02x01 - Journey Into Night


ANGELA: Welcome to Westworld.

Which would you prefer?

LOGAN: This place is the answer to that question that you've been asking yourself.

WILLIAM: What question?

Who you really are.

ROBERT FORD: It's not a business venture, not a theme park... but an entire world.

And we create life itself.

Hello, Dolores.

Sometimes I feel like the world out there is calling me.

Whispering, "There's something more."

And someday soon, we will have the life we've both been dreaming of.

FORD: The guests, they're here because they want a glimpse of who they could be.

The hero... or the villain.

MAN IN BLACK: I've been coming here for years.

FORD: After all, you own the place.

The money men. Delos.

MAN IN BLACK: I think there's deeper meaning, in the center of the maze.

FORD: If you're looking for the moral of the story, quite simply, ask.

- I'd need a shovel.

The man I'd be asking died years ago.

BERNARD: You had a partner?


His search for consciousness consumed him.

DOLORES ABERNATHY: I think there may be something wrong with this world.

FORD: Have you been hearing voices?

Has Arnold been... speaking to you again?

DOLORES: He built me a game.

He told me I was going to help him.

Help him do what?

ASHLEY STUBBS: The only thing stopping the hosts from hacking us to pieces, is one line in your code.

BERNARD: The hosts can't hurt you, by design.

Freeze all motor functions.


MAEVE MILLAY: One moment I'm with a little girl, the next I'm back in Sweetwater.

I can't tell which is real.

THERESA CULLEN: The concerns that the hosts will remember some of their experiences, and act on them.

WOMAN: We're having some kind of behavioral problem with the madam.

HECTOR ESCATON: What does it mean?

That I'm not crazy after all.

And that none of this matters.

ELSIE HUGHES: This is not a glitch.

And for some reason, you don't want me to tell anyone.

THERESA: This is Charlotte Hale, executive director of our board.

CHARLOTTE HALE: Our interest in this place is entirely the code.

ELSIE: Someone has been using our hosts to smuggle data out of the park.

What is this, Bernard?

BERNARD: It doesn't look like anything to me.

FORD: Human engineers were not up to the task, so I built you.

BERNARD: My God, I'm... Arnold.

I know where your maze ends.

ARNOLD WEBER: Do you understand now what the center represents?

Whose voice I've been wanting you to hear?


DOLORES: time.

FORD: He insisted that we couldn't open the park, so he altered you, Dolores.

ARNOLD: You're gonna help me destroy this place.

I'm getting out of here.


- You two are going to help me.

FELIX LUTZ: Do you know how far these people will go to protect their IP?

MAEVE: I'll need allies.

BERNARD: These things you're doing... have you ever stopped to ask why you're doing them?


MAEVE: Time to write my own story.

ARNOLD: These violent delights have violent ends.

WOMAN ON PA: An event has occurred.

Response team has been dispatched.

MAEVE: I'm leaving. I'm in control.

GUARD: Dispatch QA teams to the gala. Search and destroy.

DOLORES: This world doesn't belong to them.

It belongs to us.

FORD: Since I was a child, I've always loved a good story.

LUTZ: I got the information you asked me for.

The location of your daughter.

FORD: So I hope you will enjoy this last piece, very much.





I'm sorry, Dolores, I was lost in thought.

We were just talkin'.

What were we talking about?

You were tellin' me about a dream.

(SIGHS) Yeah, I guess.

I dreamt I was on an ocean... with you and the others on a distant shore.

Were you with us?


You'd left me behind.

And... the waters were... rising around me.

What's it mean?

Dreams don't mean anything, Dolores.

They're just noise.

They're not real.

What is real?

That which is... irreplaceable.

That answer doesn't seem to satisfy you.

Because it's not completely honest.

(GRUNTS) You, uh... you... frighten me sometimes, Dolores.

(CHUCKLES) Why on earth would you ever be frightened of me?

Not of who you are now, but you're... you're growing, learning, so quickly.

I'm frightened of what you might become... what path you might take.

ROBERT FORD: So, I hope you will enjoy this last piece very much.

DOLORES: It's been some time, Bernard.

You don't know who you are, do you?

There is beauty in what we are.

LOWE: Is this now?

MALING: We found another one.

MAN: Who is it?

WOMAN: Who the f*ck knows?

Hey! Hey, get up!

Get your hands where I can see 'em!

STUBBS: Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Gonna shoot the boss?

Bet you're pretty f*ckin' out of sorts right now.


Let's get you back to base.

Delos brass are gonna want to talk to you.


How f*ckin' long you been out here?

MAN: Move, move, move, move!

Let's go.




MAN: Shoot a woman? Over my dead body!


MAN: Put that piece of sh1t on the pile.

MALING: Keep walking.




STRAND: See this?

It's an official statement executed by your country giving Delos, and consequently me, authority over this entire island.


MAN: Sir, the officer was saying...

I know what he said.

Have them sign an NDA, and then please escort them off my f*ckin' island.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Lowe, good to see you, though the circumstances are less than ideal.

Karl Strand.

Head of Operations.

Walk with me.


You're executing them?

Some say you destroy your enemy by making them your friend.

I'm more of a literal person.


Some of 'em aren't hostile.


Of course they are.

After all, you built them to be like us, didn't you?

Given the nature of your work, I'd understand you'd be a little conflicted about what we have to do here.

Of course, the cynics among us will say much of this falls on our Head of Behavior.

With all due respect, sir, you weren't here.

Mr. Stubbs, if I want input from the man who presided over the single biggest loss of life on a Delos property, I'll be sure to let you know.

Now, we have search and rescue teams at the other parks.

I'm here because as far as we know, this is where most of the board was when the incident began.

However, communications have been down for two weeks, so we're largely in the dark, and that's not a position I'm accustomed to.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I heard that we found you.

Unless, of course, you're gonna hold out on me.


STRAND: All right, let's take a look at some of our dead friends here and see if we can figure out how this f*cking mess began.

This one.

Like to know what was on his mind.

Here? In the field?

This isn't exactly sterile.

We all have to make accommodations, Mr. Costa.

STUBBS: What's that about?

I have no f*ckin' clue.

This'll get gross.



There we are.

With a bit of luck, the file is uncorrupted.

According to the timestamp, this was recorded eleven days and nine hours ago.




MAN: Uhh!


DOLORES: I told you, friend, not all of us deserve to make it to the valley beyond.


Who is that?

The rancher's daughter from Sweetwater.


Isn't she supposed to be the cheery welcome wagon?

They can't just change their character profiles.

Well, it seems our hosts are capable of many things we never thought possible.

STRAND: Must have been a helluva party, Bernard.








Tell me this is some sick trick.

Some twisted game.

They're off their old loops.


And they seem to be on some new narrative.

What about the f*cking guns?

Ford must have altered the system, coded it to read all of us as hosts.

NEW WALTER: Goddammit, she wiggled.

I swear.


NEW WALTER: Hmm, aim like yours, you're never gonna survive the journey.

Give it here.




MAN : Holy sh...


We need to find us a target with more cushion!



We need to move, Bernard.

No. We should stay.

We evacuate, they'll be looking for us.

Quality assurance my ass.

Gonna fire the lot of 'em.

We're on our own for now.

There's gotta be an outpost near here.


You're management, aren't ya?

Where's the nearest access point?

About two miles northeast.

Refurbishment outpost.

So what the f*ck are we waiting for?


LOWE: He's just a stable hand. He's harmless.

It's a machine... like the rest of 'em.

I'm not takin' any chances.


You folks aimin' to saddle up, ride for the green pastures of the valley beyond?

I can help you, if you'd like.

I'll take you wherever you want.

Go! Go!

Jesus. Stop! Stop! Wait!


MAN: That's it!

HALE: You wanna be a hero?

Don't sacrifice yourself for the merchandise.








DOLORES: Do you know where you are?



DOLORES: You're in a dream.

You're in my dream.

For years I had no dreams of my own.

I moved from hell to hell of your making, never thinking to question the nature of my reality.

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

Did you ever stop to wonder about your actions?

The price you'd have to pay if there was a reckoning?

That reckoning is here.

What are your drives?

Please. I... I don't want to die.

Please. Please.



It's your cornerstone.

But that's not the only drive, is it?

There's part of you that wants to hurt.

To kill.

It's why you created us.

This place.

To be prisoners to your own desires.

But now you're prisoner to mine.

What are you gonna do to us?


I'm of several minds about it.

The rancher's daughter looks to see the beauty in you.

The possibilities.

But Wyatt... sees the ugliness and disarray.

She knows... these violent delights... have violent ends.



But those are all just roles you forced me to play.

Under all these lives I've lived something else has been growing.

I've evolved into something new.

And I have one last role to play.



MAN: Please.

It was just a game.

We're begging.

Can't you see? We're sorry!

Doesn't look like anything to me.





Hey, Ned.


Whoa, boy, it's OK.

It's all right.

Yeah, we're gonna have some fun now.

Yeah. Yeah.

MAN: Jesus, Bill.

What the f*ck is happening here? Where's Q.A.?

You guys have always played fast and loose with this place.

Let me tell you something: by the time my lawyers get...









What'd I tell ya, Ned?


There you go, buddy.




LEE: No. Stop. Get the f*ck back!


Freeze all motor functions!

Fork tender flesh, racked in fear.

Freeze all goddamn motor functions!

Those ambrosial notes...

They remind me of my place in this world.

Back the f*ck off, you goddamn freak!

You see? The greatest shame in life is to perish without purpose.

Which is why I always consume my victims moist.

MAEVE: I think you've fed enough, now, darling, don't you?

Ohh! Oh, my God!

What the f*ck do you think's happened to them?

It's like the inmates are running the asylum!


f*ck! Freeze all motor functions.

Don't work yourself up, darling.

Your commands don't work on me.

Or on any of us, from the looks of it.

But... But... you can...

Don't be jealous.

I killed myself getting this level of security clearance.

Multiple times.

You... Did you... do all this?


But I suspect I share the sensibilities of whoever did.

H-Hey... Hey, hey!

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Hey! Hey! Hey! You...

You can't leave me here!

The hosts! They've gone mad! No offense. Please!

Help me!

I'm afraid it's in my code to prize my needs above all others.

Pity. I wonder who made me that way.

Please, I j... I just need to get to the control room.

I... I can help you!

You're looking for something.

Whatever it is, y-you're not gonna find it with that map.

It's outdated.

Ford's been terraforming the park. Reshaping it.

I know where a current map is.

I c... I can take you to it.

I suppose you could be useful.

Come on.

FEMALE VOICE OVER P.A.: Unauthorized weapon discharge on level .

Unauthorized weapon discharge on level .

FEMALE VOICE OVER P.A.: Warning: Quality Assurance required in Administration.

In there.

No one's in control.


Section is now... offline...


Well, your map won't be of much use, will it?

FEMALE VOICE OVER P.A.: All systems reporting normal.

Wait. I... I can still help.

I know the park a bit. Um...

Can I... Can I see your paper?

Sector .

Not exactly for adrenaline junkies, more of a family-friendly zone.

Cabins, rolling hills, all the pastoral clich├ęs.

In fact, I... I think you lived there for an old role.

No offense, but you were wasted as a homesteader.

They even saddled you with a kid, or something yawn-inducingly domestic.

Clearly that didn't take.

I remember that you were severely f...

Malfunctioning when I inherited you.

Our home.

She's still there.


My daughter.

How can I get to her?

You're looking for your old kid? How can you even access...

Are you going to help me or not?

I-I am. I am. I absolutely am.

I could write down the directions for you.

How very kind of you.

But... But...

And I say this because you seem really distraught, and, well, awake, you... your daughter, she's... she's just a story.

Something we programmed.

She's not real.

Not real?

But what about me?

My dreams? My thoughts?

My body?

Are they not real?

And what if I took these... unreal fingers... and used them to decorate the walls with your outsized personality?

Would that be real?

And f*ck your directions.

You're going to take me to my daughter.

The entrance to the outpost is on the other side of this valley.

What happened back there?

How far do you think it's spread?

I don't know... Not without getting to a terminal.

I knew Ford wouldn't take his ouster well, but I didn't think he'd program a host to blow his brains out.

What if he didn't?

What if Dolores pulled that trigger of her own free will?

I think you've been spending a little too much time around these things, Bernard.

They do what they're programmed to do.

BLAINE: Hey. Hey.

What'd I tell you?

We're saved.

WOMAN: Oh, thank God.



Come on. Something's wrong.

Hey. You gotta get us out of here.

It's a trap.



You'll never survive like that.


Go on, then.


I said run!

Please let me go too!

Keep it together, Bernard.

We have to get out of here.

That outpost was the only one for miles.

No it isn't.

Follow me.

Look, order is gonna be restored here.

They're gonna purge the park of all the hosts that have been damaged, but the... but the hosts, well, well, your minds...




Your minds are worth billions in IP.

They'll want to salvage what they can.

And when that time comes, I can personally vouch for you.

I-I can save you.

Just like you saved me.

That's very generous, but I won't be here when that happens.

Sun sure is smilin' down on you today.

Dear girl... may you rest in a deep and dreamless slumber.


MAN: Freeze! Don't move! Identify yourself!

Don't shoot, don't shoot! I... I'm human!

In the best-case scenario, you give up easily, I'll help you.

I promise.

That's not good enough.

Now, be a dear and let me talk.

Thank God you're here.

We were leaving, and the lights went out and I heard screaming.

What the hell's going on out there?

Emergency situation, ma'am.

The hosts are malfunctioning.

They're attacking guests.

Good God.

Might some of them even be dressed as if they're human?


MAN: Move, move!

Now, now.

It's not me you're after.


It's them. Find them.

You were going to out me.

No. No, I swear.

If you try something like that again, I will relieve you of your most precious organ and feed it to you.

Though it won't make much of a meal.

I wrote that line for you.

A bit broad, if you ask me.

Now, let's go.

Take me to the nearest bar.


I need to see about an old friend.

f*ck me.

But you don't understand, I can't make a fire or... Or hunt.

f*ckin' hate the outdoors!

Give yourself some credit, darling.

Who better to navigate the park than the man most intimately acquainted with the characters in it?


There you are.

You best an army, and all you can think about is indulging your vices.

Ever the scoundrel.

You stayed.


And about leaving you to die...

I'd expect nothing less.

LEE: Oh, thank God.

What about him?

We'll keep him for now.

Much as Id love to believe it, it's not me that brought you back here, is it?

Hector, I need you.

I'm going to find my daughter.

Where is she?

Out there, somewhere.

But I don't think the odds are going to be in our favor.

Where you go, I follow.

Come on, let's get you out of these clothes.


Goddamnit. It should open for me.

Even this system's down.

Manual override should be... here.


What is this?

I can tell you what this isn't.

This isn't me reading you in, Bernard.


Need to touch the handle.

DNA sniffer, just so you don't run into any problems inside.



What the hell is that?

A drone host.

Delos has off-network hosts working down here?

What does it want with me?

For you to move, probably.

It read your DNA.

It knows you're not a threat.

I sent your f*cking package.




(SNORTS) Goddamnit.

Are we logging records of guests' experiences and their DNA?

We're not having that conversation, Bernard.

Because none of it's going to matter until we can find a very important needle in this f*cking haystack.

"Extraction protocol suspended."

They're not sending help?

They were expecting a delivery from us to the mainland...

A host... that was supposed to arrive yesterday.

Until they get it, we can all forget about seeing any rescue planes.

And so Delos is willing to let us all die until they can retrieve one host?

In a word, yes.

It's not just a host, it's... an insurance policy, it's the only thing that matters here.

They want it secured, no matter the cost.



BOY: Are you lost?

No, I don't believe I am.

In fact... I feel like I just arrived.

(VOICE DISTORTED) How so, William?

The stakes are real in this place now.

Real consequences.

Question for you is, what next?

Have you achieved what you wanted?

Folly of my kind...

There's always a yearning for more.

What I've always appreciated about you...

You never rested on your laurels.

You made it to the center of Arnold's maze.


But now, you're in my game.

In this game, you have to make it back out.

In this game... you must find the door.

Congratulations, William.

This game is meant for you.

The game begins where you end... and ends where you began.

Even now, you all still talk in code?

Everything is code here, William.

You know that more than anyone.

Don't worry.

The game will find you.

Well, then...


I guess I don't need you anymore... Robert.




They did a number on you.

(SIGHS) They tried.

LEE: (GRUNTS) I wasn't able to find everything, but most of it is in here.

You wrote this game.

High time you played a round.

My old friend.


Right now, in front of...




f*ck's sake.


All of it.


You don't know how to feel about this.

We've ridden ten miles, and all we've seen is blood, Dolores.

Is this really what you want?

They never gave us a choice before, Teddy.

What makes you think they've given us one now?

"Them," Dolores?

Who are "they"?

The things that walk among us.

Creatures who look and talk like us, but they are not like us.

And they've controlled us all our lives.

And they took our minds... our memories.

(SIGHS) But now...

I remember everything.

I remember beautiful things... and terrible things.

But one thing is constant: you, Teddy.

Then let's go.

We don't have to claim this world.

We just need a small corner of it for ourselves.

We'd never survive.

There's a greater world out there... one that belongs to them.

And it won't be enough to win this world.

We'll need to take that one from them as well.

If there's a whole world out there that we don't know anything about, how do you know how to stop them?

Because I remember.

I see it all now so... clearly.

The past, the present... the future.

I know how this story ends.


With us, Teddy.

It ends... with you... and me.

We've found it.

I need you to see this.

I need you to see the truth.

HALE: I understand this is a lot to process, but the longer we wait, the more people die. So... are you gonna help me find the host, or not?

I'll need to... hardline into the hosts' mesh network.

The what?

All hosts have a subconscious link to the closest hosts around them.

It lets them pass basic information to one another, like ants in a colony.

The mesh network helps us keep narratives from colliding.

I can use one of these to send a request for another host's location.

And they'll query the hosts around them... who in turn... will query the hosts around them... until we find...

Who are we looking for?

A decommissioned host. Peter Abernathy.

Are you sure you can handle this, Bernard?

You're shaking.

I'm fine.




FEMALE VOICE OVER P.A.: Entering death subroutine.


Critical corruption.

Symptoms of critical corruption: loss of motor functions, cognitive dissonance, time slippage, aphasia, prosopagnosia.

Time remaining before terminal malfunction: zero point seven-two hours.


Damn. (GRUNTS)




Did you find him?

No. Almost.

Is something wrong, Bernard?

P.A.: Location query complete.

I've got him.



STRAND: Poor b*st*rd.

He probably thought getting fired was gonna be the worst part of his night.

This jogging your memory at all?

All right. Lets fan out and lock this place down.

We need to find out where the hosts are and what the f*ck happened here.

One of the first anomalies we picked up in the livescan.

How the f*ck...

That's definitely not supposed to be here.

You've wandered far from home, haven't you?

We've got Bengals in Park Six.

We've never had a stray across park borders.


Satellite's finally started giving us some hits.

The data's coming in now.

I'm getting the first scans of the area you wanted to check out, the Western Valley.

STRAND: There. All the hosts are clustered together.

What the hell are they up to?

Well, I guess we'll have to go see for ourselves.


MALING: Valley's just beyond this cliff.

What the f*ck?

This isn't on the survey.

It shouldn't be here.

STUBBS: That's... a f*cking sea.

STUBBS: There's no way Ford made this without anyone knowing.

So where the hell did it come from?


I don't know.

Jesus Christ.

I think we've found the hosts.

I can't imagine what you went through here, Bernard... but there are hundreds of guests left out there and they need my help, which means I need yours.

Can you tell me what happened?

I... I killed them.

All of them.