02x18 - The Wedding


PRIEST: We are gathered here today on Jack and Rebecca's th wedding anniversary to witness a renewal of their vows.

I hope you're enjoying your last day as my fiancée, because by this time tomorrow, you're gonna be my straight-up wife.

Uh, you doing okay?

Of course. Yeah... why?

Oh, no reason.

You know, just doing this whole big wedding thing without your dad's gonna be hard, and we're here at the family cabin, which is probably bringing up a lot of memories... please don't Runaway Bride me.

- (QUIETLY): Please don't Runaway Bride...

- Toby. I would never.

But will you come with me?

- I have a surprise for you.

- Ooh.

- KATE: Uh-huh.

- I like surprises.

This is for you.

Oh, look.

It's a used bow tie.

Oh, not just any used bow tie.

This was worn by Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun / : Final Insult.

- So.

- Shut your freaking face.


- Leslie Nielsen wore this?


I just wanted to thank you.

You've gone out of your way to make this my dream wedding.

You know, just one beautiful day at my favorite place.

And I know that my choices are kind of...

(SIGHS) they're weird.

I know it's not normal to have my dad's urn next to our guestbook.

It's a fun twist on the sign-in station.

Okay, and to have his Daytona Beach T-shirt as my something old.

- It's weird, and I know.

- Listen, if my boo comes with baggage, I'm paying the handling fee.

- Mm, I love your airline metaphors.

- Well, that's good, 'cause I'm cleared for takeoff.

- Oh...

- KEVIN: Yes. Everyone. Okay?

- Aw, damn it.

Kevin: Everyone gets a Ka-Toby wine opener, they get a bottle of champagne and they get a scented candle, now, why are you just now starting with the gift bags? No, no, no. Hold on, hold on. Don't justify it, fix it. Okay. Yeah, I'll see you tonight, Randall. Okay.

- Wow.

Kevin: No, it's fine. It's fine. Don't worry about it. Randall and I, we have this whole, uh, wedding planner thing all figured out. You do not have to lift a finger. Toby, you should be getting to the airport, all right? Your mom gets in at : ,

- Oh, yeah.

Kevin: your dad gets in at : .

Toby: Yeah, okay, okay, okay. T-this car ride is gonna be a nightmare, by the way. My-my parents, whenever they're together, all they do is fight. My dad's constantly pressuring my mom to marry her boyfriend. If she marries Monty, then my dad doesn't have to pay alimony anymore. It's a whole thing.

- Ah.

Okay, I think he wants you to go, babe.

- I think he wants me to leave.

- Yeah.

All right, well, I'll see you later. Mwah.

I'll see you tomorrow, at the end of the aisle.

- Thanks for this.


KEVIN: Be safe.

KEVIN: Uh, I'm gonna go check on these caterers.

Some of these clowns wouldn't know an amuse-bouche if it bit them on the ass.

Hey, Kev?

- Yeah.

- Do you think

that, like, Dad would've been okay...

you know, us having it here?

At the cabin?


Dad would've loved it.



Hey, babe. You about ready to head up to the cabin?

Almost done.

Going as fast as I can.

Got two bottles in one bag.

Get your head out of your ass, Pearson.

You okay?

Just scrambling to get this done for Kate.

Things have been a little hectic around here.

Haven't had much time.

Hey, Dej.

You excited about this weekend?

I can't wait for you to meet my cousin Zoe.

She's gonna take Kate and Toby's wedding photos.

Yeah, she's the cool one.

In my family, she's the cool one.

Can you believe that I'm not the cool one in my fa... Okay.

Hey, are you all packed?

We're gonna be leaving as soon as I finish with these bags.

DEJA: I can't believe we're going to some dumbass wedding in the woods.

Man, she's mean.

I miss Deja Classic.


Deja Classic was when we first met her, and she was all quiet and sullen.

I miss Deja . , when she was all used to us and sweet, and she told me all my jokes were corny, but secretly, she liked them.

I feel like the moment she heard her mom say to the judge that she wanted to terminate all parental rights, something switched in her.


Okay. Let's grab the girls and head out.

Uh, wait. Wait.

Can we just do our thing?

Where we say all the bad things that we're thinking; no judgment, no censorship?

You want to play worst-case scenario now?

I just got to get it out of my system.

All right, let's do it.


Deja never turns this around and ends up in jail. Go.

She might kill us both in our sleep. Go.

She might kill us both not in our sleep. Go.

She'll make Tess resent us and end up on the pole. Go.

Wait, Tess will resent us, and Deja will end up on the pole?

Or Tess will resent us, and also be the one who ends up on the pole?

- Both on the pole.


Out of your system now?


- Okay.

- Yeah, thanks.

Oh. That's really pretty.

Mm. Nah.

(SIGHING): It's just... feels a little flashy.

I just-I don't want to do anything to make Kate feel like I'm gonna make tomorrow about me.

Wha... Now, why would she think that?

Because I put her on edge by the things I do or say or don't say or... the way I breathe.


But tomorrow's her wedding day, and I just feel like I am this walking reminder of Jack.

You know, he's the one that she lost, and I'm the one that she got stuck with.

Well, I don't think that's true.

And if it helps, just remember: at least you're not me.


What's that supposed to mean?

- What's that supposed to mean?

- Yeah.

Well, if anyone is a walking reminder of Jack, it's me.

Forget about what you're wearing.

If I could dress in all brown tomorrow and pretend to be a tree, I would.

- (LAUGHS) Stop.

- Just throw acorns at people.





- Hey, bud. What's up, man?


Welcome to wedding central.

Where is everybody?

Where's Beth, the girls?

I dropped them at the hotel.

It was a rough car ride.

- Really? Deja?

- Yeah.

She's belligerent.

It's like I'm raising Russell Crowe.


- KATE: Kevin?

- Kevin!

- Uh-oh.


No. No.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

- Hey.

- What's up?

- Um, hey, Randall.

- Okay, sis, what's up?

- Oh, my God, oh, my God.

- You all right?

Um, I can't find Dad's Daytona T-shirt.

It was gonna be my something old, and I was gonna pin it in my dress.

- Aw.

- Wow, that's really, uh...

- Weird? I know I am weird, Randall!

- KEVIN: Ah, no, no, no.

- "Unique." I was gonna say "unique."

- Hold up. Wait, wa...

- Was what I thought.

- Kate. Kate.

- What if Toby never packed it?

- You know what we're gonna do?

- Just call Toby. We're gonna call Toby.

- Yeah. We...

- It's a quick phone call. Quick fix.

- Yeah, yeah.

- We'll...

- Do not...

- tell him that I'm freaking out.

- Who's freaking out?

- No.

- I do not want him to worry about me.

It's a quick phone call. Yeah.


ALAN: I'm just saying, you two have been dating for a while now, so why don't you just marry the poor b*st*rd already?

As I told you before, Alan, Monty and I are taking it slow.

- Yeah, you mean like the way you're slowly draining my retirement fund with those alimony payments.

- TOBY: Okay, guys, it's, uh, it's my wedding weekend, so can we go hours without talking about alimony?


Hey, look, it's Kevin.

- Hey, Kev.


- 'Sup?

- 'Sup?

I got Randall here.

Randall wants to say 'sup.

- 'Sup.

- 'Sup.

KEVIN: We were just calling, we wanted to know if you could remember where you packed our dad's Daytona T-shirt.

Oh, my God, did I forget to pack the T-shirt?

I totally forgot to pack the T-shirt.

Uh, uh, okay, um, I can figure out a way to get it. Uh, uh...

- There's still time.

- It's fine. Everything's fine.

- Everything is great, um...

- Really?

Yeah, really. Um...

...it's no biggie.

- Ciao.

- Uh, uh... okay, bye.



Hey, it sounds like it's just a shirt, right?

Yeah, well, it's not just a shirt, Ma.

RANDALL: Okay. We'll round up anything of Dad's we can find, and then, tomorrow morning, you'll take your pick.



It's a T-shirt.

We can roll with this, right?

He was more than a T-shirt.


- Okay.

- Okay.

Okay, so then, uh, you just put your PJs on, all right?

Curl up with your favorite Sandra Bullock movie, because guess what.

- Hmm?

- Someone's getting married tomorrow.

- RANDALL: Yeah.

- Who?

- Right?

- Who's getting married tomorrow?


- Ah.

- All right.


- All right.

- RANDALL: Okay.

One of the romantic ones.

Not the one where they're trying to kill her through the Internet. Spooky.

JACK: So some of you may not know this but for the years that I worked for Lundy Builders, my wife put a folded note packed into my briefcase every day.


The highlight of my day in the office was opening one of those little scraps of paper.

Now, when Rebecca and I started Big Three Homes, she stopped writing the lunch notes.

But I was okay with that.

I had the highlight of my day right there, sitting by my side.

Every day.


All right, we got nine hours until I-do's, people.

Little less texting, a lot more tenting.

BETH: I was.

All right, ladies, let's go.

- Come on, ladies.


This place is a dump.

Aunt Zoe!

ZOE: Hey, T-bone. Hey, A-frame.

- You look so good.

- Look at you!

Oh, you look great. How are you?

- Thank you.

- Hey, Zoe.

- Hey!

- How you doing?

- I'm good.

- Good. Girls, will you take your dresses inside for me, please.


Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Uh, I'm gonna go see if Kevin needs anything.

I love you. Mwah.

So, you're just gonna, like, look forever?

- That's your thing?

- Look who's talking.

You got no right to still have that body after two kids.


- Oh, you good?

- Oh, I'm good.

Yeah? I don't have to come to Chicago and whup nobody's ass?

- Mm, not this week.

- Okay.

Thank you for doing this wedding, lady.

Hey, any family of yours is mine, right?

This is why I love you.

Is that her?

Mm-hmm. I'll tell you all about it.

- Hopefully, over champagne.

- Mm.

- Lots of champagne.

- Mm-mm. (CHUCKLES)

All right, here it is, everything old of Dad's I could find around the cabin to replace the T-shirt.

RANDALL: So you want her to walk down the aisle with our old baseball bat.

That's romantic.

Yeah, you're right... this is a disaster.

A total disaster, man.

How are we gonna do...

- KEVIN: Hey! Look, it's the bride!

- Hey.

Uh, so we rounded up a few "something old" options for you

- Yeah.

to replace the T-shirt.

What do you think?

- Terrific options.

- Mm-hmm.

Thank you. But I don't need any of this stuff.

- I have a new plan.

- What do you mean, new plan?

What... Where are you going?

You know, Mom's gonna be here with the bridesmaids, they're gonna do hair and makeup any minute now.

- Okay. I'll be back soon.

- REBECCA: Hello, hello.

- KEVIN: Hey.

- Bug!

Happy wedding day, sweetheart.

I'm just running an errand.

Oh. Can somebody not run the errand for you?

I'll be back.


- Did I say something wrong?


You said, "Happy wedding day, Bug."

It's wedding day, bitches!

Oh, I thought this room would be, like, filled with women.


Where is Kate?

MAN: Hey! Welcome to Artisanal Scoops.

Would you like a sample of our new flavor?

It's lavender balsamic.

Um, no. Thanks.

Uh, I used to come here with my dad.

I think it was called Frenchie's back then, or...

Oh, yeah. They sold the place a couple years ago.

Oh. Any chance you guys are still making that banana pudding flavor?

No. I'm sorry.

It was my dad's favorite.

I was gonna buy it today to serve with the cake at my wedding.

Not exactly something old, but an old tradition.

Hey, we do have banana coconut.

It's really good.

It's one of my favorites.

No. Thanks.

It just wouldn't...mean anything.

But thanks.

So, long before Jack and I had our own company, and long before the Big Three were around, I was singing in a bar... when a man walked in.


I'm bein' followed by a moonshadow

Moonshadow, moonshadow

Leapin' and hoppin' on a moonshadow

Moonshadow, moonshadow

And if I ever lose my hands

Lose my plough, lose my land

(AUDIO FADING): ♪ Oh, if I ever lose my hands, oh...



- What is going on in here, Randall?

- Mm-hmm.

I did not know that Kate hired professional models to be her bridesmaids.


I think she did, Kev, 'cause this room's full of a whole lot of damn.

- BETH: Yeah, it is.

- What do we got?

- (LAUGHS) Thank you.

- For you.

- We brought gifts. For you.

- RANDALL: Don't even try.

- KEVIN: Mom? Yeah.

So, uh, I just tried her again, and her phone must be off, 'cause it went straight to voice mail.

- (SIGHS) We should go look for her.

- Where?

- I have an idea.

- Uh... Whoop! (CHUCKLES)

Uh, I'm maid of honor.

I should help search.

Maid of honor. Oh. I thought Kate said she didn't have a maid of honor.

Well, maybe she said that, but she didn't mean it.


- We could... could, you know...

- No.

- Really?

- Yeah. We're good.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.


- Oh, man. She's crazy.

- Yeah, man.

Don't let me sleep with her.

So now we're waiting for the courts to terminate her mom's parental rights so that we can legally adopt her.

But she has turned into a complete nightmare.

I can barely get a sentence out of her.

And I'm pretty sure she's wearing that sweatshirt to Kate's wedding.

- Yikes.

- Mm.

- You want me to try talking to her?

What are you, like, the angry kid whisperer now?

Only 'cause I used to be the angry kid.


Can't believe we missed her.

God, this Nutella chip is insane, huh?

Ridonkulously good.

This is just so good.

- Mm. (GRUNTS)

- Do not drip ice cream in my car.

I'm not. I'm not gonna drip ice cream in the car, okay? It's...

I understand. You love the car.

You bought it for cash.

- Thank you.

- Where are we going?

No idea.

This is a disaster, Randall.

This is huge. We lost the bride on the wedding day? All right?

That's, like, the number one don't for wedding coordinators.


You know, Beth and I play this game sometimes, worst-case scenario.

It's where we say all the things that we're afraid of out loud, and it makes us feel better. You know?

- Yeah. Yeah, I'm down.

- Okay.

(SIGHS) We never find Kate and we have to tell Toby that the wedding's off and he's so shocked that he has a heart attack and dies.

- Jesus, Randall.

- That's-that's the game.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

You know, what if he doesn't die, Randall?


- But, uh...


I mean, he could kick her out of the apartment.


- Yeah?

- Yeah.

Now she's forced to find a place to live.

She's forced to move in with me, all right?

It's supposed to be temporary, of course, but neither one of us ever find love.

- Mm.

Right? We become one of those creepy pairs of twins that grows old together.

And we're at the grocery store and people mistake us for a married couple and we don't even correct 'em anymore because...

(CHUCKLES) I mean, what's the point?


- You're really good at this game.

- Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, what if, after Dad died, I got so absorbed in my own life, with school and Beth and the girls, that, um, I stopped looking out for my sister?

What if...

uh... what if she spent so much time taking care of me that she forgot to take care of herself?

And year after year went by and I should've...

(SIGHS) recognized and I should've helped her?

I didn't help her.


(SIGHS) Randall, I do not feel better.


Not big on weddings?

Me neither, actually.

I just do them to pay the bills, but...

(SIGHS) not really my jam.

They're just so in your face, you know?

At least there's cake.

I hope at least Randall does a good toast.

I'm a sucker for a good toast.

Listen, you don't got to talk to me.

Okay? You're Annie and Tess' aunt, not mine.

I'm not theirs either, actually.

Beth is my cousin, so, technically, that makes...

Tess and Annie my...

first cousins once removed.

But the girls like to call me their aunt, 'cause, Beth, she's like a sister to me. 'Cause her mom raised me.

My mom dumped me in their house when I was seven or eight.

Said she'd be back in a few weeks.

I know what you're trying to do.

I don't care if my mom left me.

Well, good for you. But I did.

I was so angry, I wanted to take it out on the whole world.

Instead, I took it out on Beth's mom and on Beth, on her whole family.

You know, somehow, it was my way of being loyal to my mom.

God, I got real good making their lives miserable.

Then, one morning, I don't know...

I just forgot.

I forgot to hate 'em.

We were all, um... sitting at the kitchen table, and Beth was saying something crazy, probably about D'Angelo.

And I started laughing.

That was a good day.

The day... when it stopped making sense...

...hating the people who loved me.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go...

find some pretty light and photograph the bride's shoes.

Did I mention weddings are not my thing?

My love for you abounds, and a heart attack and two proposals later... Yeah? Yup.


Hey there. Come on in, parentals.

- Hey, how you doing?

- Doing good.

Was up half the night calling Task Rabbits, trying to convince them to fly Kate's dad's T-shirt across the country.

- Yeah, we know.

That's why you couldn't have dinner with us.

Yeah, in the end, they all said no.

So, apparently they are "not up to the Task" Rabbits.


- Can you help me with this?

- Yeah.

Um... your mother and I, we need you to know that we have concerns about Kate.

Wha... What? Why? Stop.

You barely know her.

Well, it feels like you're constantly bending over backwards to calm her.

Okay, yeah, it-it's...

you guys, it's a wedding.

It's supposed to be a little stressful.

Yeah, but the way you tiptoe around to keep from setting her off, it's just not normal, honey.

And it feels to us like she... she might be a little unstable.

Wow. Un-Unstable?

Do-Do you remember when she broke up with you for no reason, and you had to fly across the country to change her mind?

Okay, that wasn't for no reason.

Look, Toby...

I didn't say anything when you married your first wife.

- Dad...

- No!

You need to hear this.

Now, I knew Josie wasn't good for you, and I held my tongue.

And now you're gonna marry this new woman who...

clearly has issues you can't fix.

And we're worried that you're headed down the same path.

Toby, you remember... you-you remember what it was like when things fell apart with Josie.

Remember how you stopped going to work, and how I-I-I found you in your apartment in the middle of a workday just with the curtains drawn and just-just... hiding under the covers like a little kid.


Oh, sweetie, you were severely depressed for a very long time, and we-we just...

You know what's funny?

Is that my whole life, I wanted you two to agree on something, and now you finally do.

Here we are. Y-you-you agree that I shouldn't marry the woman that I'm madly in love with.

- Toby, son...

- No, Dad, listen.

I think you need to hear this.

Kate is not like Josie. All right?

She would never hurt me.

She cares about me.

So, yeah, the wedding may be bringing some stuff up, but it's not because she's unstable.

Okay, if anyone's unstable, I'm the unstable one, right?

Fine, I'm unstably in love with-with Kate Pearson.

So, here is what's gonna happen.

You two are gonna go downstairs, you're gonna make a decision.

All right, you're gonna decide that-that coming to me like this was-was a terrible mistake.

All right, and you're gonna show up to my wedding with bells on.

Or you can decide to go straight on to the airport.

Either way, in about an hour, I'm gonna be standing out on the front lawn watching my bride walk down the aisle.

So... okay? Okay.

Uh, please go.

I mean, please help me with this last cuff link, and then go.



Don't you look b...

- Uh, still no word from Kate?

- No.


- Wait.

- Oh.

Hi, Bug.

- KATE: Hey, Mom.

- REBECCA: Where are you?

Okay, I've been having these dreams every night for the past couple of weeks.

We're at the cabin, at a wedding but... but it's not me and Toby, Mom. It's... it's you and Dad, and you're renewing your vows.

And you're so beautiful and... and Dad is older and grayer, but still Dad.

And, you know, we're just... we're all there. And we're so happy together.

You know, the way it was supposed to be.



That sounds really beautiful, sweetheart.

You know, weddings can be very emotional.

They stir all kinds of things up.

But that's why I'm glad you have Toby now, to go through these kinds of things with.

What was he doing in the dreams?

Probably making you laugh somehow, huh?

No, he's not in them.


Is that bad, that he's not in them?

No, no, no. It's fine.

I just, I figured, because, you know, the wedding.

- You know, you...

- I got to go, Mom.


I don't know why Toby hasn't been in the dreams I'm having.

But I do know that he is the perfect guy for me, though.


Without a doubt in my mind, and you wouldn't... you wouldn't, either.

You remember the carnival that would come to town every summer with those old roller coasters?

Oh, I loved riding those with you.

I... Feeling so scared, but so safe, all at the same time.

I've been holding onto that feeling for a really long time now.


That feeling of you next to me.


But, Dad...

I'm getting married today.



And I've got to make room.

I've got to make room for Toby.

So I've got to... I've got to let go a little now.

How long have you guys been here?

RANDALL: Just a few minutes.

Seemed like you were having a moment.

So you did it?

I did. I did.

Let's go get me married.

You know, maybe we didn't fail her after all.

Are you kidding me?

We're great brothers.

- We are.


- KATE: You guys. Guys!

- I would want me as a brother.

Need to get married, here.

- KEVIN: Oh.

- RANDALL: Gotcha.

- Let's get married, here.

- Let's do that, let's do that.

KEVIN: Oh, this is gonna be great.

- What are you doing?

- Guarding the door.

Why are you making that cocky smile?

What am I seeing?

Did she just have a pretty dress on, and some lip gloss?

We had a talk.

Don't expect her to do The Electric Slide tonight, but, uh, if we're lucky, we might get a sentence or two.

Good Lord, I love my baby cousin.


- Oh, thank you.

Oh, Kate.


You look stunning.

That dress is just...


I mean, it's gonna be perfect in the setting.

Not that it wouldn't be perfect anywhere because it's a beautiful dress.

- Mom.

- But it's...

- I know. Are you okay?

- Yeah.

I just, uh...

I feel really bad for upsetting you on the phone earlier.

Oh, no, you didn't.

I was going through my own thing.


I just, I want...

I want today to be perfect for you in every way that you've ever dreamed about.

And I know that sometimes I can make you...

You know...

So I'm just... I want to stay out of your way, okay?

Mom, I know that our stuff... it can be complicated sometimes.

But it's because... all that I've ever wanted was to be like you.

I want to be a singer like you.

I want to be a mom like you.

I want to have a marriage like yours.

Mom, you are not...

You are not in my way. You are my way.

- Sweetheart...

- No. No cry...

- No crying. We have to get to

- Okay, okay.

- the wedding first before you cry.

- I know, but...

Covered in everything

- ♪ Coveted all at once...

- Dad, can I ask you something?


Can I marry you one day?


Everything all at once

But I would fake

I would hate

I would break

Every inch of my love

But I would fake, I would hate

I would break

Every inch of my love

Every inch of my love...

JACK: I'm sorry, baby, that's... not really how it works.


But you want to know the exciting part?

One day, a long time from now, you're gonna meet someone who's better than me.

He's gonna be stronger and handsomer and even better at board games than me.


JACK: And when you find him, when you find that guy, that's the guy you're gonna marry.

Oh, and he's one lucky guy, the guy that gets to marry you, Katie girl.

And your mom and me, we're gonna be there, you know.

Just to check him out.

Make sure he's as good at board games as you think that he is.

That you probably meant for us...

And, assuming that he is, I'll get to walk you down the aisle.

And I may even cry a little. (CHUCKLES)


And I saw the peaks on my own

That you probably meant for us

And I tore the fear from my bones

That you probably never lost.

Watch it.

You know, I still don't understand what Zoe said to her.

Me neither. But who cares?

- She's magic.

- Mm-hmm.

- I told you.

- This is good.

You three are Beth and Randall's girls, right?

Yes, we are.

Oh, you two are the spitting image of your mother.

But you, you look just like your father.


So what's good over here, hmm?

Uh... excuse me, everyone. Hi.

I'm Kevin. I'm Kate's brother, and it is toast time.



To, uh...

My, uh, my brother and I have been going, uh, well, a little bit crazy the past couple of days.


W-We were going crazy 'cause we-we wanted make sure that this day was perfect for you, Kate.

And the reason we wanted to make sure this day was absolutely perfect for you is because that's... that's what Dad would've done.

He would've made it perfect for you.

And, uh... If he were here, he definitely would've looked at you and he would've said, "Katie girl... in your life... you have never looked more beautiful... than you do right now."

And he would've been right, by the way.

You're beautiful.

Um... Mom, Randall, uh... earlier last year, Kate said something to me that was, well, profound, uh...

She said, "Kevin, if you don't allow yourself to... to grieve Dad's death, it'll be like taking a giant breath in and just... holding it there for the rest of your life."

I... At the time, I didn't want to hear any of that. You know...

I... I didn't. Um... but here we are. It's one DUI and a rehab stint later, and I-I'm-I'm thinking maybe you were on to something when you said that to me, um...


I think we've all been holding our breath for a long time. And, um...

So before we toast Toby and Kate, before we clink our glasses, I think that the four of us should, uh, release that breath together.

I think it's important that we do that, that we just let go of those things we've been holding onto, so... So here we go.







- Okay.


KEVIN: I, uh... I think my time is up.


Toby, Kate...

I love you both so much.

I really do. I am so happy for you. I'm proud.

And I-I'm sorry my toast was weird.

I'm not an expert on marriage at all, but, um, this next young gentleman is, my brother Randall. Please come save me.

Save your brother. Come on, young man.

Ladies and gentlemen, Randall Pearson, my brother.

Oh man! You did good.

There you go.



Those of you who know me, know that I'm big on control.

It's taken me years to accept the fact that there's absolutely zero point in trying to control the future.

'Cause nobody knows where we'll be.

Not even a year from now.


Well, folks, we'll be landing in Vietnam shortly, where it's a balmy degrees.

Hey, babe.

I just spoke to the doctor.

He wants you to come in tomorrow, talk about adjusting your meds.

But... what we can control are the people we choose.

Choosing our people is the closest we come to controlling our destiny.

Where's Deja?

RANDALL: Because... while everything else may change, if you choose right, your people will stay the same.

Whether that's tonight or a year from now, or ten years from now...

It's time to go see her, Tess.

I'm not ready.

Me neither.

RANDALL: Katie girl, Tobias, when I look at you, I know in my bones that in choosing each other, you have chosen perfectly.

(SOFTLY): Yes.

To Kate and Toby.

Kate and Toby.


- Come here.

I liked your toast.

I've, um, always been a sucker for a good toast.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.