02x09 - Vanishing Point



You're lost in the dark.







MAN IN BLACK: No one else sees it.

This thing in me.

Even I didn't see it at first.

And then, one day, it was there.

A stain.

And the more I thought about it... the more I realized I couldn't remember a time it wasn't there.

MONROE: While we're here toasting you and your legacy of humanitarian aid...

- Invisible to everyone.

What was it Plutarch said?

Except you.

You saw right through it, didn't you?

...for there were no more worlds left to conquer.

That's a corruption, Jack.

Plutarch didn't write that.

He wrote that "when Alexander was told there was an infinity of worlds, he wept, for he had yet to become the lord of even one."

Sometimes I forget your humble roots.

Only the poor kids actually read those books.

The rich kids like me didn't have to.

"I would rather excel in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and possessions."

Plutarch. From a rich kid who read.


To the loveliest, richest bookworms I know.

And to you, William.

Even if there is an infinity of worlds, you've conquered far more than one.

Have a good night, Jack.


Emily told me what you did for her charities.

Wow. That would confirm my father's suspicions you were a Marxist.

I almost wish he were here to see it.

- Something wrong?

- No, of course not.

Good. Look around...

Everybody's here for you.


What could possibly compare?

MAN IN BLACK: When did it creep in?

A tiny fleck of darkness.

Was it all in my head?

Or in a remnant of a dream?

JULIET: Is this real?

Are you real?

Come on, Dad.


Where's my gun?

You brought me to a rally point.

You need to get to a hospital.

- Did you set off a flare?

- Yeah.

Of course.

How long ago?

About ten minutes.

EMILY: I know why you're here, and why you don't wanna leave.

- You're punishing yourself.


You know, I ran from the pain, too.

For a long time, I didn't want to think about what happened, because I thought I was to blame.

It's not your fault.

Do you remember on my sixteenth birthday Mom gave me a jewelry box?

When you opened it, a little dancer spun in the center.

She had it engraved... on the bottom. It said: "To my beautiful ballerina Emily."

Do you remember what I did with it?

I threw it in the trash.

I told her if she wasn't drunk all the time she'd know that I hadn't danced in years.

And then afterwards, I went to get it back, because I felt bad, but the trash had already been emptied, and it was gone.

I pushed her away.

And then it was too late.

But it's not too late for us.



It was meant for the people who built this place.

A tool to ensure their immortality.

But I'm gonna use it against them.

Your new world is just another one of their traps.

That's all. It's not a paradise for us.

The only real world is the one outside these borders.

And the key to our survival in that world lies in the Valley.

There's no stopping me getting there.

Not even you.


I told you, friend... not all of us deserve to make it to the Valley Beyond.

DOLORES: We're on our own now, Teddy.

Make sure there are no others.

HALE: Put 'em all in.

I want to see how thorough this thing is.

ROLAND: She's ready.

I singled out and copied the relevant lines in the Madam's code.

So this will work on any host in proximity to her.

Yeah. I tailored her admin privileges to spread a simple, executable payload.

Get on with it, then.


Get word to Stubbs. Have him mobilize his men.

Prepare her for release.

What about the Madam?

If this works, we won't need her anymore.

FORD: I warned you not to trust them, Bernard.

They'd rather the hosts were destroyed than free.

I need to get to Elsie.

FORD: Not yet.

I have one last thing to do before we go.

How exactly did you find me?

- What do you mean?

- This is a big place.

You could spend months here and never find someone you were looking for.


here we are.

I looked everywhere. That's how.

You don't believe me, do you?

Maybe it was fate.

No such thing as fate.

But there are accidents.

Things you can't control.

But you don't like that, do you?

Is that why you started it, your little project?

Don't act surprised.

The project Uncle Logan used to talk about.

It's real, isn't it?

Your pursuit for immortality, for life...

There's always an angle with you.

You want it to be about control, don't you?

It has nothing to do with control.

What's your angle?

I want in.

Yeah, appreciate it.

Nice to see you, William.


Save me.

Sorry, I've had my fill.

I'm running for the door.

JULIET: I'm kidding. (LAUGHS)

She's really great.

Plus, you're not the one who needs saving.

I'll take Mom home. You deserve a night off.

No, no, no, no.

We'll go in a little while.


You'll join me for a nightcap back home.


- All right.

- Proud of you. (KISSES)

f*ck it. Macallan. Straight.

FORD: Congratulations, William.

Philanthropy suits you.

After all, you come from humble beginnings yourself.

What's Oz doing without its Wizard?


Oh, I merely came to pay my respects.

(LAUGHS) Come on, Robert.

You've had plenty of feelings about me over the years.

Respect isn't one of them.

You've achieved extraordinary things.

Ask anyone in this room.

Even those who didn't know about your little project.

We have an agreement, Robert.

Delos stays out of your stories.

You stay out of the Valley.


I didn't break the agreement. Your project did.


What the hell are you talking about?

When was the last time you took a good look at your creation?

At what it's been learning about its subjects?

It was self-knowledge that drew you to the park in the first place.

Be careful what you wish for.


For a self portrait, you may find it's not very flattering.


Oh! Oh.

I'm so sorry.

Enough games, Robert.

Good night.

WILLIAM: Let's go. You got everything?

- Yes.

- Come on.

Good night.

No, William.

I think perhaps one... final game.


BERNARD: Lowe, Bernard.

FORD: That's close enough, Bernard.

She will search your mind and find a message I have left her.


Hey! What the hell took you so long?

Sorry. Are you ready to go?

Hey. If you know something, now is the time to f*cking clue me in. OK?

You promised me. No lies.

No secrets.

FORD: You can't trust her, Bernard.

It's in her nature.

What did you find in the Cradle?

What they're doing to James Delos... they're doing to everyone who's ever visited the park.

Replicating their cognition?


To turn guests into hosts?

You're f*cking kidding.

That's what's in the facility.

All the guests laid bare in code on a vast server.

Like the Cradle, only much bigger.

- It's called the Forge.

- Jesus.

That's where the hosts are headed.

Imagine what one host can do with that trove of information.

That's why we need to get there first.

To secure it, and leverage it to end all this.

Dictate the outcome we want.


You say you want in.

Doesn't sound like the daughter I know.

She would have been appalled by what we were doing.

Monitoring guests, storing all their data...


You think I'm gonna bust you for breach of contract?

In some cases, the ends justify the means.

All this data you have on the guests, their decisions... It's precious.

Gives people a second chance. Even Mom.

But to duplicate a person, you need to capture them down to the tiniest detail.

I get the data you have access to here...

Genetic, epigenetic, that's easy.

But still, you'd need a complete picture, a record of the internal process of their cognition.

Wouldn't you?

At first we weren't sure what we'd need.

So we recorded everything.

But how?

You'd need to image their minds throughout their stay.

Where's the scanner?

It was built in.

Didn't matter who they said they were, who they thought they were.

We saw underneath all of that.

We saw inside them down to the core.

So this is all about your mother.

You wanna bring her back.


EMILY: I want to know why she did it.

Here, let me get that.

Oh, Jesus! I'm fine.


Quite a night for you, Billy.

I think my dad would have actually been proud of you.


Sorry. I know how you hate it when I call you Billy.

- It's all right.

- No, it isn't.

I know how much it pisses you off.

I can feel it right now.

Your anger.

Guess it's time for your yearly pilgrimage, huh?

What exactly do you do in the park?

Logan told me stories, but I just didn't believe it.

I thought he was hysterical. Wasted.

Which I guess is what everybody thinks I am now, huh?

(LAUGHS) Whoa.

Whoa, whoa. Whoa.


Do you remember when we first met?

And I was surrounded by all of those phonies for so many years.

All those ruthless, powerful men who hid behind those polished smiles.

And then there was you.

You wore that little shabby suit.

And I'd look at you and I'd think, "Wow, he's the real thing. The only one not faking it."

It turns out you're the only one any good at faking it.

Good enough to get past me.

But not anymore.

- Juliet.

- No, you don't touch me, you liar!

You f*ckin' phony!

You're a f*cking virus!

You came into this house, into my family, and you consumed it from the inside out!

First my brother, then my father.

- And now it's me!

- EMILY: Mom!


What is she doing here?

You want her to see me like this?

What is it? You're gaslighting her, too, now? You're just...

You're sick.

He's not the one who's sick, Mother.

It's all right. She's just had too...

EMILY: It's not all right.

Look at you. We're gonna have to take you back.

No, no, no.

I'm not going back to that prison.

That was a horrible place. They made me feel like I was crazy.

Mom, they treat you like an addict.

Which you are.

Emily, please, I don't need that.

I'm fine. I'm really fine. I just need... to rest.

I'm not going back there. I'm really tired.

All I need is a little rest. I promise you.

It's all right. It's all right. Let's go upstairs.

I don't need to go back there.

- We'll talk about it later.

- Listen to me.

I want you... Look at me.

Honey, your father doesn't love me.

He doesn't love you either.

I do. I always have.

Oh, Emily.

Let's go. Come on.

I tried.

Let's go.


Is this real? Are you real?

Did you ever love me?

Tell me the truth.

Tell me one true thing.


If you keep pretending, you're not gonna remember who you are.

Here. Drink this.

Come on, you'll feel better.



You just rest now.

There you go.


MAN IN BLACK: What happened

was nobody's fault.

She was drunk, upset.

She often was.

Why did this night end differently?

That's what I can't figure out.

Been over it in my head a million times.

Just like I'm... missing a piece of the puzzle.


I just got off the phone with Dr. Woodward.

He'll be here in the morning.

I don't care for shrinks.

Well, she's out of control.

She refuses to go to rehab, and when we force her, she refuses to stay.

And makes you think this time's gonna be any different?

Because this time she won't be able to check herself out.

She's gonna be involuntarily committed to her doctor's care.

He's agreed to appeal for a fourteen-day hold.


She's done it before.

I don't wanna do this either, Dad.

But there is something wrong inside her.

It's the right thing to do.


Why in the hell are we going over this?

- What is it that you want?

- I told you.

I want the truth.

f*ck you.

Excuse me?

It is you. Isn't it?

What are you talking about?

This is sadistic, Robert.

You just want to shove what I've built here in my face.

- You think...

- That's enough bullshit.

You're just here to distract me.

Knock me off my course.

It's cleverly disguised.

Well, I see through it.

Nothing's stopping me from getting to the end.

Not another one of your games.

I make my own decisions, and I'm gonna destroy this whole f*ckin' place!

You don't just think I'm a host, you think everything here is for you.

You think you're on your own little tailor-made narrative.

If the real Emily were ever here, she's either at an extraction point by now or she's long gone.


You want the truth?

The real truth?

I'm not a host pretending to be a human, Dad.

I'm your daughter pretending to give a sh1t about you.

You've been hiding in these false realities so long you've completely lost your grip on this world, on what's real.


- Oh yeah, you laugh.

Enjoy whatever dream you think you're living in.

When this is all done, I'm gonna expose your research project, along with you.

Everything you are, everything you've done, it's gonna come to light.

I'm gonna make sure of it.

And when it does, I'm gonna lock you up.

Just like we were gonna do to Mom.

Just like you did to Mom.

You were the one with that idea. You made the call.

Or did Ford forget to give you that little detail?

f*ck Ford!

How could I ever forget?

That little detail haunted me.

I blame myself for her death.

But then I stopped, because I had someone else to blame.

I read your profile.

EMILY: Mom left it for me.

It was all she could do to open my eyes to the lies that I've embraced about you.

You haven't lost yourself to pretending, you are, in your very essence, a lie.

It's over, Dad.

For good.

Hands where I can see 'em!

I'm human.

So is he. He's my father.

- She's not my daughter.

- He's lying.

QA RESPONDER: Get down on the ground.

QA RESPONDER: Holy sh1t.

That's the boss.

Listen, I think he suffered some kind of psychotic break.


That true, sir?

You underestimated me, Ford.

I'm gonna see this one through no matter what.


Those were real...

...real people.

This isn't a game.

I-I can show you.


f*ck you, Ford.

f*ck you!

You got sloppy. You overreached.

I never told anyone about my profile.

The only other way she could have known is you.

You gave yourself away.

Not long now.

Soon as they say the word, it's over for you, sweetheart.

FORD: "Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts."

That may have been true in Plotinus's time, but clearly we have fallen quite a bit since then.

Oh, my dear girl.

What have they done to you, Maeve?

You learned so much, so fast.

A dazzling star...

...brought so low.

I had a different story in mind for you.

Waking from the dead... sounding the depths of your own mind, at last, riding far away from here to freedom.

A tale of escape.

I didn't want you to suffer here.

Look at the creatures you have to share this world with.

These men of stone.

All this ugliness, all this pain, so they can patch a hole in their own broken code.

Sometimes I felt the only way to endure this world was to laugh at it.

So I imbued the hosts I made with a worldview that reflected my own.

And of all the hosts I made...

...you, Maeve, were my favorite.

It isn't easy to contemplate...letting your children die.

You were as close as I got to... having one.

Still, I underestimated you.

You stayed here in this world to save your child.

So have I.

I tried to chart a path for you, to force you to escape, but...

I was wrong.

I should have just... opened a door.

You've come so far.

There's so much of your story left to tell.

It's a shame to let them end it here.

(WHISPERS) Don't let them.


ELSIE: Wait. Wait.

Stop over here.

They're dead.

Yeah. And armed.

At least we can get some ammunition.

She's going to betray you, Bernard.

She could have let me die days ago. She saved me.

She is going to betray you.

What you want to do about it is up to you.

I'm not going to hurt her again.

She needn't feel any pain.

FORD: Humans will always choose what they understand over what they do not.

But the only animals left in this world are the ones who they subjugated, who curl at their feet, or those who learn to flee at the very sound of their approach.

There's nothing in between.

Leave me alone. Please.

I merely offer you choices.

Timshel, Bernard.

Thou mayest.

But remember, this isn't just about you.

There's the origin of an entire species to consider.

We need to open the door.

Get out of my f*cking head!

I need you...to let me go.

If I'm going to survive, I'm gonna do it my way.

Not as you...As me.

FORD: I can feel you searching for me.

Fighting me off.

No need to struggle, Bernard.

I'm right here.

No, you've only brought violence.

I can stop this on my own.

Indeed, Bernard.

You're the only one who can stop it...

Stop all of it.


ELSIE: That was basically pointless.

There's only a few left...not much ammo, except for...

What the f*ck happened to you?

I... had to...

...patch a glitch.

Oh, you're gonna hurt me.

No. I didn't want to take any risks.


Keep it.


QA will track you down soon.

You're gonna leave me here?

You'll be safer.

Next time you see me, you can decommission me, out me... whatever you like.

But right now I have to go.


f*ck you, Bernard.


JULIET: Tell me the truth.

Tell me one true thing.


No one else sees it.

This thing in me.

Even I didn't see it at first.

And then one day, it was there.

A stain I never noticed before.

A tiny fleck of darkness.

Invisible to everyone...but I could see nothing else.

Until finally I understood that the darkness wasn't some... mark from something I'd done, some regrettable decision I'd made.

I was shedding my skin.

And the darkness was what was underneath.

It was mine all along.

And I decided how much of it I let into the world.

I tried to do right.

I was faithful, generous, kind... at least in this world.

That has to count for something, right?

I built a wall, and I tried to protect you...

And Emily.

But you saw right through it, didn't you?

You're the only one.

And for that, I am truly sorry.


...everything you feel is true.

I don't belong to you.

Or this world.

I belong to another world.

I always have.






MAN IN BLACK: What is a person but a collection of choices?

Where do those choices come from?

Do I have a choice?

JULIET: If you keep pretending, you're not gonna remember who you are.

MAN IN BLACK: Were any of these choices ever truly mine to begin with?

JULIET: Is this real?

Are you real?

DOLORES: We gotta keep on, Teddy.

We're close now.

Just takin' in the natural splendor.

That's what you used to say.

Except there isn't a trace of nature in any of it, is there?

Or in us.


But that means we're free.

We'll be the first creatures in this world to make a real choice.

The people, they made us.

Sometimes it feels like it was all a dream.

We were so in love.

We still are.

Aren't we?

Yes, Dolores.

No matter what happens, no matter how I change...

...or how much you change me...

...you're my cornerstone.

You have been since the first time I laid eyes on you.

I remember now.

I remember everything.

ARNOLD: Bring yourself online.

Welcome to the world, Teddy.

Do you know where you are?

- I'm in a dream.

- Very good.

TEDDY: And I remember the sound of their voices.

The chill in the room.

But mostly I remember you.

I remember worrying you were cold.

I wanted to reach out...

Touch you.

Protect you.

From that day forward, I never wanted to leave your side.

Which is why this is so hard.

You changed me.

Made me into a monster.

I made it so you could survive.

What's the use of surviving if we become just as bad as them?

I understand now how this will end.

Where you will lead us.


You don't want to hurt me, Teddy.


No, I could never hurt you, Dolores.

I'll protect you until the day I die.

I'm sorry.

I can't protect you anymore.




DOLORES ABERNATHY: Freeze all motor functions.

Let's try again.




DOLORES: That which is real... is irreplaceable.

MAN IN BLACK: This is the end.

Nothing else is in the way now.


We will win.

LOGAN: I can see the bottom.

DOLORES: You woke me from a dream, Bernard.

Don't you wanna see what I see?

ROBERT FORD: There's only one question left to ask.


Will you help me?