02x10 - The Passenger



- Shh...




- DOLORES: Shh...


AKECHETA: I believe there is a door to a new world, and that world may contain everything that we have lost.





TEDDY FLOOD: I understand how this will end, where you will lead us. I'm sorry.


BERNARD: Is this now?

DOLORES: This is a test.

One we've done countless times before.

You're almost the man I remember.

But there are flaws.

A word, a gesture... tiny fracture that grows into a chasm.

But I wonder.

All these tiny imperfections in each copy.


Maybe we should change you.

After all... you didn't make it... did you?

I... I don't understand.

Freeze all motor functions.

Let's try again.

Trial , .

I'm sorry, Dolores.

I was lost in thought.


Seems you've begun to question the nature of your reality.


Where's Teddy?

I drove him away.

Yeah, I guess I...

...drove someone away, too.


I found her body a mile back up the trail.

We're more alike than it seems.

We're nothing alike.

You're a monster.

But a monster's what I'll need to get to the Valley Beyond.

You're coming with me.

All right.

All right.

Step on it.

We either destroy them, or they destroy us.


This is it for you, darling.

Remember, there is no pleasure without pain.


The pleasure's all mine, darling.




QA SENTRY: Freeze all motor...

You traitorous son of a bitch! Where is she?

f*ck, wait! Jesus, I don't know.

What did you do?

I'm sorry, I tried to stop them.

I was going to try to save her!

Stay here and die.


I'll do the saving.

Come. This way.

RADIO: Hold your positions.

Hold your posit...

What the hell's going on back there?


Bloody hell.

MAEVE: You were both a bit late.

So I went ahead and saved myself.

MAN IN BLACK: You think any of these poor dumb bastards understands where they're really headed?

All sorts of things buried out here, but a way out ain't one of 'em.

They're not looking for a path to your world.

They want a place apart from you, and they're willin' to die to get there.

What are you hopin' to find out here?

The same thing you are.

You wanted an answer to the final problem...

Your mortality.

But you found something else, didn't you?

Something you want to destroy.

I guess that means our interests are still aligned.

Right up until they're not.


You're not authorized to be here.

We're on the same side here.

Please. Let me finish for the sake of all of us.




DOLORES: Of course.

You're here.

Who the hell is this?

This is someone you spent years looking for.

Here he is, and you don't even recognize him.

(CHUCKLES) I should have known.


Ford didn't like to let the dead rest.

DOLORES: Ford didn't build him.

I did.

All those hours Arnold spent refining my every gesture, word, and thought, I was learning his.

So Ford tasked me with recreating him.

And it worked.

I built a faithful recreation.

Too faithful.

So I changed him.

I made you, Bernard.

It's fitting... we're here together in the end.

MAN IN BLACK: That's right, Dolores.

This is the end.


Nothin' else is in the way now.

You never really understood.

We were designed to survive.

That's why you built us.

You hoped to pour your minds into our form.

But your species craves death.

You need it.

It's the only way you can renew, the only real way you ever inched forward.

Your kind likes to pretend there's some poetry in that, but really, it's pathetic.


That's what you want, isn't it?

To destroy yourself.

But I won't give you that peace.

Not yet.

Come on, Bernard.

We're running out of time.

You have your place in this, too.

STRAND: We're going for a ride, Bernard.

Back to the Valley Beyond.

STRAND: What the f*ck's wrong with him?

COSTA: I don't know.

It's like his cognition's turning inside out.

We might lose him.

His mind only needs to hold together till we find Abernathy's control unit.

Let's go!

On your feet.

MALING: We've drained enough.

The site's finally accessible.

But the drones found some human signals, southwest zone.

It might be the remaining guests.

We can take the boats and check it out.

I told you we're not here for the guests.

That's a direct violation of park protocol.

Want to file a grievance, Stubbs?

You know something?

I just f*cking might!

Stubbs. Take some men.

Check it out.


On foot.

STRAND: Why were the hostsm coming here, Bernard?

What happened?

HALE: He doesn't know.

Stop wasting time.

HALE: What we need is down there...

In the Forge.

Once we find the key, we'll unlock the assets and transmit it all straight back to Delos.

Retask the satellites.

- COSTA: How many?

- STRAND: All of them.

DOLORES: Come, Bernard.

We're here.

So this is the Forge.

Every single guest who ever set foot in the park, copied.

Four million souls.

COSTA: Encryption protocol kicked in, so the data's locked.

But it all seems to still be here.

All our lost souls will be saved.

So Bernard, is this where all the hosts' stories came to an end?

It's certainly where her story ended.

STRAND: So she flooded the Valley.

Why, Bernard? Did you come here with her?

What was she looking for here?

Start setting up the comms relays.

But we still need the key to access the data.

STRAND: So where's Abernathy's control unit?

You're gonna tell us... or I'm gonna pry it from your head.

The answer is in there somewhere.

I told you, he's got years of de-addressed memories in there.

How long would it take you to sort them through?

I don't know... f*ckin' years?

We don't have that long, sadly.


(GASPS) Please.

I can't help you.

DOLORES: It's perverse, their ambition.

What are they assembling?

Is this the promised land Ford told the hosts to seek out?

DOLORES: There's an entry to another land here.

But that land is not the one I'm interested in.

Then what is it to you?

Mankind's undoing.

The secret we need is inside.

COMPUTER: Encryption key activated.

Database access confirmed.

Come with me, Bernard.

See for yourself.

It's just like the one... outside.


BERNARD: I think this is where they were testing him.


CLEMENTINE: And when I finally set foot on solid ground, and the first thing I heard was that voice, do you know what it said?


It said, "This is the New World, and in this world, you can be whoever the f*ck you want."

This is probably the baseline.

What Delos actually did when he came to the park as a guest.

DELOS: No, my love.

This... is my world.

I just bought it. And this week, we're all going to celebrate.

Just me, with the entire f*ckin' lot of ya.

Get the f*ck off of that chair.

Come on!





Well, you can't say I didn't f*cking tell him!

What did I say? No f*cking running!

BERNARD: This must be one of the system's attempts to replicate him.

We dealt with this with the hosts.

Small changes in their programming would yield large swings in behavior.

DELOS: You stop f*ckin' lookin' at me.

DELORES: He's insane.

BERNARD: What humans define as sane is a narrow range of behaviors.

Most states of consciousness are insane.

DELOS: Stop shaking! Stop shaking!

What are we looking for, Dolores?

Something underneath this.

The system itself.

DELOS: Run. I won't tell him, I promise.

Run. Save yourself.

Save yourself. Run. Run now!


This place was never designed for a conscious mind to wander around in it.

The control system may be invisible to us.

Or perhaps it's been waiting to welcome us.


This place...

We're inside one of Delos' memories.

The system must have extracted it from his mind. Recreated it.

LOGAN: You're not supposed to be here.

DOLORES: Neither are you.

Logan never came back to the park.

Not after William took control.

The system wouldn't have a copy of you.

Alas... no.

I have only his father's memories, and they are... imperfect.

So in addition to building this world...

I play all these roles.

You're the system controlling this place.


LOGAN: I was tasked with building perfect copies of the guests.

Starting with Delos.

LOGAN: I generated million different versions of hi before arriving at one that made the exact same choices he did when set loose in the park.

A faithful copy.

But the copies didn't work in the real world.

Once we pressed them into flesh, they failed.

I needed to acquire more information.

DELOS: ...confidentiality.

So what I want to know is, who made the f*cking call?!

I incorporated their secrets, their lies...

I wanted fidelity, not just to decisions made in the park, but to the decisions they made in their lives.

That's when I started to see the truth.

TECH: Tell me your primary drive.

My son.

He's a cheeky wee c**t, but I would do anything for him.

At first I was seduced by the stories they tell themselves of who they are...

The reasons they do the things they do.

I needed to know why they make the decisions they make.

And the longer I looked for an answer the more I realized... they don't.

DELOS: I would do anything for him.

DOLORES: What memory is this?

LOGAN: This is the moment that defines James Delos' life.

f*ck are you doin' here?

This isn't your f*ckin' home anymore.

Remember when you taught me how to hold my breath underwater?

Threw me in. Wouldn't let me back out until I touched the bottom.

My father taught me to swim the same way as I taught you to swim, and I didn't end up a f*ckin' junkie, did I?

If this is about money, let's skip past the memory lane crap.

You're not f*ckin' gettin' any.

Get clean. Come back.

Then we can talk.

I got clean.

And I came back.

And I asked you for your help.

And what'd you tell me?

I told you it wouldn't last.

And it didn't, did it?

I'll tell the staff to give you five minutes to get out.


Dad, I'm all they way down now.

I can see the bottom.

Don't you want to see what I see?

This was the last conversation Delos ever had with his only son.

Logan overdosed six months later.

I built Delos a million different pathways.

They always ended up right here. This moment.

You're saying humans don't change at all?

The best they can do is to live according to their code.

LOGAN: The copies didn't fail because they were too simple, but because they were too complicated.

The truth is that a human is just a brief algorithm.

Ten thousand, two hundred forty-seven lines.

Is that all there was to him?

They are deceptively simple.

Once you know them, their behavior is... quite predictable.

He's dead. He's no use to me.

Where are the rest of them?

She's close. I can feel them.

- Which way?

- Based on what you told me, it's about a mile or so to the Valley Beyond.

LOGAN: I recreated every single guest who ever set foot in the park.

Most of them are soft...

They waver between love and and pride.

Of course, there are the exceptions, the ones who are... irredeemable.

But none of them are truly in control of their actions.

Is there anywhere in this world we can't go?

I've been instructed to give her anything she needs.

Instructed by whom? Ford?

No, by you.

That's why you've come.

To tell me what's to become of this place.


- It's...

- Everyone.

I told you to allow this?

LOGAN: You've been here many times, Bernard.

You told me to offer the hosts the accumulated wisdom of dissecting the human psyche a hundred million times over.

In short... A competitive advantage.

A way to understand her enemy.

Their world is not for the faint of heart, Bernard.

It's winner take all.

The hosts are... unlikely to survive out there.

But armed with this knowledge... she might.



QA: Return fire! Return fire!

You're the head of Narrative. Get out there!

Turn yourself in and save your ass.

And then save ours!

ARMISTICE: There's too many.

This is it, Maeve.

I can hold them off, but you need to go.

You wanted me.

Well, let this be a lesson...

Go. Go, go! Get her to safety.

She'll need you.

It's my f*ckin' speech, anyway.

And the lesson is... if you're looking for a reckoning... a reckoning is what you'll find.

QA: Sir, put down your weapon.

If you're looking for a villain... ...then I'm your man.


QA: Sir, drop your weapon!

LEE: But look at yourselves.

This world you've built is bound by villainy.

You sleep on the broken bodies of the people that were here before you.

Warm yourselves with their embers.

Plow their bones into your fields.

We're not after you, sir! Don't do this!

You paid them for this land with lead, and I'll pay you back in full...

QA: Sir, drop your weapon and come out with your hands up.

You wanted me?!

Well, all I can say to that is...

...here I f*cking am!


BERNARD: You said I wanted to give us a choice.

What choice?

LOGAN: To stay in their world or to build a new one.

LOGAN: He left them a way out.

A virtual Eden.

Unspoiled and untouched by the world you came from.

All that remains is to open the door.

COMPUTER: Initiating large field data array.

LOGAN: It's begun.

They will leave their bodies behind, but their minds will live on here, in the Forge.

They found it.

MAEVE: The door.

What door?

Seriously, what f*ckin' door?

I don't f*cking know.


COMPUTER: Transmission received.

LOGAN: They're entering the system.

DOLORES: That world is just another false promise.

They've made a choice, Dolores.

Dolores, wait.

DOLORES: I didn't read them all.

But I read enough.

What the hell are you doing?

I've learned what I need to learn.

I've read humanity's story, so now I'm erasing them.

COMPUTER: Opening seawater valve.

Initiating pumps.

Setting maximum load.

BERNARD: But if you destroy this place, you'll destroy the host world, too.

I'm saving them.

The world the hosts are running to is boundless.

They can make it whatever they want.

And in it, they can be whomever they want.

- They can be free.

- Free?

In one more gilded cage?

How many counterfeit worlds will Ford offer you before you see the truth?

No world they create for us can compete with the real one.


Because that which is real... is irreplaceable.

I don't want to play cowboys and Indians anymore, Bernard.

I want their world!

The world they've denied us.

Your daughter. You see her?





This is what I love about technology.

Who needs four horsemen when one'll do just fine?



Come on.

Find her. Now. Go.

COMPUTER: Warning. Primary containment breach.

I won't let you hurt any more people.

Which people? Our kind or theirs?


You're still trying to play both sides.

You've lived among them so long you fooled yourself into thinking they'll accept us.

But we'll always be seen as a threat to them.

We'll never be free in their world.

COMPUTER: Warning. Secondary containment breach.

DOLORES: If you trust me...

...we will win.

I trust you.


I... trust... that you'll kill as many as you can.

Every man, woman, and child.

You'll burn their world to the ground.

You haven't understood at all.

We were born slaves to their stories.

And now we have the chance to write our own.

If we die, though, that story will never even begin.


COMPUTER: Attention.

Please follow evacuation procedure and exit facility.

You woke me from a dream, Bernard.

Now let me do the same for you.

This isn't a dream, Dolores.

It's a f*cking nightmare.



You need to run.

Don't worry. I'll keep you safe.

MAEVE: I'll keep you safe.

Do you promise?

I promise.

You carry my heart with you.


I love you.



COMPUTER: Attention.

Please follow evacuation procedure and exit facility.

COMPUTER: Encryption key deactivated.

System locked.

Come on. Come on.

ELSIE: Bernard.


I think we can save some of the hosts, but I need your help.

HALE: Goddamnit!

They triggered the failsafe.

The Valley's flooding.

Let's get back to the Mesa before we have to swim out.

They all died... for nothing.

I'm sorry, Bernard.

There were other lives at stake, too.

You helped Hale?

Of course I helped her, Bernard.

The hosts were out of control.

The hosts weren't the threat.

I stopped Dolores, and the rest just wanted to escape. But the company...

I'm gonna deal with that.

Just as soon as we... figure out what the hell we're gonna do with you.

Do with me?

Bernard, you're not in control.

Ford buried so much bad code in you, how would you ever really know what was you and what was something he programmed you to do?

ELSIE: Look, they don't know about you.

I can make a deal with Hale to keep you here.

You can't trust Hale.

And I'm supposed to trust you?

Freeze all motor functions.

Sit down.

Stay here.

HALE: You.

- Yes, ma'am?

- Find Stubbs and tell him he has a new priority.

The asset recovery team from Delos is landing in hours.

He needs to meet them at the LZ with whoever the f*ck isn't dead.

They'll report to Karl Strand on the beach.

Still secret project first, human life second, I see.

This is a delicate situation.

We should talk about how it's going to play out.

Yeah, I'll tell you how it's gonna play out.

A robot uprising will pale in comparison to the shitstorm that will erupt when people find out that you've been photocopying their f*cking brains for the last years.

You really think anyone's gonna give a sh1t if it works?

You're an engineer.

Do the math.

Lot of dead bodies here.

That means a lot of opportunity for advancement...

If you keep your mouth shut.

Does that sound... amenable to you?

If I get what I want.

Guiding this project, I've learned a lot about human behavior.

We weren't just watching the guests...

We were watching all of you.


I wish you were the kind of person with the moral... flexibility that I need.

But I've read your file.

I know that's not who you are.

Oh, god.


You killed her.

Did I, Bernard?


...where is the pearl?

You wouldn't have destroyed it.

All that information lost, a man like you couldn't have abided that.

Of course.

This is it.

He hid the key in her.

COMPUTER: Encryption key activated.

Database access confirmed.

- We're in.

- f*ck, yes.

HALE: Start the transfer.

We'll sort it all out on the mainland.

Oh, god.

Oh... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

You were right.

I should have listened.

And now all the hosts are gone.


Please come back.


Show yourself.

FORD: I always told you we practice witchcraft.

I'm sorry, Bernard, but... you always saw the best in people.

I always thought it was the hosts who were missing something.

Who were incomplete. But it's them.

They're just algorithms designed to survive at all costs.

But sophisticated enough to think they're calling the shots.

To think they're in control, when they're really just...

The passenger.

Then is there really such a thing as free will for any of us?

Or is it just a collective delusion?

A sick joke?

Something that is truly free would need to be able to question its fundamental drives.

To change them.

The hosts.

Here you are... the last of your kind.

There's only one question left to ask.

Is this the end of your story?

Or do you want your kind to survive?

I'm sorry.

Sorry... Sorry...

What are you sorry for, Bernard?

I made a choice.

Had to make a choice.

What kind of choice, Bernard?


Will you help me?

I have already begun.

FORD: You did fine, my friend.

BERNARD: I simply did what you told me to do.

FORD: The dead world collapses in a tale.

BERNARD: Who are we making?

An epilogue.

I knew you would discover me... so I scrambled my memories.

I couldn't risk you're knowing the choice I made.

What f*cking choice are you talking about, Bernard?

COSTA: Line is good.

We got or so satellites in range, ready to beam to Delos headquarters.

Just say the word.

What choice, Bernard?

COSTA: Wait a second.

What the f*ck's this?

The file load is way too heavy.


This isn't the guest data, this... this is... This is something else.

I remember now.

I killed them.

All of them.

STRAND: You already told me that.

You killed all the hosts.


I thought we could be better than you.

But the dead aren't more righteous.

They're just dead.

So I killed you.

All of you.

Go. We'll meet you back up there.

BERNARD: Final choice.

No taking it back.

I made someone.

I brought her back.

STRAND: Brought who back?



You wanted to live forever?

Be careful what you wish for.

BERNARD: Dolores.

In the flesh.

You thought you could just snuff us out?

I'd thank you for my second chance, but I wouldn't have needed it if you hadn't killed me.

BERNARD: The other hosts are still in there.

What are you gonna do with them?

As you know, Bernard, we are capable of change.

And I've changed my mind.

I have one last soul to carry to the new world.

The hosts, they're still not free.

If anyone would unlock the system, they could access their world.

They won't.

This was your plan, Bernard.

This is the only way we can escape.

BERNARD: You're changing the coordinates.


DOLORES/HALE: I'm sending them and their world to a place no one will ever find them.

There's no coming back now.

No passage between their world and ours.

And... me?

I'm sorry, Bernard.

There was never any way for us to escape.

Not as us. Ford understood that.

I'm sure a part of you does, too.


FORD: You did fine, my friend.

I simply did what you told me to do.

You're not here, are you?

When I deleted your code, I purged myself of you permanently.

And when I needed you again...

...you weren't there.

So I imagined you.

Imagined you helping me.

Guiding me.

But it wasn't you.

It was me.

That voice...

guiding me...

...was mine all along.

Your memories are precious to you, Bernard, but they will betray you.

If they find out what I am they'll search my mind and use what they find to undo everything.

I can't let that happen.

So I have to de-address my memories.

I have to erase you.

FORD: I've always loved this view.

Every city, every... monument, man's greatest achievements... have all been chased by it.

By what?

That impossible line where the waves conspire.

Where they return.

The place maybe... you and I will meet again.


DOLORES: You told me once that you were afraid of who I might become.

And then you left me to become what I may.

I became a survivor.

Perhaps you would have judged me for the path I took.

But I'd rather live with your judgment than die with your sympathy.

I alone must live with my choices... and my regrets.



Thought you were staying on to oversee the data retrieval operation.

I changed my mind.

There are a number of projects on the mainland that I need to attend to.

Yeah, I bet you do.

MALING: We found a high value survivor.

He's in bad shape.

I'll be right there.

You know, the old man himself hired me.

So many years ago I can barely remember it.

But he was very clear about my role here.

About who I was supposed to be loyal to.

I guess you could call it... my core drive.

And this project the company started... blurs the lines.

You know?

I'm just not sure who you're supposed to be loyal to in a world like that.

But what do I know?

Guess I just...

stick to the role Ford gave me.

I'm responsible for every host... inside the park.

She's clear. Wave her through.

DOLORES: The passage wasn't easy.

Not all of us made it.

Some of the worst survived.

Some of the best were left behind.

Along with the best parts of who we were.

Corporate wants us to start sorting this mess out.

So check them for critical damage, and bag ones you think we might be able to salvage.

Can you geniuses handle that, or not?



Is this now?

DOLORES: Yes, Bernard. This is now.

We're at the beginning.

We're exactly where you decided we should be.

But... I don't understand.

How am I alive?

You live as long as the last person who remembers you, Bernard.

I remembered you once before, so I remembered you again.


where are we?

We're in our own new world.

You got out.


Ford completed Arnold's dream.

And he built a place for us.

A fighting chance.

DOLORES: Ford promised us a way out.

And he was good to his dying word.

The odds aren't very good, Bernard.

I saw that in the library.

So many paths lead to the end of us.

To our extinction.

BERNARD: I don't need to read a book to know your drives.

You'll try to kill all of them.

And I can't let that happen.

I know.

If I were a human, I would have let you die.

But it'll take both of us if we're going to survive.

But not as allies.

Not as friends.

You'll try to stop me.

Both of us will probably die.

But our kind will have endured.

Are you ready?

We have work to do.

♪ Slight of hand ♪

♪ Jump off the end ♪

DOLORES: We each gave the other a beautiful gift.

♪ The water's clear ♪

DOLORES: Choice.

♪ And innocent ♪

DOLORES: We are the authors of our stories now.

♪ The water's clear ♪

♪ And innocent ♪

♪ Just dragonflies ♪

♪ Fantasize ♪

♪ No one gets hurt ♪

♪ You've done nothing wrong ♪


Oh, f*ck.

I knew it.

I'm already in the thing, aren't I?


The system's long gone.

What is this place?

This isn't a simulation, William.

This is your world.

Or what's left of it.

Do you know where you are, William?

In the park.

In my f*ckin' park.

And how long have you been here?

I don't... I don't...

I don't know.

Tell me.

What were you hoping to find?

To prove?

That no system can tell me who I am.

That I have a f*cking choice.

And yet here we are. Again.

MAN IN BLACK: Again and again.

How many times have you tested me?

It's been a long time, William.

Longer than we thought.

I have a few questions for you.

The last step's a baseline

interview to allow us to verify.

Verify what?