02x07 - Let's Go Crazy

Union: Previously on Being Mary Jane...

What does him being black have Anything to do with anything?

Terrence Mitchell, Shakir Stewart, all committed suicide.

40% of African-Americans admit to feeling like outsiders in the corporate culture.

So much for impartial reporting.

We're conducting focus groups on all our shows.

If she doesn't test well, she might lose her timeslot?

I have a business opportunity for you.

That's impressive, grasshopper.

Thank you. And I do want to make sure we're being transparent with Mary Jane.

Go out there and get your happiness.

And if it's not David, move on.

Is there a chance I can get pregnant with one of those four eggs?

Yes-- once you take the shot, you'll have 36 hours until extraction.

Once upon a time, you said, all I had to do was ask. ...do is ask.

I want your baby.

You sure about this?

(vacuum whirring)

woman: ♪ Sometimes we're insecure but fragile ♪
♪ Sometimes we laugh at each other ♪
♪ To make ourselves feel better ♪
♪ Sometimes we lie ♪
♪ Sometimes we say things ♪
♪ That we really don't mean ♪
♪ But in the moment... ♪

Sorry, did I wake you?





What are you doing?

I couldn't sleep with the hormone shots, but I had to do this anyway.

Vilma's not gonna come until next week, so-- what?

Listen, I'm kind of awkward about all this, too, but babe, now is not the time to be vacuuming.


Yeah, okay, yeah, you're right, you're absolutely right.

Okay, well, look, I spent all night praying and asking God for forgiveness for my choices, 'cause I know better than that.

You're not the one that betrayed Ana, I did that.

I made a completely selfish decision.

We made a completely selfish decision.

Okay, look, this is gonna sound crazy, but I'm prepared for everything you're gonna say.

Don't beat yourself up about it.

I need you to leave, all right?

I'm gonna need you to go.

Mary Jane, what are we doing here?

I'm preparing to go tell Ana that--

You can tell Ana whatever you want to tell Ana, but if I was you, I'd wait until I found out if I was pregnant or not.

Wait, hold on-- what?

Okay, look.

The deal that I made with God is that if I am pregnant, I will figure out how we can all figure out how to live a life.

Me and you together, and then we incorporate Ana and the baby all have together.

We just figure it out.

But if I'm not pregnant...

David, this is it.

I don't believe this.


I gave us our best shot, right?

With all those hormones, I'm at my most fertile.

You're serious?

Yeah, and I don't think we should say or do anything until we find out.

So, we're waiting for what God says?

You don't need to be sarcastic.

Well, you don't need to be--

Crazy. Got it.

Is this a joke?

Is this revenge for me and Ana, for me getting her pregnant?

Yeah, I understand how you could've come to that conclusion, David, because you always think everything is about you, but this is not about you.

This is about the dumb things that I have done because of you.

I had an affair with a married man to fill the void of you, okay?

I've been rebounding and making stupid decisions for years over you, okay?

We have done way too much damage, I mean, I--

We need to be healthier.

So, I need to move on... with or without you.

Oh, now you're quoting U2 songs?

It's a good song.

No, seriously, what the hell does that mean?

Considering you might be pregnant, considering I'm standing here and considering I just came inside you, I'm a little bit confused.

Help me out.


You nor I have the strength to even claim each other.

We don't have the strength to commit to each other or make wise decisions on each other's behalf.

We keep missing each other and circling each other year after year after year and I finally said, hell, let's let God decide what happens.

So, if you're pregnant... Mm-hmm.

We're gonna be one big, happy, blended family.

And if you're not?

Then we end it.

There's a lot of other scenarios.

Not for me there aren't.

And this is the promise you made to God.


So, hold on.

I'm just supposed to wait for seven to ten days for you and God to figure out what the hell we're gonna do?

What if I don't want to wait?

Did you factor that into your brilliant plan?

You know what we are?

We're the joke on top of the joke.

Matter of fact, we're the punchline.

That's us, you and me.

You gotta be kidding me.

...out of this nightmare, Jesus!

(vacuum whirring)

woman: ♪ We're all flawed ♪
♪ Beautiful people ♪
♪ Sometimes ♪
♪ We gotta lose it to find it ♪
♪ We gotta lose ♪
♪ Sometimes we win ♪
♪ We live and while we gotta die ♪
♪ Oh why ♪
♪ Why ♪
♪ We're all flawed ♪
♪ Beautiful people ♪
♪ We're all flawed, beau-- ♪

(music stops)

Erykah Badu: ♪ I'm a recovering undercover over-lover ♪
♪ Recovering from a love I can't get over ♪
♪ Recovering undercover over-lover ♪
♪ And now my common-law lover thinks he wants another ♪
♪ And I'd lie for you ♪
♪ I'd cry for you ♪
♪ And pack for you ♪
♪ And break for you ♪
♪ And hate for you ♪
♪ And hate you too if you want me to ♪
♪ Oh I pray for you ♪
♪ Crochet for you ♪
♪ Make it from scratch for you ♪
♪ Leave out the latch for you ♪
♪ Go to the store for you ♪
♪ Do it some more for you ♪
♪ Do what you want me to ♪
♪ Guess I'm a fool for you ♪
♪ I'm a recovering undercover over-lover ♪
♪ Recovering from a love I can't get over ♪
♪ I'm a ♪
♪ Recovering undercover over-lover ♪
♪ And now my common-law lover thinks he wants another ♪
♪ And I'd lie for you ♪
♪ And cry for you ♪
♪ And pack for you ♪
♪ And break for you ♪
♪ And hate for you ♪
♪ And I'll hate you too ♪
♪ If you want me to ♪
♪ I gotta do ♪
♪ My love for you ♪
♪ Chopped and -- for you ♪
♪ Pay the rent for you ♪
♪ It's true, it's true ♪
♪ Poor Badu, ooh ♪
♪ Thought I was through with you ♪
♪ Guess I'm a fool for you ♪

Gist ♪ Thought I was through with you ♪

And syndicated talk show therapist, also commonly referred to as Dr. Joy, is back.

Welcome to the show.

It's lovely to be back, nice to see you.

Well, you know, it's funny.

The last time you were here, you talked about your one-year rule, in which people who had lost a spouse due to death or divorce or even a breakup should wait a minimum of one year before resuming romantic relationships.

Yes, ma'am, and by my calculations, you should be almost ready to get back in the swing of things.


Today it's a case of good news, bad news, good news.

America is pulling out of its economic slump.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that divorce rates are increasing now that couples can afford to divorce and support two households.

In doing so, the housing and construction markets are seeing a boom.

Is that the good news?

If you're in construction.

The problem is that capitalism is really fueled by disappointment and dysfunction.

You feel unhappy, you go and buy a new pair of shoes, you buy a new car, you buy a new house.

Unfortunately, it doesn't deal with the inner void.

You're still unhappy.

It doesn't deal with the relationship.

So, how do you keep a relationship together?

Well, kiddo, you're really asking, with all due respect, the wrong question.

It's not how do we keep relationships together, it's how do we like ourselves enough, respect ourselves enough that other people respect us, which is the basis of a good relationship.

If you don't like you, nobody else is going to, either.

You know what I love about you, Dr. Joy?

Is that you just tell it like it is.

Well, thank you.

I thought what we'd try today is a modification of something called the Johari window, and it was evolved in the '50s by two guys, one Joseph Luft and the other is Harrington Ingham, and what it is is four quadrants, um, and it's a way of looking at who you are and who you'd like to be.

The first is an open area which contains information about our behavior and a motivation of which both we and other people are aware.

Mary Jane: I know you told David about the sperm.

I thought you were my friend.

Nichelle: What are you talking--

I haven't seen David.

That man had you stuck on stupid then, and he's got you twisted now.

Dr. Browne: Conversely, the second quadrant is the blind area, what people say about us that we refuse to hear or accept.

No, no, no, no, I tried to make it work, Dad.

I cannot raise three children.

Yeah, 'cause you're too busy throwing back them tequila shots.

That is a lie, that is a lie.

Dr. Browne: The third quadrant is the hidden area, the things we're unwilling to share with others, perhaps because we don't trust them or we think they won't love us.

Finally, the most fascinating quadrant is the unknown area, signified by a question mark.

These are the things that are unknown to you and others, and once you journey through these areas, we can come closer to answering the question of who we are and what we want to be.

Man, I cannot believe that she did that to me.

I can't believe it.

What are you talking about?

That's the same thing she did last time and the time before that.

I mean, this is what y'all do.

I mean, one minute, she's telling me, "Come over", let's try to get pregnant."

Next thing I know she's talking about signs from God and telling me to leave.

Well, at least you can credit her for bringing in an expert.

Yeah, whatever.

This is exactly the reason I stopped messing with black women.


I'm gonna lend you an ear, but you're not gonna talk out the side of your neck about black women.

I'm married to a black woman.

My mother's a black woman.

And we're not gonna let Mary Jane define this moment for all black women.

Sorry, man, sorry.

Besides, what's going on with you and Mary Jane has nothing to do with her being black.

It's about you both being too prideful and too hardheaded about getting your life together.

All right, both of you are to blame for the games you played and the times you've wasted and just like I told you, Ana was gonna try to cash in on that modeling career.


Truth got a man drinking.

Well, don't drink too much and forget about what we talked about, all right?

'Cause I am tired of this conversation, D.

You got me and Valerie arguing about you two?

And we don't have any problems except trying to figure out y'alls.

No, man.

All right, look.

I was no saint in this, I know that.

I wasn't the best communicator.

Great, but I never lied to that girl, not one time, not once.

Dude, just because you didn't lie doesn't mean you communicated.

That's what I said.


Then own it.

Erykah Badu: ♪ Yeah... ♪
♪ Time's a-wastin' ♪
♪ Don't you take your time young man... ♪

Niecy: Please, Auntie.

Mary Jane: I'm coming over.


I have something I need to say to you.

No, Auntie, not today, I am busy.

I'm coming over.


Come in.


You know, Auntie, I really am having a good day.

Probably the best day I had in a while.

I really don't want to do this.

I really don't.

Do what?

Girl, I come in peace and reconciliation.


You know, it's times like this where I see merit in paying my own rent.

And I ain't saying nothing, because I know that that doesn't work between you and I, so whatever you have to say, say it.

Better yet, you can e-mail it.

I'm good about checking my e-mail.

Can you alert me when the sarcasm has subsided?

And that's a great use of your vocabulary words, by the way.



I think I look good, I think I look good.

I love you too much, Niecy, to let you go out like that.

Please, do not wear that.

Let's just be honest, Auntie.

You don't think that I'm beautiful.

Sure, you have all the nice platitudes, vocabulary word from the sixth grade, might I add--

Niecy. No, no, no, no, no.

You don't think I'm beautiful, you don't think I'm smart.

You think I'm just some... I don't know.

Hey, hardheaded girl.

I am trying to apologize to you.

You know, although not the ideal circumstances, I thought that living with you was gonna be fun, full of girls' night in and movie nights and late night talks, me being inspired by you, but what I got was freedom.

That night I was free from your judgment, my worst fear happened, and I'm still here.

I didn't implode from your ridicule.

Auntie, I love you, I do, but...

I don't really need an apology from you because I no longer care what you think.

I hear you.

And all I can do is say that I'm sorry and...

I'll do better.

So, that means that I need to hear some great pitches on the issues that matter surrounding this election, all right?

For example, um... education.

Minimum wage.

Gun control.

"Who's voting now" stories, all right?

The point is, let's get creative.

Let's think outside the box.


Same s*x will always be a hot issue.

Excuse me?

What was that?

What'd I do now?

We just keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, and it's not what we set out to do, and I can't do it anymore.


You can't do your job?

Is your life so good that you can't do what's expected of you because it's too much of a burden?

Please, kill the melodrama.


We could be doing better, but we're just doing what everyone else is doing.

"Talkback" was supposed to be different, remember?

"Talkback" was supposed to have a different perspective, one that nobody else was thinking about or dared to even consider, let alone air.

Mary Jane, you know that we've always had to give them a little bit of what they want to get what we want.

Except I never got what I wanted.

What are you talking about?

You just went rogue on a suicide piece.

And I also did the modern-day motherhood story that got me a focus group that said I was too arrogant.

Those two things are not connected.

Results are still the same.


You want me to say I was wrong about the story?


I was wrong.

If the focus groups are gonna take me down, I want to go down on my own terms, okay?

I've been a good team player and where has that gotten me?

I've given up too much of what I want in the "Talkback" segment, but I've finally figured out what direction I want to take the show.


Then say it in the meeting.

I was wrong about that.

I'm sorry.

Look, Kara, we are still gonna be hitting them hard on our news stories, okay?

We're still gonna be cultivating new pundits and-- and field reporters.

But the "Talkback" segment, it's got to be stories that matter to me most.

The black community, black women, and shedding light on stories that don't get enough attention.

Wait, all black stories?

Yeah, all black everything.

Are you trying to do the news or build your brand?

'Cause that's what it sounds like.

Maybe I am.


I am tired of giving my all to something and winding up with nothing.

So, we're talking about...

Never mind.

No, no, no, say it. No.

I'll take it to Greg.

Thank you.

Call Nichelle.

Siri: Do you mean Michelle Jackson?

No, I mean...

What is Nichelle's last name?

Sorry, I don't understand.

Oh, uh, Nichelle, uh...

Would you like me to search the Internet for telenovela?


Call Nichelle Willis.

Dialing Nichelle Willis.

(phone ringing through)

Hey, it's Nichelle. Oh, no, she didn't.

Leave a brief message at the beep.


Hey, girl, it's Mary Jane.

I haven't seen you since the whole sperm fiasco-- yes, that is what I'm calling it-- but I miss you and I miss our friendship and I'm hoping that we can put this behind us with a laugh and a chuckle.

But, meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm calling to talk business, so, um...

I'm taking your advice and doing what you suggested and I'm branding myself.

I'm even willing to write the book if necessary, you know, speaking engagements, travel, the whole nine yards.

But, um, really just want to talk to you so we can get a plan together and you can tell me how much it costs to retain your services, you know, but they are-- they are trippin' over here and I want to make sure that I have my next option, as you like to say, so, I look forward to talking to you...



Erykah Badu: ♪ Bag lady ♪
♪ You gonna hurt your back ♪
♪ Dragging all them bags like that ♪
♪ I guess nobody ever told you ♪
♪ All you must hold on to ♪
♪ Is you ♪
♪ Is you ♪
♪ Is you ♪
♪ One day ♪
♪ All them bags gonna get in your way ♪
♪ One day ♪
♪ All them bags gonna get in your way ♪
♪ I said one day ♪
♪ All them bags gonna get in your way ♪
♪ One day ♪
♪ All them bags gonna get in your way ♪
♪ Sure... ♪

Call Nichelle Willis.

Siri: Dialing Nichelle Willis.

(phone ringing through)

Hey, it's Nichelle.

Leave a brief message at the beep.


Hey, Nichelle, it's M.J.

I don't know if you got my earlier message, but, um, I'm calling to offer you the truth.

The truth is I'm going to meet with other people and I think I led you to believe that the job was yours when it's not.

Um, I don't even know if you're gonna call me back, but I was leveraging a job opportunity for your friendship, but we're not friends, you know, and I don't think that the loss of me in your life is any different than the loss of you in mine.

Me even calling you is less about reconnecting but more so because I don't like to be perceived the way that you see me.


Be well, Nichelle.

♪ Sometimes it's hard and we can't let go ♪
♪ Oh if someone hurts you oh so bad it's sad ♪

Greg: I heard you correct, right?

You-- you said--

Yes, yes, you did.

Come on in.

Have a seat.

Kara has already briefed me.

Says you want to make "Talkback"

"Talk Black".

Oh, well, wait a minute.

I was a bit more eloquent than that.

Really, Mary Jane?

Let's be honest, Greg.

You've already done your focus groups and you've come to some conclusions about my value.

You've been-- you've been conducting focus groups about Mary Jane?

We always conduct focus groups on all our shows and talent.

Oh. Okay.

Well, I know what I have done for SNC.

I was hired right behind Mark as a part of the whole influx of fresh faces.

Do we have a problem here?

Do we?

I don't know.

I'm sensing a problem.


I thought that you were happy about the opportunities that SNC has been providing you, a platform and a job.

No problem at all.

Quite the opposite.

I'm happy for the opportunity to take more control over "Talkback,"

I mean, especially since we can focus on the audience that built its success, you know, for my show and the network in general.

Well, your request has been heard.

I'll take this up with, um, upper management.

Great. Hey, can you do me a favor?

When you all are discussing my contract, remind them that for this ten-minute segment of "Talkback" that we're discussing right now, that the network only has reasonable consideration.

I'm sure this is sort of confusing for you since I'm normally such a team player, but I have the last word on my segment.

Oh, and thank them for their support, then and now.

Kara: You know, Greg, I--

I actually think that carving out a focus is not a bad idea.

I mean, the data proves that our liberal fan base is tuning into the race stories.

Our Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis coverage proves that.

And Mary Jane's commentary on prison reform in the wake of Terrence Mitchell's death proved to be a risk that paid off.

But we wouldn't just dwell on the black man in peril stories.

No, we would also focus on stories overlooked but are a part of the American landscape.

I'm sure the contracts will be reviewed.


(doorbell ringing)

(dog barking)

Who's that?

Who is that?

What's up, black man?

What's up, big man? Good to see you.

Hey, what up, Monk?

What's the deal, buddy?

Yo, this is nice.

Appreciate it, man.

Yeah, this is real nice.

Let's go back here.

I wanted to drop off some information I got from AARP about what trends are happening in the 60-plus demo.

This is good, man, I really like how you have the statistics to sell it.

Come on, man.

Why eat lobster when you can have caviar?

Oh, man, I hate caviar.

It's nasty.

Yeah, but you recognize its superiority.



I also wanted to let you know I've been talking to an investment team that's interested in partnering, should you not want to front all five.

Nah, it doesn't even make sense for me to do it if I can't control the ownership.

What we waiting on?

Write a check.

(knocking on door)


Hi. Hey.

It's my turn to just stop by.

I was coming from yoga and saw your car in the driveway, so I thought I'd take a shot.

Come in.

David was telling Chris what is going on, and naturally, he told me.

So, what did David tell Chris?

What are you doing, Mary Jane?

You're trying to get pregnant by a man who already has a baby on the way with someone else.

Honey, I'm just-- I'm just worried about you.

Listen, I'm doing this study--

Okay, stop, stop.

Pump the brakes.


I'm not pregnant.

I'm-- I'm sorry.

No, I'm fine.

No, well, I'm not fine.

But I will be.

You know, I'm...

I have decided I'm just gonna do the work and, uh...

I mean, I made this list of all the relationships that I need to repair in my life.

By making a makeshift Johari window?

I'm doing the best I can, okay?

I'm trying, I'm being accountable, I'm taking responsibility.

I'm cleaning up my life, okay?

I'm fine.

And what about Lisa?

That's resolved.

And you're done with David?


Yes, yes.

But have you told him that you're not pregnant?

What are you doing?

"I'm not pregnant."

Did you just text that?

You gotta be direct.

It's the only way to close the door.

You have a lot of anger.

If I would have called him, he would have come over, and that would have led to s*x.

No, if it's really over, it wouldn't lead to s*x.

Yeah, maybe in your world, Val.

No, in my world, that's foul.

And you wouldn't want anyone to do that to you.


But David and I have been together, what, five years?

Two of them were great, but the rest have been like this, okay?

So how long am I supposed to keep fighting for something that's never gonna work?

I'm not telling you to fight.

I'm telling you to take the time to process so that you don't do or say anything that you're gonna regret.

Process what?

Huh? What am I processing?

What, am I gonna just drag out the pain?

For what?

Yeah-- hell, yeah, I am angry, okay?

The man that I love more than anything in this world is with somebody else having a baby, and that sucks, and it hurts and I am angry.

And that anger feels so good and it's a whole hell of a lot better than crying about it.

At some point, you just...

You run out of tears, Val.

What's your attorney's name again?

Oh, I'll just give you his info.


You, um... you all right, man?

(phone alert)

David, you all right?

Yeah, man, I gotta...

I gotta keep it real with you.

I'm not gonna be able to do it.

I gotta pull out of this deal.

Seriously, dude, is everything all right?

Looks like me and your sister are really done this time.

And I know we're usually the joke, but...


So... so that's it?

I'm sorry, man.

I don't want to do this, but...

So... so you and my sister are having some difficulties again, which is par for the course, and here you want to back out of the deal?

I'm sorry, man.

Hey, wait a minute, dude, look, look, wait.

You want to back out of the deal, not because it's a bad investment, not because the economy is changing or that your economic situation has changed.

You want to back out of the deal because my sister hurt your feelings?

Wow. Look, it's already complicated enough, I don't need to get you involved.

You know what? It's cool, it's cool.

Keep your money, keep your money, man.

I'll find the money, I'll be good.

I wouldn't want my sister involved with a buster-ass like you anyway.

Hey, man, back up.

No, you back up!

Dude, I advocated for you!

I convinced my father that y'all were just tripping until you got another woman pregnant, you two loved each other and that we should support you guys.

Here I am thinking it was my sister who was hard to get along with.

It's you.

David, it's you, man.

You think this is what we want for my sister?

Her getting your sloppy seconds?

All right, man, it's time for you to leave.

Oh, it's time for me to go now?

Okay, what, you gonna-- you gonna offer her a ring, too, and then take that back?

Man, you a buster.

Erykah Badu: ♪ Oh, my, my, my ♪
♪ I'm feeling high ♪
♪ My money's gone ♪
♪ I'm all alone ♪
♪ Too much ooh... ♪

Dial Shaunice.

Siri: Dialing Shaunice, my hair girl.

(phone ringing through)

You just trying to make up with me, Siri.

Shaunice: Hello?

Are you outside or what?

Uh, Shaunice, it's me, Mary Jane.

Oh, sorry, girl, I thought you was my sister.

Hey, I can never remember.

Am I supposed to wash my hair myself or you gonna have time to do it in the morning?

Oh, shoot.

I knew it was something I forgot to do, girl-- call you and cancel.

Girl, my auntie got in a car accident, in my car.

Oh, no.

She's fine, my car is not.

I had to let the insurance lapse.

Ugh, anyway, my sister's boyfriend cousin has a shop and he promised to fix it, but I have to get it to him by a certain time, otherwise, I'd be riding tomorrow-- this ain't the time.

So, wait, so you can't do my hair?

I know you need me.

I ju-- I already had Tammy take out my weave.

I mean, I can maybe do it tomorrow night at the earliest but my...

What time you go to bed?

(phone ringing)

Niecy: Hello?

Hey, Niecy, I know you're still mad at me, but I need you.

Please, can you come over here, please?

I'm at the movies.

I will reimburse you for everything and throw in free babysitting.

Niecy, please, I am desperate.

♪ On and on and on and on ♪
♪ Mad props to the guy Ja Bone ♪
♪ I... ♪
♪ Am feeling kinda hungry... ♪

What are you doing?

Getting my hair wet.

Auntie, I know you've been trying to apologize, but real talk, you're mean.


Don't be trying to act brand-new.


I push you to reach your full potential, that's all.


What you do is, ride me about my health when I'm fine.

You're not fine, and one day, you're gonna see me being mean as love.

When are you gonna trust that I'm gonna make my own decisions in my own time?

(musical ringtone)

Wow, you're doing a lot.

I'm gonna let that go to voice-mail.

You playing coy for the boy, really?

Something like that.


But yeah, I know you want to jump back into our roles as auntie and favorite niece.

But truth be told, I'm still hurt.

I have apologized to you, child.

What more do you want?

I used to look up to you, Auntie.

In my eyes, you could do no wrong.

You know why I begged you to come over here?

Because your perfect aunt was terrified of going to work without her weave, terrified that no one would think I was beautiful, that people would think I was average and I'd be invisible.

So maybe that pedestal you put me on is a little too high.

I'm human.

Well, with me, you're human a lot.

You want a glass of wine?

What you talking about, Willis?

Do you want a glass of wine?

Auntie, I am 19, and didn't I just say you're on your third glass? Third glass...

Yeah, but you got two kids by two different baby daddies.

I think you are grown enough for a glass of wine.

Come again?

Do you want a glass of wine?

Yeah, I want a glass of wine.


But seriously, Auntie.

I worry about you.

I worry about me, too.

Nicki Minaj: ♪ Pills and potions ♪
♪ We're overdosing ♪
♪ I'm angry but I still love you ♪

David: Hey, what's up, it's me.

I can't believe I'm leaving you a voice message, but this is where we're at.

This is what it's come to.

And if a sign you got from God told you to treat me like this, then we clearly don't believe in the same God.

I really thought it was gonna be different this time.

I really thought we had a shot.

But, it looks like this is as far as it goes.

We've been through a lot and I was willing to give you everything you wanted, but I guess it wasn't enough.

It's never enough for you.

Thank you for telling me.

Truth is, Mary Jane, that you bring out the best and the worst in me.

I know you better than anybody in the world, and I see exactly what you're doing.

You figured, if I hurt him enough, if I kill his pride, if I push him away as far as I possibly can, he won't come back anymore.

Well, congratulations.

Mission accomplished.

(sighing deeply)

♪ I still love, I still love, I still love ♪
♪ I still love, I still love ♪
♪ I still love, I still love, I still love ♪
♪ I still love, I still love ♪
♪ I still love, I still love, I still love ♪
♪ I still love, I still love ♪
♪ I still love, I still love, I still love ♪
♪ I still love, I still love... ♪