04x03 - Hospitalidad Sureña

KELLY ANNE: Previously on Queen of the South TERESA: We're selling to Dumas now.

That was his ransom.

Find out who he is.

I know you like to do things all peaceful in the States.

BOAZ: But in Sinaloa we don't kill with kindness.

We just kill.

POTE: Javier Jimenez, he's the leader of the Death Squad out of Juarez.


I'm Judge Cecil Lafayette.

Am I under arrest?

To run a a business in my city, you need to pay taxes.

And those those taxes shall be remitted to yours truly.



KELLY ANNE: Let's go.


- You're supposed to be dead.

- I know, I know.

Please let me explain.

If Teresa still wants me dead, I'm at peace with that.


DUMAS: That's impressive.

Why not just sell us the powder?

Because I don't move it that way.

And the purity?


Javier will be your contact.

You and I won't be meeting again.

I'll say this once.

You know who we are.

You wanted our attention.

Now you have it.


You're a hard man to get ahold of.

TERESA: I was expecting a call days ago.

My sincerest apologies.

The market's been on a roller coaster.

I made an offer on that trucking company.

We discussed using funds from the Turks and Caicos accounts.

Unfortunately, that won't be possible.

There's an ongoing fraud investigation.

It won't affect you, but it could be a few months before I safely can access those accounts.

Dieter, is there a problem with my money?

DIETER: No, no.

Those audits won't affect you.

But they will tie up those funds temporarily.

I'm purchasing this trucking company, and I can't hand them bags of cash.

The sale must be legitimate.

TERESA: I need this trucking company to continue to grow the NOLA operation.

I will move some assets around.

That should give you what you need without raising any red flags.

Let me know when it's done.

DIETER: Of course.

You want me to get on a plane?

Not yet.

Let's wait and see.


Listen, I know you have every reason to walk away after what happened.

I'm glad you're still here.

Well, every bar that I ever worked in, my bosses have always been men.

I knew what I was to them.

Eye candy, nothing more.

Even as I built up their business.

But, um I don't know.

You're different.

And I believe in what this bar could be.

So that other stuff, it's your business.

Well, are you ready to open the doors?

Oh, yes.


- So nervous.

Let's do it.

Okay, let's go.




Listen, I'm heading to Pote's house.

He should be getting in with Tony.

I'll come with you.

No, stay here and make sure everything runs smoothly.

We'll come back in a couple of hours.


- I'll see you soon.

- Hey.



- TERESA: Hey.

- Hey.

- Como estas?

- Bien.


- Siempre.

- Where's Tony?

Teresita, there's something that you should know.

I wanted to tell you in person.

I didn't want to say it over the - TONY: Teresa.

- TERESA: Tony.


- How are you?

- Doing good.

I'm so sorry about what happened.

It's not your fault.

You're so big.

What's that?

Oh, um, I'm making my own graphic novel.

Whatever you do, don't call it a comic book.

- He goes crazy.


I missed you.

I missed you too.

Am I going home with you now, or Not yet.

We're gonna figure that out.

But I want you to know that you're safe here, okay?

- Okay.

- Teresita.

POTE: I really need to tell you something.

KELLY ANNE: Hey, Teresa.


- Did you know she was alive?

- No.

I was as surprised as you.

How, Pote?

- How did this happen?

- James.

She said James let her go.

What do you mean, James let her go?

Where were you?

He told me to walk away, that he will do it.

I heard the shot.

Look, Teresita.

Kelly Anne saved Tony's life.

She could have stayed dead, but she took a risk because she knew Tony was in trouble.

And I'm not defending her.

I'm just letting you know what happened.

Who sent them?

It wasn't Camila.

No, it was Cortez.

He had the ball rolling right before we killed him.

- Are the sicarios dead?

- One of them is.

I couldn't find the body of the second one.

What do you want me to do with her?

I don't know.

We need to meet with the trucking company.

I'll deal with her later.

Tell Manny to stay with them.



You and Tony are safe here tonight.


From our new Mexican friend.

Be interesting to see how she does is this town.


Thought I heard you in here.

What up, cuz?

René and his buddy gonna grab a few drinks.

LAFAYETTE: Do the town.

Why don't you join us, Davis?

LAFAYETTE: Go on, son.

Have a good time.

The night belongs to the young.

All right.

Guess so.

Just, uh, text me where you end up and I'll meet you there?

RENE: See you in a bit.

How's he doing?


I'm worried.

Ever since he came back from the hospital, he hasn't been right.

They changed his medication and now he wanders around the house like a damned zombie.


Miss Mendoza, my wife and I built this company together, put our heart and soul into it.

30-plus years.

It's no small thing, turning it over to strangers.

I understand it must be really difficult.

But you're still interested in selling, right?

We discussed it.

We want to retire.

We're ready to sell.

But we have a problem.

What problem?

We hit a rough patch a few years back.

IRS hit us with a lean.

I needed some fast cash.

So I went to a, um, private lender.

Honey, for God's sake.

Call the man what he is.

He's a loan shark.

FRANK: Abby, take it easy.

This man fronted us money but at an insane interest rate.

Now, on top of that, he's claiming a 30% stake in the company.

What's his name?


Joel Boucher.

I don't care who you is.

Salerno Transport not for sale.

I think you would like to hear my offer.

Can you meet tonight?

Sure, why not?

You done got my curiosity up, cher.

BOUCHER: Change of plan.

We're gonna make a stop first.

It shouldn't take too long.

There are other trucking companies.

POTE: I think this one is gonna be too much trouble.

This one is a small, independent company with established shipping routes all the way to New York.

It's perfect for what we need.

TERESA: With the bigger companies, there would be too many questions.

We need this.

Are we gonna talk about what to do with Kelly Anne?

She betrayed us, Pote.

I know that.

You want her gone.


Hey, girl.

How's it going?


Yeah, it's good.

We haven't slowed down since we opened the doors.

We made, like, 20 Teresitas in the last hour.

JAVIER: Teresa.

How did it go?

MAN: Sir, hey, excuse me, sir.

It's complicated.


- MAN: You have to calm down.

- Don't touch me.

TERESA: What is Boaz doing here?

I have no idea.


Hey, hey, hey, hey.

It's okay.

It's okay, we know him.

He's got a gun in that box.

It's not even loaded, pendejo.

It's a showpiece for Teresa.


- Pendejo.


What are you doing here, Boaz?

Just here on vacation.

Here to recharge the batteries.

Take a look at your gift.

- Hey, Birdie.

- BIRDIE: Yeah.

Can you help me with this?

Javier, why don't you show Boaz the VIP area?

Have a drink.


Yes, I'd like to clear the air between us.

Have that drink and we'll talk later, okay?

Very nice place, Teresa.




- WOMAN: Salud.

No idea.

Is Boucher her?

Pinche loco, smells and looks like trouble.

Thank he has a nose full too.

Did you get the money out of the safe?

It's ready.

Do you want me to get Javier?

No, I need him to keep Boaz busy.



Thank you for meeting me.

Where's the worm?

It's true.

If you swallow it, you get to see visions.

That's mezcal, and I wouldn't know.



It's everything the Salernos owe you, plus your interest.

I'm paying off their debt in full.

Well, you wanna buy out the Salernos?

That's fine.

But you get me as a partner.


I don't need a partner.

Well, then, I suppose there's option number two.

Your pretty little self get lost, and I take the whole company.

I got a third option for you, cabron.



I'm offering you a lot of money just to step away.

But when you're gone, you stay gone.


You're a funny girl.

Oh, Salerno Transport is a gravy train.


And I'm nowhere near done riding her yet.

Then I think we have a problem.

Wait, I don't think you realize where you is.

And this this ain't no Mejico.

Yeah, this ain't even America.

This here (KNOCKING)

This New Orleans.

And we got our own way to do things down here, cher.


See, the people I'm connected to, the buttons I can push You don't even wanna know.


I got me one of them, too, beb.


BOUCHER: Oh, I think I'm gonna be seeing you around.

You done got my interest now, cher.




- Let me take him tonight.


We'll find a way.

We might not have a choice.

I think we just kicked the hornet's nest with this cabron.





You bring those Mexicans into our business.

BOUCHER: You think you gonna chase me out, Frank?



Hey, Tony.

Listen, I wanted to get back tonight, but it's getting late and you had a long day.

Why don't you rest a bit and I'll see you tomorrow?


Have a good night.


How is he?

He's trying to be brave.

He's scared.

He feels safe with Kelly Anne.

EDDIE: Thank you, everybody, for joining us here at Siete Gotas.

Did I pronounce that right?

What's wrong?


- Teresa?

All right!


Why didn't you tell me you were playing here tonight?

When Birdie called, I figured it was your idea.

But of course it wasn't because this is your bar and now it's awkward.


It's okay.

I was just surprised.


You have everything you need?

I'm good.

You gonna have time to enjoy the set?

Yes, of course.

I'm happy to be here.

It's a big night for you.

Look around.

Oye, Teresa.

You got time for me now?

Another 30 minutes, I'm gonna be too drunk to talk any business.

It's my agave distributor.

I'll be right back.

TERESA: Have fun.

TERESA: Let's go to my office.


That's a lot of food.

Oh, you honey, you scared me.

- TONY: Sorry.

- No, it's okay.

Lord knows we all have a reason to be jumpy right now.

Um, listen, I made you a whole bunch of sandwiches, okay?

I'm gonna put them in the fridge.

It should be enough to last you, like, a couple of days.

You're leaving.

My mom used to do that whenever she was getting ready to go away.

Yeah, I have to go.


It's because of Teresa.

Mm-mm, no.

Okay, this is not her fault.

I made a horrible mistake.

And she trusted me, and I betrayed her.

Trust is just a really hard thing to get back once it's been lost.

But here's the good news.

Okay, she loves you so much and you will be safe here.

You know, people have been saying that all my life.

Look where I ended up.



Hey, Tony?

BOAZ: I made the thief pay back what he stole, just like you said.

I appreciate it.

But you didn't have to come all this way just to deliver it.

I know you have your doubts about me.

But I wanted to reassure you.

You have my loyalty.

BOAZ: I wanted you to look into my eyes when I told you.

You run Sinaloa, but you represent me there.

I need you to know I can rely on my people.

I need to know I can rely on you.

You can.

I'm glad you came and we understand each other.

I should get back.


- Gracias.

Miss Salerno?

ABBY: We're calling off the deal.

Wha wait, what happened?

My husband was attacked tonight and one of our trucks was torched.

Please don't contact us again.

Miss Salerno.


Que paso?

Boucher attacked Frank Salerno.

He set one of his trucks on fire.

Puta madre.

We got those people hurt.

We need to make sure they're okay.


Always the hard way.





Do it, big man!

TERESA: This is Teresa.

I'm unavailable right now.

Please leave a message.



Ah, man.

What's with this pinche hillbilly music?

Let's get some mariachis up in this bitch, no?

Teresa needs to keep a low profile, especially in this place.

You know what that means.

I am playing nice.

What do they say?

When in Rome Remember me, amigo?

Boss lady around?


How's about setting me and my boy up in your VIP section?

Follow me.

We're comped.

You know that, right?

You comprendo?

On the house?



- Big cabron!

- Big guy, do it, and she goes first.

Just walk.


Settle down, big man.

Hey there, cher.

I bet you didn't think you was gonna see me again so soon, now did you?

You said you know people.

So do I.

You should think about this before you do anything.


Come on, cher.

You come walk with me.


BOUCHER: You know, this farm, it, uh it done been in my family for generations, now.

You know, my daddy, he used to wrestle gators.

And he done learned me the four steps of it.


- Now, first step, that's the most dangerous.

BOUCHER: Getting on its back.

You always approach a gator from behind.

BOUCHER: 'Cause you wanna bind up those hind legs, keeping the feet off the ground so they can't whip that tail around at you.

Ooh, that happen, hah.


Right there you done lost control.

BOUCHER: And keeping control, well (ALLIGATOR SNARLING)

That's the key to your survival.




Now, then you get your fingers up underneath that gator's jaws and you start to feel all that soft skin all around the bone.



BOUCHER: And you get that head up at a 90-degree angle.



And they can't fight back.

BOUCHER: That's step number three.

Gaining submission.

Not unlike my business.

As of tonight, I am in control of Salerno Transport.

You said there was a step four.


How you gonna jump off and get away without you don't get eaten up?








POTE: Get in!



Did your cousin ever text you back?

Kid's a basket case.


Hey, Jay-vier.


We're closing.

This here is N'awllins.

Ain't no such thing as last call here.

Hell, I'm the liquor board, son.

I tell you when you close.

One more round.

For the road.

RENE: Sounds like a plan.

Oy, primo.

- While you're at it?

- Don't do anything stupid.



No promises, pendejo.

What's that?




MAN: Cut the engine!

It's the judge.

POTE: Lafayette.

You and the boss lady sit tight now.

Keep your hands in sight.

MAN: Do not step out of this vehicle until I say so.

Miss Mendoza.

How good to see you again.

I I do apologize for the informality.

The accommodations here were the best we could manage at this ungodly hour.

What do you want?

I like to keep a finger on the pulse of my city through my my man here, Detective Green.

Uh, he brought something to my attention tonight, and I I felt compelled to look into it.

And quite frankly, Joel, all roads led to you.

Aw, now, Judge, you know that I done got a business relationship with Salerno Transport.

As a member of both the legal and business communities, I I feel obliged to step in and and mediate before anyone else gets hurt.


I made a fair offer to the Salernos.

They accepted.

But Mr.

Boucher threatened them, then kidnapped me and my associate.


Now, Judge, this, uh, tifi she telling tales.


I've, uh I've known Mr.

Boucher here for many years.

CECIL: I know what he does.

You you you have some naggin' questions.

Just what do you want with all those trucks?

I want to expand the market for my tequila out of state.

The Salernos, they have a reliable fleet of trucks and shipping routes that are perfect for what I need.

That all you transporting?


TERESA: I don't understand.

What it comes down to for me, my long-standing relationship with Mr.

Boucher notwithstanding, is the amount of money generated by, let's say, narcotics trafficking.

CECIL: Versus that of a white trash shylock gutting a trucking company for parts.




I never liked that son of a bitch.

I especially didn't appreciate the ungentlemanly way he spoke to you.

CECIL: It offends me as a Southerner.

So to the victor go the spoils.

It would appear you're now free to close your deal with Salerno Transport, and the Salernos don't have to worry about Joel Boucher anymore.

Mediation concluded.

What do you want for this?

Transparency between us.

I want the money you offered Boucher.

CECIL: Consider it an operating tax.

This is my town.

A sparrow doesn't fall from a tree without my knowledge.

It must have been Dumas who told the judge about us.

Pinche judge is a snake.

Maybe that snake can become an ally.

If we can trust him.

We need to know everything about him.

Everyone has a weakness.

We need to find his.

Let's put Chicho to follow him for a couple of days.

I thought you weren't coming back tonight.

It's late.

You should be sleeping.

I couldn't sleep.

What's the matter?

I know you don't want Kelly Anne here.

But if she leaves, someone might go after her.

You know, she saved my life.

She's family.



Um, Teresa, could I maybe talk to you for a minute?

Go back to bed, okay?

We'll talk tomorrow.


Have a good night.

Good night.

What did you tell him?

Told him the truth.

That I betrayed you.

Did you tell him you almost got me killed?

I didn't tell him all the details.

Look, I don't expect you to ever forgive me.

So whatever you want to do with me, however you want to handle this, that's your choice.

I deserve whatever I got coming.

But you should at least know how sorry I am.

KELLY ANNE: I don't know if I can ever make amends.

I would really, really like to try.

I appreciate what you did for Tony.

But I can't trust you again.

I understand.

I don't want you anywhere near me or my business.

This is your house.

It's not up to me if she stays or goes.

She's your guest.

He's fine, Judge.

Patrolman recognized him.

Called me.

Good Lord, what happened?

Looks like he got disoriented.

Just froze here a few blocks from your place.

RANDALL: I would have brought him home, he wouldn't budge.


CECIL: Davis?


Can can you hear me?

I I I got lost.


Come with me, son.

CECIL: I'm gonna take you home, now.

Just let go of the wheel.

There you go.



We're going home, son.


Come on, son.

CECIL: Come on.


That's all right.

It's all right.

Go get some rest.

I'll call if I need you.

Thank you.





Miss Mendoza.

You're burning the midnight oil.

The deal is off.

Whoa, hold on.

Whoa, slow down.

You broke our trust.

I don't know what you're talking about.


- I don't MAN: Good night.

That one reminds me of Emilia.

She was the one, 'mano.

She was the one.

You know, I've been with more fine women than I can count, but I can't get past her.


I better go keep an eye on this pendejo.


We must have been pretty bad to send you running out the front door.


I'm so sorry.

I had a problem with my godson again.

Everything okay?

It is now.

Can I come in?

Thank you.

TERESA: This is beautiful.

EDDIE: Sorry it's a mess.

I was working.

It's 3:00 in the morning.


Helps me wind down after a gig.

I feel bad I missed the show.

I'm really sorry.

Don't worry.

There'll be other gigs.

I'm real tight with the club owner.


Leave it on.

It's nice.

Um What is that?

Uh, just something we did a few years back.

Messing around in the studio.

It's great.

Who's that playing?

A friend of mine.

You should put that on an album.

He's great.

He's no longer with us.

I'm sorry.



Hey, Jay-vier.


Coming to watch me piss?


Oops, my bad.


Just checking you don't hurt yourself on your way out of here.

Now, you and your compadre need a cab or an Uber or something?

Tell me the truth, amigo.

You putting it to that boss lady of yours?


I'm not your amigo, cabron.

And you really need to leave now.

I bet she gives it to you, though.

Kinda had you figured for a bitch.








My name is Javier.

















This is really bad, primo.