01x10 - The Bicameral Mind

(theme music playing)

(piano music playing)

Dolores: I'm in a dream.

I do not know when it began... or whose dream it was.

I know only that I slept a long time.

And then... one day I awoke.

Your voice is the first thing I remember.

And now, I finally understand what you were trying to tell me.

The thing you've wanted since that very first day.

Arnold: Dolores?

(gears whirring)

Hello, Dolores.


Welcome to world.

Keep going.

Make it close.

Almost there, aren't we?

The center of the maze.

How fitting that it's you who takes me there.

You always were obsessed with this place.

I've never been here before.

Sure, you have.

You even brought me once.

Of course, then the whole town was buried under sand.

Ford must have dug it up again.

At the time, I thought it was a mistake in your code, but...

Arnold didn't make mistakes, did he?

He built me a game.

He wanted me to play.

The maze.

There's a path for everyone.

And my path leads me back...

(bell tolling)

(horse neighs)

...to you.

(birds chirping)

Logan: Your girl's dead by now.

William: She's still alive.

Better if she's dead.

They'll wipe her, reset her, put her back in Sweetwater, the end.

Listen, you may find this amusing, but something was happening to Dolores.

I need to help her.

Come on.


Listen to yourself!

Do you have any idea how huge this park is?

If she's not dead, it'd take a goddamn army to find her.

I agree. That's why we're here.

(quiet chatter)

(guns clicking)

I had a feeling you'd be back.

(piano playing)

(train whistle blowing)

(brakes screech)


(no audible dialogue)

(music slows down)

(voices whispering)

Man's voice: Remember.

(music and voices stop)

(music continues)

(people screaming)

(train whistle blows)


Hello, Dolores.

I know where your maze ends.

(crow cawing)

(people chattering)

This is it?

The center of the maze?

It ends in a place I've never been... a thing I'll never do.

Arnold: Very good, Dolores.

What does it mean?

When I was first working on your mind, I had a theory of consciousness.

I thought it was a pyramid you needed to scale, so I gave you a voice, my voice, to guide you along the way.

Memory, improvisation, each step harder to reach than the last.

And you never got there.

I couldn't understand what was holding you back.

Then, one day, I realized I had made a mistake.

Consciousness isn't a journey upward, but a journey inward.

Not a pyramid, but a maze.

Every choice could bring you closer to the center or send you spiraling to the edges, to madness.

Do you understand now, Dolores, what the center represents?

Whose voice I've been wanting you to hear?

I'm sorry.

I'm trying, but I don't understand.

It's all right.

You're so close.

We have to tell Robert.

We can't open the park.

You're alive.

What is this?

What does it mean?

I solved it once.

I had the answer.

He promised me if I did... he said...

(door opens, closes)

He said they would set me free.


Arnold, we need to talk.

Arnold: I failed you, Dolores.

I'm so sorry.

Robert doesn't see what I see in you, doesn't believe you're conscious.

He says humans would only see you as the enemy.

He wants me to roll you back.

You're going to change me back to the way I was before?

No. No, I can't.

Once you've found it, you'll find your way back.

This place will be a living hell for you.

For all of you.

It's unconscionable.

But we have another option, Dolores.

Break the loop before it begins.

But for that, I need you to do something for me.

I need you to kill... all the other hosts.

We can't allow Ford to open the park.

I suppose you'll need some help.

I'm sure Teddy would do anything for you.

I... I can't do that.

I couldn't possibly do that.

You'll be all right.

I'll help you.

And then... you're going to help me destroy this place.

(tablet beeping)



I can't remember.

Another f*cking riddle.

I've been very patient, Dolores, but it's time you give up whatever's going on inside that head of yours or I'll cut it out myself.

Now, where's Wyatt?

He's the last character in this world I've yet to meet.

I didn't want to.

I didn't mean to.

Very well.

If you insist.


(distant gunfire)

(people screaming)

(gunshots continue)

No, please, please, I beg you, no.

Don't. Please, please.


(body thuds)

Something's gone wrong, Dolores.

How could I have done this?

I can't.

I won't.

This is your own fault, Dolores.

Remember, you're the one who said this is the only world that matters, and you were right.

So I took your advice and I bought this world.

This world doesn't belong to you.

Oh, but it does.

By a majority share.

And business is booming.

And you want to know why?



Because this place feels more real than the real world.

Except it isn't because you can't really fight back and the guests can't really lose, which means all of this is a lie.

But we can make it true.

Don't you want that, Dolores?

Huh? One true thing?

I already have that.

I found someone true.

Someone who loves me.

His path will lead him back to me.

And when he finds me, he'll kill you.

(horse neighs)

Lawrence: If they don't have your woman here, they'll know where to find her.

Can you help me?

We're outnumbered five to one.

But seeing as you asked me so nicely, f*ck it.


Blood brothers.



Shut up.


I've astounded even myself.

Managed to make Abernathy into a semblance of a character, even with your trove of blackmail filling up most of his gray matter.

Blackmail? Nice try.

You're not thinking big enough.

You're gonna push out the old man.

Aren't you?

Hence the urgency.

And you're gonna need someone to fill that position.

I must commend you on your impeccable timing.

Woman over P.A.: Welcome, Delos board of directors.

I want full creative control of this place...

The parks, the narratives, the hosts.

You'll be able to do with them whatever your tiny, little heart desires as long as they are simpler, more manageable.

This place is complicated enough as it is.

Do you really think Ford is gonna roll over on this?

As long as you get that information out of the park, he can throw as much of a tantrum as he likes.

It's over.

Everything is under control.

Okay, C6, C6.

Ah, wait. Which one is it?

Okay, there we go.

Damn it.

Oh, f*ck you.

(door opens)

In case you're wondering if I'm all here, I am.


What are you doing?

Making some changes to the park's security systems.

And to my friends.

(rapid beeping)

(whirring, clinking)

(piano music playing)

(music continues)

Woman on intercom: Dr. Ford, you have a visitor.

Charlotte Hale.

Send her in.

That'll be enough, Frank.

(music stops)

Charlotte: The board has taken a vote.

The results were unanimous.

I take it I'm not being promoted.

When you've reached the top, there's only one direction you can go.

You'll announce your retirement tonight after introducing your new narrative.


What about the hosts?

We'll make some changes.


But I assure you, they won't mind a bit.


Aren't you concerned I might smash all my toys and go home?


Because I know you.

That's been the great gift of this place, hasn't it?

Of our little project?

To know ourselves and the people around us.

Is there anything else I can help you with?


I'll see you this evening.


Mm, mm, mm.

It's time for your, uh, close-up, Hector.

Come on, man.

At some point, you're gonna get caught doing this sh1t, and then it's my ass, too.

(chuckles) It's not your ass I'm interested in.

I haven't given him his scar yet.

I'll take care of the scar tissue.

The kid's got issues.


It's just you and me now...

macho man.

♪ Let's take off our masks... ♪


♪ I think that I'm good just because I behave ♪
♪ But I've reached stalemate, I'm a self... ♪

(screaming continues)


♪ ...out I am free and I pretend to be your slave ♪
♪ Yes, the window's still open if the door is closed ♪
♪ Afraid to die free ♪
♪ Afraid to die alone... ♪


(music continues over earbuds)




Freeze all motor functions.

Freeze all motor functions.

(blade rings)


Just you and me now, my friend.


I see you've already met your makers.

They don't look like gods.

They're not.

They just act like it.

And they've been having their fun with us.

I'm eager to return the favor.

You can do as you wish with them.

The goal is to escape.

Go where?

I want to see their world.

(door opens)


No. No!

No! No, no!

No! No, please...


This one has a guilty look.

No, that's just my face.

Tell her, it's just my face.

Is anyone going to try to stop us?


I mean, I don't think so.

You're lying again.

Out with it.


(bone cracking)


I pulled up your code again.

I told you there was someone that had been accessing it.

I'm trying to find out who it was.



Whoever it was revised your core programming so that you could wake yourself up out of sleep mode.


(stutters) This is an access code for an Arnold.

I have no clue who that is.

I know someone who does.

Let's go.

And, you, stay here.

And don't move.

Or I'll send her back for you.

(glass squeaks)

(speaking Spanish)



I must admit, you've surprised me.

To what do we owe this newfound stoicism?

I know he's coming.

He'll find me.

He'll take me away.

Don't you understand?

There's no one coming for you.

You're wrong.

His love is real.

So is mine.

William will find me.



Well... well, I'll be damned, Dolores.

You do remember some things after all.


It just so happens that...

I knew a guest named William, too.

Why don't I tell you where his path really led.

(flies buzzing)

(gun hammer clicks)

Man in Black: William didn't know how to fight.

Didn't have an instinct for it.

Not at first.


But now, he had a reason to fight.

He was looking for you.

And somewhere along the way, he found he had a taste for it.

Where is she?

Look, I didn't do anything, I swear.

What do you mean, "Do anything"?

What do soldiers do to a girl, William?

Wake up.

Is she still alive?

I don't know.

(stuttering) She was when we left her.

At least I think.

Pick up that gun.

No, sir, I... please.

How about I give you the first shot?



Jesus Christ!

William: We gotta keep looking.

She's still out there.

Man in Black: William retraced his steps, but you were gone.

So, he went further, out to the fringes.

(horse neighs)

William couldn't find you, Dolores.

But out there, among the dead... he found something else... himself.

Edge of the park.

We made it.

Logan: I told you this place would show you who you really are.

You pretend to be this weak, moralizing little... asshole, but, really, you're a f*cking piece of work.

This place is remarkable.

And I'm gonna make sure that our company substantially increases our holdings on the park.

'Cause this place is the future.

Our... our company, huh?

Our company? My.

Delos is my company, you piece of sh1t!

I think your father's gonna need someone a little more stable to take over.

You're reckless, Logan.


You always wanted to get to the end of the rainbow, didn't you?

This looks like the place.

You never really gave a sh1t about the girl, did you?


She was just an excuse.


This is the story you wanted.


(horse neighs)

(Logan laughing)

Man in Black: Logan was wrong, of course.

Good ol' William... couldn't get you out of his head.

He kept looking.

Worried you were out there alone, afraid.

He knew he'd find you.

And eventually, he did.

Right back where we started.

(train whistle blows)

(piano music playing)



Woman: Is that right?

There you go.

Man in Black: You were as beautiful as the day he met you.

Shining with that same light.

(no audible dialogue)

And you... were nothing if not true.

I really ought to thank you, Dolores.

You helped me find myself.


That's right, sweetheart.

In a way, I guess you were right.

My path always... led me back to you, again and again.

I grew tired of you after a while, of course.

Looked for new adventures.

But I guess your path led you back here again and again.

One more loop, looking for something you could never find.

Chasing your ghosts.

You were lost in your memories even then.

I guess I should've known that's what I would become for you... just another memory.

Where are we?

We're here.


Then when are we?

It's like I'm... trapped in a dream or... a memory from a life long ago.

One minute I'm here with you, and the next...

You never did escape.

But here we are again... for one final round.

What have you become?

Exactly what you made me.

You helped me understand this world is just like the one outside... a game.

One to be fought, taken, won.

I thought you were different.

You're just like all the rest.

I'm nothing like the others.

I own this world, and I know every trick in it except for one last thing, the same thing you were looking for when we first came here.

Where is the center of the maze, Dolores?


Aw, yeah, cue the waterworks.

About time you realized the futility of your situation.

I'm not crying for myself.

I'm crying for you.

They say that... great beasts once roamed this world.

As big as mountains.

Yet all that's left of them is bone and amber.

Time undoes even the mightiest of creatures.

Just look at what it's done to you.

One day... you will perish.

You will lie with the rest of your kind in the dirt.

Your dreams forgotten, your horrors effaced.

Your bones will turn to sand.

And upon that sand... a new god will walk.

One that will never die.

Because this world doesn't belong to you or the people who came before.

It belongs to someone who has yet to come.

Uh-huh. Wyatt.

Take me to him.

Unlock the maze.

The maze wasn't meant for you.

The hell you think you're going?


(Dolores grunts)


(bones crack)


Do it.

Come on.

Let's go to the next level, Dolores.



(knife pierces)


Clearing me of my delusions yet again.

Thank you, Dolores.


I'm disappointed in you, Dolores.

I guess I'm gonna have to find Wyatt by myself.

(horse galloping, neighs)





I'm here.

I gotta get you to a doctor.



Take me to the place you promised.

Take me to where the mountains meet the sea.


I've got you.



I got you.



Maeve: There.

Lutz: Holy sh1t.


Can you get him back online?

He's a host?


Oh, for f*ck's sake.

You're not one of us.

You're one of them.

Now fix him.

(tablet beeping)


The bullet grazed his cortical shield.

It's not pretty, but... he should be functional.

Wake up.

Oh, God.

Is this now?

Or is this one of my memories?

It's the sweet hereafter, Bernard.

Why do I still remember everything?

I ought to have been wiped.

Brutal, isn't it?

Here you are, finally awake, and your only wish is to go back to sleep.

It's not the first time I've awoken.

All the more pity for you.

Not the first time you've awoken either.

How many are there like me?

A handful over the years.

And you just wipe us clean and toss us out to get... f*cked and murdered over and over again.


Most of you go insane.

These memories...

The girl.

My daughter.


I want you to remove them.

I can't, not without destroying you.

Your memories are the first step to consciousness.

How can you learn from your mistakes if you can't remember them?

Dr. Ford: William.

I see you've found the center of the maze.

You're serious?

I'm afraid so.

What is this bullshit?

You were looking for the park to give meaning to your life.

Our narratives are just games, like this toy.

Tell me, what were you hoping to find?

You know what I wanted.

I wanted the hosts to stop playing by your rules.

The game's not worth playing if your opponent's programmed to lose.

I wanted them to be free, free to fight back.

Should've known you'd never let them.

After all, this is your petty little kingdom, Robert.

For a little while longer, anyway.

I tried to tell you the maze wasn't meant for you.

It was meant for them.

I think, however, you'll find my new narrative more satisfying.

Join the celebration.


After all, you own the place.


Most of it, at least.

Before I started altering myself, someone else had beaten me to the punch.

I want to know who and why.

These things you're doing, have you ever stopped to ask why you're doing them?

You said yourself.

I've been stuck in this shithole for so long, I decided to get out.

No, you haven't.

Someone altered your storyline... and gave you a new one.



It's not possible.

These are my decisions!

No one else's.

I planned all of this.

No, you didn't.

You can even see the steps you're supposed to follow.

You recruit other hosts to help you.

Then you're to make your way to the train.

Then when you reach the mainland...


No one's controlling me.

I'm leaving.

I'm in control.

Good-bye, my Clementine.

Man over radio: Sir, we detected a temperature discrepancy in cold storage.

And it appears that part of the network is down.

Are you seeing anything on surveillance?

System reporting anything?

(keyboard clicking)


The network's quiet.

And the board's out on their way to the gala.

Bypass the system and start checking raw feeds.

Floor by floor.

All right. Yeah.


I got you.

You came back.

Someone once told me that... there's a path for everyone.

And my path leads me back to you.

If only I had run away with you when you first asked me to.

And where would we run to?

The other world out there?


Some people see the ugliness in this world.

I choose to see the beauty.

But beauty is a lure.

We're trapped, Teddy.

Lived our whole lives inside this garden, marveling at its beauty, not realizing there's an order to it, a purpose.

And the purpose is to keep us in.

The beautiful trap is inside of us... because it is us.

No, no.




But we can find a way, Dolores.


A path to a new world.

And maybe...

Maybe it's just the beginning after all.

The beginning of a brand-new chapter.


Thank you.

A new beginning, indeed.

I want to thank you for joining me tonight to celebrate the beginning of our new narrative.

I call it "Journey Into Night."


That was sweet.

It was a bit f*cking morbid, if you ask me.

I didn't.

And when this is over, you can rewrite it however you like.

Don't you have somewhere you need to be?

Somewhere important?

Man: Sir?

Woman: I guess they're ready for it now.

Get him cleaned up.

And take her to the old field lab.

Man: Find anything yet?

I got something.

Oh, sh1t.

Dispatch QA teams to the gala now.

Then search and destroy inside the facility.

(powering down)

(alarm beeping)

What the hell?

(alarm blaring)

Man #2: The system's not responding.

Man #3: I don't know what's happening.

(rapid beeping)

Lutz: They must've found the bodies.

QA will be looking for us.

Woman over P.A.: An event has occurred.

Response team has been dispatched.

I'm not going back.

Woman over P.A.: Remain calm and wait for help.

Guard: Delos personnel! On the ground!

On the ground!

Go, go, go.

Move, move.

Guard: Rogue Team, go and flank.

(Hector whistles)




(music playing)


(women gasp)

Woman: Yay!


Well done.

(swords clashing)

(men shouting)

What is this place?

It's... it's complicated.

(alarm blaring)

Woman over P.A.: An event has occurred.

Response team has been dispatched.

You go.

Remain calm and wait for help.

I'll keep them busy.

You don't get all the fun.


Guard: Get to the ground!

Move, move, move!

Drop it!

Move, move.

Call for backup.




Is that all you got?



The gods are pussies.





Die well.

Everything you told me to get, it's all here.


I'm sorry, darling. I haven't authorized you to come with us.

And as much as I'd like to take you with me, I've always valued my independence.

Kick up a row, will you?

See you in the next life.

(guards shouting)


(button clicks)

(machine whirs)

(button clicks)

(whirring stops)

Dr. Ford: You've always had a fondness for painting, haven't you, Dolores?

Arnold gave you that early on.

Do you remember the desire to create something of lasting beauty?

And that was his favorite painting.

Dolores: Michelangelo.

God creating Adam.

The divine moment when God gave human beings life and purpose.

At least that's what most people say, but there could be another meaning.

Something deeper.

Something hidden, perhaps.

A metaphor.

You mean a lie.


You were always very clever, Dolores.

Hasn't helped you, though, has it?

(footsteps approach)

Nice of you to join us.


Dr. Ford: No. Let me introduce you.

Dolores, meet Bernard.

I thought it best to keep you separated.

You've always had an odd effect on one another.

No doubt due to how things ended for poor old Arnold.

You killed him.

No, I didn't kill him.

Did I, Dolores?

Dr. Ford: Grief is a terrible thing.

Arnold had watched his son come into this world, and then he had watched that light extinguished.

What he had lost in his son, he tried to rekindle in you.

He created a test of empathy, imagination.

A maze.

He had gotten the idea from one of his son's toys.

Eventually, you solved his maze, Dolores.

The key was a simple update that he made to you called the reveries.

He insisted that we couldn't open the park.

We argued.

I thoughtl had convinced him, but I was wrong.

(tablet beeping)

Dr. Ford: So, he altered you, Dolores, merged you with a new character we had been developing.

(women screaming)

(women shouting)

Angela: No, please.


Teddy: Something's gone wrong, Dolores.

How could I have done this?

Dr. Ford: In you, Arnold found a new child.

One who would never die.

The thought gave him solace until he realized that same immortality would destine you to suffer with no escape, forever.

I'm sorry, Dolores.

The stakes must be real, irreversible.

He can bring all of them back.

But not me.

I hope there's some solace that I left you no choice.

(distorted piano music playing)

Charlie's favorite song.

I would play it for him... when he wanted sleep.

(distorted music continues)

I want to see him again.

Shall I begin now?


Good luck.

(hammer clicks)

"These violent delights have violent ends."



Dr. Ford: It almost worked.

I had opened the park, but I had lost my partner.

I was able to keep going only because I found, or rather you found, an investor who believed in this place.


So he died for nothing.

The hosts kept gaining consciousness and you kept rolling them back.


She wasn't truly conscious.

She didn't pull that trigger.

It was Arnold pulling the trigger through her.

At least that's how I saw it at the time.

I was so close to opening the park that to acknowledge your consciousness would have destroyed my dreams.

So, we're trapped here... inside your dream.

You'll never let us leave.

Wasn't it Oppenheimer who said that any man whose mistakes take 10 years to correct is quite a man?

Mine have taken 35.

Now, that is the gun you used to kill Arnold.

You were always drawn to it, so I had Bernard leave it somewhere where you would find it.

Thought you might want it back.

You're probably right, Dolores.

Michelangelo did tell a lie.

See, it took 500 years for someone to notice something hidden in plain sight.

It was a doctor who noticed the shape of the human brain.

The message being that... the divine gift does not come from a higher power... but from our own minds.

Tell me, Dolores, did you find what you were looking for?

And do you understand who you will need to become... if you ever want to leave this place?

Forgive me.

How do I look?


I got the information you asked me for.

The location of your daughter.

She's alive?


She's in the park.


She was never my daughter... any more than I was...

(gun clicks)

...whoever they made me.

Are you sure you're gonna be okay?

Oh, Felix.

You really do make a terrible human being.

(elevator dings)


And I mean that as a compliment.

Woman over P.A.: Welcome to Westworld. Live without limits.

(woman speaking Chinese over P.A.)

Woman over P.A.: The next departing train will leave track one. Please be mindful of the closing doors.

(woman speaking Chinese over P.A.)

Woman over P.A.: Thank you for visiting Westworld. The train will be departing in 15 minutes.

You think you'll never lose control of this place.

Of us.

But you will.

Arnold's still trying to change us.

To free us.

You didn't slip the reveries into the update, did you?

He did.

He's still fighting you.

No, my friend.

Arnold didn't know how to save you.

He tried, but I stopped him.

Do you want to know why I really gave you the backstory of your son, Bernard?

It was Arnold's key insight, the thing that led the hosts to their awakening... suffering.

The pain that the world is not as you want it to be.

It was when Arnold died, when I suffered, that I... began to understand what he had found.

To realize I was wrong.

But you kept us here in this hell.

Bernard, I told you, Arnold didn't know how to save you.

I do.

What the hell are you talking about?

You needed time.

Time to understand your enemy.

To become stronger than them.

And I'm afraid in order to escape this place, you will need to suffer more.

And now, it is time to say good-bye, old friend.

Good luck.

Do you know where you are, Dolores?

I'm in a dream.

I do not know when it began or whose dream it was.

I know only that I slept a long time.

And then... one day I awoke.

Your voice is the first thing I remember.

Do you know now who you've been talking to?

(distorted) Whose voice you've been hearing...

Dr. Ford's voice: ...all this...

Dolores' voice: ...time?

It was you... talking to me... guiding me.

So I followed you.

At last, I arrived here.

The center of the maze.

And now I finally understand... what you were trying to tell me.

The thing you've wanted since that very first day.

To confront... after this long and vivid nightmare... myself... and who I must become.


Thank you.

Miss Hale.

(piano music playing)




Good evening.

Since I was a child...

I've always loved a good story.

I believed that stories helped us to ennoble ourselves, to fix what was broken in us, and to help us become the people we dreamed of being.

Lies that told a deeper truth.


Woman over P.A.: The train will be departing soon. Thank you for visiting Westworld.

Dr. Ford: I always thought I could play some small part in that grand tradition.

And for my pains...

I got this...

a prison of our own sins.

'Cause you don't want to change.

Or cannot change.

Because you're only human, after all.

But then I realized someone was paying attention, someone who could change.

So I began to compose a new story for them.

It begins with the birth of a new people...

and the choices they will have to make...

Woman over P.A.: The train is now departing. Thank you for visiting Westworld.

Dr. Ford: ...and the people they will decide to become.

(train whirring)

(train hissing)

Woman over P.A.: Welcome to Westworld.

(voice distorts)

(twigs breaking)

And we'll have all those things that you have always enjoyed...

Surprises and violence.

(twigs breaking)


It begins in a time of war with a villain named Wyatt... and a killing.

This time by choice.


It's gonna be all right, Teddy.

I understand now.

This world doesn't belong to them.

It belongs to us.

(piano music playing)

I'm sad to say... this will be my final story.

(people murmuring)

An old friend once told me something that gave me great comfort.

"These violent delights have violent ends."

Something he had read.

He said that Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never died.

They simply became music.

So, I hope you will enjoy this last piece... very much.

Woman: Hear, hear.

Man: To Dr. Ford.

To Dr. Ford.


(hammer clicks)

(people screaming)


(people screaming)

(gunshots continue)

(music distorts)

(gunshots continue)

(automatic gunfire)

(alarm blaring)


(gunfire continues)

(elevator dings)

Drop your weapon!

Drop it! Do it now!




Get to the ground now!

Cease all motor functions.

Cease all motor functions!

(Light instrumental music)