inside that place. To be "converted".

ROSE: We've gotta get in there and shut it down.

MICKEY: How do we do that?

THE DOCTOR: Oh, I'll think of something.

MICKEY (indignantly): You're just making this up as you go along!

THE DOCTOR: Yuuuup. But I do it brilliantly.

Rose smirks. Mickey has to agree.


Mrs Moore has her laptop out, and has a 3D model on the screen.

MRS MOORE: That's a schematic of the old factory. Look, cooling tunnels... underneath the plant... big enough to walk through.

Everyone is crowded around the laptop on a bench, except Jake, who stands some distance away, not really listening.

THE DOCTOR (indicating): We go under there and up into the control centre?


PETE: There's another way in. (Everyone looks at him). Through the front door. If they've taken Jackie for upgrading, that's how she'll get in...

JAKE (finally going over to them): We can't just go strolling up.

MRS MOORE: Or, we could... with these...

She takes some ear-pods from her bag. The Doctor takes one.

MRS MOORE: Fake ear-pods. Dead. No signal. But put them on, the Cybermen would mistake you for one of the crowd.

PETE: Then that's my job.

THE DOCTOR: You'd have to show no emotion. None at all. Any sign of emotion would give you away.

ROSE (to Mrs Moore): How many of those have you got?

MRS MOORE: Just two sets.

ROSE: Okay. If that's the best way of finding Jackie... I'm coming with you.

She gets up and stands next to Pete.

PETE: Why does she matter to you?

ROSE: We haven't got time. Doctor, I'm going with him, and that's that.

THE DOCTOR (staring at her): No stopping you, is there?

ROSE: Nope.

THE DOCTOR (chucking her the ear-pods): Tell you what... we can take the ear-pods at the same time. Give people their minds back. So they don't walk into that place like sheep. Jakey-boy?

The Doctor leads Jake further up the hill for a better look at Battersea and the zeppelin stationed above it.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Lumic's transmitting the control signal, and it must be from over there...

He points the sonic screwdriver in that general direction. It bleeps.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): There it is... on the zeppelin, see? Great big transmitter. Good thing Lumic likes showing off. Reckon you could take it out?

JAKE (smiling, pleased): Consider it done.

The Doctor pats him on the shoulder and goes back to the others.

THE DOCTOR: Mrs Moore... would you care to accompany me into the cooling tunnels?

MRS MOORE: How could I refuse an offer of cooling tunnels?

THE DOCTOR (taking his glasses off): We attack on three sides, above, between - below. We get to the control centre, we stop the conversion machines.

MICKEY: What about me?

He's standing slightly apart from the group, forgotten. Again. Everyone looks over at him like they've only just remembered he's there.

THE DOCTOR (wrong-footed): Mickey! You can... ahm...

MICKEY: What, stay out of trouble? Be the tin dog? No, those days are over. I'm going with Jake.

JAKE: I don't need you, idiot.

MICKEY (bursts out of him, angrily): I'm not an idiot! You got that?! (Calm again). I'm offering to help.

JAKE: Whatever.

He walks off. Mickey follows him. The Doctor watches closely.


Mickey turns back.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Good luck.

MICKEY: Yeah. You too. Rose, I'll see you later.

ROSE: Yeah, you better.

THE DOCTOR: If we survive this, I'll see you back at the TARDIS.

He smiles at Mickey, eyes intense. Mickey nods.

MICKEY: That's a promise.

He walks away again with a smile on his face, confidence restored. He glances over his shoulder in time to see the Doctor envelope Rose in a tight hug. She grins up at him.

THE DOCTOR: Good luck.

Rose nods. Mickey turns away, no longer smiling.


A trap door opens into the cooling tunnels. Mrs Moore descends a ladder, followed by the Doctor.

MRS MOORE: It's freezing here.

THE DOCTOR: Any sign of a light switch?

MRS MOORE (laughs): Can't see a thing. But I've got these...

She rummages through her bag and hands the Doctor a light that can be tied round his head.

MRS MOORE (CONT'D): A device for every occasion...


MRS MOORE: Put it on.

She finds one for herself. They put them on.

THE DOCTOR: Haven't got a hotdog in there, have you? I'm starving.

Mrs Moore laughs.

MRS MOORE: Of all the things to wish for! That's mechanically recovered meat!

THE DOCTOR: I know. It's the Cyberman of food, but it's tasty.

MRS MOORE (handing him a torch): A proper torch as well.

THE DOCTOR: Let's see where we are.

He switches the torch on and takes a few steps forward. The first thing the light falls on is a Cyberman. There are hundreds of them lining the cooling tunnels, but they are lifeless.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Already converted, just paralysed. Come on!

He walks forward, ready to start the journey down the cooling tunnels. After a moments hesitation, Mrs Moore follows. The Doctor pauses and raps one on the nose (or where the nose should be) which elicits no response.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Let's go slowly. Keep an eye out for trip systems.

They edge slowly and warily down the tunnel, past lifeless Cyberman after lifeless Cyberman.


A huge truck drives away from the power station. A row of Cybermen march in the opposite direction. The whole place is very busy.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE: Chamber six now open for human upgrading.

Rose and Pete dart along the side of the building, trying to remain unseen.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE (CONT'D): Chamber seven now open for human upgrading.

A row of brain-dead people march alongside the Cybermen. Pete and Rose are crouched out of sight.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE (CONT'D): Chamber eight now open for human upgrading.

PETE (referring to the ear-pods): Just put them on. Don't show any emotion. No signs, nothing. Okay?

ROSE: Don't worry. We can do it.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE: Chamber seven now open for human upgrading.

They put their ear-pods in place.

PETE: We could die in here. Why are you doing this?

ROSE: Let's just say I'm doing it for my mum and dad. Right, let's go.

They come out of their hiding place.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE: Chamber eight now open for human upgrading.

Pete gives Rose's hand a squeeze before they join the line of people filing into the building for upgrading.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE (CONT'D): Chamer nine now open for human upgrading. chamber ten now open for human upgrading. Chamber eleven now open for human upgrading.

Rose and Pete file after the other humans, in line, not a flicker of emotion on their faces.


Jake has climbed a ladder to the roof of the building, over which the zeppelin is parked. He smiles. Mickey follows him. Jake creeps stealthily behind a wall to avoid being noticed by the guards standing beneath the zeppelin, and beckons to Mickey who follows.

JAKE: Two guards. We can take them.

MICKEY: Don't kill them.

JAKE: Who put you in charge?

MICKEY: If you kill them, what's the difference between you and a Cyberman?

Jake pauses.

JAKE: Well, I suppose we could use these.

He hands Mickey a small corked bottle.

MICKEY: Smelling salts?

JAKE: Bit stronger than that. One of Mrs Moore's little tricks. Should knock them out. Three, two, one...

They run out from behind the wall and creep up behind the guards. They grab them from behind and shove the 'smelling salts' under their noses. They're unconscious in seconds.

MICKEY: There's gotta be more guards on board.

JAKE: Then let's go get them.

They start up the ladder to the zeppelin.


The Doctor and Mrs Moore are still making their way stealthily along the tunnel.

THE DOCTOR: How did you get into this, then? Rattling along with the Preachers?

MRS MOORE: Oh, I used to be ordinary. Worked at Cybus Industries. '95. 'Til one day, I find something I'm not supposed to. A file on the mainframe. All I did was read it. Then suddenly, I've got men with guns knocking in the middle of the night. Life on the run. Then I found the Preachers. They needed a techy, so I... I just sat down and taught myself everything.

THE DOCTOR: What about Mr Moore?

MRS MOORE: Well, he's not called Moore. I got that from a book, Mrs Moore. It's safer not to use real names. But he thinks I'm dead. It was the only way to keep him safe. Him and the kids. What about you? Got any family, or...?

THE DOCTOR: Oh, who needs family? I've got the whole world on my shoulders. Go on then, what's your real name?

MRS MOORE: Angela Price.

The Doctor nods, smiling.

MRS MOORE (CONT'D): Don't tell a soul.

THE DOCTOR: Not a word.

Behind them, a red button behind a Cyberman lights up and starts bleeping quietly The Cyberman slowly turns its head.


An alarm goes off on a computer. A Cyberman strides over to it.

CYBERMAN 1: Movement in Deepcold Six.

CYBERMAN 2: Awaken the army.


A Cyberman's hand twitches slightly.

MRS MOORE (scared): Doctor? Did that one just move?

THE DOCTOR: It's just the torchlight. Keep going, come on.

Another one, just in front of them, definitely turns.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): They're waking up... Run!

They run down the cooling tunnel as fast as they can. As they go, the Cybermen spring to life, one after another. They begin to march forwards just as they reach the ladder at the end of the tunnel. They scramble to get up it.

MRS MOORE: Get up! Quick! They're coming!

The Doctor attempts to open the seal with his sonic screwdriver.

MRS MOORE: Open it! Open it!

The Doctor succeeds and tosses the door aside.


They climb up the ladder as fast as they can.

MRS MOORE (CONT'D): Quick! Quick!

THE DOCTOR: Come on! Come on!

They climb out of the trapdoor, the Cybermen are following, but they manage to slam the door closed just in time. The Doctor seals it with his sonic screwdriver.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Oh, good team, Mrs Moore!

Mrs Moore nods.


Rose and Pete now file along inside the factory.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE: Units upgrading now five-thousand-five-hundred. Repeat: six-thousand-five-hundred and rising.

They walk along, emotionless, along with hordes of others. A Cybermen steps out in front of Rose and stops her going any further.

CYBERMAN: You will wait.

It moves on.

PETE: Are you okay?

ROSE (frightened): No.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE: Chamber Six now open for human upgrading.

The people file forwards, ready to be upgraded. Flames align themselves above incinerators.

CYBERMAN'S VOICE (CONT'D): All reject stock will be incinerated.

A walks into a cell, the doors closing on her. The blades swoop down on her, converting her... a Cyberman's head is lowered down. The camera pulls out and there are hundreds of conversion machines all working simultaneously.

PETE: Any sign of Jackie?

A Cyberman turns as though at the sound of his voice. Pete freezes. The Cyberman considers him and stomps over to him.

CYBERMAN: You are Peter Tyler. Confirm: you are Peter Tyler.

PETE (uncertainly): Confirmed.

CYBERMAN: I recognise you. I went first. My name was Jacqueline Tyler.

ROSE (before she can stop herself): No!

PETE: What?!

CYBERMAN: They are unprogrammed. Restrain.

PETE (desperately): You're lying. You're not her! You're not my Jackie!

Several Cybermen step forwards, ready to restrain him and Rose. Pete lunges forwards to the Cyberman who was Jackie.

CYBERMAN: No. I am Cyber-form. Once I was Jacqueline Tyler.

ROSE (horrified): But you Ccan't be... not her...!

CYBERMAN: Her brain is inside this body.

PETE: Jacks, I came to save you.

CYBERMAN: This man worked with Cybus Industries to create our species. He will be rewarded by force. Take them to Cyber Control.

The Jackie-Cyberman stomps away. Rose and Pete are grabbed from behind and marched away.

ROSE: They killed her... they just took her and killed her!

PETE: Maybe there's a chance, I dunno. Maybe we can reverse it.

ROSE: There's nothing we can do.

PETE: But if... if she remembers...

They turn and strain to see Jackie - there are hordes and hordes of Cybermen, and they all look identical.

PETE (CONT'D): Where is she? Which one was it? Which one was her?

ROSE: They all look the same!

They are shoved roughly forwards again.


Having successfully drugged another guard, Mickey and Jake enter the control room of the zeppelin.

JAKE ;: Nice one. (Seeing the room deserted). Nobody's home. Find the transmitter controls.

MICKEY: What do they look like?

JAKE: Well, I don't know, they might have "TRANSMITTER CONTROLS" written in big red letters, just look!

They both look around the control room. Mickey turns and jumps to see a Cyberman standing in a dark alcove.

JAKE (CONT'D): Cyberman!

He points his gun at it. But it doesn't move. Confused, Jake moves closer and turns a light switch, illuminating the alcove. Mickey also takes a few steps closer to examine it. It becomes apparent that it is lifeless.

MICKEY: It's dead. I don't think it was ever alive.

He taps it on the head. It sounds hollow.

MICKEY (CONT'D): It's empty. No brain. It's just a robot suit. It's for display.

JAKE: Okay. Transmitter.

They head off in different directions to search for the transmitter. The camera closes in on the lifeless Cyberman.


The Doctor and Mrs Moore edge along a dark, metal corridor. Suddenly, a Cyberman steps out in front of them. They both jump.

CYBERMAN: You are not upgraded.

MRS MOORE: Yeah? Well, upgrade this.

She throws a small metal device at the Cyberman - it sticks to its chest. It sparks and causes the Cyberman to be electrocuted. It shakes and jerks, and then slumps to the floor. The Doctor looks delighted.

THE DOCTOR: What the hell was that thing?!

They approach the body.

MRS MOORE: Electromagnetic bomb. Takes out computers, I figured it might stop the cyber-suit.

THE DOCTOR: You figured right. Now, let's have a look...

He takes out his sonic screwdriver, bends down and holds it to the Cybus logo on its chest.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Now... know your enemy... and the logo on the front... Lumic's turned them into a brand.

He takes the logo off so that they can see inside the Cyberman.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (showing Mrs Moore): Heart of steel... but look...

He puts his fingers inside the Cyberman, and draws out some bodily tissues.

MRS MOORE: Is that flesh?

THE DOCTOR: Hmmm... central nervous system. Artificially grown then threaded throughout the suit so it responds like a living thing. Well, it is a living thing. Oh, but look...

He carefully fingers an electronic chip.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Emotional inhibitor. Stops them feeling anything.

MRS MOORE: But... why?

THE DOCTOR: It's still got a human brain... imagine its reaction if it could see itself. Realise itself inside this thing. They'd go insane...

MRS MOORE: So they cut out the one thing that makes them human.

THE DOCTOR: Because they have to.

CYBERMAN: Why am I cold?

MRS MOORE: Oh, my God. It's alive. It can feel.

THE DOCTOR: We broke the inhibitor. (Leans over the Cyberman, touches its head. Sincerely...): I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

CYBERMAN: Why so cold?

THE DOCTOR: Can you remember your name?

CYBERMAN: Sally. Sally Phelan.

MRS MOORE: You're a woman...

CYBERMAN: Where's Gareth?

MRS MOORE: Who's Gareth?

CYBERMAN: He can't see me. It's unlucky the night before.

MRS MOORE: You're getting married.

CYBERMAN: I'm cold. I'm so cold.

THE DOCTOR (quietly): Sorry. You sleep now, Sally. Just go to sleep.

He points the sonic screwdriver just inside the suit. The blue light inside goes out.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Sally Phelan didn't die for nothing. (It dawns on him). 'Cos that's the key. The emotional inhibitor, if we could find the code behind it, the cancellation code, then feed it throughout the system into every Cyberman's head...

Mrs Moore nods.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): They'd realise what they are...

MRS MOORE: And what happens then?

THE DOCTOR: I think it would kill them. (Brow furrows). Could we do that?

MRS MOORE: We've got to. Before they kill everyone else.

The Doctor looks as though he is finding this decision hard.

MRS MOORE (CONT'D): There's no choice, Doctor. It's got to be done.

She stands. The Doctor is still staring at Sally's body. Neither of them notice that a Cyberman is standing right behind Mrs Moore. It grabs her by the neck and kills her. The Doctor stands in horror.

THE DOCTOR (furious): No! No! You didn't have to kill her!

CYBERMAN: Sensors detect a binary vascular system. You are an unknown upgrade. You will be taken for analysis.

The Doctor, looking disgusted by them, allows himself to be lead off by two other Cybermen.


Jake goes over to Mickey who is standing by a panel which does indeed have "TRANSMITTER CONTROLS" written on it in large letters.

MICKEY: The transmitter controls are sealed behind here, we need like, an oxyacetylene or something.

JAKE (sarcastically): Oh, no I forgot to bring it with me.

MICKEY: Well, then what do we do?

JAKE: We'll crash the zeppelin.

MICKEY: With us inside it?

JAKE: We could set it to automatic and then just leg it! Let's have a look.

They go over to the controls. Jake taps on the keyboard and shakes his head.

JAKE (CONT'D): It's locked. There's gotta be an override...

MICKEY (shoving Jake out of the way): Let me have a go. I'm good with computers, trust me.

Mickey taps on the keyboard and Jake watches. They are oblivious to tiny red light that has just started flashing and beeping quietly behind the cyber-suit.


The Doctor is marched into the main control room of Battersea. Rose and Pete are both there too, by the computers.

THE DOCTOR: I've been captured, but don't worry, Rose and Pete are still out there, they can rescue me... oh well, never mind. (to Rose): You okay?

ROSE: Yeah. But they got Jackie.

PETE: We were too late. Lumic killed her.

THE DOCTOR (raising his voice, looking around): Then where is he? The famous Mr Lumic? Don't we get the chance to meet our Lord and Master?

CYBERMAN: He has been upgraded.

THE DOCTOR: So he's just like you?

CYBERMAN: He is superior. The Lumic Unit has been designated Cyber Controller.

They all turn as the sliding doors open. Mr Lumic, now as a Cyberman, rolls through them. He is sitting on an elaborate chair, covered with wires and tubes. Pete stands in amazement.

LUMIC: This is The Age of Steel and I am its Creator.


MICKEY: Almost there.

He's still tapping on the computer.

JAKE (approvingly): Not bad work.

The Cyberman behind them flexes its fingers. It raises its arm and steps out of the alcove.

JAKE (CONT'D): It's moving!

They move hurriedly out of the way.

JAKE (CONT'D): You said it was dead!

MICKEY: Yeah. But he's still a steel robot.

Jake points his gun at it. Mickey pushes his hand down.

MICKEY: Wait a minute. Hey, Cyberman, over here.

The Cyberman turns.

MICKEY (CONT'D) (with anticipation): Come on, you brainless lump of metal.

It stomps towards them, and Mickey beckons it forward.

MICKEY (CONT'D): Come and have a go!

The Cyberman raises its fist, ready to strike, Mickey and Jake duck out of the way at the last second, and its fist slams into the transmitter controls. It explodes with blue electricity, destroying both the controls and the Cyberman.


The ear-pods on the people marching into the factory flash and are deactivated. The people wake up'and with horror, realise where they are.

WOMAN: Oh no!

They all shriek and start running in different directions.


MICKEY (jovially): The transmitter's down!

Mickey and Jake hug excitedly.


The people flee out of the power station, screaming and knocking the cybermen out of the way.


The Doctor, Rose and Pete hear the screams clearly from Lumic's control room. The Cybermen look around.

THE DOCTOR: That's my friends at work. Good boys! Mr Lumic, I think that's a vote for free will.

He winks.

LUMIC: I have factories waiting on seven continents. If the ear-pods have failed, then Cybermen will take humanity by force. London has fallen. So shall the world.


MICKEY: Hold on, I've logged on to Cyber Control.

He has managed to hack into a security camera of sorts overlooking Cyber Control, where the Doctor is.

MICKEY (CONT'D) (beaming): They're alive! The Doctor and Rose, there they are!

JAKE: Never mind them, what the hell is that thing?

He points to Lumic.

MICKEY: Shh. Has this thing got sound?

He taps on the keyboard which gives them audio.


LUMIC: I will bring peace to the world. Everlasting peace, and unity, and uniformity.

THE DOCTOR: And imagination? What about that? The one thing that lead you here. Imagination, you're killing it, dead!

LUMIC: What is your name?

THE DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor.

LUMIC: A redundant title. Doctors need not exist. Cybermen never sicken.

THE DOCTOR (stepping forwards in his enthusiasm): Yeah, but that's it! That's exactly the point! (Despairingly). Oh, Lumic, you're a clever man... I'd call you a genius, except I'm in the room. But everything you've invented, you did to fight your sickness. And that's brilliant. That is so human. But once you get rid of sickness and mortality, then what's there to strive for? Eh? The Cybermen won't advance. You'll just stop! You'll stay like this forever. A metal Earth with metal men and metal thoughts. Lacking the one thing that makes this planet so alive. People. Ordinary, stupid, brilliant people.

LUMIC: You are proud of your emotions?

THE DOCTOR: Oh, yes.

LUMIC: Then tell me, Doctor, have you known grief, and rage, and pain?

THE DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, I have.

LUMIC: And they hurt?


LUMIC: I could set you free. Would you not want that? A life without pain?

THE DOCTOR: You might as well kill me.

LUMIC: Then I take that option.

THE DOCTOR: It's not yours to take. You're a cyber controller. You don't control me or anything with blood in its heart.

LUMIC: You have no means of stopping me. I have an army. A species of my own.

The Doctor puts his face in his palm, exasperated.

THE DOCTOR: You just don't get it, do you? An army's nothing. 'Cos those ordinary people, they're the key. (Glances at the security camera). The most ordinary person could change the world.


Mickey nods at this.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Some ordinary man or woman... some idiot...

Mickey's head jerks up. He stares.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): All it takes is for him to find, say, the right numbers... say, the right codes... say, for for example, the code behind the emotional inhibitor. The code right in front of him. 'Cos even an idiot knows how to use computers these days.

Mickey's mouth is open. He's starting to catch on.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Knows how to get past firewalls and passwords... knows how to find something encrypted in the Lumic Family Database, under... what was it, Pete? Binary what?

PETE (loudly): Binary 9.

MICKEY (whispers): Binary 9.

He begins to type. The code starts to appear number by number on the screen.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): An idiot could find that code. The cancellation code. And he'd keep on typing. Keep on fighting. (Looks meaningfully into the camera). Anything to save his friends...


LUMIC: Your words are irrelevant.

THE DOCTOR (grinning): Talk too much, that's my problem. Lucky I got you that cheap tariff, Rose. For all our long chats. On your phone.

Another meaningful glance into the camera. Does the "phone" sign.


MICKEY: The phone...

He takes out his own mobile.


LUMIC: You will be deleted.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, delete, control, hash, all those lovely buttons.


Mickey types the numbers into his phone as a text message.


THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Then of course, my particular favourite, send.


Mickey presses "send".


THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): And let's not forget how you seduced all those ordinary people in the first place.

Rose's phone beeps, indicating that she has just received a message.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): By making every bit of technology compatible with everything else...

He loiters by one particular computer.

ROSE: It's for you.

She chucks him her phone. He catches it.

THE DOCTOR: Like this.

He shoves it into a port. It fits perfectly. All hell breaks loose and the cybermen clutch onto their heads, moaning. The code flashes on every single computer screen.


Mickey and Jake jump up and down in delight.



The Cybermen, all over the factory, fall around and start twitching, crying out and clutching their metal skulls. One of them has caught sight of their reflection in a piece of metal and is whimpering and touching its face and fingering its reflection.

THE DOCTOR: I'm sorry.


Outside, one of the Cybermen falls to its knees and its head explodes.


LUMIC (furiously): What have you done??

THE DOCTOR: I gave them back their souls. They can see what you've done, Lumic! And it's killing them.

The Doctor, Rose and Pete run from the room.

LUMIC: Delete! Delete! Delete!


Small explosions erupt all over the factory, whilst the Doctor, Rose and Pete run for their lives, looking for a way out. They try one door but find the way blocked by wailing Cybermen. The Doctor shuts it again.

THE DOCTOR: There's no way out!


Jake begins to turn the wheel of the zeppelin.

MICKEY :What're you doing?

JAKE: We've gotta get away. If that factory blows up, this balloon's gonna ignite!

MICKEY (angrily): Take it back!

JAKE: Mickey, they've had it!

MICKEY: I said: Take it back!

The zeppelin starts to drift away. Mickey shoves Jake away from the wheel.

MICKEY (CONT'D): We're not leaving them behind.

He turns it the other way. Jake tries to turn it the opposite way again.

MICKEY (CONT'D) (pushing him away): There's no way we're leaving them behind!

He turns the wheel.


The zeppelin is aligned above the roof properly once more. An explosion shakes it.


Mickey thrusts his mobile into Jake's hand.

MICKEY: Hold it!

Jake holds it to Mickey's ear.



Rose has her phone to her ear.

MICKEY: Rose, can you hear me? Head for the roof!

ROSE (to the Doctor and Pete): It's Mickey. He says "head for the roof".

The three of them run up a flight of stairs, trying to avoid the explosions and flames. Lumic roars with fury and pulls the tubes binding him to the chair off himself. He stands, roaring with rage.


Rose has reached the top of the ladder to the roof. She leaps over the wall, followed by the Doctor and Pete. They halt when they see the zeppelin.

ROSE: Mickey, where'd you learn to fly that thing?!


MICKEY: Playstation. Just hold on, Rose. I'm coming to get you.


Rose, the Doctor and Pete bolt forwards, flinching at the random explosions all around them.


JAKE (trying to take the wheel): You can't go any lower...

MICKEY (taking it back): I've got to!

JAKE: You're gonna crush them!

Mickey looks at him, seeing the logic in that.

MICKEY: There's got to be something. There's got to be. (And he sees it). Oh yes.

He rushes over to a lever and pulls it, which opens a hatch and releases a rope ladder down to the roof.


Rose, the Doctor and Pete run to it.

THE DOCTOR: You've got to be kidding. Rose, get up!

Rose starts to climb the ladder.


Mickey pushes a lever.

MICKEY: Hold on tight, we're going up! (Jake grins). Welcome to Mickey's Airlines. Please enjoy your flight. Woo!

He laughs, spinning the wheel.


Rose, the Doctor and Pete are clinging to the rope ladder as the zeppelin rises up and away.

ROSE (exultant): We did it! We did it!

Pete struggles up the ladder. It is suddenly jerked downwards. Rose screams as they nearly fall off. They look down, and Lumic is hanging onto the bottom rungs. He starts to climb up after them. The Doctor takes his sonic screwdriver out of his jacket pocket.

THE DOCTOR (shouting down): Pete! Take this!

He drops it into Pete's outstretched hand.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Use it! Hold the button down! Press it against the rope, just do it!

PETE: Jackie Tyler, this is for her!

He presses the button down and holds the sonic screwdriver against the rope ladder. Lumic is getting closer and closer. For a moment it seems like it isn't going to work, but then the rope finally snaps. Lumic falls down to earth in slow motion.

LUMIC: Nooooooo!

Pete laughs with delight. Lumic falls into the flames below. Pete, Rose and the Doctor begin to struggle up the ladder again as the zeppelin carries them away to safety.


The Doctor goes into the dark TARDIS, carrying the power cell. He puts it in place, and the TARDIS springs to life. The lights come back on and it begins to hum again. A huge grin spreads across the Doctor's face.


Rose and Pete are outside the TARDIS.

PETE (nodding towards it): So, what happens inside that thing, then?

ROSE (quickly): Do you wanna see?

PETE: No, I don't think so. But you two, you know, all that stuff about different worlds... Who are you?

ROSE: It's like you say. Imagine there are different worlds. Parallel worlds. Worlds with another Pete Tyler... Jackie Tyler's still alive... and their daughter...

She says it carefully, looking into his eyes. Realisation dawns on him.

PETE: I've gotta go...

ROSE (stopping him): But if you just look inside...

PETE: No, I can't. There's all those Lumic factories out there. All those Cybermen still in storage. Someone's got to tell the authorities what happened. Carry on the fine...

THE DOCTOR (stepping out of the TARDIS): Rose?

They look around. He jogs over to them.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): I've only got five minutes of power... we've gotta go.

ROSE (to Pete): The Doctor could show ya...

PETE: Thank you. For everything.

Rose has tears in her eyes, now. She's looking at him intensely.

ROSE: Dad.

PETE: Don't. Just... just don't.

He walks away. The Doctor scratches the back of his neck as he always does when he's uncomfortable, and looks at Rose. Mickey and Jake approach, Mickey holding the Doctor's suit.

MICKEY: Here it is! I found it. Not a crease.

THE DOCTOR (taking it, overjoyed): My suit! Good man! Now then, Jake, we've gotta run. But one more thing; Mrs Moore. Her real name is Angela Price. She's got a husband out there. And children. Find them. Tell them how she died saving the world.

JAKE: Yeah, course I will.

THE DOCTOR: Off we go, then!

MICKEY: Uh... thing is, I'm staying.

THE DOCTOR (staring): You're doing what?

ROSE (also staring, already upset): You can't.

MICKEY (voice trembling): It sort of balances out, 'cos this world lost its Ricky. But there's me. And there's work to be done with all those Cybermen still out there.

ROSE: But you can't stay.

MICKEY: Rose, my gran's here. She's still alive. My old gran, remember her?

Rose tries to hold her tears back.

ROSE: Yeah.

MICKEY: She needs me.

ROSE: What about me? What if I need you?

MICKEY: Yeah, but Rose... you don't. It's just you and him, isn't it? (Looks at the Doctor, and then back to Rose). We had something a long time ago, but... not anymore.

ROSE (grasping at straws): Well... we'll come back. We can travel anywhere, come and see you, yeah?

THE DOCTOR: We can't. I told you, travel between parallel worlds is impossible. We only got here by accident. We... we fell through a crack in time. When we leave... I've got to close it. We can't ever return.

He looks at Mickey, as if asking him if this is really what he wants. Rose looks defeated. Mickey glances at her, then holds his hand out to the Doctor.

MICKEY: Doctor.

He shakes his hand.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Take Rose's phone. It's got the code. Get it out there. Stop those factories.

Mickey nods.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): And good luck. Mickey the Idiot.

He slaps his cheek with a twinkle in his eye.

MICKEY: Watch it!

The Doctor saunters back to the TARDIS and slips inside. Rose gives Mickey her phone. He puts it inside his pocket.

MICKEY (CONT'D): Thanks. We've had a laugh though, haven't we?

Rose nods, tearful.

MICKEY (CONT'D): Seen it all, been there and back... who would have thought, me and you off the old estate, flying through the stars?

ROSE: All those years just sitting there... imagining what we'd do one day... (Voice breaks). We never saw this, did we?

They put their arms around each other for a final embrace.

MICKEY: Go on, you'll miss your flight.

Rose clutches Mickey tighter, burying her head in his shoulder. When she pulls away, she can't look at him. She goes back to the TARDIS, sobbing. When she reaches the threshold, she looks back at him one last time, and then goes inside, closing the door behind her.

MICKEY (CONT'D): Jake, you wanna watch this.

Jake goes to stand next to Mickey as the TARDIS dematerialises.

JAKE (incredulous): What... the hell?

MICKEY: That's the Doctor... in the TARDIS... with Rose Tyler.


Jackie is at the kitchen sink, filling the kettle up, when she hears the TARDIS materialise in her living room.


She rushes out to investigate. Rose opens the door and gazes at her.

ROSE: You're alive...

Jackie raises her eyebrows.

ROSE (CONT'D): Oh, mum. You're alive.

She flings her arms around her. Jackie seems slightly nonplussed but pleased to see her nonetheless.

JACKIE: Well, I was the last time I looked...

The Doctor steps out of the TARDIS and watches them.

JACKIE (CONT'D): What is it? What's happened, sweetheart?

Rose just clings tighter to her, eyes screwed shut.

JACKIE (CONT'D) (looking at the Doctor): What's wrong? Where did you go?

THE DOCTOR: Far away. That was... far away.

JACKIE: Where's Mickey?

THE DOCTOR: He's gone home.

Jackie hugs Rose back comfortingly.


Mickey and Jake get back inside the blue van. Mickey turns to him.

MICKEY: I know it's not easy with my face looking exactly like Ricky. But I'm a different man. I'm not replacing him. But we can remember him by fighting in his name.

Jake nods.

MICKEY (CONT'D): With all those Cyber factories out there, do you think they'll be one in Paris?

JAKE (nodding): Yeah.

MICKEY: Then, let's go and liberate Paris.

JAKE (skeptically): What, you and me? In a van?

MICKEY: Nothing wrong with a van. I once saved the universe with a big yellow truck.

Jake grins. They start the engine and drive away. The camera pans up to the star-spangled heavens with a half moon. A shooting star flashes across the sky.