04x13 - The Beholder

Previously on Van Helsing:

Sunshine Unit.

Show's over mother-

How would you like to proceed Madam President?

Sweet Willem.

[anguished groans]

[screaming and sobbing]


The Dark One.


Is gone.

We have to save Jack!

Wait! Her heart! She's not breathing.

No, no, no!

Somebody help me!

Violet! Vi! No, no, no, no!!!

[monitor beeping]

We don't have a full account of what happened.

Jack is stable for now.

I will transport her back to a hospital and get her to a point where she can be debriefed.

Madam President, without better resources I don't think she'll make it.

Your chopper took some damage on the way in.

That's a six-hour repair.

Do you have any good news, Colonel?

Or am I better off talking to Avery or Hansen?

I think I need to fully brief you.

In private.

Poor kid.

I can't imagine what she's been through.

They got her all drugged up now.

Strapped her in so when she comes to she doesn't hurt herself.

What the hell happened in there?

I don't know.

But whatever it was, it really messed her up.

Jack... is that you?


Save Jack.


[loud thunderous sounds]

Madam President-

That is enough, Colonel.

I want to talk to Avery and that's the end of it.

Are we clear?

Thank you.

Madam President!

Thank goodness you're here!

You can fix all this!

Fix what, exactly?

My false imprisonment.

If you let me out I can tell you-— I am eager to hear your side.

I really am, Avery.

But this arrangement will be just fine for now.

[stuttering] Wha-

I came here to get answers for you about Hansen, his work.

And at every turn I have been blocked.


What does Hansen stand to gain?


Don't you realize who he's been working for all along?

Blak Tek made Daywalkers.

He's been in league with them from day one.

Where is Hansen?

I'd like to question him, as well.



The Colonel and his men weresupposed to be hunting for him.

There's a dead body on the floor.

I had nothing to do with that.

I don't know what the Colonel has told you, why he won't unlock the door.

He's probably working with Hansen.

You can't trust him or any of his men.

I can prove it.

You're right.

She is fascinating.

And very, very dangerous.

Please, Madam President.

You have to believe me.

You've been married for a decade?

I worked with your husband at the state department before the rising.

Of course.

What's his name?

Madam President...

Where were you born?

What town?


What is your date of birth?

Your old social security number?

What is your daughter's name?

You won't win.

But you probably know that by now.

You're just marking time.

You're a dead woman walking to her own funeral.

Is there a way to kill it?

Not sure.

Sergeant Miller and his men might know.

They have a unique profile and understanding.

You're all dead!

All of you!

Each and every one of you!

Kill it?

You gotta take its head. It's the only way.

Which means opening that door.

Which I don't recommend.


But if the Dark One is dead then-

We don't know that.

But that thing's still alive and if we open that door it'll try and kill all of us the first chance it gets.

I agree, Madam President.

So we're just to leave it in that sealed room until the end of time?

That does not sound like an answer to me.

Until you get better intel that's your only play.

If Hansen is dead then the onlyones who know anything are his daughters.

What's their status?

Without a trauma team, better facilities...

The Sunshine Unit.

That's where Hansen sent Doc.

Supposed to be some kinda secret high-level lab.

Yes, well, uh... they went offline several days ago and there hasn't been any communication since.

I could lead a team.

It's not far from here.

Find out what happened.

They maybe lost power, had an equipment malfunction.

If that's the case I could bring back a full triage unit, get those girls stable, get the answers you need.

I'm going with you.

I gotta find Doc.

This is not a mission for civilians.

Madam President, I could use the help.

He has unique abilities.

Same with the Sergeant.


I won't sit around here on my ass.



Put it in motion.



Stay close.

We need to stick together.

What about those?

No idea.

[Vanessa] I'm here.

I will guide you.

Trust me.

Did you hear that?

It sounded like...

It's Vanessa.

It's me.

I'm right here with you.


What if she's in here?

[struggling grunts]

It's not her.

Follow, and all will become clear.

Her voice.

It's coming from in there.

Jack, wait.

Come, my children.

It is time you knew everything.

Oh, you've come to kill me?

To do what the other Van Helsings could not.

That's why we were made.

Is that what you believe?

That's what our father told us.

He sacrificed himself-— So that you could die for a lie?

Don't listen to her.

We just have to get close to her and end this.

Well what if the end is merely just the beginning?

I don't give a sh1t about your riddles.

[knife clatters to the ground]

I welcome you here with openarms and this is how you behave?

Oh, tsk, tsk, tsk.

We need help.

Abraham or Vanessa.

Your mother?

Sit with me.

I will not harm you.

Let me tell you what you do not know.

You expect us to trust you?

In the end, if you wish, I will bear my neck to you bothand you can fulfil your destiny.

But it may well be that the destiny you have been told is in fact not your destiny at all.

Mind if I join you?

Are you two close?


Oh, Violet, she saved my life.


But Jack just kinda gave it back to me.

I owe them both, everything.

And now there's nothing I can do.

Ten years ago it was me sitting beside a hospital bed, powerless.

Praying for a miracle.

My son, Ben, was 12.

He was obsessed with baseball and wrestling and books about space travel.


I'll never forget when he hit three home runs in one game.

The first time he told me about kissing a girl.

Boy, you don't truly understandhow important those moments are when they're happening and how much they hurt when all you have is the memory to hang on to.

Um... why are you telling me all of this?

Well, Ivory, it seems that in all of this you are about the closest thing I haveto an ally and I need your help.

Um... I don't think you really realize-

I know. I know what you were.

I saw the transformation with my own eyes.

That's why I'm here.

I need to know everything that you know.

What we may still be up against.

Those sisters, what they can do.

That... thing we have locked away.

Will you help me?


With great calm.

Fate unfolds.

[ragged breathing] Lies... lies...lies... it's not- it's not the truth...it's not the truth...


Lies... the truth... it's not the truth...

Trust. Is it really so impossible?

You're the reason our family was ripped apart.

We need to kill her before she kills us.

This is my domain.

If I wanted you dead you already would be.



You need to understand who your mother really is.

Just as it should be.

The three of us together.

This is Colonel Nicholson from Bravo Company calling Sunshine command and control.

Does anybody copy?

I figured as we get closer we'dget them on the short wave.

No dice.

How many people are we expectingat this Sunshine Unit?

Keep six, threes and nines.


Main, support staff, security detail, about three dozen.

What if it's not just a busted radio?

What then?

I will deal with worst case scenario if it comes to it.

This whole thing is worst case scenario at this point.

Your pessimism is contagious.

Sunshine Unit, come in.

Sunshine Unit, come in.

Okay, careful.

They still got power.

No signs of struggle.

Maybe they bugged out, orretreated back to the facility.


I don't know.

Corporal, get the gate.

Take point.

Come on. Go, go, go.

What's this Sunshine Unit up to, anyway?

Working on a solution.

We'll leave it at that.

More than just a solution.

This is the place that blue sh1t, solicite, got turned into a vaccine.

How do you know about that?

Avery and Hansen's files from Fort Collins.

They went from repelling vampires to flat out killing them.

That's what Doc got caught up in.

Judging by Denver that didn't turn out so good.

The President was committed to keeping all options open.

Then she saw that broadcast.

Violet turning vampires human.

Objectives changed.

What the hell is this?

This doesn't look so good.

What the hell are we dealing with here?

Not a clue.

Spread out.

They're here. Go up.

Roger that.



[Julius] Daywalkers?

There's more over here.

[Axel] Not a mark on 'em.

Still got their heads but dead as disco.

[Julius] What?

This powder, that some new version of that blue sh1t?

Maybe they figured it out this time.


Oh, oh.

Whoa, Julius.

Julius, you all right?


[Axel] You good?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Just got a little dizzy.

I'm good.

I'm okay.


Jesus Christ!



[gun shots]


Jesus Christ!

[gun shots]


[snarling and growling]


We gotta take its head.

-Nicholson! -Nicholson, get back here!

[fighting grunts]



Kill it!







What the hell was that?

What the á*áá*á!



[fighting grunts]

[fighting grunts]

[snarling and growling]

Axel! Axel!!

[fighting grunts]

I think you got him!


Well, whatever this orange powder did to the other daywalkers, it sure as sh1t did the oppositeto that dude.

You okay?


That thing hit like a sledgehammer.





You ain't healing.

What the hell is happening to us?

You don't know anything about our mother.

Oh, sweet child.

Neither do you.

I know you took her from us.

Yes, indeed.

Your mother was taken from you.

Willem told you so many things,didn't he?

Comforting stories to make you comply, to keep you from questions he didn't want asked.

Like the fact we're both Van Helsings, your sworn enemy?

We know that's true.

Did he ever tell you how you came to be as you are?

He showed us.


All truth?

Lies are like drops of rain.

A few of them seem not to matterbut enough of them, and you can drown.


He showed you a fiction.

Perhaps now we could tell the real story.


Don't believe it, Jack.

You know she can get inside our heads.



Jack, stay here!

As you wish.

She'll face the truth alone.

[frustrated cry]

Do not want this.

Want must surrender to need.

Do not make me betray them further.

Do you not see why we must?

You are one with me now, not them.

And they will eternally be our enemies.

There is only one way to safeguard ourselves against their threat.

When the time comes youmust use what I have given you.

The strength that I have bitten into your blood.

Make what will bring me back to this world.

Join with them.

Make me a part of them.

This is how we were made?


It's not possible.

The Dark One was locked away by Abraham centuries before we were born.

She couldn't have.

I reached out to him much asBathory reached out to Vanessa, or she reached out to you, in dreams.

In whispered voices and wind.

[Violet] No, Jack, that's not real.

It's in your head.

Is it done?

As you demanded.

As I must.

For you are my master, forever and always.


You are his, theirs, mine.

Forever and always.

Everything he said, a lie within a lie.

Jack, don't listen to her.

He sacrificed himself for us.

He made us.

We're Van Helsings.

You told me not to trust him.

Now I understand why.

Get your hands off her!

Save her from herself... Jack...



Let me go!

Let me go!!


Let me go! Let me go!

Let me go!


Jack! Hey, hey.

Shh, it's okay, it's okay.

It's me. It's Ivory.

It's okay.

And then what happened?

My sister attacked her.

The Dark One?

The next thing I remember, Violet had pinned her to the ground.


I don't know.

And were you or your sister able to bite her?

Or be bitten?


With the special coating that you have in your blood that Hansen designed.

So that you could kill The Dark One.

She needs to rest.

And I promise there will be time for that but right now I need answers.

I need to know, did you succeed?

Is the Dark One dead?

She's gone.

Gone forever.

Get off me!

Let me go!

[struggling grunts]

Let me go!

I have to see-

[struggling grunts]


I have to see Jack!

I tried sedating her but it didn't last long.

She woke up and went crazy.

Some kind of psychotic break.

Give her a stronger dose.

You gotta listen to me!

You're all gonna die!

You're all gonna die!

Get off!



My sister... get off...


My sister...


My sister... I have to save her...

Jack. Jack, listen to me.

We have to kill her.

It's no use.

I planted the seed for this long ago in dreams.

In reality.

What're you talking about?

When you reached out to AbrahamI made contact with your sister.

Part of me entwined with her.


She's too strong for that.

Is she-

My beloved Bathory took her on the next step.

She accessed her mind, leaving the seed there to take root, grow, thrive, until this time came when we were reunited.




Fight this.

Fight her.

It's not too late for you to join with us, you know.

Never gonna happen.

Oh, but it already has, don't you see?

You both played right into my hand.


[Dark One] I laid a path for you, as well, long ago.

[Violet] No.

[thunder rolls]

Violet. It's okay.

Don't be afraid.


It wasn't you.

It was Vanessa.

I laid a trap for you both.

It brought you here to serve in my salvation!


You have made this moment possible.

Your ignorant self believe your father's foolishness.

He saw you for what you are.

A cancer to be cut out!

Willem turned against me.

He lacked faith in my supremacy.

[cries out] Argh!!!

A piece of humanity that never left his soul.

I offered him eternal life and he threw it all away.

For what?

And now, my beloved,

it is time you serve your purpose.

Oh, Abraham.


My saviour after all.

You've got the colour back in your cheeks.


We'll get you to 100 percent when we're back in the real world.

Real world?

Well, we can't stay here, Jack.

You're too crucial to our objectives.

We need to take you someplace safe so we can talk about everything.

Notify my security detail.

Prep the chopper.

Wheels up in 30 minutes.

Yes, ma'am.

Well, what about me?

And Violet?

Ivory, you're mission critical.

I'm counting on your help.

We'll get her healthy, I promise.

Don't worry.

We want the same things.

Madam President, my sister, I'd like to see her before we leave.

Of course.

Would you mind if we had a moment?

Of course.

Hi, Violet.

I know you can hear me.

I just wanted to say thank you.

If it weren't for you I wouldn't be here.

But you shouldn't have tried to stop me.

Once I opened that portal againjumping in after me was futile.

Now you're trapped here.

Like this.

And I'm free.

[anguished screaming]

We really need to be going.


But a question.


This real world, you are in charge there?

Some would argue that, but yes, I am.

And the people, safe from all this?

How many?



You must find that power intoxicating.

Uh... Jack, you've... you've been through a lot.

I'm sure this all must be very confusing for you.

No, Madam President.

It's created a hunger. A thirst.

Jack, what- stop this, Jack.

I've had paupers and fools, emperors and statesmen.

Power has a very unique taste.

But death, it's all the same.

Desperate and wanting.



Where's Jack?

She's already on board the helicopter.

So what're you doing here?

I came to see the captive... one last time.

I know what it's like to be trapped.

The ache to be back with those you love and desire.

The last time we saw each other I had great reason to be suspicious.

I made a mistake.

One I deeply regret.

You could atone for it.

Do you wish for that?

More than anything.

I swear it.

Release her.

Madam President?

You can't.

I can.

I am the president, I can do as I wish.

Is it not your job to follow my orders?

Then open the door and let her out.

Don't do this, okay?

She's gonna kill all of you.

She told you that she would!


Get her out of here!





You killed her.

She wanted me dead, you hesitated.

You. Open the door.


[inhales deeply]

Not a step closer.

You don't need your weapon with her.

You see?

She's as meek as a baby lamb.

No, no, no.


Please untie me.

I'm sorry.

I have orders.

You put that needle in her arm and that's gonna be the last thing you ever do.

Untie her.


Come on, come on.

There's gotta be somebody here.





Anybody in there?!

Axel, I...



Come here, buddy.

I can't. I can't.

Come on.

I... I...

What's happening?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Come on. Come on.

Come on! Come on!


Hey, Doc!


If you're in there, open up.

Don't leave us out here.

[helicopter whirring]

We can't let them leave!

Where's Jack?

She never made it back!

She's trapped in the Dark Realm!

The grenade launcher!





Somebody let me out!

Somebody help!



[Vanessa's voice] Don't lose hope.

I'm right here.

[muffled screaming] ...Somebody help!!!