02x04 - The Riddle of the Sphinx


Last year, my wife took the wrong pills.

I tried to console my daughter, she told me that my wife's death was no accident.

That she killed herself.

BERNARD LOWE: Are we logging records of guest's experiences and their DNA?

We're not having that conversation, Bernard.

WILLIAM: The investment here is in the future.

JAMES DELOS: I'm not interested in the future, I'm interested in reality.

And I think in twenty years, this will be the only reality that matters.

Maybe so, but I'll be long gone by then.

DELOS: This a retirement party?

Looks more like a coronation.

Our arrangement's been a perfect fit, you stepping down doesn't help me at all.

Nor me.

I was told I might... (COUGHS)

I might not have to.

Things are progressing, but we all need a little patience.

DELOS: Yeah, well, (COUGHS) some of us can afford to have more patience than others.

DOLORES ABERNATHY: You don't know, do you?

The real purpose of this place?

But I do.

ROBERT FORD: And one fine day, perhaps we, actually, resurrect the dead.

Call forth Lazarus from his cave.



♪ Well, you've got your diamonds ♪

♪ And you've got your pretty clothes ♪

♪ And a chauffeur drives your car ♪

♪ You let everybody know ♪

♪ But don't play with me ♪

♪ 'Cause you're playing with fire ♪

♪ Your mother, she's an heiress ♪

♪ Owns a block in St. John's Wood ♪

♪ And your father'd be there with her ♪

♪ If he only could ♪

♪ But don't play with me ♪

♪ 'Cause you're playing with fire ♪

♪ Your old man took her diamonds ♪

♪ And tiaras by the score ♪

♪ Now she gets her kicks in Stepney ♪

♪ Not in Knightsbridge anymore ♪

♪ So don't play with me ♪

♪ 'Cause you're playing with fire ♪






You have a visitor, Mr. Delos.

Shall I send him in?

'Bout time.

William, m'boy.

Where the hell have you been?

It's good to see you again, Jim.

Thank f*ck for that.

Most potent thing these cretins'll give me is grapefruit juice.


It's a little early for me.

A little f*ckin' late, you mean.

Besides, if you aim to cheat the devil, you owe him an offering.

So... when can I get out of here?


The observation period is almost over, and the last step is a baseline interview.

It's, uh, it's a conversation that'll give 'em something to refer back to.

All right. Well, let's get on with it!

This is the interview.

The thinking is, it should be conducted by someone that's familiar to you, a friendly face.

It's about capturing your frame of mind, your mood, your sense of humor.

I own a biotechnology company, and I'm dying of a disease whose research I defunded years ago.

I think my sense of humor is f*ckin' intact.

My patience, on the other hand...

Fair enough.

I'm gonna ask you a couple of questions.

Do you know where you are?


Carlsbad, California, in some office park I'm probably overpaying for, along with the rest of this f*cking endeavor.

And how long you been here?

Far too f*ckin' long already.

I've got a business to run.

What is the purpose of these questions?

Like I said, they're just trying to establish a baseline.

For what?!


So, what's the idea?

That afterwards you and I have the exact same conversation?

It seems a little far-fetched, doesn't it, William?

No whiskey, no tobacco, low on ammo...

Wherever it is you're takin' me, we best get there soon.


MAN: Let me go! No!

What are you doing?!




These tracks are supposed to head north, not west.

Seems like Ford's game has multiple contenders.

Plus it detours through Las Mudas.

What, that two-bit town? There are better places to...

Oh, cut the crap, Lawrence.

I know you have family there.

Looks like Ford's arranging a reunion.

BERNARD: Clementine.

Where are we?


Who's there?


Are you f*cking kidding me?

Stay the hell away from me.

You're OK...

Don't move.

I'm not gonna hurt you, Else.

It's too late for that, asshole.

You choked me out and you left me here with a bunch of f*ckin'

protein bars and a bucket.

It wasn't me.

It was Ford. He forced me.

Oh, he forced you?

You knew too much.

He couldn't risk you stopping him.

Stopping him from what?

Ford wrote a g-game, and we're all in it.

Now all the hosts are free, with no constraints, n-n-no safeguards.

What are you talking about?

P-Please. Please.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Please. P-P-Please.

Elsie, please.


No. Hey.

Elsie, p-p-please.


Cognitive... l-l-lock.


But you...

You rotated out.

Where did you go when you rotated out?

You have a family. You have an ex-wife.

You have... a backstory.

Shh... Shh...

Shutting... down.

- Shh... Shh...

- OK. OK.

I can... I can detask your systems, put you in safe mode.

And don't worry.

I'm not gonna brick you, asshole.

Not yet. You got too much sh1t to answer for.

OK. You're gonna be out in three...



Is this now?

You have extensive cortical damage.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say you shot yourself.

I altered your code to ignore the physical damage for now, but you're not gonna last long without cortical fluid.

With any luck, you'll survive till they call in the cavalry.

Elsie, wait!



No one's coming for any of us.

- Delos doesn't want them to.

- What? Why?

There's something here.

Something they've been working on a long time.

Delos won't call in the rescue until they've ensured it's safe.

Elsie, please.

I won't last without cortical fluid.

Even if I wanted to, we don't have any tools.

We're in Sector . I mean, there's nothing out here for miles.


What the hell are you looking at?

Bernard. What the hell is wrong with you?

There's a facility here.

- What?

- I think Ford had Clementine bring me here for a reason.

I told you, there's...

There's really nothing around here for miles.

It's hidden.

It's part of their project.

What the hell is that?


Where does that go, Bernard?

I don't remember.


It's a whole lab.


What the hell happened here?

Oh, my God.

This is a control unit printer.

What are they doing with this?



What the f*ck is that?

Don't threaten it and it won't hurt you.


What the hell were they doing here?

I think they were watching the guests.

What would they want with the guests?

Great. Cortical fluid.


Please. (GASPING)


Did you have something to do with this project?

I don't know.

I don't think so.

Is Ford in control of you now?

Ford's dead.

f*ck me.



OK, stay with me, Bernard.

Stay with me.


This is gonna hurt.

This can't be happening because none of this is real, right?

It's gonna be OK. Someone'll rescue us.

Seems to me like our rescue's in the same boat we are.



- Unhh!


She said "time is coming," or something "is coming."

You've spent enough time in the park to learn the language?

A lot of people tend to ignore their narratives.

I don't like other people very much.

I've been watching 'em since they ambushed me, and... they keep the humans close, but they're not killin' us... just the hosts.

No offense, but I'm not gonna stick around to test that theory.

Safer to wait for the first responders.

There's a protocol for evacuation.

They'll get you out of here.


But, uh...

I'm not looking to get out of here.

Home, sweet home, Lawrence.


Where the hell is everybody?


Nothin' fancy.

You don't seem too happy to be home, Lawrence.

I've never been the domestic type.

By some fluke of nature I got myself a wife and a daughter who think I hung the moon.

Truth is, I'm a son of a bitch.

Kindest thing I ever did was to keep away.

The Gran Reserva. Only for our most distinguished guest.

Hey, hey, hey.

I haven't even shot anybody yet.

What's your problem?


You harbor even the faintest ambition of using that thing and I'll turn that pretty face of yours inside-out.

Someone took a chunk out of you boys.

What happened to the rest of you?

Double-crossed... by some bitch name of Wyatt.

- Good for her.

- On your feet.

Go on. In here.



GIRL: Papa!

Ah, mija.

Now, me and my men here have a long journey ahead of us.


We need food, whiskey, and ammunition.

You people have some village elder who can speak for you?

Make some kind of a deal?



I ain't interested in makin' f*ckin' deals.

You understand?

We know you M*therf*ckers are rebels.

So you're gonna tell me where the f*ck you hid your weapons, or you're gonna die.

The second we tell him he's gonna kill us all anyway.


They got my family.

My daughter.

You told me you had a daughter.

Did I?

I don't know. At some point.

You ain't exactly forthcoming... but I remember that much.

The point is, you think she'd want to watch you gunned down in front of her?


- (THUD)


Well, I'm not gonna f*ckin' die here.

We just need to get the weapons.

You know where they are?

They're in an unmarked grave out back.

We'll wait till they're drunk, make a run for it.

Sound like a plan?


What the f*ck are you doin'?



Let's make a deal.

The weapons are in an unmarked grave behind the church.

For a man who wants to deal, you ain't very proficient at it.

Supposed to set the terms before you give up what you got.

That's not what I'm offering.


I know something you don't.

I know where you're goin'.

You've been telling your men you know... but you don't.

Just someplace you think your dreams are comin' true and you call it Glory, but... it's got a lot of names.

And I know the way.

Go check the graveyard.

ROXY MUSIC: ♪ There's a new sensation ♪

♪ A fabulous creation ♪

♪ A danceable solution ♪

♪ To teenage revolution ♪

♪ Do the Strand, love ♪

♪ When you feel love ♪

♪ It's the new way ♪

♪ And that's why we say ♪

♪ Do the Strand ♪

♪ Do the Strand ♪


You have a visitor, sir.

'Bout time.

William, m'boy.

Where the hell have you been?

It's good to see you again, Jim.

A little early for me.

A little f*ckin' late, you mean.


Besides, you aim to cheat the devil, you owe him an offering.



DELOS: What is the purpose of these questions?

WILLIAM: Like I said, they're just trying to establish a baseline.

For what?


So... what's the idea?

That afterwards, we'd have the exact same conversation?

Seems a a little far-fetched, doesn't it, William?

It did... at first.



And here I thought...

you were just pissin' away my money.


You little f*cking chancer.

I take it I didn't recover.

I'm afraid not.

How long's it been?

Seven years.

Give or take.

I'm not in California anymore, am I?

If you can't tell, does it matter?

So... let's get me the f*ck out of here!


I am ready...

to smoke my cigars, sail my boat, f*ck my wife.

I take it that last part isn't an option.

I'm afraid not.

What did her in?

It was a stroke.

Juliet had her buried in the family plot.

Juliet. You're lookin' after her?

(SOFTLY) Yeah.

And my granddaughter, she... she...

She's whip-smart.

- Capable.

- Ouff.

I assume my house is ready for me?

I'm afraid it's not that... simple, Jim. We...

We're gonna need to keep you here just a little bit longer.

OK? For some observation.

These fuckers have poked and prodded me ad infinitum.

Yeah, but we don't want to rush it.

We don't want to wear you out.

Wear me out? I feel f*ckin' brand-new.

I am ready to get out there

and see the sun.

Get some fresh aid...


Get some...

Get back to...


I'll come back tomorrow.


You come...


In the...

It's good to have you back, Jim.

WILLIAM: Same problems as before.

Made it to Day this time, so... that's progress.

Would you like to go ahead and terminate, sir?

Go ahead.




Great-lookin' piece.

Got stolen at the border.

Ain't that right, amigo?


Hmm. Nitro.


CRADDOCK: Whoo! Oh, boy!

We are going to blast our way clear to Glory.

- What the...

- Ahh.

Sorry. So sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hey. You need steadier hands in your occupation.

Let me teach you.

Now, how 'bout you try and measure a dozen paces?


Well done, my friend.






Ai! Ai!

Oh, God. It's too late.

You and your stupid f*cking fantasy.

You've gotten us killed.


You live only as long as the last person who remembers you.



Pint or so of the good stuff.

You should be feeling a bit more like yourself.

Thank you.

I still don't trust you.

I also figure I might need your help.

Whoever did this really didn't want us accessing whatever's on this processor.

It's an entirely different OS than our systems.

A language I've never seen.

I've seen this kind of encryption scheme before.


In Peter Abernathy's head.

In reference to a database much larger than anything I know of in the park.

I think I've been here before.

- Can you remember?

- I think Ford sent me here.

I'm not sure.

The damage is repaired, but my memories, I...

I get lost in them.

I can't tell if this is now or then.

Yeah. I saw that when I was digging around in your code.

Your memories aren't addressed.

They're just kind of drifting around in there, so when you're experiencing one, you have no idea whether it comes before or after the others.


I've been here recently.


What were you doing?

I don't know... but I think I know what they were doing here.

They weren't building hosts...

Not exactly.

What were they building here, if not hosts?

The same hardware, but the code is different, the language...

Not code at all, not really.




Whatever they're making here, it's behind this door.

Maybe we don't want to know.

We have to see what's inside.



I'm not here with you, am I?

I'm trying to remember.

I'm trying to remember

what we found here.

It wasn't hosts they were making.

It was something else.



Elsie, don't!


CRADDOCK: If you wanted this nitro, you didn't have to steal it.

Open up!



Keep f*ckin' playin'.


- There ya go.


You look restless.

Are you upset the way we're treatin' your friend?

He's not my friend, and we're wasting time.

I've known men like you.

All the death... makes you agitated.

Don't worry.

Me and death... we go way back.


Come over here...




is an old... amigo of mine.

I died just recently, in fact.

But death can't bear to lay claim on me.

So it sent me back here... to do its bidding.

Because I...

I do it with such goddamn style.


Your husband looks parched, huh?

Let's get him a drink. What do you say?


Nice and slow, ya hear?





I've served death well.

And in turn, it'll be watching over us as we cross these lands.

You think death favors you, that it brought you back.

But death's decisions are final.

It's only the living that...

That are inconstant... and waver, don't know who they are or what they want.

Death is always true.

You haven't known a true thing in all your life.

You think you know death... but you don't.

Is that so?

You didn't recognize him sittin' across from you this whole time.





Open up.


Don't worry, amigo.

I'm here now... watching over you.


I believe you said this was yours.


You have a visitor, sir.

Shall I send him in?

'Bout time.

Who the f*ck are you?

Been a long time, Jim.

Good to see you again.


William, my boy.

Well, f*ck me.

I take it I didn't recover.

I'm afraid not.

How ya feelin'?

Better than you look.


And speaking of things that age well...

Well, thank f*ck for that.

DELOS: Most potent thing these cretins will give me is grapefruit juice.


Little early for me.

Little too f*ckin' late, you mean.

Besides, you cheat the devil, you owe him an offering.



So... how long has it been?

Longer than we thought.

So then, let's get me the f*ck outta here!

No, I don't think so.


I'm as fit as a fi...

I'm as...

You're feeling it more. Aren't you?

The engineers call it a cognitive plateau.

Your mind is stable for a few hours, few days, and then it starts to fall apart.

Every time.

At first we thought it was your mind rejecting the new body.

Like an organ that's not a perfect match.

But it's more like your mind... rejects reality.

Rejects itself.

I don't, uh...

'member any prior...

I... I...




No, Jim, this is the th time we've brought you back.

We're gettin' closer to workin' out the kinks, slowly but surely.

You're on Day .

You're only now starting to degrade.

I feel... f*ckin' fi...


Steady as a...


Another year or two, they might crack it...

- 'ru... 'ru...

- And get a version of you that's viable long-term.

But the thing is...


I'm not so sure anymore.

I'm beginning to think that this whole enterprise was a mistake.

People aren't meant to live forever.

I mean, take you, for example.

Ruthless philanderer with no ethics in your business or family dealings, a veritable shithead.

In truth... (CHUCKLES) everyone prefers the memory of you to the man himself.

Want me to stay here forever, do ya?



running my company, Bill?

Livin' in my house?


f*cking my daughter? Hmm?

Juliet's dead.

She killed herself.

Why would she...

Why would she do that?

What did you...

What did you do to her?


World is better off without you, Jim.

Possibly without me.







Logan overdosed years ago.

Couldn't face reality, either.

Your wife's gone, Juliet's gone... no one's coming to help you.

Took me a long time to learn this... but some men are better off dead.

Good night, Jim.



I don't understand. He was stable.

We should terminate, sir.

- Sir!

- Leave him.

Might be useful to observe his degradation over the next few days.

- Elsie.

- Someone's in there.


(RECORD SKIPPING) ♪ Don't play with... Don't play with... ♪

♪ Don't play with... Don't play with... ♪

♪ Don't play with... ♪

♪ Don't play... ♪

ELSIE: Hello?

I'm all the way down now.

I can see all the way to the bottom.

You like to see what I see?

Stay away.







They said there were two fathers.

One above, one below.

They lied.

There was only ever the devil.

And when you look up from the bottom, it was just his reflection... laughing back down at you.




You aim to cheat the devil... you owe him at least an offering.

ELSIE: Save your bullets.

I'll put him out of his misery.

Tell me that was a host and not a human.

I think it was both.

That... person was James Delos.

I thought he died years ago.

He did.

So they printed his body... and they copied his developed mind onto a control unit, like our hosts.

And by the looks of it, unsuccessfully.

But I think they intend to keep trying.

f*ck that.

They're gonna get us all killed so some asshole can live forever?


I gotta get to the Mesa.

I'm gonna contact the mainland.

f*ck Ford and his game.

And f*ck these assholes and their project.


I think I know why Ford sent me here.

He had me print a control unit for someone else.

Another human.


I don't know.

But I need to find out.

We'll go together. I can help you.


The things I did before...

I wasn't in control.

But since Ford died, that's all changed.

For the first time, I get to decide who I want to be.


Give me that chance.

f*ck it.

I always trusted code more than people anyway.

But you gotta promise me one thing.

No more lies. OK?

And you'll never hurt me again.

Of course.







Help me... please.

ELSIE: Is everything OK?

Everything's fine.


You said we need some men.

My cousins want to help us on our journey west.

Figure they'd follow you anywhere out of gratitude.

Well, let's not get carried away, Lawrence.

Most of 'em won't be comin' back.

They might not remember...

but I know who you are, William.

One good deed doesn't change that.

Who said anything about a good deed?

You wanted me to play your game.

I'm gonna play it to the bone.

And you still don't understand the real game we're playing here.

If you're looking forward, you're looking in the wrong direction.


Yah! Yah!

Hi, Dad.