03x01 - Facing Fears

Mary Jane: Previously on "Being Mary Jane"...

Congratulations. I heard you're getting the primetime spot.

Hey, David, I'm really sorry to hear about Monk.

He was a great dog. If you need to talk, I'm here.

I suffer from depression. Figured out some triggers.

Yeah, you're one.

What is happening to me?

[phone ringing]


Oral s*x is still s*x!

Don't act like I'm in this alone.

[tires squeal]


Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Man: Yeah, there's this big accident right here on the corner of Central Park and Pine.

[sirens wail]

♪ What's the matter ♪
♪ Mary Jane? ♪
♪ You had a hard day ♪
♪ As you place the don't ♪
♪ Disturb sign ♪
♪ On the door ♪

Man: Coming through here.

What'd do you got?

Female victim.

♪ Lost your place in line ♪
♪ Again ♪
♪ What a pity ♪

Paul: Excuse me, I'm Paul Patterson.

My daughter's Pauletta Patterson, also known as Mary Jane Paul.

She was rushed to your hospital, and I need to know her condition... now, damn it!

Doctor: Sir. She's conscious but disoriented.

And you are?

Doctor: I'm the attending physician.

Now I don't wanna speculate any further.

We're gonna know more once we do a CT scan. So, stay nearby.

Whoa, whoa, wa-

[indistinct arguing]

Somebody please move her.

Nurse: We don't have a room.

What's her deal?

Nurse: She was involved in the accident. Late 40s.

First name Cecilia.

X-Ray on the arm, no insurance.

Doctor: Still gotta move her.


♪ I hear you're killing ♪
♪ Sheep again ♪
♪ Mary Jane ♪



No, no, no, I... I don't think you have to fly in.

No, I have not seen her yet.

But, listen, I do think you need to talk to SNC.

I'm hearing it was her fault.

Hasn't been confirmed yet.

All right, just... just make sure that Mary Jane is protected.


All right, will do.

And call me if you hear anything.

Call me back. Okay.

♪ Sweet baby ♪

Damn it, Mary Jane.

This past Friday, SNC's very own Mary Jane Paul was involved in a traffic accident.

Initial reports state that both Mary Jane and the other drivers suffered from minor injuries but are recovering comfortably in a local hospital.

And according to doctors, they should make a full recovery.

As we get more information, we will keep you updated.

But until then, we, her SNC family, would like to wish Mary Jane Paul a speedy recovery.

And thank you all for your thoughts and your prayers.

♪ Please don't censor ♪
♪ Your tears ♪
♪ Ah... ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪


Ms. Paul, please.

Get me out of here!

Ms. Paul, everything is okay.

Try to relax for me.

You're at Southern Regional hospital.

This is just a scan to access your injuries.

You've been in a car accident.

We think that you're just fine, but we need to make sure you have no any internal injuries.

Do you see the IV in your hand?

That IV is gonna allow contrast material to go into your blood so that we can see every tiny thing.

But I need for you to hold very still so that our scanner position is as clear as possible.

Can you do that for me?

♪ Tell me ♪
♪ Tell me ♪
♪ What's the matter Mary Jane ♪

Mary Jane: Is that the woman from the accident?

Paul: Helen. The doctor says to act natural.

Don't react to her injuries, okay?


Oh, baby.

You're gonna be as pretty as ever now.

Don't you worry.

Mary Jane, are you okay?

Get away from me!

Get-get that fake away from me!

Paul: What the hell is going on here?

David: Um...

It's really complicated, it's all right.

Really complicated.

Well, explain it to me so I can understand it.


Sir, listen, it's-it's really complicated.

All right, all right. Explain it to me so I can understand this.

Okay. Um, Mary Jane was driving, and somehow I inadvertently called her.

And I don't know what she heard.

I really don't know what she heard. But I was... I was talking to Lisa. She had come by the house, and we were talking about some things from the past and... she came by the house to check on me.

Because you remember the dog had died.


And, wait, we were talking about her therapy and-and how it was going and all that. And then she said that she wanted to tell Mary Jane some things about... about us.


Out of respect for Mary Jane, I don't... I don't...


[indistinct yelling]

Stop it!

I should rip your narrow ass!

David: I'm sorry!

What's up, Dad? What happened?

All right.


How you doing? How you feeling?


Why did you cover the mirror, Kara?

Um, can we have a minute, please?

Thank you.

We'll be right outside.

Kara: Thank you.

Take it down.


Mar... Mary Jane, listen, I think that we need to wait to see the doctor.

I need to see my face.

Honey, you... you know what?

You need some rest right now.

Okay, you...

Tell me.

Tell me how bad it is.

Let me see my face.

Mary Jane, listen to me, you have some injuries that you should not see without a doctor's explanation, because... they might, you know, frighten you out of context.

My face needs context?

Hey, we have got the best plastic surgeon in the country on his way.

He's gonna be on the first place... the first flight in the morning.

So it's... it's, um... it's under control.

You're gonna be all right.

It's gonna be all right.

Are you leaving, Kara?


No, no, I'm not going anywhere.

I'm gonna stay right here with you.

I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right...

Excuse me.

Hi, she's ready to be moved back.

Thank you.

[phone vibrating]

Hello? John?

What's wrong?

Okay, I'll come.

Doctor: There's soft tissue lacerations, so they'll definitely need stitches.

And the worst will come in 36 to 72 hours.

They'll be significant bruising and even more swelling.

Little filler will help even outthe swelling and mask the injury.

Please, give me something, Greg.

Tell me she was drunk.

My cop says the paramedics arrived before a unit so there was no sobriety test.

Other blood work? What's the number, Greg?

Doctor: Okay, let's take a look.

We have multiple dermal lacerations to the forehead, radix both cheeks, and what looks to be a subdermal laceration to the chin.

Looks like multiple contusions due to blunt force trauma.

We can expect some serious swelling over the coming weeks.

Point zero seven doesn't grab headlines the way "above the legal limit" does.

Your ugly black woman is starting to make us all look back.

Doctor: We can expect minimal scaring from the stitches.

Kara: What about, um, the dissolvable stitches?

Wouldn't that be easier for her?

Doctor: I wouldn't recommend dissolvable stitches.

It makes it difficult to control the scarring of people of color.

Kara: Oh.

Doctor: All in all, not so bad though.


I hoped that David would realize we needed to tell Mary Jane the truth.

That's all I ever wanted.

I never wanted to be dishonest with her.

I just hope that, for once, he would side with me.

And... allow me to let Mary Jane into my truth.

So let me be clear.

You needed permission from David to be honest with Mary Jane?

Maybe I protected him too much.

Did you sleep with David?

Yes or no?

Now, I know how you kids like to be technical, so... did his pen1s enter in any hole in your body?

Lisa, you're a smart girl.

You've done well for yourself.

Got to be a doctor and a good friend at times.

But now I am sitting here in this hospital waiting for my daughter to get out of surgery and to learn that it's because you couldn't say no to one pen1s?

Stop it, Miss Helen.

Do you realize how many million men are in this world?

You could have tried them all.

And I would not have judged you.

But David is almost like family.

He's the sum of all extreme for Mary Jane.

You're like family.

Well, it's damn near incest.

And after all this that she has done and the family done for you, for some reason, you have found a need to protect him?

[bang] Say something!

Doctor: Good job, everyone, the surgery was a success.

You can go ahead and let the family know she's gonna be okay.



Hi, I... I don't mean to disturb you.

No, don't disturb. Come on in.

I... Just, uh... don't even...

I don't even know how to begin to apologize to you.

I'm so sorry.

You already did.

I'm Cecilia.

I prefer CC.

Mary Jane.

I should be thanking you. It was no telling how long they would have left me in that hallway if you hadn't said something.

Maybe, but it's my fault you're here in the first place.

My God, it happened so fast. I...

Well, we both okay.

That's what matters.

You know 1,100 people died In Georgia in car crashes last year.

I didn't.


And the accident rate, it just goes up in the rain.

I might have been a little distracted.


Well, I imagine a woman like you got a lot on her mind.

What makes you say that?

Every professional black woman I know got a lot on her plate.

It's the truth.

So how are you? You have any broken bones or...

We'll see.

My bad shoulder, I dislocated it again.

And I think I broke a rib or two.

But they're just gonna run some tests and put me back together.

Don't worry about me.

How you doing?

Just a few scratches. I'm mainly just worried about my face.


You're gonna need that to do the news.

It helps, yeah.

Cc: Yes, it does. Otherwise, we'd just be listening to the radio.

Well, they do it better.

They do.

But you... beautiful people, I mean, you just balance out the relentless, depressive news.

So how long do they plan on keeping you in here?

I'm waiting on some kind of scan.

See if there's any internal bleeding.

But I don't have no insurance, so...

I'm just enjoying the view until my number comes up.

All right, well, I'm just gonna let you rest.


Nice meeting you.



Look at you all up and moving around already.

Yeah, well, you act sick, you stay sick.



Just say it plain, Kara.

You had alcohol in your system.

You need to call your lawyer Those reporters are so damn nosey.

You okay, baby?

Mary Jane: I'm okay, Mom.

[indistinct chatter]

♪ Yeah, I'm cool ♪
♪ Everything seems to be fine ♪

Can you give this to Cecilia?

She's the other women who was brought in from the accident?

Sure, I'll find her.

♪ Something's wrong ♪
♪ And I know you can tell ♪
♪ But I never have to say ♪
♪ Because you know me too well ♪
♪ Oooh ♪

No need to worry

♪ There's no emergency here ♪

"I'm sorry."


♪ Anyone else but me ♪
♪ Then I'm right back ♪
♪ On my street ♪
♪ And I find myself ♪

Oh, no

♪ I've never been scared ♪
♪ Home's where my fella is at ♪

Mary Jane: I wasn't drunk.

Lawyer: I understand.

Mary Jane: It wasn't my fault, you get that, right?

Lawyer: Look, we will hire a defense attorney if necessary.

Oh, God.

I will know more in a few days, okay?

I set up a face to face to get a temp of their tone and why they even brought up your alcohol level in the first place.

They're trying to get rid of me.

[sighs] Mary Jane, why do you torture yourself?

Oh my God.

Well, you know what? Manifest destiny, it's official, you are an ugly black woman.

Thank you.

[laughing] I'm sorry, is it too soon?

Is it weird now? It's weird between us?

Don't laugh.


Wow, Mary Jane...

Oh, yeah, it's... my medication, it gives me sour stomach.

Oh, well, you are clearly ugly on the inside.

[laughs] Uh, you know what they said, hypertension is a silent killer. I gotta go.

So get some rest. Open up some windows.

And whatever you do, don't let any small children in here.

Oh my God.

I think you stained my clothes.

[computer dings]

Got two more for you.

Mary Jane: Who are they from?

"Hope you didn't mess up your feet. Tanya."

Mary Jane: My shoe girl. She stays on the hustle.

And "wishing you a speedy recovery" from Cynthia.

That was classy of her.

[speaking Spanish]

Okay, mom, it's creepy.

Stop staring at me.

I just hate to see you go through this.

It's just a minor setback.

My lawyer says I'll be back on the air.

Mom: I mean David, baby.

I always thought you two would work this out.

Mary Jane: Okay, I'm... I'm gonna need all my energy to heal my face.

I just figured you would need a little help.

But I guess I pushed too far.

You didn't push him to do what he did to me.

No, but I pushed you.

I was so busy trying to make you his wife, I couldn't see how much he was hurting you.

All I could see was how pretty on your wedding day and beautiful babies and holiday dinners at your house for a change.

I'm sorry.

Well, you... cheering for us didn't make him betray me, Mom.

Uh, I was just so worried you wouldn't get a man in your life.

I shouldn't have told you to kick that nigger to the curb.

[laughs] Mom.

Do you still love him?


Admit it!

Accept it, Paulette.

And... and... and call yourself stupid, stilly, be disgusted with yourself so you can get over it and move on.

I just... wrecked my face.

You don't think I have more than moved on?

Accept that it feels disgusting to love a man who never saw you or fought for you.

And then move through the pain, baby, so you can get to the other side and be free of him.


You... okay, you sound like I'm in a slave narrative.

Uh, so now you're making fun of me?

Okay, sorry, I thought you were apologizing to me.


Mary Jane: Oh, geesh.

You can't... you just said I was the victim.

You can't then turn around and you be the victim.

Mom: Whatever.


[phone buzzes]


Oh, Jesus.

Mom: Oh, I'm fine, fine. I'm fine.

♪ But we're still alive ♪

Damn glass.

[knocking at door]

♪ Shut the door, please ♪
♪ 'Cause in this space ♪
♪ Everything is made out of ♪

Hey, baby.


Woman, what happened?

If you can't say anything nice...

I told you this was not a good idea.

Come on.

Let's go.

Bye, baby.

Bye, dad.

Dad: Are you sure you're all right?

Mom: You can still be happy.

Mary Jane: I know, mom.

Mom: I don't want you to just know.

I want you to believe.

[speaking Spanish]

♪ Shut the door please ♪
♪ 'Cause everything is ♪
♪ [unintelligible] ♪
♪ Still alive ♪

Standard hush my mouth paperwork, huh?

Just protection for all sides.

And this should help ease your pain.


It isn't a lot, is it?

Considering it's hush money.

Look, I don't have insurance.

So my medical bills are adding up.

I'm almost out of my pain meds.

And there's no generic prescription, so...

It's gonna be pretty costly.

Now my beautiful Cadillac is totaled.

What are you seeking?


We're being very generous here.

What you're asking for is out of our reach.

By the look of things, this company is doing all right.

Fancy boardroom, team of in-house lawyers.

You got your Mexican, your black man, your... I don't even know what she is.

Diversity hires in upper management.

Look, I'm sure $90,000 is a drop in the bucket to keep your interests protected.

Look, it's not our policy to even make an offer like this before the insurance companies have completed their investigation.

But considering the police report found you equally at fault...

Okay, they're doing you a favor, all right?

Our offer is well more than the Blue Book value of your dated car.

Look, I bought that car myself cash 2002.

Cadillac, American-made in Detroit!

Cash, 2002 Cadillac!

So don't you tell...

Look, I understand what you see.

A shifty black woman who has the future of your company in her hands.

Hey, I get it.

You don't like me anymore than you like Mary Jane, but you tolerate her because she's good for business.

Well, you are going to tolerate me... so you can stay in business.

Our lawyers are gonna keep you in court for decades.


Now, if you wanna walk away from our generosity, that's on you.


Sit down.

Yeah, Greg, sit down.


You don't pull in millions like Fox News, and dollars are viewers.

You've been struggling ever since this network expanded five years ago.

And the reverse gentrification plan isn't working out.

Now, Mary Jane Paul, she is pretty and smart.

Hell, the girl is fine.

But even she cannot help you compete with all these new plans.

Buzzfeed has got Pulitzer Prize winners on its staff.

And more kids get news off of Facebook than their TVs these days.

But I'm telling you what you already know.

Like how much of your salaries paid for by advertisers.

Advertisers who don't wanna hear that their lead anchor is an alcoholic.

Worse yet, a drunk driver.

Are you familiar with MADD?

You seem to have quite a bit to say.

Well informed, I give you that.


Contrary to the myth, black people read.


Part of the deal requires confidentiality.

I'll need that document signed.


And my needs?

I'll personally throw in another 10K.

Let's say $100,000, and you sign today.

Or... you and my lawyers can discuss it further in arbitration.



All right then.

Stealing this.

♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm ♪
♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm ♪
♪ Why would I spend ♪
♪ The rest of my days unhappy ♪
♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm ♪
♪ Why would I spend ♪
♪ The rest of this year alone ♪
♪ When I can go therapy ♪
♪ When I can go therapy ♪
♪ When I can go therapy ♪
♪ Two times a day ♪
♪ Why would I spend ♪
♪ The rest of this week ♪
♪ So bitter ♪
♪ And all that listening ♪
♪ Is making you bitter too ♪
♪ When I can go therapy ♪
♪ When I can go therapy ♪
♪ When I can go therapy ♪
♪ Two times a day ♪

♪ I don't wanna be around me ♪
♪ And I don't blame you ♪
♪ If you blocking all my calls ♪
♪ Been awhile since ♪
♪ I been sleeping soundly ♪
♪ Most nights I lie awake ♪
♪ Between two and four ♪
♪ Work is stressing me out ♪

[doorbell rings]

I had to see for myself.

Hey, I got you.

Don't do that.


Come on, say it.

What is it about him?

What is it about him?

I have been asking myself that forever.

I don't... I don't know.

Maybe... maybe he reminds me of dad.

You know, because he's successful, and he's handsome, and...

I believed him when he told me he loved me.

What did you overhear that made you smash your face?

Them betraying me.


They were in the actual act?


Well, I don't know... I don't... I don't think so.

Then what?

The details are not important.

What is important is that you shouldn't be here by yourself.

You shouldn't have to hire some cleaning lady to take care of you.

All right? Somebody should be here, and not just your little brother.

Mom came.- Or your mother.

You know, she... she walked into the glass.

I heard.

Hard. - Hard.


But dad... dad insisted that he come pick her up.

You know, he was here within 30 minutes of my call.

And, PJ, when he walked through that door, he didn't look for his daughter that was, you know, almost killed in a car accident.

He looked for her.

He needed to put his eyes on her.

I want that.

You know, I want... I want that.

And... unfortunately, I put all of my eggs in David's basket and... it's... it's just too hard to find a good one, like start over.

It's too hard.

You know, my dumb ass actually thought it was David at the door.

Men like David don't know how to show up.

I mean, that's the type of guy that's been coddled his whole life.

That's a bitch-made man.

I mean, not to call his mom a bitch, but you know what I'm saying.

And the brothers with the silver spoons, those are the worst.

Says the brother with a silver spoon in his mouth.

I was getting to me.

Okay, okay.

Damn, I was getting to me.

Look, I know I have a strain...

A strain?

A strain of that trait, too.

See, we silver spoon brothers think just because we went to private school or we're never jailed, black women should be happy they're in our presence.

I get away with that every single day.

But I'm only 28.

And I promised the parents that I'd stop running through women like that when I'm 30.

What's your point, PJ?

I'm trying to help you.

When a man's been catering to his whole life, because his family's got money or... or he's pretty and the right shade of light, he doesn't know how to work for anything.

I believe David loves you.

I do.

But fight for you?

Be there for you? Show up for you?

Y'all are letting us ruin you.

Stop, say no to us.

We do.

Look, we do.



We have needs, too, though.

Y'all say it's about s*x.

It is about s*x.

No, it ain't. You all can m*st*rb*t* for that.

Who the hell wants to diddle themselves for 40 years?

Huh? You?

Exactly. I'm a human being.

I was... I was created to be touched.

Women... women are beautiful and... created to be desired, you know? I wanna be told that I'm beautiful and that I cannot be lived without.

I really don't think that we were put on this Earth to be alone.

I just... I just have to remind myself of that all the time.

You know what I mean?

Letta, you're a complicated and challenging woman.

And that is beautiful.

But you gotta be able to recognize that not every man is cut out to deal with that.

When everything comes easy to a man, the last thing he's cut out to do is fight for a difficult woman.



I'm difficult?

[chuckles] Seriou... seriously, no...

In the most... in the most beautiful way, okay?

In the most beautiful way.

Did you not hear that part?




You fell in love with a buster.

And that's okay, it happens.

But you deserve more than the words "I love you."

[doorbell rings]

[doorbell rings again]

[knocking at door]

[knocking at door]

[knocking at door]

Mary Jane: Wait, wait, wait.

[knocking at door]

[knocking at door]

Yo, you about to get it.

What you doing here?

I came to check on Letta.

What's going on?

I tried calling, but I figure, look, you and Lisa need to talk.

Is she in the car?

She's worried mom trying to get to you. You know how she is.

You bring her here? Are you crazy?

What she did was messed up, but I don't want the girl to kill herself.

Just hear what she has to say, then be done with her.

Okay, excuse me.

Letta, give me the bat... give me...

So you drug my brother into this?

I didn't ask him...

And you didn't jump out of the car either, did you, Lisa?

You wanna do this?

You wanna do this, Lisa?

Can you put the bat down?

Do you seriously wanna do this?

You wanna do this right now, huh?


You know what? Um, I'm pretty sure you got a lot... a lot to say, but, uh, I'm gonna stop you right there and...

[bat drops]

...I'm gonna go first.

I'm sorry.

As a matter of fact, I wanna apologize for everything.


I'm sorry... for all the guys who don't return your calls and the ones who never noticed you.

And I'm sorry for all the times you weren't invited to the party.

And I'm sorry that I allowed you to be the third wheel to me and David.

I'm sorry that you are so unhappy and that you thought me, or David, or my family could somehow fix that.

I'm sorry that you couldn't find a man to love you!

I am... sorry about your stepdad, and that you haven't spoken to your mother in years.

And I'm sorry that my life is somehow an insult to yours.

I expected you to throw stones.

No, no no, God, oh, Lisa, I... I'm... I'm sorry that I spent the last year saving black men from suicide when you were sitting right in front of me.

I'm sorry I selfishly couldn't see you because I knew that I would have to then really look at myself.

And then I would have to consider the possibility that maybe...

I too am unhappy.

And then worry that my unhappiness is actually really... another word for depressed.

And if I'm depressed, then could I also kill myself?

So I'm... I'm sorry that I was so afraid of my own fragility that I could not see yours.

You don't owe me an apology.

Mary Jane, I just...

Do you really think that we would be friends if we met today?

Seriously? How many bullets do you have left?

Would we be friends if we met today?

'Cause this, I mean...

Lisa: Come on, Mary Jane.

We haven't been true friends in years.

This is like an obligation.

What did you overhear?

Because I wanna address it.

I'm ready to tell you all about it.


As much as I wanna punch you in your... stupid face...

I love you, Lisa.

I really do. And there's nothing that will change that.

But you've betrayed me.

You... you get that?

You betrayed me.

And I'm gonna need a little time.

I'm not sure how much time, but, uh, time, Lisa.

I believe I've earned the luxury of thinking about me for once.

So... can I get... a little... space to deal with the fact that I have been betrayed and that I almost died?

I am so sorry.

I'm actually grateful for this...


Because for once I..

I have felt more free than I have ever felt in my life.

So I really hope that you... find what you need.

But I promised you, Lisa, it is not here at my house.

I love you.