02x07 - The Idiot's Lantern


A dark and stormy night in London outside Magpie's Electrical shop. Lightning flashes across the sky.


Inside, Magpie sits and leans sullenly on the counter, balancing his accounts. In the background, a television is on.

ANNOUNCER / THE WIRE: Orchestrations were arranged by Sir Rodney Fenning, and Dame Eve English is a member of the Kings Lynn Players. So tune in again next week for more from the: What's My Line team.

We see the black and white television face of the Announcer/the Wire- 30's/40's and sincere.

ANNOUNCER / THE WIRE (CONT'D): And that brings us to the end of programming for today. So, from all of us here at Alexandra Palace, a very good night.

As her face blinks from the screen, Magpie sits up and sighs.

MAGPIE: Two hundred pounds overdrawn.

We hear "God Save the Queen" in the background as Magpie tears a page from his ledger and screws it up.

MAGPIE (CONT'D): I need a miracle.

He throws the paper into a bin before leaning back on the counter and burying his head in his hands.


In through a window, we hear laughter from a radio in a home.


Gran laughs as Tommy sits on the sofa reading "The Radio Enthusiast". Rita Connelly is sewing by the window.

RITA (laughs at the radio): He's a caution, that one! He does make me laugh.

Internal door opens, and Eddie Connelly walks in in a suit and tie, war medals on his chest.

GRAN: Oh, our lord and master.

EDDIE (straightening his tie): Rita, I'm off out.

TOMMY (turning to Eddie): Dad.

He lifts up the 'Radio Enthusiast' to show him.

EDDIE (tiredly): Oh how many times, son? We'll see!

TOMMY: But everyone's getting a telly, dad! Even Mr Gallagher. And the Bells at number sixty seven.

EDDIE: Well, perhaps we'll get one for the Coronation.

Tommy grins delightedly at him.

EDDIE (CONT'D): If you're lucky!

He points a finger at Tommy. Rita turns and smiles.

EDDIE (CONT'D): We'll see.

He ruffles Tommy's hair.

EDDIE (To Rita): Don't wait up.

As Eddie leaves, Gran speaks up.

GRAN: I heard they rot your brains. (Tommy turns to her). Rot them into soup, and your brain comes pouring out of your ears. That's what television does.


Outside, lightning flashes across the sky. Eddie walks past Magpie's shop. A moment later, a red bolt of electricity strikes Magpie's TV aerial.


Magpie is asleep, face down on the counter on his ledger. A constant beep from the television tells us there is nothing broadcasting- until it suddenly flickers into life with a jolt of the same red electricity. The Wire from earlier looks out from the screen.

THE WIRE: Mister Magpie. (He stirs). Oh Mister Magpie!

Magpie blearily sits up.


THE WIRE: Woo-hoo! Can you hear me, Magpie?

MAGPIE (suspiciously): Yes...

He turns to the source of the noise - and sees the Wire on the television screen.

MAGPIE (CONT'D): I must be dreaming...

THE WIRE: Oh no, this isn't a dream.

MAGPIE: I'm going doolally, then.

THE WIRE: Not at all, sweetheart. Now, are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we'll begin.

Three bolts of red electricity flash out from the television and onto Magpie's face. The Wire laughs and Magpie shouts as his face is pulled out towards the television. The Wire continues to laugh.



A pavement and the bottom of the TARDIS. Two pink, high heeled shoes step out onto the pavement, along with a big pink skirt and layers of netting beneath. Rose, in full 50's regalia, brushes a strand of hair from her eyes as she walks out onto the street, looking around.

ROSE: I thought we'd be going for the Vegas era, you know, the white flares and the... (growls seductively) chest hair.

The Doctor pokes his head round the TARDIS door, his head gelled back, teddy-boy style.

THE DOCTOR: You are kidding, aren't you? You wanna see Elvis, you go in the late 50's! The time before burgers. (He disappears back inside). When they called him "the Pelvis" and he still had a waist.

Rose laughs.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (from inside): What's more, you see him in style!

Rose looks round to the TARDIS as she can hear the sound of an engine...as the Doctor rides out of the TARDIS on a blue late-50's moped! Rose laughs in amusement as the Doctor stops, big sunglasses and a white helmet on his head.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (pulling Elvis-style expression and voice): You goin' my way, doll?

ROSE (putting on a pair of pink sunglasses, in an American accent): Is there any other way to go, daddy-o? (She walks towards the moped). Straight from the fridge, man!

THE DOCTOR (delighted): Hey, you speak the lingo!

He tosses her a pink version of his helmet, she catches it and puts it on.

ROSE: Yeah well... me, mum, Cliff Richard movies every Bank Holiday Monday.

She sits behind him on the moped as he pulls an "I knew it! " face.

THE DOCTOR: Ah, Cliff! I knew your mother'd be a Cliff fan.

They drive off down the street.

ROSE (over the noise of the engine): Where we off to?

THE DOCTOR: Ed Sullivan TV Studios, Elvis did 'Hound Dog' on one of the shows, there were loads of complaints. Bit of luck, we'll just catch it.

ROSE: And that'll be TV studios in, what, New York?

THE DOCTOR (happily): That's the one!

A red London bus drives past the end of the street, the Doctor stops. We spot a red post box and Union flag bunting hanging from rooftop to rooftop. The Doctor looks bemused, Rose laughs it off.

ROSE: Digging that New York vibe!

THE DOCTOR: Well... this could still be New York, I mean this looks very New York to me... sort of... Londony New York, mind..

ROSE: What are all the flags for?


Tommy, Rita and Eddie are watching their new television - the theme song to "Muffin the Mule" is playing.

EDDIE: Smashing! Smashing, ennit? You'd have thought they was in the room with ya, eh? Fair do's Tommy, you had a point! New television! There, that should cheer you up a bit, Rita. Give us a smile, then, eh?

RITA (quietly, sadly): I can't. Nothing's the same any more, not with her...

EDDIE (interrupts): Stop going on about it!

RITA: But her face, Eddie! What happened to her? That awful face...

EDDIE (shouts): I said stop it!

A series of taps come from the room above, all the Connelleys look upward.

RITA (quietly): She's awake... (To Tommy): I think she's hungry...


Magpie throws open the doors to his van. Two errand boys take out a television and carry it into a house. The house owner looks on.

MAGPIE: There you go, sir, all wired up for the great occasion.

The Doctor and Rose walk past and hear him.

THE DOCTOR: The great occasion? What d'you mean?

MAGPIE: Where've you been living, out in the Colonies? Coronation, of course.

THE DOCTOR: What Coronation's that, then?

MAGPIE (bemused): What d'you mean? The Coronation.

The Doctor looks blank, turns to Rose for help.

ROSE: The Queen's. (Like it's obvious). Queen Elizabeth!

THE DOCTOR (it clicks): Oh! Oh, is this 1953?!

MAGPIE: Last time I looked. Time for a lovely bit of pomp and circumstance, what we do best.

ROSE: (looking at the chimneys). Look at all the TV aerials... looks like everyone's got one. That's weird, my nan said tellies were so rare they all had to pile into one house.

MAGPIE: Not round here, love. Magpie's Marvellous Tellies, only five quid a box.

The Doctor has wandered a short way round the street, thinking. He suddenly cuts in, all smiles and energy.

THE DOCTOR: Oh but this is a brilliant year! Classic! Technicolour, Everest climbed, everything off the ration. (He puts on a typically BBC English accent). The Nation throwing off the shadows of war and looking forward to a happier, brighter future!

Rose laughs. Suddenly, a woman's shouts are heard.

MRS GALLAGHER: Someone help me, please! Ted!

A man with a blanket over his head is being bundled into a black police car by two suited men. The Doctor and Rose run over.

MRS GALLAGHER (CONT'D): Leave him alone, it's my husband!

THE DOCTOR: What's going on?

The blanketed man is pushed into the back seat as Tommy runs out of his house.

TOMMY: Oi, what are you doing?!

One of the suited men addresses the Doctor.

D.I BISHOP: Police business, now get out of the way, sir!

ROSE (to Tommy): Who did they take, do you know him?

TOMMY: Must be Mr Gallagher...

The car drives off, leaving Mrs Gallagher in despair. Rita comes out of the Connelly house.

TOMMY (CONT'D): It's happening all over the place. They're turning into monsters...

Eddie storms out of the house.

EDDIE (shouts to Tommy): Tommy! Not one word!

Rose and the Doctor look at Eddie.

EDDIE (CONT'D): Get inside now!

TOMMY (to Rose and the Doctor): Sorry, I'd better do as he says...

Mrs Gallagher is still sobbing, but the Doctor puts on his sunglasses again and runs over to the moped and kicks it into life.

THE DOCTOR: All aboard!

Eddie watches them drive off.


The black car hurtles round a corner.

D.I. BISHOP: Operation Market Stall, go, go, go!

Tall corrugated metal gates open at the end of the street and allow the black car through, closing behind it. Immediately, a wooden market barrow is wheeled in front of the gates and two men start sweeping the floor, as if they'd always been there. The Doctor and Rose come round the corner on the moped and stop short of the market stall.

THE DOCTOR (bemused): Lost 'em! How'd they get away from us?

ROSE: Surprised they didn't turn back and arrest you for reckless driving, have you actually passed your test?!

THE DOCTOR (not listening): Men in black? Vanishing police cars? This is Churchill's England, not Stalin's Russia!

ROSE (thoughtfully): Monsters, that boy said...

The Doctor turns to her.

ROSE (CONT'D): Maybe we should go and ask the neighbours.

THE DOCTOR (sweetly): That's what I like about you. The domestic approach.

ROSE (grins): Thank yow... (Thinks about it as the Doctor kicks the moped back into life). Hold on, was that an insult...?

But they're off again.


A display tower of tellies are all showing the "no broadcast signal", apart from one, which Magpie is addressing.

MAGPIE: I've finished it, as you instructed...

He lays a strange contraption, a cross between a portable radio and a TV onto one of the tellies.

THE WIRE: That's awfully good of you, Mister Magpie.

MAGPIE: So you'll go soon? Leave me?

THE WIRE (cheerfully): Oh, we'll see! If you're a very good boy.

MAGPIE: Please... you're burning me... inside... behind my eyes, it hurts! Even my memories hurt! I just want things back like they used to be!

THE WIRE: Oh, but this world of your is busy, busy, busy! Forging ahead into a brand new age, you can never go back! That's your tragedy. But now, the time is almost ripe, Magpie. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. (She laughs, coyly...). Or, lady...


Tommy approaches the bottom of the stairs nervously. He takes his time climbing them, pausing briefly as the banging from before starts again. On the landing, we see shadows moving beneath one of the doors... Tommy draws closer, key in hand.

TOMMY (tentatively): Gran? Gran, it's me. It's Tommy. I'm gonna come in, Gran.

Eddie comes quietly onto the landing, watching Tommy.

TOMMY (CONT'D) (falteringly): Stand back... just don't... I'm sorry, but I've gotta come in.

EDDIE (darkly): What d'you think you're doing?

TOMMY: We've gotta try and help her, dad!

EDDIE: Gimme that key.

Tommy swallows but doesn't move.

EDDIE (CONT'D): I said give me that key, right now.

Tommy walks slowly towards him and holds out the key. Eddie snatches and pockets it.

EDDIE (CONT'D) (threateningly): Don't think I'm finished with you.


Downstairs, he gets right into Tommy's face. Rita looks on.

EDDIE: All the warnings I've given you, and every time, every time, you disobey me!

TOMMY: We can't just lock her away.

EDDIE: Excuse me, sunshine, I am talking! And you can forget that college nonsense. You're going to come and work alongside me, get your hands dirty for once!

A bang from upstairs.

RITA (despairingly): Oh lord! Won't she ever stop?!

The bang comes again, and again. Suddenly all caring, Eddie turns to Rita and takes her gently by the shoulders.

EDDIE: There there, Rita, my sweet. Business as usual. Now let's get these up all over the house. (Gestures to Union Flags). In honour of her Majesty!

RITA: But Eddie, what if she's dying?

EDDIE (explodes): I am talling!

The room goes silent, apart from the television in the background. Eddie calms.

EDDIE (CONT'D): That's better. A little bit of hush.

The doorbell rings.


Eddie opens the door to the Doctor and Rose, who are wearing identical cheesy grins.

THE DOCTOR / ROSE (in adorable chorus): Hiiiiii!

Eddie regards them both suspiciously, as Tommy lurks in the background.

EDDIE: Who are you, then?

THE DOCTOR: Let's see then, judging by the look of you, family man, nice house, decent wage, fought in the war, therefore, I represent Queen and country! (Holds up the psychic paper with a flourish). Just doing a little check of Her Majesty's forthcoming subjects for the great day. Don't mind if I come in? Nah, didn't think you did, thank you!

He barges past Eddie before he can protest and Rose follows suit. They all go into the living room.


THE DOCTOR: Not bad, very nice! Very well kept! I'd like to congratulate you, Mrs...?

RITA (timidly): Connolly.

EDDIE: Now then Rita, I can handle this. This gentleman's a proper representative!

The Doctor gives Rita, who looks terrified, a wink. Rose perches herself on the arm of a chair.

EDDIE (CONT'D): Don't mind the wife, she rattles on a bit.

THE DOCTOR: Well, maybe she should rattle on a bit more.

Tommy and Eddie both look shocked. The Doctor continues, unfazed.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): I'm not convinced you're doing your patriotic duty.

He glances briefly at the flags around the room, waiting to be put up.

THE DOCTOR: Nice flags. Why are they not flying?

EDDIE (after a nervous pause): There we are Rita, I told you, get them up, Queen and country!

The Doctor looks sceptical, and begins to move over to Eddie.

RITA: I'm sorry...

EDDIE: Get it done! Do it now.

THE DOCTOR: Hold on a minute...

EDDIE: Like the gentleman says.

THE DOCTOR: Hold on a minute. You've got hands, Mr Connolly. Two big hands! Why is that your wife's job?

EDDIE: It's housework, innit?

THE DOCTOR: And that's a woman's job?

EDDIE: Course it is!

THE DOCTOR: Mr Connolly, what gender is the Queen?

EDDIE (growing increasingly defensive): She's a female.

THE DOCTOR: And are you suggesting the Queen does the housework?

A small smile grows on Tommy's face as he watches the Doctor win the confrontation, as Eddie inevitably gives in to logic after a hesitation. Even Rita seems a little heartened by her husband's humiliation.

EDDIE: No! Not at all!

The Doctor hands Eddie a string of flags, giving him an insistent stare.

THE DOCTOR: Then get busy.

EDDIE: Right, yes sir.

He sets about hanging the flags, feigning enthusiasm. Neither the Doctor, Tommy or Rose seem fooled.

EDDIE (CONT'D): You'll be proud of us, sir! We'll have Union Jacks left, right and centre!

Rose suddenly rises, hands on hips, as the Doctor slowly paces back across the room.

ROSE: 'Scuse me, Mr Connolly, hang on a minute! Union Jacks?

EDDIE (pausing in his work to look at her): Yes, that's right, isn't it?

ROSE: That's the Union Flag. It's the Union Jack only when it's flown at sea.

Tommy's smile grows into a grin, as Eddie tries to humble himself.

EDDIE: Oh... oh, I'm sorry, I do apologise!

ROSE (smiling widely): Well, don't get it wrong again, there's a good man. (With some force). Now get to it!

Eddie hastily gets back to work, and Rose gives the Doctor a coy smile. Even he looks slightly bewildered! Rose and the Doctor both sit on the sofa, making themselves comfortable and grinning.

THE DOCTOR: Right then! Nice and comfy, at Her Majesty's leisure! (Quietly, to Rose): Union Flag?

ROSE: Mum went out with a sailor.

THE DOCTOR: Oohohohoo! I bet she did! (Louder, speaking to the room again). Anyway, I'm the Doctor and this is Rose, and you are?

He looks at Tommy, who seems surprised to be noticed.

TOMMY: Tommy.

The Doctor and Rose shift aside, making a space for Tommy to sit in between them.

THE DOCTOR: Well, sit yourself down, Tommy.

The Doctor the other chair, motioning for Rita to sit too. They all look at the television.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Have a look at this. I love telly, don't you?

TOMMY: Yeah, I think it's brilliant!

THE DOCTOR: Good man!

They watch the programme, apparently about fossils, silently for a few moments before the Doctor turns around to check on Eddie, who is still hanging the flags.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Keep working Mr C!

He turns to Rita, dropping the cheerful act and speaking quietly, so that Eddie does not hear.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Now, why don't you tell me what's wrong?

RITA (somewhat reluctantly): Did you say you were a doctor?


RITA: Can you help her? Oh please, can you help her, Doctor?

Eddie overhears this last part of the conversation, and interrupts.

EDDIE: Now then Rita, I don't think the gentleman needs to know...

THE DOCTOR (cutting him off): No, the gentleman does!

Rita begins to cry, and Rose moves forward on her seat to address her.

ROSE (gently): Tell us what's wrong, and we can help.

Rita's sobs grow louder, and she just shakes her head helplessly. Rose goes over and wraps a comforting arm around her, and the Doctor watches with a concerned frown.

ROSE (CONT'D): I'm sorry, come on, come on...

EDDIE: Hold on a minute! Queen and country's one thing, but this is my house!

He looks down at the flags in his hands, chucking them down. The Doctor props his head on his forearm and balled fist, appearing calm but giving the distinct impression that he's restraining himself.

EDDIE: What the... what the hell am I doing? Now you listen here, Doctor! You may have fancy qualifications, but what goes on under my roof is my business!

THE DOCTOR (scathingly): All the people are being bundled into...

EDDIE (shouting): I am talking!

The Doctor stands, raising his voice even louder than Eddie's and literally spitting in his face as he looms over him.

THE DOCTOR: And I'm not listening! Now you, Mr Connolly, are staring into a deep, dark PIT of trouble if you don't let me help.

Eddie is clearly shaken, and both Tommy and Rita look scared again, unsure how to react. Rose still holds onto Rita, giving her reassurance.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): So I'm ordering you, sir, to tell me what's going on!

Eddie tries to think of something to say, but is stopped by the sound of banging coming from upstairs. His eyes and the Doctor's roll upwards, Tommy looks around nervously, and Rita sighs and shakes her head.

EDDIE (with a degree of fear): She won't stop.

The banging continues, louder this time.

EDDIE (CONT'D): She never stops.

Tommy finds the confidence to explain in a slightly shaky voice, and the Doctor turns to regard him. As he speaks, Rita looks upset and embarrassed, and Eddie guiltily tries to regain some composure.

TOMMY: We started hearing stories, all round the place. People who've... changed. Families keeping it secret 'cause they were scared. The police started finding out. We don't know how, no one does. They just... turn up, come to the door and take 'em. Any time of the day or night.

THE DOCTOR: Show me.


It is dark, only blackness can be seen. A creaking sound is heard, the door opening, with Tommy peeking around it cautiously.

TOMMY: Gran? It's Tommy.

He opens the door wider, allowing the Doctor and the others behind to see inside the darkened room.

TOMMY (CONT'D): 'S all right Gran, I've brought help.

His Gran is standing by the window, a silhouette moving slowly towards them. Tommy steps a little further inside the room. He turns on the light, and we see that she has no face, all the features are gone, and it is smoothed over. Rose gulps, and the Doctor simply stares with a furrowed brow.


A black police car arrives outside the house.


The Doctor peers at the blank face. Rose stands near him, Tommy and Rita are close together behind the Doctor, and Eddie remains completely outside of the room with a grim expression.

THE DOCTOR (with an air of fascination): Her face is completely gone.

He scans it with the sonic screwdriver, and Rose still looks uneasy.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Scarcely an electrical impulse left. Almost complete neural shutdown, she's ticking over, like her brain has been... wiped clean.

He puts the sonic screwdriver away, but still examines her face.

TOMMY: What're we gonna do, Doctor? We can't even feed her!

They are interrupted by the crash of the policemen entering the house.

ROSE: We've got company...

RITA: It's them, they've come for her!

Eddie appears to be the only one pleased by this.

THE DOCTOR (hurriedly): What was she doing before this happened? Where was she?

Rita hesitates as the policemen clamber up the stairs.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Tell me, quickly, think!

TOMMY: I can't think! She doesn't leave the house! She was just...

He is cut off by the entrance of a big, burly man and some supporting officers. The Doctor tries to buy some time.

THE DOCTOR: Hold on a minute! There are three important, brilliant, and complicated reasons why you should listen to me. One...

Much to Rose's horror, the burly man punches the Doctor in the face, hard. He collapses, unconscious.

ROSE: Doctor!

The men take the opportunity to throw a blanket over Tommy's gran and usher her to the stairs, as Rose slaps the Doctor's cheeks in an attempt to wake him up.

RITA: Leave her alone!

The men barge Rita aside, leaving Tommy to catch her. Eddie just pushes the men away, encouraging them to leave quicker.


They all go down the stairs apart from Rose who is left trying to rouse the Doctor.


ROSE: Doctor! Doctor!

RITA: Don't hurt her!


The men reach their car, and Eddie blocks the door.

EDDIE: Back inside, Rita!

RITA: She's my mother!

EDDIE: Back inside now, I said!


Rose still slaps the Doctor's cheeks, and he suddenly sits up as if nothing had happened.

THE DOCTOR: Ah, hell of a right hook! Have to watch out for that!

He quickly stands and belts down the stairs.


He is too late though, arriving as the car drives off, with Eddie still blocking the doorway.

EDDIE: Don't fight it, back inside!

The Doctor pushes past and runs to the moped, as Rose comes down the stairs as fast as she can in her dainty shoes. Eddie restrains Tommy and Rita.

THE DOCTOR: Rose, come on!

EDDIE: Get back inside!


Rose pauses at the entrance to the living room, noticing red, buzzing tendrils of electricity coming out of the television.

TOMMY: But Dad, they took her!

EDDIE: Go back inside, don't fight it...


The Doctor urgently calls out for Rose again as he fastens his helmet.

THE DOCTOR: Rose, we're gonna lose them again!


Rose is torn between running to the Doctor and watching the television. The tendrils are absorbed back into the television, prompting her to move closer.


Eddie still holds back Tommy.

TOMMY: Dad, they took her! That was Gran and they took her!

EDDIE: Come on, back inside now.


The Doctor gives up waiting for Rose and rides off on his scooter, in pursuit of the car.


Rose has meanwhile begun fumbling with the television set, turning it around to see the red electricity still buzzing along the aerial, and a large label saying Magpie Electricals. Tommy, Rita and Eddie come back into the living room.

TOMMY: How did they find her? Who told 'em?

EDDIE (noticing Rose): You! Get the hell out of my house!

ROSE (getting up to leave): I'm going, I'm done! Nice to meet you Tommy, Mrs Connolly. And as for you, Mr Connolly, only an idiot hangs the Union Flag upside-down. Shame on you!

She grins cheerfully before running out of the house.


The black police car swerves around a bend and straight through the same wooden doors of the warehouse that the Doctor and Rose reached earlier. The Doctor arrives, some way behind on his much slower vehicle, only to see that the car has disappeared in what appears to be a dead end. The doors are closed and there is only the same two workmen, apparently clearing away some rubbish from the stall and sweeping the street. The Doctor stops and swiftly works out what must have happened, both now and earlier.

THE DOCTOR (appreciatively to the men): Oh, very good! Very good!


He walks around the building, looking for a way in. He eventually finds a small gate at the side, and breaks in with the sonic screwdriver.


He observes two policemen locking up some more cage-like gates. He walks over when they have gone, and sees that they contain several dozen people. He opens those gates too with the sonic screwdriver, and finds that the people in the enclosure all have no faces. They can only clench and unclench their fists in a creepy, almost mechanical manner, and shuffle towards the Doctor. Suddenly, a bright light flares on. The Doctor turns around and squints, seeing the two policemen who had locked up the cages earlier, standing in front of the headlamps of their car.

D.I. BISHOP: Stay where you are!


Rose enters Magpie's shop, where Magpie is adjusting a TV set on the counter. He looks up nervously as she comes in.

MAGPIE: Oh, I, I'm sorry miss, I'm afraid you're too late. I was just about to lock the door.

Rose shuts the door and stays anyway.

ROSE: Yeah? Well, I wanna buy a telly.

MAGPIE: Come back tomorrow. Please.

ROSE: You'll be closed, won't ya?

MAGPIE (genuinely confused): What?

ROSE: For the big day? The coronation...

MAGPIE: Yes, yes, of course. The big day.

He tries to make Rose go away as she walks over to him.

MAGPIE (CONT'D): I'm sure you'll find somewhere to watch it. Please go.

ROSE: Seems to me half of London's got a television, since you're practically giving them away.

MAGPIE: I have my reasons.

ROSE: And what are they?

Before he can answer, one of the televisions on display tunes itself, and the Wire appears on the screen.

THE WIRE: Hungry! Hungry!

ROSE: What's that?

MAGPIE: It's just a television. One of these modern programmes. Now, I really do think you should leave! Right now!

ROSE: Not until you've answered my questions. How comes your televisions are so cheap?

MAGPIE: It's my patriotic duty. Seems only right that as many folk as possible get to watch the coronation. We may be losing the Empire but we can still be proud! Twenty million people they reckon'll be watching! Imagine that!

Rose smiles, obviously not convinced.

MAGPIE (CONT'D) (now urgent): And twenty million people can't be wrong, eh? So why don't you get yourself back home and get up, bright and early, for the big day?

ROSE: Nah, I'm not leaving 'til I've seen everything.

MAGPIE: I need to close.

ROSE: Mr Magpie, something's happening out there. Ordinary people are being struck down and changed, and the only new thing in the house is a television. Your television. What's going on?

MAGPIE (finally giving up all pretence): I knew this would happen. I knew I'd be found out.

He locks the door. Rose looks uneasy.

ROSE (cautiously): All right, then, it's just you and me... you gonna come clean, then? What's really in it for you?

MAGPIE: For me? Perhaps some peace.

ROSE: From what?

MAGPIE: From Her.

He glances over at the Wire on the television screen. Rose follows his gaze.

ROSE: That's just a woman on the telly, that's just a programme.

THE WIRE: What a pretty little girl.

ROSE (stares): Oh, my God, are you talking to me?

THE WIRE: Yes, I'm talking to you, little one. Unseasonably chilly for the time of year, don't you think?

ROSE (breathlessly): What are you?

THE WIRE: I'm the Wire. And I'm hungrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy...!

She bares her teeth - pinkish purplish bolts of electricity shoot out of the screen and encompass Rose's face, sucking...

ROSE: Magpie, help me!

MAGPIE (sadly): Just think of that audience tomorrow, my dear...

Rose moans.

MAGPIE: All sitting down to watch the coronation. Twenty million people. Things will never be the same again. (He sounds close to tears). I'm sorry. So sorry.

ROSE (helplessly): Help me.

Magpie averts his eyes as Rose's face is sucked into the screen. Rose whimpers and groans.

THE WIRE (serenely): Goodnight, children. Everywhere.


D.I. BISHOP: Start from the beginning, tell me everything you know.

He is standing over the Doctor, who is sat at the other side of Bishop's desk.

THE DOCTOR (seriously): Well... for starters... I know you can't wrap your hand around your elbow and make your fingers meet.

D.I. BISHOP (pointing at him, reprimanding): Don't get clever with me. You were there today at Florizel Street, and now breaking into this establishment. Now, you're connected with this. Make no mistake.

THE DOCTOR: Well, the thing is, Detective Inspector Bishop...

D.I. BISHOP: How do you know my name?

THE DOCTOR (apologetically): It's... written inside your collar.

Bishop looks slightly embarrassed and adjusts his collar.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Bless your mum. But, I can't help thinking, Detective Inspector, you're not exactly doing much detective inspecting. Are you?

D.I. BISHOP: I'm doing everything in my power.

THE DOCTOR: All you're doing is grabbing those faceless people and hiding them as fast as you can. Don't tell me, orders from above, hmm? Coronation Day... The eyes of the world are on London Town... so any sort of problem just gets swept out of sight.

The Doctor is spinning from side to side in the chair, completely relaxed. Bishop looks slightly irritated that the Doctor already seems knows all about their inside goings-on.

D.I. BISHOP: The nation has an imagine to maintain.

THE DOCTOR (incredulous): Doesn't it drive you mad? Doing nothing? Don't you wanna get out there and investigate?

D.I. BISHOP: Course I do. But...

He sits down, ready to confide in the Doctor.

D.I. BISHOP (CONT'D): With all the crowds expected, we haven't got the man-power. Even if we did... this is... beyond anything we've ever seen. (Helpless). I just don't know anymore. Twenty years on the force... (The Doctor leans towards him, listening carefully) ... I don't even know where to start. We haven't the faintest clue what's going on.

THE DOCTOR: Well... that could change.


The Doctor stands, looking down at D.I. Bishop, it's as though their roles have been reversed.

THE DOCTOR: Start from the beginning. Tell me everything you know.


A black car pulls into the warehouse. Two men get out and pull someone covered in a blanket out of the back seat, and they lead the figure away.


The Doctor and Bishop are standing by a large map on a stand.

D.I. BISHOP: We started finding them about a month ago. Persons left sans visage. Heads just... blank.

THE DOCTOR: Is there any sort of pattern?

He examines a file he finds on a nearby desk.

D.I. BISHOP: Yes, spreading out from North London. All over the City. Men, women, kids... grannies... the only real lead is there's been quite a large number in...

THE DOCTOR: Florizel Street.

There is a knock at the door. The Doctor and Bishop look up.

POLICEMAN: Found another one, sir.

The man we saw ushering the blanket-covered figure from the car earlier appears in the doorway, except now we see the figure is wearing a familiar pink voluminous skirt with matching pink shoes...

D.I. BISHOP: Oh, er, good man, Crabtree. Here we are, Doctor...

The Doctor drops the files on the table and walks slowly towards Rose, not wanting to believe it...

D.I. BISHOP (CONT'D): Take a good look. See what you can deduce.

The policeman takes the blanket off Rose's head. The Doctor's eyes widen with horror as he approaches her.


D.I. BISHOP: Do you know her?

THE DOCTOR: Know her? She...

He goes right up close to her, staring down at her featureless face. The voices in the background fade out, meaningless to him.

POLICEMAN (to Bishop): They found her in the street, apparently, over at Master Square, abandoned.

D.I. BISHOP : That's unusual, that's the first one out in the open. Heaven help us if something happens in public tomorrow for the big day, we'll have Torchwood on our back, make no mistake.

The Doctor is gazing down at Rose, heartbroken.

THE DOCTOR (coldly, interrupting): They did what?

D.I. BISHOP: I'm sorry?

THE DOCTOR (forced calm): They left her where?

D.I. BISHOP: Just... in the street.

THE DOCTOR (quietly): In the street. They left her in the street. They took her face and just chucked her out and left her in the street. And as a result, that makes things... simple. Very, very simple. Do you know why?

He finally tears his gaze away from Rose's face, and takes his glasses off, turning to the two men.

D.I. BISHOP: No...

THE DOCTOR (shouting, furious): Because now, Detective Inspector Bishop, there is no power on this Earth that can stop me. Come on!

And without a moments hesitation, he makes for the door.


The Doctor and Bishop burst out of the gates into the dawn sunlight.

D.I. BISHOP: The big day dawns...

The Doctor does not reply. He moves on immediately.


A small boy is fiddling with the television in the Gallagher household. A little girl comes over and slaps his hand away. The room is crowded with people, presumably friends and family, all chatting. Eddie comes through the front door, closing it behind him. Rita approaches. He looks down at her menacingly.

EDDIE (voice low, threatening): You've had your fun with your little Doctor... but now you're left with me, Rita. So you'll behave yourself. And smile.

Too scared to disobey, Rita fixes a smile upon her face. They enter the crowded living room together, all smiles.

EDDIE (CONT'D): Here we go, everyone! Here we go! Grub's up, grub's up, tuck in, take a sandwich.

He squeezes into the room. The first footage of the coronation appears on the television.

EDDIE (CONT'D): Oh, here we go, here we go, it's started! Take your places, sit down, sit down.

They all settle themselves down in chairs or on the floor.

AUNTY BETTY (very impressed): Rita, love! Just look at that tellybox then, eh? Innit marvellous? The picture's so clear!

EDDIE (leaning forward to talk to her): Here, Beth, I says to Rita, I says: "You didn't need to get your hair done special, love! The Queen won't be able to see you! "

Aunty Betty and Eddie laugh. Rita is obviously not amused, but smiles politely anyway. Tommy looks affronted at this joke at his mother's expense.

AUNTY BETTY (to Rita): Where's your old mum, then? She can't go missing it!

RITA: Sorry, um... mum can't make it down.

AUNTY BETTY: Ahh, bless her. Maybe we could pop up and see her later.

TOMMY: Maybe you could. It's a good idea. What do you think, dad? Maybe Aunty Betty could go and see gran later?

Eddie fumes at him silently. He laughs it off to Aunty Betty.

EDDIE: Oh, he loves his gran, this one. Proper little mummy's boy all round!

AUNTY BETTY: Oh, you know what they say about them. Eddie, you want to beat that out of him.

EDDIE (laughs): That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

He throws Tommy a threatening look. The doorbell rings.

TOMMY: I'll get it.

He goes to answer the door, leaving everyone else watching the TV.


He opens the door, and the Doctor is standing there with Bishop.

THE DOCTOR: Tommy, talk to me.

Tommy steps outside the door, closing it behind him.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): I need to know exactly what happened inside your house.

Eddie pulls the door open violently and rounds on Tommy.

EDDIE (roughly): What the blazes do you think you're doing?

TOMMY: I wanna help, dad.

THE DOCTOR (warningly): Mr Connolly...

EDDIE: Shut your face, you. Whoever you are. We can handle this ourselves. (Turns back to Tommy). Listen you, little twerp. You're hardly out of the bloomin' cradle, so I don't expect you to understand. But I've got a position to maintain. (The Doctor and Bishop watch). People round here respect me. It matters what people think.

TOMMY: Is that why you did it, dad?

EDDIE (taken aback): What d'you mean? Did what?

TOMMY: You ratted on gran. How else would the police know where to look? Unless some coward told them...

EDDIE (raging): How dare you? You think I fought a war just so a mouthy little scum like you could call me a coward?

TOMMY: You don't get it, do you? You fought against fascism, remember? People telling you how to live, who you could be friends with, who you could fall in love with, who could live and who had to die. Don't you get it? You were fighting so that little twerps like me could do what we want. Say what we want. Now you've become just like them. You've been informing on everyone, haven't you? Even gran. All to protect your precious reputation.

Rita has heard. She joins them.

RITA: Eddie... is that true?

EDDIE: I did it for US, Rita! She was filthy. A filthy, disgusting thing.

RITA (shocked, quietly): She's my mother. All the others, you informed on all the people in our street, our friends.

EDDIE: I had to. (He flails slightly): I did the right thing...!

RITA: The right thing for us... or for you, Eddie?

Eddie stares at her. Rita turns to Tommy.

RITA: You go, Tommy. You go with the Doctor and do some good. Get away from this house. It's poison. We had a ruddy monster under this roof, all right, but it weren't my mother!

Close to tears, she goes back inside, slamming the door on Eddie's face.

MAN INSIDE (concerned): Rita?



Tommy, the Doctor and D.I. Bishop walk away down the street, leaving Eddie alone, locked outside his house.


Rita goes back into the crowded living room.

AUNTY BETTY: What was all that, then?

RITA (sitting down): That was... that was the sound of something ending. And about time too. Everyone all right?

She looks around, they nod.

RITA (CONT'D): Smashing. Nothing's gonna spoil our big day, is it?

They all turn back to the television. The Queen's carriage rolls through the crowds.


The streets are busy as people prepare for a street party. The Doctor, Tommy and Bishop walk along.

THE DOCTOR: Tommy, tell me about that night. The night she changed.

TOMMY: She was just watching the telly.

THE DOCTOR (with realisation, looking up at the TV aerials): Rose said it. She guessed it straight away, of course she did. All these aerials in one little street, how come?

TOMMY: Bloke up the road, Mr Magpie, he's selling them cheap.

Without even waiting for Tommy to finish his sentence, the Doctor's off, running down the road.

D.I. BISHOP: Is he, now?

THE DOCTOR (yelling back): Come on!


The Doctor smashes the glass in Magpie's door in order to gain entry to the shop.

D.I. BISHOP (protesting): Here, you can't do that...

The Doctor ignores him.


He's already opened the door and is striding to the counter.

THE DOCTOR (yells): Shop?

He presses the bell on the counter repeatedly. He shouts to the back of the shop.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): If you're here, come out and talk to me! MAGPIE?

TOMMY: Maybe he's out.

THE DOCTOR: Looks like it...

He starts rifling through the drawers behind the counter. He finds the device that looks like a cross between a portable radio and TV.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Oh, hello... this isn't right. This is very much not right.

He licks it, much to the surprise of Tommy and Bishop.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Tastes like iron. Bakelite.

He places it down on the counter.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Put together with human hands, yes, but the design itself...

He scans it with his sonic screwdriver.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Oh, beautiful work. That is so simple.

D.I. BISHOP: That's incredible. It's like a television, but portable. A portable television!

The Doctor raises his sonic screwdriver, points it around the room, the televisions turn on to static.

THE DOCTOR: It's not the only power source in this room...

As the screwdriver whirrs, the static gradually fades away and on each screen is a different face, the faces of the people who were taken by the Wire. The all look terrified, mouthing pleas for help. The Doctor looks around at them, brow furrowed. Tommy notices his gran's face in one.

TOMMY: Gran?

He looks horrified. The Doctor, who, had obviously been looking for her, finds Rose's face on one of the screens. She is mouthing "Doctor, Doctor" over and over again. He kneels before the screen, looking both sad and intense.

THE DOCTOR: I'm on my way.

MAGPIE (entering from the back of the shop): What do you think you're doing?

THE DOCTOR (rounding on him, thunderous): I want my friend restored and I think that's beyond a little backstreet electrician so tell me, who's really in charge here?

Magpie flinches at his anger.

THE WIRE: Yoohoo! I think that must be me.

She has appeared on one of the screens. The Doctor turns to her, surprised.

THE WIRE (CONT'D): Ooh, this one's smart as paint.

The Doctor approaches the Wire.

D.I. BISHOP: Is she talking to us?

MAGPIE: Sorry gentlemen, I'm... I'm afraid you've brought this on yourselves. May I introduce you to my new... friend.

THE WIRE: Jolly nice to meet you.

D.I. BISHOP: Oh my God, it's her, that woman off the telly.

THE DOCTOR: No, it's just using her image.

TOMMY: What... what are you?

THE WIRE: I'm the Wire, and I will gobble you up, pretty boy. Every last morsel. And when I have feasted, I shall regain the corporeal body, which my fellow-kind denied me.

The screen gradually colourizes.

D.I. BISHOP: Good Lord, colour television!

THE DOCTOR: So your own people tried to stop you?

THE WIRE: They executed me. But I escaped, in this form, and fled across the stars.

THE DOCTOR: And now you're trapped in the television.

The smirk fades from the Wire's face, and with it, the colour from the television.

THE WIRE: Not for much longer.

TOMMY :Is this what got my gran?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, Tommy. It feeds off the electrical activity of the brain, but it gorges itself like a great overfed pig. Taking people's faces, their essences, it stuffs itself.

D.I. BISHOP: And you let her do it, Magpie.

MAGPIE: I had to! She allowed me my face! She's promised to release me at the time of manifestation.

TOMMY: What does that mean?

THE WIRE (hinting): The appointed time, my crowning glory.

D.I. BISHOP: Doctor, the coronation!

THE DOCTOR: For the first time in history, millions gathered around a television set. (Approaches her, gloating). But you're not strong enough yet, are you? You can't do it all from here. That's why you need this!

He produces the portable television.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): You need something more powerful! This will turn a big transmitter into a big receiver.

THE WIRE: What a clever thing you are! But why fret about it? why not just relax? Kick off your shoes and enjoy the coronation. Believe me, you'll be glued to the screen.

Lines of red sparking light suddenly pull all three faces into the Wire's TV, the Doctor, Tommy and the Inspector.

TOMMY / D.I. BISHOP: Doctor!

THE WIRE: Hungry! Hungry! The Wire is hungry! Ah! This one is tasty. Oh! I'll have lashings of him! Delicious! Ah!

The Doctor slowly pulls out his sonic screwdriver, with effort.

THE WIRE (CONT'D): Armed! He's armed and clever! Withdraw! Withdraw!

She severs the connection between herself and them, and all three fall to the floor, unconscious.

THE WIRE (CONT'D): The box, Magpie! The box!

Magpie runs and gets the box. He holds it up to the Wire.

THE WIRE (CONT'D): Hold tight...

The Wire jumps via red light into the portable television.

THE WIRE (CONT'D): Conduct me to my victory, Magpie.


Magpie leaves his shop, running outside and into his van.


He puts the Wire behind the steering wheel so he can still see her.

THE WIRE: Hungry! Hungry! Feed me!


Back in the Connolly's house, everyone is watching the TV.

AUNTY BETTY: So lovely!

RITA: Beautiful! Makes you forget all your troubles. Everyone all right for pop?


THE DOCTOR (waking up and seeing the Inspector has no face): Tommy, wake up! Tommy! Come on!

TOMMY: What happened?

THE DOCTOR: Where's Magpie?

They both run outside the shop and see Magpie has gone.

TOMMY: We don't even know where to start looking, it's too late.

THE DOCTOR: It's never too late, as a wise person once said, Kylie I think... But the Wire's got a big plan... so it'll need... Yes, yes, yes, it's got to harness half the population... millions and millions of people... and where are we?

TOMMY: Muswell Hill.

THE DOCTOR: Muswell Hill. Muswell Hill! Which means...

He looks around until he spots a large building on the horizon and gestures at it with both hands.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Alexandra Palace, biggest TV transmitter in North London! Ohh! That's why they chose this place! Tommy?

TOMMY: What are you going to do?

THE DOCTOR (dashing inside the shop): We're going shopping.


The Wire chuckles malevolently as the van drives through the streets. We see Tommy running to join the Doctor.


Tommy and the Doctor are gathering equipment. Tommy holds up a device.

TOMMY: Is this what you want?

THE DOCTOR: Perfect! Right, I need one more thing.

He gives the equipment to Tommy.


The van continues to drive.


Tommy and the Doctor run out on the streets, both loaded with equipment.

THE DOCTOR: Got it, let's go.


We zoom in on the TV transmitter, and see all the camera crew getting ready. Magpie stops his van, gets out, grabs the portable TV and runs up a flight of metal stairs towards the transmitter.


In the Connolly's house, we see black and white footage of the coronation, and everyone watching the TV.


Magpie runs up a flight of stairs to the bottom of the transmitter with the Wire.


Tommy and the Doctor run down a street, the Doctor plugging a device into Tommy's huge equipment bank that he is carrying.


Magpie climbs up the transmitter with huge effort, sweating. He stops and speaks to the wire in the portable TV.

MAGPIE: I cant do this! Please... please don't make me!

THE WIRE: The time is at hand. Feed me! Feed me!


Tommy and the Doctor continue to run. Tommy spots Magpie on the pylon.

TOMMY: There!

THE DOCTOR: Come on!

OFFICIAL :Woah, Woah, woah! Where do you think...

The Doctor shows him his psychic paper.

OFFICIAL (CONT'D): Oh! I'm sorry sir! Shouldn't you be at the coronation?

THE DOCTOR: They're saving me a seat.

The official nods confusedly.

TOMMY (rounding a corner): Who did he think you were?

THE DOCTOR (looking): King of Belgium, apparently.


In the Connolly's house, crowds cheer on the television and we see the family watching the TV and more black-and-white footage of the coronation.


The Doctor dashes around gathering the equipment he needs, Tommy is in front of a video machine and television screen.

THE DOCTOR: Keep it switched on. Don't let anyone stop you, Tommy. Everything depends on it. You understand?

Tommy nods.


The crowd in the Connolly's sitting room smile appreciatively at the footage of the Coronation on the television.


The Doctor sprints back around the corner, past the confused official, trailing a stream of magnetic recording tape behind him from a reel around his waist. He runs up the metal stairs and begins climbing up the transmitter, following Magpie.

OFFICIAL: You'll get yourself killed up there! Your Majesty!


Magpie has reached the mains plug.

THE WIRE: Feed me!

Magpie plugs his TV in to the main current and the Wire laughs triumphantly. Across the country, TV aerials draw in the sparks emitted for the pylon and people watching the TV are pulled in by the red electricity.


The whole Connolly family get pulled in.


THE WIRE: Oh! Feast! Feast... ing! The Wire... is feasting.

We hear people scream as they are sucked in.

MAGPIE: It's too late! It's too late for all of us!

THE WIRE: I shall consume you... Doctor.

The Doctor is blasted in the face with red light and he cries out.

THE DOCTOR (shouting): I won't let you do this, Magpie!

MAGPIE: Help me Doctor! It burns! It took my face, my soul!

THE WIRE: You cannot stop the Wire. Soon I shall become manifest.

The Doctor is blasted again.

MAGPIE: No more of this! You promised me peace!

THE WIRE: And peace you shall have.

Magpie is blown into thousands of particles with the red light. The Wire laughs as he screams and dies. The Doctor tries to touch the portable TV but is zapped by red sparks on his hand.

THE DOCTOR: Been burning the candle at both ends? You've overextended yourself missus. You shouldn't have had a crack at poor old Magpie there.

The Doctor picks up the TV as he is zapped in the foot

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Rubber souls! Swear by them!

He inserts a switch into the TV, downstairs we see the machine spark and break, and nothing happens to the Wire.

THE WIRE: Oh dear! Has our little plan gone horribly wrong, Doctor?

The Wire laughs as the Doctor stares, horrified.


Back downstairs, Tommy realises which device has broken, quickly finds a new one, re-places it and re-plugs the machine.


The Doctor watches as the light beams retreat from the pylons, televisions and people, right back into the Wire's portable television. She writhes and wails with pain, thwarted.


The Connolly family feel their faces, shocked, but unharmed.


Tommy is grinning as he realises the plan is working.


THE DOCTOR: It's closed down, I'm afraid, and no epilogue.

With one last piecing shriek from the Wire, the television switches off. The Doctor stares at it for a moment.


The faceless people in their cells have been cured and smile at each other as they orientate themselves, feeling their faces.


Tommy is watching the coronation on one of the screens when the Doctor returns to him.

THE DOCTOR: What have I missed?

TOMMY: Doctor! What happened?

THE DOCTOR: Sorted. Electrical creature, TV technology, clever alien life form, that's me by the way. I turned the receiver back into a transmitter and I trapped the Wire in here. (He indicates the video). I just invented the home video 30 years earlier. Betamax.

He notices the TV, and the coronation footage on the screen.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Oh look! God save the Queen, eh?


The Connolly family watch the coronation ceremony ending, beaming with pride. We see more coronation footage.


Tommy and the Doctor return to their street. There are loads of people milling around and meeting loved ones.

TOMMY (spotting her): Gran!

GRAN: Look, it's my grandson! Oh son!

Tommy runs to his gran and they hug each other. The Doctor scans the crowds for Rose, and spots her at about exactly the time she spots him. A wide smile spreads across her face, which the Doctor returns, quickening his pace towards her. She laughs, just so happy to see him again and he throws his arms around her, lifting her right off the ground in a huge hug. She clings to him, grinning widely and burying her face in his shoulder.


In the Connolly's now deserted living room, Rita and Eddie stand facing each other. Rita is holding a battered suitcase.

RITA: This was never your house. It's in my mother's name. And on her behalf I'm telling you, out.

She places the suitcase between them on the floor. Eddie, recognising defeat, picks it up and leaves. Rita watches him go with an air of relief.


Out on the street, 50's music is playing, people are out on the street dancing and talking. Trestle tables line the centre of the road covered in pastries, cakes, drinks, etc. The Doctor and Rose walk down the street.

ROSE: We could go down the mall, join in with the crowd.

THE DOCTOR (eating victoria sponge): Nah, that's just pomp and circumstance. This is history right here.

ROSE: The domestic approach.

THE DOCTOR: Exactly.

They laugh.

ROSE: Will it... that thing... is it trapped for good, on video?

THE DOCTOR: Hope so. Just to be on the safe side though, I'll use my unrivaled knowledge of trans temporal extirpation methods to neutralise the residual electronic pattern.

ROSE: You what?

THE DOCTOR: I'm going to tape over it.

ROSE (laughing): Just leave it to me, I'm always doing that.

They meet Tommy.

THE DOCTOR: Tell you what Tommy, you can have the scooter. Little present. Best... um... keep it in the garage for a few years though, eh?

Behind them, Eddie walks down the street with his suitcase as Rita embraces her mother.

TOMMY (looking over the Doctor's shoulder): Good riddance.

THE DOCTOR: Is that it then, Tommy? New monarch, new age, new world, no room for a man like Eddie Connelly.

TOMMY: That's right. He deserves it.

Rose has detected the hint of unconditional love for his father underneath his harsh words. She nudges his shoulder.

ROSE: Tommy, go after him.

TOMMY: What for?

ROSE: He's your dad.

TOMMY: He's an idiot.

ROSE: Course he is. Like I said, he's your dad. But you're clever. Clever enough to save the world so don't stop there. Go on!

She smiles, giving him another nudge. Convinced, Tommy runs to join his dad. They walk side by side and Tommy takes his dad's bag for him. They continue down the street together. Doctor and Rose watch them fondly from a distance. The Doctor hands Rose a glass of orange juice. They chink their glasses together, smiling.