05x06 - The Icicle Cometh

My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.

But secretly, with the help of my friends at S. T. A. R.

Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.

But when my daughter came back from the future to help, she changed the present and now our world is more dangerous than ever.

And I'm the only one fast enough to save it.

I am the Flash.

Previously on "The Flash" You threw yourself - off a building to save Dad?

- Yeah.

We all know the sound of Cicada's breathing.

His lungs are injured.

We can't keep doing this.

It's not healing.

Killer Frost has been gone since the night the DeVoe took over your body.

Is she gone for good?

I've tried everything I can think of to get her to reappear.

My father told me to come find him.

My dad's been dead for years.

He knew that there were two of you.

He knew the truth about Killer Frost.

- We've got eyes and ears!

- I knew you could do it.

There's only one sure place somebody could hide.

A Tannhauser black ops site.

Vanilla latte and a Medium Zoom for Raelene.

Thank you.










Should've left me alone.





And you never should have existed.



We are back in business.

And by business, he means the better-than-Sally the satellite business.

And what does that mean?

That means we're getting closer to identifying the ever-elusive Cicada.

It's Cicada, Sherloque.

Once I hacked DeVoe's satellites, all I had to do was just use an impact extrapolation algorithm to predict where the shrapnel would've fallen after Barry and Nora pulled a Johnny Cage on Sally the satellite.

May God rest her soul.

So now we got 46 locations where 46 pieces of shrapnel landed.

And once of these locations is where Cicada will have been injured.

Except we don't know which one.

Or maybe we do.

You see, after my hands got sliced by Cicada's dagger, Dr.

Quinn, Medicine Woman, here measured the dark matter in my system.

And its levels of concentration were higher than any I'd ever seen before.

Insanely high, and the only part of the satellite that would have dark matter levels that high Is the core, which is where Cicada's dagger came from.

So we find the location of the core and we'll know where Cicada was that night.

You know, FEMA set up sites to help people after the Enlightenment.

If Cicada was injured, maybe he received medical treatment at one of them.

That's a great idea.

I mean, we could check with FEMA to see if any fathers matching Cicada's description reported any injuries - near the crash site.

- So, we split up.

Okay, great.

I'm good at tracking things down.

So I will try and find the satellite core.

I will come with you and everybody else look for the names.

Um, do you mind if I actually come with you too?

It's just that I saw you jump off a building last week and that was awesome.

So I thought maybe I'd come with you while you did some detective work.

Oh, I think that two people is going to be more than enough - for what we need - What he's trying to say is that we would love to have you come with us.



All right, well, why don't I talk to FEMA and see if I can get some names.

Hey, I know Joe's been itching to get out of the house, and it might help to have an actual badge.

Nobody does case snacks like Joe West.

- I'll swing by on the way.

- All right, cool.


So, Snow Patrol, what's going on?

You tell me.

I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that we're left here with nothing to do for the next few hours.

I know we were supposed to wait until you were ready to locate your dad.

But I had the satellites track down all the decommissioned Tannhauser black ops sites that your dad could possibly be in.


And and then I hacked into their security systems.

He was the last person to enter one of them.

A week after he died.

And he never left.


Where is he?


- It's open.

Come in.



- Hey.

- Is is Joe here?

Uh, no.

He's out with Jenna.

Oh, dang.



All right, I'll go get some falafel and come back in a bit.

Wait, no.

Please don't Leave me here.

Um, what did you need?

Maybe I can help you.

Oh, I need somebody to flash a badge and generally look intimidating, so.


You don't think that I can be intimidating.

Oh, my God, you don't, do you?



Ralph, I am the district attorney.

You know I psychically teleported the Flash inside the Thinker's mind whilst giving birth to my daughter, sans epidural it hurt!

I literally saved the world between contractions, and you don't think that I am intimidating?

I'm really intimidated right now, actually.

You are very intimidating.

Okay, what are we doing?

Uh, we are getting a list of FEMA recipients treated after the Enlightenment to hopefully find Cicada's real name.

FEMA, come on.

I worked with them a ton.

I know that org inside and out.

Just, uh oh, give me five.

I gotta go pump first.

What are we pumping?


Coordinates are set for the North Pole.


Thank you guys for coming with me.

Ready when you are.



Here we go.


Can't see anything!

My face just went full Weeknd!

Wait, I think I see something.

Over here!


I think it's a building.


Is there a door?

We don't need one.




Anybody here?




You okay?

When my father entered this facility nearly 20 years ago, he had severe ALS.

Maybe the reason he never left is 'cause he couldn't.

Look, whatever we find in here, we'll be right here with you.



It smells like science in here.

What kind of research does your mom's lab do, exactly?

I honestly don't even know anymore.




Is that you?

Is this really happening?

You're alive.

Are you you're real?

Yeah, Dad, it's me.

I'm real.

I'm real.

You found me.


You got my message.

I did in the periodic table we made together.

It took me 20 years to find it, but it led me to you.

I knew you would come.

Thank you.

I thank all of you.

Dad, these are my friends.

This is Uh, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon.

I know.

Um, sorry.

How do you know us?

Well, when I first came here, I stayed in contact with scientists.

Louise Lincoln, Victor Fries, and Harrison Wells.


Wells was able to give me full access to, uh, S. T. A. R. Labs video uplink.

Wait a minute.

You've you've had video lin to S. T. A. R. Labs this entire time?

Oh, no.

God no.

I mean, it hasn't worked until recently.

And unfortunately, since it rebooted, its capabilities is only as a one-way video, so I could see you but I couldn't reach you.

Well, it looks like you had plenty of toys around here to keep you company.

This neat little incubator.

What's it for?

Well, that was here when I got here.

Never had any use for that thing.

I don't understand.

Why are you here?

I mean, how are you still even alive?

ALS is a horrible disease, and I grew desperate, and I began experimenting with therapies using cryogenics.

Something went wrong?


The, uh, experiments became more and more dangerous.

And I quarantined myself for the sake of everyone's safety.

I did manage to freeze the progression of that disease.

Not before the site was entirely closed out, and I have been here ever since.

They shut down this site while you were still in it and locked you in.

It was my mother, wasn't it?

She's the only one with an authority to shut down a Tannhauser site.

Listen, your mother thought it would be easier for you not to see me.

But I always had the faith that I could cure this thing.

That's why I sent you the note.

So how how did you survive here this whole time?




Spending months at a time in that cryogenic chamber.

Well, you don't ever have to do that again, because we can get you out of here.

We're gonna give you your life back.

Shouldn't this place be packed to the rafters?

I mean, we had a citywide disaster not long ago.

Don't worry.

I got this.

It's time to put the war face on.



Hey, buddy, pull them out.

Lose the music.

Hi, I'm DA Cecile Horton.

This is my associate, Ralph Dibny.

- DA?

- Mm.

How can I help you?

You the field director here?


You got a claim or something I can help you with?

We're trying to ID a suspect in a criminal investigation and we're going to need to take a look at the names of all the people you've assisted in the last six months.

I can't give you anyone's names.

You'll need to get a warrant for that.

Listen up, mister!

Bagger Vance!

It's Vance Brandon.


You listen to me when I tell you that this is my town, baby.

Oh, yeah, and I can make some real bad stuff happen for you.

Like, really, really no bueno.

Yeah, well, this is my country, which is a lot bigger than your town.

- That's true.

- So, until you get a warrant, you're not getting anything.

But wait, did you Bagger?

Bagger Va did you But this my war face.

I put my war face on.

That was my war face, Ralph.

It's okay, I I think you're just You're you're a little rusty, that's all.

Oh, no.

That was way more than a little rust, Ralph.

I've lost my mojo.


Oh, that was a new mode of travel.

That is what we call an interdimensional space-time breach.

It takes a little while to get used to it.

So, this is S. T. A. R. Labs, IRL.

Look at that view.

I want to run some tests.

Make sure everything is all right with you.

This city is so beautiful.


The sunsets here.

I used to think about them all the time.

Hey, maybe you guys should just go for a walk or something.

Try and reconnect first.


Um, why don't we go for a walk?

Get some fresh air.

I can run my tests later.

I love that plan.


What's up with you?

Dude, this story is full of holes.

I'm just trying to fill them.

Nora's story had holes in them, and she was only lying to me 'cause she wanted to meet me.

I've appreciated every second that we've had together so far.

Caitlin just got her dad back.

Let's be happy for her.

Hey, I'm happy.

So what are we doing first?

Uh, well, you're a speedster.

So I was thinking you could run around the site.

See if you can find the core.

I thought, since it's our first time teaming up, maybe I could go with you and we can interview the people who were here the night of the Enlightenment together.

Oh, um, uh - Or no.

- No, no, no.

Yeah, it's just Normally, I interview people by myself.

Oh, oh, my God.

No, no.

It's fine.

It's I wouldn't ask you to come speed around the city with me or anything like that.

- It's fine.

- Okay, well, I'll - No, no, no.

You come with me - I'll come with you, okay.

And we'll interview the foreman.

All right, let's not.

How about that?

Look, we have 45 more sites to search.

Clearly we don't have the time and clearly we must split up.

So you go search for the core and you go talk to the foreman.

I will look for clues.



And this is how investigations collapse.

Hey, babe.

No, the mother-daughter team-up is kinda off to a rocky start.

But I don't know, I think we'll get there.


- The core's not here.

- Well why don't you go search the other sites?

We'll finish up here.

Well, no, you don't want to do that, do you, no?

Because, um, you're not here to investigate, are you?

No, you're here to spend time with your mother, right?

Well, I just thought maybe we would find something in common if we worked on a case together.

But she's really good at prying information out of people.

Believe me, and I'm fast on my feet.

I'm gonna go back to S. T. A. R. labs.

Hold on, wait.

I have another plan to try and find this core.

It involves you and your mother.


So, uh, cherry soda.


I haven't had a cup of Jitters coffee in quite a while.

But the thing that I miss the most was BOTH: Peanut butter and jelly waffles.

Yeah, Mom used to hate it when you made those.

Yeah, well, your mom always wanted the nicer things in life, I guess, and I was happy with simple.

It's a wonder you two ever got together.

- How is she?

- The same.

I don't really see her that often, and when I do, she's cold as ice.

And now, after what she did to you Oh, well, look, she may be a little bit chilly, but she does love you, Caity.

It's been really hard without you.

I mean, just me and her.

It was tough.

- Yeah.

- I've been through a lot.

A lot of that has to do with me.

- No.

- No, no, listen, and and I wasn't there for you.

All these years They went by and I I want to make it up to you, Caity.

I mean, I really should've been there for you, right?

I mean and I wish that I could just - Dad?

Oh, my God.



Here, sit.

Oh, my God.


- Dad, Dad.





I'm right here.


You saw my disease?

Yeah, uh the dermis is crystallizing.

And it's spreading.

I ran some tests while you were unconscious.

You have a cryogenic malignancy and a somatic mutation.

It's not contagious but It's rewriting my genetic code.

And if it continues, you could Die.

Well, I cured my ALS, but I created something even more deadly.

Every time my emotions spike, my malignancy spreads.

Like when you're angry or scared?

I wish I had just left well enough alone.

For both of us.

Wait, did I have the genetic marker for ALS too and you tried to cure me?

So my powers came from you?

Killer Frost is my cure?

Killer Frost?

You may know her by a different name.


Dad, what did you do to me?

I wasn't gonna let the ALS manifest in you like it did in me.

So you used experiments with cryogenic gene therapy on your own daughter?

I had already done it on myself.

Caity, I made alterations to the treatment.

I tried to make it safer, Caity, and you started to exhibit dual personality soon after I treated you.

So is, um, Khione or Killer Frost Is she still around?

No, she she's been gone for a little while, but she's still a part of me.

So where's your dual personality?

You and Caitlin carry the same markers, you took the same cure.

Where your Khione?

I never had one.

That's probably why I'm dying and you're not.

Okay, what if we use my cells to create a serum to stabilize your body?

Um, we have to stop your atoms from oscillating.

So get your body to a temperature of absolute zero.

Caitlin, that could kill him.

My cells can theoretically withstand subzero temperatures because of my cryogenic gene therapy.

But the problem is getting to absolute zero.

We could use a laser cooling array.

The DOD just constructed one at their site outside of town.

- I could check it out.

- Okay, great.

I'll get started on the serum.

No, no, wait.

Hold on.


We we can't just hack into the DOD's $5 billion security system.


I just got my dad back.

I can't let him die.

I'll see what I can do.

It's the fifth person to be sliced up this week.

Take him to OR Three.



Oh, my God.

What happened to you?

- I'm fine.

- I need to stitch that up.

You've got abrasions, possible internal injuries.

You keep going out there, you're gonna be back here in a body bag.

You can't be a part of this.

Do you know how many patients I've seen come in this hospital the past four years because of those metas out there?

I just treated a man who was attacked by a human razor blade, and you wanna say I'm not a part of this?

Oh, I got that razor meta.

Just like I'll get the rest of them.

I know why you're doing this.

And I know that little girl laying in a coma is not my family, but you are not the only one whose heart breaks every day she doesn't wake up.

Grace is the one that needs help.

Not me.

Now, are you gonna get out of my way, Doc?

Or are you gonna call security?

What the heck happened back there?

I froze up.


When I got canned from CCPD, I fell in with some legally questionable individuals.

These are some scary, scary people, but they all had one thing in common.

They were all terrified of Ce-Seal-Your-Fate Horton.

And I don't believe for one second that that woman has gone anywhere.

Don't ever call me that again.

I'm sorry.


I thought I I thought we were bonding and having a moment, but I think I crossed the line.

I didn't really mean to I'm kidding.

It's a joke.

I was joking.

My gosh, I really got you.

You didn't have to get so nervous about it.



Like the FEMA guy did.

Ralph, I don't think I froze up back there.


Right, you're You're an empath now.

Your powers let you experience his fear.

You're you're the Deanna Troi of Team Flash.

I have no idea who that is, but if he got that scared when we asked him about the victims list It's because he's hiding something.

- Yes.


Whoa, whoa.

What's, uh, what's happening with your nose right now?

Oh, when I smell a mystery, that's my thing.

I do that.

- That's nasty.

- It is?

You don't - Please stop.

- You don't like it?

C'est l'aviron qui nous mène, qui nous mène C'est l'aviron qui nous mène en haut C'est l'aviron qui nous mène, qui nous mène C'est l'aviron qui nous mène en haut He has been singing that same song for the last two hours.

I know, I know.

Are you seriously making tea right now?

Le thé.


Right, chamomile.

You know, to stimulate the brain, but also, frankly, the digestive system.

Right, because since I've arrived at here, I've been backed up like a traffic jam.

That is so disgusting.

Beyond disgusting.

How are we supposed to investigate when you're making tea, Sherloque?

Well, you seem very annoyed, mademoiselle.

- No shrap, Sherlock.

- Sherloque.

Sorry for the language, Mom.

It's okay.

Hey, look.

There was a carnival the night the satellite crashed.

If my dad is right about Cicada being a father, then maybe He might've brought his kid here.

- Exactly.

- But, I mean, I ran all over this place.

There's no core in sight.

C'est l'aviron qui nous mène, qui nous mène [VOCALIZES.]

What if The core fell into the water.

How you will retrieve it?

Nora, why don't you create a vortex like your dad did when he fought King Shark?

Oh, no, or what if we do what you did with the Hotness?

You know about that?

Yeah, of course.

I made Papa Joe tell me everything about when my mom was a speedster.

So how do we do it?

Um Well, you just, um you run back and forth in a In a really tight formation.

And you want to pull the water up with your heels.

Okay, right, which will drive the water away from the shore.


- Schway.

- Yeah.

Do you think I can do it?

Yeah, Nora, you got this.



Four satellites?

Give them to Cisco.

He's got 'em.

DOD sites?

There you go.

All in a day's work for him.

You all think I can just hack anything, huh?



I can hack anything.




There you are.

- Oh!




Found a path into the DOD base.

As long as Cisco can shut down the interior alarms, it'll work.


I just need to balance this serum and we should be good to go.

Thank you for this, Caity.

I mean, what you're doing is beyond the call.

Of course, you're my dad.

I'd do anything for you.

He's not your dad.

Look familiar?



What are you talking about?

This is my father.

I went back to the Tannhauser black ops site, and I picked up a vibe.

I saw him working in the lab Cisco, your vibes have been a little problematic I know what I saw.

I saw him standing over the incubator, the one he claimed he had no use for, and he was working on this.

Skin grafts?

What does this have to do with anything?

This is gonna sound whacked-out, but what if, when you dad tried to cure his ALS, it didn't just give him crystallized skin?

What if it really did create that dual personality?

- This Killer Frost?

- That's who you think this is?

Thomas' alter ego wearing a copy of his face made out of these skin grafts?

Yes, I know.

I know it-it sounds It sounds absurd, but I can see where Mr.

Ramon is getting his hypothesis.

My, uh, cryo-malignancy spread further than I admitted, and it's afflicted my face, my hands, my arms, my chest.

And I created those skin grafts from stem cells that I found in the lab in order to cover any further outbreaks.

You're lying to us.

- Cisco - Caitlyn, you have to see No, you need to leave us alone.

- Please - Now!

I got it.


Hey dude, we need to talk.


I thought that dramatic confrontation worked perfectly.

- We all want to help Caitlin.

- Oh, do you?

Yeah, I want Caitlin to have a chance to be with her father.

Just like Nora got the chance to be with you?

See, this is your problem.

You think that this is just another perfect father-daughter pairing, reunited.

I'm not blinded by my feelings.

Well, they're not helping you see any clearer.

You gotta stop thinking about this like Nora's dad and start thinking about it like a CSI.


Don't do it for me.

Do it for her.


Didn't I tell you to get lost?

Yes, you did.

Thanks for that.

Gave us time to pull your file.

You don't have any priors, but I did find about a dozen outstanding parking tickets, though.

Oh, no.

For, uh, what was it?

It was, um Oh, yeah, a Lamborghini.


Vroom, vroom.

How does a civil servant afford a $200,000 car?

- Okay, I'm calling security.

- Please do.

I can't wait to report a case of insurance fraud.

You've been telling citizens their claims have been denied and then pocketing the cash for yourself when the government pays up.

That's why this FEMA center's emptier than Grandma's whiskey at a Dibny Christmas dinner.

You can't prove any of this.

Try me.

That's everyone.

Names, addresses, location the night of the crash.

So this is gonna stay between us?

You've been profiting off of innocent victims.

You know I put a call into your superiors in D. C.

20 minutes ago.

I got my groove back, Vancey.

That's how I know it's you that's scared and not me.

Now there's the old Ce-Seal-Your-Fate Horton - we all know and love.

- Hmm, great.







If you came to defend Cisco, please don't bother.

He just cares about you.

Come on, don't you think I wouldn't know if that wasn't actually my father?

You too?


Listen, I wanted to believe that that's your dad and that he's a good guy because I want you to be happy.

But I don't I don't know.

Maybe I haven't been seeing clearly.

There is a lot about this guy's story that doesn't add up.

This guy?

This guy is my father.

He's the man who held me when I had chickenpox.

Who told me I could be anything I wanted to and made me believe it.

So please stop treating him like he's a criminal.


You know how estranged I am from my mother and how empty I felt without Killer Frost.

He is the only family that I have left.

But Caitlin, that's not true.

We're your family too.

And we're only asking you to keep an open mind because we care about you.

Especially Cisco.


If it'll make you feel better, you can ask him your questions, but only after I give him the serum.

- What's wrong?

- Oh, my God.


If I give this serum to a human, it will suppress their malignant side.

But if I give it to a cryogenic meta-human, it will permanently suppress their human side.

If that's your father's alter ego He's trying to wipe out my dad.

He needed your cells to make the serum.

"Caitlin, come find me. " [SIGHS.]


What's going on?

Dad, why?

Well I guess, as you're all here [CRACKLING.]

You have such smart friends, Caity.



That frozen liquid in your lungs is gonna be turning into tiny icicles.

Making it very difficult for you to breathe.

But no worries.

You'll pass out soon.




Caitlin, wake up.

- Hey, are you okay?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.

Um, is my dad gone?

He took the serum.

This is all my fault.

I was so excited to have my dad back that I I couldn't see who he really was.

I owe you both an apology.

Hey, it's okay.

We'll get him.

Hey, guys, get in here.

Come on.

Eyes, please.

- What?

- He's at the DOD site.


That building's 7 below?

Look at the temperature.

Look at it drop.

He initiated the negative array but didn't seal it.

The room is -7, but the array is -100.

That thing's so freaking cold, it's freezing the whole building.

Wait, at this rate, in 5 minutes, the temperature will be 460 degrees, AKA absolute zero.

At which point, he can inject himself with my serum.

And turn himself into a full-on icicle.

Icicle, that's Not the time.

- We gotta go.

- Let's do it.

Hey, what What about your hands?

You're my friend, my family.

I'm going.



Almost there.


Ugh Flash.

Don't you realize that speed and cold don't mix?

This machine is capable of producing isotopes that can freeze carbon dioxide.

You can't run in here.


More superheroes to freeze.

The array's at -220.

You have one minute.

You people are not as smart as I thought.

Guys, what's happening?

The temperature in the room is dropping.

Everyone's so cold, their atoms are hitting near stasis.

Why why can't I see my breath?

It's too cold.

There's no moisture in the air.

Cisco, are you okay?


At least I can't feel anything.

Guys, the array's at -350 degrees.

He's gonna be able to go full icicle soon.


Come on.

- Forty-five seconds.

- What do we do?


Use your lightning to counter the cold and maybe you can warm up enough to stop him.

We've been trying to do it this whole time.

It's too cold.

I'm literally fr freezing.

399, you have 30 seconds.

Your temperature is dropping too quickly.

You're gonna go into hypothermic shock soon.

But not Caitlin.

Look, Caitlin's body temperature is normal.

Caitlin, you must be immune.

But Killer Frost is gone.

Well, clearly, she's not.

Guys, 400 degrees.

We got 20 seconds.

Caitlin, you can do it.

Just concentrate.


Please, I know you're in there.

Don't do this.

Do you think Thomas can hear you, Caity?


Thomas hasn't been able to hear anything for a very long time.



- What is that?

- 460 degrees.

We're too late.

He beat us.



My daughter.

You've returned!

You're not my family.

They are.

You only gave a damn about me because you wanted that serum.

But I I can share it with you.

Just imagine.

The two of us, free to be ourselves without fear.

You are strong.

We can be even stronger together.

I'm strong because I have people in my life who actually care about me.

Do you?





- Dad?

- You found me?


Temperature's rising.

What's happening?

Is everyone okay?

- I think so.

- A little help?

Get Cisco.

Oh, yeah.

That's good.



My dad.

Our dad.

He was here, but I lost him.

We'll get him back.


You're not alone anymore.

Neither am I.

No cold signatures in the area.

Snow Country for Old Men must be miles away, 'cause he sure as hell isn't in Central City.

Well, we have to find him.

I mean, Icicle wouldn't have gone through all this trouble to kill my Dad if there wasn't a piece of him still left.

We'll find him.

All the things I vibed, they weren't memories of your dad.

They were of his alter ego.

My dad was trying to protect me.

You know what?

My mom probably was too.

I mean, she was just trying to keep me safe.

All this time, I thought she was the villain.

How could I not see it was him?

Hey, don't beat yourself up.



We see the good in people.

That's just who we are.

I hope that never changes.

There's something else you guys should see.

All this time, we've been trying to figure out how Killer Frost disappeared, but we've been looking at it all wrong.

We've been thinking DeVoe used Melting Point's powers, that he changed your meta DNA and removed Killer Frost from you.

But tonight, you proved that she's still a part of you.

So what caused her to leave?

DeVoe used a different set of powers.

- Brainstorm.

- Brainstorm.

All they did was create a mental block.

One you broke through tonight, so you can do that again.

You just gotta learn how.

I think it's time we reintroduce an old friend.

Harry's mental activity dampener.

It'll help me hear her.

That's right.

It's my hope that the more you use it, the more you connect with her.

Eventually, you won't need it anymore.

Thank you.

Guys, we need you in the Speed Lab.

All right.

We'll leave you to it.


Hey, stranger.


Well, we sure have a lot to talk about.


Sally's heart!

You brought it back.

We did, thanks to these two and their deductive abilities.

And our tidal-wave-breaking skills.


- Like mother, like daughter.

- Mm-hmm.

Uh, is it safe for this to be here?

Yeah, a little dark matter never hurt anybody.


We've seen this puzzle piece before.

Our satellite giveth, and now we must taketh away.

I think we can finally do that.

We got a list from FEMA of everyone who reported injuries the night of the Enlightenment.

None of them matched Cicada's description.

But there were three kids who were hit by pieces of shrapnel from the satellite.

Two of them are twins whose father is deceased.

Third is a ten-year-old girl, by the name of Grace Gibbons.

So if my dad's right and Cicada's a father, then We may have just found his daughter.









After I fix up your side, I'm gonna patch up your chest.




It's making me stronger.