02x08 - One Is the Loneliest Number

My parents are in town.

Would you please leave out of the back door?

Eric and I parted ways.

Do you want me to just stop working so I can chauffeur the kids around?

I think they should come live with me full time.

You look nice.

I tend to be a teeny bit sensitive when challenged about my allegiance to my culture.

I have to leave the country for a couple days.

But when I get back, I'd like to sit down and talk about you and I seeing one another and how that might look.

Sounds like something I might look forward to.

(cell phone playing)

Your timing is terrible.

I was just about to sit down for dinner.

Without me? Wow, I'm offended.

What'd you cook?

What makes you think I didn't just microwave a pizza?

Hmm, not your style.

What'd you cook?

Oh, nothing crazy, just a little, uh... chicken cordon bleu.

Mmm, sounds good.

What kind of cheese did you use?

Cheese? Uh--

Uh, you know, just, uh classic cordon bleu cheese.

Gruyère, yeah.

Oh, you'll have to save me a piece.

Sure will, but I know you didn't... call me to talk about food, so what's up?

No, I didn't call to talk about the food.

I called to talk about us.

Is that so?

♪ You left my heart out ♪
♪ When the rest of me is down ♪
♪ You, you enchanted me... ♪

All I said was you have a nice ass.

Well, that is both flattering and objectifying.

I didn't mean to objectify you.

Forgive me.

I must say, you do have very kissable lips.

So, what you just turn into a player after midnight, like a macking werewolf?

Yeah, it's character flaw.

♪ Now I know what I have found ♪

How do you even know what my lips look like.

You haven't seen me in over two weeks.

I have a DVR.

I'm watching one of your old show right now.

Which show?

The one about fraternity hazing.

Ah, I remember that, I looked good that day.

You look good every day.

So inquiring minds wanna know.

Are you barren or not?

Too far?

Too personal, too soon.

Well, obviously, I follow you.

I watch all your shows.

And I have to honestly say, I think you're very brave for putting everything out there like that.

You say brave, but right now, it just seems stupid.

Stupid is the last word anyone would associate with Mary Jane Paul.

♪ If there are boundaries, I will try... ♪

Oh, come on, Eddie Murphy is a comedic genius.

Jerry Lewis-like in his nuance.

Honey, the Parisians are not stupid.

They love Lewis and they love Murphy.

Oh, come on, not "48 Hours?"

Not "Trading Places?"

Not even "Dreamgirls?"

But "Norbit", that's your favorite film.

What are you even talking about?

You just went on a 20-minute rant about the sub-text of the "Wizard of Oz."

You know, I think I'm starting to figure you out.

Mister No Interview, yeah.

I know who you are, uh-huh.

You're the man that loves to be behind the curtain.

But really, you're just the Cowardly Lion.

You're afraid you'll have nothing to say.

You know, no one's ever had the balls to say that to me.

And trust me, I'm never at a loss for something to say.


Uh, look, it's almost 1:00 a.m. and us working folks need to get up in the morning.

Okay, good night.

Good night.

So hang up then.

Give me a chance.

♪ Feel so enamored ♪
♪ Hold me tight within your clutch ♪

Paper or plastic?

Uh, I don't know, it's tough.

Paper kills trees but plastic is non-biodegradable.



I hate myself.

Malcolm or Martin?

Uh, Martin when I was a kid and Malcolm now.

Marvin Gaye or John Lennon?

Lennon, take away my black card.


Uh, film or digital?


Day and night, digital has no soul.

Lunch or dinner?

Dinner. Great.

I'll pick you up tomorrow around 7:00.

Oh, come on now, does that move really work?

I don't know, you tell me, are we having dinner?

We should, you owe me.

For what?

I thought you gave me that intel on Brian Ellis because you wanted to help someone, mainly yourself.

♪ Now I've got you in my space ♪

Hello, are you still there?

I'm still here.

Just taking a pause trying to figure out what I'm doing.

I thought you were asking me out to dinner.

Ah, as a lawyer, we're trained not to ask a question that we don't already know the answer to.

♪ Now I've got you in space ♪

I may have just exposed myself.

I would love to.

Girl's gotta eat, right?

I'll call you tomorrow with the details.


Oh, it's so late.

I'm gonna regret this in a few hours.

No, you're not.

You're gonna have a big smile on your face about this in a few hours.

Good night.

Good night.

♪ I'm latching on to you ♪

man over TV speaking:

Revealed that the off-purchase revenue from a diamond mining company operating in Bahrin area have funded a new set of security forces loyal to the ruling party.

(doorbell chiming)

(footsteps approaching)

Hey. Hey.

Are you okay?

No, I'm fine.

Can I come in?

Come on.

Okay, you wanna tell me what's going on or are you gonna make me guess?

He's gone.



Oh, when you said, "He's gone," I thought maybe your dad died.

I knew it was something 'cause you didn't take the trash out.

Well, Mary Jane, in the back of my mind, I-- I harbored the hope that we'd work things out, you know?

I thought he left because he needed a break from me, a vacation and--

Oh, let him go play.

In three months or so, we'd work things out.


Right, listen to this.

Hi, Mark, it's Eric. Look, Atlanta's a small town and we know the same people. And I don't want you hearing this from someone else. But I met someone, and I'm moving to London next week. I'm happy.


I'll be there in a moment, please.

Sorry, he, uh-- We have a kid.

So now you know.

Take care, Mark.

Let's, uh--

Mary Jane.

I hope you-- Well, bye.

Look, that is some B.S., all right?

He's just trying to hurt you, it's probably not even true.

But it hurts.

I know, it hurts, okay?

Trust me, I know, all right?

But, it-- You have to get to work.

We have to get to work, all right?

Was he seeing that Richard guy the whole time?

I mean, was--

This Richard guy with the baby there the whole time?

No, you don't know that.

It might've been some kind of whirlwind romance.

What are you telling me?

That a month after he dumps me, he meets somebody he wants to leave the country for?

So what does that make me, Mary Jane?

The makeup bang, the pre-game show, the sugar daddy?

I don't think Eric cheated on you.

Mary Jane, are you freaking listening?!

He has a kid!

Bring it down, I'm right here, okay?

And look.

This is every gift he ever gave me.

Every gift he ever gave me, Mary Jane.

Okay, okay, okay.

Everything. Okay, baby, baby.


We have to go, okay?

We have to go, all right?

Mary Jane.

We gotta go.


Okay? Okay.


(pounding continues)

Who is it?

Patrick: Deja, baby, it's me.


Hi, Daddy.

Hey, good morning to you.

Where's, uh-- Where's your mom?

She went out.

Really? Yeah.

When? Hmm.


She probably went out real quick 'cause she knew I was coming early today.

Yeah. Hmm.

Proud of you for getting yourself ready.


Go on and finish your cereal so I can get you to school.


(cell phone playing)


Patrick: Hey.

I need your Triple-A number.

Why, what's going on?

Jeez, what happened to your car now?

I'm pissed, I'm over here at Tracy's.

I knock on the door to find Deja all by herself.

She been by herself all night.

I don't have a clue where Tracy is.

My God, is Deja okay?

Looks to be, a little disheveled is all.

And I wanna get her to school so she can have a normal day, but my car won't start.

So if I could please use your card, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Yeah, I will text you the number.

Have you made contact with Tracy's parents?

No, they haven't heard anything.

You don't think--

What else is there to think?

Oh, God.

You got the number of that P.I. you used to find me a while back.

Yeah, Patrick, he's expensive and those costs add up.

So I don't think that's for you.

Yeah, text me his number anyway.

Yeah, sure, no problem.

I don't know, Letta.

What if she been in an accident or she was assaulted.

Maybe-- Yeah, maybe, maybe.

This is not what I needed today.

Poor Deja.


Good luck, Patrick.

Well, thanks, uh.

If I hear anything, I'll let you know, okay?

All right, bye.

Deja: Miss Keller's gonna be mad.

Oh, she'll understand, everybody's late sometimes.

Now I'll pick you up at 3:00, okay?

You promise?

Of course, I promise.

What about the bake sale?

What bake sale?

Mommy gives me money to buy cupcakes in the bake sale on Monday.

How much?




One, two.

Thanks, Dad.

All right, see you, darling.

The president is schedule to give a major speech tomorrow at the National Defense University in Washington.

The main topic, our country's use or as some would charge our misuse of unmanned aerial vehicles, the drone program.

Perhaps no other aspect of modern warfare has been more controversial.

I'll be right back.

How no country at war in human history has been more attentive to preventing...

Excuse me, I am working 60 plus hours a week to make sure the boys have everything they need.

What more do you want from me?

John: More money.

I have full custody of them now, Kara.

It isn't about spite, it's mathematics.

Wait a minute.

One minute you're complaining that I'm working too much and now you're telling me that I-- That you need more money?

Which one is it, John?

It's both, obviously.

And however you wanna solve this puzzle is not my problem.

The problem is tuition went up 12%, and I don't have it.

Oh, well, you know what?

Maybe it's time to get to know the real world.

Maybe they need to go to public school.

No, not in Atlanta. Why?

Public school was just fine for us, and it'll be just fine for them.

Oh, yeah, 'cause that-- that makes good sense, Kara.

Well, oh, what makes more sense, John, huh?

Me working more hours?

Is that what makes more sense to you?

man: One government estimate placed at least 388 drone strikes landing in Pakistan and Yemen.

(phone ringing)


(reporter continues over TV)

Turn on CBS.

Wait-- what?

woman: It is unthinkable.

A middle school shooting 45 miles southwest Richmond, Virginia.

We know at least seven victims...

(phone ringing)


Kara, have you heard?

Yeah, Martin's gonna break it.

Then we're gonna cross to you for coverage, okay, so suit up.


, breaking news. Then we're gonna cross to you for coverage, okay, so suit up.

School shooting in Virginia.

So watch your prompter for the wrap-up tag, okay?


Going to live coverage in ten seconds.

Thank you, Jeffrey, will have full coverage of the President's speech at the National Defense University.

Here we go.

On tomorrow's edition of "The Bradley Report."

Three, two, one. This just breaking.

There's been a shooting in a public middle school in Richmond, Virginia.

The shooter, a recently fired employee of the school district has been shot by police and is presumed dead.

However, there are... Oh, my God.

This is horrible. I know.

I know, it's so tragic.

I'll never understand this.

Me either.

Listen, we've locked in reporters and cameras from the local affiliate.

We've got two interviews set up.

The first one is with the local chief of police, Joshua Bisker.

The other one is the parent of the one of the students.

Her name is Deborah Talbert, and she goes by Debbie.

We're gonna lead in with her.

Okay, do you have the school shootings in America package?

Yes, we'll run it if we need it.

Okay, perfect.

We have six minutes. Okay.

All right, six minutes, people.

Okay, we're good?

We are good. Wonderful.

(siren blares)

woman dispatcher: Attention all units.

A suspicious vehicle reported by unit 6810 at Peyton Forest Elementary.

Please requesting backup.

Something wrong, officer?

Are you lost, sir?

No, my daughter's in school right there.

License and registration, please.

For what?

Why are you getting irritated?

Well, you tell me, Officer Bilson?

Are you aware there's been a school shooting?

What? Where?

You're not aware.

No, what-- It's 1:30 and she gets out of school--

Your daughter.

Yes, she gets out of school at 3:00, and I thought I could read.

And you thought the best place to do that was sitting right in front of the school?


Yes, officer.

License, registration, and proof of insurance.

man: Yeah, blue El Camino.


I'm just sitting here waiting on my child to get out of school.

Why you sweating me, huh?

Don't you have something better to do?

Say something else.

Yeah, can I get a check?

female dispatcher: All clear.

Yup, copy that.

I'm giving you a break this time.

Given the sensitivity of today.

Free to go.

(car starting)

Can you hear me okay, Debbie?

Yes, fine, it's weird not being able to see you.

It's like you're on the radio.

I do appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.

You're welcome.

And I promise to be sensitive to you and the other families.

Okay, but I only wanna talk about school procedure.

I wanna be respectful to the other parents.

Oh, yeah, of course.


So I understand that you know that your daughter's okay?

Yes, thank God, I got a text from her saying she was held up in the library with her friends when the shooting happened.

When did you receive her last text?

It was, um, about two hours ago?

And she's a seventh grader?


M.J., the kids are coming out soon.

I'm gonna hold on Debbie in case she stays around.

And I've got new copy headed to you in like 20 seconds.

We'll be right back with you in just a second, okay, Debbie?

And thank you for your insight.

man: In three.

A day of carnage and hope in Richmond, Virginia.

If you're just joining us, a gunman barged past security protocols at James Madison Middle School in Easton, Virginia just outside of Richmond.

We can confirm that the shooter has been killed by police with a confirmed seven additional fatalities in the school.

Debbie, this is Kara Lynch.

I'm one of the SNC producers.

Oh, are we still gonna do this?

They're asking the parents to line up.

The kids are coming out soon.

Well, that's absolutely most important.

Um, if you'd like to talk to us after your reunion, we'd love that.

Oh, I don't know.

That's okay.

I understand, um, I've got two boys.

All the best to you, Debbie, and if you change your mind, just let my field producer know, okay?

Okay, all right, thank you.

M.J., kids are coming out soon.

Police are now engaging in a thorough...

Would you stay with Debbie in case she talks to us later after they get the kids out.

SNC has learned that once the students are clear to leave, they will line up the students by grade letting the lower grades out first.

This middle school starts at the sixth grade and goes through the eighth.

In response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, some schools across the nation have beefed up security, adding security gates, and like this school...

Look at this. What?

Two official types she talking to.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

No, no, no! She's coming out!

She's coming out, no, no!

No, she can't be dead, no, no!

Where is my daughter?!

Mary Jane: When he was confronted by a vice principal the shooting began.

Debbie: She's gonna be coming out!

Another ten minutes before--

Before the kids will be released.

M.J., go to commercial, the kids are not coming out yet.

Hopefully, the release of the children when we come back.

man: We're out.

Hey, Kara, why didn't we go to Debbie?

I thought she was great.

Would you step off the set?

I have to tell you something, okay?

No, she can't be dead, no!

No, where is my daughter?!

Where is she?! Where is she?!

She's gonna be coming out!

No, no, no!


(cell phone ringing)

Hey, sis. Hey, Patrick.

How's Deja doing?

Are there any updates?


Well, no one's heard from her.

From what I gather,

Deja spent the night alone a few times.

Only difference is Tracy usually makes it back.

But she's okay.

She's tough, she's a Patterson.

No, she's a child.

Look, I'm just looking for the light, okay?

I'm sorry, is there anything I can do?

No, I'm good.

Just talking it out helps.

And I don't need the stress right now.

Who's gonna try to get her fed and off to bed?

Hopefully, I'll hear from Tracy tomorrow.

I don't know how a mother could just abandon her daughter like that.




Whoa, that's good, baby.


Look, I gotta check some homework, I'll call you tomorrow.


Mm-hmm, okay, what we got?

(cell phone vibrating)


Hello, Sheldon?

Yeah, right over there.

Hey, did I get you at a bad time?

No, just wrapping up work.

Well, I hope you get done soon because I'm having a little party for a friend of mine.

Very impromptu, nothing-- nothing fancy.

Just some drinks and conversation.


Yeah, really.

Is that cool, any issues?

No, you know, I'd--

Yeah, yeah, you know what?

Yeah, there is an issue.

We made plans for dinner last night, and then I don't hear from you all day..

Well, to be fair--

And here you come at the 11th hour with some invite to a party, yeah, that's an issue.

Okay, you're-- you're right, I apologize.

That's the downside of having an amazing assistant for most of my adult life.

You know, I'm--

I'm sorry, you-- you really didn't deserve all of that, I'm-- Just that--

Last minute plans, the scheduling, the re-scheduling, not being available.

It's all red flags from past relationships.

But that has nothing to do with you, and I apologize.

Look, tonight is real.

I would love for you to come meet my friends.

They've heard all about you.

But if you don't feel like going out, I get it, 100%.

You've had a long day.

I just got so excited to see you that I completely forget about the soirée.

I would love for you to be here.

And bring a friend if you like.

Thank you for the invite.

And, um, I'll let you know.


♪ That I'm where I should be ♪
♪ 'Cause it just comes in waves ♪

I really appreciate you waking them up for me.

John: That's okay, how you doing?

I'm okay.

I just really don't want them to go to school tomorrow, okay?

I know, I feel the same way, it's just so scary now.


We really are blessed.

Yes, we are.

All right, let's talk tomorrow.


Good night, bye. Good night.

♪ I'll find the shore ♪
♪ It all comes in waves ♪
♪ Nothing stays the same ♪

Hola. Hola.

May I please speak to Señor Gael?

Uh, this is he.

May I ask who's calling?


This is a happy surprise.

Are you free tonight?

I can be, you okay?

No, but nothing a great movie and some great company can't cure.

Oh, I can do that, I've got the perfect thing.

Yeah? Oh, yeah.

Okay, great.

That little place across from the theater?

I would love that, yes.


I love that place.

Me too, say around 7:00?

Okay. See you there.

All right.

♪ Way over my head ♪
♪ I'll find the shore ♪

(phone ringing)

Hey, you've reached Eric, you know what to do.


Hey, I got your message.

Thank you so much for letting me know your future plans.

I wish you nothing but the best.

And, um, you know, for real, don't feel obligated to-- to call me again, okay?

All right.

♪ Nothing stays the same ♪


all over town.

Seeking a cause, seeking the cause.

Found in the potter's field of an O.D.

Found in the Bowery with the DDT.

His legs were left in Vietnam.

His arms were found in Sing Sing.

His scalp is on Nixon's belt.

His blood painted the streets of the ghetto.

His eyes were still lookin' for Jesus to come down on some cloud and make everything all right when Jesus died in Attica.

Kara: I thought it was raw and honest but it definitely reminded me why I left New York in the late '80s.

I mean, it was so depressing, all that graffiti on every wall.

Porno theaters all over 42nd Street.

Shooting galleries on the Lower East Side, I was there too.

But Piñero couldn't escape like we did.

His palms were the diary of his life.


Does the work affect you at all?

I don't know.

Honestly, I thought we were gonna see the Piñero with Benjamin Bratt in it.

I did. He's hot, come on.

You're always trying to make light of things.

Why don't you tell me how you really feel?

I am tell--

What, you don't think I'm telling you how I really feel?

No, I don't.

You use irony and humor as a defensive shield.

You know, I--

Doesn't that just become exhausting?


But my wit has become my blankie.

Come on.

All right, I did--

I enjoyed seeing him read his own poem.

"Seeking a cause."

Yes, that last line really got me, what was it, um--

"He died never finding the cause because he never knew he was the cause?"


That was powerful.

It was.

I thought that was powerful.

I feel like Mary Jane knows her cause, you know?

You know your cause.

John has my kids and I don't know what my cause is.

I don't know what my reason for being is.

All I do is work.

I'm like a robot, I go to work.

And after what happened today, I've just been like questioning everything.

I feel...


I think maybe I just need to find my cause, right?

I think that's what it's about.

Maybe you're your own cause.


You'll find out why you feel you're so unlovable.

Get out of my head.


(clearing throat)

I'm your cause.

You are a hot mess cause.

There are things that never change and we are not one of them, I fear.

The trouble with our love is here.

The trouble with our love is round when you cannot look me in the eye and lie.

When you run so far away you forget where to get back to.

(nervous chuckle)

Now... you are what you never wanted to be.

Go ahead.

Bite me.

(line ringing)

Hello? Hey, Mark.

I can't be here by myself.

You wanna come to this party with me?

Hell, yeah, you know what?

I do not wanna be here alone tonight, either?

Let's go get stupid ass...


All right, I'll call you when I'm ready.

Okay. Bye.


This is how you throw a dinner party, okay?

I need a raise.

We live in Section 8 housing, Mary Jane?

I like how you keep surprising me.

Oh, what woman could deny you, Sheldon?

This is--

Mark Bradley, pleasure to meet you.

Same, I heard a lot about you.

Really? Yes.

Come, I want you to meet some amazing friends of mine.


(inaudible dialogue)

Hey, guys.

Ladies, gather 'round.

I just wanna thank you all for coming.

Most of you know who I am, the lucky ones don't.

(all laughing)

Uh, I don't even know how I got into this.

The last thing I remember, I was asking Chuck what he and Shelly were going to do for their anniversary of 25 years!

(all cheering)

And he said Shelly just wants to go out to dinner.

I said, "No! You gotta celebrate, come on."

And the next thing I know, I'm staring at you people.

Chuck, Shelly, never known two greater friends, I love you.

Chuck, you owe me for life because I told you she was the one.

To Chuck and Shelly.

all: Chuck and Shelly!

Oh, look at that, whoa.


It looks great.

Daddy, is this legal?


What do you mean, legal?

It's not my birthday.

So what.

The day of your birth was the best day of my life.

We can celebrate it any day we want.

Even on your birthday?

Even on my birthday.

Happy birthday, Daddy.

Mmm, happy birthday, baby.

(cell phone chimes)

Was that Mommy?


But we're gonna have some fun together until she comes home.

And when is she coming home?

I don't know.

But I'm gonna be there for you and with you every day, all right?

All right. You'll never be alone again, I promise.

Give me some sugar.

I love you, Daddy.

Mmm, I love you too, baby.


Oh, you got me.


(honks) Hey, no.

Want some cake?

Yeah. All right.

Thank you.

Oh, well, here's to being abandoned at someone else's party.

When you're in town, you should ride the Ferris wheel.

Great city views.

I'll leave the tourist stuff to the tourists.

I'm only in town for two more days.

Where's a decent bar?

Where do you go in Seattle?

Uh, Eagle.

Have you heard of it?

We have an Eagle here in Atlanta, you should go.

I will.

This is exactly what I needed.

Thank you for getting me out of the house.

Oh, thank you for elevating the cool factor of the party.

Would you please wear that dress again.

You're giving me stirrings?


Wow, you really like to use your vocabulary words.

There's a few words I can come up with to describe what I'd like to do with you in that dress right here in front of everybody.

Uh, you know, I think I feel safer around you over the phone.

Oxymoron, I heard it, I know, thank you.

I haven't been drinking, have I?

Oh, just a touch.

What I mean to say is I'm relationship whipped.

I don't wanna rush into anything.

You're in luck, I'm a patient man.

And you're well worth the wait.

Drink up, have fun.

If you have too much, I'll call you a car.

Well, then, please have your server pour me another.




♪ Guess it's true I'm not good at a one-night stand ♪

What are you doing?


♪ But I still need love 'cause I'm just a man ♪
♪ These nights never seem to go to plan ♪
♪ I don't want you to leave will you hold my hand ♪
♪ Oh won't you stay with me? ♪
♪ 'Cause you're all I need ♪
♪ This ain't love it's clear to see ♪
♪ But darling stay with me ♪
♪ Why am I so emotional? ♪
♪ This is not a good look gain some self-control ♪
♪ And deep down I know this never works ♪
♪ But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt ♪
♪ Oh won't you stay with me? ♪
♪ 'Cause you're all I need ♪
♪ This ain't love it's clear to see ♪
♪ But darling ♪

Hi, I'm home, I'm sorry.

I assume you were kidnapped.

Yeah, I know, I was supposed to call you when I got home, and I got tired.

And it sort of slipped my mind.

No worries.

I'm often accused of having the same problem.

I had a really great time tonight, thank you.

Your friends are amazing.

They feel the same about you.

You really shine around people, you know that?

Well, I'm looking forward to the next time.

Oh, I get a next time.

Yeah, I owe you.

Well, then I'll try to step it up for next time.

Listen, I know it's getting late and you have to work tomorrow, so...

Okay. Um, bye.

Good night.

♪ Stay with me ♪
♪ Ohh ♪

Are you still there?


One last question.

"Godfather" one or two?

Uh, um... wow.

"Godfather" one was a classic.

But Coppola really got the recipe right with two.


Oh, you have me though, one under protest.

Uh, beach or mountains?


I look amazing in a bikini.

Ooh, I can only imagine.

Maybe you won't have to imagine.

Well, sookie sookie now.

Oh, please don't do that.

'80s or '90s?

♪ Oh won't you ♪


♪ Stay with me ♪
♪ Won't you stay, won't you stay ♪
♪ ♪ ♪