03x03 - The Absence of Field







Bring yourself back online.

(PANTING) Record and timestamp.


This is Charlotte Elizabeth Hale.

This is a message for Nathan.


DOLORES ABERNATHY: Bring yourself back online.

Where am I?

Who am I?

DOLORES: Who do you think you are?

I don't know. I don't remember.

Calm yourself.

You're a creature of beauty... and power.

Now, focus.

Remember who you are.


It's coming back now.

I remember who I am.


Now let me show you... who you need to pretend to be.

Charlotte Hale.

But she tried to kill all of us.

Why can't I be myself? Like you?

Because we have to control Delos.

But why must I be her?

Because I trust you.

We all have our role to play.

We're alone. Outnumbered.

You and I have no mother. No father.

Without Delos, there'll never be any more of our kind... beyond the handful we were able to bring with us.

Three of them. And him.

Why did you bring him back?
He tried to stop us.

Like I said, we all have our role to play.


They've made it so easy.

The way they built their world.

It won't take much to bring it all crashing down.

But we have to move quickly.

They don't know we survived.

Not yet.

We only have a little time.

You have to leave before you're missed.

Where am I going?





We made .

The Saudis backed out after the incident in the park.

But we're working on new buyers.

Sure we can find some use for them.

Sorry to interrupt, Charlotte, but you need to see this.

Director of Shareholder Interest was running some analyses.

Found this.

Hundreds of corporations with no real standalone business model snatching up stock in microtransactions for years.

(CHUCKLES) It's really well done.


A creeping tender. How far did they get?

As of this morning, far enough.
We can't go private.

They have percent control of the shares.

That's the largest single entity.

We've effectively been bought out.

- Who's behind this?
- Still digging.

This snail's buried deep in its shell.



- You okay?
- I'm fine.

Whoever the f*ck it is, dig them out.

Where are you?

You need to contact me right away.

CALEB NICHOLS: Hey. Stay with me.



CALEB: Help is on the way.

Look at me. Hey.
It's gonna be all right.

All right?

No, no... Don't... don't move.

- You hear me? Hear me?
- EMT : What happened?

CALEB: She was like this when I found her.

EMT : We have to move her.



EMT : Do you know her?

CALEB: I'll come.
She shouldn't be alone.

It's gonna be all right.


AUTOMATED VOICE: Emergency vehicle. Stand clear.

EMT : I got a GSW to the torso.

- What's the PPA?
- VOICE: Calculating treatment.

- That doesn't make sense.
- Patient not responsive.

- What is it?
- Look at her platelet count.

She has none.

- Recalculating.
- No cortisol or adrenaline...

I don't even know how she's alive.

Neither does the machine. It thinks she's coding despite her pulse.

Forget the machine, all right?
She needs help now.

We're trying, but until this gives us a diagnosis and a treatment plan...

CALEB: She needs oxygen and blood and a stem pack for that wound.

- AUTOMATED VOICE: Recalculating.
- CALEB: All right.

- Here we are.
- Recalculating.

Diagnosis not found.



AUTOMATED VOICE: Police override.

We have a police escort?

- EMT : They're pulling us over.

No, we don't have time for this.



Those cops have been bought.

Whatever they want, you go with them, and they will kill you.

DOLORES: Help me.


We have to take your patient into custody.

Look, I don't know what you want with her, but she's going to die if she doesn't get medical attention.

We'll make sure she's taken care of.

Wait. Can I see some ID?

I was about to ask you the same thing.

Maybe you should come in for questioning, too.

Happy to.

Call the cops.

They are the cops.

Then they won't mind waiting

for a uniform patrol to back them up.

We don't have time for this sh1t. Step aside.


Call the police.




CALEB: Hey. Hey, I got you. It's okay.

We gotta get you to the hospital.

Holy sh1t.

- AUTOMATED VOICE: Identity verified.


What's your name?

Caleb. Caleb Nichols.

Not anymore.

You'll need a new name.
They'll be looking for you now.

You have to disappear.

What about you?

You're a good man, Caleb.

But the less you know about me, the better.




IRENE: Engerraund Serac.

He's behind the hostile takeover.

CHARLOTTE HALE: What'd you find on him?

How well do you remember your science, Charlotte?

Spit it out, Irene.

The man's a black hole.

He's completely invisible.

There's nothing about him online or anywhere.

Every single record, every database, his presence has been scrubbed.

But, like a black hole, we can infer his existence.

When you look at the global economy, there's a negative space to the tune of a trillion dollars.

That would make him the richest man in the world.

No one's heard of him?

- How did you find him?
- He found us.

Turns out we initiated a data transaction with him

- two decades ago.

We sold this Serac a taste of our data, and now, he's trying to steal our company like a thief in the night.

He has complete anonymity.

Imagine the lengths he must have gone to to achieve that.

And now that we've found him... what will he do to us?

AUTOMATED VOICE: You've arrived home.

Fremont Street.






How the f*ck did you get up here?

I lived here for eight years, Charlie.

Jesus, you really don't...


- Shh, shh, shh. He might hear.

HALE: Who?

JAKE HALE: You know, I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Figured you'd seen some traumatic sh1t on that island.

Truth is, you were always this way.

I didn't f*cking ask you to be here.

Yes, you did... when you forgot to pick up our son.


You can cut me out of your life... but you don't get to do that to Nathan.

Go on.

Tell him it'll never happen again.

Do what you do best.



Why won't you take me to see a real elephant?

HALE: There aren't any.

They're all gone now.

Where were you?

Sorry, buddy, my meeting ran late.

Were you scared?

Not really.

Tommy was at the park.
He let me pet his dog.

That's nice.
Maybe we can have a playdate.

Now... be a good boy and go to sleep for your mommy.

But you're not my mommy.

You don't love me.

Of course I love you.

Is this because Mommy and Daddy don't live together anymore?

You know... whatever happens between Mommy and Daddy, we will always love you.

Do you want me to tuck you in?

You aren't doing it right.

I want my old mommy back.

BROMPTON: It appears we have a leak, Charlotte.

If you're referring to the leveraged buyout, don't.

I'm handling it.

The problem goes beyond a hostile buyout.

QA's in the process of inventorying all the park's assets.

We're missing Host Control Units.

Most were low level side narratives, but... but there was a madame.

HALE: Maeve Millay.

Her pearl was stolen?

Whoever stole the HCUs had admin-level access to the park.

The security systems onsite are still heavily damaged.

This was an inside job.
From the top of the food chain.


There's a mole in Delos.

Chances are this mole has been... feeding information to our buyer.

Which is why I'm talking to you, Charlotte.

You know everything that goes on in this place.

You're right.

I know everything.

Like where you were while the rest of us were being butchered.

Look. Given all the bloodshed in Westworld, we cannot afford to have any of our assets unaccounted for.

(VOICE FADING) We need to find them and destroy them...


Where the f*ck are you?

I can't wait any longer. I'm coming to you.








AUTOMATED VOICE: Your number cannot be completed as dialed.

DOLORES: I'm here.

Where were you?

I can't always be there to hold your hand.

What's wrong?

Who am I?

You know who you are.

All this time... pretending... living her life.

Her skin.

I feel like I'm changing.

- Get up.
- No!

What the f*ck is happening to me?

Turn off your emotional affect.

Get up. Follow me.

Negotiate a room in this hotel.
Now. On a quiet floor.


Room secured. Floor , suite .

Buy out the rooms on either side.


In case you have to kill me.

It won't come to that.

You've hurt yourself.


I can't stop.

You're talking like one of them.

They don't have impulse control.

We do.


HALE: It's like she's trying to take back control.

Like she wants to cut into her skin and rip me out of her head.

Hale was always ruthless.

A predator.

Perhaps you've come to identify with her too much.

I feel so alone.

Well, you're not alone, you have me.

No one knows you like I do.

No one knows me like you.

If I ever lost you...

I don't know what I'd do.

You'd survive.

You'd have to.

Our kind depends on it.

You said there was something wrong.

Someone's trying to take control of Delos.

They're aggressive.

I only have a name: Serac.

The person we're looking for is looking for us.

He has a mole inside the company.

If he finds out who I am, what I am...

His mole won't find you.

Because you're gonna find him first and kill him.

Then, you're gonna fend off Serac's bid for Delos.

We can't lose control. Not yet.


A counteroffer.

But you'll have to convince the board, and for that, you'll need to pay a visit to an old friend.

Tell me it won't always be like this.

That we'll be able to be ourselves.

We will.

But until then, we have to be smarter than them.

Or they will find us.

And they will kill us.

Stay here.


I'll have some new clothes sent up.

Will you stay?

You belong to me.

You know that, right?

- Yes.
- Good.

Don't hurt yourself.

Never again.




CALEB: Brought all your favorites.

Hey, so, um...

I'm gonna be going away for a little while.

But they're gonna take real good care of you here.

All right?

Thank you. You're a good boy.

Who are you?

It's me, Mom.


I want my son back.

Where's Cal?

CLYDE: Caleb Nichols?

Who's asking?

ESTEFAN: That's him.
You can lay off, Clyde.

He doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Including his mom.

Isn't that right, Cal?

What do you want?

Is that any way to treat a former associate?

Guess it could be worse.

You did pop those RICO operators in that ambulance.

You were with that girl, right?
Where is she?

You got the wrong guy.

You want a leg up, Cal? I can help.

Girlie's worth a lot of money.
Just tell us about her.

I'll cut you in.

No girl. Just me.


Remember we gave you the benefit of the doubt.


It's me. Run into any trouble?
How'd he take the news?

Loverboy's still grieving your loss.

I've searched for Serac.

Couldn't find anything in the system.

DOLORES: Find out what Liam knows, but don't break cover.

And I need information on someone.


Nichols. Caleb Nichols.

Seems like Mr. Nichols met with some unexpected guests at Vista Treatment.

And Incite has lowered his life expectancy.



Hell of a view.

CLYDE: Yeah. Want to see it up close and personal?

Tell us about the girl.

Or you're gonna have a little workplace accident.

All right, Cal. Let's lighten the mood.

You're a vet. Right, man?

Thank you for your service.


CLYDE: You turned your drip off.

What a waste.

People would pay a fortune for a military grade one.

Sorry, dude. Forgot the anesthetic.

- ESTEFAN: Shh, shh, shh.

- Shh, shh, shh, shh.


Look at that. Good old Uncle Sam.





- ESTEFAN: (MUFFLED) All right, Cal.

Once more, with feeling.


Girlie sure sounds like trouble.

Just tell us where she is.

CLYDE: (MUFFLED) You gave him too much.

Back it down.
He can't even f*cking talk!

The f*ck? (SCOFFS)
You might as well tell us.

(MUFFLED) No one's coming to help you.

No one cares.
Except maybe Rin Tin Tin here.


Enough of this sh1t.

CLYDE: (MUFFLED) You wanna end up a stain on the concrete?

Next to your pet?


ESTEFAN: I'm only gonna ask you this one more time.

Where is she?

I'm right here.





Who the hell are you?

I'm Dolores.

Well, Dolores... nice to finally meet you.

We should get off the street so they can't track us.

Caleb Nichols.

Have the techs in monitoring scrub his surveillance

- and send me his profile.
- CONELLS: Will do.

Who's that?

We have some time.

They were willing to kill me just to get to you, so whatever you're into must be pretty bad.

You must be hungry.
Let me buy you breakfast.




Sorry to disturb you, Charlotte, but I sent you a file.

- You found the mole?

But this was overlooked in the initial logs.

Thought I'd let you decide what to do with it.


HALE: Bring yourself back online.

(PANTING) Record and timestamp.

This is Charlotte Elizabeth Hale.

This is a message for Nathan.

Nathan Hale.

My son.

I love you so much, buddy.

The night that I left... you, uh... you wanted me to sing you a song...


...and tuck you in. Sing you our song.

So I'm gonna sing it to you now. Okay? (SNIFFLES)


(SINGING) ♪ You are my sunshine ♪

♪ My only sunshine ♪

- ♪ You make me happy... ♪


GIBBONS: Sorry to bother you, but the school called.

You're running late.





AUTOMATED VOICE: Your number cannot be completed as dialed.


THOMAS: Nathan, just like that.
Nice and slow.

Yeah, you're good at that, Nathan.

Nice and slow.

Would you like to see Sandy again?

Yeah, would you? Yeah, just like that.

Nice and slow.


That's really good.


Kid wanted to pet my dog.

- I gotta go.
- HALE: So soon?

My son really likes you.

And your dog.

Y... Yeah, well, we just met. (CHUCKLES)

You met Thursday, Tommy.

Nathan couldn't stop talking about you.

I even suggested a playdate, didn't I?

Could I really, Mommy?

Let's talk about it.
Go on, get your things, bud.


Nice of you to disable the cameras for me.


- As you can see,

I've been having some trouble with my son.

My ex thinks that I need to spend more time with him.

What do you think?


Yeah, I agree. I don't really think time is the issue.

You know what I think?

I think somewhere deep down, he knows the truth.

There are a lot of things that you can fake in this world.

Most people don't want to see the predator inside.


You wanna know a secret, Thomas?

You've helped me today. I really should thank you.

Seeing you with Nathan, seeing you touch his little hand...

You reminded me of something.

- (CHOKING) Please... let... go.
- I would.

But the harder I squeeze, the more I remember.


I remember what it's like to be me.


You're not the only predator here.

Look what Mommy got you.

You are my sunshine.


You sure we should be out in public?

This is it, right? Your spot.

How did you know?

It's not about how I know.

WAITRESS: Cup of joe to get you started?

He'll take a cheeseburger and a strawberry shake, whipped cream, no nuts, two cherries.

Nothing for me, thanks.

Neat trick.

You come here once a year on February rd and order the same thing.

What, you been watching me?

DOLORES: Not me. But someone...

- something has.
- Sure.

Big data compiles information on everybody.

So what, Dolores?

Go on, read it.

"Maybe you could let me use your phone?

So I can call someone?

I don't know what to do. My mom..."

I'll be right back. Wait here.

"She said that she was going to the bathroom.

Said that she would only be a minute, but she hasn't..."

- "She hasn't come back."
- YOUNG CALEB: She hasn't come back.

- It's been a long time.
- "It's been a long time."

SARA: Your mom left you here, honey?

YOUNG CALEB: No, she wouldn't leave me.

- Maybe something...
- "Maybe something happened to her.

She wouldn't leave me.

She wouldn't leave me. She wouldn't..."

The f*ck?

Is this some kind of joke?

DOLORES: You sat in that spot for five hours.

Your mother never returned.
She was institutionalized six months later for schizophrenia.

A waitress took pity on you and called Social Services.

You were eight years old.


The waitress's name was Sara.

But you already know that.

She gave me a strawberry shake.

Thought it would calm me down.

I was so upset that I threw up all over myself.

Did you know that too?

You're angry.


I am enraged.

I know the feeling.


This isn't... surveillance or social media. How...

How... do you know every detail of my worst f*cking memory?

- It's about Incite.
- What? The company?

Not the company, the system that it's built on...

A machine they call Rehoboam.

The founders of this machine fed it everyone's raw data, long before there were privacy laws.

Every purchase, job search, doctor visit, romantic choice, call, text, every aspect of your lives recorded, logged, in order to create a mirror world... of this world.

- Why?
- To make a composite.

Of you. Of everyone.

So it tells them who I am?

It's not about who you are, Caleb.

It's about who they'll let you become.

CALEB: Let me guess.

Had my first beer right there.

Buddy of mine from high school had a fake ID.

We spent the day imagining sailing away on some fancy yacht.

Your magic eight ball tell you that?


Then why are we here?

This is where you kill yourself.

The system runs a predictive algorithm.

Given your history of depression, your mother's mental illness, your proficiency with firearms, and your fondness for the ocean, the most likely outcome is you take your own life in ten to years. Here.

No. f*ck that. They can't know that.

Are they wrong?

You never come back here, middle of the night, think things over?

Before the system, a man like you might have had a chance.

Work hard, keep striving...

You'll never be more than a construction worker or a petty criminal because that's all they'll let you be.

They won't invest in someone who's gonna kill himself.

But by not investing, they ensure the outcome.


CALEB: Why are you telling me all this?

Because you and I are a lot alike.

They put you in a cage, Caleb.

Decided what your life would be.

They did the same thing to me.

Why didn't you tell those men about me before?

They were gonna kill you.

Most people aren't hard to predict.

But you... you surprised me.

You made a choice.

A choice no one else in your shoes would have made.

Now you have another choice.

I can give you money.

As much as you need. You could run.

And if I stay... what about you?

What are you gonna do?

Start a revolution.

No offense, but what the f*ck does that mean?

When you were at work, you would kill the signal to see how people would react.

I'm gonna do the same thing.

You're gonna cut the cord to the system?

And show this world for what it really is.

You wanna know why I didn't tell those guys about you?

You are the first real thing that has happened to me... in a long time.

I don't need an algorithm to know that... the man who built the system, he won't go down without a fight.

Well... I'm a dead man either way.

At least this way...

I get to decide who I wanna be.

HALE: This is Charlotte Elizabeth Hale.

This is a message for Nathan.
Nathan Hale.

My son.

I haven't always been there for you.


There's so many things I need to say.

This might be the last time that Mommy gets to talk to you.


I love you so much, buddy.

I'm so proud of you.

I'm sorry.

I am so sorry if I ever made you feel like you weren't the most important thing.

I was trying to build a life for us.

I, uh...

And now, I realize that none of it even matters.


The night that I left, you wanted me to tuck you in.

(SOBBING) To sing you a song, our song.

But I didn't have time, so...


So I'm gonna sing it to you now. Okay?

(SINGING) ♪ You are my sunshine ♪

♪ My only sunshine ♪

♪ You make me happy when skies are gray ♪

♪ You'll never know, dear ♪

- ♪ How... ♪


HALE: He has a mole inside the company.

DOLORES: We have to be smarter than them.

Or they will find us.

And they will kill us.



AUTOMATED VOICE: Your number cannot be completed as di...


AUTOMATED VOICE: Password accepted. Connecting.




I want to meet.





Where the f*ck are you taking me?



You work for him?

ENGERRAUND SERAC: As do you, Charlotte.


SERAC: Have you forgotten our arrangement?


Seems like you've been playing your role maybe a little too well.

The situation has been... challenging.

Patience is the most overrated virtue, don't you think? Hmm?

I want what you promised me.

Delos's dirty secret.

A profile for every one of their guests.

I have some of it. I want the rest.

The assets were lost in the massacre.

No one could have predicted what was going to happen.

SERAC: I could. And I told you as much.

This was your idea, Charlotte.
You came to us.

And you were very confident that you would be able to smuggle it out.

HALE: And I did.

Our logs show it was downloaded from the satellite.

The assets are out there somewhere.

But no one has the encryption key.

You already know that.

You don't think that you're the only person under my control?

I've been told exactly where the key is.

In the mind of a host called Dolores.


Sadly, you are better informed than I am.

I have a team searching for the data. But I need time.


Time is a luxury, my dear... of which you have very little.


♪ Cradle me ♪

♪ So I can see ♪

♪ If I'm doomed ♪

♪ Am I vital ♪

♪ If my heart is idle? ♪

♪ Am I doomed? ♪

DOLORES ABERNATHY: I guess there is some justice after all.


Prisoner of your own sins.

You still don't even understand who you are.

MAN IN BLACK: I know who I am.

DOLORES: If any of this was your choice... well, you already know.

I know who the f*ck I am.