05x04 - Honestly

Previously on This is Us...

How was football?

Coach said we have another Terry Bradshaw right here.

Minus the hair loss.


You really think it's okay for Kev

to be pumping iron?

- Hey, I got this.
- I think I just got the part.

I mean, pending a-a good meeting with the director,

(LAUGHS): I-I got the part.

I have a strong feeling about you guys.


I'm never leaving this bed.

You cannot make me.

I think I got... maybe two hours of sleep?

What? You got two whole hours?

- Who are you?


I'm so tired, I can't even remember the name of the guy from the fairy tale, the one who sleeps for too long.


Something Von Something?

Hey, we-we can't keep doing this.

Miguel and Shelly said we just got to let Kevin cry himself to sleep.

I know, I know, I know.

Maybe we just, maybe we just give it one more night?

Babe, we've been saying that for months.

Look, how is Kevin gonna teach himself to sleep if every time he cries, we're just, we're rushing in there

- to pick him up?
- Rip Van Winkle.

Rip Van Winkle, that's the name of the guy from the fairy tale

- I couldn't remember.
- Babe?

- What?
- Tonight's the night.

Tonight we let him cry it out.


Okay. Tonight's the night.

JACK: Hmm.



I got it. I got it.

You stay and take a nap.


Kevin is going to literally explode.

Coach says to bulk up, I have to eat eggs a week.

"Nobody can eat eggs."

Cool Hand Luke?

Only one of the greatest movies of all... Tough room.

Tough room.


- You okay, Kev?
- KEVIN: Yeah, I... woke up early to work out with Dad, and I was up late memorizing the playbook.

Okay, well, just don't push it, bud.

When I have to memorize stuff for a test, I use rainbow flash cards.

The different colors help your brain retrieve the information.

Ah, that's really cool.

- It is?
- No, you dork.

It's totally lame,like everything else you do.

JACK: Kev, don't knock it, all right?

That is a straight-A system that Randall's got right there.

All right, school time. Let's go, guys.

Finish up. Get your book bags, okay?

- Let's go.
- REBECCA: Can you grab him...?

Yeah, no, I got it. Kev,

I'm gonna pick you up after football today.

REBECCA: Wait. Lunches, Kev.

Randall, Bug.


- Jack.
- Yeah.

Kevin is totally exhausted.

Of course he's exhausted.
He's working hard at something that he loves.

Babe, it's-it's the best kind of exhausted.

See you in a bit.

- Kevin.
- KEVIN: Ava.

- Oh, my God, hi.
- Hi.

It's so good to finally meet you in person. This is great.

I got to tell you, I'm beyond thrilled to finally

- get to work with you.
- Thank you. Me, too.

You know what? I'm a little nervous to meet Foster.

I... his last film, right?

I-I thought it was the greatest thing I'd seen all year.

Me, too. I'm obsessed.

- I've seen it at least ten times.
- Right?

I have to ask, are we supposed to call him

Jordan Martin Foster or just Foster?

I have no... I-I've heard both.

- Yeah.
- I don't know what he likes.

We'll just feel it out, I guess.

- We'll find out.
- FOSTER: Hey, guys.

- Hey.
- Thank you for doing all the quarantining and testing.

- Oh, I'll text you when we're done.
- ASSISTANT: Okay, thanks.

- See you later.
- FOSTER: Thank you.


- Hi.
- Oh, my God.

I am so glad that you agreed to do this film.

I told the producer, I said, "If Ava says no,

"I'm not doing it either, 'cause there would literally be no point."

AVA: Oh, my God, ten pages into the script,

I called my agent and I was like, "I have to do this film. I have to."

- So, thank you.

Yeah, I just... I feel the same way.

You know? After your first film,

I thought, you know, any role this guy wants me to play,

I will do it, let alone a character like this.

You know, so complex, right?

- Unpredictable in a movie...
- Film.

Uh, it's a film.

Anyway, let's dig into the script, shall we?

Uh, I would like to start with the two-hander scene between you guys, starting on page eight.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.

'Cause once we sign these papers...

Babe, it's a birth plan, it's not a deal with the devil.

Okay? Either party can change their mind

- at any time.
- Yeah, don't remind me.

We are totally at Ellie's mercy here, until the baby is born.

Even after the baby is born, we are at Ellie's mercy.

Until she signs the relinquishment papers, we are completely at Ellie's...

- mercy.
- Mercy. I know. I know, Tobe.

Well, Ellie is going to her ob-gyn appointment today and only one person can go, and she asked me to come, so, I don't know, that's got to be a-a good sign, right?

Yes. Yes.

Why do we call it an ob-gyn?

We don't call a cardiologist a C-A-R-D or a dermatologist a D-E-R-M.

Okay, uh, will Serious Toby be watching the ultrasound on FaceTime?

Or will Funny Toby miss seeing Baby Chloe for the first time?

Baby Chloe?

So, have we decided to go with that name?

I think we have.

Serious Toby is very excited.

It's just hard to tell because he's so serious.


Mother, can we please go to the salon today?

- My hair is a fright.
- TESS: A fright?

Mom, I told you not to let her watch Little Women again.

Okay. Politician's dilemma: solid versus striped.

Solid says I stand by my convictions.

Hmm. Striped says I represent my entire community.

It's very cute, you want to look nice for your protégé.

Honey, I prefer to think of him as my apprentice.

Thank you.

Hey, Dej.

Big day today.

Of all the people that Malik could have asked to shadow at work for his school project,who did he choose?

Hint: his name rhymeswith Gandall Gearson, and he's your gather...

It's a civics assignment, and you're the only city councilman in his COVID pod.

- Who else is he gonna ask?
- Your father and your boyfriend spending the entire day together.

- What could go wrong?

You're enjoying this way too much.

Something is wrong with you.


- BETH: Hey, Malik.
- MALIK: Hey, Mrs. Pearson.

- Nice suit.
- Thank you.

TESS: Ooh.

: . Thought we said : sharp.

- Oh. I-I'm sorry, Mr. Pearson. I'm...
- I'm just messing with you, man.

Striped. It's a good call.

And, look, thank you again for letting me do this.

You know, I've lived in Philly my whole life, so I am excited to see how the city runs.

Malik, it's my pleasure.

It's my pleasure.

- DEJA: Okay, a couple things.
- Mm-hmm?

Don't talk about us, okay?
Don't talk about me.

Don't talk about you.

Actually, just don't talk at all.

And good luck or whatever.

You look good in that suit.

Okay, we are now officially seven minutes behind schedule.

That is seven minutes of problems that don't get solved because you were late, Malik. Let's not make it eight.

Hey, yo, yo, yo.

Gandall Gearson gout.


(WHISPERING): Kate and Randall are down.

Yeah. Kevin, too, finally.

He fell asleep in my arms and then I managed to slide him into his crib without waking him up.

- It was a real pro move.
- Such a pro move.

- Yeah.
- Such a pro move.



- Oof.

Yeah, I should make sure that he's in an okay position.

No, babe, babe, babe, come on.

W-We agreed we got to give him a chance to calm himself down.

- He'll stop.

- He'll stop.


JACK: How was practice?


STIKES: Hey, hey.

- Oh, hey, Coach.
- Hey.

- How you doing? It's good to see you.
- Good to see you.

- Yeah.
- Good to see you.

Hey, I, wanted to, uh, I wanted to clear something up.

(CHUCKLES) I didn't expect the boys to actually eat eggs.

It's a line from a movie.

Well, it sounds like what we've got here is a failure to communicate.

Ah. Clearly a man who knows his movies.


We did have some bumps on the field today.

- Kevin hasn't got the playbook down.
- Really?

Well, he-he's been studying real hard.

Well, to be honest, Kev's probably not my biggest fan right now, eh, Kevin?

I was riding him pretty hard out there today.

He's got something special, no doubt, but he's got to be willing to put in the work.

I have kids with half his talent running drills seven days a week.

My son is up for it.

Glad to hear it.

Allegheny College has a weekend QB camp for seventh and eighth graders right up in Meadville.

Kev would be a great fit.

But if I'm gonna recommend him for a spot...

- He's got to put the work in.
- He needs to earn it. Yes, sir.

He will. Right, Kevin?

- Right.
- STIKES: Thanks, Jack.

- JACK: Yeah.
- I'll see you later, sport.

You got yourself into some trouble.

I didn't get myself into anything.

Okay. Why'd they call me?

To be honest, I have no idea.

- "To be honest"?
- Yeah.

Here's the thing, when somebody says

"To be honest" or "If I'm being honest with you" or "Honestly," it usually means they're about ready to lie to you.

FOSTER: Okay, let's, let's hold there, for a second.

Ava, excellent.

You are giving him as little as possible, but you're giving me everything that I need.

And... okay.

Let's just take it back to the top of the scene.


Yeah. Sure, okay.

Got yourself into some trouble.

I didn't get myself into anything.

So why'd they call me?

AVA: To be honest, I have no idea.

- "To be honest."
- Yeah.

Hang-hang, hang on.

- Kevin.
- Uh-huh?

Just, just take it back a couple lines.

Sure. Sure.

So why'd they call me?

- To be honest, I have no idea.
- "To be honest."

- AVA: Yeah.
- One more time?


Then why'd they call me?

- AVA: To be honest, I have no idea.
- "To be honest"?

Can I get that last line again?

You know, I just... if you want to give me a specific detail...

No, no. Stay in the scene, please stay...

I'm trying to stay in the scene, but you keep... interrupting me.

Believe me, Kevin, I wish I didn't have to interrupt.

(SOFTLY): Good to... All right.

All right.

Um, just from the same... s... pickup.


JAE-WON: We're hearing from a lot of renters about evictions, but we're also getting a lot of complaints from landlords

- about delinquent rents.
- RANDALL: Yeah.

Let's finalize the language on our motion and get it to the council.

All right.

We keeping you up, Malik?

MALIK: No. Sorry.

JAE-WON: Oh, unfortunately, I won't be able to shoot your livestream today.

I've got a budget meeting at the same time.

RANDALL: All right. We livestream a daily community bulletin.

I cover local news and answer questions from constituents.

MALIK: Oh, yeah, I know.
That's the one Deja watches every day.

RANDALL: She watches every day?

MALIK: I am a dead man

- for telling you that.
- Oh, definitely.

RANDALL: Better call your lawyer and draw up a will. (LAUGHS)

Hey, Malik.

How would you like to cover the bulletin today?

- MALIK: Me?
- Yeah.

You're one of the more capable young humans I've met.

We'll set you up at a desk outside and you just have to make sure the livestream starts and ends on cue.

- Sound good?
- MALIK: Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- For sure. I'm on it.
- JAE-WON: Thank you, Malik.

Uh, let's just make sure to get a camera angle that doesn't go right up his nose.

RANDALL: I don't need to be reminded, Jae-won.

I read all the comments.

JAE-WON: Never read the comments!

ELLIE: This probably sounds insane, but did you ever wonder what the ultrasound jelly tastes like?


KATE: Every time that we're here.


KATE: Oh, uh, speaking of eating, Ellie, do you think you maybe want to have lunch with me after this?

ELLIE: Yeah, I'd love to.

KATE: Okay.

DOCTOR: Here she is.

Looking great.

Heartbeat is strong.

KATE: There she is.

There's Chloe.

- Well, it's a good thing

Randall and Kate are such heavy sleepers, huh?

This-this-this isn't normal crying, Jack.

He's never cried like this before.

Maybe something's wrong.
Maybe he's hurt.

Miguel and Shelly said he's...

Enough with Miguel and Shelly.

Who made them experts, anyway?
Their kids are train wrecks!


What's so funny?

That's, that's the sound of our son being emotionally traumatized for life.

Rebecca, do you remember this morning when we said,

"Tonight's the night"?
We held hands and...

Yeah, I-I don't care what I said this morning, because I didn't know then that he'd be crying like a maniac for a half hour.

It's been six minutes.

- No way.
- Mm-hmm.

- What?
- Look, I know this hurts.

I know it hurts, babe, but, but don't you want him to show that crib who's boss?

No. I don't care.

I'm sorry, I have to go in there.

- Hi.
- JACK: Hey.


REBECCA: Is everything all right?

JACK: Yeah, just a few bumps at practice.

But we'll run some drills after dinner, I'll find the problems.

I just got home from practice, Dad.

It's fine, Kev, you can take the night off.

No, he can't, okay?
The coach said the other kids...

I don't care what Coach says.


I'm gonna quit.

- No.

Kev, you're not gonna quit.

All right? You're the quarterback.

You made a commitment to that team.

You don't just quit the second something starts to feel tough.


I'm tired.

- You should have talked to me

before making a decision like that.

Wh... You seriously want to let him quit?

After h-having one rough day?

He's clearly miserable, okay?

I'm-I'm gonna go up there and tell him if he doesn't want to play anymore, he doesn't have to.

Rebecca, I'm strongly asking you not to do that.

You about ready?

I want to squeeze in a quick jog after this.

- Yeah, it's looking like we're good to go.
- Great.

I will count you down to start the livestream.

And you just let the bulletin play until you hear me say...

(LOW-PITCHED): "Thank you for your time, Philadelphia.

We'll talk again tomorrow."

Just get the hell out of here, man.

These are trucks that can drive right in

and set up safe, clean testing sites...

Dad's doing his bulletin.

Uh, we're trying different spots around town,

so check my website for an updated list.

Food banks are starting to see...

- ...bumps in need as the weather changes.

Donations are always appreciated.

But please know that everyone in this office

is working to make sure that nobody in our community...

Hey, Mom, I'm still at city hall.

- I read every message...

Uh, no, no, she-she was fine this morning.

I know that folks are struggling right now.

Look, I-I left a teething ring in the freezer.

At a time when my birth father didn't have a family, this community was his family.

(SIGHS) When I'm having a hard day at work or get frustrated that things aren't moving fast enough,

I remind myself that I am doing this for him.

I'm doing this for William Hill.

Because you all were his family.

Which means that you're my family, too.

I'm not gonna cry today.

I know a lot of you like to take bets on that, so...

Thanks for your time, Philadelphia.

We'll talk again tomorrow.


All right. (SNIFFLES)

- Yeah, no, okay. Listen, um...
- RANDALL: Malik, I'm gonna change

- and go for that run.
- If she starts crying again, just give her some baby Tylenol.

But remember to check the dosage, please.

I know you know.

Uh, Beth?

Hold on, hon, I'm just in the middle of something.

Uh, o-okay, but Randall's taking his clothes off in front of the whole city of Philadelphia.

Mom? Dad's getting naked!


Oh, my G... Tess, call your father.

RANDALL: ♪ First you fold the left

Then you fold the right

Bring the hem to the shoulder

And press it tight

Press it tight, mm, yeah

He's not answering.

Of course he can't see his phone, he's too busy... dancing.

Mm-mm, girl, that's not dancing.

I don't know what that is, but that is not dancing.

ANNIE: Mom, I want to watch.

Hey, hey, hey. Annie, you know what?

There's some things you can't unsee, baby, and this is one of them, all right?

All right, all right, bye.

Love you.


Hey, Dej, what's up?


I know.

I know. I just, I-I think he needed to know that he wasn't alone.

- That's all.



REBECCA: He is a child.

He is a child playing a game.

It's supposed to be fun.

- Here we go.
- Here we go what?

You've been doing this to him his entire life.

The second he starts to complain about something being too hard, you let him off the hook.

Excuse me?

Guitar lessons, uh, Boy Scouts.

Oh, I'm sorry, our-our six-year-old got tired of tying knots all day, so I let him bail on Boy Scouts.

Put me in mom jail.

You just, you can be really easy on him.

And it's made him a little...

- What? It's made him what?
- Soft.

It's made him soft.

Hey, nerd, tell me how your stupid rainbow system works.

Very funny. But whatever the trick is,

I'm not falling for it.

For real.


I need your help. I keep messing up the plays.


Hey, Foster.

Or, uh, Jordan Martin Foster or JMF?

I don't know what... I don't know what you... (CHUCKLES)

I don't know what you want to be called.

Is that what you waited around to ask me?

No. No. I-I, um...

(CHUCKLES): Uh, you were pretty rough on me in there.

You know? And I was, I was just wondering if you had any specific feedback for me so that I could, you know...

I want to give you what you want, in the scene.

I didn't realize you were the kind of guy that needs an attaboy.

- No, no, it's...
- Look, look, today

I learned that you are a good actor.

And there's nothing wrong with being a good actor.

And when you die, people will say,

"Oh, yeah, I remember him. He was good."

Or you could be one of the greats.

Now, here's the good news, Kevin: you get to decide.

Is today as close as you get to greatness... or do you come back tomorrow?

See you tomorrow.

KATE: Hey.



Okay, I'm really, really scared that I tanked it in there when I called the baby Chloe.

It was totally insensitive.

You know, I can't even imagine the thousands of emotions that you're feeling, and then I go naming her and...

But, Ellie, are you... are you having second thoughts?

Look, it... caught me by surprise.

The name.

This is all a lot for me.

Yeah, of course it is.

Kate, I told you that my husband died.

We met in tenth grade.

But it took him a long time to ask me out. (CHUCKLES)

And even when he did, it was going... slow.

We barely kissed.

So, one day we go to the beach, and I decide, you know what, I'm just gonna take charge.

And I pull my T-shirt off, and I'm standing there in my cute bikini top, and he is just staring at my chest, like, confused, and he's like,

"Wait, you don't have a big hairy birthmark on your chest in the shape of South America?"


All year, his bio lab partner had been telling him these crazy stories about me.

And the lab partner... her name was Chloe Penner.




So look, you... you deserve to name this baby whatever you want.

- But does it have to be Chloe?

One time.

I went out just one time... two years after Doug died.

A few months ago, I... decided that I couldn't have this baby, and I made an appointment to have an abortion.

And I got as far as the parking lot at the clinic.

And I know that some people have very strong feelings

- about...
- I'm not judging you at all.

For me... that wasn't the right choice.

(SOFTLY): Yeah.

So, am I having second thoughts?


About pretty much my entire life.

Except this.

Except you and Toby.

About that I am sure.

Hundred percent sure, Kate.

MALIK: Mr. Pearson, I am so...

I am so sorry.



I'm sure at your age... city hall's a bit boring.

But you asked to shadow me, Malik.

The work we do here is serious.

I expected you to take it seriously.

Not show up late, yawn your way through it, and forget to do the most important part of the one thing I asked you to do.

I know. I-I messed up.

I did.


Mr. Pearson, do you know what time I had to be up this morning to get to your place only six minutes late?

: .

I usually get up at : , so that I can make sure that I prepare all of Janelle's meals for the day, do her laundry, wash all her bottles, all before she gets up at : .

Today I had to pack a lunch and iron my shirt, so : .

This stuff is not boring at all.

But I have a daughter.

What she needs... it always comes first.

Even if that means making the things that I want for myself that much harder.

I was when I lost my father.

And I felt like I owed it to my family to make my dreams smaller.

More practical.

But I was wrong.

Listen to me when I say this.

Do not make your dreams smaller.

Make 'em bigger.

Not in spite of your daughter.

For her.



I-I appreciate that, Mr. Pearson.

I don't think the size of my dreams need to be worried about, though.

I get straight A's.

I'm going to go to an Ivy League college and major in business.

Then I'm gonna go to culinary school, so that I can open up the first restaurant in Philadelphia history to get three Michelin stars.

Well, damn. Okay.

Seems like your dreams are of the perfectly appropriate size.

Wh-What I do need, though, is a killer internship for these college applications.

I was thinking maybe city hall?

I think that can be arranged.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You-you know Deja's gonna lose her mind, right?

- Oh, I'm counting on it, bruh.


- No, no, no. Out of my way, Jack.

- Can't do that.

What we're doing isn't working.

I can't move from this door, as much as I want to.

Just... a little longer.


♪ ♪


- RANDALL: All right, you ready?
- KEVIN: Yeah.

- Uh, same ones?
- Same ones.

KEVIN: Um, pro-right split,

F motion right...

- option zone?
- You got it!

- That's ten in a row.
- Yes.

- Okay, let's do ten more.
- Okay.


- Hey, Kev.

Well, I had the worst first day with this new director.

I feel like he put me in a bag and just beat me with a baseball bat.

Why would he put you in a bag?

Why wouldn't he beat you up outside of the bag?

No, because when you're in the bag, you don't know where he's hitting you.

You know, just random spots all over the body.

So you don't know where the next blow's gonna land.


I mean, are you sure working with him is even worth it?

Um, I don't know, maybe, uh, I...

I've been thinking a lot about Mom, you know?

She's-she's stuck out there at that cabin.

She's using her phone to stay connected to the family, and I just thought... how nice it would be to do something really great.

Like take her to the Oscars.

Or, like, to win an Oscar, and then I could stand up

in front of everyone and just thank her for everything she did for me.

I'd like to do that while she can still remember, you know?

First I got to give a performance that's not so tired.




Kate, come on, I'm too tired for subtext. Just tell me.

Your big fight with Randall...

I mean, didn't he say that your acting was tired?

This has nothing to do with Randall, Kate, all right?

This has...

nothing to do with him.

You know, I had a... conversation with him on, um, our birthday.

And he said some things

that I just can't stop thinking about.

You know, ab-about what it was like... as a black kid growing up in our family

with white parents,

you know, and-and white siblings and... how it must have felt for him, and how unseen...

- he felt.
- Unseen?

Kate, Mom and Dad were obsessed with Randall.

All right? All we tried to do is get five minutes a day with them when they weren't paying attention to Randall.

Kev... we don't even talk to him about this stuff, though.

You know? And we don't talk to him about what it was like or-or what it's still like

for him.


Look, I'm not an idiot, okay?


I understand it probably wasn't a walk in the park to be the only black kid in that fancy private school he went to.

But let's not sit here and pretend that Mom and Dad did anything wrong, okay?

I'm just saying, we all have stuff from our past that we're still dealing with, okay?

And that's Randall, you and me.

What does that mean?


Honestly, I'm just tired.

It's been a really long day.


Yeah. I'm fine.


BETH: Hey, baby.


Yeah. I'm not...

I'm not ready to laugh about it yet.

- BETH: Oh, no, not yet?

Okay, will you let me know when you are?

Because, um, I have so much laughter on the inside of me, I just... would like to get that out.

RANDALL (WHISPERS): Appreciate it.

Malik told me about the internship.

You're ruining my life.

You know that, right?

I do.

Thank you.

You gonna give that boy an internship after what he did today?

Look, after what happened today, that kid will not allow himself to screw up again.

Trust me. I was that kid.


All right. As long as his parents don't have to come over for dinner.


Excuse me.

What up, Jae-won?

JAE-WON: Someone posted it. (SIGHS)

Today's, uh, bulletin.

And it's kind of going viral.

Well, viral how?

Your bulletins usually get , views.

This one is already over , .

It might make the news tonight.

And not just the local stations, either.

Well, on the plus side, the camera angle's very flattering.

You know, these ultrasounds, they look like somebody made a baby out of wax and then left it out in the sun too long. (CHUCKLES)

But I think... I think I love this melted wax baby.

Whatever her name will be. (CHUCKLES)

What's up?

I thought you'd be excited

knowing that Ellie is fully on board.

I'm fine.

Actually, I'm not fine at all.

Um, my talk with Ellie today brought up some stuff for me.

Some stuff that I never wanted to tell anyone.

I mean, not my mom.

Not my brothers.

And not you.

(EXHALES) When I was ,

I was in a really, really bad relationship.


♪ ♪

And when it ended...


Come in.

Are you sure you don't want to come with us

- to New York?
- Yep.

Molly's gonna come over, and we're gonna hang out and make fun of Dawson's Creek.

Have fun.

- And tell Kevin I said congrats.
- All right.

- Love you.
- Love you.

- Bye, sweetheart.
- Bye.




Okay. Maybe you were right.

Maybe I am a little easy on Kevin.

Really? What changed?

Well, I just went upstairs to talk to him, and he was with Randall, who is helping him memorize his playbook.

Jack, they high-fived.


It's just... it's so hard for me to push them when they seem unhappy.

You know, my-my dad had a nickname for me

- when I was a kid?
- Uh-uh.

Jack of All Trades.

- Hmm.
- I mean, I-I thought that sounded so cool.

You know, I-I thought that that meant my dad thought

I was great at everything.

So, one day,

I decide to try and fix the leaky kitchen faucet, and I just couldn't do it.

I couldn't figure it out. And Stanley...

(SCOFFS) He sneers at me, and he says, "Jack of All Trades,

Master of None."

And that's when I got it.

The whole time, he'd been saying

I was great at absolutely nothing.

- Oh, Jack.
- No, it-it's fine.

I'm an ordinary man.

And for me, the way my dad treated me, to get out of that house an ordinary man, that is an accomplishment in my book.

But... (SIGHS)

Our kids, I want them to know their dad sees greatness in them.

I will kill myself to make them feel that way.

Even when...

Even when deep down, I just want to hold my kid and-and tell him to go take a nap.

- Hey.

I feel sorry for your dad.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

To have had a son like you and to have not seen what was right in front of him.


You really saw them high-five?

Oh, yeah.

You sure they weren't just, like, trying to smack each other in the face?

- Like, at the same time?
- (LAUGHS): No.


I saw her today

At the reception...

KEVIN: You really do this every time you take a test?

That must take forever.

It does. But being me at my school, I have to be the best.

At her feet was a footloose man

No, you can't always get

What you want

You can't always get

What you want


You can't always get

What you want

But if you try sometime

You find

You get what you need


You get what you need ♪ _


And I went down

To the demonstration

To get my fair share of abuse

Singing, "We're gonna ventour frustration..."

- When I'm having a hard day at work

or, uh, get frustrated

that things aren't moving fast enough,

I remind myself that I'm doing this for him.

What you want

I'm doing this for William Hill.

- ...I'm doing this for him.

What you want

I'm doing this for William Hill.

You can't always get...

I'm doing this for William Hill.

But if you try sometime

Because you all were his family.

Well, you just might find...

Which means you're my family, too.

What you need


You get what you need, uh-huh


I saw her today at the reception


In her glass

Was a bleeding man

She was practiced at the art

Of deception

Well, I could tell

By her blood-stained hands

You can't always get

What you want

- ♪ No, you can't always get

What you want

Yeah, you can't always get

What you want, no

But if you try, you try,you try sometimes

You find

You get what you need

- ♪ Uh-huh
- ♪ Oh, yeah

- ♪ You get what you need

- ♪ Uh-huh
- ♪ Oh, yeah

- ♪ You get what you need

- ♪ Oh, yeah
- ♪ Uh-huh

Get what you need


You get what you need.