01x05 - Exposed

Okay, you know what we're not going to do?

We're not going to shoot one of those videos where we watch people die.

Your father, how he loved to see me get out of his car.

Thank you for staying.

Expecting somebody?

Uh, no.

Wrong address.

And I know you are not selling drugs out of this house.

You know I'd never do anything like that.

I can meet you somewhere for a drink unless you're meeting someone.

Yeah, yeah, I am.

I'm sorry for hurting you.

You said that.

But I've never said I'm filing for divorce.

I told Avery today.

That's not how it happened.

You totally pursued me.

You obviously knew who I was.

Well, I watch CNN.


You really feeling yourself, huh?

I am on practically every billboard around town.

Come on now, let's be real.

You would be at the gym, exercising and arching your back just so you could throw it all in my face.

You know you were feeling me first.

I was not arching my back in the gym.

Who does that?

Okay, maybe I did a little bit.

Yeah, exactly.

It worked.

You didn't tell me you were married, though.

Yeah, about that.

I was too busy watching your arch.



So you like the place?

I mean, it's not done.

It will be done.

Isn't that cool?

That's what I wake up to every morning.

I always wanted a loft.

And now you can stay over at my place for a change.

That'll be nice.

I'd like that.

How much you like it?

How much?

Show me how much.

Oh, that much?

Kind of like this.

Kind of like that?

Come back.

Knock, knock!

Hey, up here, up here.

We're all here?

Mr. Daniels, nice to see you.

Good to see you too, Leanne.

Watch your step.

Thank you.

Somebody I want you to meet.

Uh, this is my lovely lady.

Mary Jane, this is Leanne.

Hi, a pleasure to meet you.

I love your show.

Oh, thank you.

So the place is ready, right?

I'm itching to move in.

Unfortunately, it's not going to be ready for another month.

What happened to around-the-clock?

We were good in a week.

Well, I do have a couple of other vacancies coming up next month that fit your specs.

Oh, next month is no good.

You're killing me, Leanne.

Don't worry, Dre, you'll find something.

Can we, uh, have a moment?

Oh, sure.

Okay, appreciate it.

It doesn't work, babe.

I told her I need to move out now.

It means I'd have to stay in a hotel, which I guess I could do.

You're not going to stay at a hotel.

You'll stay with me until this place is finished.

She said a month.

You sure?

I'm sure.

This is what you want.

Maybe I did flirt with you first.

You're too good for me.

I got chips and the wine.

I've got the glasses.

And I like your onesie.

Oh, God, get down, get down!


Please, please, get down!


What am I getting down for?

Oh God, it's Mark from SNC.

He lives down the street.

He takes my trash out.

What is he doing taking your garbage out?

Oh, it's no big deal.

He just helps me out.

He helps out.


You sure you guys just work together?

You sure?

Trust me, that's all we do.


All right.

I think I can handle trash day from now on, baby.




Call me the trash man.

Mmm, the trash man.

Do I have to crawl out or can I get up and walk out?

I think the coast is clear.


Good morning.

I love rainy days.

Good morning.


Green tea?

Yeah, you said you was trying to stop coffee.

Um, I don't really know how to bring this up, but... I found homework when I was unpacking.

You got something you want to tell me?

No, they're for the sign off for my show.

But it's like a lot, baby.

I mean, this is a lot.

Most people, you know, they type this stuff up on the computer.

They don't scribble it on paper.

Yeah, like crazy people, right?

That's why I didn't want to tell you.

I like having them up around the house, but most people don't get it, so...

No, it's all right.

I get it.

I already know you're crazy.

Put it up, put them everywhere.

Put 'em... I don't know... put them on your headboard.

I don't care.

Put them on your head.

I will.

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."

Alice Walker.

Do you want to have breakfast?


Do you want to have breakfast?

Do you want to have breakfast?

I want to, but I can't.

I got my son's basketball game in an hour.

What about lunch?

I can't.

I have the Founders' Tea for the charity gala with my mom.

Oh, you would not believe how much those women care about floral arrangements.

So no breakfast, no lunch.


So I guess that means I'll see you later, then?


Yes, you will.

Don't you say home.

You know.

Well, damn.

Put one of my quotes up.

Is that you smelling like that?

Look at...

We might need to change up.

Where your mama...

Grandpa should.

I want to see you change this diaper.

I'm not changing anybody's...

That's your job right here, that's...

Hey, Mom.

Helen, how was the tea?


I would love to know why you didn't get a platinum table this year?

Come on, baby.

Let's go see what your cousins are doing.

All right, Dad.

I need a nap.

Helen, we already talked about this.

With Paul Jr.'s tuition, fixing the roof, our medical expenses, we just couldn't do it all.

I'm not asking for you to do it all.

I'm just asking for you to get a platinum table for the charity I helped build.

Helen, you know our situation.

What am I supposed to do?

We just can't live the way we used to.

Oh, but you still golf at the country club... don't you?

This is a sacrifice we had to make.

It's only temporary.

Temporary has come and gone.

I am tired of making sacrifices.

The house isn't in order.

Full of kids and grandkids and their kids.

I have gone through too much with my health and now I'm feeling great again.

And even more than that, I deserve this.

I deserve to get out, have a great time and be with our element.

So fix it.


It was an honest mistake.

I mean, this table means so much to our family.

It's tradition.

So is there any way we can make a table swap?

While I'm honored that you thought of me, I have... waited to get a platinum table for a long time.

I can't just give it away.

Oh no, no, of course not.

Listen, I'm willing to pay the difference for the table.


Now you know me better than that.

Money is a good start, but I know what I have to offer.

The question is, what are you going to offer me?

Everyone, can I have your attention?

We just landed the Ferguson account.

All right.

They loved our work, they really loved it, all right.

And they can't wait to get started.

Thank you, all of you, for all your long hours.

Now let's put in some longer hours and kick some ass.

We got champagne in the conference room.

All right.

Hey, good work, man.

Thank you.


So, um, the changes that we made, did they like them?

The ones that we made over the weekend?

It's what sealed the deal.

And your hard work is not going unnoticed.

As soon as you graduate, man, this internship can turn into something permanent.

You just keep doing what you're doing.

You know I will.

Let's go celebrate.

All right, let's do it.

What's up?

It's about Terrence Mitchell.

There's a story breaking involving the prison expose he wrote.

Apparently, his main source on all those articles is recanting his story.

He says he lied and Terrence knew.

Terrence is being accused of journalistic fraud.

That's crazy.

Crazy enough to be true.

I mean, think about it, MJ.

Those articles sparked prison reform in Iowa and launched Terrence's career.

Why would his informant change his story now?

Well, he was arrested again and probably cut a deal, but that doesn't mean he's lying.

No, what it means is he's trying to save his own ass.

Kara, come on.

We know Terrence.

We know him.

He and I have been tight since junior year at Northwestern.

We've had him on the show how many times?

Come on.

We have to have the team check into this.


He hasn't given an interview.

So why don't you reach out to him, get him on the show?

I would do it, but I think this needs your personal touch.

I don't believe it.

I don't know, MJ.

The longer I live, the more I realize we're all living big, fat lies.

Oh, babe, what a great gift.

I love it.

Terrence Mitchell, that is a bad brother.

What you know about him?

You kidding me?

Who didn't read those prison articles in "The Washington Post"?

Dirty guards, dead inmate, warden that tried to cover it up.

People were talking about that scandal for weeks.

Still are.

You know, baby, I got some boys that are locked up and I always feel like Terrence speaks up for those that can't speak up for themselves.

So now that you have completely made my day, how was your day?

Oh, let's see.

Uh, my mom is driving my dad crazy about this gala.

Spending money they don't have.

How long did Mom have you on the phone?

An hour.

'Til I just couldn't take it anymore.

You should meet my Betty... or they should meet.

Oh, what else, what else?

I was wondering... who I'm going to take to the gala.

Aren't you going with your family?

I mean, I am, but...

I can't go, MJ.


Too many people know I'm married.

It's enough that I'm already divorcing her.

I don't think I should publicly embarrass her, too.

She doesn't deserve that.

I hate that we... we can't tell anybody about us.

We can't go anywhere.

I mean, at some point, we'll have to be public.

But you can't put all this on me now.

Come on, you're hiding me, too.

Mark took the trash out the other night, it wasn't like you were exactly excited about showing me off.

But I want to change that, though.

Okay, well, I want to change it too, but now's not the time.

I can't go to the gala.

All right, we'll do a prerecorded piece, bring the audience up to speed at the top of the block and then we'll go straight into our one-on-one.

And are you highlighting some of my key achievements, like career, community, activism?

Terrence, please, you are not writing my copy.

I'm not trying to write your copy, but let's be clear.

You're getting an exclusive.

And you're getting a powerful platform to tell your story.

True, but I'd still like to see the questions before we go on air.

Not gonna happen.

Look, how would you like it if somebody came into your house trying to run the show?

I shut they ass down.

So I'm shutting your ass down.

Don't take offense.

It isn't true, is it?

Please don't insult me when you know there's another 24-hour news outlet right down the street.


Kara, what's up?


How you doing?

Good to see you.

Good to see you.


I gotta get out of here.

All right, I'll see you tomorrow.

All right.

Let's get out tomorrow after the show.

Sounds good.

All right.

Okay, bye-bye.

We have proof he's lying.


Hello, Glen.

Paul Patterson here.

Good morning, Mr. Patterson.

Listen, uh, did you receive that fax from my portfolio manager?

Yes, I received a fax from Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

The wire transfer has been authorized from the sell of your Vantage Airline stock.

No, no, that was a partial sell.

I'll always own a piece of that company.

I put in too many years there.

Oh, excuse me, partial sell.

Glen, would you send me a copy of my account balance, please?

No problem, just e-mailed it over if you want to hang on.


That can't be right.

Hey, I have a meeting with Ray Landers.

You must be Paul.

Please, come in.

Thank you.

You come highly recommended.

Yeah, well, uh, Sharice has been good to me.

How do you know her again?

Oh, let's just say my wife helps keep that place afloat, she buys so many shoes.

Come on, let's go into the kitchen.


You wanted an eighth of organic Bubba and an eighth of King Louis XIII.

And since you're a first-time customer, I'll throw in these pre-rolled snow cones.

That'll be 300 bucks even.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

Remember, I'm just a phone call away.

What's up, Mary Jane?

Hey, Terrence.

Uh, can I have a second, please?


Thanks, Lance.

What's up?


You okay?

No, actually.

Um, it's about the show.

Uh, so my team broke a story...

Wait, wait, don't tell me.

You're bumping me for a bigger news story.

No, no.

Uh, it's about your Ft. Jasper articles.

Your ex-girlfriend Raina... she's come forward.

Well, Raina's my ex for a reason, right?

Yeah, no, I get that, but did you ever at any point tell her that some of the facts in your articles are fabricated?

Wait a second.

Why are you asking me that?

Okay, 'cause, Terrence, not only does she remember it, she recorded it.


Maybe I embellished a few details about Ft. Jasper, but we both know this corruption is happening all over.

Every word I wrote describing the heinous treatment of prisoners is true.

It's just another form of slavery, Mary Jane, and you know it.


My articles have sparked reform in Iowa.

Now we starting to make strides in Ohio.

Nonviolent criminals are serving time in community-based programs.

Rehab facilities, not prison.

They've helped change legislation and holding big businesses like CFF accountable.

This is a good thing, Mary Jane.

No, it's a bad thing, 'cause everything you've accomplished, all that progress, has been compromised.

It's only compromised if you put Raina on the show.

Do you think that we're the only news source that'll run with this, huh?

Honey, this is breaking news whether we air this or not, so what I am saying to you, what I am... what I am offering you is to have a voice in how this whole thing plays out.

I am not walking into an ambush.

Why don't you put another guard on?

Another inmate?


Just leave her out of this.

You can't ask me to do that.

How are you asking me to do it?

I thought we were friends.

Five-minute warning.

Just... just think this through.

It's not just about me.

If you put her on, all of this goes down the drain.

All of it.

Well, it certainly has been an eye-opening show.

We did reach out to Terrence Mitchell to come on and give his side of the story, but he declined.

I'd like to thank my guest Raina Hilson for shedding some light on this evolving story and in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take what you please, you can never have both."

I'm Mary Jane Paul and thank you for listening.

You're out.

Nice show.

Make sure the lineup is on the main teleprompter.

Great show.

Hey, babe.


Want to talk about it?




Well, I think you did the right thing.

What's going on, Dad?

You got an extra job I don't know about?

Extra job, what are you talking about?

I spoke with Glen today and he accidentally e-mailed me a printout of your account.

You want to tell me why you have $78,000 in the bank?

Dad, this is... this is clearly a bank error.

Do you think if I had $78,000 in my account, I'd still be living at the house?

Now, I have $7,800 in my account.

Why do you have that much?

I took out a student loan.

Look, I can see things are tight around the house, you know, and I didn't want to add stress to you and Mom.

I thought it would help.

You want to help, Paul?



I mean, first it was law school, now it's architecture.

We support you... but it's time for you to be a man and get this done.

Pay off the loan and come to me next time.

You understand?

I understand.

Don't do this again.

My God.

Helen, you look amazing.


I'd lie and say I threw this together, but you know me better than that.



How's the family?

Oh, thank you for asking.

We're all doing well.

Paul and I were just saying that we may be going traveling overseas again.

And Mary Jane's show is more popular than ever.

And my baby, oh, Paul Jr.

He's just a year from being an architect.

Paul, Paul Jr.?


This is Sharice and Greg.

Show my friends your latest drawings of my dream house.

I don't have it on me, Mom.

Well, trust me, Sharice.

They're brilliant.


Remind me again why we're alone at this event?

We're not.

We have each other.

Oh, I like that.

Oh, you clean up well, Patrick.

So do you.

Thank you.

You look good.

Thank you, Mom.

What, you didn't bring your married guy tonight? - Shut up.

You're welcome.

Did you guys discuss the show already?

Oh, we don't have to talk about that.

Talk about what?


That Terrence Mitchell segment.

Yeah, you slayed him.

I didn't slay him.

I just reported the facts.

She called him out.

Shoot, that's business as usual with you, huh, Mary Jane?

Well, he lied.

If anybody knows black people can't mess up, it's us and that was his fault.


I think I'm gonna freshen your mother's drink.

So nice to have you join us, Lisa.

Thank you.

Oh, look, there's David.

Mom, don't do that.


Don't do that, Mom.

Don't, don't.

Hey, Mrs. Patterson, how are you?


Lovely, as always.

Are you getting taller?

I'm trying.

What up, D?

What's up, son?

You good?

Hey, I'm good, I'm good.

Hey, I'm still waiting on those Hawks tickets you promised.

I got you, I told you.

Just let me know what game, all right?

Okay, okay.

Is that David?

Looking sharp.

Thank you, sir.

How'd that buyout meeting go?

Did they meet the demands we discussed?

They absolutely did.

Every one of them.

You're selling In The Cut?

Well, I'm in negotiation.

It's not a done deal but... your father's been advising me, so it's looking good.

But that's your baby.

Well, for $12 million, he can buy a new baby and start a new online sensation.

Oh, enough business, gentlemen.

David, sit down and join us.

Well, I would love to, but I'm proud to say I actually have my own table this year.

Oh my.

A generous donation.

Well, you can't say I didn't listen to your call to action.

I've always wanted to be more involved and now I can be.

Oh, excuse me, we need all the founders for a quick photo op.

That's you.

We'll talk another time.


We need all the founders for a quick photo op.


You look incredible.

Thank you.

Haven't spoken to you in a minute.

Yeah, we haven't spoken in a while, but you still are talking to my parents.

What are you saying?

Just can't we can't get it together, I'm supposed to cut off your family, too?

Basically, yeah.

That's usually how it works.

We're a package deal.

You're wearing the cufflinks.

Oh, yeah, I love these cufflinks.

Do you?


I bought them two years ago.

I've never seen you wear them.

They're expensive cufflinks.

Where's a computer geek gonna wear something like this?

It's not like I got a lot of galas on my calendar, you know?

You do now.

Yeah, I guess I do.

Oh, I think my mom got you...

You got lipstick right there.

Can you get it for me?

No, I told you where it is so you can get it yourself.



You know, last year, you...

Yeah, a lot has changed since last year.

May I have your attention?

Thank you.

We are so excited that this is the 30th Annual Jack and Jill Gala.

And the money we've raised tonight will benefit the United Negro College Fund.

And now, we'd like to acknowledge the people who have built this legacy.

We want to welcome back Helen Patterson.

Oh, we have missed you the last two years.

Thank you.

I just want to say a few words.

As a founder member, I am just so happy and blessed to share this moment with all of you.

It warms my heart to see all your faces because without you, none of this would be possible.

I'd also like to implore all you young people who are going out in the world today to give back, help keep this organization going.

David Paulk...

I am delighted by the goal you have set by your peers.

Despite a demanding schedule, you have carved out time and effort for all of us and we are so grateful.

I must say, uh... my dreams of welcoming you to our family have not subsided.

We're not getting any younger, David.

So... cheers to our children's future and education because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.



Why are you in here when David's out there?

'Cause that was way too much.

Like... way too much.

Mary Jane, you guys have always been playing these games.

Aren't you tired of it?

You're 38.

It's not cute any more.

If he was interested, he'd step up.

Maybe you need to step up.

What more do you need?

He's here alone, he still talks to your family.


God's trying to tell you something.


'Cause God sounds an awful lot like my pushy but well-meaning friend.

I'm going to say it.

You were wrong.

David was right not to trust you.

It's your move.

What are you going to do?

Uh, hold on, Miss Paul.

I'd like a word.

I caught your show today on Terrence Mitchell.

Oh, thank you.

Well, actually, I should be thanking you for being one more black woman to bring down a black man.

Terrence Mitchell brought himself down.

He had a responsibility to do his job ethically and so do I.

Uh, hold on.

White people lie all the time to push forward their agendas and what happens?

Not a damn thing.

But you want to talk about ethics?

Hold on, we're not done yet.


Yeah, you are.

Brother, we were just talking.

What's wrong, you didn't hear me?

Talk's over.

It's not the time or the place, bro.

You all right?


How many hours you got left in those shoes?

Why are you asking?

'Cause I want to dance with you.

It's a fast song.

I think I can hang with you.


Potential investor.


I'll give him some attention and then I'll find you, okay?

Incredible dress.

Oh, thank you, Kathryn.

You're looking well.

Oh, thank you, thank you very much.

Kathryn, would you like to dance?

Yes, I would love to.

What do you think you're doing?

You wanted a platinum table, didn't you?

Came to my parents' table and I couldn't even get a hello?

Not here, Paul.

You know why he's dancing with her, right?

So I can have this table.

Mom, you pimped Dad out.

Watch your language.

It's not a Demi Moore movie.

Go get Daddy.

What are you waiting on?

I got this.

You ready for that dance?

I can't believe the band is playing "Gin and Juice."

Are we that old?


Now, don't get stiff on me.

Boy, please.

You know I taught you to dance.

Well, let's go then.

You've got to be kidding me.

You remember the first time I played this for you?

Right before I sold all my CDs, going after the dream.

That's right.

You've come a long way.

And I'm happy for you.

I've always loved your perfume.

Your heart is racing.

I tried to call you a few weeks back.

Booty call?

You know damn well you and me were never a booty call.

I wanted to tell you before you heard it in the streets.


I'm seeing someone.


Yeah, it's, uh, it's only been a few months, but it's moving kind of fast.

How fast?

Like... are you living together?

When she's in town.



Thank you for the dance.

Wait, you okay?

Where you going, baby?

Hey, look...



You have enough energy left for a dance?

No, I'm tired.

And you look beat, too.

Yeah, I guess I'm pretty tired.

You stayed out late.

You have a good time?

It was okay.

I'm going to change out of this dress.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there tonight.

I promise next year it'll be you and me.

I promise.