04x11 - I'm Sorry

Previously on Queen Sugar I got memories that I'd left in the past seeping into my bones again.

You're just insecure, lying trash who'll never be more than what she's always been, irrelevant.

I can get at the real story.

You don't have to do all this on your own.

My past led me to you, and that led me to want to be a better man.

One minute, you were downing jello shots before he dragged you upstairs.

Don't no man have the right to take advantage of you.

No means no.

- Am I doing this right?


Come on, smile.


- Mom, be careful with that thing.

I got the settings just how I like it.


I'm doing this.


Charley, don't be messing with the boy's camera.

- Ma, you're not even holding it right.

- Okay, all right.

Fine, fine.


A young Prince and Nona Gaye.

All right, now.


- Who?

I poured sparkling cider so we can all toast this gorgeous, smart couple before they head out.

We celebrate this young queen and king today, not only for their beauty, but also for their brains.

Round of applause to Keke, who's going to my Tulane University, on a full visual arts scholarship!


- That's right.

Go, Green Wave.


And our dear Micah West, who's taking his talents all the way across the country - to - [ALL]


My baby's going to Harvard.


All right, now.

Gonna be like my man, um, who's always looking for people's roots and family trees on TV.

The next Henry Louis Gates.


Yeah, well, I think we've had enough roots-finding and done dodged enough trees to fill a whole forest.


Thank you, Uncle Hollywood.

- Cheers.

- Thank you, Auntie Nova.



All right, well, we took enough photos at Keke's house.

Can we go?


We're gonna be late.

For which part?

The pre-prom, the prom, the post-prom, the prom proposal, the prom entrances?

I mean, it's just so much.

Nah, we're just gonna keep it simple.

We're just linking with some friends before we go to the prom.

Couple of us put in for a hotel suite, so Okay, well, ordinarily, I would say be home by 11:00, but tonight I'm just gonna say have a good time.

Thank you.

Here, let me get in there right quick.

Let me get in there.


Prom party at the hotel, huh?


- I remember them days.

Now, all I'm gonna tell you, brother, is just be responsible.

- Okay, young blood?

- Yeah, I hear you.

- I hear you.

I promise.

- All right.


Hey, here you go.

- Just in case.

- It's fine, Mom.

- Just in case.

- No.

The forecast said light showers at most.

Plus, we're gonna be inside most of the night.


- I'm good.

- Okay.

Have fun.

- Have fun.


Thank you.

- Shall we?

- We shall.


Y'all have a good time.

All right.

Bye, Auntie.


Turn around, and give a little wave.

Just over the shoulder.

Just a little wave.

- Gosh.

- Just do it!


Looking like a young El DeBarge over there.


- Oh, Lord.

Dreams never die Take flight As the world turns Dreams never die Take flight As the world turns Keep the colors In the lines Take flight Dreams never die Keep the colors In the lines Keep the colors In the lines, take flight I remember when Micah was a baby, just holding him on my shoulder.

He was so tiny.

And now look at him.

He's almost a grown man.


You worried about what he might be doing with Keke.

No, I am not worried about that.

I raised him to do the right thing.

And I plan to keep myself very busy not worrying about it with this town hall to prepare for.

- Sounds like a good plan.

- I just I need to be ready for anything the Landry-Boudreauxs throw my way.

The polls have tightened.

I can't take any chances.

Oh, hey, well, the diner is ready for your walk-through.

You've got the key.

If you need anything, you just call me.

- Thanks, Aunt Vi.

- [VI]

You're welcome, baby.

I know you're worried about the polls.

I didn't want to share this when we weren't speaking, but now What is it?

I learned something on my book tour that I think you should know.

I figured it's something you could use at the debate to keep Jacob off balance.

Just in case you need more ammunition.


Cold and freshly made.


Thank you.

Appreciate it.

And you, of course.


- Joie!

- Whoa!


Whoa, now.

Joie Sonnier, where are your manners?

You didn't even speak to Mr.

Bordelon when he came in.

Hello, Mr.

Ralph Angel.


- And thanks.

- Mm-mm.

Thank you for bringing Blue over.

You are very welcome, Miss Joie.

Joie, you have to see the spaceship Pops got.

It has flames painted on the wings and everything.

Oh, it's right there.

I can't tell you how sorry I am for missing our last date.

I should have just been real with you about what's going on.

Things happen.

But is everything okay?

I mean, it took a playdate with our kids for me to even see you.

Is there anything I need to know?

It's just kind of complicated.

Well Better get some snacks before these kids get too antsy.




Try that last bit again.

"My goal in running for city council is to continue to build a community that's better for all of us.

Just as St.

Jo has made me a better person, I hope to give back" Don't forget the people in the side booths.

Oh, right.

Uh "I welcome I-I-I welcome this opportunity today to help you get to know me and how we can use Prop K to stop the incoming highway and fracking industry" Miss Bordelon, Jacob Boudreaux was born here, raised here.

Why should we trust you?

A carpetbagger basketball wife from Tinseltown?



I'm not I know, but if Jacob throws you off like that or if you feel like you're losing the crowd or the local press, then you have got to change the power dynamic.

Turnabout is fair play here.

- Throw him off his game.

- Control the narrative.

Of course.

He's going to attack my past.

My life is an open book now, right?

But theirs isn't.

Not yet.

This would be the time to use the info from the lineages book.

It's completely unexpected, puts them on the defensive, and shifts the narrative back in your control.

Are you even sure that it's accurate?

I mean, it's a lot.

It is, but I went back to the show to see the evidence for myself.

It's legit.


Oh, that smile tells me you just got good news.


He's coming for my birthday.

Belated, but he's coming anyway.

Well, better late than never.


Get home, and freshen up.

You know, light some incense.

- Change the sheets.

- Stop!

- Let's just keep - Nova, you're blushing.

- Get out of here.


You're not going to be able to focus, and I'll be better on my own practicing, anyway.



- Girl, get it.

Don't hurt him.

- Oh, he can handle it.




Pass it on Goes back Way before my time Thinking on - How you never left my side - [KNOCK ON DOOR]


Happy belated birthday.

Happy birthday, sweet Nova Happy birthday to you [LAUGHS]

I made a reservation at your favorite restaurant.

And, of course, I came bearing gifts.

It's beautiful.

- It's the first of many.

- Thank you.


- May I?

- Mm-hmm.


No peeking.



Now that's a start.


- One Mississippi.

Two Mississippi.

Storm is about a mile away.

Well, if it's that close, my favorite restaurant is right here at home.

I'll cook.

No, I'll cook.

Well, come on, then.

Do your thing.




I mean, you know [KNOCK ON DOOR]




- Bro.

- Bro.

You don't have to do it like that.

I have to step out one time, bro.

It's prom, man.

Good to see you.


- He wasn't ready.

- They weren't ready.

- What's good, Miss Asha?

- Micah, what's good, man?

Yo, what happened to Ant?

I thought he was gonna ride over with you guys.

Yeah, he called last minute saying he wasn't really like, feeling well, - so he was gonna pass.

- Man.

You know, he probably didn't feel comfortable being around a bunch of people.

We just got to, you know, - give him time.

- Right.

Well, I suggest we raise a toast.

All right, y'all, to Ant.

- And to his future.

- [ALL]

To Ant.



Okay, I definitely didn't need - That's something.

- We should hold up on that until the after-party.

We at least want to walk into prom sober.

What's the fun of that?

So speaking of the after-party so there was a little mix-up when I went to check in.

You know, Micah, Malik.

Malik, Micah.

Now, I'm not saying who, but it seems like somebody in this room booked themselves a private room down the hall.

I'm assuming for later.

- No, that's not - [BOYS LAUGH]

No, I just got that one just in case we couldn't get this one.

- Yeah, okay.



Shut up, man.

Davis West's name cuts through a lot of red tape.

- Red tape?

I get you.

- Red tape?

Red tape.

My fault, yeah.

I just forgot to cancel it.



- Whatever you say.

- Okay, cool.

Y'all saw that?



- What is going - [ELECTRICITY HUMS]


"My opponent would take our land, build a highway, and decimate our farms in order to support fracking operations that will only build wealth for a chosen few.

But together, we can create a future.


Well done, Charley.

Resorting to spying, Jacob.

Your prep walk-through is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

This is my time.

I know.

I wanted to talk to you, but you've ducked my calls.

Because I don't want to talk to you.

We're competitors.

To say we're competitors would mean either one of us could win this thing.

But the truth is, you don't have a chance to win.

At all.

I'm sorry.

You think you've got it in the bag?

Charley, I've been told it's a done deal and that I've already won.

But I want to urge you to get out before it's too late.

The arrogance of mediocre white men never ceases to astound me.

It's not arrogance, Charley.

It's power.

I told you, my family stops at nothing that gets in their way.

My mother, for some reason, is suddenly livid with you.

- I'll bet she is.

- Believe it or not, everything that's happened 'til now is just business.

But she and the people she's working with, they intend to destroy you and your family completely.

Now it's gotten personal.

Now it's gotten personal?

I've heard enough.

Your attempts at intimidation are weak, and I have got better things to do with my time.




Not a single forecaster said nothing about a flash flood.

Your car almost floated off the road.

Can't nobody tell me global warming ain't real, man, all that craziness out there.

It wasn't like this when we was kids, you know.

I hope that my gloves didn't get wet.

All that stuff for that motorcycle of yours?


You know I wanted to ride today They got all wet.

Now, I got you a helmet in here.

I hope you saved your receipt.

Ah, baby, I'm gonna get you on that road before long, have your arms wrapped around me, wind blowing in your face.

Don't that sound nice?

That's a bet you gonna lose, 'cause, like I told you, I ain't getting on that thing.

Baby, you ain't no fun.

I ain't no fun?

That's how you feel?

Chère, I'm sorry.

You know what I - Mm-mm.

- What?

Baby, you know I'm just playing around.

I'm sorry Alexa, turn on Vi's party list.


Mm mm Mm mm Oh ai Oh, my I'm no fun, huh?


Baby, this is simple I'm just trying to see What you be into Remy, jet, or continental Rollin' up the Lao Blow it out the window Mm mm Are you okay?

You've been a little quiet.

I'm okay.

Just got a lot on my mind.

I'm not mad or nothing.

You want to dance?


I mean, since it's looking doubtful we'll get out of here safely, I figured I could show you some of my moves.


Ohh Hey Wow.

You don't know, babe [LAUGHS]

When you hold me You kiss me slowly It's the sweetest thing I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the other room.

I just kept it as a surprise.

I know we made plans, but I didn't want to assume anything.

I didn't want you to feel pressure.

You know?

I didn't want to be unprepared, though, so I just got it It's okay, Micah.

I didn't want to be unprepared, either.

So that's why I went on birth control pills six weeks ago.



So we should get the other room, or I don't I don't know.

It doesn't feel like what I thought it would be.

Yeah, I feel that way, too.

Ohh You're the best part How do you know when it's right?

If you love me Won't you say something?

If you love me, won't you Won't you If you love me Won't you say something?


- If you love me - [THUNDER RUMBLING]


Come in.

- How are the roads looking?

- Whoa.

Not good.


"We regret to inform you that due to flooding at the venue, "tonight's prom festivities have been canceled.

Further information to follow when available.

" The kids made a tent in Joie's room after it started to rain.

They'll be be cleaned up in a minute.

Glad they had a good time.

Appreciate you looking after him.

Were you able to stay dry?

Hope you weren't working in this rain today.

Ah I didn't make it back to the farm today.

There's, um something I've been meaning to tell you.

I ain't been all the way honest with you, Deesha.

I've been going to see Darla every day for the last two weeks now.

She, uh she had a relapse the night I missed our date.

Is she going to be okay?

How is Blue doing with all of this?

Don't even know yet.

She's trying to, you know do all the steps to recover first.

Well, at least she's taking her recovery seriously.


She is.

Look, Deesha you're an amazing woman.

I just I just wish You didn't have other obligations?

Thing is, ain't even obligations.

I I could just see now that if she hurtin', I'm hurtin'.

If she bleed, I bleed.

Ain't even sure it's much of a choice at this point.

But I'm still in love with Darla.

What you just said is one of the most beautiful things a man could say to a woman.

But I'm not the woman you're talking about, and I respect myself too much to play second fiddle.

You deserve more than that.

I know I do.

But I wish you well, Ralph Angel.


Blue and Darla, too.

We'll work something out with the kids, okay?




Oh, yes.

I wanna get closer to you I wanna get close That smells good.

I wanna get closer to you I wanna Get closer to you - I wanna get close to you - [THUNDER RUMBLING]


Look at us.

I mean, we've never been like this.

Domestic together.

Yeah, guess you're right.

We never had the time.

Or the freedom.

This is good.

And that chicken looks amazing.

You really are good at this.

And you're a good sous-chef.

- Oh, I think I'm head chef here.

- Too many cooks, baby.

- Mm-hmm.

- Mm-hmm.

Please, sit.


- I will be doing the serving.

How about we do this more often?

Like next weekend.

I would love to, but I have the kids next week.

I'm taking 'em camping.

How 'bout the week after?


I'm hosting a writing workshop back in Atlanta.

And then you've got the kids again, right?

It's my two-week vacation with them.


So that's four or five weeks before we see each other again?

Look, Charley, I know who I am, where I come from.

I know how I was raised.

Do you?



You don't get to question me, gal.

I do love this land.

What I love most is that sugar cane.

After it's washed, processed, and all the impurities are squeezed out of it, it comes forth as white as snow, the way it should be.

What You needed to be put in your place.

You're nothing more than an upstart mulatta gal pretending to be white.

But I guess that's your mother's fault.


That's your mama, Jacob.

Still want to talk about how you were raised?

You know the difference between you and me?

I know my shame.

I've dealt with my issues.

But, Jacob despite the evidence of all of American history your history you can't even acknowledge that your issues around whiteness even exist.

How could I be better?

Drop out of the race.

I can't do that.

I want to.

I don't even want to be a councilman, but it's too late for that now.

Wow, so there's there's nothing that you can do?

I can promise to work with you once I'm in office.


No, that is not good enough.

Do better.

I can't just drop out of the race.

But maybe I can find a way to make myself unelectable, you know, throw the race.

I think I can help you with that.

What are you doing with a picture of my great-grandmother Landry?


God bless the rain.

- Oh, we needed this, baby.

- Mm-hmm.

No diner, no family.

Just us.

Shoot, I don't even remember the last time I was this relaxed.


You guys make fun of us ladies for going for our spas and massages.

You need a little bit of self-care yourself.

You ain't got to convince me, baby.

It's them other Joes you talking about.

I wonder if I could convince them, though.

I been hearing about these places popping up around the country.

Black men just coming together, sitting around, talking, giving each other advice.

Lift each other up when times get tough.

Now, that's something I could get down with.

Ah, a support group?

Nah, I can't call it that, though.


Thinking about calling it "The Hangout.

" That sounds like a place where folks get arrested.

- You can do better.

- Okay.

Well, what about what about the St.

Jo's Men's Social Club?

Well, you told me that I'm the only one where you feel like you could talk to about the real stuff.


Well, if that's what you want for this place, well, I don't know, maybe call it "The Real Stuff.

" Well, what about "The Real Spot"?

There it is.

I like that.


The Real Spot.




Thank you.


You didn't have to do that in all this rain.

It's all good.

Just wanted to see how you getting through today.

Like you did the day before last and the day before that.

Got you some chicken soup before the rain shuts stuff down.

That kind you like from Poppa Joe's.


How you feeling?

I took some time off of work.

I called Marlene.

I'm trying to send her my actions right now and not my feelings.

That's what's up.

Yeah, that's what's up.


Blue been wondering about you.

Told him you ain't been feeling too good so you went down to your mama's.

Look, Darla, just please don't take too long before you see him.

I really want to see him, but, um but I just need a little bit more time to make sure that I'm in the right condition to do that.

You know, I was never really sure when we were gonna see each other again.

Didn't bother me so much then.


But to be honest and tell my radical truth that worked for me.

It was painful to be away from you, but I convinced myself it was my choice.

At all times, I remained in control.


But I can't say I was happy.

And now?

One thing about writing a memoir, you have to face your fears if you're gonna be authentic.

I can see now that every relationship I've ever been in had a built-in, impenetrable barrier guarding my heart.

With you, it was your race, your marriage, your kids your job.

And now Living in two cities.

Maybe our schedules are something else.

So you're saying I have a fear of commitment.

No, I'm saying you were able to commit because we had distance.


What if we didn't have the distance?

What if we threw caution out the window?

Maybe our happiness is on the other side of what we're comfortable with.

And out of living in other people's boxes.

Not even our own.

Starve my heart of ecstasy [THUNDER CRASHES]

When you're not The one in front of me So I crave no other Said I'm cravin' you - Okay, Malik, you start.


All right.

Where do I see myself 10, 20 years from now?

Well, by then, I'll have at least five Grammys.

- [ASHA]


- Mm-hmm.

Go big, or go home.

That's what I always say.

- Since when?


Since right now.

I'm gonna be living bicoastal, producing albums for all the top artists, and all just dying for that Strickland sound, brah.

That Strickland sound.

That actually sounds dope.

- Yeah, it does.

- What about you?

I plan to have a whole chain of urgent care clinics all throughout Louisiana, just offering low-cost healthcare to those who can least afford to pay.

That's awesome, Asha.

And you're gonna do it.



And the slogan posted in all my offices is gonna be, "Do no harm" [ALL]

"But take no sh1t.

" Y'all already know.

And when them whack-ass insurance companies try to shut you down, I can defend you with my law firm.

Oh, so you're finally going to put that big mouth to - I mean, that big voice to use?

- All right, whatever.


- Right.

- But, yeah.

I plan to start a bail bond for all our brothers and sisters, you know, the ones locked up for months or years pretrial because they can't, what, come up with a hundred or a couple thousand dollars?

- [ASHA]


- Yeah.

Think of it like an Innocence Project and ACLU - all wrapped in one.


Wow, I respect that.


Well, in ten years, I will be flying to New York to present my latest art installation right before I jet off to D.


to unveil my commissioned collection in the African-American Museum.


That's what's up.

That's what's up.

Well, how about you, Micah?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I'm I mean, I guess I'm liking my photography more and more.

I hear a "but" coming.

- But, uh - There you go.

I don't know.

I feel like, when it's all said and done, I'll be doing something respectable, like investment banking or hedge funds.

- Hmm.

- All right.

I've made up my mind about something, and I hope you like it.

Now I'm curious.

What is it?

I'm moving back to New Orleans.

I would much rather commute to work in Baton Rouge, if that allows us to have something real.

I don't want any more strange looks from your family, whether or not I'm that married cop who played around on his wife.

That guy in your book, I'm not that guy.

Sounds nice.

Like a dream.

It could be real.

Say yes.

To what?

To us.

To happiness.

This soup hitting, ain't it?

And it's the perfect day for it.



Thank you, Ralph Angel, for keeping me company.

I know you didn't have to.

It's all good.



You don't owe me anything.

I know that.

But I I would like to know why do you keep coming?

Just 'cause we ain't together don't mean I don't care about you no more.

I have to.

For my own peace of mind, really.

What do you mean?

All I could think about is them two piece-of-shit bastards that hurt you.

Ain't nobody was there for you then.

I don't ever want you to feel like nobody's there for you again.

Keep it a hundred, relapsing man, it scared the hell out of me, Darla, a lot.

For Blue.


For me, too.


It scared me, too.

I ain't felt like that since since we first got together before we had Blue.

Man, I spent so much time just worrying about you.

"Did she make it in her dorm okay?

" "Hope she had a good breakfast.

" Stupid stuff like that.

It's not stupid.

It's sweet.

Thing is, nobody tell you that loving somebody could hurt so much.

Always terrified of losing all the things you prayed for.

I prayed for you.

I still do.

I pray that you could forgive me one day.

I already told you, I do.

I mean it.

I mean really forgive me.

- Forgive me enough to go back - [SIGHS]

To what we had before.

Think you could ever think about us again?

I always do.

I don't think I never really stopped.

Thanks again for that info.

I think it's going to work in ways we couldn't have imagined.

Turn on the news.


It's come to my attention that Landry Enterprises has a biased pricing structure based on race.

That is unacceptable to me.

In order to be a better candidate for all of St.

Jo, I know I must own my responsibility in how things have been done.

That is why I pulled out of tonight's town hall and instead have ordered an immediate audit to overhaul the pricing structure at Landry Enterprises.

Enough talk.

It's time for action.

What is th Wait for it.

Recently I have received information that has impacted me to my core.

I share it with you today, because I believe all of us in St.

Jo should see each other as one big family.

I have learned my great-grandmother Landry was a proud African-American woman.

She was, in fact, secretly a member of the Bordelon family.

I never expected this, but I wish to say publicly, I embrace the diversity of my heritage.

Going forward, my goal is to educate myself on the histories between our communities and use that knowledge to be an ally and support real change in St.


Thank you.


Now, that's a bold move, but this won't win him more votes?

If we play this right, he'll lose 10%, maybe 15% of his white voters, the ones who are blatantly racist.

And the small percentage of black supporters he has will reconsider their support once they start to feel he's pandering his newfound ethnicity.

And that should be enough to tip the race in my favor.

It's bold, Charley, Risky, for you and Jacob.

The Landrys, the Boudreauxs, and whomever else they're working with behind the scenes, I don't think they handle losing very well.

Yeah, well neither do I.


Go, Ree-Ree