02x12 - Signing Off

Union: Previously on Being Mary Jane...

Cynthia: They're trying to push me out, and they are going to use you to do it.

Cheers to that.

Lisa: And David--do you know what I would give to have a man look at me like that?

Do yourself a favor; get yourself some help, because I'm done.

Being a baby mama is not a career!

You have no job, no skills, and two mouths to feed!

I just figured we'd have a nice meal and some nice wine.

It's just coming across corny.

Before you say anything, I just want to apologize for showing up.

I'll call you tomorrow.

♪ ♪

[crickets chirping]

[security alarm wailing]

[telephone rings]

[quietly] Hello?

woman: This is ADT. Is everything all right?


Is someone in the house?

Mary Jane: No. I-I don't know. I'm here by myself.

Please, just have somebody come. Please come.

I'll just stay on the line, okay?

woman: Yes, ma'am.

All clear. No sign of entry.

And you checked everything?

Yes, we checked all over.

In the morning, you might want to check with your alarm company.

woman: I looked at your alarm system, and it looks like the kitchen window area has malfunctioned.

Okay. Thank you. Good night.

[man speaking over police radio]

[gentle rock music]

♪ ♪

Mary Jane: Hey, can I come over?

No--uh, my alarm went off.

I'm--no, I'm fine. It's just, I'm--I'm scared.

Look, if it's a problem, I can just go to my parents' house.

I just thought that you might want to--


Thank you.

♪ ♪

Sheldon: You want something to drink?

Yeah. Whatever you're having, please.

Um, what were you reading before I came over?

Oh, I recently won in an auction some slave papers that I was enjoying.

Or not enjoying.

Do you mind?


These are the actual letters?

Yes, I've been collecting love letters between slaves for quite some time now.

You should exhibit these.

Well, I've been talking to the Reginald F. Lewis Museum for African American History & Culture about doing a permanent installation.

Or the Smithsonian. I mean, these are amazing.



You've been through a lot tonight.

Let's get you some rest.



Oh, um, would you mind sleeping on that side?

Uh, oh. Yeah, no.

No problem.

You gonna join me?

Uh, I'm going to finish reading those letters.

Uh, I don't want to rub it in, but I don't have to work tomorrow.

So you should get some rest.


All right.

[light jazz music]

♪ ♪

Louis Armstrong: ♪ Heaven ♪
♪ ♪
♪ I'm in heaven ♪
♪ ♪
♪ And my hearts beats so that I can hardly speak ♪
♪ ♪
♪ And I seem to find the happiness I seek ♪
♪ When we're out together, dancing cheek to cheek ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Yes, heaven ♪
♪ I'm in heaven ♪
♪ ♪
♪ And the cares that hung around me ♪
♪ Through the week ♪
♪ Seems to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak ♪
♪ ♪
♪ When we're out together, dancing cheek to cheek ♪

Take it, Ella. Swing it.

♪ ♪

Ella Fitzgerald: ♪ Heaven ♪
♪ I'm in heaven ♪
♪ ♪
♪ And my hearts beats so that I can hardly speak ♪
♪ And I seem to find the happiness I seek ♪
♪ When we're out together, dancing cheek to cheek ♪

You're still in bed?

Did you ever sleep?

I nap.

You hungry?



Hey, did you ever call your alarm company?


You should get on that.

You know, you're a celebrity now.

You've been thrust into the spotlight with that ugly black woman story.

Yeah. No, I'm on it. Thanks. [clears throat]

Are you?

Well, not right this second, 'cause it's 7:30 in the morning.

Are you okay?

I'm fine. I'm just worried about you.

Are we in a relationship?

I've been operating as though we are.



When were you gonna tell me?

I didn't think I needed to say it.

Oh, well, a girl loves to hear these things.

You know, your omelet tastes better when it's hot.

Does it?


Unless you'd like to skip it altogether.

I would love to.

But remember some of us have to work, so...

I respect that.


[woman speaking over television]

Mary Jane: Hey, did you move my toothbrush?

[television clicks off]


Where's my toothbrush?

Oh, just get another one from the cabinet.

[music playing]

Your phone's ringing.

Hey, Val. What's up?

Val: Sorry to call so late.

No, it's okay.

Where do we go for late-night noodles?

Oh, we went to, um, Octopus Bar in East Atlanta on Gresham.

Oh, Gresham. Yeah, that's it.

Yeah, no problem.

Has David called?


I just thought you might have heard from him.

No, I haven't. Why?

[sighs] Monk died.

He'd been sick for a while, so David decided to put him down.


Yeah, um, I'm here.

He was old, you know.

His vet only saw it getting worse, so David finally made the decision.

Wow. Okay, um--

I'm sorry.

No, I appreciate you telling me. I--

I know you loved that dog too.

Have you or Chris seen him since?

I haven't yet, but Chris has been checking in on him.

Oh, okay--okay.

That's--that's good.

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you.

Yeah, I-I-I'll just talk to you later, okay, Val?

Okay, honey. Bye.

All right.

Everything okay?


You seem upset.

I just found out my ex had to put his dog to sleep, and I'm pretty sure he's... devastated.


You should call him, make sure he's all right.

Why would you encourage me to call my ex?

Why wouldn't I?

I mean, it'd make you feel better to know that he's okay, and I'm sure it'd benefit him to know that you care.

See, that's the casualty of breaking up.

You don't get to call your ex about their dead dog.

[voices over television]



I'm angry, and unfortunately this is the only place I feel safe enough to express it.

May I?



They want me to leave, but they won't let me leave with my dignity.

I have done everything I can except call lawyers in for the long fight.

I think you can help.

Oh, Cynthia, I don't want to get involved in the middle of your negotiations, please.

At least let me beg before you turn me away.


Look, I-- you don't deserve this.

I'm just at my wit's end, and I need to get out of here.

No. Please.

I will listen.



Just make sure you get a live sign-off in your deal.

They're trying to screw me out of mine.



They want me to do a taped sign-off, afraid I might say something live.

I mean, this is just such a psycho business.

Oh, you can't smoke in here.

Oh, the hell I can't.

You know, just when things get bad, they get-- it's like they get worse.

No, Cynthia, don't light up in my office.

Look, I'm sorry that you're going through this.

I really am.


Save your sorries for yourself, Mary Jane.

You have no idea what you've agreed to.

I used to watch this show, Fame.

Too old for you, but there was this feisty little black woman.

Debbie Allen.

Yeah. I guess.

And she used to say, "You want fame?

Well, fame costs."

Never truer words were said in this business.

You'll see.

I'm honestly shocked.

I-I just thought it was standard.

Yeah, well, you only get what you negotiate for in this life.

If you're not gonna help me, say you're not gonna help me.

If you're not gonna do it, say you're not gonna--

woman: Be quiet. I want to say something.

[all speaking at once]


Be quie--I want to say something.

[all speaking at once]

Paul. Shut them up.

Everybody, listen, listen.

Quiet down. Quiet down, please.

Mary Jane: Steven, I want you to go back on the money.

Paul Sr.: Quiet.

Mary Jane: And I want you to ask for a sign-off.

Come on, quiet down.

Why not?

Thank you, baby.

Now, I know there are folks who didn't believe we would see this day, but I knew, just like I knew I could give birth to him when everybody was saying it was impossible.

Well, that's what my baby does: the impossible.

Five years undergrad, one year at law school, and three years at architectural school at Georgia Tech.

Whoo, whoo!


Helen: And he didn't take any extra time.

See, there you go.

My goodness.

Helen: We're so proud of you, baby.

You did it. You didn't quit.

Some people didn't believe it, but a mother knows.

Niecy: Yeah, and now everyone knows.

Grandma's been on the phone all day talking about job offers in "Los An-ge-les."


There it is. L.A., baby.


Helen: And why not?

After all, this is a time to celebrate.

To my P.J. Congratulations.

All: Congratulations.

Paul Jr.: Thank you.



Paul Jr.: Cheers.

And thank you, Mom and Dad, for believing in me, for supporting me.

All right, I'm truly blessed. Seriously.

Oh, and I don't have any student loans to pay off, so boom.

None. I'm debt-free, baby. [laughs]

But, um, in all seriousness, um, thank you, because you both promised you'd give us an education, the tools of true freedom.

And my journey's really just beginning.

I hope I make you proud.

I hope you move out soon.

Oh, yes.

Stay in the kitchen.

I second that.


No, no. My little brother.

He just graduated. No, no, it's okay.

We got to get this done.

Seriously, thank you, Mom, Dad.

Naomi: Since we are all here, we may as well share our good news.


Me, Kenny, and the girls are moving to North Carolina.

Me and my... fiancé have both found jobs there.

Whoa. Wait, what?

It's "fiancé and I," Ni.

Ma, she--

Your what?


Paul Sr.: You're--you're getting married?

Mary Jane: Wait, Naomi, you're getting married?

Paul Jr.: Kenny, where's the ring?

I mean, she can't get married without a ring.

Uh-uh. I don't want one. I want a house.

Mary Jane: Wait, Naomi, you're getting married and you're moving where?

Uh, North Carolina.

I'm working at the pharmacy at the new Kroger there.

Hey. Congratulations.

Thank you.

Wow. Okay.

Okay, well, congratulations.

Um, I think--

I guess that's two reasons to celebrate this--this, uh--



woman: He's losing his baby girl.

Aww, Boukie!

woman: Aw.

man: Papi.

So what you think, Niecy?

You haven't said anything.

Um, that's because I'm so excited for you guys.


Yeah. That's great.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, it's all fine for you and Kitty, you know, but today, we're celebrating Paul Jr.

Yeah, thank you. Yeah.

All right, Stu.


Cake time.

Sorry you had to pick up the cake.

I told my mom I would do it.

I don't mind.


I heard you're getting the prime-time spot.

Hopefully. Still negotiating.


You hear about David's dog dying?

Very sad.

Lisa: Cake, anyone?

Ladies eat first.

[people talking and laughing]

[music playing quietly]



How did you get in?

Mary Jane: Oh, the door was unlocked.

Oh. How did you get past the gate?

Is there a problem?

No. Well, yes, if my gate is broken.

No, I just punched in the code.

Who gave you the code?

I just watched your driver do it.

It was four 1s.

Really easy and very unsafe.

I learned a lot of dos and don'ts when I was talking to the alarm company.

Oh, Jesus, I got to take this.

Hey, Kara.

No, it's a great time.

Yeah, no, I just got home.

Yeah, no, girl, they are tripping about this contract.

How's your negotiation going?


Why would they want to put that in the contract?


'Cause they're stupid.

Yeah, or that. Or that.

That's a good one. Yeah, yeah.

I want to--basically, there's a lot of things I want to put in that deal that, you know, I'm kind of afraid to even ask for.

♪ ♪

Well, right, I mean, who would've thought that, like, you need to put in a sign-off?

It's, like, common sense, common courtesy.

I'm really sorry.

It's okay.

I-I can get it out. I-I just need a little baking soda.

It's okay.

I certainly have my own opinion about what this is about, but, uh, just to cover the bases, do you have some kind of medical condition?




Then what's going on?

I-I have a lot of stuff going on with the deal.

That--that's all.

In prior negotiations, have you ever experienced this?


It's about the dog.


You're mad. Good.

I'm not mad.

You're sighing.

That's because I'm breathing air out of my body.

Call him.


No, 'cause it's--it's-- it's not just about the dog.

I know it's not about the dog.

It's because you love him.

Call him and check up on him.

I love it how society supports and even encourages two people to never speak again because they broke up.

Sometimes you don't speak again because it's too hard and it hurts.

But you're hurting now because you're not talking.

You said it was a casualty of breaking up, but if you don't deal with this, then it becomes our casualty.

I'm not mad, but I expect you to deal with this, 'cause I can't keep on buying new mattresses.

Please say you're not gonna do that, 'cause I-I can get it out.

I can't believe this.

You're, um--you're not gonna tell anybody about this, are you?

[people talking over television]

man: You said that you heard her say that she was going to pay the rent, but was there a written agreement?

What you watching?

I don't even know.

The remote's all the way over there.

I can't reach it, so...

woman: The year's lease expires, it goes automatically to a month-to-month.

man: Okay.

woman: And then we verbally confirmed that.

You got to figure it out.

I am happy for her.

I am happy for my sister.

I know you are.

But seeing others move on with their lives is hard when you feel like you're stuck in the quicksand of yours.


[glasses clink]

Yay, me!

Sheldon: You seem more excited about getting Cynthia's sign-off than closing your own deal.

Yeah, my victory for her is really more of a victory for me, 'cause you know I benefit from a successful--


Babe, you have this bad habit of not completing your sentences.

Uh, Sheldon?

What's up with you and my toothbrush?

I love having you over, but I just like things in a particular way.

And the particular way includes throwing out my toothbrush every night?

Baby, I'm just over 50 and set in my ways.


Mm, no. Not okay.

Um, just so I'm clear, can you explain what your-- your ways are, exactly?


Um, it means I like things the way I like them, and housing your toothbrush symbolizes something that I don't believe in.

What, like dental hygiene?



Living together?


But how do you ever intend to--

You don't want to get married?




Then what the hell are we doing?

I didn't really think we were at that place to start having--

N-no. No, no, no.

You knew I was freezing my eggs.

I tried to freeze my eggs on national television!

The segment was called, "Modern-day Motherhood."

Motherhood would imply that a child is what is hoped for.

That was just a TV gimmick. I wasn't sure--

No, no, no. Don't--don't do that.

Don't--don't do that, Sheldon.

I haven't known you for a very long time, but I know you're not a liar, so let's not start now, okay?

I thought I could introduce you to my lifestyle.

I thought it would be a different option for us.

I'm almost 39.

Ain't nobody got time for no fundamental shifts.

I mean, okay, maybe you like the mountains and I like the beach and we can compromise and move to California, but no kids and--and--and-- and no marriage?

Um, babe, we haven't had s*x yet.

And whose fault is that?

You haven't even made a move.

Whoa. When?

When it's not about your ex and you peeing in the bed?

Oh. Oh, oh, oh, okay.

Look, I-I'm not in a rush here, okay?

Yeah, so say all the salesgirls in Atlanta.

Oh, come on.

"Oh, no, no. No, no, not yet. Not--not--not yet."

Are we here to talk, or we here to win?

Well, no, okay. No, no. Let's--let's talk.

Let's talk, because women clearly need to rewrite the rules of this whole dating crap.

We can't even begin to ask you guys the real questions we need to know the answers to, like, "Do you want to have children?"

Do you want to get married?"

Because if we ask those things, we're called crazy, and if we're called crazy, then we can't get to the second date where we can prove to you that we're not crazy or desperate.

So we--we dance around it.

We dance around it, hoping for the best.


Sheldon, you said we were in a relationship.

I asked you point blank.

You said yes.

Yes, we are.

But I--it's not-- listen, we are in a relationship, but--but I'm not in it to have marriage and children.

I'm not gonna give up my individuality for the promise of marriage and kids.

And I don't want to waste my time.

You know, that's ironic, because up until this point, we seemed to be having a pretty good time.

[babbling] Pretty good, at best.

Whatever you want to call it.

It kept you coming back every night.

Well, when you're almost 40, you got divorcées, you got married men, you have 25-year-old fetuses, and you have old men who get their rocks off organizing things, playing sudoku, and coasters.


I want a baby, and you knew that when you barged into my life.

When you came to my job, you knew I wanted a baby.

So have a baby.

With who?

The way that women have babies these days.

I don't know.

Okay, just-- just so I get this straight, you want me to have a baby with a sperm donor but we still have a relationship?

I don't want to put any labels on it.

We don't have to do that.

Where would I get my mail in this freak show fantasy of yours?

The same place you get your mail now.

Look, if things start going well, then we could get two condos on the same floor, or I can get a compound, and then we can have--

Whoa, oh, my God. Am I in the Twilight Zone?

You know, I mean--

Is this some new, like, pimp game I'm not hip to?

Would you stop interrupting me and let me finish, please?

Your mail would go to your house, because we would be in a mutually respectful relationship where you would have your life and I would have mine.

That way, when we decide to be together, we know it would unequivocally be because we want to be together, not because we feel obligated to do so.

It's not hard to understand. It's just different.

Too different for me.

[soft pop music]

So thank you.

I'm--I'm going to pass on what's behind door number one and, uh, take my pride and, uh...


Take my happy ass home.

♪ ♪

Come on, Mary Jane.

Given your history with men, you know that's probably the best offer you've got.

Sevyn Streeter: ♪ Can't get caught up ♪
♪ Throwing stones at a glass house ♪

I may not be a spring chicken, and I may even pee in the bed...

Streeter: ♪ Ain't nobody perfect ♪
♪ 'Cause you keep... ♪

But I will never settle for anything less than what I want and what I deserve.

Streeter: ♪ Throwing stones at a glass house ♪

I'll see you around.

♪ ♪
♪ What you giving me that look for? ♪
♪ Baby, this ain't nothing but a conversation ♪
♪ This love ain't safe locked out ♪
♪ Got me feeling like I'm on probation ♪
♪ I keep holding on ♪
♪ I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I ♪
♪ I need you to chase me like you chase paper, baby ♪
♪ Roll with me like you rolling papers ♪
♪ I'm open if you open ♪
♪ Open if you open ♪
♪ I'm down, down ♪
♪ ♪
♪ If you look in the mirror and I look in the mirror ♪
♪ Ain't nobody perfect, ain't nobody perfect ♪
♪ 'Cause you keep pointing fingers ♪
♪ And I keep pointing fingers ♪
♪ It's like we're throwing stones ♪
♪ At a glass house ♪
♪ And it shatters ♪
♪ Watch, it shatters ♪
♪ It keeps shattering ♪
♪ Nothing matters ♪
♪ If it's no trust between these four walls ♪
♪ And it's all built up on lies and falls ♪
♪ Then it shatters ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Then it shatters ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Then it shatters ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Then it shatters ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

[soft guitar music]

♪ ♪

[phone beeps]

Dial Let Him Go.

female computerized voice: Calling Let Him Go.

David: Hey, it's David. Leave a message.


Hey, David. It's me.

Mary Jane Paul, in case you didn't know who "me" was, 'cause I guess I can't assume anymore.

And that's not me being sarcastic, okay?

That's me being really sincere.

woman: If you'd like to delete your message, please press 4.


David, it's Mary Jane.

I am so sorry you had to say your last good-bye to Monk.

Oh, God, I know you have to be gutted.

You loved that dog so much, and I had always worried about how you would react when this day came, and I just hope you're doing better than I think, which is probably really terrible, so, gosh--

woman: If you are satisfied with your message, press 1.

To listen to your message, press 2.

To re-reco--


Hey, David.

I'm really sorry to hear about Monk.

He was a great dog.

If you need to talk, I'm here.

It's M.J. Bye.

Well, Huggy Bear, I did it.

Cynthia: In my day of journalism, we were told we were the fourth pillar of democracy, the watch dog, making sure government and industry were not taking advantage of the very people who put them in office or funded their multimillion-dollar salaries.

I hope I was able to shine a light on the stories that mattered most, that helped you navigate your day and perhaps-- if my ego could have a moment--your life.

I'm proud of the work I've done here, and although I consider myself a watch dog for the people, my time here has expired, and so I say good-bye, with memories of launching this network in hopes for a safer, more informed and tolerant public.

That's good.

[shrieks] [both laugh]



Come on in.

Sorry it took me so long to get these things back to you.

Oh, please. You didn't even really need to do it.

Well, you never know.

You might change your mind.

I feel kind of silly, you know?

A grown man crying over a dog.

He wasn't just any dog.

I miss him too.

Besides, I-I enjoyed watching him for you.

Yeah, I know. He was a good boy.

Come on back.

Where's Ana?

On a plane somewhere.

She's trying to get it all in before the doctor says she can't fly anymore.

Look at this place, David. I mean--

I know. I'm depressed. What do you expect?

Well, you definitely need me, then, and my happy lasagna.

[people talking and phones ringing in the distance]

[phone playing music]

♪ ♪

Good evening, Mr. Dewitt.

Sheldon: Uh-oh. I got called by my elder name.


Thank you.

Now, listen. I, um--

I feel like an apology is in order.


No, I-I knew what you wanted, and I thought I could show you my way.

I-I owe you an apology.

Mary Jane: No, you know, I'm sorry to keep cutting you off, but I really don't want you to apologize.

You know, one of the things I-I liked about you, actually, is that you are refreshingly honest, so thank you for telling me about yourself.

I honestly don't regret a thing.

I called to pull you in closer, and I feel like you're drifting away.

No, I'm just finding my legs and finally figuring out what I do want.

I don't know if marriage and kids are in the cards for me, but I do know that I want to wake up next to somebody every day and see my toothbrush next to theirs, at the very least.

Esthero: ♪ I'm a black mermaid ♪
♪ ♪
♪ From the bottom of the sea ♪
♪ ♪

I got to go, Sheldon.

♪ ♪

Um, our relationship started on a phone, and it ends here too.


♪ ♪

Good-bye or see you later?

♪ ♪


Esthero: ♪ I'm here for you to love me ♪

Take care of yourself.

♪ I'll be here for all the time ♪
♪ ♪
♪ And I will wait for you to see me ♪
♪ And to understand ♪
♪ That a woman can restore the soul of any broken man ♪
♪ If you can look beyond the waves and... ♪

I can't believe she doesn't like dogs.


Lisa, my life hasn't been my own in quite some time, so if she doesn't want dogs around 'cause the baby's coming, well then...

That may work for now, but that's something you're gonna have to talk out and figure out.

Yeah. You know what?

I'm tired of talking about me.

What's going on with you?

Business today.

Me and Adam are thinking about splitting up, which would be cool.

I mean, I could just open my own smaller office, and let's see.

I'm sure you've already heard Mary Jane and I had a horrible fight.

No. Me and Mary Jane don't talk anymore.

Oh. I thought the two of you were at least still cordial.


How you doing? You look good.

I am.

Your friend Valerie, she recommended me to a really good therapist.



That's really cool, Lis.

It's official; I suffer from depression.

Oh. I'm sorry about the joke before.

Please. I am figuring out all my issues.



Figured out some triggers.

That's really good, man.

I was hoping that she'd be able--

Yeah, you're one.



Why? How?

Come on, David.

Come on, what?

Where are we going? What?

Look, you've always known I've had feelings for you.

Yeah, we're friends.

Don't do that, David.

Don't do what?

Look, I know you don't share the same feelings as me.

I'm clear about that.

I'm just ready to own the fact that I carry feelings for you.

I'm not proud of it.

And, in fact, I have a lot of guilt surrounding it, and I want to tell Mary Jane.

Ugh, if I just-- I know she may never forgive me, but if I'm ever gonna have a chance of regaining my relationship with her, I need to begin again in truth.

Oh, my God.

What is happening to me?

[phone rings]


David: What are you doing?

Heading home.

What are you doing?

Lisa: Negro, do not act like me loving you is new for you.

David: Well, then how I am supposed to act?

'Cause that's exactly what this is.

No, you cannot act like I got here by myself.

Lisa, look.

I understand that that one night meant a lot to you--

That night and all the ones that followed.

Oral s*x is still s*x.

Don't act like I'm in this alone.

Don't act like you don't know what affection from a woman feels like.

I am not proud of it, but I own it.

Okay, this is ridiculous.

When Mary Jane kicked you out when you broke up, who was rubbing your back, letting you crash on my couch until you figured out your next move?

When you were sick, who was getting soup for you?

And when all of this stuff with Mary Jane was going on, who told you about the sperm?

And who took care of your dog all the damn time when you were flying out of town?

I mean, hell, look who is cooking and cleaning for you now.

And who gave you 50 grand for your company?

That was an investment, Lisa, and you know it was.

No. That was a woman in love with you giving you money.

But it was easier for you to not believe it, because it benefitted you.

That was an investment.

You were paid back.

We have paperwork.

That's all it was?

Does Mary Jane know about it?

You didn't tell M.J. about the money or the other stuff, because you feel just as guilty as I do.

[horns honking]

[tires squealing]

[horns honking]


[tires screeching]

[steam hissing]

♪ ♪

Esthero: ♪ I'm a black mermaid ♪
♪ ♪
♪ From the bottom of the sea ♪
♪ ♪
♪ I will teach you how to love me ♪
♪ ♪
♪ In the greatness, I will lead you ♪