02x08 - The Impossible Planet (part 1)


The TARDIS materialises. However, the landing is not smooth, she groans and wheezes as if finding it difficult. The Doctor and Rose step outside the doors, looking up at the TARDIS.

THE DOCTOR: I dunno what's wrong with her, she's sort of... queasy. Indigestion, like she didn't wanna land.

ROSE (seriously): Oh, if you think there's gonna be trouble, we could always get back inside and go somewhere else...

They both burst out laughing at this absurd notion.

THE DOCTOR (looking around): I think... we've landed inside a cupboard! Here we go!

He pushes the door open and they enter another part of the base.

COMPUTER: Open Door 15.

THE DOCTOR: Some sort of base... moon base, sea base, space base... they build these things out of kits.

ROSE (listening): Glad we're indoors, sounds like a storm out there...

COMPUTER (as the Doctor opens another door): Open Door 16.

Rose follows the Doctor through the door into a corridor.


THE DOCTOR: Human design, you've got a thing about kits. This place was put together like a flat-pack wardrobe, only bigger. And easier.

They go through another door.


They enter a canteen area.

COMPUTER: Open Door 17.

THE DOCTOR (striding into the middle of the room): Oh, it's a sanctuary base!

COMPUTER (as Rose closes the door): Close Door 17.

THE DOCTOR: Deep Space exploration. We've gone way out. And listen to that, underneath...

He points downwards, indicating for Rose to listen. We hear the hum of drills.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Someone's drilling.

ROSE (looking up): Welcome to hell.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, it's not that bad!

ROSE (laughs, points to the wall): No, over there!

The words "WELCOME TO HELL" are scrawled on the wall, with ancient symbols written underneath. The Doctor stares.

THE DOCTOR: Hold on... (Goes over to it). What does that say?

The Doctor peers closely at the ancient text, but it remains stubbornly incomprehensible.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): That's weird. It won't translate.

ROSE: But I thought the TARDIS translated everything, writing as well. We should see English.

THE DOCTOR: Exactly. If that's not working, then it means... this writing is old. Very old. Impossibly old.

The Doctor stands and goes over to another door.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): We should find out who's in charge. (Turns the wheel to open the door). We've gone beyond the reach of the TARDIS knowledge. Not a good move. And if someone's lucky enough...

COMPUTER: Open Door 19.

The door opens, and the Doctor and Rose gasp in shock, stumbling backwards a few steps. The Ood are on the other side of the door, blinking at them.

THE DOCTOR (trying to regain his composure): Right! Hello! Sorry! Uh... I was just saying, uh... nice base!

OOD (together): We must feed.

THE DOCTOR: You're gonna what?

OOD: We must feed.

ROSE: Yeah. I think they mean us.

They back away as the Ood advance.

OOD: We must feed.

The Doctor and Rose try and make for the other door, but it opens and more Ood come through it.

OOD (CONT'D): We must feed. We must feed. We must feed.

Yet another door opens and more Ood walk slowly through it. The Doctor and Rose are cornered.

OOD (CONT'D): We must feed. We must feed. We must feed.

The Doctor takes his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket as Rose arms herself with a chair.

OOD (CONT'D): We must feed. We must feed.

The Doctor and Rose, screwdriver and chair at the ready, are backed against the wall by the advancing Ood.

OOD (CONT'D): We must feed. We must feed. We must feed. We must feed. We must feed.



OOD 1: We must feed. (Shakes and taps the white Orb he holds before him). You. If you are hungry.

THE DOCTOR (confused, lowering his sonic screwdriver): Sorry?

OOD 1: We apologise. Electromagnetics have interfered with our speech systems.

Rose puts down the chair.

OOD 1 (CONT'D): Would you like some refreshment?


COMPUTER: Open Door 18.

A door opens and Jefferson comes through, flanked by two others holding guns.

JEFFERSON: What the hell...? How did...?

He approaches the Doctor and Rose, staring at them.

JEFFERSON (into his communication device, absolutely incredulous): Captain... you're not going to believe this. We've got people. Out of nowhere. I mean, real people. I mean two... living... people. Just standing here, right in front of me.

The Doctor and Rose obviously don't quite know what to make of this unusual reception.

ZACH (back through communication device): Don't be stupid, that's impossible.

JEFFERSON (stares at them): I suggest telling them that.

ROSE: But you're a sort of space base, you must have visitors now and then. It can't be that impossible.

JEFFERSON (roughly): You're telling me you don't know where you are?

THE DOCTOR: No idea. More fun that way.

He grins.

SCOOTI (over tannoy): Stand by, everyone. Buckle down. We have incoming. And it's a big one. Quake Point 5 on its way.

As the base starts to quake and tremble, Jefferson rushes over to a door and opens it.

JEFFERSON (urgently): Through here! Now. Quickly, come on!

Sirens sound. The Doctor and Rose run to follow him through the door, with the two other security guards.



They come through into another corridor which is shaking, smoke rising from the floor, complete chaos.

JEFFERSON (CONT'D) (over the noise): Move it! Come on! Come on, come on!

Rose screams as she nearly falls over and sparks fly everywhere.

JEFFERSON (CONT'D): Move it, come on! Quickly! Move it!

They hurry down the corridor and find themselves in.


The control room, where the crew are busy working. Toby, Ida and Zach all look up when they walk in. Their mouths drop open. The Doctor beams around at everyone.

ZACH: Oh, my Ggod. You meant it.

SCOOTI: People! Look at that! Real people!

THE DOCTOR: That's us. Hooray!

ROSE (smiling at them): Yeah, definitely real. My name's Rose... Rose Tyler, and... and this is the Doctor.

DANNY (striding over to them): Come on... the oxygen must be offline. We're hallucinating. They can't be... no. They're real!

ZACH (impatiently): Come on, we're in the middle of an alert! Danny, strap up, the quake's coming in! Impact in thirty seconds!

The seconds count down on a computer screen.

ZACH (CONT'D) (to the Doctor and Rose): Sorry, you two, whoever you are. Just... hold on. Tight.

ROSE: Hold on to what?

ZACH: Anything. I don't care. Just hold on. Ood, are we fixed?

The Doctor and Rose find some railings to hold on to.

OOD: Your kindness in this emergency is much appreciated.

THE DOCTOR: What's this planet called, anyway?

IDA: Now, don't be stupid. It hasn't got a name. How could it have a name?

The Doctor raises his eyebrows.

IDA (CONT'D): You really don't know, do you?

ZACH: And... Impact!

The entire base shakes violently. The crew, the Doctor and Rose all cling on tight, but it's over pretty quickly. The Doctor stands.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, well, that wasn't so bad...!

He is thrown backwards as the base shakes even more violently than it did before. He clings to the railing for dear life. There is a small explosion from one of the consoles. Sparks fly around the room. They are all tossed about like rag-dolls. Finally, it stops.

ZACH: Okay, that's it.

Jefferson hurries forward with a fire extinguisher.

ZACH: Everyone all right? Speak to me, Ida?

IDA: Yeah, yeah!

ZACH: Danny?

DANNY: Fine.

ZACH: Toby?

TOBY: Yeah, fine.

ZACH: Scooti?

SCOOTI: No damage.

ZACH: Jefferson?


THE DOCTOR: We're fine, thanks, fine, yeah, don't worry about us.

ZACH: The surface caved in.

The graphics on the computer screen indicate the part of the base that has been lost.

ZACH (CONT'D): I deflected it onto storage 5 through 8. We've lost them completely. Toby, go and check the rocket link.

TOBY: That's not my department.

ZACH: Just do as I say, yeah?

Toby grudgingly leaves the room.

IDA: Oxygen holding. Internal gravity 56.6. We should be okay.

ROSE (looking around): Never mind the earthquake, that's... that's one hell of a storm. What is that, a hurricane?

SCOOTI: You'd need an atmosphere for a hurricane. There's no air out there. It's a complete vacuum.

ROSE: Then what's shaking the roof?

IDA: You're not joking. You really don't know? Well, introductions. FYI, as they said in the olden days. I'm Ida Scott, science officer. (Indicates Zach). Zachary Cross Flane, acting Captain, sir... you've met Mr Jefferson, he's head of security. Danny Bartock. Ethics committee.

DANNY: Not as boring as it sounds.

The Doctor and Rose grin at him.

IDA: And that man who just left, that was Toby Zed, archaeology, and this... (Places her hands on Scooti's shoulders) ... is Scooti Manista. Trainee maintenance.

Scooti smiles at them. Ida goes over to a set of controls.

IDA (CONT'D): And this... this is home.

She turns a lever and a whirring sound starts.

ZACH: Brace yourselves. The sight of it sends some people mad.

The room is flooded with a red-ish light as an overhead window opens, revealing a black hole right above them. The Doctor and Rose stand, amazed, watching the light being sucked into it.

ROSE: That's a black hole.

THE DOCTOR (in disbelief): But that's impossible.

ZACH: I did warn you.

THE DOCTOR: We're standing under a black hole.

IDA: We're in orbit.

THE DOCTOR: But we can't be...

IDA: You can see for yourself. We're in orbit.

THE DOCTOR (turning to look at her): But we can't be.

IDA: This lump of rock is suspended in perpetual geostationary orbit around that black hole without falling in. Discuss.

ROSE: And that's bad, yeah?

THE DOCTOR: That doesn't cover it... a black hole's a dead star, it collapses in on itself, in and in and in until the matter's so dense and tight it starts to pull everything else in too. Nothing in the universe can escape it. Light, gravity... time... everything just gets pulled inside... and crushed.

ROSE: So, they can't be in orbit. We should be pulled right in.

THE DOCTOR: We should be dead.

IDA: And yet... here we are. Beyond the laws of physics. Welcome on board.

ROSE: But if there's no atmosphere out there, what's that?

She points to clouds speeding rapidly towards the black hole outside the base.

IDA: Stars breaking up... gas clouds... we have whole solar systems being ripped apart above our heads before falling into that thing.

ROSE: So, a bit worse than a storm, then.

IDA: Just a bit.

ROSE: Just a bit, yeah.

The base shakes again.


The camera pans out over the planet's surface, showing the sprawling base nestled in the mountainous, rocky landscape. The black hole above it sucks everything around the planet in, leaving the planet itself completely untouched.


Toby emerges into one of the corridors with scrolls tucked under his arm.

VOICE OF THE BEAST (deadly whisper, seems like it comes from everywhere): Toby...

Toby looks around, puzzled. The lights flicker and go out, plunging him into darkness. But they come back on again after a few moments.

TOBY: Who's that?

He scans the corridor for the sources of the voice, but sees no one.

TOBY (CONT'D): Danny?

Evidently deciding to let it pass, Toby goes through another door, exiting the corridor.


Toby comes back into the control room, where the crew, the Doctor and Rose are crowded around the control panel.

COMPUTER: Close Door 1.

TOBY: The rocket link's fine.

Zack taps a button on the controls and a hologram the black hole appears before them. The Doctor puts his glasses on.

ZACH: That's the black hole officially designated K37 Gen 5.

IDA: In the scriptures of the Falltino, this planet is called Kroptor. The bitter pill. And the black hole is supposed to be a mighty demon. It was tricked into devouring the planet, only to spit it out. Because it was poison.

ROSE: The bitter pill. I like that.

THE DOCTOR (staring at the hologram): We are so far out. Lost in the drifts of the universe, how did you even get here?!

ZACH: We flew in. You see...

He presses another button and the hologram changes to one of the planet with a gravity field emanating out from it like a tunnel.

ZACH (CONT'D): This planet's generating a gravity field. We don't know how, we've no idea, but... it's kept in constant balance against the black hole. And the field extends out there. (He gestures). As a funnel. A distinct... gravity funnel, reaching out into clear space. That was our way in.

ROSE: You flew down that thing? (She grins). Like a rollercoaster.

ZACH: By rights, the ship should've been torn apart. We lost the Captain... which is what put me in charge...

IDA (consolingly): You're doing a good job.

ZACH: Yeah. Well, needs must.

DANNY: But if that gravity funnel closes, there's no way out.

SCOOTI: We had fun speculating about that.

DANNY: Oh, yeah. That's the word. (Whacks Scooti on the head with a scroll): "Fun".

THE DOCTOR (completely stumped): But that field would take phenomenal amounts of power! I mean... not just big, but off the scale! Can I...?

He gestures to the controls.

IDA: Sure. Help yourself.

She pushes the calculator over to him and leaves him to it. One of the Ood approaches Rose and gives her a cup.

OOD (CONT'D): Your refreshment.

ROSE (taking it): Oh yeah, thanks. Thank you. I'm sorry, what was your name?

OOD: We have no titles. We are as one.

He leaves. Rose approaches Danny.

ROSE (gesturing the Ood): Uhm, what are they called?

DANNY: Oh, come on. Where've you been living? Everyone's got one!

ROSE: Well, not me, so what are they?

DANNY: They're the Ood.

ROSE: The "Ood"?

DANNY (nodding): The Ood.

ROSE: Well that's... ood.

DANNY: Very ood! But handy. They work the mine shafts. All the drilling and stuff. Supervision, and maintenance! They're born for it. Basic slave race.

ROSE: You've got slaves?

SCOOTI (amused): Don't start, she's like one of that lot. Friends of the Ood.

ROSE (slightly annoyed): Well maybe I am, yeah. Since when do humans need slaves?

DANNY: But the Ood offer themselves. If you don't give them orders, they just pine away and die.

One of the Ood has approached Rose. She eyes it.

ROSE: Seriously? You like being ordered about?

OOD: It is all we crave.

ROSE: Why's that, then?

OOD: We have nothing else in life.

ROSE: Yeah, well I used to think like that. A long time ago.

THE DOCTOR (having finished with the calculator): There we go. D'you see? To generate that gravity field, and the funnel, you'd need a power source with an inverted self-extrapolating reflex of six to the power of six every six seconds.

ROSE: That's a lot of sixes.

THE DOCTOR: And it's impossible.

ZACH: It took us two years to work that out!

THE DOCTOR (modestly): I'm very good.

IDA: But... that's why we're here. This power source is ten miles below through solid rock. Point Zero. We're drilling down to try and find it.

ZACH: It's giving off readings of over ninety stats on the Blazen Scale.

IDA (enthusiastically): We could revolutionize modern science.

JEFFERSON: We could use it to fuel the Empire.

THE DOCTOR (taking his glasses off): Or start a war.

TOBY: It's buried beneath us. In the darkness, waiting.

ROSE: What's your job? Chief... dramatist?

The Doctor smirks.

TOBY: Well, whatever it is down there is not a natural phenomena. And this, er, planet once supported life. Eons ago, before the human race had even learned to walk.

THE DOCTOR: I saw that lettering written on the wall. Did you do that?

TOBY (nods): I copied it from fragments we found on earth by the drilling, but I can't translate it.

THE DOCTOR: No, neither can I. And that's saying something.

TOBY: There was some form of civilisation. They buried something. Now it's reaching out. Calling us in.

THE DOCTOR (grins at them): And you came.

IDA: Well, how could we not?

Zach switches off the hologram.

THE DOCTOR (still grinning at them all fondly): So, when it comes right down to it, why did you come here? Why did you do that? Why? I'll tell you why. Because it was there. Brilliant. Excuse me, ah, Zach, wasn't it?

ZACH: That's me.

THE DOCTOR: Just stand there, 'cos I'm gonna hug you. Is that all right?

Jefferson stares.

ZACH: I s'pose so.

THE DOCTOR (edging towards him): Here we go. Coming in.

He throws his arms around Zach and clutches him, beaming.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Ahh, human beings, you are amazing!

Ida looks bemused.


Rose chuckles. The Doctor releases Zach.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Thank you.

ZACH: Not at all.

THE DOCTOR: But apart from that, you're completely mad. You should pack your bags and get back in that ship and fly for your lives.

IDA: You can talk! And how the hell did you get here?

THE DOCTOR: Oh, I've got this um... this... it's hard to explain, it just sort of... appears.

ROSE: We can show you, we parked down the corridor from um... oh, what's it called? Uh, habitation area...


ROSE: Three. Three.

ZACH: Do you mean storage six?

THE DOCTOR (cheerfully): Uh, it was a bit of a cupboard, yeah.

Zach glances uncomfortably at Ida.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Storage six, but you said... (It dawns on him). You said... you said storage five to eight.

Without another word, he turns on his heel and dashes from the room.


He springs back down the corridor, Rose hot on his tail.

ROSE (shouting after him): What is it? What's wrong?

The Doctor frantically opens Door 19.


Back into the canteen area.

COMPUTER: Open Door 19.

He sprints the length of the room.

COMPUTER (CONT'D): Close Door 19.

The Doctor spins the wheel to try and open the door back through the other corridor.

THE DOCTOR (furiously): Stupid doors, come on!

It swings open.


They emerge into yet another corridor.

COMPUTER: Open Door 17.

They dash down the corridor, open another door.


COMPUTER (CONT'D): Open Door 15.

The Doctor slams himself against the next door, frantically pushing the button to open it but it won't budge.

COMPUTER (CONT'D): Door 16 out of commission.

THE DOCTOR: Can't be, can't be!

ROSE: What's wrong?! What is it?

The Doctor opens a small round window in the door and looks through it.

ROSE (CONT'D): Doctor, the TARDIS is in there. What's happened.

THE DOCTOR (staring out of the window): The TARDIS is gone.

He backs away from the window, absolutely horrified, breathing heavily.

COMPUTER: Door 16 out of commission.

THE DOCTOR: The earthquake. This section collapsed.

ROSE (stares at him, puzzled): But it's gotta be out there somewhere.

She peers out of the window to witness the rocky landscape of the planet outside.

THE DOCTOR: Look down.

Rose looks down. There is a gaping chasm right beneath them.


The Doctor and Rose are back in the control room. The Doctor is on at Zach.

THE DOCTOR (with urgency): The ground gave way. My TARDIS must've fallen down right into the heart of the planet. But you've got robot drills heading the same way.

ZACH: We can't divert the drilling.

He walks off. The Doctor stares at him, then follows him.

THE DOCTOR: But I need my ship. It's all I've got. Literally the only thing.

ZACH (obviously irritated): Doctor, we've only got the resources to drill one central shaft down to the power source, and that's it. No diversions, no distractions, no exceptions. Your machine is lost. All I can do is offer you a lift if we ever get to leave this place, and that... is the end of it.

He leaves. Ida approaches the Doctor, who looks completely helpless.

IDA: I'll uh, put you on the duty roster. We need someone in the laundry.

She follows Zach from the room.

COMPUTER: Open Door 1.

The Doctor and Rose look at each other. One of the Ood exits, leaving them alone.

COMPUTER (CONT'D): Close Door 1.

The Doctor goes to Rose and settles against the control panel next to her.

THE DOCTOR (quietly): I've trapped you here.

ROSE: No. Don't worry about me.

The base shakes again.

ROSE (looking upwards through the window): Okay, we're on a planet that shouldn't exist, under a black hole... and no way out.

The Doctor looks at her. She catches his eye.

ROSE (CONT'D): Yeah, I've changed my mind. Start worrying about me.

She laughs nervously. The Doctor pulls her into a tight hug. He looks darkly at the black hole, just holding her.


COMPUTER: Entering night shift. Your chosen track for transition is Ravel's Bolero.

Ravel's Bolero plays, as the Ood work in the base. Jefferson wanders among them. He watches Scooti at work, on the planet's surface. She finishes whatever she's doing, then speaks into the communication device on her wrist, grinning.

SCOOTI: All finished. Heading back inside.

She starts to head back to the base. Inside, Danny is ticking off the Ood on a clipboard as they file past him.

DANNY: Ood 7 Gamma 10. Ood 7 Gamma 11. Ood 7 Gamma 12...


The music carries to where Toby is in his office come bedroom, examining fragments of the ancient scrolls beneath a microscope. The music is cut off sharply and there is the sound of the buzz of electricity. Toby looks up, then dismisses it, going back to his work.


Toby's head jerks sharply around, eyes searching the room. He decides to ignore it, again, and goes back to examining the scrolls.

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST (CONT'D): I can see you...

TOBY (irritated): Danny, is that you? It's... it's not funny, all right?

No reply. Toby gets up and strides towards the door.


He opens the door.


He emerges into the corridor. He looks from end to end, but there's no one there.

TOBY: I'm... I'm trying to work, Daniel. (Looks around, disturbed). Look, if... if that's you, then can you just stop it...?

The lights flicker again. Toby heads back to his door. There is low, indistinct growl from no where in particular, and Toby once again glances up and down the corridor, but it is still deserted, and the sound stops.


The Doctor and Rose are sat by the ancient text in the canteen area, the Doctor staring at it with his brow furrowed.

ZACH (over tannoy): Danny, check the temperature of Ood Habitation. It seems to be rising.

Rose gets up and walks over to the hatch through which the food is being served. Danny stands to do what Zach tells him. Scooti is already by the hatch with her tray.

SCOOTI (gesturing to the trays): Help yourself. Just don't have the green. Or the blue.

She laughs. Rose picks up a tray and goes over to the hatch. The Ood are serving.

ROSE (pointing): Uh, bit of that, thanks.

The Ood spoons some sloppy blue gloop onto her tray.

OOD: Would you like sauce with that?

ROSE: I'll have a go, yeah.

The Ood shakes some sauce onto the tray. Rose grins.

ROSE: I did that job once. I was a... a dinner lady! Not that I'm calling you a lady. Although, I dunno, you might be. Do you actually get paid, though? Do they give you money?

OOD (politely): The Beast and his Armies shall rise from the Pit to make war against God.

ROSE: ... I'm sorry?

The Ood taps his communication orb.

OOD: Apologies. I said, "I hope you enjoy your meal".

ROSE (completely thrown): Yeah.

She picks up her tray and walks off.


Zach is working in the control room.

COMPUTER (with illustrative diagram): Drill head now at Point 16.

A hologram appears again. Zach taps some keys.

COMPUTER: Drill head speed increasing.

ZACH: Keep pressure at 60.

He stands and walks to another set of controls. While his back is turned, an image of a horned beast replaces the hologram of the planet. It roars quietly. Zach spins around, but it's already gone. Zach looks around him nervously.


Danny is turning a wheel to open another door.

COMPUTER: Close Door 3.

DANNY: I've closed Door 3.

COMPUTER: He is awake.

DANNY (stopping): What did you say?

COMPUTER: Close Door 3.

Danny peers through the circular window in the door.


Toby is still examining the fragments of the ancient text. His room is deadly silent.


Toby starts to turn, but...

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST (CONT'D): Don't turn around.

The camera is behind him, on his back, giving the strong impression that he is being watched.

TOBY (fearfully): Dan... (Breathes heavily).That's not Dan.

He start to turn again...

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST: Don't look at me.

Toby obeys.

TOBY: Who... who are you?

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST: I have so many names.

TOBY: If... If I could...

He looks as though he wants to turn again.

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST: If you look at me, you will die.

TOBY: But who are you?

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST: I'm behind you, Toby. I'm right behind you.

Toby's head jerks again. It's a huge effort for him not to turn and look.

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST (CONT'D): Don't look... Don't look at me.

Toby resists the urge once more, trembling.

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST (CONT'D): One look and you will die.

The camera zooms slowly towards Toby's back, giving the impression that something is coming closer...

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST (CONT'D): I'm reaching out, Toby. I'm so close. Don't turn around. Oh, I can touch you...

And it's too much. Toby snaps, spinning around... and it stops. The voice is gone and the room is deserted. Toby breathes a sigh of relief, but is nevertheless confused and perturbed. The lights flicker out in the corridor. Toby suddenly pauses and looks down at his gloved hands, as though he has felt something. He turns them over, looking at them. He puts down the broken pieces of the artifact he was studying and pulls the gloves off, looking at the back of his hands, which are quite normal. But then, he turns them around, looking at his palms. They are covered with the ancient symbols, as though it has been stained into his skin. He stands in shock, staring at them. He picks up a mirror from his desk and looks at his face - not only has that now broken out in the ancient symbols, but his eyes have turned red. He looks at himself with horror, then throws the mirror back down onto the desk. His whole body arches as though he is in pain, and he falls to his knees. Then he falls forwards, unconscious, on the floor.


In the canteen area, the lights flicker.

IDA (into her wrist comm. Device): Zach, have we got a problem?

ZACH: No more than usual. Got the Scarlet System burning up, it might be worth a look.

Ida looks at the Doctor and Rose who are sat opposite each other at one of the tables.

IDA: You might wanna see this. Moment in history.

She pulls a lever which opens the overhead "shutters", revealing the black hole overhead and flooding the room with soft red light.

IDA (CONT'D) (pointing): There. On the edge.

A stream of red light is spiralling into the black hole.

IDA (CONT'D): That red cloud... that used to be the Scarlet System. Home to the Peluchi... a mighty civilisation spanning a billion years... disappearing. Forever. Their planets and suns consumed.

She's gazing up at it, fascinated, as are the Doctor and Rose. The last of the Scarlet System disappears into the black hole.

IDA (CONT'D): Ladies and gentlemen... we have witnessed its passing.

She goes to pull the lever to close the shutters again, but the Doctor stops her.

THE DOCTOR: Er, no, could you leave it open?

Rose looks at him.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Just for a bit. I won't go mad, I promise.

IDA: How would you know? (The Doctor smiles). Scooti, check the lockdown.

Scooti nods and leaves.

IDA (CONT'D): Jefferson, sign off the airlock seals for me.

Jefferson and Ida exit, leaving the Doctor and Rose alone.

COMPUTER: Open Door 18.

ROSE: I've seen films and things, yeah, they say black holes are like gateways to another universe.

COMPUTER: Close Door 18.

THE DOCTOR: Not that one. It just eats.

ROSE: Long way from home...

The Doctor glances at her.

THE DOCTOR (pointing): Go that way, turn right, keep going for um... about five hundred years... then you'll reach the Earth.

Rose takes her phone out of her pocket and presses a few buttons.

ROSE: No signal. That's the first time we've gone out of range. Mind you, even if I could... what would I tell her...? Can you build another TARDIS?

She laughs half-heartedly, knowing it's impossible.

THE DOCTOR: They were grown, not built. And with my own planet gone... we're kind of stuck.

ROSE (consolingly, trying to keep the tone light): Well, it could be worse. This lot said they'd give us a lift.

THE DOCTOR: And then what?

ROSE: I dunno... find a planet... get a job... live a life, same as the rest of the universe.

THE DOCTOR: Pfft... I'd have to settle down. In a house or something, a proper house with... with... with... with doors and things. Carpets! Me! Living in a house!

Rose laughs.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D): Now that... that is terrifying.

ROSE (teasingly, sing-song): You'd have to get a mortgage.

THE DOCTOR (staring, horrified): ... No.

ROSE: Oh yes.

THE DOCTOR: I am dying. That's it. I am dying, it is all over.

ROSE: What about me? I'd have to get one too. I dunno, could... could be the same one, we could both...

The Doctor looks at her. She catches his eye.

ROSE (CONT'D): I dunno... share. Or not, you know. Whatever.

The Doctor nods, clearly feeling slightly awkward.

ROSE (CONT'D) (quickly): I dunno, we'll sort something out...


ROSE (laughs it off): We'll see!

They sit in silence for a few moments.

THE DOCTOR: I promised Jackie I'd always take you back home.

ROSE: Everyone leaves home in the end.

THE DOCTOR: Not to end up stuck here.

ROSE: Yeah, but stuck with you, that's not so bad.

THE DOCTOR (looking at her): Yeah?

ROSE (sincerely): Yes.

The Doctor smiles. The moment is broken by Rose's phone ringing. Rose answers.


Shocked, Rose flings the phone to the floor.


Toby jerks awake. A murderous look comes into his eyes.


The Doctor and Rose bound down the stairs to see Danny in Ood Habitation.

THE DOCTOR: Evening!

ROSE: Only us!

DANNY (who is working at a computer): The mysterious couple. How are you, then? Settling in?

THE DOCTOR: Yeah, sorry, straight to business, the Ood, how do they communicate? I mean, with each other.

The Ood are sat in an area below them in what looks almost like an animal-pen. A balcony looks over this area and there are steps from there.

DANNY (shrugging): Oh, just empaths. There's a low level telepathic field connecting them. Not that that does them much good. They're basically a herd race. Like cattle.

THE DOCTOR: This telepathic field, can it pick up messages?

ROSE: 'Cos I was having dinner, and one of the Ood said something... well, odd.

DANNY: Oh. An odd Ood.

ROSE: And then I got something else on my er... (She glances at the Doctor) communicator thing.

DANNY: Oh, be fair. We've got whole star systems burning up around us. There's all sorts of stray transmissions. Probably nothing.

The Doctor and Rose stare at him, far from convinced.

DANNY (CONT'D): Look... if there was something wrong, it would show. We monitor the telepathic field. It's the only way to look after them. They're so stupid, they don't even tell us when they're ill.

THE DOCTOR (nodding to the computer): Monitor the field, that's this thing?

The reading on the screen says "Basic 5".

DANNY: Yeah. But like I said, it's low level telepathy. They only register Basic 5.

While he has been speaking, the reading has risen to Basic 6.

THE DOCTOR: Well, that's not Basic 5.

It rises, again and again.


Rose watches as the Ood suddenly raise their heads in unison as the reading ascends.

THE DOCTOR: 20... (He turns to Danny). They've gone up to Basic 30.

DANNY: But they can't...

ROSE: Doctor, the Ood...

The Ood turn, as one, and look up at the three of them on the balcony.

ROSE: What does Basic 30 mean?

DANNY (baffled): Well, it means that they're shouting, screaming inside their heads.

THE DOCTOR (quietly): Or something's shouting at them...

DANNY (tapping on the keyboard): But... where's it coming from? What is it saying? I mean... (He looks at Rose). What did it say to you?

ROSE: Something about the beast in the pit.

DANNY (blinks): What about your communicator? What did that say?

ROSE (after a pause): He is awake.

OOD (as one): And you will worship him.

DANNY: What the hell?

THE DOCTOR (addressing the Ood): He is awake.

OOD: And you will worship him.

THE DOCTOR: Worship who? (No reply). Who's talking to you? Who is it?


Scooti goes into Toby's room, holding a file.

SCOOTI: Toby, I've got your expenditure...

She notices the room is deserted. She puts the file down on the desk.

COMPUTER: Open Door 41.

Scooti pauses, confused. There is the sound of a door opening.

COMPUTER (CONT'D): Close Door 41.

The sound of the door closing. Scooti looks around, perturbed.

SCOOTI: 41...


She dashes out into the corridor. She heads for door 41.

COMPUTER (as Scooti closes it): Close Door 40.

SCOOTI (into a control panel next to Door 41): Computer, did you open and close Door 41?

COMPUTER: Confirmed.

SCOOTI: But... that's the airlock. Why would you open the airlock? It's the night shift, we're not allowed outside. Has someone gone out?

COMPUTER: Confirmed.

SCOOTI: But who was it?

COMPUTER: Cannot confirm.

SCOOTI: Okay... but hold on, I know, tell me whose spacesuit's been logged out.

COMPUTER: No spacesuit has been logged out.

SCOOTI: But... you're not making any sense, you can't go outside without...

She gives up and speaks into her wrist device.

SCOOTI (CONT'D): Zach, I think we've got breakdown on Door 41, it's saying somebody's gone outside onto the planet's surface.

The communication device cracks and fizzles but there is no reply. Scooti taps it.

SCOOTI (CONT'D): Zach? Zach?

She speaks into the control panel again.

SCOOTI (CONT'D): Computer, trace fault.

COMPUTER: There is no fault.

SCOOTI (irritated now): Tell me who went through that door!

COMPUTER: He is awake.


COMPUTER: He is awake.

SCOOTI: What's that supposed to mean?

COMPUTER: He bathes in the black sun.

Scooti steps away from the control panel, disturbed. A little further along the corridor, a shutter opens on a window onto the planet's surface. Scooti looks out, and sees Toby there, with no spacesuit. He has his back turned on the window. Scooti's eyes widen. Toby turns and when he sees her, a huge, menacing smile breaks out across his face. He is still covered with the ancient symbols, and his eyes are still red.

SCOOTI (staring): Toby... but there's no air, there's no...

Toby, still with that terrible smile, raises his hand and beckons to Scooti. Scooti reaches out towards him as though hypnotised, eyes becoming moist. Hold the moment, before...

SCOOTI (CONT'D) (with force): No! Stop it! You can't be!

The smile fades from Toby's face. His outstretched hand clenches into a fist and sound of glass cracking fills the air. Scooti gasps as cracks and fissures appear on the window. She rushes to the door.

SCOOTI (CONT'D) (frantically): Open Door 40! Open Door 40!

She's rattling the at the door as the cracks get bigger, but it will not open.

SCOOTI (CONT'D) (screaming): Open Door 40! Open Door 40!

The cracks become larger and larger. Scooti's face is screwed up with terror.

SCOOTI (CONT'D): Open Door 40...

And finally the glass explodes outwards. Scooti is sucked backwards, screaming.


The entire base shakes. Rose and the Doctor are down in the "pen" with the Ood, Danny still on the overhead balcony when they are thrown violently around and they struggle to regain their balance.

COMPUTER: Emergency hull breach. Emergency hull breach.

DANNY (scared, into wrist device): Which section?


Zach picks himself up off the floor in the control room. He speaks into his own communication device.

ZACH: Everyone... evacuate 11 to 13, we've got a breach! The base is open. Repeat: the base is open.


Jefferson and two other crew members hurry along a corridor, shielding themselves from the sparks flying from the walls and the smoke rising through the floor.


COMPUTER: Open Door 19.

The Doctor and Rose burst back into the canteen area, followed by Danny.

COMPUTER (CONT'D): Close Door 19.


ZACH: I can't contain the oxygen field, we're gonna lose it!


JEFFERSON (yelling, trying to open a door): Come on! Keep moving!

The Doctor, Rose and Danny come from one direction and Ida and other crew members from the other.

JEFFERSON (CONT'D) (pulling Toby through the door): And you too, Toby!

Toby (whose face and eyes are back to normal) falls flat on his face through the door as Jefferson slams it shut.

COMPUTER: Breach sealed. Breach sealed.

THE DOCTOR (dashing over to them): Everyone all right?! What happened? What was it?

COMPUTER: Oxygen levels normal.

JEFFERSON (panting): Hull breach! We were open to the elements. A couple of minutes and we'd have been inspecting that black hole at close quarters.

Rose crouches to help Toby, who is still sweating and panting on the floor.

THE DOCTOR: That wasn't a quake. What caused it?


ZACH (looking at a diagram of the base on his monitor): We've lost sections 11 to 13. Everyone all right?

JEFFERSON (into his wrist device): We've got everyone here except Scooti. Scooti, report.

Static and a beep on the communication device.

JEFFERSON (CONT'D): Scooti Manista? That's an order. Report.

Again, he only comes up with the blank beep and the static.


ZACH: She's all right.


Jefferson and Ida breath a sigh of relief.


ZACH (CONT'D): I picked up her bio chip, she's in Habitation 3.

The hologram shows a red dot indicating Scooti's location in Habitation 3.

ZACH (CONT'D): Better go and check if she's not responding, she might be unconscious.


Toby looks at his hands, turns them over, but they're clean.

ZACH (CONT'D): How about that, eh? We survived.

JEFFERSON: Habitation 3... come on, I don't often say this, but I think we could all do with a drink. Come on.

Everyone but Toby, the Doctor and Rose follow Jefferson down the corridor. The Doctor crouches down to Toby, who looks severely shaken.

THE DOCTOR: What happened?

TOBY (speaking very fast, flustered): I don't... I dunno, I... I was working and then I can't remember. All... all that noise, the room was falling apart, there was no air...

ROSE (helping Toby to his feet): Come on. Up you get. Come and have some Protein One.

She has her arm linked through his and is walking him along the corridor.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, you've gone native.

ROSE: Oi, don't knock it. It's nice. Protein One with just a (clicks her fingers) dash of Three.


The canteen, is slightly chaotic. They're all looking for Scooti, all talking over each other.

IDA: I've checked Habitation 4...

JEFFERSON: There's no sign of her. The bio chip says she's in the area.

Rose and Toby come through the door followed by the Doctor.

JEFFERSON (CONT'D): Have you seen Scooti?

TOBY: No, no, no, I don't think so.

IDA (into wrist device): Scooti, please respond, if you can hear this please respo... Habitation 6.

JEFFERSON: Nowhere here. (Into wrist device) Zach? We've got a problem. Scooti's still missing.

ZACH: It says Habitation 3.

JEFFERSON: Yeah, well that's where I am, and I'm telling you she's not there.

The Doctor gazes upwards, through the overhead window.

THE DOCTOR: I've found her.

They all look upwards, following his gaze. Rose's hand flies over her mouth.

ROSE: Oh, my God...

Scooti's body is floating eerily just outside the window.

THE DOCTOR: Sorry. I'm so sorry.

The rest of them just stare, horrified.

JEFFERSON (into wrist device, quietly): Captain... report Officer Scootori Manista PKD... deceased. 43K2.1.


Zach receives this news in the control room.


IDA: She was twenty... twenty years old.

She goes over to the controls. The Doctor stares up at Scooti's body, grave and silent. Ida pulls the lever to close the shutters. Scooti drifts further and further away towards the black hole as they close.

JEFFERSON: For how should Man die better than facing fearful odds? For the ashes of his father... and the temples of his Gods.

His voice has dropped to a whisper. The shutters have closed completely, leaving the room noticeably darker and gloomier than before. A strange silence has also fallen.

IDA (listening): It's stopped...

A distant crash.

ROSE (standing by the Doctor): What was that? What was it?

THE DOCTOR: The drill.

IDA: We've stopped drilling. We've made it. Point Zero.


Exterior shot of the base.

ZACH (over tannoy): All non-essential Oods to be confined.


The crew are preparing to go down the mineshaft.

IDA: Capsule established. All systems functioning... the mineshaft is go... bring systems online now.

The Doctor, already garbed in a spacesuit, approaches Zach. Zach stares at him.

THE DOCTOR: Reporting as a volunteer for the expeditionary force.

ZACH: Doctor, this is breaking every single protocol. We don't even know who you are.

THE DOCTOR: Yeah, but you trust me, don't you? And you can't let Ida go down there on her own. Go on... look me in the eye... yes you do, I can see it. Trust.

ZACH: I should be going down.

THE DOCTOR: The Captain doesn't lead the mission. He stays here. In charge.

ZACH (bitterly): Not much good at it, am I?

The Doctor doesn't answer, but simply looks at him. Zach sighs.

ZACH (CONT'D) (addressing everyone): Positions! We're going down in two. Everyone, positions!

Rose catches the Doctor's eye. They walk over to each other.

ZACH: Mr Jefferson! I want maximum systems...

His voice fades as he walks away. Rose and the Doctor stand facing one another. The Doctor checks a device on the wrist of the spacesuit.

THE DOCTOR: Oxygen... nitro-balance... gravity. It's ages since I wore one of these!

ROSE: I want that spacesuit back in one piece, you got that?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, sir.

He puts on the helmet.

ROSE: It's funny, 'cos people back home think that space travel's gonna be all whizzing about and teleports and anti-gravity... but it's not, is it? (Her voice breaks slightly). It's tough.

THE DOCTOR (with confidence): I'll see you later.

ROSE: Not if I see you first.

She laughs softly and pulls his head down so she can place a kiss on his helmet.


Danny addresses the Ood in Ood Habitation.

DANNY: You will remain here. No command can override this. Have you got that? My instructions only.


Zach presses a few buttons on the panel in the control room.

ZACH: Capsule active. Counting down in 10... 9...


Zach's voice is booming out over the tannoy.

ZACH (CONT'D): 8... 7... 6...

The Doctor and Ida go into the capsule. Jefferson closes the door after them.

ZACH (CONT'D): 5... 4... 3... 2...

Jefferson salutes them.

ZACH (CONT'D): 1...

Rose waves, smiling. The Doctor waves back, returning the smile.

ZACH (CONT'D): Release.

The capsule descends the shaft. Toby is sitting hunched in a corner. He's very twitchy and paranoid and keeps checking his hands. A diagram on a computer screen shows the descent of the capsule into the depths of the planet.


The Doctor and Ida stand inside the shaking capsule in silence.


The hologram on the control panel also shows the capsules descent. Zach watches it. The stats now says "DANGER" underneath "oxygen".

ZACH: Gone beyond the oxygen field. You're on your own.


The Doctor and Ida both switch on their oxygen tanks.


ROSE (into the comm, obviously worried out of her mind): Don't forget to breath. Breathing's good.

She demonstrates taking deep breaths.


ZACH: Rose, stay off the comm.


ROSE: Fat chance.


The capsule shakes rather too violently, and the Doctor and Ida are thrown off their feet. They hang on to the sides of the capsule to steady themselves.


In Ood Habitation, every Ood suddenly stands and turns, looking up at Danny and the crew member who is with him. The crew member points his gun at the Ood, glancing at Danny.


The diagram on the computer screen indicates the capsule has reached Point Zero. It causes the whole base to shake. As soon as Rose has managed to steady herself, she's back on the comm.

ROSE: Doctor? (No reply). Doctor, are you all right?


ZACH: Ida, report to me... (Silence. More forcefully...). Doctor?


The Doctor and Ida, at Point Zero, alight from the capsule.

THE DOCTOR: It's all right... we've made it... coming out of the capsule now.


Rose breathes a sigh of relief.


The Doctor and Ida step slowly out into the darkness, flashing their torches around.

ROSE: What's it like down there?

THE DOCTOR: It's hard to tell... some sort of... cave... cavern... it's massive.

IDA: Well, this should help. Gravity globe.

She tosses some sort of white orb up into the air. It floods the entire cavern with light, revealing what is quite clearly ancient architecture. The cavern is enormous, there is a huge face etched into the rock.

IDA (CONT'D) (filled with awe): That's... that's... my God, that's beautiful.

THE DOCTOR (looking around): Rose... you can tell Toby... we've found his civilisation...


ROSE (cheerfully): Oi, Toby, sounds like you've got plenty of work.

Toby, still distracted and twitchy, isn't really as interested in this information as he normally would be.

TOBY: Good, good. Good.


ZACH: Concentrate now, people. Keep on the mission. Ida... what about the power source?


The Doctor and Ida traipse alongside a rocky wall, Ida holding the flashlight in front of them.

IDA: We're close. Energy signature indicates north, north west. Are you getting pictures up there?

ZACH: There's too much interference. We're in your hands.

IDA :Well... we've come this far. There's no turning back.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, did you have to? No turning back? That's almost as bad as "nothing can possible go wrong" or "this is is gonna be the best Christmas Walford's ever had"...

IDA (turning): Are you finished?

The Doctor stares at her.

THE DOCTOR: Yeah! Finished.

He walks off. Ida watches him, slightly amused.


One of the Ood blinks at Danny.

DANNY (into wrist device): Captain, sir. There's something happening with the Ood.


ZACH: What are they doing?


DANNY (keeping his voice low): They're staring at me. I've told them to stop, but they won't.

He glances at them nervously.


ZACH: Danny, you're a big boy. I think you can take being stared at.


DANNY: But the telepathic field, sir. It's at Basic 100! I've checked, there isn't any fault. It's definitely 100.


ZACH: But that's impossible.


Rose and Jefferson can hear this conversation from the exploration deck.

ROSE: What's Basic 100 mean?


DANNY: They should be dead.


JEFFERSON: Basic 100's brain death.


ZACH: But they're safe? They're not actually moving?


DANNY: No, sir.


ZACH: Keep watching them. And you, Jefferson, keep a guard on the Ood.


JEFFERSON: Officer at arms!

He readies his gun.

CREW MEMBER: Yes, sir.

ROSE (concerned): You can't fire a gun in here. What if they hit a wall?

JEFFERSON: I'm firing stock 15, only packs upon organics. (To security guard): Keep watch. Guard them.

GUARD: Yes, sir.


THE DOCTOR: Is everything all right up there?


ROSE (quickly): Yeah, yeah.


ZACH: It's fine.


DANNY (sarcastically): Great!

He sighs.


The Doctor and Ida approach an enormous circular trapdoor with engravings on it.

THE DOCTOR: We've found something. It looks like metal. Like some sort of seal. I've got a nasty feeling the word might be "trapdoor". Not a good word, "trapdoor". Never met a trapdoor I liked.

IDA (shining the torch around the edge): The edge is covered with those symbols.


ZACH: Do you think it opens?


THE DOCTOR: That's what trapdoors tend to do.

IDA (walking around it): "Trapdoor" doesn't do it justice. It's massive, Zach. About thirty feet in diameter.


ZACH: Any way of opening it?


IDA: I don't know. I can't see any sort of mechanism.

THE DOCTOR: I suppose that's the writing, that'll tell us what to do. The letters that defy translation.


ZACH: Toby, did you get anywhere with decoding it?


ROSE (looking over at him): Toby, they need to know, that lettering, does it make any sort of sense?

Toby has his head in his arms, still crouched in the corner.

TOBY (quietly): I know what it says.

ROSE: Then tell them.

JEFFERSON: When did you work that out?

ROSE: It doesn't matter, just tell them.

Toby stands. He turns towards them, revealing that he is once again covered in the symbols, eyes red. When Toby speaks, it is with the Voice of the Beast.

TOBY: These are the words of the Beast.

Rose stares at him in shock.

TOBY (CONT'D): And he has woken.

Jefferson points his gun at Toby.

TOBY (CONT'D): He is the heart that beats in the darkness, he is the blood that will never cease. And now he will rise.

JEFFERSON: Officer, stand down. Stand down.


THE DOCTOR (with growing urgency): What is it? What's he done? What's happening? Rose? What's going on??

There is no reply.


ZACH: Jefferson?

Only static comes through the comm. in answer. Zach hits some buttons.

ZACH (CONT'D): Report. Report!


Toby flexes his arms.

JEFFERSON: Officer, as commander of security, I order you to stand down and be confined. Immediately!

ROSE (into comm): He's come out in those symbols all over his face. They're all over him.

Toby considers them.

TOBY: Mr Jefferson, tell me, sir... did your wife ever forgive you?

JEFFERSON (although he clearly does): I don't know what you mean.

TOBY: Let me tell you a secret: she never did.

JEFFERSON (swallows): Officer... you stand down and be confined.

TOBY: Or what?

JEFFERSON: Or under the jurisdiction of Condition Red, I am authorised to shoot you.

He aims his gun at Toby.

TOBY: But how many can you kill?

His eyes light up and his mouth opens in a low roar as the symbols evaporate off Toby's skin and leave him as swirls of black smoke. This smoke then enters the Ood, who jerk as the Beast possesses them. Toby, himself again, coughs and collapses. Jefferson points his gun at the three Ood on the exploration deck.


The Ood in Habitation are also possessed.

OOD (as one): We are the Legion of the Beast.


THE DOCTOR: Rose? What is it? Rose? (To Ida): I'm going back up.

He walks off.


ZACH: Report. Report! Jefferson, report! (Shouts). Someone, report!


The Ood hold their communication orbs out in front of them.

OOD: The Legion shall be many. And the Legion shall be few...


ROSE (into comm): It's the Ood.

JEFFERSON (into wrist device): Sir, we have a contamination in the livestock.

ROSE: Doctor, I don't know what it is, it's... it's like they're possessed.

JEFFERSON: They won't listen to us.


OOD: He has woven himself in the fabric of your life since the dawn of time.

A single Ood separates himself from the rest and walks up the stairs from the "pen" towards Danny and the other crew member.

OOD (CONT'D): Some may call him Abaddon. Some may call him Kroptor. Some may call him Satan...

Danny turns to the computer, frantic. The other crew member has his gun ready.

OOD (CONT'D): Or Lucifer...

DANNY: Captain, it's the Ood. They're out of control!

OOD: Or the Bringer of Despair...

Danny and the other crew member back away as the single Ood approaches.

OOD (CONT'D): The Deathless Prince. The Bringer of Night.

The Ood stands a few feet away from the two of them, and the communication orb suddenly shoots out and attaches to the crew member's forehead. It looks as though he is electrocuted. He falls to the floor, dead. Danny runs.

OOD (CONT'D): These are the words that shall set him free.


Jefferson, Rose and another crew member are backing away as the Ood advance.

JEFFERSON (shouts over his shoulder): Back up to the door!

OOD: I shall become manifest.

JEFFERSON: Move quickly!

OOD: I shall walk in might.

JEFFERSON: To the door!

They are backing up against the door.

JEFFERSON (CONT'D): Get it open!

OOD: My Legions shall swarm across the worlds...


Ida points her flashlight in the direction of the trapdoor as the ground starts to shake. It begins to open.

IDA: Doctor! It's opening!


The whole base shakes. Zach grabs onto the console to steady himself.

ZACH: We're moving! The whole thing's moving! The planet's moving!

He stares upwards as the overhead shutters open.


Rocks shower down on the Doctor and Ida - the Doctor is torn between going back and saving Ida, he stumbles towards Ida, falling over as the ground shakes. Ida whimpers, terrified.


The Ood still advance towards Rose and Jefferson.

OOD: I am the sin and the temptation. And the desire. I am the pain and the loss and the dead will come.

JEFFERSON: Get that door open!


The trapdoor is now completely open.


ZACH (frantic): The gravity field... it's going! We're losing orbit!

The diagram on the computer screen indicates the planet moving around bizarrely.

ZACH (CONT'D): We're gonna fall into the black hole!


Rose and the other crew member desperately try to open the door, but it won't budge. Jefferson has his gun aimed at the advancing Ood, but they ignore it completely.

OOD: I have been imprisoned for eternity. But no more.

COMPUTER: Door sealed.

ROSE: Come on!

COMPUTER: Door sealed.


Billows of smoke rise from the pit, the ground still shaking.

THE VOICE OF THE BEAST: The Pit is open. And I am free.

The Doctor and Ida stare down into the pit, horror struck as the Voice of the Beast laughs terribly.

To be continued...