01x01 - Pilot


(woman screaming)

Breaching... go!

Immunity agreement and extradition waiver.

Sign them, and I'll tell you how I hacked into NASA.

Corporal to command.

We have Scorpion.

He's just a kid.

Officer (over radio): Team leaders maintain position 'til evac...

Target is acquired.

I just wanted the shuttle blueprints for my wall.


What's your name, son?

Woman: Walter?


Are you listening?

Yes, you said "I didn't see this coming at all."

I can't believe you're breaking up with me.

I'll admit you have been patient.

Longest three months of my life. Mmm.

You're not easy, Walter.

I thought this might help.

Throughout our relationship, you've accused me, correctly, of being unable to connect with your emotional states.

So... I mapped out what I anticipate you'll experience over the next few minutes.

You wrote a document to connect with me emotionally?


Now, this is a decision tree.

This is just to help you through the...

Man: Hey! I pay you to fix wireless, not talk.

You scheduled our breakup on a job?!

To be more efficient.

You may be trying, Walter.

But you're still a million miles from normal.

Here you go, Burt. Your table's up here.

And your tea's waiting and your eggs'll be up in five.

All right. You smell so good today.

What is that... new cologne? I love it.

Man: Hey, kid! You're making a mess!

Paige! Again your boy's all over with the shakers!

I know, he knows, I know.

He's just having a hard time adjusting in school.

He'll be back next week. Promise.

Hey, honey. It's okay.

Mr. Gianakos just likes to keep things neat.

Remember we talked about that kind of thing before?

Doesn't mean there's something wrong with you, okay?


Paige: Excuse me?

Can I help you?

No, but you should help him.

Wireless is up.

Don't yell at that boy.

♪ ♪

Radio DJ: If you're sick of being broke, for $108.3, which month has 28 days?

All of them.

Woman: I actually know this one! Uh, February?

Radio DJ: We have a winner!


♪ ♪

Okay, so if my math is right... and it is... we can siphon 700 kilowatts a month through the fall before anyone even notices.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

What are you doing? Over 30,000 shock-related accidents happen every year!

Woman: Please.

I got this.

See? Power's up.

Why are you stealing electricity?

Just borrowing it until they turn our power back on.

I thought we were paying the bills after the Credit Nationale job?

Sylvester: I was.

I worked for three days on this great loss algorithm for credit risk...

You got lost in the numbers and you forgot to pay the electric bill.

And the water bill and our rent. And the payment was all in cash, which got misplaced.

It's somewhere... close.

When's the last time you ate?

You mean, like, food?

Okay, it's cool, I finished the Lynwood job, Toby's picking up the fee.


Why not you? I built the contractor an automated conveyance system and he called me Sugar.

So I hit him in the mouth.

And Toby is where exactly?

♪ ♪

Shh! Keep your voices down!

Just for a minute!

(car speeding away, outside) Uh, Toby... tell me you have the Lynwood payment.

First, can I note how I nearly tripled the Lynwood payment?

So those thugs are chasing you down to give you a big congratulations?

I b*at them in poker! They're born chumps!

Pupils that dilate like saucers whenever they had a good hand. Come on!

A Harvard-trained behaviorist should know that people don't like to get cheated!

I hate you.

No, you don't.

We have a combined I.Q. of nearly 700, and we can't even pay our bills.

We had a bad day!

We've been at this two years!

The whole reason why I started this company is because we have more to offer than just fixing routers!

Walter, I'm reading a textbook panic response to normal financial stressors.

Okay, if this thing is going south, Walt, just let me know, 'cause I have a cousin who owns a garage in Phoenix...

No matter how hard we try... and I know we're all trying... we're a million miles from normal.




(sirens wailing)

Hey, good.

Your timing's perfect.

A guy in there ripped us off.

I'll put a bag of pills in your pocket fat enough to get you a room in Lompoc.


Now, hit it.

Homeland Security.

Is this you?


We're looking for Walter O'Brien!

It's a badge.

No, no, no, no.

Get out. Get out!

Get out of here now.

I wouldn't be here if I weren't desperate, trust me.

"Trust you"?

What is that... a joke? Who are you?

He's Federal Agent Cabe Gallo.

We worked together years ago.

The outcome was unfavorable.

Put it aside, O'Brien.

I need you.

45 minutes ago, there was an a*t*matic software upgrade in the LAX control tower.

It had a bug.

Now the entire system's down.

Wa-wa-wait... all the communications are down?

Contact's been lost between Long Beach, LAX and Burbank.

Incoming flights have been diverted.

But the ones that were about to start their descent...

56 of them... are out of comm range.

NSA's trying to work a satellite hook-up.

FBI's attempting a Morse code signal from the observatory.

We need you on software.

Without landing guidance, those planes run out of fuel.

Sylvester: And crash.

And crash, Walter!

Sounds like... catastrophe is imminent.

So, go find someone else. Now.

How about a certified Federal check for $50,000 in each of your pockets?

I ran checks on all of you.

Mechanical prodigy, world-class shrink, a human calculator.

Brilliant minds working at half-capacity.

You want to do something meaningful?

Here's your chance.

You don't, people and metal will be falling from the sky in less than two hours.

It's your call.

Even with half my IQ, I wouldn't be dumb enough to believe you twice.

"Put it aside"?

"Forget about it and move on" is not an option for people with photographic memories.

Give us a minute.

What the hell are you doing?

I was mirroring you so your subconscious can relate to me.

I thought it would help you relax.

Do you think it's working?

Breaking this down logically, we're not just going to let those people fall out of the sky.

I'm telling you... I don't trust him.

I get it.

But without an influx of capital, these two are just gonna go back to hacking banks.

And the next forensic analyst they run into won't be as nice as you.

Now, personally, I'm cool, I can handle myself.

Time is wasting.

We've got 56 planes to land.

Walter: LAX Tower Control is the main hub for all the other airports.

Fix the software there, it autocorrects in Long Beach and Burbank. So, the new software's the glitch... first step is to delete that, then download the old software, should be enough for the planes to land.

So you're doing it?

Sylvester: We go to LAX... we fix the software, we are at a 90% chance of success.

Grab your equipment.

Mine, too, please?

Must've been keeping tabs on me to find me so quickly.

I got promoted to the L.A. office.

Only make sense that I would track you down.

Your body language suggests that's about half the truth.

Of course, there's a 10% chance that everyone dies.

You cross me on this, I'll go online... and in less than a hour, I will erase you.

(P.A. chiming)

Captain (over P.A.): Sorry for the delay, folks.

We should have some more information shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

Still no contact.

Your cell?


Back in the Air Force, I once dropped down to 1,500 feet to catch a signal.

If we descend without comms, we could run into another plane.

I'm sure there's an army of people working on this as we speak.

Toby: All right, listen, when the FBI and the NSA fail, do we get some kind of bonus here? I'd be willing to go double or nothing. I'm just saying. Toby...

They were your top choice for this?

Walter O'Brien is one of the five smartest people alive, so, yes.

Dispatch: Be advised, just got word from headquarters there's a major pile-up on the 405. LAX is unreachable for hours. Repeat: LAX is a no-go.

Copy that.

Toby: Call for a helicopter.

Cabe: Air traffic's been shut down until the situation is resolved.

No copter?

We're down to a 17% chance of success.

Lloyd: Pipe down, Rain Man.

Call him that again, you better hope the Feds have a good dental plan.

This is what we get with a car full of geniuses? - What you'll get is a solution if everyone keeps their mouth shut.

Everyone, quiet!

We don't need to go to LAX.

We just need a reliable wireless signal with no chance of going down.

I just fixed one a mile north of here.

(tires squealing)

(sirens wailing)

(door bell dings)


Agent Gallo, Homeland Security.

We need to commandeer your diner for a national emergency.

You can stay.

But that's it.

Everybody out!

Come on! Everybody out! Come on, come on!

No, no, no, no, no.

You-you pay tomorrow. Come on.

Come on, out! Out! Out!

Gianakos: Come on!

What are you doing?

Any idea the bacteria on countertops?

Just from chicken alone, there are over 20 diseases you can get from exposure.

This is wildly upsetting.

No, no, no, no, you stay.

Uh, Nemos, no customers, no tips, And I cannot leave Ralph here with...

Listen, my immigration status makes me not so comfortable around Federal agents.

You lock up.


Good to see you again.

Cabe: Roughly 89 minutes until the first plane goes down.

Their lives are in our hands.

Paige: Is there something wrong at LAX?

It's top-secret.

How can it be top-secret if the guy who set up our wireless is working on it?

Happy, script a POST check after the system's stabilized.

Sylvester, run the odds on the patch linking back into the software.

We do not want the same problem tomorrow.

Toby... look for a saboteur.

Walter, look for coffee.

This is gonna take me, like, 90 seconds.

Sylvester: Screw this up, brains and guts are gonna bounce all over town.

Happy: Actually, fuel t*nk ignite on impact.

You won't find a body part.

Eh, a blood-soaked spleen could burn at a slower rate.

Hey, please check your language around my nine-year-old.

Be decent in my place of work.

Thank you.

(door opens)

Secure channel to LAX.

Air traffic supervisor is on the line.

His name is Brooks.


Mr. Brooks, I'm hacking into airport security.

I'm gonna rotate your cameras to point at the monitors.

I'll see it remotely, and I'll walk you through each step.

Who am I on with here?

I am not comfortable with you hacking into anything at this airport.

Then don't make it so easy.

To answer your question, my name is Walter O'Brien, and I was brought in to fix your problem since you're not capable of doing it yourself.

Look behind you.

Say hello to the camera, Mr. Brooks.

I'm at your 10:00. Our goal is to reboot your computer and land those planes.

To do that, hit control C right in between the flickers at the exact moment that I say now.



(beeps) (groans)

I missed. It's too fast.

Moving on, you, short sleeves and tie, you in the glasses, you code, right?

A little.

How'd you know?

Lucky guess. What's your name?

Randy. Randy, take Mr. Brooks's seat.

You guys are talking about planes going down.

I'm just an intern.

You just got promoted. Sit down!

Walter: Mr. Brooks, can you give Randy the original installation disk to download?

That software was installed 15 years ago.

I have no idea where it is.

The company went out of business.

Where do you back up your data?

Blackstern Data Storage.

Okay, we can get a copy of the old software from the backup server.

I e-mail it to Brooks, he clicks a link, and the system is up and running as if the corrupted software was never downloaded.

Blackstern's on Ventura.

Northeast. Opposite direction of the gridlock.

You should know that the data is backed up to the latest software every 12 hours on the five.

So in 20 minutes, the last remaining useable software will be corrupted. Happy, Toby, get to the server and get me that backup disk.

Sylvester, call the data center; tell them we're on our way.

I'm gonna prep here to relay to LAX.

Bates, take 'em.

Stay in contact.

Walter, you tell that waitress I'm gonna be right back.

Toby, in situations like this, carelessness, mistakes, they will haunt you.

I know this from experience.

Walter, I'm always on point.

Have you seen my hat?

Here, I thought you might be thirsty.

Thank you.


You have anemia.

It turns your fingernails pitted.

That's why your polish looks streaky.

You need more iron.

(chuckles) Okay.

I don't recall asking, Einstein.

Einstein had a 160 IQ.

Mine's 197.


So you must know everything about me, if you're that smart.

You have no-name sneakers, he has orthotics.

Whatever you have goes to Ralph.

The inflammation under your eyes from lack of sunlight comes from working two jobs...

As for the boy's father, I'd make calculated assumptions in the realm of interpersonal communication issues.

Oh, so we split because I have issues communicating.

And I thought it was the blonde in Tahoe.

Who the hell are you to tell me that my polish looks cheap?

That-that hurts my feelings.

Do you understand?


I recognize that.

I've been told things like that a lot before.

And my polish streaks because Ralph does it.

He loves to paint, and don't tell me that he needs help, either. He's challenged.

Have some empathy.


Challenged, huh?

Look at Sylvester and him.

Do you know what they're doing?

The matches are the king, the jelly is the queen, the sugar packets are the knights.

He's playing chess with a grand master who's about to lose.

Walter, you see this?

Check mate in eight moves.

This kid is amazing!

And he doesn't like to paint your nails.

He does it because he wants to hold your hand, but he can't process physical contact.

So help him.

Or he will never connect with you.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your son is a genius.

Happy: Walter, we're approaching the data center.

We should have the backup hard drive soon.

Walter: Copy that, Happy.

Standing by.

(sirens wailing, tires squealing)

No, it's supposed to be open 24/7!

Looks like they cut out.

Happy: Walt?

We got a problem. No one's home.

You're the mechanical engineer! Pick the lock!

I have my tools, but it'll take a lot longer than the six minutes we have before the bad software backs up onto the servers.

Bates, get them in.

Step aside.


Are you insane?

You're the one putting hands on a Fed.

That is 75-millimeter, six-layer polycarbonate casing.

It won't break, but a round could deflect and k*ll somebody.

Walt, please don't let the Fed talk anymore.

Sylvester: We're down to a four-percent chance of success.

Cabe: Five minutes from now, the software we need disappears forever.

If that happens, 20,000 people die.

Hey, Ralph, let's go in the office, okay?

Walter: We got to abandon the data center.

We got to pull the team back, get four minds working together at once, and then, maybe within an hour, we'll be able...

By then, the first two planes will be out of fuel.

Do you really think you can come up with an option by then?

Hold on.

You're just accepting two planes going down.

We lose two planes to save 54.

That's a trade we're gonna have to make.

Contact the FAA and tell them these two flights are terminal.

Agent Gallo is implementing the greater good theory.

Loss is acceptable as long as the resulting gain is large enough.

No, it isn't. You save everybody.

Normal people save everybody.

I'm not normal.

I don't care!

Use that 197 IQ of yours.

Take a deep breath and reset.


Reset, reset.

Happy, we need to reset the door lock.

We need to brown-out ten blocks around the data center.

k*ll the electricity to part of Los Angeles?


Just turn it off in that one building!

We can't focus a surge that precisely, but a brief power surge will open up the door, and we'll be able to get in.

You're gonna owe me a new slim pick.

All right, we need to find a municipal junction box that covers that area.

It should be on a commercial street.

I'll check the south.


Got one!

All right, calculate the kilowatts it'll take it'll take to overpower a surge within a ten-block radius.

No, no, no, no, no.

Ooh. Not now, Sylvester.

Cabe: Wait, wait, what are you doing?

I can't calculate without order; it's my process.

My process involves my foot in your ass.

Hold on. Here.

One piece.

It's the biggest and the smallest, so it's in order.

That works.

(horn blowing)

Uh, Sylvester, I don't want to hurry your process...

500,000 kilowatts!

All right!

We need exactly 500,000 kilowatts.

Can you handle that?

Come on.

Who rigged our whole office this morning?

I'm on it.

Okay, ready?

Here we go.

(electricity crackling, power whirring down)

We're in. We're in!


Not good.

We have less than a minute. Which one is it?

Okay, these servers run the facilities.

So the clients would be in the cage.

Yeah, this guy, he's the boss.

Cuff links, tie clip, a**l micro-manager.

Makes all the calls as to what gets stored where.

Look at his belt tail; he's a lefty.

So we eliminate the right-side servers.

He'd subconsciously put a big client like LAX on his dominant hand side.

There's still about 250 servers.

Okay, you think LAX, you think planes.

You think planes, you think high, so eliminate the bottom three shelves.

100 servers left. Ten seconds.

Get on it!

He's what, five-six, tops?

So it won't be the top shelf.

Napoleonic boss man would never use a step ladder in front of his employees.

So it's one of these....

This one!

Ah! Time's up.

(servers whirring)

How did you know for sure?

'Cause it says "LAX" right here.


You are impressed.

He doesn't even know we're here.

He's wondering if those flashlights can be powered by the heat of the hand that holds them.

Or he's calculating the cubic footage of the octagon clock.

He thinks about anything.


Did you let him b*at you, earlier?


I-I had no idea he even liked chess.

Sylvester: Few parents meaningfully engage with mentally enabled children.

It's not your fault.

It's just... how we are.

How did your parents handle it?

Oh, I-I haven't spoken to them in ten years.

(rapid beeping)

NSA satellite link failed.

Where the hell are your people?

That kid Toby doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Toby grew up penniless, gambled his way through school.

Even then, he got his doctorate at the age of 17.

Sometimes people like us need... repair... before we can fit into your world.

I know the aftermath was devastating.

I did keep tabs on you.

Toby: Seat backs and tray tables up!

Those planes are as good as landed.

Endlessly patting himself on the back, the whole ride here.

I just want a statue of me at LAX.

Now what?

Easy as sending a file.

Mr. Brooks, in a moment, you'll receive a bug-free version of the software.

All you have to do is open your e-mail and click a link.

(rapid beeping) Wait.

The hard drive's frozen.

The files are corrupted.

They're useless.

We took it out as carefully as we could.

Walter: How'd you transport it?

It was wrapped in a towel, tucked in a door console so I wouldn't drop it.

Was there an audio speaker in the door?

Toby: Yeah. So?

What? The magnet erased the hard drive.

It's useless now.

No, no, no, no.

It's not my fault.

I didn't know anything about magnets in car speakers.

You've stolen hundreds of them, Toby.


No place on Earth has what we need.

Cabe: FBI just texted.

They're out, too.

We're at less than one percent, Walter...

You know what I'm going to tell you.

There was a fourth team.

Tracking the planes via radar.

Circling over the ocean... fighter jets...

You'll sh**t them down?

Same protocol was activated on 9/11 to prevent possible ground casualties.

Can you think of anything we can do?

(speed dial blipping)

Contact Director Merrick.

Tell him we need to activate the fourth option.

Paige: Hey...


I know what's going on.

Actually, uh, there's only 100 people in the world who really know anything and unfortunately, you're not one of them.

You're doing what Ralph does when he doesn't understand how to fix a problem.

He panics and shuts down.

When you don't know something, you feel like you don't know anything.

For all practical purposes, I have no right brain.

People with high IQ tend to have low EQ.

That's emotional quotient.

So these big speeches, pep talks... they don't work on me.

They work on athletes, they work on children, they work on waitresses.

They don't work on people like me.

Oh, oh, I get it, I'm the dumb waitress.

I never called you that.

But I'm smart enough to know that you're scared.

You don't know how to solve the problem and you're terrified because people will die.

Well, they won't die because of me.

And they won't live because of you, either, because you're just giving up and walking away.

Don't lecture me about how people dying will make me feel.

I already know!

What does that mean?

Walter... what does that mean?

Hey, sweetheart.

Let's go back inside, okay?

Yes, sir, I understand.

I'll draft an alert for the Emergency Broadcast System ASAP.

Don't hang up.

Tell them there's still a chance.

Put a pin in that, sir. We may have something here.

Software's on the planes.

They use a duplicate copy to communicate with the tower.

Now, if they took off before this morning's update, like a flight from Australia or New Zealand, they'll still have the bug-free software on board.

Cabe: Okay.

But we still have the same problem.

What we need is seven miles over our head and there's no way to get in touch with the people who have it.

Yes, there is.

Walter: Klemmer Airfield is 20 minutes away.

Get me there in ten, and I can download that software.

If you're gonna shut down all the roads that lead to Klemmer Airfield, there's gonna be lots of moving parts.

I still think it's the wrong play; the runways are too short there.

It's just a low fly-by.

There's a neighborhood next door.

If something goes wrong, you take out half a block.

It's actually four blocks, but I won't let that happen.

I don't know if that's going to be enough to get LAPD to set up rolling road blocks.

We're talking about major roads in a major city.

There's safety risks, there's procedure...

I know what you're doing.

You're covering yourself in case of casualties.

I don't put protocol over lives.


Suddenly you're worried about lives?

We can debate the past later.

Right now, if you want my help, then let me make the calls and see if I can't get this done for you.

Let's go.

I know he thinks he's helping, but we don't have time for bureaucracy right now.

Happy, if I hack you into the DOT, can you manipulate the traffic signals?

They're on standard sequencers; don't see why not.

So you shut down the roads, we drive fast as hell, we might be able to pull this off. Toby, I need you to check the manifest...

For a passenger up there whose phone is still on.

Walt, I got this.

Don't worry.

All right.

I'm gonna need to upgrade my wireless antenna software to pick up the signal from the plane, so someone's gonna have to drive me there.

Um... I don't have my license, but...

I'm more of a bus guy...

I-I understand the basic mechanics of-of how this works...


I really need you here, helping Toby.

But thank you, pal.

Uh, driving through L.A. with nothing but green lights... it's kind of always been a fantasy of mine.

At high speed? No.

Somebody's gotta drive.

Come on.

Your son needs you.

I've tried really hard, but I've never been able to fully connect with him, not in the way that I've seen him connect with you guys today.

What my son needs is to see me help you.

Please, Walter.

You're a good mom.

Or a very bad one.

No, we need roads blocked the entire time.

Why do I need to call the highway patrol?

We're only staying on side streets!

(tires squealing)

What the...?

Happy: Okay, Walter, I'm tracking you on the traffic cams.

They should start changing... now.

It's working!

Hold on!

(horn honking)

We're at 100. This thing doesn't have air bags.

Well, you know, at these speeds, they're useless.

Go faster.

There's 440 people on the flight.

They all have their phones off 'cause they're on a damn plane.

How the hell am I supposed to communicate with them?

I'm checking Sigalert; you should head south on Hilgard to Manning, then Santa Monica to Bundy.

I'll get you a clear path.

I think that's Agent Gallo!

Keep driving.

Guys, stay frosty.

I can't get the light on Barrington to change over.

No, no, Walter...

No, no, no, no, no! No!

Oh... Oh, God.

What the hell was that?

Greater good theory in practice.

Now just get to that airfield and don't make me regret this!

Walter: We're almost there.

Toby, did you find a passenger on one of those planes with an active phone?

Sylvester, I need more passenger names.

Novell software technology's too old to do any this in five minutes.

And even if someone's phone was on, how do we get in touch with them at 36,000 feet?

Old technology!

That's it! We-we-we find someone with an out-of-date analog phone.

The receivers are 10 times stronger than smartphones.

They can get a signal up there.

All right, we lose anyone under 50.

Can't make over six figures.

Can't work for a tech company...


Salesmen never turn off their phones.

They risk losing business.

And... duh duh duh duh duh duh...

Gordon Tooley!

Plastics salesman from Reseda returning from a work trip.

Service is linked to a Retron A-64 analog.

Call him!

(phone ringing)


Mr. Tooley, listen carefully.

This is Homeland Security.

There's an emergency on your flight.

We need your help.

Nice try, Sully.

I'll see you at work, ya putz.

Yeah, this isn't Sully, 'cause Sully wouldn't know that right now, outside of your window are the Santa Monica Mountains.

And right above them are two F-22s, ready to sh**t you out of the sky.

So I need you to get off your ass, grab a flight attendant and tell them to get your phone to the pilot.

(engine roaring, tires squealing)

Captain: This is Captain Pike, standing by.

Captain Pike, you're carrying an uncorrupted version of control tower software.

Now, you need to e-mail it to me so it can be downloaded at LAX.


But our onboard wireless only has a limited reach.

What do you want me to do?

Buzz the tower at 100 feet.

I should be able to grab your wireless.

Where will you be? We just arrived at Klemmer Airfield; we called ahead.

Runway two has been cleared.

I'm right over Klemmer.

Could be there in less than a minute.

Time to advise the passengers.

Ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seats with your seat belt fastened.

Mr. O'Brien?


I've got a space cleared for you up here.

Thank you. Okay.

I've linked my computer up to LAX, so as soon as I get the download, they'll have it as well.

Here it comes.

Walter: Captain Pike, maintain at 100 feet.

I should be able to catch your Wi-Fi signal and download your software.

This is Captain Pike.

Do I have confirmation? Over.

Were you able to download that software?

No, there's too much of a speed differential between a plane and a stationary laptop. Over.

Let's try again.

Doing the same thing but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

It won't work.

Mr. O'Brien, I've got 240 souls onboard.

Please tell me there's something else you can do.

I just solved the speed differential problem.

Happy, I need you to get me into a Ferrari 458.

Force the gas cap open.

There's an engine cover emergency release.

All right.

Left hand side of the engine bay.

Pull out the ECM chip.

(engine revving) Can you get that plane about eight feet off the ground?

Eight feet? What for?

Can't risk missing the wireless signal again, so we're gonna have to hardwire it into the computer.

You're the world's smartest computer guy, and this comes down to plugging something in?

Pike: How exactly do you plan on doing this?

We're gonna be driving 200 miles an hour underneath you.



You'll only have seven seconds to receive that file.

Any longer, we're not gonna get this plane back up, and we will crash.

On top of us?

That will not happen, most likely.

Do it in one minute.

Roger that.

Good luck.

You were in the Air Force, right?


You-you expect me to sit in this car while a plane is right over us?

No, you're gonna be standing up through the sunroof.

Oh, okay. All right, okay, okay.

You-You're gonna have to trust me now.

I will not let anything happen to you.

You're the one that said you wanted to save everyone.

This is our only chance.

Preparing for second approach.

Randy: Okay, we're in sync with Mr. O'Brien's laptop.

Let's hope this works.

(engine roaring, tires squealing)

Paige: Oh, my God.

You ready?


Hit the roof panel.


Hit the roof panel. Okay, okay.

Do it now!

(breathing deeply)

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

All right.

(tires squealing)

Oh, my God!

Co-pilot: Come on!

You got to reach it!

I can't reach it!


Come on, reach for it. Just try!


Walter: Drop the cable!

Drop it now!

Come on, you got to get it! Now!


I got it!


I got it! Okay, it's in.

It's downloading, it's downloading!

What's it say?

I don't know, uh, a few seconds; it needs a few seconds.

We're running out of road!

Still loading!

Oh, come on, pal, up...

Just a few seconds! Almost!

Oh, no, no! No, no! No, no, no, no, no!

No, hold on! Walter!

Walter! It's done! Hold on! Hold on to it!

It's going!

(tires squealing)

Got it! (groans)

Look out!


(tires squealing)

We're back on. (cheering)

Mayday, mayday.

Communications restored.


We'll have you all safely on the ground in moments.

Please confirm.

(cheering continues)

Your mom did that.

(coughing, retching)


Deal's a deal.

(sighs deeply)

Paige... she deserves a share.

I'll see to it.

When we worked together, that didn't pan out the way either of us wanted.

I was hoping, moving forward, things could be different.

Moving forward?

I came to L.A. to start a strategic response team.

At any given time, we deal with everything from stolen nukes to missing kids to counterfeit cash so good it can collapse our economy in less than a month.

The bad guys are getting smarter.

And I can't train my agents to think like you do.

I have the full resources of the U.S. government.

I need your help, and I think you and your team need a home.


"Fixed salaries, cars, research lab"".

You saw this coming.

It was your only logical move.


Okay, lips are parted, leaning slightly forward.

You have something to tell us.

He offered us jobs.

Me, too?

We're a team, aren't we?

The waitress just left to bring her son home.

You just missed her.

(knocking on door)


Come in.

I know it's, uh, late.

I'm sorry. I just wanted to, um, say thank you for your help today.

You're welcome.

You came all the way over here to tell me that?

No, I also wanted to offer you a job.

Government-funded problem solvers.

Uh... why?

I'm-I'm not a genius.

No, but you are raising one.

That takes, uh, someone smart, brave...

Now, our work requires, uh, interaction with people.

It's not our strength.

You want to know about your son, I can translate him for you.

You translate the world for us.

It's, um... salary... plus benefits.

You're worried about not being able to connect with Ralph.

That is a second chance.

For you, too.

With you and Cabe.

When I was 16, Cabe asked me to develop tracking software to drop military aid packages.

So months later, I, uh, I turned on the TV, and I saw b*mb falling on Baghdad.

They were using my system, and I designed it for speed over accuracy.

So 2,000 civilians died.

Walter, you... you were just a kid.

Yeah, so is Ralph.

So tell him to ignore any sentence that starts with "normally."

Make sure that he's not scared of anything that he's capable of.

And he'll find it difficult to make friends, and sometimes he'll feel like no one else in the world likes him.


You just got to make sure that he knows it's not his fault.

Ralph: Hi, Walter.

Hey, Ralph.

He-he doesn't talk to anyone but me.

He recognizes one of his own.

May I?

Thank you.

Electronic Voice: Three, two, one.

You ever pause your dreams, Ralph?


Ever rewind them?


Yeah, me, too.