13x09 - Never Human

There is a little girl here, and I was told, "don't be fooled by her." she wants the child.

It's killing me.

I see you're holding everything in.

It's bad, and the energy is very chaotic.

He was blown 15 feet and killed instantly.

I'm not sure where I stand on that situation.

You're believing about the dead people, but the thing up in the mountain here you're too up in the air about?

So what happens when she takes them?

They disappear.

I'm hearing a devil's triangle.

My name is amy allan.

I see dead people.

I think he might've been a stalker.

I speak to dead people.

And they speak to me.

He will kill you. He has killed people.

But there's only one way to know if my findings are real.

They're being possessed.

I rely on my partner.

I'm steve dischiavi.

I'm a retired new york city homicide detective.

How many people died here over the years?

And I know every person, every house has secrets.

It's my job to reveal them.

But steve and I never speak...

We never communicate during an investigation.

...Until the very end...

This sketch is like a nightmare.

...When we uncover if it's safe for you to stay...

I never thought that the biggest problem was me.

...Or time to get out.

He could, more than likely, kill you.

so, I'm out here in the small town of new philadelphia, ohio.

It's about a half hour south of kent.

I got a call from a newlywed named holly.

Now, this poor lady sounded bad.

These are supposed to be the best days of her life, but it's hell in there, and she says if we can't help, her new family ain't gonna make it.

there's some crazy **** going on out here.

Like, it's weird here.

Feel sick, and...

I don't know what's going on.

I don't like this, and it hurts.

So, holly, when we spoke on the phone, you sounded pretty upset and angry, as a matter of fact, what the hell's going on in this house?

Well, I feel like there's something evil here that is attacking my family and trying to tear apart my marriage.

Alright, so let's start with the basics.

It's you, your new husband, right? Yes.

Who else is living in the house?

Well, my son dryden. He's 3.

My husband, mike.

And this is my son, cyrelle. He's 7.

He's on the autism spectrum, and he can't verbalize what he's seeing himself.

This poor kid can be going through hell, and you wouldn't know, really.

Right, he can't.

There's no way for him to tell me.

Now, have you tried anything to try to fight what's going on here?

Yes, there were two mediums that came here.

They helped bless my home. However, that didn't work.

After they left, it kind of got worse.

Do me a favor. Give me a list of what you guys were experiencing in the house.

Creepy sounds.


We feel like we're being watched.

It's become more violent, and I've had mood changes.

These mood changes -- so what happens.

It comes on really fast.

I can be in a really great mood and then my whole entire energy just kind of changes.

I'm pissed. And usually it's at my husband.

I'm not aware of what I'm saying.

I'm not aware of what I'm doing.

I guess I've told him I don't want to be his wife anymore, that I can't stand him.

It's not for nothing, but your poor husband having to deal with that, it's got to be tough on him, too.

I know that he's at his breaking point.

He hasn't left yet.

No. Surprisingly.

Now, let me ask you a question.

With all the stuff that's going on, how are you dealing with it?

Never mind everybody else.

I'm afraid my marriage is going to fail.

Okay. And the stress...

It's killing me.

I see you're holding everything in. okay.

It's alright. We here now, right?

I'm usually a really strong person.

You can only take so much.

I know there's quite a few people down there.

Dead people.

They're hiding.

Why are y'all hiding?

What's going on?

I mean, there's at least 10 people I'm getting all -- men and women and children.

They're being quiet. They think I'm evil.

Like, something has happened to them to make them afraid of, I guess, people like me.

Meaning? Like, mediums.

Something bad really, really freaked them out.

Okay, holly, so what's going on down here?

I am not comfortable down here at all.

You seem a little agitated. Yes.

You constantly feel like you're being watched here.

You feel like somebody's always here with you.

Are you getting a feeling of being watched right now? Yes.

Where's that feeling coming from?

Specifically that one a lot.

Okay, so this room here?

Okay, stay right here.

yeah, it's kind of creepy.

I mean, anything else? I hear voices and noises.

Okay, so let's talk about the noises.

What are you hearing? Like, footsteps.

Seem like an adult to you? Yeah, it's pretty heavy.

Okay, so let's talk about the voices now.

What do those sound like?

They sound like a male. They're very deep.

I've been told upstairs in our room before to get out.

Could it be a tv is on and you're hearing talking on the tv?

No, usually, we don't have the tv on.

Okay, so anything else?

We have seen shadow figures through the house.

What size are these shadow figures?

One is very large.

It can block out a whole doorway.

And then the other one is slightly smaller.

What do you think it is?

It's like they have negative intentions or they're trying to make me feel uncomfortable. Okay.

The dead come in here often.

I see them sinking into the walls.

The living, I think, would hear them talking.

Mainly the men.

they would hear walking. So, I mean, I'm sure they feel uncomfortable, living people coming down here.

They might see, you know, shadow figures and whatnot.

This is bad.

Okay, so, what's going on there?

The kids have wakened with random marks on their body.

Okay, so what does it look like?

I have some pictures.

these look like chicken pox.

You get them checked out by the doctor? Yeah.

Alright, so what'd the doctor say?

He has no idea what happened.

I can't tell what this could be, but, obviously, your older son can't tell us what's going on, really.


I mean, I don't know if it's paranormal or not, but it's definitely something that I'd be concerned about...

Right. ...One way or the other.

I mean, has anything like this ever happened to you?

Yes, I actually have been scratched while I was in the shower.

And the water wasn't extremely hot or anything like that, right? No.

Alright, so has anything else physical happened to you in the house?

I had...

Something in my room happen, where I was laying in bed.

I just felt this hand come all the way up the side of my body.

Male or female? Male.

Well, not for nothing, it sounds like you're getting assaulted. Yeah.

I mean, yeah, if I could physically see somebody and they did that, I would call that assault, yeah.

It's not good.

That's why I called for help.

You know, I need to figure this out, and I need to make my house safe.

There is a little girl here, and I was told, "don't be fooled by her." she's definitely occupying this location.

She wants the child.

W-what child?

I think it's a living child, 'cause she wants it.

She's having a hard time getting it.

I think that she does this sometimes, takes people, living people.

She seems to like kids.

So what happens when she takes them?

They disappear.

So they wouldn't be seen, heard from again.

I think she just plays with them until they die.

so, zac, I understand that you're good friends with holly and mike.

Yes, sir, I am. You have any concerns about the stuff they're going through?

Yes, sir. I worry about the kids.

Have you had experiences? Yes, sir.

Alright, so, why don't you go over some of them with me?

Well, the first one, it was down in the basement, and I went down there and I'd felt something from the top of the stairs.

Like, it was just uneasy-feeling.

What do you think it was?

Something demonic is how I'd put it.

So, zac, when I spoke to holly earlier, she was saying that she felt watched in the basement.

Do you ever get that kind of feeling down there.

All the time, sir.

I just feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Okay. Anything else? Yes, sir.

Actually, it happened right over here.

I thought I seen something moving, so I figure it's a deer, but it wasn't.

Looked like it was walking upright.

Alright, now, you think your eyes might've been playing tricks with ya? No, sir.

Can you get an idea of how tall it was from down there?

It's definitely taller than me. It was.

I just looked out and stared at it for a little bit, and it just vanished whenever I started to walk up the hill.

Okay, what do you think it was?

I don't know what it was or why it's here.

I don't want it here.


I think the little girl... She's... Like an animal.

she doesn't want us to go back there and she can change shape.

She can get bigger. But still like an animal.

Would the living have any experiences with her?

I do think they would probably see something back here, like an animal of some sort that would be frightening to them.

the dead are definitely indicating that she comes from the woods and the trees.

I think that she's always been here.

What sort of things has she been doing?

Well, I know she's taken people.

so, mike, talking to your wife, holly, today, she's pretty upset about everything.

She says something's taking over her, basically, and making her go into a rage.

Have you noticed that? Yeah. At night, she'll wake up, she'll say the dumbest things to me, like, "I'm done with the marriage." then the next morning, I'll tell her about it, and 90% of the time, she don't even remember what she said.

Well, you know, she said she's petrified that you're gonna walk. I'm not.

And if she's going through something, she's my wife through sickness or health.

So right now, we're going through the bad.

We'll experience the good later.

There's a male here.

He's dead.

This is a lot of anger here.

The living are having experiences in this back area with this male.

They're seeing this person, but I don't know how, and I'm not even seeing him.

Feel like more like he's inside of me, like I smell him.

He's doing something to the people here, but I am trying to get what.

They feel him.

That makes them scared.

Wants to jump in somebody? No problem.

I feel hatred.

That hatred overwhelms him.

Then I think he wants to hurt people.

Okay, so as far as experiences go, have you had any?

I've had some.

One in particular was, we're laying in bed.

All of a sudden I feel the blankets going underneath my leg and wrapping me up.

Any animals in the house that can come in and -- no, dog stays downstairs. He isn't allowed upstairs.

Okay. Alright.

So that's one thing. Anything else?

My wife noticed scratches on my arm one night.

So her and the kids both have been scratched.

Yes. Where were your scratches?

Actually, I have a photo right here, and they're on the back of my left arm.

I got to be honest with you, bro.

You've had more experiences than most husbands I've interviewed in almost 200 cases.

I mean, why don't you just move? I don't know.

I guess I just feel like I can handle it.

I'm a fixer, not a runner. I'd rather fix. Right. Okay.

It's loud up here. Damn..

And it's a guy just yelling, "get out of here. I don't want you.

What are you doing?"

it's like full blast.

It's bad.

And the energy is very chaotic.

Like, I think that the living would be restless up here.

I think that they would become extremely irritated and probably aggressive.

I know he's getting into bed with people.

He's not jumping them. He's melding with them.

Jumping is more violent. This is more intimate.

And he likes that because then he knows them, he knows everything about that person.

Okay, so before I got to town, I reached out to a whole bunch of locals and asked them to look at their property for me.

A genealogist who helped me before just called and said she hit the jackpot.

Turns out the guy who built holly and mike's house lived his life in shame, and it was all because of his son.

So, kim, I appreciate you helping me out once again.

No problem.

On the phone, you said the previous owner had some issues with his son.

Before we get to that, when did he move onto the property?

Rudy rothacher bought the property back in 1946 and built that house that your client is living in right now.

Alright, what do we know about this guy?

He was a miner.

The family had a business -- rothacher brothers mining company.

When his father passed away, he took over the mine.

Okay, so he's built a new home, and he's running the family business.

How's it go for him from there?

Things were pretty good.

He married a local woman by the name of arlene. Okay.

A year after they moved in, they welcomed a son, richard, and a year after that. A daughter, gloria.

His son, richard, I assume this is who we're talking about that he had problems with. Yes.

Okay, what happened with this kid?

In 1967, he joined the military, height of the vietnam war, and he went a awol.

They labeled him as a deserter.

The fbi tracked him down at his home and put him in jail.

This is an article from the local paper.

Alright, so now rudy's got a disgrace for his son.

He's got to deal with -- how's it go for him after that?

Gets worse.

A few years after the incident with the awol, the mine shut down.

A few years after that, rudy's sitting at the dinner table drops dead of a major heart attack.

Okay, and this is in my clients' -- in your clients' house.

Alright, so, how old was he when he died?

Here's his obituary. He was only 55.

Alright, so now rudy's dead.

What happened with the family after that?

Few years later, richard is out mowing the grass, drops dead of a heart attack right on your clients' property.

He was 35 years old.

This angry man who jumps people is here with someone else.

The living hear the arguing.

It's something that happened when he was here and he was alive.

There was this fighting between these two men.

this other guy, he gets agitated.

It feels like his life was a failure.

And, like, literally makes me nauseous when I'm trying to tap into him and his life.

I don't know if he owned it or if he lived here. it's so loud.

Alright, so both father and son are dead.

What happened with the widow, arlene?

She kind of had a rough time of it.

Her sister-in-law came after her for part of the land.

Can you explain to me why the sister-in-law thinks she's entitled to anything?

That land was the family business.

She thought she had a claim on it.

Alright, so now there's the lawsuit.

How'd it go for arlene? Not that great.

The sister-in-law won the lawsuit.

They said that arlene could keep the house.

Not for nothing, but if I was arlene, I'd have a bitter taste in my mouth for what happened.

She loses her husband, then she loses a son, then she loses all her property.

I mean, did she even bother staying in the house after that?

Yes, she did.

She and gloria lived in the house until 1987...


...When she dropped dead sitting on her living-room couch watching tv of a...?

Heart attack. ...Heart attack.

You've got it, steve.

How old was she? She was only 63.

Three family members -- husband, wife, a son -- all dying relatively young from heart attacks in my clients' property.

I mean, I don't know if it's hereditary... Coincidence?

...Coincidence, or what, but I hope this had nothing to do with the paranormal.

That I can't give you an answer to.

Well, that's not what you and I are here for.

That's something on amy's end of things.

There is this little old lady sitting in a chair like she's the queen, and she's just sitting there glaring at me.

And she goes, "I am at war with you.

Why would I speak to you?" nasty, old woman.

She owned this...

...For sure, and she ran this place.

definitely had kids.

She doesn't want living people here.

She wants them out.

And how is she doing that?

She is trying to influence them in some way.

She's potentially plotting something very bad, possibly plotting murder.

Alright, new philadelphia is an old mining town, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out there must've been some accidents out here.

So I'm heading over to meet my old friend mary jamba, who says she found a deadly one not too far from holly's house.

so, mary, I appreciate your meeting with me again.

On the phone, you mentioned this mining accident happened real close to my clients' property.

So what happened?

Well, this is back on January 3, 1931 in the midvale coal mine.

This was just about a mile from your clients' property.

Okay. It was a Saturday morning, and 19 men went into the coal mine.

Okay. And it was a huge mine.

They would have to take elevators three miles down to get into this mine.

So these guys were pretty far down.

Yes, and once the 19 men went down, they split into different teams.

And what they would do is they'd make these crude explosives to go and break open the coal so that it would be easier to extract.

So they went and they put two charges in, it misfired and went back and caused a big fireball, and then that hit these 24 sticks of dynamite that were lying nearby, and that made an even bigger explosion.

So this is a chain reaction that happened.


One man, he was blown 15 feet and killed instantly. Okay.

And the other four, their eardrums were -- just popped.

They tried to escape, but it's also completely dark because the explosion also blew out the lights.

So they can't see, they can't hear, and they're overcome by the toxic fumes.

And this was a huge story. It was front-page news.

I mean, nobody should die this way.

No, nobody.

I see this muddy path.

The path leads to a cave.

It goes downward.

I saw three arms sticking out of the mud.

and I felt like they -- all three of them were males.

Maybe they're trying to leave, but they get sucked back.

They're dead.

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So far, I've got newlyweds whose marriage is falling apart due to violent activity in a house with three family members all died of heart attacks, but I want to see if there's anything else.

Searching through old records, I discovered a deadly fire that took place at a poor house only a mile from holly and mike's property.

Okay, so I'm heading over to meet a local journalist who knows all about this story.

He says this entire tragedy could've been avoided if a severely disturbed patient had not been left alone.

well, jon, I appreciate you helping me out with this case.

So this tragedy that happened right near my clients' house, what can you tell me about it?

Well, in the early 1800s, the state of ohio authorized the counties to build poor houses for indigent peoples.

In 1843, tuscarawas county built theirs about a mile from your clients' home.

And later on, they expanded to include a special building to house the mentally ill.

And here's a picture of what the place looked like.

So, jon, I know in past cases, mental hospitals were pretty bad as far as conditions went.

What was it like in this place?

The conditions weren't very good here either.

Patients were confined to cells, and they weren't supervised 24/7.

They didn't really receive any treatment.

Okay, so, basically, we got mental patients being treated like prisoners and not really getting proper care like they would today.

Yes. Alright, so, jon, on the phone, you mentioned that this whole mess was caused by an unsupervised "mental patient." who was it?

It was a woman named matilda crey.

She was 25 years old, and she was brought in here because she had been setting her clothing on fire.

Her clothing?

Alright, so she was already into starting fires.

Yes. So we know who the person is.

Take me through what happened.

One day in March of 1858, she fastened a rope out of her clothing and she threw it through the windows of her cell and it landed on a stove and the clothing caught fire and then that in turn ignited the whole building.

How bad did it get? It was really bad.

All five of the inmates inside were burned to death.

And that included matilda? Yes, the building had completely burned down, and the bodies were just blackened corpses.

And one of the newspaper accounts said that it was so bad that even the arms and legs were gone.

That's really sad.

Regardless of what people thought of the mentally ill back then, that's no way for anybody to die.

That group of dead people are still down here.

somebody was writing down 1-8-8-0, and I see 1-9-0-8.

Two groups, different times, but they all somehow are linked from here.

I feel like they are buried in the same area.

It's always dark for them.

It's always, always nighttime for them.

I think they're trying to figure out how to get out of here, but it hasn't gone well.

I'm seeing that little girl who can change her shape.

I think she killed the people there in the basement.

She just touches the ground.

She can kill a lot of people if she touches the ground.

I saw several disturbing things on my walk, but two stood out.

First, the group of dead trapped in the basement.

There were about 10 dead people and they retreated back into this brick wall.

One guy was the leader of the group, and he kind of stood in front of everybody, like, in a kind of protective stance.

Next, I described the angry man melding with a living person.

He was tall.

Mid-neck-length hair.

And make sure he's got, you know, full face.


amy, is this what you saw?


Now that amy and I have completed our investigations, we're ready to reveal our findings to each other and our clients for the first time.

So, amy, I'd like you to meet holly and her husband, mike.

Now, these two guys are newlyweds and should be having the time of their lives.

But activity in this house is so bad, it's tearing them apart.

Not only that, they're raising two little boys here... - Mm.

...And now they worry that the kids aren't safe, as well.

So unless amy's got some questions for you guys, I'll ask her to describe her walk for us.

when I first arrived, I went down to the basement.

I saw people, so I thought you may hear voices down there.

I do hear voices in the basement quite frequently.

If you're down there, for sure, you'd feel watched.

You may catch them out of the corner of your eyes or see shadowlike figures.

When she said "feeling of being watched," tell amy, what's going on down there with that.

I am very uncomfortable.

Usually when I go down there, I feel like something's constantly watching me in the basement.

You know, holly also told me about seeing shadowy figures down there.

I did have a sketch done of what I saw.

aw, geez.


I can see why I feel as uncomfortable as I do.

It just seems like everybody's watching me from that room.

Very creepy.

So what else did you encounter?

The next dead person that I met was this elderly woman.

She had children, and she looked to me to be like in her 80s.

At some point, she owned this house.

I know that.

She does not want living people here.

It doesn't sit well with me at all.

You and I, when we first talked, you felt like this was never your home.

Yeah. Explains why.

So, not many people lived in this house, and as far as I could tell from the chain of title, only one woman ever owned it.

And that woman was arlene rothacher.

Now, she was a mother of two.

She was a widow who lived here with her daughter in the '70s and '80s.

Then in 1987, she was sitting right here in this room watching tv, when she had a massive heart attack and died.

She was 63.

Interesting. Anything else?

So when I went upstairs, and then I went into the room to the left.

Okay, so that's your bedroom.

I saw an angry older dead guy.

When he was alive, he spent an extended amount of time at this location.

I got him arguing with another male.

He is extremely angry, and he regrets his life.

He feels like it was a complete failure.

It's not a lot to go on, but it's enough for me to take a shot in the dark with this one.

Now, you remember I told you about arlene rothacher, right?

Well, her husband was a guy named rudy.

So now rudy bought this property back in 1946, but then he built this house brick-by-brick with his own hands.

You said the guy was angry, he felt like a failure.

Well, he ran a coal-mining company with his brothers, but they ran out of coal, and the business went belly-up.

Now, you saw this guy arguing another man.

Now, rudy had major problems with his son, richard.

In 1967, at the height of the vietnam war, richard went awol from the army.

This had to be especially embarrassing for rudy, 'cause it was in the paper, locally, about how his son was a deserter.

In 1973, rudy had just finished dinner in the dining room and died of a massive heart attack and dropped dead.

The guy was only 55 years old.

Nine years later, the son I was talking about, richard, he was outside mowing the lawn, and he drops dead of a heart attack.

He was only 35 years old.

So now that's three members of the family all dying of heart attacks all right here on this property.

So I'm wondering if the father, rudy, might've been the guy you ran into.

I'd say it'd be his son.

The son? Yeah.

So now you said this guy was a big problem here. Why?

Upstairs, he was screaming, and he's like, "get out of here. I don't want you." in my bedroom, somebody told me that they didn't want me here and to get the hell out.


When he was around, his energy is very chaotic and aggressive.

His influence overall is that he would make you feel irritated and aggressive.

Why don't you tell amy why you think your marriage is on the rocks.

I have blackouts and sudden rage, and it's normally towards my husband.

And sometimes I don't even realize what I'm saying.

Waking up out of a blackout, I start coming to.

And he's just staring at me, like, "what the hell just happened?" so all this stuff that's going on, is this all richard?

Yeah, that sounds like him.

What I saw him doing upstairs in the bed was melding.

He wants to know you.

So I had a sketch done of what I saw happening.

I think you guys are gonna like this.

so that could be why you're uncomfortable when you're in bed.

Yeah, I just felt movement around my feet and I looked down and my blanket's all wrapped up underneath my feet.

So you do think it's him and not you?

It might be both of them.

Now, you got held down in bed.

It felt like somebody was taking their hand like this and going up my leg.

And when the got up to my shoulder area, they pushed me so hard my face was, like, stuffed into my pillow, and I couldn't move.

Is richard messing with both of them?

I mean, it seems like it?

I think it's disgusting, quite honestly.

Honestly, I think it's kind of cool.

The guy's a **** and you think it's cool?


So he's leaving part of himself, you know, with you guys, which is really bad 'cause he's dead.

It's dead energy.

He doesn't even need to be here.

He needs to go. Okay.

I'm afraid to even ask. Is there more?

Well... Aw, geez.

Alright. Boy.

What I'm most concerned about is a little dead girl.

So, you know, I was out back, and all of a sudden she becomes this, like, bizarre animal-creature thing.

The dead told me that she comes from the trees, from the woods.

She's basically been here -- or it has been here since the beginning of time and has never been human.

Now, amy, these guys have a friend named zac.

He told me he saw an animal thing by the trees in the backyard up on top of the hill here.

He said it almost looked like a deer standing up.

**** obviously, it freaked him out.

Have you guys seen this thing? I haven't, no.

It doesn't want living people here.

I felt that she had killed the people in the basement.

The other thing is that she is fixated on a child that's here.

I think that she does this sometimes, takes people, living people.

So what happens when she takes them?

They disappear.

My youngest told me he's seen a little girl here.

Not good.

The older boy is the one that the girl wants to take.

He's not verbal. He's autistic.

But I can tell he communicates with something.

I feel sick knowing that this is going on.

There's something that's going on with the kids, amy, that I want you to see.

These kids are waking up with these marks, and these guys are also getting attacked.

These are scratches.

This is the back of mike's arm. Not good.

This is holly's leg.

The attack on you guys, that's richard.

The kids, I'm pretty sure it's the girl.

I don't like this.

so, holly, you thought something here was trying to tear you and mike apart.

Turns out, you were right.

You also thought your kids might be in danger.

Unfortunately, right again.

Now to answer the big question -- can you stay here and fight, or is it time to cut your losses and save your family and get out?

For that answer, I'm gonna turn it over to amy.

So, the first thing that needs to be done is that arlene and richard are to be removed.

So what I would like to do is bring my team up to handle this.

Then one member of the team, who will be a very gentle, calm male, will be in your basement working with those dead people to move them on.

Once that's done, the team will need to work on setting up communication with the thing outside.

They will need to establish a wall, a barrier between your home and yard and what it considers its space.

I am not certain how this will go at that point, the team will be able to tell you if they can do anything.

And if they can't, then that would mean you would have to leave.

I'm not sure where I stand on that situation.

So --

I guess I need to experience something so I can actually -- so you need to experience one of the kids disappearing?

No, no.

So you're believing about the dead people, but the thing up in the mountain here, you're not too up in the air about it?

Yeah, yeah.

I'll leave.

No question.

It's not like this place is pretty populated.

This ain't brooklyn. I can tell you that.

This is -- there's no-frigging-body out here.

Couple of deer? You know, how you doing?

That's it, right? Yeah.

He's always gonna be a bit skeptical.

And that's fine and that's fine.


But I believe if it comes down to the team saying, you know, it's just gonna get worse and that's not going to leave, and I'll move out the next day.

She says she's gonna leave.

Are you gonna go with her?

well, yeah, that's my wife. you know, push comes to shove, you got to do what's best.

I really hope the team is able to set up a barrier from the thing outside that's trying to steal their side.

If they can do that and remove the dead inside the home, holly and mike can stay and lead a safe and peaceful life.

hi, everyone. I just wanted to jump on here and give a quick update.

The team that amy suggested came in, they cleared all the negative energy, moved all the spirits on that needed to be moved on, and we've had no paranormal activity.

My husband, mike, and the boys have been doing great.

I just want to thank everybody for coming out and... Yeah.

Everything's amazing.

So... Thanks again.