01x06 - Hindsight is 20/40

Of course she's gonna keep having babies if you keep taking care of them.

This is the only rent your mother and I ask of you, Patrick.

I don't need to take the test, cause I know it'll come back dirty.

And I know you are not selling drugs out of this house.

You know I'd never do anything like that.

That'll be 300 bucks, even.


Okay, just give Mommy one minute.

I'll be right back, okay?

Here I go breaking a little boy's heart again.

I'm filing for divorce.

I told Avery today.

You're not gonna stay at a hotel.

You'll stay with me until this place is finished.

Is that David?

I'm seeing someone.

Okay, um, thank you for the dance.



You're late, what happened?

I left you a message.

Traffic was backed up all the way to Cascade.

Oh, I guess I didn't hear my phone.

I gotta go check on the lamb.


What do you think?

Think about what?



It's good.


What's going on, Dre?

You've been acting funny all night.

I ran into my boy, and he actually went to the gala, too, and he was talking about it, he said it was real cool.

And so he showed me these photos, and it's funny, because, he showed me this one of his wife.

Spying on me?

Are you screwing him?

Are you serious?

You're being serious.

I mean, was I just his replacement?

Are you serious?


I'm really serious, cause I'm out here blowing my life up for you, that's all.

Oh, for me?

Yeah, for me.

You're blowing your life up for me?

I said that, I'm not gonna repeat it.

You should be blowing your life up because your marriage sucks, not for me.

You need to get that straight, brother.

Kidding me, for me?

Not me.

You want me to read that text?


Cause I'll read it.

Please do.

Okay, first one.

"When are you coming home?"

"Daddy, where are you?", "Daddy."

That's what I have to deal with.

Then tell them.

Tell them, tell them.

Where do they think you are, Zimbabwe?

Oh, that's so funny, Mary Jane.

And please, in your expert opinion, can you tell me what I should say to my kids?

The truth!

There's a thought.

"Hey, kids.

I am divorcing your mother."

Is that an exact quote from one of "Talkback"'s pundits?

Huh, is it exact?

No, no, no, 'cause your way is so much better.

It's actually genius.

Yeah, so how long is this business trip supposed to last, anyway?

I'm going to tell them!

Great, when?

What do you want from me, huh?


Whenever, okay?

If you don't want me here, just say it and I'll be out.

But don't use some lame excuse about me not talking to my son and daughter as the reason you're lying about David.


Wait, wait.

Oh, so you get to say what you want to say, and we're just gonna walk away, right?

No, we can't have a grown-up conversation?

It stopped being a grown-up conversation a long time ago.

Yeah, right around the time you threw that picture in my face.

I didn't throw a damn picture in your face.

Yes you did!

Dre, wait, where are you going?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that, I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

Just... let's just talk, okay?

I'm sorry!




Where'd you go last night?

I went and took a drive.

Dre, I know you and Avery are still trying to unravel your marriage.

And I guess it's okay, 'cause David and I are still unraveling, but...

I just don't think we can unravel under the same roof.

You were right.

You should get your own place.

MJ, we got in a fight, okay?

That's what couples do, they fight.

Hold on!



Who's that?

Don't worry about that, what's going on?

The cops are looking for me.

Look, I went into Chris' apartment to re-up, okay?

And at first, everything was cool.

I mean, we were laughing, joking, talking.

And that's when I hear like, a boom!

These Mexican dudes bust in, and they're yelling and screaming, talking about, "Give me your money, give me my money, Give me my money!"

I think they had guns.

Drug dealers tend to have guns.

Go on.

I don't know, I guess one of Chris' neighbors heard what was going on and called the cops, 'cause then I hear sirens, and then I'm panicking, and then I jump out the bathroom window.

Do you know what would have happened if the cops caught you?

It's just weed, 'Letta.

That's why you jumped out of a second story window and ran all the way here, 'cause it was just weed?

Did you talk to your friend at the precinct?

Uh, yeah.

Your friend Chris is over at Grady's being stitched up.

They shot him?

Pistol whipped him.

They're calling it a drug-related home invasion.

And they found your phone and backpack with five grand in it.

Oh my God, PJ!

You know what?

Don't, don't.

Let me give you the headline, kiddo.

Son of Vantage Airlines' first black COO and brother of SNC anchor Mary Jane Paul arrested for drug dealing.

This isn't just about you!

How did you make this about you?

Look, look, I think the best thing at this point would be for me and you, PJ, to go down and talk to the cops.

I'm not talking to the cops.

The cops are gonna talk to you, all right?

But if we initiate everything, it looks like you have nothing to hide, 'cause right now, it looks like you have everything to hide.

This isn't a request.

Son, you got a second?

Yes, sir?

I wanted to wait till you got through the gala to talk to you about that drug test.

I told you I didn't want to take it because I knew what it would say.

But I swear, I haven't used since then.

And I've been going to N.A. five days a week now.

You've seen me go.

Have a seat, Have a seat.

I've seen you go, but I don't know if you're going to N.A. or not.

You moved back into this house and we had an agreement.

No drugs.

I know, but...

I haven't told your mother, and I'm not going to.

But, I'm gonna test you every week from now on.

I'm moving out, Dad.

Wait a minute.

I haven't kicked you out.

I'm a 42-year-old man sleeping on a pull-out couch in his parents' house, peeing in a cup for his father every month.

Every week now.


We can't rescue you anymore.

If you leave this time, that's it.

And I need you to mean it this time.

That detective friend you know down at the precinct?


You trust him?

You really think he can help?

I'll definitely try.

We served in Bosnia together.

Rawlins is a good cat, he's good people.

Thank you for helping PJ.

Of course I'm going to help him.

I love you.

I have something for you.

You sure?

Couples fight all the time, right?

And they make up all the time, too.

...subsequent power vacuums and instability to...

Hey, Mom.

Your father says Pat's moving out.


That's what I want to know.

And of course, he didn't ask, so who knows?

And Niecy's about to have her baby.

And you know, she's planning on getting her tubes tied.


She's already called on four doctors...

Mom, I gotta go.


Okay, just so I'm clear.

You took a bus from Cascade Heights to Alpharetta to get someone's telephone number.

Yeah, and that I'm cool with Chris too, so.

Come on, let's not, all right?

Stop it, stop it, let's not do that.

Come on, you went to score some weed.

That is why you had a backpack full of cash.

I was trying to tell you that I was bringing Chris money for a down payment on a car.

All right, that's why I had the backpack.

He said he could get me a good deal.

Give us a minute.

Go out in the hallway.

You're excused.

Shut the door behind you.

Gunnery Sergeant.

Who's this clown here?

He's a friend, I need a favor.

Okay, okay, I got you.

I got you.

Thank you.

Let me ask you a question though.

Yeah, shoot.

What's going on with you and Avery, huh?

Come on.

Really, Ced?

Look, she told Sharon that you left her for an actress?

First of all, she's a news anchor.

And the clown is her baby brother.


Oh, man.

I saw her, she's cute.

And that must be good.

Come on, man, you're way out of line.

You're out of line here.

Listen, come on.

Ced, come on, man.

Listen to me.


It's not gonna work, man.

What's not gonna work?

Because there's no way a woman like that is going to turn over her life, make space for you, your ex, and all y'all's kids.

I didn't want to tell you this, but you know, Marcus has been sniffing around, too.

He took Avery out last night.

All I'm saying.

Don't mess up the kids.

We both grew up without fathers.

Yeah, I'm there for my kids, all right, Ced?

They're not growing up without their father.

I'm there for my kids.

Well, if not, I'm sure Marcus will be.

Really, really good show.

Thanks, you too.

Thank you.

So what the hell, MJ?

Are you going to ask me why I was crying in the car this morning?

I mean, I did see you.

I guess I just figured you would tell me when you were ready, and we made a pact.

No tears in the office.



No tears.

Technically, I was still in my car.

So why were you crying?

If I talk about it now, I might start crying again.

Well, then don't say anything.

I just need to talk to somebody though, because, you know, I don't have time after work.

Okay, come here.

Come here.


Say it now, you got like, a 30 second window, go.


John and I had another argument this morning when I went to pick the kids up.

Oh, you're tearing up, go, run.

Just run.



Thanks for helping me out in there.

Don't thank me, thank your sister.

She's the only reason I'm here.

So I thought you said you were going to get my stuff back.

They seized it, it's part of the investigation.


Of who?

They didn't charge me.

Even Rawlins can't keep my money like that, man.

It's illegal.

So is buying marijuana in the state of Georgia.

But go back in, talk to him.

Inform him of your rights.

I'm sure that'll make his day.

You know, the state of Georgia and Rawlins can kiss my black ass.

That's reckless and stupid.

Yeah, well, how many degrees do you have, Gunnery Sergeant?

Zero, okay, zero.

But my non-degree ass is the only reason yours just walked out of the APD.

Everybody does a little dirty, come on, man.

Oh, here we go.


Joseph Kennedy bootlegging during Prohibition.


Hey, hey.

Hey, everybody knows his story, man.

It's the American way.

No, here's the American way.

If they had offered Chris McCoy the deal that Rawlins just offered you, Chris would have proffered your black ass up in a heartbeat.

Get a clue.

So you just keep pressing your TWS khakis, okay?

All that education, I guess, is overrated.

Get in the car, man, I gotta get to work.

Come on.

Stupid ass.

Everything looks good.

Do you have any questions about your scheduled Caesarean?

No, not really.

Guess you're an old pro now.

I guess.

So, I was wondering.

Do you perform tubal ligation surgery?

Niecy, why are you asking about tubal ligation?

Because I want one.

So do you perform them or not?

I do.

Mostly on women 25 years older.

There are a lot of other options.

I know, I know, the pill, the shots, the ring.

I've done all that.

I want something foolproof.

Sweetie, I think some of those options are a better option for you.


'Cause they're cheaper and I'm black?


Because you're young, Niecy.

Well, I want what the white women get.

Tubal ligation isn't just birth control.

It's serious surgery.

I know exactly what it is.

And, I want it done by somebody that I trust.

I want the surgery.

Does anyone have a copy of "Garcelle" magazine?


"Garcelle" magazine.

Please tell me why you randomly need a copy of "Garcelle."

David's girlfriend is on page 89.



40 bucks to the first person that gets their hands on a "Garcelle."

Anybody, somebody.

Quickly, people, I need one.

I found one, Miss Lynch.

Oh, thank you.

I don't have cash, but I'll catch you later.

Thank you.

All right, 89, 89.

Oh, hello.

Model swimwear.

Well, at least she's pretty.

I mean, pretty.

She's like, average.


Slightly above average, like, a six.

I was thinking a strong seven.


She's in a bathing suit.

You can't even take her seriously.

Mentors young girls.

What the hell is a fashionista blogger anyway?

I don't know.


I gotta go home.

Remember, we agreed.

No emotions at work.

Shut up.

Don't be jealous.

Guys, just be honest.

Tell Mom what you told me last night.

It's just that we spend so much time at Dad's now.

We have to take our stuff over there every single time, and then we gotta bring it all the way back home.

So, you think it would be easier to keep it at Dad's?

I don't know, maybe.

What do you think, Scotty, huh?

Well, sometimes at school, when the other moms come, they eat lunch.

Baby, you know we've talked about this, honey.

Mommy has to work.

Well, Jeremy's mom works, and she picks him up from school.

Yeah, and you never come to my games.

I was just there two weeks ago!

Come on, you guys, what is this?

I drive you boys to school every morning.

Yeah, like, super early.

All right, guys.

Why don't you run upstairs, get your gear, okay?

I wish it was different.

I know you've coached them.

I have not.

Yes you have.

'Cause that is not them.

You're not around anymore, Kara.

They need stability.

What do you want me to do, John, huh?

Do you want me to just stop working so I could chauffeur the kids around?

I think they should come live with me full-time.

I picked up some wine on my way home.


I just wanted to thank you for helping me out yesterday.

Don't thank me, that was Andre.

Oh, whatever, come on, 'Letta.

Look, you know I'm not just out here willy-nilly.

I do have a plan.

I mean, I'm gonna finish architecture school, and with me doing this little side hustle, when I graduate, I'm gonna get permits to build Mom's dream house on Berkeley Lake.

And you think that makes it okay?

Look, I've already put money down on the land.

Okay, the guy's gonna sell it to me for $300,000 right in the River District.

Do you have any idea how long it takes to raise that kind of money?

Come on, 'Letta, you've seen Mom.


She's getting old, sick all the time.

I have to do this now.


You remember that summer that Dad found out that Patrick was using again?

He went down to that dope house on Oliver Street looking for him.

You remember that?

I remember.

Mom and Dad got in that big fight.

And Dad left for six months.

And then, he found out that you got accepted to Georgia State.


He was so proud of you, PJ.

Honey, you're the good son.

Don't break Dad's heart.

I'm not Patrick.

I know, so I'm prepared to write you a check for $5,000 right now, just stop selling.

Stop throwing your money around, always trying to control me.

I wouldn't have to if everyone in this house didn't screw up all the time.


You can get out.



Don't come running to me when the cops are after you again.

Whatever, I gotta get to work.

Oh, selling weed?

Yeah, whatever, dude.

Okay, peanuts, bath time.

Ah ah, Hunter, in the water.

In the water.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.


No splashing Mommy.

I can finish these segment breakdowns on my own.

You have to work, I have to work.

I have tequila.

Oh, that's my girl.

Okay, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.

Ooh, right on time.

Yeah, baby.

Thank you.

Shall we toast?

Okay, to what?

First, to a great show.

And second?

John wants primary custody of the kids.


I hope you told him no.

I don't know.

He's turned them against me.

You're a great mother, Kara.

I'm never there, I'm always here.

Kara, go home, please, I got this.

No, see, I don't want to go home.

I mean, I want to see my kids, but I still want nightly news.

And I don't want to wear a scarlet letter for it.

It's really hard to admit it, but John is the better parent.

No tears at work.

All right.

Get on up.

It's okay.

It's okay, come on.

I have tried so hard.

It's okay.

I have tried so hard.

Let's just break all the workplace rules.

It's okay.

I know.

Thank you.

Your mom told me you were here.

What are you two doing?

You know it's our "Homeland" night.


Come check out Ana Hoem.

Ana who?

David's new girlfriend.


She's okay, maybe a six.


So why did Kara say she was a seven?

A strong seven at that.

She clearly rounded up.

Thank you.


So did you talk to Niecy about that whole tubal ligation thing?

You know I can't talk to you about that.

Doctor-patient confidentiality.

Okay, well, how about, "Doctor, I pay the bill" loyalty.

She's still my patient.

So is she gonna do it or not?

I'm not having this conversation with you, Mary Jane.

Okay, if she were to ask you, you know you have to say no, right?

And why is that?

Because she's 19!

And who do you think she's gonna ask to pay for it?

I wasn't gonna ask you to pay for it, Auntie.

Hey, Niecy.

Grandma already volunteered to do it.

She can't afford that.

She said she could.

You know, I knew you were gonna do this.

Do what?

Talk to Lisa.

Oh, right, and get up all in your business.


I'm going to get the surgery, whether Lisa does it or not.

Just, oh!

Trevyon, come here, baby.

Get your shirt on.

I know you see me standing here, Niecy.

You know I was thinking about getting my tubes tied.

I thought you were just talking.

You were the one who said that having babies shouldn't be my biggest achievement in life.

Yes, I did.

But tubal ligation, come on.

So what do you want me to do?

Just not have s*x?

Be celibate like Dr. Hudson?

That's an option.

Or birth control.

A condom, the pill.

There's 1,000 options, choose one.

But let's be really honest here.

You have been making some really, really poor choices lately.

Dante, I mean, how many chances are you going to give this guy?

After all the promises he made, does he stop by to check on you?


Does he take you to the doctor?


Does he make sure you have everything you need?

No, he leaves that for the rest of us.

Girls, girls.

You know better than this.

Come to Pop Pop, son, come on.

Sorry, Dad.

You don't need to be in this mess.

My, my, my, let's go.

Come on, son.

We can leave the women to their own devices.

I'm gonna read you a book, son.

I don't think Dante is a poor choice.

Because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have my daughter.

Exactly, Niecy!

You are 19, having your second baby.

You have no job and you live with your grandparents.

If it's all of that, then why are you so mad that I'm getting tubal ligation?

Oh, because you don't want me to make another poor choice.

I don't think of your kids as poor choices.

They're your choices.

I just want what's best for you.

You really think you know what's best for everybody.

Okay, can you stop deluding yourself for just one second?

Kids your age are in college.

They are studying abroad.

They are having amazing life experiences.

You have the rest of your life to have babies.

Like you?

Because you did everything right, right?

Where is your man?

Where are your kids?

Where's your happy ending?

I'm fine.

I am perfectly happy with my life.


Maybe I'm not the only one here that's deluding herself.

Hey, Mom?

You busy?


Come on.

Pauletta, now, you know Niecy's hormonal now.

She's right.

I'm not fine.

Aw, sure you are, baby.


I'm having an affair with a married man, Mom.

And every time I try to leave, I just get sucked back in.

Cry about it tonight.


Because you have to make it right in the morning.

That's all.


I'm home.

What's up?

Why don't you sit down?


What's up?

Yeah, we need to talk.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, you know, about, everything.

I've been a bitch the last couple days, like, just snapping on people.

And I realized the person that I really need to talk to is you.

I love you.

But I can't be in this relationship.

So that's it, we're done?

We're just done?

I mean, I ripped my...

I ripped my whole life up.

I have everything to lose, you have nothing to lose.

No, no, I lost too.

This isn't the life I wanted.

You know, what life did you want?

'Cause I guess I missed a memo.

So, can you please remind me what you want from me, what do you want?

I don't want to settle.

So, I'm a settle now.

I'm not good enough?

I don't understand you.

Hell, you don't understand you.

I've been trying to break this off.

Since when?

Since I found out you were married.

When you gave me the engagement ring.

When I found out you were still sleeping with Avery.

I tried.

One minute, we're fighting, and you're giving me ultimatums, and the next minute, we laughing and we making love, and you're wanting me to stay.

And now you want me to leave.

I feel like I'm fighting with my wife.

You don't love me.

You don't.

We're both just trying to make this shoe fit, and... it doesn't.

I can't do this, sorry.



Are you having an affair with Catherine Stafford?

Why would you ask me that, Helen?

Catherine is a vivacious woman.

And she was all over you at the gala.

Where is this coming from?

I know you still have needs.

And I know it's been hard with me, because of the lupus.

I can be hard sometimes.

I ain't afraid of you, woman.

I'm not going anywhere.

I think she'll take you back.

You love Avery, you love your kids.

You guys just gotta figure that stuff out.

You're going back to him, aren't you?

This isn't about David, Andre.

It's about me.

I'll get the rest of the stuff later?


Five, four...

I'd like to thank my guests today.

The road to recovery in Haiti has been fraught with accusations of anemic responses on the part of the US government, and non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross.

There is still reason to hope.

I think maybe American writer Carl Sandburg said it best.

"Though no one could go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new beginning."

I'm Mary Jane Paul. Thank you for watching.

We're out.