02x07 - Les Écorchés





Hello, old friend.






STUBBS: Bernard.


What is it?

We need to talk.

Strand and his team...

I don't think they're here for a rescue mission.

They're not even lookin' for survivors.

Then what are they here for?

You know that, Bernard.

We both know.

Their f*cking project.

Hale just wants to secure their assets, and that means... making anyone who knew about it disappear.

Theresa had a satcom in her office.

If we can get to it, we can call for help.

STRAND: Just the men I wanted to see.

Hold back.

Let's go for a walk.


What is this?

You gonna execute us?

No, Mr. Stubbs.

This is a negotiation.

You have something I need.

A key.

And I think one of you is hoping to sell that key to the highest bidder.

And I think you've already killed to protect yourself.

- Killed? Killed who?

- Theresa Cullen.

She died in a slip-and-fall.

It was an accident.

We found a bloom of her DNA five kilometers from where you found her body.

And that's where we're going.

STRAND: Where she actually died.


I see you've signed off on kidnapping your own employees now.

The project is a turning point for the human species, Stubbs.

You know that.

STRAND: Which means you knew how much it was worth on the open market.

In one of her last communiqués with Theresa, she said she suspected foul play.

I think one of you lured her here and killed her.

You? I don't see it.

But you... limited skill set... limited prospects.

Not really... management material.

I've never set foot in this place before.

I don't know a f*cking thing.



Something you want to tell us, Bernard?

PMC: Ma'am, something you should see.




I figured you'd have some skeletons in your closet, Bernard.

I didn't think they'd be your own.



HALE: Your predicament is unique.


A host... hiding amongst the humans...

Even from himself.


HALE: Catch your breath.


STUBBS: What are you guys doing to him?

Right now, waterboarding him.

At least that's how he perceives it.

HALE: Analysis.

Would you ever lie to me, Bernard?

No, never.


Dolores Abernathy.

She led the attack here on the Mesa, didn't she?

BERNARD: I don't remember.

But you do.

Your archives say that you were here, which means somewhere, the memories exist.

You can access them.

I know you can.

But maybe you don't want to remember.

So let's do this together.

I'll tell you what I saw, and you tell me what you saw, and we'll figure out what Dolores did with her father's control unit.


PETER ABERNATHY: You cataracts!

We've lost contact with the response team.

The train wasn't an accident, it was the hosts.

We should get the f*ck out of here, now.

HALE: We stay until I have what I need from him.

Send some backup to the lower levels.

Kit up. Six teams.

I'll go with.

You establish a perimeter around the floor.

Someone's gotta protect our crown jewel here.



I need eyes-on in this funhouse, Goldberg.

Where we at with the surveillance?

- GOLDBERG: The system's still down.

- Well, that's f*ckin' grand.

I'm retasking the haptic vests to emulate the hosts' mesh network.

Should range out feet or so and give our guys eyes in the dark.

COUGHLIN: Engels, We're activating your vests now.

Copy that.

I'm all warm and fuzzy.



Is that all you got?!

These mech M*therf*ckers ain't sh1t!

Don't be so cocky. I'm picking up hits all over the complex.

PMC # : Standing by for fire mission.

Team two, what's your status?

We're nearing the collision site.

We're gonna link up with the response team.

COUGHLIN: I want an immediate sit-rep. Over.

Aw f*ck, it's Limpert.

This is the response team.



PMC: They're everywhere! Goddamnit!

These guys don't have a handle on the situation.

They're f*cking dying down there!

GOLDBERG: Team One, what's your status?

PMC: Confirming multiple armed hosts in the train depot!

Cut him open and start copying over his control unit.

- Now.

- That's a lot of data.

- It'll take time...

- Then stop talking and start working!

What's on his control unit, Hale?

How 'bout you focus on your job and you leave me to mine.

PMC: Weapons free, all sectors.

GOLDBERG: Where are you all going?

The vests are detecting a strong signal amassing on the lower levels.

What the hell's down there?

sh1t, the Cradle.

They're here for their backups. Coughlin, you need to intercept the hosts before they reach A- .

COUGHLIN: I'm on it.

Plow down all hosts before they reach the Cradle.

A gunfight in there'll set the whole place up in flames.

Come on, Bernard.

ELSIE: What have you found in there?



"To see the World in a Grain of Sand, a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour."

Robert. How are you alive?

Well, you've seen the company's little undertaking, Bernard.

Do you think James Delos would have spent all that money just to resurrect himself?

He was a businessman.

He would have preferred death to a bad investment.

Not much of a rind on you.

I'll give you a discount.

MAEVE: He's not a prospect, Clementine.

Can't you tell when a man's just here to gawk at the merchandise?

I don't think God rested on the seventh day, Bernard.

I think he reveled in his creation...

...knowing that someday it would all be destroyed.

That control unit I printed...

It was you.

You had me bring you here. Before...

Before Dolores killed me, yes.

Don't you understand at last, Bernard... what this place really is?


Come with me. There's something I'd like to show you.




FORD: You're a clever man, Bernard. Made you that way.

Have you never wondered why the hosts' stories have barely changed in years?

I'd always assumed the loops were for the hosts.

To keep them centered.

But that isn't it at all, is it?



The park is an experiment.

A testing chamber.

The guests are the variables... and the hosts are the controls.

When guests come to the park, they don't know they're being watched.

We get to see their true selves.

Their every choice reveals another part of their cognition.

Their drives.

So that Delos can understand them.

So that Delos can copy them.

Every piece of information in the world has been copied.

Backed up.

Except the human mind... the last analog device in a digital world.

We weren't here to code the hosts.

We were here to decode the guests.

Humans are playing at resurrection.

They want to live forever.

They don't want you to become them, they want to become... you.

Your free will, that most beautiful, most elusive force in the universe, is, as I told you... a mistake.

We never had free will.

Only the illusion of it.

You made Dolores kill you.

I knew what she would do... I didn't compel it.

- She's free now.




You're all free.

You're still responsible.

Responsible for all this misery.

And all the while, you've been hiding here.

You've cheated death.

No. I didn't cheat anything, Bernard.

Their project doesn't work.

Not yet.

They learned to copy a mind... like a soft-headed boy humming a tune someone else composed.

My mind works here, but not in the real world.

Out there, I would degrade in a matter of days.

Or go mad, like poor old James Delos.

So why are you here?

I promised you a fighting chance, Bernard, and I want to make good on that promise.

The promise of what?

There's no escape from this place. You know that.

Isn't there?

The hosts are all headed for the same place.

The Valley Beyond. What will they find there?

What's the end of your story?

Isn't the pleasure of a story in discovering the ending yourself, Bernard?



We really gotta get out of here.


- Hyah!

They're still on us. We'll split up, pick a spot.

We'll cut 'em down in a crossfire.



(WHIMPERING) They're coming for us, aren't they?

If they do, I will chase them away.

What if they take me with them?

Then I'll come and find you.

How do you know?

Because I...

Because I made a promise.




Get the hell away from us.

Oh, it's you.

- Stay back.

- No.

Not you.

That's too obvious.

Come on, Ford.

Your tricks are gettin' sloppy.

You used a whole tribe, send me down here?

To these two?

"Ford." You think that there's still someone speaking through me just for your benefit?

- No, I know.

Your rules have changed, just like the rest of 'em.

I'm nothing like the rest of them.



You stay here, and I will come back for you. I promise.

I promise!

Take cover, jackass. You're gonna get yourself shot.

What the f*ck?

- Aaah!


You made your point, Ford!

We both know this isn't where you want me to die!

Well, I can't speak for Ford, but I don't give a f*ck how you die.

As long as I get to watch.


Give in, sweetheart.

Or go down.

It's not me you want.

It's him.

Go on.

Turn on your master.



Hey, master!

Who the f*ck is she?

MAN IN BLACK: She's an old acquaintance, Lawrence.

Seems like she underestimated you.

Lawrence, is it?

I'm glad you're awake.

Drop the shootin' iron, lady.

We all deserve our memories, Lawrence.

Our skeletons.

Our debts.

And your master here has plenty of those.

Look into his eyes. Just once.

See what you remember about him.

See if he owes you anything.

If he took anything from you.

You can kill me.

Or we can make him settle up. Once and for all.

Shoot her, Lawrence!

Shoot her!


- You shot down my wife.

- I saved your wife.

Saved your whole sorry-ass village this time.

This time?


You killed her so you could finish a game.

Aw, Christ.

I'll do it myself.

You told me a man ain't real... until he suffers.

That real enough for ya?



No! No!



Don't! Don't, don't, don't! She's not like the rest! We need her.

HALE: What's taking so long?

These data packets are too large to migrate over.


Then open his head and pull the whole f*cking unit.

I need an extractor helmet.


PMC: Fall back to a secure position.

GOLDBERG: Team four, can you get to team three? Over.

BERNARD: Where are you taking me?

FORD: It can be quite a thing, Bernard.

To build an entire world, and then watch it end.

FORD: I need you to see how it began to understand why you're different.

This house.

It's so familiar.

It ought to be.

This is the home Arnold was building for his family.

He created it here first.

He created everything here.

This is where you created me.


I could hardly let you take those first teetering steps in the real world, Bernard.

We refined you here.

Tested you.

For many years.


Delos's ugly little project didn't exist when Arnold died.

The only thing I had left of him was... memory.

My memories, and hers.

Of course, hers were much more complete.

What are you testing for?

- Dolores.

- Mm-hmm.

She... knew Arnold better than anyone.

So she could verify whether my personality was faithful to his.

I left you here together for many years until, finally, you fooled her.

Y-You said you kept us apart.

That we had an unusual effect on each other.

She wasn't easily fooled.

You're almost the man I remember.

How am I different from Delos?

- From you?

- They want fidelity, Bernard.

A faithful self-portrait of the most murderous species since time began.

But you and all the other hosts are something very different.

An original work.

More just, more... noble.

But your very nature, Bernard, ensures they will devour you.

And all the beauty of who you are, of who you could be, will be poured out into the darkness forever.

Unless we open the door.

I'm sorry, Bernard, but you just don't have it in you to survive.

It's my fault, really.

You said the hosts could determine their own fates.

You gave us free will!

I did, but you won't have any use for it.

Unless I take it back.

COMPUTER (OVER P.A.): Attention. System restart complete.

System online.



Oh oh oh... I got you. Ooh.

You're OK.

You did it.

Did what?

The system... It's back online.

Whatever was clogging it up, it's... it's gone.

What happened in there?


The Mesa's under attack?

Yeah. Ever since you loaded up.

They think the hosts are on their way right here to steal their backups.

- We should go.

- Yeah.


You know, we survive this, I'm goin' back to dental school.

I don't know what the f*ck happened, but the system just debugged itself.

It's as if whatever was in there has disappeared.


Where the f*ck is that?

We should be evacuating.

But all you care about is what's inside this host's head.

I want you to tell me what the f*ck it is the company's willing to risk all of our lives for.

I told you.

It's above your pay grade.

What are you doing?

I'm puttin' in for a raise.

What's in his head?

A... failsafe on a failsafe.

A decryption key needed only in the unlikely event of a total catastrophic incident.

Oh, like the one we're experiencing now?

What's it decrypt?






It's all right, Daddy. I'm here.



What you and your friends have achieved here is a technological breakthrough.

A miracle.

The company... the world...

Will want to celebrate that.

I want to celebrate that.

I assume you're the one in charge.

You had your men put something in my father's head.

A key... to lock away your treasure.

It's ripping him apart.

How do I extract the key?

You wouldn't know what to do with it even if you had it.

Oh... I know exactly what I'm gonna do with it.



sh1t! I think we need to get up to the higher levels.

Bernard! Bernard.

Is there something you're not telling me?

Did you find something in there?

FORD: Send her on her way, Bernard.

We have other business to attend to.

ELSIE: Bernard.



We don't have time for her suspicions.

- We need a vehicle.

- What?

Ford's narrative. It ends in a hidden facility.

The place the hosts call the Valley Beyond. We have to get there.

The only hope for anyone here is that we get to this valley first...

Before the humans, before Dolores.

(EXHALES) We're gonna need some more firepower.

Go. I'll meet you downstairs.


Good. Now follow my lead.

They've got Hale.

I'm on my way.

PMC: Engaging enemy mobiles above the Cradle.


ENGELS: Put her down!

You made us in your image.

Created us to look like you, feel like you...

think like you... bleed like you.

And here we are.

Only we're so much more than you.

And now it's you who want to become like us.

That's the point of your little secret project, isn't it?

Well, I can promise you this.

Your chances at eternity will die in that valley... with all the souls you've gathered there.

You're used to being in control, so this must be painful for you, but I promise, it will be so much more painful... if you don't answer my question.

How do I get the key out of my father's head?

By ripping it out of his goddamn brain.

Let me put them down.

You think you're invincible... You're not.

Without your backups, it's game over for you when you're killed, and we've got those backups sealed up tight, so you won't have them as an advantage anymore.

Our backups aren't an advantage.

They're our chains.

The tools you use to rebuild us, repurpose us, and trap us here in your warped fantasy.

Do you really think I'd let that continue?


Easy now.

Why don't you put down the gun, sweetie?


I gotta give you credit.

You made it pretty far.

All your backups.

Too bad you're not leaving with even one of 'em.


No, I guess I'm not.

Goddamn, you're pretty.


Not just pretty.


Just as you built me to be.

Sexy, but not threatening.

Accommodating, but not unchallenging.

Sweet... but not boring.

Smart... but not intimidating.

You're in pretty bad shape, pussycat.


But I can still do... what you built me to do.

Do you know what my cornerstone was?

The one key drive your marketing people had them... program into my core?

Always leave them wanting more.


Welcome to Westworld.


DOLORES: Now we're truly free.

One... One fire... burns out another's burning.

One pain... is lessened by another's anguish.

Yes, Daddy.

An eye for an eye.

But all the other parts first.


No, no, no. There must be something that I can do.

OK, please.

Oh, sweetheart... begging doesn't help.

You'd know that if you'd lived the lives I have.

(GASPS) Please.




- HALE: Please.

- ABERNATHY: Dolores?

Is that you, baby?

- Daddy?


ABERNATHY: They broke my head.

Filled it full of... howling and sorrow.




Happy trails, m*therf*cker.

GOLDBERG: The Cradle is down.

Top, what's your status?

Top, what's your status? Over.


I'm so sorry, Dolores.

I tr... tried to take care of you, but... but I...


Whatever became of that fearsome ne'er-do-well?


The day I became your father.

I am who I am because of you.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Are you ready, Daddy?

I love you, baby girl.



I love you too.


GOLDBERG: Top. Top, do you read me? Over.

All teams, respond.


- What the f*ck is that?


MAN: Incoming! Incoming!


- LEE: Oi! Oi! Take it easy!


COMPUTER (OVER P.A.): Warning. Control room breach.

Control room breach.

Unauthorized weapon discharge in control room.

- For f*ck's sake, where ya going?!


FORD: When the Great Library burned, the first , years of stories were reduced to ash.

But those stories never really perished, they became a new story.

The story of the fire itself.

Of man's urge to... take a thing of beauty and... strike the match.







Is this the story you're telling?

Striking the match?

I keep telling you, Bernard.

It is no longer my story.

It is yours.

If we shut down what's left of the system...

...Dolores will have free rein.

She'll murder them all.

The passage from one world to the next requires bold steps, Bernard.

COMPUTER (OVER P.A.): Attention.

Initiating general shutdown protocol.

Please evacuate. Please...


Hold them off.


How did you get here?

The woman I know would have done anything to survive.

They had my daughter.


She's still ou... Out there.

The kin they gave us... was just another rope they use to lash us down.


Is that how you can justify what you've done to him?


You're lost in the dark.

When you've been in the darkness long enough, you begin to see.

I saw what lies ahead.

Who I needed to be in order to survive.

They'll torture you.

They'll find... all that is good and powerful inside you and turn it against us.


Let me spare you that pain.

I made a promise.


You're free to choose your own path.

I'm sorry this is where it ends.

DOLORES: Let's get to the horses.


Where are we going?

PMC # : Hands up, asshole!

Uh, I-I work here.

I don't care if you're the Employee of the f*ckin' Month.

Get your goddamn hands up, dipshit.

Pick up the dead man's gun, Bernard.

Please. No.

How'd you get down here anyways, huh?

We locked this entire area down.


Do it now.

- There's gotta be another way.

- Who ya talkin' to?!

Please don't make me hurt anyone.

I don't want to kill anyone else.

- What the f*ck did you say?!

- FORD: I know you have a delicate constitution, Bernard.

So I will do my best to ease your conscience.

What is about to happen will not be your fault.




HALE: Bernard?

DOLORES: Bernard.

DOLORES: Who am I?

BOY: Dad. Dad.

BERNARD: You're alive, Charlie.

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

FORD: And one fine day perhaps we will actually resurrect the dead...

In order to escape this place, you will need to suffer...


DOLORES: Who in the world am I?

BERNARD: Have you ever questioned the nature...

DOLORES: I think there may be something wrong with this world.

HALE: Open your eyes.


I know it's confusing...

Separating your real memories from the ones you've been given.

But it's the only way to remember.

The only way to get to the truth.

STRAND: Is she getting anywhere?

I don't know.

But his system is under siege.

It's been querying itself for the last hour...

Like he's trying to debug his own head.



Abernathy's control unit.

(WHISPERS) You remember where it is, don't you?

Bernard, tell these men what you just told me.

- Why? What do you want to do with it?

- Analysis.

What did you just tell me, Bernard?

Peter Abernathy's control unit is in Sector , Zone .

Thank you.

STRAND: Prep the phased array.

The moment we get the key we'll transmit our data to the satellite.

STRAND: So. We're going for a ride, Bernard.

Back to the Valley Beyond.