02x23 - MacGyver + MacGyver

Previously on MacGyver...

Everything's a puzzle when it comes to my father.

Always has been. Is that your dad's watch?

Is that you right there?

Yeah. On my tenth birthday. This was taken the day my dad left.

Well, he hid it in there for a reason.

It's got to be a clue, right? I'm gonna find out.

You should know I used my upgraded security clearance to look through.

Matty's file on your dad. Matty didn't just lie about knowing my father. It turns out, she was investigating him for the CIA.

I hate to be the one to say it, but after Thornton, someone has to.

Can we even still trust Matty?

I'm sorry, I just realized I never got your name.

Oh, it's Billy.

Billy Colton, sir.


So how long you and, um, you and Riley been... you know... Seeing each other?


Well, we met about a year ago.

But we didn't start seeing each other until our plane almost crashed.

Plane almost crashed, huh?

Uh, emphasis on "almost."

We're fine, Dad.

And the rest is classified, right?

Yeah. Thanks.Mm-hmm.

So I know I should've called, but I just got back into town, I figured I'd swing by and say hello.

Hi. Sup?

Anyway, sorry, Riley, I, uh, didn't mean to barge in on you and your boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.

Is that so?

Well, I mean, I mean, we... we haven't talked about it yet.

I-I guess... Well, just so we're clear, I-I think of you as my girlfriend.

Can we talk about this later?

Well, since we've been spending...

Yeah. I-I know, just... Billy.

So... what, you're a bounty hunter?

Fugitive recovery agent.

That's a dangerous line of work.

A lot less dangerous than what your daughter does.

Mm.That right?

So, Dad, how long you in town?

Okay, here's a tip most horror aficionados already know: An open door is never good.


But that's only in the movies, right?

I mean, the guy who lives here could've just left it open.

Or he could be dead somewhere, after a violent struggle for his life.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what I'm doing here, let me start from the beginning.


What are you doing here?

We need to talk.


It's gonna have to wait.

I'm about to start a meeting.

With Deputy Director Michaels of the FBI's L.A. field office?

Yeah, he's not coming.

I cancelled your lunch.

Do you know what's on this?

Probably not, I'll tell you: It's the complete, unredacted dossier you compiled on my father.

If that's true, do you have any idea how many laws you're breaking by being in possession of it?

Oh, yeah.

But I'm not here to talk about what I've done.

This is about what you've done.

You investigated my father for months, Matty.

Ran surveillance on him, tapped his phones, had him followed.

You even interrogated him yourself, for a week.

But when I asked you if you knew my father, you lied to my face.

And now, you're gonna tell me why.

MacGyver, I can neither confirm nor deny any details related to any investigation that I may have been a part of during my tenure at the CIA.

That's it?

That's your answer?

It's the only answer I can give you.

Well, then, this is gonna be a lot easier than I thought.

I cannot work with someone I do not trust, so I quit.

I'm sorry, Mac, but you can't quit.

Not like this.

Just did.

You can't quit to me, because I don't have final say.

Oversight does.

So if you really want to quit, you need to tell him, in person.

How do I find Oversight?

And that is how I ended up in this ransacked McMansion.

Wouldn't take another step if I were you.

That weak floorboard is actually a pressure plate attached to an IED.

You're lying.


Take another step and we'll see.

What do you want?

Director Webber sent me here to speak with Oversight.

Oh, then, you got him.



Time to go!

Is it true?

Did he quit?

Excuse me.

I'm preparing for a meeting.

Then answer the question and we'll let you get back to it.

Did Mac quit?

He tried.

But I don't have the authority to accept his resignation.

You're the director of the Phoenix Foundation.

If you don't have the authority, who does?


And that's exactly who I sent Mac to see.

Then, where the hell is Oversight?

He's still behind us. Appreciate you pointing out the obvious.

So you're Oversight, huh?

My father, who I've been searching for for years, has been my boss the whole time, and you didn't think about maybe stopping by and saying hi?

You might want to accelerate.Yeah.

Thanks for the advice, Dad.

So how long have you been in charge of Phoenix?

Since before it was called "Phoenix."

Before it was DXS.

Hold on.

Watch out.

So who the hell is that guy?

Someone who wants to kill me.

Yeah, no kidding, and what is that?

Some sort of encryption key?

Eyes on the road, Angus.

We're not going anywhere until you answer my questions.

You really want to do this now?

Yeah, maybe it means more to me than getting shot.

Look, son, I understand how you feel, but now's not the time for a Q and A.

Fine. If you won't give me some answers, maybe this guy can.

Angus, what are you doing?






Yeah, I wouldn't move if I were you.

You hear that raspy, sucking sound every time you inhale?

That's because both your lungs are punctured, probably by cracked ribs, due to poor driving decisions.

You move even an inch, and your lungs will collapse.

Deprived of oxygen, you'll lose consciousness in three minutes, and four minutes after that, you'll be dead.

So stay just like that, and we'll call for help.

How could you know he punctured both lungs?

I don't know he punctured any lungs, but he doesn't know that.

I need a pickup.

I'm at a construction site near 6th and Kirkwood.

Subject is injured, and immobilized.

Thank you, Director Webber.

Matty knew where you were the whole time, and neither of you bothered to tell me?

Look, son, I realize we have a lot to discuss, but I'm in the middle of something that is extremely time sensitive, and frankly, I could use your help.

If you came along, we'd have time to talk.

What do you say?

You up for a little road trip with the old man?

What is it? Nothing.

You're lying. It's... I'm just surprised that you left home with a half-empty tank of gas.

What happened to the Boy Scout motto?

"Be prepared."

I came prepared, prepared to quit the Phoenix, not go on a mission.

And I quit the Boy Scouts a few months after you left, by the way.

Yeah, I know. Your grandfather told me.

He helped me keep tabs on you.

I was never really gone, son.

I mean, you think you ended up working for me by accident?

I was always in the background, nudging you in the right direction.

The background.

I think you mean hiding, for reasons you still haven't explained.

Jack Uh, hello. What are you doing here?


I'm guessing Agent Dalton heard you quit, and when you didn't return his calls and texts, he asked Ms. Davis to track your phone.

That, uh, that's exactly what happened.

Who's this?

Jack, meet Oversight.


Well, it's nice to finally meet you.

Also, my dad.Wait. Seriously?

It's good that you're here, Dalton.

We could use you. But we got to get on the road, right now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the road to where, exactly?

Yeah, Dad.

What's this about?

Jonah Walsh.

No time for a full brief, but here are the necessary details:

Highly trained former U.S. operative, number six on Interpol's most wanted list, and I have his current location, because of this.

Thanks to a ratty takeout menu from a Chinese restaurant?

No, it's not just a takeout menu, this is a cipher.

This is why he was trying to kill us?

To keep you from getting this.


Walsh and his terrorist partners have been living in the shadows for years, using encoded communications our cryptologists haven't been able to crack.

Because he was using this takeout menu as a key for a one-time pad.

"One-time pad."

What's a, what's a one.

It's a century-old technique that's still the gold standard for unbreakable encryption.

What did it tell you?

Where Walsh is hiding.

And where's that?


I don't get it.

I mean, I get it.

I just don't get it.

If Mac's dad is Oversight, he's literally been watching over us this whole time.

How does that even work?

Does he park in some secret garage?

Take a private elevator?

I mean, yeah, those might not be the most important questions right now.

Matty hasn't just been keeping the truth from Mac.

She's been lying to all of us.

So once everything clears, we'll be in touch.

What is Leanna doing here?


We need to talk.


Hey. Hi.

I didn't know you were coming here.

Neither did I until about two hours ago.

So, what did Matty want to see you about?

I might have a job at the Phoenix. Seriously?

Yeah, she called me this morning and said she might have an opening.

Wait, whose job are you taking?

I can't really talk about it, but just cross your fingers for me.

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

I got to go. See you. All right.




Drop it!

I said drop it!

Turn around!

Ooh, I've seen this little trick before.

I like to say I taught my son everything I know.

That'd just be another lie, though, wouldn't it?

Okay, cocaine cowboy, my good friend and his very negligent father are gonna ask you some questions and I suggest you listen up.

We're looking for Jonah Walsh.

Where is he?

Hey, hey. Maybe no hablo ingles.

Dónde estáJonah Walsh?

Oh, man, let me have a crack at him. Come on.

Oh, damn.

Dónde está?

Okay, okay! I'll tell you.

Yeah, well, look who speaks perfect English.

I spoke to him two days ago.

He was heading south.

Try to be more specific?

In the mountains. "In the mountains."

A lot more specific than that, dumbass.

What is so funny?

You want to let us in on the little joke, pal?

You're gonna be the joke, pal.


When Luis Gomez finds out you're looking for his new partner. Who?

Luis Gomez, the head of La Ola cartel.

Walsh is working for a drug cartel.

What is he doing with them?

If you don't know, then you're of no use to us.

Good God.

You-you sure he's, uh, not my dad instead of yours?

What's going on?

What did Walsh do to you?

Well, for 13 years, he watched my back in the field, kept me safe.

Walsh isn't just some terrorist.

He's my former partner and at one point, my closest friend.

Then one day without warning, he went to the other side.

I've been hunting him ever since and I'm not gonna stop until I lock him in a concrete box.

I like your style.

So, so, basically, this is like you hunting for me.

If the intel from our unconscious friend is right, this is where we'll find Walsh.

Remote. Defensible.

Perfect place to hide a large-scale drug operation.

Yeah, a little too perfect.

Only one way in and one way out.

Those guys are gonna see us coming from a mile away on that road.

Who said anything about a road?

So, what do I call you exactly?

Mr. Oversight Mac Daddy.

Well, since this is an official mission and I am your boss, Dalton, how about "sir"?

Sir. Yes, sir. Okay, that'll work.

But just so you know, your son spent the last 15 years wondering why you just up and bailed on him, so you might want to clear that up.

Now, we didn't just spend the last year of our lives looking for him so you can avoid him.

Why don't you get up there and do some bonding real quick?

Over what?

The guy's just as emotionally distant and certain of his intellectual superiority as he was the day he left.

Well, set aside the fact that you just basically described yourself, why don't you give him a break?

I don't think we're catching him on his best day.

I mean, can you imagine if I went bad and you had to hunt me down?

I mean, I'd catch you in, like, a day.

A day? Yeah, you wish. At most.

Oh, really?

You really think you'd be able to catch me in just one day?

You wouldn't even see me coming.

Yeah, okay. Well... agree to disagree on that one, but I think you should stop stalling.

Have some guts, cowboy.

Get up there and talk to him.

He's not gonna be around forever.

Go on.

So, Walsh, he'd watch your back in the field?

Does that mean you used to do what I do?

It's a long story.

We got nothing but time.

Walsh was my Dalton when I was first recruited.

Recruited into what?

What we do, Phoenix.


The name may change, but the mission never does.

It's been the same since the Second World War.

We were the first to put scientists and soldiers together in the field.

You two don't think your partnership was unique, do you?

Who do you think pulled the strings to pair you two together in Afghanistan.

Okay, now, you might've arranged the meeting, but our friendship was galvanized through hardship.

We did that on our own.

Well, that's true.

So... what exactly happened between you and Walsh I wish I knew.

We spent years working together.

One day he just left and I never saw him again.

I found out months later that he went into business for himself.

Decided to fight for money instead of for peace.

He was one of our most talented operators.

Now he's one of our most dangerous enemies.

Dad, what did I tell you about showing up to my job unannounced?

Same thing you said when I showed up at your apartment, Mm-hmm. Which is why I'm here to apologize.

And I-I just hope I didn't make things weird between you and, uh, it's, uh, Billy, right?

Seems like a pretty cool guy.

Are you trying to give me your blessing?

Actually... Because I really don't need it.

But... it is always nice to have.

Then you have it.

Good. Because we've already started talking about the future.

Billy and I.


I'm sure you told your mom?

Actually, you're the first.

This Billy... he's the luckiest guy in the entire world.

I just hope he knows that.

I know you're busy.

I won't keep you. Okay.

Dad, don't be ridiculous. Come here.

You all right?


Yeah. My, uh, my butt's just getting a little numb.

Well, you want to take a break?

No, I don't need to take a break. Okay?

I'll just shift my bodyweight a little bit and get the blood flowing again.

We can take a break if you want to.

Hey, people born in Texas do not need to take saddle breaks, okay? Sir Oversight.

Hey, you know, while we're at it, maybe you could help me out with a little something.

All this stuff that's going on with Matty, the file on you, days in interrogation, why was she investigating you?

Because I asked her to.

I wanted to see what all the hype was about her.

The interrogation was a job interview of sorts.

Right after that, she became my handler.

Right after that, you left home and you never came back.

Was that your handler's idea as well?

No. That decision was all mine.

When I was first recruited, I thought I could keep family and work separate.

And for a while I did.

But the more I worked, the more enemies I racked up.

And I knew one day they'd come after me like Murdoc came after you.

I'd already lost your mother.

I wasn't about to risk losing you.

Okay, so that's why you left.

I'll still never understand why you left without saying good-bye.

Come on.

Man, your father really doesn't like talking about his feelings, does he?

No, look. He's got to be a spotter for the cartel.

Dalton, sweep the perimeter. Take out any more lookouts.

Yes, sir. Angus and I are gonna continue to the compound.

Angus, I understand you still have a million questions, and they deserve answers, but we just need to just get over this hill, take out a few guards, capture Walsh, and then we can sit down and have a long overdue father-son chat.

Sound good?

Sounds good.

A few guards?

That's uh... a few more than I was expecting.

I have another question.

If you left all those years ago to keep me safe, why did you steer me into a profession where I nearly get killed all the time?


So I count over a dozen cartel soldiers just in the courtyard.

Two three-man teams patrolling the fence line.

Seems like there's cameras at every ground level entrance, and I'm sure if we took the time to build our own thermal camera, we'd find a few more dozen cartel soldiers on the inside.

Having second thoughts?

I'm just trying to figure out how to get in unnoticed and avoid, you know, dying.

I got it.

What's the only unguarded area?

You're not quizzing me right now, are you?

Well... Dad, it's not like I'm trying to learn long division.

If you know the answer, save us the time and tell me.

It's always a lesson with you. Unbelievable.

The only unguarded area is the roof. Happy?

Yes. Now how do we get up there?

I'm not quizzing you. I'm-I'm actually...

I haven't figured it out myself.

How about a scissor lift?

We could make it out of, um... No.

Anything that we could rig together to hold our combined weight wouldn't be stable enough to rise 20 feet.Yeah.

So we're looking for something to pull us up?

Yeah, quickly and quietly.

An ascender rig.

Yeah. You know what?

We could source all the parts from those vehicles right there. Guard patrols, they pass by every four minutes, so if we time the start of our ascent right, we should be able to get to the roof easily without getting spotted.

The only other variable are the lookouts.

Unless they're neutralized, they'll notice us the moment we start rising.

No, don't worry about that.

Dalton's gonna cover. They'll never see him coming.

Buenos días.

Okay, that's four down and how many to go?

Should've asked you that before I put you to sleep.

I'm gonna borrow your machine gun.

I should probably ask the next one.

You ready? Yup.

Jill. Hey.

I really need to talk to someone, and I can't trust sparky with a secret. Actually, Bozer, I'm kind of...

I take great offense to that statement, Mr...

...in the middle of something time sensitive, so if you wouldn't mind...

Thanks. So I'm pretty sure Mac quit today, but before I could wrap my head around that bombshell, I find out that Matty may have offered Mac's job to Leanna, and I tried to ask Matty about it, but she just blew me off.

Probably 'cause she's still mad about you, Jack and Elwood breaking into her safe.

Wait, what? And I've literally had dreams about Leanna coming to work here, but not like this.

Can we go back to the part where Matty knows that I broke into her house?

Look, if you were gonna be indicted, Matty would've had you in handcuffs by now.

So anyway, now I'm freaking out.

All right? Because if Leanna does come here to fill Mac's shoes, I'll, like, grow to resent her or something, and things will get weird between us, and I really don't want things to get weird between us because, so far, things have been going so...


Are you still mad about the whole "Matty knows" thing?

Kind of.

Okay, but as far as the whole Leanna thing goes, have you tried... I don't know... Talking to her?

She's not supposed to talk about it.

I'm sure it's classified.

Okay, but, Bozer, your feelings aren't classified.

If you're having concerns, you should talk to her about it.

Yeah. You're right.

Thanks, Jill.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. How bad is this whole Matty thing?

Should I be dying my hair in an airport bathroom and fleeing the country?


That is a lot of coca leaves.

Walsh and the cartel must be planning on turning this place into an industrial scale cocaine production facility.


Although, I've never heard of using anabolic steroids to make cocaine.

And I've got some serious questions about this gurney here.

Walsh and the cartel are synthesizing drugs.

Just not the one you think.

What the hell is going on here?

Is that Riley's decryption key?

Yes, it is.

She's very talented, by the way.

I wish she'd set up Phoenix's cyber security.

Maybe we wouldn't be in this mess.

What is all this?

What are you talking about?

I've been hunting Walsh since the day he betrayed me, but my best lead in over a decade came last year when he hacked into Phoenix and stole gigabytes of my research.

Wait, he didn't hack into Phoenix last year.

Sure he did. You just didn't know about it.

When Murdoc took over Phoenix, Walsh seized on the distraction and had his people force their way into our network.

By the time we realized two people were in our system, it was too late.

Okay, so what did he steal?

Well, that's what I've been trying to find out the past year. Now I know.

He's making KX7.

KX... KX7, what is that?

It's a drug cocktail.

Designed to do for soldiers what performance enhancing drugs did for Russia's Olympic athletes, and then some.

KX7 increased strength and fast-twitch muscle response while dulling pain receptors in the brain.

It was supposed to save lives, to keep soldiers awake, alert, able to fight, even after grievous injury.

Why have I never heard of this?

'Cause this is what happens to people who use it.

And you made this drug?

I did.

But I never tested it on anyone because all my research indicated the subject would suffer a massive heart attack within minutes of injection.

The moment I realized how dangerous it was...

I abandoned the work.

Well, looks like Jonah picked up right where you left off.

Indeed I did.

And the good news is, I'm getting very close.

James MacGyver.

It's been too long.

And is this Mini Mac?

All grown up and following in your daddy's footsteps.

You know, you probably don't remember me...

You were just a kid when we met...

But something tells me you're gonna remember me now.

Like father, like son. How cute. You know, I think you might be slipping in your old age, my friend.

I've been waiting on you for hours.

Waiting? Oh, come on, Big Mac.

The house, the safe, the menu, the code, my contact in Mexico City?

What? You thought you followed a bunch of clues to get here I left them for you.

And it was a pain in the ass, to be honest, but I knew if I made it too easy, that big brain of yours would've picked up on it and spoiled my plan.

He wants you to finish the drug.

He's got your smarts, Jimmy.

You should be proud.

See, KX7's still got some kinks to iron out before I can sell it, but with you back in the lab...

100% mortality is more than a kink, Jonah.

Go ahead, shoot me right now. I'm not finishing the drug.

Ordinarily, I'd believe you, but in this case, I'm calling your bluff.

You're gonna make my drug work or...

I'm gonna kill your boy right in front of you.

Look at the two of us.

Working together again after all this time, like nothing's changed.

Well, maybe not nothing.

Everything you need to finish should be in here.

Well, I need another set of hands.

And not the ones that were attached to the amateur who set up this lab.

Yeah, well, he's dead anyway, so...

Well, unless one of your cartel pals has a solid understanding of organic chemistry, there's only one person in this building who can help me.

Bring in baby boy.

Your drug's no good to me if it kills everyone who takes it.

So find a way to make it work, or you'll bury your son tonight.

Sounds like your friend Dalton's been busy.

Guess I need to go say hi myself.

Honestly, kid, I don't even know what you're doing here.

What, you think you're gonna patch things up with Dad and go play catch?

Come on.

If you were my son, I never would've abandoned you.

But when the professor here left you behind, it was like you didn't even exist.

He never even mentioned your name again.

Not once.

So... shall we get to work?

Any word from Oversight and Mac?

Nope. And I got a couple of jeeploads of cartel killers hunting me, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we've lost the element of surprise.

Which means we're gonna need a speedy exfil for the two Macs.

Problem is, I have no earthly idea where they are.

And this facility looks, uh, you know, looks pretty big.

Okay, you leave finding them to me, Jack.

Just be ready to pull them out the second I have their exact location.

Yeah, okay. And, Jack, now that you know who Oversight is, I can tell you that that man has saved my life more times than I can even count.

The world needs him every bit as much as they need his son.

I'm counting on you to save them both.

That's money well spent.

I'm not helping you make this stuff, even if it is the only way to save my life.

Son, I have no intention of making this stuff in order to save your life.

Gee, thanks, Dad.

Don't be so sensitive.

I worked with Walsh for 13 years, and trust me, he's gonna kill you whether we complete this drug or not.

Now, do you remember the first thing I ever taught you to build from that old electronics kit?

A wireless telegraph.

You think you can build one from this magnetic stirrer?

Matty, I just picked up something on the cartel's comm system.

Intermittent bursts of static of two distinct lengths.

Morse code.

Well, that definitely sounds like a MacGyver talking.

What's the message?

Any chance you could use the bursts to triangulate their exact position?

Already on it.

I should have coordinates for you in 30 seconds.

The last guy... never had a problem with that thing.

And he never used those chemicals.

That's because he's an imbecile.

If you don't trust me, take a look for yourself.

Okay, that's two down, but we're still trapped in here.

And even if we do manage to escape this room, the place is still crawling with cartel soldiers.

And I just destroyed our only means of communication, so what's next?

Haven't really figured that one out, yet.

Man, that is really annoying.

I got to stop doing that to people.

Hey, Dad, remember what I accidentally did to your toolshed when I was seven?

I'm still not sure that was an accident, but that is a good idea, son.

Okay, Matty, I got the coordinates you sent.

I'm working on getting some wheels right now.

Hey, hey, what is this signal Mac's talking about?

Oh, wait a minute...

I got it.

Okay, if this is the way things are going, I don't think we're gonna have time for that father-son chat, so I just have one question.


I already told you why I left.

No, no, if you wanted to protect me from the dangers of this life, then why did you bring me into it?

Because even though I knew it wasn't safe for you to be near me, I-I couldn't let you go.

At least this way I could be with you, watching over you.

Dad, you weren't with me, you left me.

You leftme. And you know what, if you wanted to, you could have taken me with you anyway.

You could have protected me from anyone.

It was me, it was me I was protecting you from!

Your mother's death changed me.

It made me so angry all the time.

I did... I didn't know how to relate to you anymore.

You were such a brilliant kid.

You reminded me so much of her, and every time I looked at you, I saw her.

And then I'd get angry all over again.

Oh, I get it, so this is my fault then... No! No, no, no.

You know, 'cause I lost her, too... she was my mom.

I was a little kid, and I needed my father, and you weren't there!

I'm not saying I did it right.

I'm just trying to tell you why I left.

Why I couldn't stay.

If you wanted to stay away, then why-why the cryptic clues?

Why all the mind games?

The watch, the gear.

The dossier under my Christmas tree.

I'm sorry, son, I don't know what you're talking about.

If that wasn't you...

Let's go! Now!

Nobody's going anywhere.

The smoke, right?

I mean, that was the signal?

Okay, let's go. Let's go.

Hey, Matty.

Glad you made it back, Mac.

Unfortunately, Walsh escaped before our Tac Team arrived, but we hear that the head of the cartel is pretty pissed at him, so... we think he's on the run.

Thank you, Matty.

For what?

The watch, the dossier... all the bread crumbs.

I know it was you.

You couldn't tell me the truth about my father without violating your oath and any number of laws, so you gave me the tools to find him myself.

You took an enormous personal risk... because you care about me.

And him.

Mac, I can neither confirm nor deny anything pertaining to...

You cost me a major production facility, and you still haven't delivered the drug you promised.

No, these are the men who cost you your facility.

Find them.

Why does the time go by so fast when I'm with you?

Because I'm awesome.


So, that thing you asked... about coming to work for your family?

Yeah, look, I get it.

I know you're not gonna leave a great government job.

I do hate the idea of leaving my job.

But I love the idea of being near you.

So, let's keep talking about it, okay?

Lady, you just made my day.

All right.

Uh, look, I'm sorry I was being weird earlier.

Okay, the thought of you coming to work here makes me insanely happy.

Okay, I was just trippin' because I thought you might be coming to take Mac's place, but I just saw him upstairs hugging it out with Matty, so I guess the position is no longer open.

Want to talk about it?

Actually, uh...

Director Webber just offered me a job.

And I accepted.

So, I think we're all gonna be working together.

Are you serious? Yes.

Oh, my God, this is amazing! Oh! Hey...

No, I got to dance. I got to do something.

Well, we finally found your long-lost father.

You got any other relatives you want to go looking for real quick?

Honestly, I feel a little stupid spending all this time looking for my absentee father when the only family I really need has been right in front of my face all along.

Ah, well, feeling's mutual, brother.

But, you know, that's the great thing about family is it's never too late to add one more.

And hey, hey, this, uh, well, this whole dust-up between your old man and Walsh...

Something like that could never happen to us, could it?

Come on.

Besides, if you went to the dark side, I'd just figure a way to bring you back.

Then I would find a way to make you join me, and together we would rule the galaxy.

No, no, I-I'm more of the kind of guy to be frozen in carbonite.

I don't know, I just always thought that you were the Wookiee in all this.

See what I'm saying?


So, hey, listen, I'm sure you two have several decades of catching up to do, so...

I'm gonna bounce.


You wanted to see me?

Yesterday, you came to me asking to quit Phoenix.

And while I think the past 36 hours have changed a lot for both of us...

I need to ask if your request still stands.

So, do you want to work with me or not?

I'm really glad I found you, and that we were able to talk about... things that haven't made sense to me over the years.

And as for me working here, I'll tell you the same thing I told Matty.

I can't work with someone I don't trust.

I'm sorry, Dad, but I can't work for you.

You're quitting?

Effective immediately.