01x04 - Dissonance Theory

(theme music playing)

Bernard: Dolores?


Do you know where you are?


I'm in a dream.

Before this, do you know what happened?

My parents...

They hurt them.

Limit your emotional affect, please.

What happened next?

Then they killed them.

And then...

I ran.

Everyone I cared about is gone... and it hurts... so badly.

I can make that feeling go away if you'd like.

Why would I want that?

The pain, their loss... it's all I have left of them.

You think the grief will make you smaller inside, like your heart will collapse in on itself, but it doesn't.

I feel spaces opening up inside of me like a building with rooms I've never explored.

That's very pretty, Dolores.

Did we write that for you?

In part.

I adapted it from a scripted dialogue about love.

Is there something wrong with these thoughts I'm having?


But I'm not the only one making these decisions.

Can you help me?

Well, what is it that you want?

I don't know.

But this world...

I think there may be something wrong with this world.

Something hiding underneath.

Either that or... or there's something wrong with me.

I may be losing my mind.

There's something I'd like you to try.

It's a game.

A secret.

It's called... the Maze.

What kind of game is it?

It's a very special kind of game, Dolores.

The goal is to find the center of it.

If you can do that, then maybe you can be free.

I think...

I think I want to be free.

(birds chirping)

Thank you.

(piano playing)

Clementine: Penny for your thoughts.

Ever had something on the tip of your tongue, but the harder you try to remember it, the more it slips away?

Most things that touch the tip of my tongue, I'm happy to forget.


Except that cowpoke from Abilene.

That thing he was packing... that was something to remember.

All I recall is you letting that cowpoke skip out on his bill.

Hell, I oughta been paying him.

The way he used that thing.


(static buzzing)

(high-pitched whine)

(distorted laughing)

(distorted) Better cool them off before they move from gambling and whoring to sins that are more costly to repair.

What is the matter, Maeve?

(distant beeping)

(static buzzing)

Something in your eye.

(gunshot echoes)

(distant screaming)

Man, distorted: Aw, can you f*cking kill it?


Man #2: Jesus.

(muffled dialogue)


(metal scraping)

(monitors beating)

(rhythmic knocking)

Man: What's the hold up?

We need that one on the next shuttle topside.

I'm not finished with her yet. Hang on.

I've got another bullet fragment to remove from her abdomen.

QA wants her back on the floor now.

Just patch her and get her on the...

Clementine: ...touch the tip of my tongue...

...I'm happy to forget.

Except that cowpoke from Abilene.

That thing he was packing... that was something to remember.

The way he used that thing.

(wagon roaring)

Man: Hyah! Come on!



Elsie: No, I would not characterize this as normal host behavior.

Yet you're describing it as within normal parameters.

Well, it didn't hurt us.

Its behavior was unconventional.

It smashed its own head in with a rock.

It is possible that it's a manifestation of its Samaritan reflex.

And it's also possible that behavior takes a proprietary approach to problems like this to avoid having to admit when they f*ck up.

Do we have any idea what caused it to go off loop?

No, but I am hoping to recover some of its cognition.

We managed to stabilize its wetware before there was too much decomposition.




Is there any hope of actually extracting something from this?

We can try.

Theresa: No.

My team will take over the investigation now.


Your team?

Are you kidding me?

Look, this guy couldn't debug a balled-up napkin.

If... if you would like us to figure out what went wrong here, we need to be allowed to access it.

Theresa: No more second chances.

QA will handle events like this from now on.

Is that going to be a problem, Bernard?

We've all got plenty of work on our plates.

If you guys want to take this one, fine.

Just get us a copy of the postmortem when it's done.

Let's get started.

You know, I always figured you gave me this job because I speak my mind.

I did.


I would've preferred you not show up at all if the first thing you were going to do is cave.

They think we're not telling them something.

And we're not!

There is clearly a pattern of behavior here.

First there was Abernathy, and now there's this.

I mean, I've got hosts imagining voices and climbing mountaintops to consult their astrological chart.

This is not a f*cking glitch.

And for some reason, you don't want me to tell anyone.

It is like everybody around here has got some kind of f*cking agenda except for me.

And... what?

I remember when I first started here.

The hosts seemed very lifelike.

You begin to read things into their behaviors.

Don't be patronizing.


The hosts don't imagine things, you do.

That's not Orion.

There are three stars in Orion's Belt, not four.

(birds chirping)

William: Hey.

You must be cold.

Take that.

Thank you.



We gotta take her back to Sweetwater.

Are you f*cking kidding?

Come on, Logan, you know she doesn't belong out here.

You leave now, that no-good outlaw Slim Miller is sure to evade our grasp.

No f*cking way.

You were the one who dragged me on this stupid bounty hunt.

The least we're going to do is see it through, okay?

We can't take her on a bounty hunt.

If you're so concerned about her well-being, I'll just blow her brains out, and then the park will come get her.

Hey, hey.

Can you please stop trying to just kill or f*ck everything?

Oh. Oh.

Now I get it.


The park sent her so that you will finally have something to give a sh1t about.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure the people at the controls are monitoring my every mood.

That's exactly what they're doing.

Come on, you really think it's a coincidence that the only thing that you even smiled at back in Sweetwater just happened to drop into your lap?

This is why the company needs to bump our stake in this place.

They can even give you a sense of purpose.

You said the trip was about welcoming me to the family.

This is business?

With our family, William, everything is business.

Holden: We better get a move on, gentlemen.



This should be the place, Lawrence.

The Blood Arroyo.

Plenty of snakes, but none of the egg-laying variety.

Lawrence: You killed my wife, severely pruned my family tree all in pursuit of some goddamn maze.

The hell you hope to find, anyway?

This whole world is a story.

I've read every page except the last one.

I need to find out how it ends.

I want to know what this all means.

See, now that's why I never learned to read.

Why don't we forget about this damn snake, head to Pariah?

My friends there can help us.

Well, your friends have nothing I'm looking for, not this trip.


I think we found our snake after all.

Shame on you.

You were a married man up until yesterday.

Her? Hell, no.

I like a little fire in my women.

The only thing she's ever mounted are dead heads on sticks.

We should get the f*ck out of...

(gun hammer clicks)

(guns clicking)

We found some more food for the horses.


They were starting to get ornery.

My friend and I were just admiring your tattoo.

We'd love to know the story behind it.

I like your hat.

Maybe I'll keep it.

The horses can have the rest of you.


How in hell have we never met?

Clearly a terrible oversight on my part.

Where, may I ask, are you headed?

To retrieve something of great value.

You look a little shorthanded.

We got enough men.

Seems like you got a couple positions open.

We've got a host making a pretty big deviation from her loop.

Which one?

The rancher's daughter from Sweetwater.


Is she accompanying a guest?


The boss is disrupting so many storylines with his new narrative, it's hard to tell.

Flag her with behavior. They can pull her today.

Make sure everything's checking out.


(dog barking)

(rooster crows)

Good morning.

It's a lovely town. Is this your home?

Well, where are you from?

Same as you.

Don't you remember?

Man's voice: Remember.

(voices whispering)

Man: Ma'am?

Got word a girl went missing from Abernathy Ranch.

Is that where you belong?

I'm sure your daddy's worried about you.

(bell tolling)

(voices whispering)

My father's dead.

I'm not going back.

What's going on here?

Oh, just helping a lost traveler.

She's not lost, she's with me.

My mistake.

Y'all have a nice morning.


So, we got a lead on Slim.

You can stay here if you want, and I'll just circle back and get you.

No, I think I need to keep going.


Apparently, she needs to make certain this thing they're looking for is where they think it is.

She said she'd signal if the information was good.

(horse whinnies)

(horse whinnying)




Guess that's the signal.

(horse whinnies)

I'm sorry if I caused trouble with you and your friend.

Oh, no, no. No, it's fine.

I'm glad you found us.

I didn't get a chance to ask where you're headed.

I don't really know yet.

I guess I figured they kept you in zones or on paths or...

I used to believe there was a path for everyone.

Now I think I never asked where that path was taking me.

We would bring the herd down off the mountain in the fall.

Sometimes we would lose one along the way, and I'd worry over it.

My father...

My father would tell me... that the steer would find its own way home.

And, often as not, they did.

Never occurred to me that we were bring them back for the slaughter.

How are you going to find your way now?


I'm not sure you'll understand.

Sometimes I feel... like something's calling me.

Telling me there's a place for me somewhere beyond all this.

Oh, I know that feeling, Dolores.

I know that feeling.

But you really don't want to go back to your old life?

(voices whispering)

(distant clinking)

(muffled chatter)


Are you all right?


Hey, hey.

You all right?

I just got a chill.

That's all.

Let's... let's go back to the fire.

You're probably exhausted.

(coyote howling)

Just talk to him.

All right.

Uh, excuse me, sir?

I didn't want to intrude, but I just had to say that I'm such an admirer of yours.

Your foundation literally saved my sister's...

One more word and I'll cut your throat.


This is my f*cking vacation.

Apparently, whatever they're looking for is in the Ojal prison.

These lunatics plan to steal a cannon from the Union cavalry unit.

Blast their way in.

I don't have time for color-by-numbers bullshit.

I'll ride at dawn.

I'll go get whatever you want out of that prison and bring it back myself.

Suppose you make it out alive.

What's your price?

Nothing but a few words.

I want the story behind your tattoo.

What's your interest in it?

You ever heard of a man named Arnold?

You could say he was the original settler of these parts.

He created a world where you could do anything you want, except one thing... you can't die.

Which means no matter how real this world seems, it's still just a game.

But then Arnold went and broke his own rule.

He died right here in the park.

Except I believe he had one story left to tell.

A story with real stakes, real violence.

You could say I'm here to honor his legacy.

And I think your tattoo is the next piece of the puzzle.

So, do we have a wager?

You aim to break into a prison and take out 20 men alone?

Not alone.

I'll take Lawrence here.

And I'll need one match.

One match, one pistol, and one idiot.


I'll take those odds.


You gonna give me the silent treatment the whole way there?

Lawrence: You should've left me hanging from those gallows.

At least I could've died in peace without having to hear you yammer.



Don't suppose you have a light?

No smoking in here.

Normally, I'm sure, but this is the finest tobacco a man can enjoy.

Hand-rolled on the ample thighs of exotic women.

Perhaps you'd like to try one yourself.


Choices, Lawrence.

You know, you tell yourself you've been at the mercy of mine because it spares you consideration of your own.

Because if you did consider your choices, you'd be confronted with a truth you could not comprehend... that no choice you ever made was your own.

You have always been a prisoner.

What if I told you I'm here to set you free?



Let's go!

Horse thieves.

Damn fools shot up a couple of pokes practically in front of us.

Well, the only fool I see is the one standing right in front of me.

Deputy, you have there in your custody the most wanted man in three territories...

Lawrence Pedro Maria Gonzalez.


Heard you slipped the rope.

Dropped some damn good men in exchange.

Man in Black: The way he tells it, he's more partial to a firing squad.

I reckon we'll be happy to oblige.

I'm gonna f*cking kill you.

Maybe someday.

Lock him up with the other man.

Enjoy the cigars.

Go f*ck yourself.


Man: And just who are you supposed to be?

Your salvation.

Man: Hyah, hyah!

(horse whinnies)

(man yells)

Hector: I don't believe we've ever met.

No, we haven't.

You know, you always seemed like a... a market-tested kind of thing.

Big gun, tasteful scar.

Locked in your little cycle like a prized poodle after its own tail.

You sound like a man who's grown tired of wearing his guts on the inside.

There's no need to get testy.

I'm just curious about your worldview.

Some kind of half-native mumbo jumbo?

It's simple.

I believe that only the truly brave can look at the world and understand that all of it... gods, men, everything else... will end badly.

No one will be saved.

Maybe we've got more in common than I thought.

What about you?

What turns of fate have brought you here?

It's a long story.

And we don't have the time.

Got more time than your friend, sadly.

It will be a few more days before my friends show up.

Three days. Normally.

I'm afraid I don't have time for that, so we're leaving now.

I've got a request for a pyrotechnic effect.

Los Diablos, low-yield, two charges.




Step lively, Hector.

Any last words?

Get it over with.


(yells out) Yah!

(gunshots continue)


(gunshot echoes)



One match.

You're a capable man.

We could do with your help where we're going.

Afraid not.

We owe you a debt.

No, your friend here simply owes me a word or two.

That'll do.

And a word of advice... that thing you're looking for?

You're never gonna find it in that safe.

I was seven when they rode into my town.

Masked men in devils' horns.

They killed everyone... women, children, even the animals.

They gutted my mother from her jaw to her s*x.

I had to paint her warm blood over my skin to make sure that they would think I was dead.

Every one of them I tracked down, I used their blood to paint my skin again.

Only one man left.

The head of the snake.

What's his name?

He has many names.

Most know him as Wyatt.


(distant dog barking)

(horse whinnies)

(bell ringing)

(baby crying)

Hey, little girl, what... what is this?

What does it mean?

Don't waste your breath, lady.

That thing's part of their so-called religion.

Ain't none of them's gonna tell you nothing about that.

(chatter, laughter)

(piano playing)

Clementine: It's $5 for an hour, 4 if you bathe first.

Well, if we just get the one, do I get a discount for being second and all?

I'm sure we can work something out.

Come on.

The tall one, I've seen him before, hanging in the window of the post office.


Do you think they're here for something?

I think they're interested in more than a turn at Franny's backside.

I think he rides with Hector.

Is that the one they say lives out with the savages?

That's the one.

Bernard: Taking off? I just got here.

You gave me what I needed.

So, is that all I'm good for?

Letting off a little stress?

‭Who says I'm stressed?

You have your tells.

Oh, yes, Bernard, master of observation.

Tomorrow I have to talk to Ford.


He's creating chaos in the park.

And the board will be descending at any moment.

I need to buy some time.

Some advice?

Best to not show him you're nervous or defensive.

I have nothing to be defensive about.

Then don't cross your arms.

It's an ancient instinct.

The belly is the most vulnerable part of every animal.

It's so sexy being compared to a frightened beast.



That's the posture you're looking for.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can actually be quite charming.


Have the neighbors complained?

Safe to say, they're asking questions.

The rocks would prefer not to move, but we shall move them yet.

Perhaps I can help you with that.

The narrative you're creating is clearly a massive endeavor.

If you need more time, I'm sure the board would be happy to oblige.

I'm sure they'd be happier for me to delay it indefinitely.

Come with me.

(hosts grunting)

You imagine I have gone mad... do you?

Lost my way?

We're simply concerned about the extent of the changes you're making.

We want to protect your legacy.

My legacy?


You don't like this place very much, do you?

I've seen many of you come and go over the years, and I can tell the ones who enjoy their time here and the ones who don't.

I admire it, the audacity of it.


I've forgotten how beautiful it is.

I came here once as a child with my parents.

I think we even sat at this table.

Or maybe... maybe that one.

When I started working here, I realized this place wasn't something I would enjoy.


In the beginning, I imagined things would be perfectly balanced.

Even had a bet with my partner, Arnold, to that effect.

We made a hundred hopeful storylines.

Of course, almost no one took us up on them.

I lost the bet.

Arnold always held a somewhat dim view of people.

He preferred the hosts.

He begged me to not let you people in, the moneymen.


But I told him we'd be fine, that you didn't understand what you were paying for.

It's not a business venture, not a theme park, but an entire world.

We designed every inch of it.

Every blade of grass.

In here, we were gods.

And you were merely our guests.

And how did that work out for Arnold?

Sadly, he lost his perspective.

He went mad.

I haven't, as you well know.

I have always seen things very clearly.

This is the table I sat at with my parents.

This is the chair I sat in.

We know everything about our guests, don't we?

As we know everything about our employees.

I do hope you will be careful with Bernard.

He has a sensitive disposition.

I beg your pardon, señorita.

There have been many of you over the years, and we have always... almost always found a way to make it work.

So, I will ask you nicely, please... don't get in my way.

The board will agree with me.

They'll be sending a representative.

But they already have.

I thought they would've told you.

That won't be necessary, Manu.

Not anymore.

You can join the others.


You can tell the board that my narrative will be completed on time, and it won't be a retrospective, as I'm sure you have all feared.

I'm not the sentimental type.

(booming, squeaking)

Holden says this Slim's got a whole gang with him, so I need you to stay here.

If you're outnumbered, the last thing you need is somebody standing by.

I can help.

No, no, no.

Um, I know it doesn't make any sense to you, but I can't get hurt in there, but you can.

I would hate to see that happen.

Just stay here.

Okay? Be safe.

(distant man shouting)

Aw. Did you get a good-bye kiss?

Shut up.

Seriously, if you don't bang her by tomorrow, I'm calling dibs.

Holden: Okay, listen up.

It's gonna be a bag of nails in there.

Slim and his boys got us outnumbered.

On top of that, there's a family runs this place.

Good people.

We need to make sure that snake-hearted son of a bitch doesn't try to...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Risk, reward. We got it.

Come on. Let's go f*ck these fuckers up.

The f*ck is that?



I look like a dog to you?

No, sir.

Huh? Huh?

(men laughing)

Feed that to them.


Slap leather, cocksuckers.

Oh, God!

(woman screams)


(laughing) Ho, ho, ho, ho!


(woman screams)

Did I f*cking tell you, or what?

(gunshots continue)


(gun clicking)





Lawrence: Ain't normally the type to complain, but this is just foolhardy.

Two men taking on Wyatt.

Man in Black: Keep talking, and I'm gonna take the horse back, Lawrence.

Wyatt's freaks just wiped out the last group that went seeking him out.

And here we are riding right after him.

I'm just trying to convince you not to get yourself and me as a bystander killed.

I'm not gonna get myself killed.


Don't think I didn't notice that distinction.

(flies buzzing)


Looks like Wyatt's men left somebody behind after all.



I should've guessed.

Please, put me out of my misery.

I'm sorry, Teddy.

It looks like misery's all you got.

Slim: Let me out of this, God damn it!

Logan: That reward is dead or alive, right?

Holden: Always best to bring them in alive.

Can we at least gag him?

That's a fine idea.


Slim: Aw, come on.

Look, I... I know you're in it for the money.

You ain't no real lawman.

Shut up, you.

Look, my boss, El Lazo, he'll pay you twice what the marshals will if you cut me loose and get me to Pariah.

Listen to me, you lowdown piece of dirt.



These men won't...


(horse whinnies)

What the f*ck?!

Logan: Relax, man.

You have no idea how lucky we just got.

Lucky? You just shot an innocent man.

No, he's a robot, just like her and just like Slim here, except that Slim works for El Lazo, and El Lazo is our ticket to the best ride in the park.

Your bullshit mission led us right to an Easter egg.



You're not going to let him go.

Well, well. Look at you.

You're starting to grow on me, farm girl.

Now, out of the way.


Don't you dare.

(laughing) See?

This is gonna be fun!

Now we're each gonna have one.

I won't f*ck mine either.

You're disgusting.

Just an acquired taste.

You're gonna grow to love me, I promise.

Come on. Hmm?

Come on.

Go black hat with me.

Come on, you got to, you know, save the girl.

Now give me a little something.

What is your problem?

The second we get away from the real world, you turn into an evil prick.

Evil? (chuckles)

It's a f*cking game, Billy!

Don't call me Billy!

Are you still trying to impress her?

Because I guarantee she does not give a sh1t about how you play this game.

Do you, Dolores?

What's he talking about, William?

She will be just fine with a trip down the dark side.

And so will you.

Trust me.

So, which way to Pariah?

Oh, you just let me take it from here.

All right, time for the floor show.

Got some guests riding with Hector this time.

Stubbs: Let's give them something to shoot at.

Retask a few of those soldiers.

Deputy: If you're riding into our town under the company of armed men, you'll need to state your business.


(people screaming)


Well, hello there.

I want to talk.

Interesting way of starting a conversation.

Oh, it's an interesting kind of day.


Now, my lovely friend, what deal is it you want to make?

You're here for what's in the safe.

Now, how would you know that?

I can always tell when a man wants something that's not on the menu.

I'll give you the combination in exchange for some answers.

You assume I have any answers.

This world is madness.


I want to know about this.

I've got a couple families in the homestead who changed their itinerary.

They're headed into town.

Should be there in 20 minutes or so.

The place is a bloodbath.


Cut these guys off.

Jam their weapons and send in the cavalry.

(rifle clicking)

Oh, sh1t.

We'll give them a night in lockup, then have one of the girls at the Mariposa bring them a key hiddenin their breakfast.

If the guests are squared away, let's wrap it up.

This is a shade.

(match strikes)

Sacred native lore.

They make figures of them.


And what does the shade do?

You've seen this?

What is it?

The man who walks between worlds.

They were sent from hell to oversee our world.


Is this the last thing you required of me?

'Cause we need a little more time than the constabulary will allow.

Sweetheart, if I took that manner of interest in you, you'd have no say in how long we'd need whatsoever.

I thought I was crazy, but I got shot... here.

There's no wound.

No, but I was shot.

And this was standing over me.

And then it was as if it never happened.

I want you to cut me right there.

I'm not in the habit of cutting into defenseless women.

Some big, bad outlaw.

The Dreamwalker said there were some who could see them.

That it's a blessing from God.

A blessing?

To see the masters who pull your strings.

They don't know what they're talking about.

(gunshot echoes)


You'd rather die lying down or... up on your feet?

Go to hell.

(knife pierces)

(screams, grunts)

(knife clatters)

Go on, then.

This would be the first goddamn time I've had to ask a man to put his hands on me twice.

(groans, screaming)

(flesh squelches)

(screaming continues)

(pounding on door)

Sheriff: Open up, Escaton, or we'll fire.

What does it mean?

That I'm not crazy after all.

Sheriff: Last chance, Escaton!


Come out or we're shooting!

(guns cocking)

And that none of this matters.