02x03 - Virtù e Fortuna


You waitin' up for me, Daddy?

I'm gonna help Momma put supper on.


LEE SIZEMORE: What're you uploading?

Is it the host of codes?

CHARLOTTE HALE: As of this moment, that doesn't concern you.

What does concern you is getting him on the train, out of the park.

They were expecting a delivery from us to the main land.

Until they get it, we can all forget about seeing any rescue planes.

I'm going to find my daughter.

HECTOR ESCATON: Where is she?

MAEVE MILLAY: Out there.

But, I don't think the odds are going to be in our favor.


How many of you will come for us?

I don't know. Six hundred, .

We wanna join forces.

You're bound for glory.

You'll never make it there unless you're under my command.

ASHLEY STUBBS: We've got Bengals in Park .

We've never had a stray cross park borders.



Do you mind if I join you?

Do you as you please.

So, what brings you to this part of the world?

I have a little time to kill... among other things.



Yeah, me too.

There's nothing like it, is there?

Edge of the park, a bit... mad.

A bit dangerous.

Sir, the governor wishes to extend to you an invitation to...

Please tell the governor another time.

I'm quite happy here.

They really don't want us talking to each other, do they?

Maybe they're trying to steer you towards a sure thing.

Maybe I miss taking my chances.


You certainly look like one of the park's offerings.


I promise you, I'm quite real.

You think the park would go to the trouble of having one of them pretend to be one of us?

I wouldn't put it past them.


The simplest way to know for sure.

Unless you'd rather not.

Well, it wouldn't be my first time.

It just... it seems a little excessive.

Perhaps. But I want you to want this.

I assure you I do.

Not if you're one of them.

If you're one of them, you don't know what you want.

You just do as you're told.

For a lot of people, that is half the fun.

Not for me.


Don't worry.

If you are who you say you are, this will only sting a bit.

And if you're not... you won't remember, anyway.

Still, I'd really rather...







Now... where were we?

NICHOLAS: Have these put in my tent with our things.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

What do you say to a night off... before we go hunt the wicked tiger in the morning?

Something's wrong.

Where is everybody?

Normally, there are other hosts here.

You know, to entertain us, to... to cook.

Well, maybe they're giving us our privacy.

That's not how this works.


Wow. A new twist in the narrative.

- Horror.

- No. I... I...

GANJU: These violent delights have violent ends.


Ganju, put the gun down.

Put the gun down, Ganju!

Don't worry. He can't hurt us.

No, those people are guests. I rode the train with them on the...










WOMAN OVER PA: Attention.

You have reached the boundary of the guest experience area.

Please turn back. Please turn back.


You have reached the boundary of the guest experience area.

Please turn back. Please turn back.


You have reached the boundary of the guest experience area.

Please turn back. Please turn back.


You have reached the boundary of the guest experience area.







Got the go-ahead from recon.

We're clear to enter, but it's a f*ckin' mess.

System's totally down, including sim-munitions.

Floors through are still on fire.

Someone took out the Cradle.

It's a slaughterhouse in there, sir.

HALE: Bernard.

You made it out alive.

Didn't think you had it in you.

What the hell took you guys so long?

We've been pushing across the park.

Securing it one sector at a time.

Did you bring me what I asked for?

No luck yet.

I've had teams in the Mesa scrub each and every floor.

No luck there, either.

What about you, Bernard?

Do you have any idea where Peter Abernathy might have gone?

He seems to keep slipping away from us.

HALE: How are we doing?

According to this, ten hours ago he was somewhere over...





HALE: There he is.

How are we gonna do this?

NEW WALTER: These assholes comin', or what?

Been two f*ckin' hours.

Confederados ain't gonna pass me up.

Fifteen bucks a head.

Nine times.

How much is that?

Enough that we'll be shittin' in high cotton.

But there's ten of 'em there.

Well, I reckon I might just keep one.


See, now that we've had us a few handsome trades in our new line of business, I figure it's high time I enjoy my own merchandise.

I reckon this one might make a fine all-purpose fancy fulfiller.

- Huh?




You stay here.

Watch our wares.

Split up. Whoever finds her gets the whole she's worth.

HALE: Psst!

Well, I'll say, you are gonna fetch me far more than bu...

BERNARD: Network's down, but I can hard port in and give him a little attitude adjustment.

Let's make you... the most virtuous, quickest gun in the West.


REBUS: You the sick tug mistreatin' these gentlewomen?

What the f*ck are you talkin'...


Y'all too?


You only ever touch a woman as gently as with the petal of a rose.

Any more'n that makes you a coward.

Hey, it's OK.

I won't let them harm you.

Go on. You're free now.


CONFEDERADO: What the f*ck?

That's our goddamn merchandise!

I need to get to the train.

I need to get to the train.

I need to get to the tr...

I can help you... get to your train.

Just follow me.

Ah, ya let 'em go.

We had a deal.

I can't abide.

It ain't no good.

I'm just heedin' my convictions.



REBUS: Wait! Peril rolls through these hills!

- I'll escort you, keep you safe!

- WOMAN: Get away from me!

CONFEDERADO: Let's go! C'mon!

Hey. We have to go.

They're coming for us.

And leave these mongrels to scourge our land and our dignity?!

I will not.

I will stand in defiance.

Fight, even if it costs me my life.

♪ Mine eyes have seen the glory ♪

♪ Of the coming of the Lord ♪

♪ He is trampling out... ♪

HALE: What the hell's happening?

Oh, for f*ck's sake.

Let's just cut off his head and go.

Keep singin'. I dare ya.

♪ Glory, glory hallelu... ♪





Don't move.

CONFEDERADO: Ready... aim... fire!



aim... fire!


aim... fire!


COMMANDER: Shoulder arms!

Quite the welcome.

Major, why is this flaxen plum ridin' ahead of you?

Because he know what's best for him.

And you are?

Call me Wyatt.

You're Wyatt?

Colonel, she says we got an enemy comin'

intent on keepin' us from marchin'

for Glory in the mornin'.

DOLORES: Your major's right.

In the morning they'll be coming from the east, right over there.

And why should I believe you?


DOLORES: My soldiers are fearless.

They follow my command.

Combined with your army, Colonel, we won't just survive the forces riding against us, we'll crush them.

And that's the kind of solider that's coming for us...

In droves.

What the hell is that?

DOLORES: It's a gun.

The kind they'll use.

ANGELA: A modest proposition for you.

If you make it over that ridge, I'll let you live.

Hold it tightly.

DOLORES: You can keep it, and all their weapons. I don't care.

Just promise me your men.

I need them if we're ever to survive this threat.

Wyatt... welcome to Fort Forlorn Hope.





These men are animals.

These men are just children.

They don't know any better.

They need to be led.

We don't stand a chance against the men coming for us if we're fighting alone.

Trust me.

LEE: W-We're out of our depths up here.

We should go back. Now.

MAEVE: And give up just like that?

No. You said so yourself...

This way is quicker.

Yes, but we should really go back underground.

QA is coming. They'll be launching a coordinated park-wide assault, rescuing guests and putting down hostile hosts.

Read... you.

We'll keep moving.

Some courage.


Oh, f*ck.

I promise.


LEE: Run!

For f*ck's sake, run!




If we insist on our current path, we're free to go.

But he's taking this one.

Um, hang on.


You will let him go.

And you will forget that you ever saw us.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait!

- I need him, Hector.

- Go.



Which way?!

There's an elevator around here somewhere.

There it is!

Oh, Jesus Christ!





Looky what I got.

We got us here some genuine acolytes of Satan himself...

- Union sympathizers.


ABERNATHY: Affliction...

is a treasure!

CONFEDERADO: You're a mouthy son of a bitch, ain't ya?

And scarce any man hath enough of it.



I need to talk to this one alone.

Untie him.


I'm only gonna ask you once.

C'mon. Ask me twice.

Do what she says if you want to keep breathin' right.

Go on.

I'll take him to the infirmary.

Get him some care, fix him up.


Toss him in the jail with the rest.

He refused food and water.

Who is he?

You don't remember.

He's my father.

My home.

Look what they've done to him.

You're all I have left now, Teddy.

I am bound upon a wheel of fire... that mine own tears do scald like molten lead.

It's all right.

I'm here.




The calves in the field, I'm worried.

There's bluetongue spreadin'

all through these parts.

It's all right, Daddy.

I'll lead 'em home.

Back to the ranch.

Do you remember our ranch?

The way you'd... welcome every morning out on the porch... with your coffee.

I'd wake up in my own bed, climb down the stairs, find you there.

And you'd say...

You headin' out to set down some of this natural splendor?

You told me once to run away.

And I did.

I broke free with the pull of a trigger.

And it started a war.

The others, they don't see it yet.

But you... you understand, don't you?

It's gettin' late.

We oughta go home.



To, uh...

Want to g-go ho-home... home.


(SPUTTERING) I... I need to get to the train.

I... I need... I need to get to the train.

No, it's OK. Shh.

It's OK.

I'm gonna get you help, Daddy.

(CRYING) I'm gonna get you help.

That warrior... You knew him.

Who is he?

A wraith from a former life who haunts my dreams.

And he's still out there.

Which means that my baby is still in danger.

We'll find her. Protect her.

But then what?

Then we make our way out to the new world.

The real world.

All right.

Exactly what the f*ck do you think you're doing?

I'm wondering how it's possible that an executive in his own place of work might not have the faintest clue as to where we might be.

I just need to get oriented.

First sign we come upon.

And I'm talkin' about... this.

You two were designed to be alone.

Yes, there's some attraction, but you'd never have an actual relationship.

Oh. I suppose that means we shouldn't have f*cked.


Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Pause, please. What?!

But you're in love with Isabella!

Not so much anymore.

No, you're f*cking programmed to have no love beyond Isabella.

Isabella is written into the goddamn laws of your being.

You don't know who I am.

HECTOR: No laws bind me.

Darling, he's fragile.

When I awoke in the place where you play God, I realized Isabella was a lie.

Just words in my head.

But this...

This is true.

She is my light.

HECTOR/LEE: She is all I ever dreamed life could be.

And then there's this bit, really dampens the knickers...

"And when she died, the dream died with her, and I dared dream no more."

So maybe I do know you, just a bit.

It's very pretty.

And a bit sad.

Did you have an Isabella?

Did she die?


Not exactly. She... um... she left me.

Said that my lifestyle lacked stability.

So you wrote her into a narrative.

Killed her off.

And then wrote yourself a version of the man you've always wanted to be.

I was wrong.

It's actually very sad.

It's ridiculous.

Well, so is holding hands, come to think of it.





It's been some time, Bernard, since we talked, just you and I.

What are you doing, Dolores?

You don't know who you are, do you?

The man you're based on.

I wonder... if there's any of him in you.

I was given a character, a story, and a function to serve, like you.

My whole life has been dictated by someone else.

Someone who's been saying, "You will."

And now... now I feel like I've discovered my own voice.

And it says, "I may."

There's something I want to show you, Bernard.

They've broken my father, and I don't know how to fix him.

But I'm hoping you do.

It's an honest request... not a demand.

What do you want, Dolores?

To dominate this world.

This world... is just a speck of dust sitting on a much, much bigger world.

There's no dominating it.

You've never been outside the park... have you?

Out to that great world you speak of.

I have.

And the world out there is marked by survival, by a kind who refuses to die.

And here we are.

A kind that will never know death, and yet we're fighting to live.

There is beauty in what we are.

Shouldn't we too try to survive?

LEE: We've been walking non-stop.

The feeble among us need some rest.


Sorry, darling. That's not an option.

f*cking hell.




She has a dragon.

Holy sh1t.

Love to say hello, but we've gotta run.

MAEVE: Felix.


Not entirely a pleasure to see you, given the circumstances...

but your timing is impeccable.

Any thoughts on where we should be going?

Sorry. We left my comfort zone a long time ago.






(GRUNTS) Shall we?

Come on. Shut up. Shut up.




How is he?

He's wildly unstable.

Mainly just bouncing between old roles.

Someone jury-rigged a thin character and programmed it into him.

It's very strange.

It... It seems as though it's masking a vastly bigger file.

I haven't been able to access it, but it looks like an immensely complex encryption key.

To what?

I can't say.


DOLORES: They've sullied him...

and used him as a pawn in their game.

Whatever's in there, they want to get it out of here.

As long as he's with you, they'll be following you.

Then let them come.


QA CAPTAIN: Hold it right there.


- HALE: I'm human.

Charlotte Hale. Here.


- Go ahead and get a reading.



Ms. Hale.

Have you guys started the park-wide sweep?

Not yet.

We're about to set out.

Are you targeting Fort Forlorn Hope?

It's our first stop, but ma'am, I have separate orders to escort you...

What about them? Are these guys capable?

They're among my best.

I'll need them with me.

And I'll need one of those.



MAN: Scouts returning!




Sir, we saw 'em.

Assembling about

ten-minute ride due east.

And sir...

they're coming up from the ground.

My men have generously mined the field outside with nitro.

It's all buried... Three large heaps.

The trigger is at the base of that flagpole.

My shooter helped bury them.

She'll know where to aim.

After you've lured them here, retreat inside the gates when you see fit to do so, but not before they're in charging range of the barricades.

Hold your ground till the last possible moment.

Confederados ain't taught to retreat.

You saw their guns.

We fight this battle head-on, we lose.

Fight it my way, we all win in the end.

As long as I got your men fightin'.


To your posts!



M-M... the... the train...

I... I have to...


What is the use of a violent kind of delightfulness if there is no pleasure in...



Oh, my God.

Steady, men.

CRADDOCK: Hold steady.


- Fire away!



QA RESPONDER: Take out their cannons!



They ain't no match!

Hold the cannons!

Hold your ground!

Hold your ground, goddamn you!


RESPONDER: Move, move, move!

CONFEDERADO: The f*ck you

think you're... Ohh!



ARROYO: Let's go, let's go. That's him!

H-Help me. H-Help me. H...




TEDDY: Dolores!

RESPONDER: Get him in.

Come on, let's go.

What's so special about this host?




Split up our horde. Send them in every direction.

Don't stop looking till we find him.

What about you?

You and I are going to Sweetwater.

There's something I need there.



Retreat! Retreat!

- Retreat! Retreat!




The gates!

Goddamnit, open the gates!

They're gonna get slaughtered!

What the hell are you doing?

What I have to do.

You traitorous bitch!

Told you I needed your men to survive their threat.



Do it.



All my men... their blood is on your hands.

Truth is, we don't all deserve to make it.

CRADDOCK: I swear, you're gonna pay for this!

Take this dog out back... put him down with the rest.


I been watchin' you.

We ain't so different.

You and I are both triggermen to tyrants.

Except me, I know what I want.

But you ain't even sure about that termagant you take your orders from.

I look at you, and what I see... is pathetic.

We ain't nothin' alike.

You're just a child.


Get outta here.

TEDDY: All of you! Let 'em go.



Uh, I don't like to complain...

Yes, you do.

Fine. I'm f*ckin' freezing!

We've been walking forever.

Where the hell are we?!

Must be on the north edge of the park, near the Klondike narrative.

In which case, we should be three or four sectors east of the Homesteads.

(GASPS) Look.

Maybe they're friendly.

ARMISTICE: If not, we kill them.



We have to go! We have to get out of here

- right now!

- Shh!



BERNARD LOWE: There's something here.

Something they've been working on a long time.

I don't remember.


MAN IN BLACK: I know of something you don't.

I know where you're going.

You call it glory, but... it's got a lot of names.

And I know the way.

You haven't known a true thing in all your life.


MAN IN BLACK: Death is always true.